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Philippe LeCoutre talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast.

How do the number of online reviews, star rating, and freshness of reviews play into your reputation marketing? The keys are to protect, build, market, and monitor your online reputation via reviews. Philippe LeCoutre explains even more details.

Philippe LeCoutre company Reputation Aegis has clients across the globe in 69 countries with over 650 review sites. Over his 25 year work history in sales and marketing he has worked with big names like Wal-Mart, Costco etc.. Eleven years ago they built a system to ask, gather, distribute and monitor reviews for doctor offices and other businesses. The site for doctors and the one you should visit is: Getmorepatients.reviews

Their platform monitors 650 websites (including the doctor review based ones) and if anyone leaves a review, the client is notified. This is extra convenient if it is a negative review so you can try to handle it.

A big strategy is to automate the asking for a review and for the patient to write the review within their platform. What’s the benefit of owning the review versus just asking the patient to review straight on Google.

What is an intelligence feedback based referral system of collection? What does the system do when it’s negative? Listen to a great feature that they have that immediately markets and broadcasts that review when it’s positive.

Reviews aren’t just for your benefit; they can help potential patients find the right practitioner.

Difference between reputation management and reputation marketing

How do referrals, influencers or Reviews play into the equation.

7/10 people will leave a review if asked, 73% believe 3 month old or older reviews are irrelevant? Really?

94% of 35+ year olds check a review before buying and 97% of 18-35 years old will check reviews.

How do you get that reputation domination for a local doctor office?

What can we do to not get bad reviews to begin with? How do we handle bad reviews? What are a few ways to get massive insight from these bad reviews?

Why is a pure 5 star review not really desired , how often are positive reviews really given and why you shouldn’t fear negative reviews?

Should you apologize, explain how systems in the office are better now, offer to remedy the problem, berate the person who left the review or violate HIPAA while telling your side of the story… which is a good option?

While we can not guarantee results as a doctor, what can we guarantee about the office; especially if we don’t live up to that promise?

What are some of the FTC and ICPN rules and regulations surrounding reviews because it is legally regulated?

Did you know if you leave fake reviews, you can get fined up to $40,000?

Can you bribe for reviews? What about contests?

What is Gating Reviews and Purchasing Reviews? You can not legally ask someone to leave a review only if it is positive and if you get a review no matter if it is good or bad you have to publish it. Listen for more details.

PERSONAL WEBSITE reviews whether written or video – are they even necessary anymore? (aggregated reviews can help with social proof, seo, user generated content, and the google Star Snippet becomes activated)

What is the Power Pack 3 of Google Search? Number 1 gets 40% of the clicks.

Philippe discusses the important of automation of asking for reviews.

He explains why spending money on advertising but having no, bad or outdated reviews can be damaging to your bottom line and reputation.


Books: Go Giver– Bob Burg and John D. Mann

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/99 here you can also find links to things mentioned and a transcript of the interview.

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Justin Trosclair 0:03
Episode 99 Reputation Marketing with online reviews I’m your host Justin trust Claire and today we’re Philip for quarter perspective.

2017 and 2018 podcast Awards Nominated host as we get behind the curtain, look at all types of doctors and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Today’s episode

is going to be a good one couple weeks back, we talked about online review automation. This guest takes it a next step further. They’ve been in business for 25 years, there’s 69 different countries with this system that they have. It’s not enough to just have a review here in there. And it’s not just about the automated system which we do talk about we’re talking about are your reputation What are people saying? What about the negative? How do you handle that? What are the laws? What can you legally do? and not do you get a bad review plus some strategies when you do get a better view to make it better? And how to make yourself better? So you stop getting those like fake reviews? Can you bribe for reviews? What is gaining and review should you have reviews on your personal website how to do that the best two takeaways I just want to throw out there right now the number of reviews you have the ratings of those reviews and the freshness of those reviews are so important so you need to be able to protect your reviews build them consistently How do you market those are which is a big part over talking about today’s Reputation Marketing and then monitoring your online so that you know you have good ones and bad ones and what to do with them. We also talked about how this France man is in Bali in a worldwide business. Just a fun little story. I always find it interesting when our guests or living abroad like an expat like myself. And yes, he does have an accent. But it’s very easy to understand. So hope you enjoy it. And guess what else I’m trying to nail it down. But Episode 100 is going to be Felipe again. As well as his partner David Singapore because in September the very first Facebook Messenger bot conferences going on. And they are two people that are actually speaking at that event. So they’re really good at this. And we haven’t had anybody talking about this on the show yet. So it’s gonna be our first time doing like a back to back. Somebody coming on the show twice is gonna be awesome. I’m excited for it. I hope you all are to a doctor’s perspective. NET slash nine nine for the show notes as well. Hashtag behind the curtain

live from China and Bali, Indonesia today, we’ve got what I call and he likes to call Reputation Marketing. And they do it for all types of different businesses from SAS platforms to distributors. But today, they actually have a great program for doctors and those types of things. And we’re going to go all into that today. But please welcome Felipe the quarter

Unknown 2:46
Hey, Justin. How to do it was good.

Unknown 2:51
We were joking earlier that we we struggle with your last name is that tr E. That’s like, that’s what gets us. Yeah. And I think the combination of Oh, and you just just besides it’s difficult sometimes. So we’ll just go with Felipe. Is that ok? You can find. Yeah, perfect.

Justin Trosclair 3:07
So I love to have you on because in this show, it’s not just about these great doctors and how they have five clinics and all this kind of stuff. I like to know, you know, how are we going to market better, we’re going to do videos, are we going to do Facebook marketing? What’s the next big thing on on Instagram, and on LinkedIn, and all that kind of stuff. But one thing I think we forget about is our old friend reviews, I like to hear your point of view, kind of where you came from, how’d you get into this, and then, you know, Bridget, into, you know, Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and all that type of thing. Just to kind of get started. Okay, good.

Unknown 3:41
Yeah. So my background has been in sales and marketing. For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with big brands like Walmart and Costco was and and all those giant brands and sufferer that type of type of big brands. And that allowed me to truly understand the concepts of customer satisfactions and, and how to improve a market or business based upon the feedback we got from the consumers, basically, in all the patients and the customers. So that’s, that’s how we came up with the idea about 11 years ago to build a system, a platform that allows to help businesses whether they are dentists, chiropractors, or or Methodist therapists, therapist or any type of business to streamline the process of collecting reviews, and getting more reviews and more intelligence from their patients. So not only they collect more reviews, but they understand really why their patients are happy, or why they’re not happy and what they can do to improve that customer satisfaction.

Justin Trosclair 5:05
Now, when we’re talking about reviews, is it only like Google that you work with? Or do we do social media as well? What should we focus on?

Unknown 5:12
Well, our system works with six more than 650 online review websites. That of course, includes Google, Facebook, all those major social media platforms, but all the doctors related review sites. So we we cover them all. So we have systems that are connected to those review sites, like 24 hours a day, and every day of the year. So every time there is a review that is posted online about a specific doctor, or specific dentist, we collect those reviews. So we get those signals we watch, we’re watching for those signals, like real time, so we can provide the information to the practitioner, hey, you just got a positive feedback from this person from this website, or you got negative feedback. And, and so we have a process in place where they can interact and do something about that, that review.

Unknown 6:19
Yeah, so it’s a, it’s a very comprehensive system, where we, so basically, we covering 69 countries, so not only will doing this in the US, which is a major market, but we also do that in China. We we are in France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, six, nine countries. So a lot, a lot. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 6:46
the big players, okay, so you got in network with all these things. So if I were to review and say, rate your MD. com, or whatever, that would go to the practitioners that Hey, you got the review well, that also then go to all the other sites to post it or is more just a monitoring system.

Unknown 7:03
So basically, what what we do is the core concept is to to build an online trust, trust being the important word word here ads, it’s all about trust to. And the way we do that is by getting more authentic patient reviews. where it matters the most so is that we have a system in place where we, the doctor, or the dentist of the chiropractor is encouraging the patient to leave a feedback inside our platform first, okay. Because the way we The way it works is like when we collect a review, we control the review whether when the review is left on Google wants, it’s on Google, there’s nothing really we can do about it, right? It’s too late, it’s already too late. What we do is we try to be as proactive as possible. So we collect the review, we asked a review to the patient, we collect the review on the platform, and based upon whether the review is positive or negative, we send the patient in different routes, so we can engage the conversation with them, especially when it’s a negative x of the practitioner can engage the conversation and trying to find a solution of fix the problem before the negative feedback get spread out

Justin Trosclair 8:39
everywhere, use this system, a sauce that seven out of 10 people actually leave you a review, potentially, if asked, so let’s just say you got a review coming in, they put it into your system, are you then able to automatically post that in different places? Or do you have to go and send that patience? Okay, could you post this review on these things, five sites, or this one site? Now that we know what you’re going to say? And it’s good?

Unknown 9:03
Yes. So there’s, there’s multiple steps in the in the process. So first of all, we have what we call an intelligent feedback routing. So when the feedback is is it you feedback? First of all, we show a upload that video to the patient saying, sorry, we explain that we aim to, to provide the best service as possible. So we, we then ask them a few questions, why it was not a good experience for them.

Unknown 9:38
So that’s how we gain patient intelligence. Because just having a negative feedback, okay, that hurts. But if you don’t have detailed explanation, it’s difficult to know how you can improve to avoid that to happen again, in the future. Indeed. So that’s why we we tried to, to collect as much information as we can in a very concise and precise way. So it’s easy to analyze for the practitioner. And then we send notifications to the practitioner saying, hey, you just got a negative feedback, here’s the phone number, here’s the email of the patient, of course, we suggest you do something about it. So because it’s the review is being collected on our on our platform, we can have a delay before it gets published. So that delay gives enough time to the practitioner to give a call to the patient to try to find a solution. Now, that’s when the negative feedback is is a negative feedback, when the feedback is a positive feedback, then we have several steps to market the, the positive review, first of all, when, when they leave the feedback on the planet form, they have the possibility to share immediately this positive feedback to their friends and family. So we, we transform the positive feedback into a social post nice, make it easy for the for the patient to publish that on their newsfeed on Facebook, for example. And then so we show them a thank you video this time, and we tell them, we explain to them why this review is so important, of course, for our business, but also for the the other potential patients that are looking for a practitioner so they can read their feedback and understand if this practitioner is a good fit for them. So we we empower them with their reducing it would be a good service to the other patients, if you could share that review on on Google or on on any doctor review site, yellow,

Justin Trosclair 12:01
yellow pages, etc. Some

Unknown 12:02
basically any places where it’s important for the practitioner. So we have a choice here, the we just decide which one is the best. So that’s the that’s what happens on the on the patient side. on the software side, once we have collected that positive feedback, we will, as I said, we have converted that review into social posts. And we will automatically broadcast that positive feedback to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google. And all of that is done automatically. So that that’s additional exposure. That’s basically free advertising, where we we brag about the nice feedback we just collected to the social media

Justin Trosclair 12:52
is already out there. So it’s not like you’re probably violating anything, you that person’s already put it out there for the world to see. You’re just saying, hey, here it is.

Unknown 13:00
Yeah, exactly. So what I’ve just described here is the marketing side of the review system, basically, what we are doing is we are helping the practitioners to protect, to build and to monitor and to market their online reputation. That’s, that’s the main pillars of the of the system. That’s how we do through the platform where we collect the review, we publish the review and then we market the review.

Justin Trosclair 13:35
Now, what I liked, what you said was when your position it to the patient, okay, if you could just post this and make it official on some site like Yelp or whatever, you position it as it’s going to help others in your community know who’s the best or like the experience that I had with this doctor so that other people could enjoy it as well. I think that’s a have your practice with their like, split tested that to find out the best the best angle to use to get people to actually take that step.

Unknown 14:02
Yes, yes, that’s why that’s why I was mentioning empowering them about spreading their and word out there, because that’s a service they get back to the community for having received a nice treatment from this doctor or nurse practitioner. And, and of course, when when you are in a in a search for practitioner as you know, we are everybody is looking at the reviews first and innovate in a big big way. Like the recent stats says that for people above 35 years old of age, 94% of the consumers are checking online reviews before making a decision of buying your product or service

Justin Trosclair 14:54
at a lot

Unknown 14:56
that’s a lot yeah, and be between 18 and 35. It’s 97%

Justin Trosclair 15:05
I can’t believe that

Unknown 15:07
so the younger the population is the more they’re going to check review online reviews because it’s now part of their education part of their culture they they were born in that process of checking reviews on Amazon checking reviews on TripAdvisor chicken reviews on all those review sites. reviews on now

Unknown 15:28
a process so much so is that it’s it was just a marketing system up until two years ago, where it is it is now a very highly regulated topic. And there is very few people that are aware of this, especially marketers, many marketers I’m talking to, like the agencies that are working with us using our system to to provide a service to them lines, most of them before they reach out to us. We’re not aware that leaving a review collecting review is a legal thing now it’s regulated by the FTC in the US it’s regulated by the by the ICP n at an international level. And and that’s that’s something that is very important. And the reason why it’s important is because first of all, there’s two sides of the coin. There’s obviously the legal aspect of the patient who leaves a review. And many businesses have experienced that whether it’s a restaurant with TripAdvisor where they get negative feedback, and it’s not a legit feedback and they are pissed off against TripAdvisor to show to show off that writes you feedback. Now, what happens is, if someone leaves a negative feedback, they could be sued by the FTC, and fined up to $40,000, for leaving a negative feedback. If it’s not real, it’s real. If it’s if it’s a fake negative feedback, or a just defamatory, just for the sake of hurting the business, they could be fined up to 40,000.

Unknown 17:21
Now, on the other side of the coin, on the business side,

Unknown 17:26
if a business is hiding negative reviews, or what we call gating feedback, or filtering feedback or doing such pro the worst case scenario is to purchase a fake reviews, this isn’t absolutely no, no, the FTC if it if they find out they would sue and find baby owners, like we have an example of, of, of a car dealer group of five, five locations who gets fined 3.6 millions dollars for using fake reviews.

Justin Trosclair 18:09
That’s insane. Wow. So I want to know more about this fake review lots of fines. And if you can add like that, once you once you kind of tell us a little bit more about that transition into ways that especially in a doctor’s office, I don’t, I don’t want to have to deal with negative reviews to begin with. So what are some ways that we could, you know, that you’ve seen that’s common that we can actually put in place in our clinics. So we don’t get these negative reviews to begin with?

Unknown 18:33
Yes, so the idea. So first of all, let’s, let’s be, let’s be honest, most, I would say more than 75%, 70%, 75%

Unknown 18:45
of reviews are positive ones in in a vast majority of businesses. So the fear of getting a negative feedback is somehow not really justified. Especially if the a business or the practitioner is doing a good job, there’s no reason why he would get a negative feedback. And even even though they get a negative feedback, I would say, most of the times, getting a negative feedback is good for the business. Let me explain why

Unknown 19:23
I’ve got Of course, assuming it’s, it’s just one in the middle of amongst a ton of positive feedback, if it’s if you get negative feedback, and only negative feedback, then yes, it’s a it tells something about the business and I was ever see that the problem is, is bigger than just collecting the review. But when when you get when a business gets only five star reviews, to to some degree, or to some extent, it could look fake,

Unknown 19:56
because now people knows that and businesses could buy reviews, there is reviews, what we call reduce form in India, and in some other countries, where you could buy a float of positive feedback to try to trick the system and to improve your rankings and that type of thing. Obviously, that’s the type of practice that is absolutely illegal now, and absolutely not recommended. But having said that, when a business who has I would say, an average rating or out of 4.5 or more gets a negative feedback, it’s, it’s not that bad, as long as expected. Yes, because it makes it makes the business real,

Justin Trosclair 20:46
you had to piss somebody off, somebody’s got to pay a bill that they didn’t lie. Exactly, you were running late. At some point, they were just like, I was late for my wedding, because you were late.

Unknown 20:55
Exactly. So it’s something that first of all, shows that what is important here is not the negative feedback, it’s how the practitioner will respond to that negative feedback, everything happens in the response. And because when you have 90% of positive feedback, and, and 10% of negative feedback, and people will check the negative reviews and trying to understand what happened. And everybody knows that we, we are all human beings. And as such, we are not perfect, and we cannot perform 100% at our best each and every time it’s just not possible. And we know that everybody knows that. So sometimes, you know, it’s a bad day, and we were not in a good shape or whatever. So the service was not as good as it used to, to, as it used to be patient is not happy, he leaves a negative feedback, what is important here is how the practitioner will respond to that negative feedback and how he will be able to

Unknown 22:00
transform the bad experience into a good experience. And this is what makes the negative feedback very helpful because it shows the other potential patients that the practitioner care about the patient who really cares about the patients. And first because he’s responding to the review. And this is absolutely critical, because nowadays, collecting read nowadays, collecting reviews is not enough. responding to reviews is very important as well. Because first of all, it creates content and it’s good for SEO and for rankings. But also, it’s very important to build your authority in to build your trust and how the consumer the patients will perceive you as a business owner, as a practitioner.

Justin Trosclair 22:56
You see this as like one of your legs marketing?

Unknown 22:59
Oh, yes, I do. Absolutely. It’s absolutely it’s definitely a marketing

Unknown 23:04
process to respond to reviews on the top, of course, of handling the situation with with a patient which we which needs to be fixed, but it’s definitely it has definitely a marketing impacts

Justin Trosclair 23:19
we were doing negative, okay, so obviously, I think you should not do is break that person on Google, you gave me a bad review your full allies, you were the one that was laid you that you know, obviously don’t do that don’t go attacking the person. So you need a handle it if it was something that you’re running late, every time by half an hour being calm. And replying back there was some systems and play that were causing this, we fixed it now our wait time is less than 10 minutes.

Unknown 23:48
Exactly. So the the best way to approach this so of course, it has to be compliant with with a HIPAA guidelines, especially in the health industry, where you cannot, of course, disclose details about the patient situation, the the best advice I could I could give to practitioners, when they have a negative feedback is, first of all, is to not take it personally to take an emotional distance to that negative feedback. I know it hurts, because, you know, it’s all business, it’s feels like it’s personal. It’s like we did a bad job, especially when it’s not very accurate. Or when the reality you’re not getting more reviews on a regular basis to overcome that one bad. Exactly. So. But the reality is, you don’t want to, to go too much in detail, you don’t want to open a conversation online about that. So the way the way to respond to that negative feedback is to first of all, to apologize, that’s number one, that every time even if the patient isn’t right, you just need to follow me. You know, that’s because you that’s the way it works. And then you explain that as you said, we have improved this and this, but I would like you to give us a call. Or we will contact you to find a solution. And that’s it. You don’t want to open a can of worms. And having a litany of messages back and forth like a battle of responses were, first of all, it will get this negative feedback to show up even more, you don’t want to do that you just want to respond to say, we have found this we have fixed the problem we will contact you have feel free to contact us. And we will find a solution. Like if it’s if it’s in the dentist or

Unknown 25:51
a chiropractor, they could offer something at a different price. Or, you know, if it’s if it’s a restaurant, they can offer a discount or that type of thing. But the idea is to allow the patient to get a second chance to the business.

Justin Trosclair 26:11
I heard in doctors offices, we can’t guarantee results. But true. But we can say I guarantee you that we will not be more than 30 minutes late. And if we are we will give you a $5 gift card to Starbucks the movie theater some restaurant chains that have you know multiple locations type of thing to just say hey, we’re going to respect your time no matter what

Unknown 26:37
exactly okay that’s shows that you as a practitioner of care about the patient feelings time and reasons why he came to you in the first place.

Justin Trosclair 26:49
What’s your opinion these days? A lot of offices including my own have a written and video reviews on my own personal website this that matter anymore people still recommending we do that? Or is it just No, go to the big players. That’s where your reviews need to be. But they don’t really do video reviews. So what what’s your opinion on that?

Unknown 27:11
Well, the way we approach this is not only we collect reviews on our platform, but we also aggregate reviews from all the big places like Google and TripAdvisor and Yelp and Yellow Pages, all the big players 650 plus review sites. So when we aggregate those reviews, we we have what we call a review page. And we embed that review page on your business websites, which which will allow you to to showcase all the reviews you have collected around the web nice and and everything is done automatically. So it has multiple benefits. First, you can show a lot of reuse. So it’s absolutely gold for social proof. Because on that review page, we will only display the positive feedback from the third party websites. So it’s it’s absolutely good for social proof. It’s also very good for SEO. Because imagine that since we aggregate those reviews from from Google and Yelp, and all those big giant websites, we basically get SEO juice or some kind of backlinks from those major websites, which ultimately will lead to better rankings in the search engines. Because you get SEO juice from those big sites. And because Google loves reviews because its content and it’s user generated content. And they love that. And Google Google loves reviews, especially when they are good one. So everything that has been rated they love that so they they will push that content to

Unknown 29:10
to get the website better rankings. And finally, when we have that review page on the website. Since we are a Google certified partner, we have the ability to activate the Google star snippets. Are you familiar with a star snippets?

Justin Trosclair 29:30
I don’t think so.

Unknown 29:32
Okay, let’s go on. So I’m sure you are. But you don’t know You are right. So when you go online, and you do a search, you see this on some big web sites like TripAdvisor. Yelp, you see the stars attached to a business right now. That’s that’s called the stuff snippet. And And typically, those stars only show up attached to your business. If you are on the big side lecture advisor. If if it’s only your website, the stars are not showing up well, with our system, when we have this review page on your website, your overall rating will show up on your website search. So if someone is searching for Justin on on Google and your business website shows up, the star snippet will show up attached to your website.

Justin Trosclair 30:27
And that’s because of the integration with your major website. You have the correct Wow,

Unknown 30:33
correct. And because we have this status of Google certified partner, so we have specific connection to to push those styles in Google.

Justin Trosclair 30:44
So you have like a plugin on a WordPress or you don’t have to you don’t have to use your website? Correct, okay,

Unknown 30:50
correct. So that that’s obviously a major key differentiator, comparing to your competition. When you your website shows up with point five or five star attached to your website in the search versus your competitor who has no stone, right. And we’re looking for those little things that boost your reputation. So they’ll click your website, right, obviously, yeah, because I think the way we could have started this conversation is how the patient what’s the patient journey when they are looking for a practitioner, whether it’s a dentist, a chiropractor, or any, any anyone or any business for that matter, the first thing they do is they go online, they do a search, and they look at the results. And if it’s a local business, they will check the Google Map. And in the Google Map, we Google is now only displaying three results. All right, that’s what we call the power pack. Three, in the past, it was 10, then it became seven. And now it’s on me, it’s

Justin Trosclair 31:56
one of those pages. So if none of Okay,

Unknown 31:59
free that, well, this is organic. So basically, if you are not, if your business is not in those top three, you’re done. Yes, I like I like to say the best place to hide a dead body is on the page to have.

Unknown 32:21
That’s right. If a local business does not show up in the power pack three, you lose a lot of opportunity. That’s

Justin Trosclair 32:29
insane. Because if you’re already like a successful business owner, you have you know, you when you have more money, so you can pay for people, you can have a lot of stuff on the back end that cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month to keep everything there and then you’re you’ll be on the top three to think that in a town of 50 chiropractors and 100 dentists to just be in the top three

Unknown 32:50
man, that’s gonna be tough. Just Yeah, just Just so you know, the the link who is on the page one, and the on the top of the page gets for percent of all the business all the traffic

Justin Trosclair 33:02
and is it local to like, if you’re in your little part of town, versus, you know, if you’re like, in a big city like Denver, you know, if you’re in the north, it’ll just google just show you results kind of around your location versus the entire Denver?

Unknown 33:17
Yes, it should, it should. Usually it’s how it works. But But if the business has a system in place where they they have a good SEO in place, they have a good amount of reviews in place, that obviously helps them to show up on the search. And because there’s three main criteria that are important with when it comes to reduce. First, the amount of review is important. So the more reviews you have the bench, and the better chances you have to show up. And then the quality of the ratings. So the better ratings, you have better chance you have to show up. Because, of course, Google wants to give the preference to good businesses. Because at the end of the day, the goal for for Google is to have people consumers to come back to use Google, because then they may eventually click on one of those paid link, which makes Google $50 billion company, right. That’s the goal is to provide such a good service such good answers to the search that makes people to come back to search for more information in Google. So first, first is the amount of reviews. Second is the quality of reviews. And third is the freshness of the reviews. So that’s why it’s important to collect reviews each and every time you have a patient is to ask them, please go there to leave a feedback,

Justin Trosclair 34:59
can we do it in office, you can

Unknown 35:00
do it in the office, you can ask to do it, you can ask in the office, please go there to leave a feedback. But Vic, you cannot collect the review from your own IP address. Otherwise, you will get flagged and your account may eventually get shut down, or the review will be reused. Most likely what the way we do it is. So we have several ways to do it. We can either connect our software directly to your CRM or to your own software, where the moment you have generated an invoice, for example, it sends an email automatically to the patient asking for the review. So it will generate a review request sequence with one email to email three emails with a reminders. So it could be by email, could be by SMS, so you don’t have to, because sometimes practitioners that don’t have the time or they just forget, or they don’t feel comfortable asking for the review. So the way we do it is that we automate the process. So you don’t have to ask for it. Even if it’s always good to say, hey, you will receive an email asking for your feedback. It’s very important for us. That’s it. That’s all you have to say. And then the patient we receive that email, they would just need to click on the link from their mobile phone or from their desktop and you’re good to go. And then they will go inside our process. So as long as they even if they’re in your office, and they’re on your cell phones, they’re not on your Wi Fi, they should be able to leave a review in your office because it’s off of the towers, correct. As long as it’s not using your the same IP address.

Justin Trosclair 36:48
Okay, and you’re good, you’re good to go. Can you bribe there’s two different ways of think of Bing for reviews. Obviously, I think, you know, I’ll give you five bucks of the review lamp, okay, you cannot do that. I’ll discount your service by you can’t do that. Can you run a promotion? Anybody who does a review, you might have a chance to win a TV at the end of the month? Is that allowed? Okay.

Unknown 37:08
That’s a very good question. Let’s Let’s be a bit controversial here legally, you can incentivize to collect a review. But there’s a big, big, big, huge but and that’s why it’s it’s such a dark gray area that we highly, strongly always recommend to not incentivized to collect reviews. But legally you can. But what you have to do is to win the review has been published is to disclaim that this review has been incentivized. So you need to say, Okay, this patient left a review, but they they got $5 for this. So

Unknown 37:57
I mean, obviously, that’s not very sexy, you

Justin Trosclair 38:01
know, have any reviews and you’re like, Look, I need to get to like 15 reviews this month, I just need to get something out there. That might be an option. But if you’ve been in business for a while, that’s probably not a good thing that just start incentivizing reviews. I would think

Unknown 38:16
no, and even even if you don’t have reviews, and you need to collect reviews fast, the way we do it, we have a system in place where we if you have a list of patients, we send them an email sequence where we could we ask them to leave a feedback, and and we collect a lot of reviews that way. So you don’t have to incentivize them whatsoever.

Justin Trosclair 38:38
You mentioned the regulations are a little bit earlier, what are one or two that you notice? Doctors are when they look at doing business with you, they find that Oh, my gosh, I’ve been doing that. Oh, no. Well, should I report myself? Or just hopefully, they never touch me. Like, what are one or two way? No, breaking the rules, maybe not realize it has a good way to say it?

Unknown 38:59
First of all, you can NOT gate with us. So in the past. And still now there is a lot of businesses, and I’m sure that a lot of if some some people have in the audience are using this strategy is to to ask the question to the patient, would you recommend us Yes or no? And if it’s a yes, then you would ask them to leave a feedback into publish a feedback on on on Google, for example, and either say, Oh, you just do nothing, just collect the information. And that this is called gating. And this is illegal. And yes, a lot of businesses are still doing this. A lot of marketing companies are still suggesting to do this. It’s wrong. It’s illegal, dangerous, do this, and your license is at risk. Can you read it differently, like, hey, if you liked our servers, blah, blah, blah, leave a review, click here. But like they didn’t have a good review, they can still click the same link and still write you a bad review. Regardless. Yeah, so the way we we overcome that that situation is, so we asked for the review, right? whether it’s good or bad, we just collect the review. Because we own our platform, we will publish all the reviews on our platform, that’s, we have to do that, because we are the review administrator. And we have by law, we have to publish all the reviews. And you as a business has to publish all the reviews. Now, having said that, when a review is negative, it’s show up on our platform. But we will not broadcast that negative feedback to other places, we will only broadcast the four stars and the five star reviews to the different social media to that original site. And by doing that we are still compliant with the FTC. Because what the FTC says is the collection of reviews, we have to collect all the reviews and to publish all the reviews.

Justin Trosclair 41:14
So we do that. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put it on page five of all your reviews, though.

Unknown 41:19
Well, yes. Be careful. Yes. In fact, there is there a regulation for that as well. We have now of course, yes, we, we have

Justin Trosclair 41:28
a chronological thing,

Unknown 41:31
we have to display the reviews by chronological order. So the negative review you just got will show up first, that’s why it’s so important to collect more reviews and, and reviews every day for every patient. Because then it gets the feedback that is there on the top will get buried by all the party feedback you will get if you have a system in place.

Justin Trosclair 42:00

Unknown 42:00
All right. So there’s there’s a big distinction to make between publishing the review monitoring their you and marketing the review. So publishing the review, you have to publish all the reviews, whether it’s positive or negative, but you can you can, and obviously, that’s what we do. We only market we only brag about the good ones. And this is absolutely okay,

Justin Trosclair 42:29
this has been really I mean, as you can tell it, like I’m learning as I go. So I sure hope the audience is in the same boat that I’m in that like, I kind of know, but I don’t thank you for asking these questions.

Based on what you’ve told me so far. I feel like I’ve got a good grasp about like, what you do and why we would use your company What have I forgotten to ask you that you would want to put out there on this interview?

Unknown 42:53
Okay, that’s that’s a very good question. I think. I think what what is very important for businesses to understand is the importance of reviews is not only to people to have a better understanding about your business, but reviews are the foundation and should be the foundation of any intelligent marketing system, there’s no benefit, or it’s it would be dangerous to spend money on advertising, for example, if your reviews or your ratings are not good. Let me explain why. Let’s let’s say that, and I see that very, very often when we have businesses coming to us and saying, Hey, I would like you to run

Unknown 43:45
to build a Facebook campaign for us, and we need more patients cetera, the first question and the first thing I’m checking is their online status, their online review status. And if they have less than 4.5, I tell them listen, if we promote your business right now, you will get more exposure, right? That doesn’t mean the patient will not check your business online for reviews. Because that’s what they do. 94% of the people 45 plus will check online reviews. flushing money down.

Unknown 44:23
Yeah, so

Unknown 44:24
they will check you online. And let’s say you have a four star rating and X amount of reviews, but your competitor has 4.8 as a rating, and they have more reviews than you. Who do you think they will choose? Even if you paid for the ad?

Justin Trosclair 44:44
If nothing else, they’re going to be checking both of your websites, and you better hope yours is prettier?

Unknown 44:49
Yes. But you know what, the way patients especially when they have an emergency that don’t go to websites that just check on Google again, this practice has a 4.83 rating and they have 50 reviews, this one has four, and they only have six reviews. Okay, I’m calling the first one with better reviews and more reviews.

Justin Trosclair 45:12
That’s if the reality strikes.

Unknown 45:15
That’s how it works. They don’t care about your website. They don’t care about your website. They just care about what other patients have said about your business

Justin Trosclair 45:27
of gold. Wow. So true.

Unknown 45:30
So that’s why it’s that’s why I called Reputation Marketing and reputation management, the foundation of any smart marketing, because if your ratings are not good, you’re basically investing to send patients to your competition. That’s the reality.

Justin Trosclair 45:49
That’s a harsh reality. I’m glad you said that. Because now I think a lot of people are going to say, holy cow, I really do need to spend at least part of my budget in this area that I never even thought of before. Like, I need to take this seriously. Absolutely. Very nice. Okay, I’d like to switch gears just a little bit, you get this nationwide company, your French, you know, English you living in Bali, Indonesia, how that happened. And so they’ll be switching gears completely. We just have a couple of simple questions before we end the interview. Just kind of get to know you a little bit better.

Unknown 46:22
How do you land in Bali? So first of all, I’ve been visiting Bali 13 years ago with my wife and my kids. And we just loved it. And what happened is that the way my business is now structured of freedom to work, basically, anywhere I want for living in Bali, spend about four months in Vietnam. And I basically I love Asia and Indonesia. So I’m traveling around

Unknown 46:52
Asia and in Asia. I’ve been nine months in Thailand two years ago. And so what happened is that my business partner leaves was living in Vietnam, was living in Vietnam of fight for years. And we were working on a new project, and we decided that it would be easier for me to come. So I came to Vietnam. And at some point, we felt that we, we were like, okay, let’s, let’s try something else. And we talked about Bali and how he lost Valley Valley. So we just decided, Hey, you know what, let’s go to Bali has fantastic

Justin Trosclair 47:31
paradise over

Unknown 47:32
there. Yes. And we, we just had to, we just had to find a good internet connection. And we did actually, I have a better internet connection here than I have in France. So, you know, it’s a no brainer, we know the local government there must know there’s a lots of people like you right now, the pain I would say to to be here is that we have to leave Indonesia for a while, for the visa around and so to to extend the fees and stuff like that. So there is little downsides. But you know, it’s, it’s okay. When you can leave in such beautiful environments. It’s

Unknown 48:12
not that

Justin Trosclair 48:13
that that I’ve got to see 14 countries, a lot of them in Asia because of my visa runs. But the difference is, I didn’t have to pay for these

perks on salary.

Unknown 48:27
Good for you

Justin Trosclair 48:28
the Alright, last last question books, podcast, phone apps, what do you love? What do you find yourself going through all the time and think the guests to check out

Unknown 48:40
there is a there is a book I really enjoyed reading recently, the book it’s a very small book, but it’s very easy to read. And it’s called a go giver. It’s about how to improve your business and be more successful by becoming a go giver versus a go getter. Hmm. And I can’t remember the name of the of the author. But tell us what that is. Yeah, Amazon weeks.

Unknown 49:10
But it’s Yeah, it’s a very, very, very nice book. It shows it shows the importance of, of giving, instead of always trying to get something out and the beauty of of being open and open minded and giving back to the community to attract more, which is a universal principle.

Justin Trosclair 49:37
Have you ever heard of that networking group called be? And I yes, yes. That’s their motto. givers gain as a big push. Yeah. Okay, what’s the website? How can people get in contact with you if they need more information and they want to sign the nine when they’re on your contract.

Unknown 49:53
So what you could do is to go to get more patients dot reviews. And you we’ll see a bunch of information to there. And you have a link where you can get a demo or you can book a an appointment with us and we would show you how the system works and what we can do to help you get more patient reviews and improve your rankings and overall ratings get more patients dot reviews.

Justin Trosclair 50:22
Correct. Phillip, thank you so much for taking your time. And my pleasure being on the podcast today. My pleasure and blew our minds with reviews. That’s so much. I didn’t realize that reviews could be that important. You hear about it. But when I review this, I think I’m gonna learn even more on round two. So thank you again, you’re welcome. Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure.

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