Episode 36: One on Ones plus Instagram for wellness professionals Kristina Centnere

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Kristina Centnere talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast


 Kristina Centnere dives into Instagram, social media, business education and one on ones for wellness professionals. Two books, video tutorials, how she works anywhere, tips to hire and all this on an online platform called Total Wellness Connect.


Founder of  Total Wellness Connect.com and The Health Connections Podcast.  Total Wellness Connect is a membership organization with a goal to help wellness professionals grow their business. They do so by utilizing a holistic marketing approach, including organized networking, social media advertising, business education and community outreach.

Her parents are an OBGYN and a Physical Therapist which would lead you to believe she would become a doctor but her passion is social media (Instagram and Facebook) and decided to help the holistic wellness professionals with social media services as well as this membership organization (Total Wellness Connect) that can teach you better networking, business education and one on ones.

One reason to create this  website of similar wellness professionals is because they may not have the big budgets like some MD’s and hospitals have for advertising so this can help them compete in the market. Since she has a niche market of business professionals, they don’t have the most standard of business hours which makes the traditional early morning networking meeting difficult. To overcome this important meeting conflict, she has created a platform to do these meetings online as well as having a robust profile so you can know what others in your area are doing plus the ability to have one on ones.

A big focus of hers is recruiting new members via Instagram and teaching how the wellness professional can do the same for new patients. She wants to make it clear that this is not a program that will provide Leads to you but if you follow the system and do the one on ones and the other tools in the toolbox, then you should get referrals. The one on ones are so important because it builds trust and rapport and that’s essential to pass referrals of patients.

 She wrote an e-book on Amazon The Networking Guide Anatomy of an Effective One-on-One that gives you do’s and don’ts at networking events and one on one. One don’t is to just pass out cards indiscriminately and some of the do’s are how you dress, act, are you writing down notes and a huge trust and rapport building skill is asking this question, “How Can I Help You?”

Lots of video tutorials to teach anyone how to setup and strategize Instagram and Facebook because the clients are going to range in age and social media prowess.  You need to use the social media that connects with your target market but also one that resonates with you as well.

Instagram is huge for wellness professionals but you still need a combo of social media..

Video is the next frontier that will take over it all.  It allows your clients to see your personality, engage more and like you better and faster.  Also, video is huge because we typically use YouTube  which is owned by Google and therefore you can rank better on organic search.  Perhaps after an unique patient condition comes in or you get asked a question, you can write that down and then record yourself (audio or video) answering it or talking about the condition and now you have content that is relevant.

When asked about 5 year goals, she says she doesn’t have them.  Her field changes so fast and so often she limits her vision to 1 year and makes decisions to get her to there.  A big proponent of visualizing and vision boards what it is you want and clearing seeing it.  Now you can go chase that vision.  She writes down “a day in the life of” one year from now.

Learn how she set up her life  so even though she is horrible at taking vacations, she was able to go to Europe for a month and still work. 

Why does she work by the water and at coffee shops at times?

Tips on hiring staff and letting go of the reigns and letting the person do what they are good at and get out of their way.  Trust them to do the job correctly.  At one point she was pretty poor so when she started hiring staff it was hard to release the money, how did she overcome that.

Avid weight lifter, gym class attender, adult coloring books and knitting… what do you do to relax and refocus and manage anxiety.

Perks to having a long distance relationship.

Golden Nuggets for INSTAGRAM tips at the end of the Episode –  30 hastags, and what is Shadow Blocking and more;

If you’re not in marketing day to day, the changes can make you fall behind quickly.

trust and rapport building skill is asking this question, “How Can I Help You?” at networking groups #BEHINDtheCURTAIN

write down “a day in the life of” one year from now. #behindTheCurtain

hire staff that can do what you don’t like or not so good at or is keeping you from higher level tasks


Blinkist app.  Tons of books to choose from and Each chapter of a book is summarized not just 5 bullet points of the entire book and it also is set up with audio so it can read to you.

Todoist a to do list that you can integrate with gmail and collaborate with a team

IfTTT If this Then that.  For example, If I get an email from XYZ then it gets forwarded to ABC person. Or    If my new podcast post goes live, then it will be posted to social media.

Dale Carnegie    How to Stop Worrying and Start Living   (perspective on how others handle worry and situations) & Strength    

She is writing a new book   12 daily rules to loving the life you live (with scientific facts to back up the rules

Promo Code FBAD50 for $50 Facebook ad to their target audience when you purchase any subscription by paying the year in full

Travel Tip:

Travel Tip
Make sure you check your airline for carry on fees. I got dinged in Australia.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/36 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the transcript.

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Justin Trosclair 0:03
Episode 36 one on ones plus Instagram for wellness professionals. I’m your host, Dr. Justin trust Claire and today we’re here Christina said neta perspective

for doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant life. Listen as your host, Dr. Justin shows Claire goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guess about real world

practical tips and entertainment on this episode of a doctor’s perspective. The audience comes from a wide range of countries. So today I just want to say hello and thank you to a few of our international listeners. Hallo hundred Canada Arigato goes my mom she taught me how to shear nama stay down you have an aloe Dunker, and all the other countries that speak English, like Singapore, Australia, Canada. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, I’m pretty sure I butchered some of the I tried to YouTube and it’s still difficult. So I appreciate your courtesy of giving me a pass. I messed it up. All right, let’s get on with the show. By all means, if you’re on an Android, wherever you listen to the show, go write us a review on iTunes. Same thing. Thanks.

Hello, everybody. Today, we’ve got Christina Sonata, she will dive into Instagram and social media, business education for wellness professionals because she has a website called Total Wellness Connect, and that is what it focuses on. And also on the episode we’ll talk about the best way to do one on ones which she also has a book on. We’ll talk about how she chooses to hire staff the way she set up her life to be able to work from anywhere as and has for a month she’s talked about how to deal with anxiety video tutorials on how to do the social media. Why does she only look one year in advance for like goals and a couple of her favorite app, I think you will like those because they are very actionable. And you’ll probably want to go download them immediately. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash three, six, stay tuned the end of the episode for a promo code to save money. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Hey, everybody, live from China yet again. Today on the show, we have Christina Sonata, founder of Total Wellness Connect calm and the health connections podcast. It is a membership organization with a goal to help wellness professionals grow their business, they do so by utilizing a holistic marketing approach, including organized networking, social media, advertising, business, education, and community outreach. Thank you so much for taking your time to be on. So today.

Unknown 2:28
Thank you. I’m excited to be here.

Justin Trosclair 2:30
Well, that that was a mouthful for me. Yeah. And leaves me guessing. What exactly do you do? What can you do for practitioners of variety of specialty? So how did you get into healthcare and what led you to design a website for this?

Unknown 2:45
In terms of healthcare, my parents are both medical professionals. My mom is an OB GYN mostly high risk cases. And then my father is a physical therapist. And both of them have always had a holistic approach to what they’re doing as much as possible. So it’s really a great mix of Western and Eastern medicine in there. So I’ve always been around that. And of course, like most kids that grow up in the medical household, I decided that I should study medicine, but later on found love for for business. So 20, I started my first business, which was a marketing company. So that’s where the love for marketing really came in. And just in 2014, we, I combined the two, the love for marketing and also helping wellness professionals because they really needed it, you know, you study and you do what you love, which is helping other people. But they don’t really care so much for social media, which is understandable. So interesting.

Justin Trosclair 3:45
Explain that they don’t they don’t understand it, or they just don’t understand it. They can use it because of like HIPAA compliance and all that kind of weird stuff.

Unknown 3:52
And there’s Yeah, there’s a little bit of that too, but it’s more so you know, what are you passionate about and wellness professionals with definitely passionate about health people, you know, I’m passionate about Facebook and Instagram. So we really gravitate towards whatever it is that we’re passionate about. So even if they might understand the power of social media, there’s only so much time that’s left for it. And the time that is left for it should be utilized, you know, to maximize really right in terms of how we use it. But it changes so quickly that if you’re not in the industry of marketing, you’re not really sure what the right thing today is to do in order to promote your business

Justin Trosclair 4:33
as a true true statement every couple of months, it seems like Facebook is changing their lives and adding stickers on top of it and writing things that may or may not disappear as you expect them three,

Unknown 4:42
two weeks, every two.

Justin Trosclair 4:45
So what is a wellness professional? What does that mean? What includes those,

Unknown 4:51
our program is really geared more so towards the holistic practitioners and reason being is that a lot of medical doctors have the budget to spend on marketing companies like ours. You know, from my marketing company side, I work with medical organizations and practitioners and plastic surgeons and so on. And they have the budget to spend on somebody else to do the work. Whereas most holistic practitioners such as acupuncturist, massage therapist, Oriental Medicine, you know, even personal trainers, and we have a natural paths and nutritionists, and a great variety of professionals who are extremely well qualified, but they don’t have the same budget for marketing for the most part that a medical doctor would have.

Justin Trosclair 5:45
That’s true. So this is where Total Wellness Connect can bridge those two gaps.

Unknown 5:49
Yep, exactly. So we provide a more, you know, our mission is to provide sustainable and cost effective tools, for marketing for wellness professionals to be able to market themselves. So we really provide that education. That’s what we lead with. And when I was looking at the

Justin Trosclair 6:07
site and looked like there was a mix of networking and personal professional should say professional referral system kind of built in, but is it also geared to the public as well to find professionals in their area?

Unknown 6:22
Absolutely. So while we’re not a lead generation service, per se, our focus and it is changing a little bit. So the website is kind of coming along with it, you’re getting the right at that, at that change phase, which is awesome. But we’re really now leading we started as an organized networking organization, which means it’s kind of like DNI, which you may be familiar with. So you get an A group and referral, which is fantastic. I used to lead a few be a new chapter. So you know, I really saw the power of that, but we just needed to tweak it in order for it to be good for wellness professionals. But what we realized is that a lot of wellness professionals such different schedules, you know, so to get some them in the room as it is where are they pulling from a very specified pool. So in order for us to really grow, we have to take everything online. So now what we’re doing with networking is that we have online networking meetings, which are again, spent a lot of the time with education pieces. So you really get to optimize how your networking, another thing that we do is when you submit an application, we are an application only network. So you do have to have a proper license. And we do have to check your background and all that good stuff. You also are asked what are great referral sources for you. So let’s just say you say a natural path, then right away, we connect you with the natural paths in the group who you could cross suffer with. So it’s really individualized networking for each member,

Justin Trosclair 7:51
a nationwide thing, or would it be kinda like a bee and I were, if I was super excited about it in my smaller town or big town or whatever, I would have to worry crew people to say, hey, let’s all become a part of this team WC, and go from there online instead of for breakfast that six o’clock.

Unknown 8:09
Yeah. Oh, those six o’clock meetings, how I miss those. Know,

Unknown 8:15
so it’s when we start when we were meeting in person, then yes, it was a lot more like that. But that’s part of the reason why we took it online. And we saw an opportunity to help a lot more people. And you know, we met on Instagram. And that’s the same way that we get a lot of people getting us, you know, seeing what PwC is, is through Instagram and through social media. So yes, it does work. But, you know, it’s, it’s really anybody can join at this point. However, in marketing, it’s important to test out in a smaller area. So as we’re switching our focus a little bit more towards education, from networking, we are focusing on the area that we know, which is you know, Connecticut, Long Island, and that kind of tri state area. Currently how However, if somebody from, you know, Massachusetts or Miami would join, it would be just as helpful for them.

Justin Trosclair 9:07
Okay, so it’s April. So as a doctor, as a PR practitioner, is to help learn about what other people may be in your area, the natural path acupuncture is what did they do, and it’s in the profile so that you don’t have to, because that’s the biggest problem is it seems we don’t know who to refer to sometimes like, yeah, we think maybe acupuncture could work but you don’t really know who’s who and who’s going to fit your you know jives with your personality and your practice style, so that you end up just doing nothing. And this can bridge that gap.

Unknown 9:33
So one on ones come in. So part of our online platform, which every member gets is that you get to schedule one on ones with each other. And we do interview every applicant that comes in to better understand where they’re coming from. We have denied people before, just because we feel like it’s not the right place for them. And that happens quite a bit in network marketing to we’re not close to, you know, wellness and network marketing, but we’re there is very careful with it. There are some people that use network marketing as part of their practice. And they’re not just trying to push their product, and that’s fine. But you know, we really have to be careful. So the way that we picked people, it’s not just anybody with a heartbeat, and an attack. So that allows for you to really have a little more trust in who you can talk to and like you said, sometimes you don’t vibe with the right person. But there are three other natural paths that you could talk to, or however many.

Justin Trosclair 10:29
When someone looks at being I versus Toastmasters versus the chamber, there’s all these pros and cons. When they look at your company, are there any misconceptions? Kind of like you said, there’s not really a lead generation service? Anything that you get questions you always had, say off? No, no, let me fix your thinking on that.

Unknown 10:48
Yes. And a lot of that is from growing something that’s never been grown before. You know, when you start to be a nine chapter, which I’ve done in the past, it’s like, you know, you know, this is, you know, the system, you kind of know what it is, you know, a networking organization is a networking organization, at the end of the day might have different things. But when it comes to PwC, were literally growing something that’s never been done before, at least not not not that we’re aware of or not enough to where we are aware of it. And we’ve looked for so yeah, they’re definitely misconceptions as we’re learning because people really pick up on things that they want to pick up on. Right, not necessarily everything you’re telling them. I think one of the misconceptions, like you said, is that you know, it’s a lead generation where it’s not. And we’ve really made that more more clear with, with people as I yet you will be getting leads if you’re doing what you’re supposed to write. But the biggest thing is, is that if you’re not following the system, if you’re not doing the tools, or you know, using the tools that we’re giving you in the toolbox, and you’re just paying your monthly fee, your leads and not going to magically appear, you know, and I know that sounds silly, but to some people, they don’t get it, they think that going to pay for something and they’re going to get leads and nowhere does it say that data bc will give you leads, however, people who have followed the system who have been with us for three years have seen a and I’m not even joking, not a you know, kind of going out of but literally a 2,000% return on their investment with what they’re spent with total hours connect them diversified into different areas, they started new businesses from what it is that they are doing, because they’ve seen what they can do if they’re using the tools. So you know, to answer your question, yeah, absolutely. I think every business has, you know, misconceptions. But I think lead generation is the biggest one, if you’re not using the tools were giving you, you’re not going to get the leads that you want to that you want to get.

Justin Trosclair 12:48
And then you could say much like a lot of places, they recommend them one on one, doing those one on ones, you mentioned one on ones. So that would be one of the tools in the toolbox, get to know these people so that you can like and trust them and possibly get that leader referral because you know each other, if you don’t do that, you will never get that because they don’t know who you are. Right.

Unknown 13:04
And that’s, you know, that’s a hard one for people because it’s like, oh, I have to actually do something. You know,

Unknown 13:10
it is it really is so important because, and networking is something that we encourage, but it’s something that we also, you know, facilitate. But we also teach how to network properly, because a lot of people have this misconception of pushing cards. And that’s one of the reasons why I am not a biggest fan of after our you know, happy hour chamber events, right? Because it’s just it’s not it’s not business, it’s great social, but it’s not really business. And for wellness professionals, especially, you know, I don’t know how well you have to get to know your plumber, okay. Right. I don’t know if he would need to have a coffee date with your plumber in order to know that they’re a good plumber, because God forbid, they’re not a good plumber. Worst case scenario, you get somebody else to do it. Right? When it comes to referring a patient for your health, I really hope you want to get to know who it is that you are referring to. And the thing is, is that no matter how much, you know, I every person I’ve ever met with, I’ve learned something new from them. You know, so why wouldn’t you want to do that? And that’s why one on ones are really important, personally and professionally.

Justin Trosclair 14:18
Yeah, I gotta ask this. networking events, don’t just give out cards. So what would be one of the best strategy, what’s a good strategy to maximize on these networking events? Assuming that we’re gonna be going through these things anyway?

Unknown 14:31
Yeah, so I wrote a little networking guide, it’s on Amazon, it’s called the networking guy, anatomy of an effective one on one. So you can tell how passionate I am about one on ones.

Unknown 14:42
And it’s just a little ebook, but it really gives you the steps you need to take care of before going into a one on one. Now, networking events are a different beast. But if you can get one on ones, which is what most wellness professionals are more comfortable with, with, you know, it’s how you dress, how you act, whether you’re writing down notes, and the number one thing that I tell everybody that will put you straight, you know, in our trust funnel from the like to do from the know to like to to trust, their equipment is asking the question, How can I help you? Right? And because, you know, most people, they treat networking, like it’s a sport, and it’s kind of like for you for yourself. But networking is really about how can you help the person across the table? Right? So ask someone, how can I help you is not only going to probably have their jaw drop, but it’s going to say, oh, wow, this person actually cares about what I need, which is in human, you know, and human history, that tends to be the important question. I would definitely tell us that,

Justin Trosclair 15:57
okay, it’s not speed dating, where you’re just trying to match up real quick, natural, get out of here. Next, it’s not the the approach we should be going for, when you’re doing you’re considering starting this website, you already were doing marketing, what was what was a hurdle that you had to cross to get where you’re at right now,

Unknown 16:14

Unknown 16:15
if only people knew nobody,

Unknown 16:19
really understanding the audience. And I feel like that’s a big one. For a lot of people, they don’t really know their audience. And you would imagine that somebody who teaches how to find your target audience would know that, but really understanding them, and what their needs and their personalities out of all things has really been, it’s been a really fun challenge, I’ll tell you that, it’s, it’s interesting to just see the difference between how much people say they want something versus how much they’re willing to work for it as well, in terms of, you know, I really want to learn this, I really want these tools. But wait, I don’t have the time, do it, you know, or whatever it is. And then there are people who are even busier perceptual Lee than the people that are saying that that are making the time, right. So really kind of figuring out what is going on, in his people’s minds, and how we can actually make sure that we can fit that into their schedule, or, you know, help them make the time and at the same time, not listen to everybody’s feedback, you know, so really finding that balance and learning their personalities and learning their needs has been interesting, because again, there’s no map for what we’re doing. So it’s all new.

Justin Trosclair 17:39
It’s amazing how many people just they won’t get out of their own way. And you’re having to do your your job is one thing, but not having to switch it to convince not going to convince her but persuade people to this is why you would use it. This is how you’re gonna have to make time in your day to do it, which you need to do anyway. You know, the practitioner, it’s a that’s a difficult, where your parents able to help been that have the medical background are there so far in your careers where it didn’t really matter?

Unknown 18:04
No. So actually, I work with the organization that my mom is part of the practice with, and from our marketing perspective, from other marketing company and my dad, it I mean, I think more as a dad, like sat there and listened, but not from that from a medical perspective, because not that they don’t need it or understand it. It’s more so you know, my mother obviously, pays the company to do it. And my dad just add, you know, I don’t can’t even answer that. That’s a good question for you. But I’m not from a medical perspective so much, but you know, some ideas. I feel like just watching them, I got the ideas. Yeah, okay.

Justin Trosclair 18:44
Yeah, I think we have to, we have to have a sounding board sometimes. And normally, it’s not our parents when it comes to something like this, but you have a pretty unique situation where like, they might actually have a good idea to have a pulse. 45 and 50 years old, their pulse is going to be a little different than the Instagram out of right now

Unknown 19:01
you bring up a really good point of the generation, right? Because these, these people, and most of our members are, you know, 40 and up, right? So you’re not looking, you know, it’s not like we’re going to the kids who are just right out of school, you know, 2730 years old, we are really working with people who this is new to, right. So that’s where we have to be really careful, like literally talking to somebody who just never doesn’t even know what you know, as one of our clients as tweeter is. You know,

Unknown 19:35
that’s why we make it really, really simple. We have a whole Bank of video tutorials for them short little video tutorials from how to start your Instagram, to how to convert it from personal to business, I mean, every single step. So it’s there, it’s very helpful. People have really found that helpful, really a YouTube sensation there. But

Unknown 20:00
you know, there definitely is a generational gap. And now because we’re focusing so much more on the education, we’re definitely gonna see a shift in the type of people that we have. And really, it’s the people who want to embrace the technology. Because at the end of the day, you know, my passion for for marketing is helping their passion for helping people. Because the more they get themselves out there, the more people they’re going to be able to help you know. So that’s really right. The route that we’re taking that

Justin Trosclair 20:30
here’s an interesting generational story for you. I was chatting with this first year in college guy, I live in China, so they have different meats, social media, but I would have to say qq is kind of like a Facebook and kind of like a messenger. And then they also have this thing called we chat, which is maybe more like like a WhatsApp or a viper or something like that. And everybody I know just uses WeChat all the time. You can send voice messages, you can send pictures. I mean, it’s private. It’s all this cool stuff. Cute, cute, little more crazy. They got email they got using big files and all this kind of stuff. So my perception was WeChat is where you would want to go. I’m talking to this guy. He’s like, Oh, no, we chats much more like straight laced, more business more professional. And I was like, What are you talking about? Like, you kick back and relax, you can do whatever you want. Yeah, that’s the one that’s that. That’s what you have to be more careful on. And he’s like, Oh, no, no, no, everybody uses uses the qq because more relaxed us like that is the complete opposite. And I’m not that old. Compared to him, you know, but I am. And I’m just like, Oh my goodness. So if you’re a marketing person to know the difference between Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at Who are these people that you’re trying to market to. And if you don’t have young kids, you probably want to use Snapchat right now, that’s not it, that’s not your target market

Unknown 21:43
of right. But at the same time, you know, you bring up a really good point. And that’s finding a platform. And it’s never one platform, there’s no such thing as a silver bullet. But really finding a platform that is good for your target audience, but also is good for you, right?

Justin Trosclair 21:57
meaningful, you know how to use it and be authentic,

Unknown 21:59
right? Use it and be authentic, and knowing the language of that platform. So we actually recently did a webinar on intro to social marketing, and then also growing your brand with Instagram, where we really focused on strategy, right? A lot of people, they will pick up their phone, and they will use Instagram or, you know, whatever, without even considering, you know, what are they doing? Right? What was behind what they’re doing, they’re just picking it up, because it’s the new kid on the block, right? I got to be on there. And Instagram. And if you’re in wellness, you got to be on Instagram, I’ll tell you that much, you know, I’ll give you I’ll give you a secret there, at least in the United States. But

Unknown 22:39
you know, you still do have to have a combination of platforms. And it might take you a few tries to figure that out. But you have to have a combination of platforms, in order to know which one or which ones are actually generating leads are getting you the most exposure and part of it is also analytics, right? So that’s all part of what we teach and really putting those pieces together. But if you’re just picking something up and tweeting and whatever, because you think that that you know, because your friend is doing it and they’re successful with it. You gotta rethink prodigy there. You know,

Justin Trosclair 23:14
what’s your view on video, I listened some podcasts about this stuff. And they are like, go video go big, you gotta do video, it’s going to be replacing everything in the next two, three years. What’s your opinion?

Unknown 23:26
In terms of video? Yeah, I mean, video is the most engaged with media for sure. And I actually just wrote an article on this. But you know, when it comes to video, there’s just so much that you can do with it. And I have a client who she’s also a PwC member, but she was just so deathly afraid of doing videos. And I don’t blame her because I was that way at one point as well. And she’s a few years my elder, but one thing is, is that, especially when it comes to wellness, or anything that’s really personal, people want to feel your energy. And I’m not saying you don’t know who kind of way I’m saying that people literally just want to know if they’re going to vibe with you. Because after all, they’re putting their health in your hands, they really want to know who they are, you know. So videos are important in terms of branding perspective, but they also they’re important for online presence perspective for medical, medical professionals, wellness, anything in the health industry. Because you’re if you put it on YouTube, which is owned by Google,

Unknown 24:32
you are getting, and you’re optimizing it correctly, meaning that you’re putting in keywords in the title that are come naturally in the description, and the tags and so on, you are able to get a lot more visibility because again, it’s Google owned. Okay, it’s kind of like why do we have Google Plus, simply because Google

Unknown 24:55
once you have those videos, not only are you able to have people in engage with you, but again, start your search rank on on Google and other platforms is going to eventually go up. Right?

Justin Trosclair 25:06
And it’s going to categorize you better. And when they if you type your name in and everything exactly. I I’m going to steal this from somebody I heard just because we’re from a video he treats clients, he has patients if he notices something that they ask that’s, that’s interesting are he comes across, maybe they talked about some condition that they don’t see that much or just was really he’ll just write a note. And then when he has a few minutes, we’ll just record a five to 10 minute Hey, heard about this today, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, ended and he’s got a really cool content. And this guy has, I don’t know, over 500 podcasts within a year. Right? That’s unreal. Are you talking?

Well, it was exactly right. Nobody’s actually healthcare guy, you actually natural path or something like that? I don’t like I’m butchering. That’s what I haven’t given any credit.

For about like, what an amazing idea. If you’re looking for content, and you’re always complaining, like, I don’t know what to write about, or blog about, or Snapchat about or anything, or tweet that we’re

Unknown 26:05
under this. Yeah, that’s a really good point. Because I tell our clients all the time I tell him members all the time, video is not about video production, you’re not making a movie, okay? Your video should be if you look at Instagram stories, if you look at Snapchat, that’s 1015 second videos that you’re putting up on there, right? on Instagram, you can’t put anything up more than 60 seconds. So there’s a reason for that. It’s not because of hosting problems, which, you know, obviously takes quite a bit for Instagram to host all that. But it’s because people are not in, we have a

Unknown 26:42
a, an attention span less than a goldfish by one second. Okay, our attention span of eight seconds, it was 12 seconds.

Unknown 26:51
Okay, and now it’s eight seconds.

Justin Trosclair 26:53
And that’s why I thought it was like 4.6.

Unknown 26:58
But that should tell you something, you know, so if you making some monotone, you know, movies, or productions or whatever, that’s what people people go on social media for they going there to get quick information. Right. So in order to, in order to engage that audience, that’s exactly what you gotta do, you gotta give them those little tips, you know, and when you’re starting out, don’t get me wrong, it might take you 30 takes to get that one little tip, not everybody is born with, you know, I know,

Unknown 27:31
I take a few selfies before the right one comes out. But, exactly.

Unknown 27:38
But however, you just got to keep trying. And eventually it’s going to be like a really quick, here you go.

Unknown 27:44
One of our members, actually, he has this

Unknown 27:47
thing where he just does little tips from inside his car, does it you know, now really know him for it, because he just talks from his car, and their motivation. And some of them are health related, and so on. But that’s what people are engaging with, they literally look forward to that, you know, and it’s off the top of his head, he doesn’t plan this content. And at the same time, you should plan a lot of your content, but

Unknown 28:14
get something real quick. Or if you feel inspired right now to write that blog, at least write down the idea, and the little bullet points of what you’re going to have and then write it out.

Justin Trosclair 28:24
And quite frankly, all of our phones typically have a voice recording app built in to our all you do is push a button and you can record your thoughts in the moment if you don’t want to type it out or whatever,

Unknown 28:35
right? Just say,

Unknown 28:37
Yeah, absolutely. The first book that I wrote, that’s exactly how I wrote it, you know, I at the time, I was driving a lot. And all I would do is just press record and you know, talk to myself. All right.

Justin Trosclair 28:50
What did you do that you just went back and kind of edited it to make it flow better? And everything?

Unknown 28:54
Um, well, the book, I mean, it was literally just thoughts that I would speak out, and then I will just listen to them. And I would write them out and then edit them and you know, kind of go from there. But yeah, that’s really cool.

Justin Trosclair 29:05
I like that idea. Probably steal it.

Unknown 29:08
Okay, in this world that told me about

Justin Trosclair 29:12
this, right? I’m a borrowed modify it and that way you won’t know what, what are some five year goals you may have for yourself? And how do you know if it’s important?

Unknown 29:22
Yeah. So I am a big proponent of not making five year goals. Okay, please explain, including business plans. So I think, and the reason being, so altogether, I have four companies currently, and I can tell you that a part of it is because of the industry I’m in, but things change. So quick, the plan that you made for your business over the next five years, is obsolete. Over six months, you know, because circumstances change, you change, especially in the wellness, industry and marketing, and anything that’s fast paced, in terms of change, and technology, and so on, things change so quickly, you know, so what I do is I make I’m big on visualization exercises, I’m big on, you know, vision boards and things like that, because I’m a visual learner to begin with. And I think that it’s important to really see yourself in there. And one of the exercises that I do is just literally immerse myself, and write down a day in the life that I would want to live in a year from now. And there has never been a time where what I wrote down did not happen. Not once. And sure, it may have been, you know, a different apartment that I visualized. But there’s still those elements that I had actually written about, you know, or house I bought, or whatever it may be, but there’s still those elements that I had written down that are in there. So just to give you an example, about six months ago, I had written out a day in the life life of of how I would be in Miami, and I would be going back and forth from Miami to New York, and so on. I, you know, that’ll be living on the water. I’m looking at the water view right now. And I, you know, I go back and forth, I’m going back to New York, August 9. And it’s not that I just dreamt it up, and I didn’t work towards it. But once you have that vision, once you actually feel yourself be in that space, that’s when you know that it has to come true, because you know what it already feels like. So in terms of you know, what my goals are, it’s really to grow, you know, to WC right now to 1000 members. And that is that is quite a gold, because it’s having the right people in there, right? Again, we’re an application only. So it’s not just about people signing up, it’s about finding the right people for PwC. And for our other members to network with in terms of myself, I’m writing a book right now, which was actually really neat. It’s 12, daily rules to live loving the life you live. And it actually has the scientific facts be behind the rules that I have made up and live on a daily basis. So I get to learn a lot about behavioral psychology now I get to learn a lot about our brains. So that’s coming out in October and so on. But again, you know, it comes to five year plans. They may work for some people, but I personally, they have just never worked for me. That’s okay.

Justin Trosclair 32:33
But what you’re saying all makes sense. I mean, I’ve heard some of those things before. But when you have like even just a year out, you’re going to take steps today or in a month, because you already know what your temporary goal is, like, I want this. So I’m only going to make choices that align with that decision and get you on that. Yeah, I mean, I remember my space and Periscope and a few others that if that was your silver bullet is going

as a great point. Yeah. So you got four businesses? How are you you able to take vacation? And if you don’t take very much, how are you going to take more? How do you find time for that? to take a break?

Unknown 33:06
So I have a wonderful team. When it comes to our marketing companies. I really do. They do a lot. But there’s some clients that I handle, personally, you know, it’s either they’ve been with me for a long time, or it’s just, I can’t let go. I don’t know. But they always make fun of me because just vacation is like not part of my vocabulary. I tell them I’m going somewhere. But you know, they brought other ones that prevent themselves from writing to me. I don’t take I’m not good at taking vacation. You know, somebody were to ask me, What is my weakness, I am not going to take a vacation. And the reason being is that I’ve created a life that I get to feel like I’m partially on vacation every day, you know, can pick up today and go to you know, I was on a 30 day trips throughout Europe. Yeah, I worked every single day pretty much right. But you know, enjoying that. It’s almost like a you know, like a gratitude, you know, by working I live in? Yeah, I definitely am.

Justin Trosclair 34:04
You’re able to live where you want to travel how you want? Yeah, I got to put in maybe three to five hours a day. But then at night, I’m hanging out in Italy, in a random city, you know? Yeah, Zach. Okay. I like that answer. How did you hire staff? Would you do any secrets?

Unknown 34:22
Yeah, so I got very fortunate.

Unknown 34:26
The secret is, be grateful, be good. And you know, good things will come to you. good at what you do, I don’t know about the good part. But I had almost a decade now I had met somebody while I was doing freelance work, freelance social media work for somebody. And I had met a man who already had a full fledged marketing company, a digital marketing company, but they were missing a lot of the social media part. So he kind of took me under his wing. And at the time I this is before I even started my company, I must have been like 19 years old. At that point, I would have just learned to do anything, you know, Facebook for business was just becoming a thing. You know, I was like, if somebody asked me Do I know how to do this, I’m like, sure, that I figured out along the way. And he had taken me under his wing. And eventually, we’re still, you know, best friends. And he, he gave me a lot of clients. And, you know, I obviously did great work for them. And he introduced me to his team. So I have a very special situation where, and this kind of goes to keeping your costs low. While I have some in house staff, and very few because that’s fixed costs, and we don’t like fixed costs, we want to have flexible costs, right. So currently, you know, at this point in time, we have 19 people that current that currently work on our project, whether it’s, you know, SEO or website, or Google ads, or whatever it may be, right, but and software development as well. But if we didn’t have a project, you know, or if the amount of projects went down, then I’m not paying as many people, you know, so it really, it is an outsourced situation. But at the same time, this has been the same team that I’ve had for the past, you know, seven years that we’ve been in business or six years that we’ve been in business. So it’s, it’s a very special situation. But when it comes to hiring, and you know, we do have a point in that it’s really trusting people to know what they are best at and took me a while to let go, you know, and find and really find the good that the stuff that they are really good at and emphasizing it. For instance, if somebody comes to me for a, I don’t know, content writing position, but I see that they’re actually really good at something else. I’m not going to put them into like data entry, you know, or even content creation, I’m going to put them into what they clearly have a passion and a really good thing for you know, if we have space for that. So really recognizing what people are really good at and trusted them to be good at that is they’re important.

Justin Trosclair 37:02
I’ve heard it said, most people would like in your position, they say they wish they would have done it sooner. Does that resonate with you? Oh, yeah. You know,

Unknown 37:12
you always think, especially when you’re growing a business, I wasn’t you know, funded startup, I literally started up everything from my own. So letting go of that money every month or whatever, or even thinking of letting go that type of money as I call, I’ll just work extra hard and do it all myself. But the thing is that your job as a business owner, not as a business manager is to take your business to the next level, right? So you can’t do that. If you’re too busy being in your business, you have to be almost outside, right? And I still do some managerial tasks, and I tell myself to stop. That’s this is not your job, you are taking somebody else’s job right now, you know, and I have to remind myself that and I’m like, nope, this is what you’re paying this person for. Look them, do it, let them figure it out. Whatever it is, so it’s still a still a daily struggle for sure.

Justin Trosclair 38:06
That’s an interesting thought, though. So for you, it might have been more of the money that you’re like, I’m making money. But now I gotta give a part of that away protest that I could do am doing. But now I have to take a step aside and let somebody else do it was that the hardest part is not really the control. But the money

Unknown 38:22
part? Um, I mean, definitely the control the control, I realized once I actually had somebody, you know, I don’t think you realize the control so much until you’re like, Oh, this person is doing what I know, to be good at, you know what I mean? But the money part, before I started my business, I was in network marketing. And before that, and I had, you know, my last job, I think I was 18. You know, I had sometimes had to think two weeks that I slept in the car. So it was Alexis, but at the same time

Unknown 38:55
it was comfortable.

Unknown 38:56
But the same time, you know, I found myself in the situation where I’m like, Okay, well, this has got to change, right? And then you really, you do start developing some money issues, you know, in your in your brain, and your brain is starting to your amygdala is like, Oh, we never want to be there again. So now we have money, we’re not going to let go, that become that does become a problem. And but you know, it’s again, a daily thing where you making a daily choice. And you compound on those choices. And the wonderful thing about your brain is that it can learn new things and learn new habits. So I’m explaining it.

Justin Trosclair 39:37
Well, this leads right into the question of besides work, any kind of hobbies or volunteering or anything that you do that gets you focused and grounded,

Unknown 39:45
Oh, goodness, a lot. So I’m a big fitness buff, I always connected to, to my work, in a sense, because it’s more of my personal branding. So I believe that everything that we do hobbies, whatever it maybe it really is all part of your work because especially as a business owner, how you are, what you do, what experiences you have, all of that translates into the type of work that you do, right. So recently, I signed up for something really neat that we have here in the US, which is called class pass. You know, they did it because I’m in a noose new city. I used to live in Miami but new city, a class pass allows you to go to different fitness classes, group fitness classes, so I started taking polities

Unknown 40:32
and one of those

Unknown 40:34
are taking bar and going to you know, boot camps and trying out new things in addition to lifting which is what I’ve been doing all at one gym,

Unknown 40:44
know so it’s just literally going to different gyms. So literally gives you a class. Yeah, so it’s really me. And I have a gym in the building, which is perfect. I know most buildings don’t have such gyms but so I lift their eyes do my cardio. And my other thing is, is that I in order to focus, there are a few things that I do and one of them is coloring books. So Carl young,

Unknown 41:12
the psychotherapist he, he had actually prescribed adult coloring long before it became, you know fad that it is now and I find them? Yeah, I find that that just, it really helps me focus. You know, there’s some days where you just have brain fog, you can be eating the right thing you could be working out, you could be doing everything you know, the doctor ordered, but you still just maybe have so much to do that you don’t know where to start. Whatever it is, I immediately grab that or I grab knitting

Unknown 41:43

Unknown 41:47
But knitting has actually been my mother gave it to me when I was having issues with anxiety. And knitting has really big been a big part of focusing and getting over anxiety.

Unknown 42:01
I don’t think you ever get over it but really managing it let’s put it that way. Yeah, definitely. Go tues

Justin Trosclair 42:06
we there’s a shoot you know, it’s like a form of meditation. If you if you look at it that way is how you approach it. Because it forces you to calm down. Be calm, be still your in your own thoughts. Typically. Yeah, I applaud that plus it Hey, you’re learning a skill that most people don’t have. And now you can really help some people who have babies. Little booties. love you forever.

Unknown 42:24
I’m only good at making scarf so far. But sure.

Justin Trosclair 42:29
There we go. A booty challenge.

Yeah. Okay, so this was a question I didn’t ask beforehand. But if you have a spouse or significant other, you have any of those

Unknown 42:41
I have a boyfriend in. In New York. It’s an interesting, it’s an interesting situation. I’ve never been in a long distance relationship for sure. And, you know, I feel like I’m so busy that I don’t need to see some we’ve been together for two years already. So I don’t feel like I need to see somebody every every day, you know, and I feel like that’s part part of the reason being is that I wake up, I work out, I do work, I go to sleep. I eat sometimes.

Unknown 43:09
But yeah, it’s a it’s an interesting situation. And we’ll see how that unfolds. You know, I just I love learning about myself. And I feel like I need a different part of myself every day, not a different personality, a different part.

Justin Trosclair 43:22

Unknown 43:23
Yeah. So it’s definitely been an interesting development. So

Justin Trosclair 43:27
would you recommend long distance for people that do need a little more of the one on one time

Unknown 43:33
and make it tough, I am in no position to recommend anything relationship wise, because I’m obviously you know, pretty much single I’m not married. But what I would say is that I have been getting a lot more done, I’ve had a lot less kind of an emotional roller coaster, I guess you can say. And I’ve been, weirdly enough, even though we would go to the gym together and you know, do all that, weirdly enough, I’ve been in much better shape, I cook a lot more, which is weird for me, because I’m really a takeout girl. I cook all the time actually now. And I don’t know there’s something about being by yourself after being with somebody for a little bit that really reintroduces you to who you are. And when it comes to work, and so much more productive, to be honest with you. So it hasn’t been a bad thing. That way.

Justin Trosclair 44:25
Great answers right there. Really great answers Do you have to have a morning or a lunch routine that you are consistent on?

Unknown 44:32
So I prefer to work out in the morning. And usually that’s what I do. You know, I get up, I go to the gym, almost to get it out of the way. But also to kind of start my day on a good note. However, you know, recently I’ve been going sometimes at night and so on, I guess part of my part of my routine is not having so much of a routine. I like yeah, like going to different coffee shops, depending on how I feel that day, you know, I have a few within, you know, a few blocks of my house where I’m like, Well, today, I’m kind of feeling like being around a lot of people today, I feel like being in a more creative space, you know, and whatever that is, is where I will go. So I can’t say that I am too much for routine individual. The only routine that I’m aware of is that every night I will charge my cell phone.

Justin Trosclair 45:24
When you can work from your house, do you find that you need to run an office or like go to a coffee shop or someplace just to kind of get out of there and break the routine? Or what’s the deal with it?

Unknown 45:34
Yes and new. So I don’t like working at home all the time, there are days where I’m just like, Okay, I’m in my robe, and I will stay in my room. But till it’s time to go to bed again. You know,

Unknown 45:46
I will work from there having a water view or a view that you enjoy. Like one of my girlfriends has a view of mountains. And that’s what you always want it. She doesn’t care about the water. She wants mountains. But whatever that view is, you know, sometimes that can just be the exact change of space that you need. But coffee shops are big favorite of mine, because again, they have different vibes to them. And depending on what I have to do that day or how I’m feeling, you know what kind of coffee I want.

Justin Trosclair 46:15
It’s, it’s really nice to get out for sure. Very good. Any favorite books, blogs or podcasts that you secretly love? And some that you would totally recommend for everybody out there?

Unknown 46:25
I love all books Dale Carnegie for sure. And I know that’s such a typical answer. But here’s why. How do we love Dale Carnegie? How to Win Friends and Influence People as a book that I go back to quite a bit. And now there’s the digital age edition, right? Which I actually haven’t read yet. But I think I think I like to stick to classics. Right? And the reason the you know, it’s it’s kind of my first experience with self development at that point. And then when I was traveling Europe, I was having just a horrible case of anxiety, because I was so far away from work, you know, so yes, I can do work from anywhere. That’s fantastic. But it’s like, you feel like you’re going to come back and your whole life was gone, right. And at the time I was reading, how to stop worrying and start living, which is a less known book by Dale Carnegie. And it is fantastic. And the reason why I feel like it’s like it’s such a great book is because it really gives you perspective on how other people handled different situations, that there is really no reason to waste your energy on worrying, because most of the stuff we worry about is never been you know, that’s what that does. Well, you deal with it. I mean, it’s going to happen, whether you’re worried about or not, you know, and it’s more likely to happen if you worry about it. So why even

Justin Trosclair 47:51
watching your control?

Unknown 47:53
Right? So, you know, I really love his book, Sprint is one that I had read recently, which I think is good for larger companies, it’s not something I would recommend for wellness professionals, but for companies with a team, you know, so if you’re a wellness professional, you have a staff that might be a good one for you. If you’re trying a new idea out, I’m actually looking at my book is right now what else I’ve been up to? Oh, there’s one. You know, I actually, unfortunately, as much as I love to hold the book, I’ve actually been subscribing to blink assist, which is and yes, you know, yeah, okay.

Justin Trosclair 48:30
Explain it, I’m so happy somebody said.

Unknown 48:34
It’s been fantastic. Because you know what, sometimes I’m reading a book and I’m like, okay, you really could have gotten to the point, you know, faster or this is really the point that I need to hear about. And blink just allows you to just have the shortened versions of those books, and you can listen to them. And I prefer that because again, we have such a short attention span myself included, that just having the key points of information important to me and adjusted, and it’s by chapter.

Justin Trosclair 49:04
Chapter is just they summarize the chapter. So it’s not like 10 bullet points of a three of your page bright bullet points per chapter. Love it. I don’t know, remember the cost? Oh, my goodness, right. I mean, I’ve read so many books through blink is I don’t know if it counts. But I like to say that I’ve read all these books, I definitely checked off a bunch of my list.

Unknown 49:22
Yeah. And sometimes I will re listen to them. So like sprint is one of the books that I have really listened to, simply because I feel like it sinks in a lot. Right? Um, and, you know, there are books that I will reread almost every year, like Think and Grow Rich, I will scroll through, I’m not going to read the whole thing again. But I scroll through every year or so because there are parts of it that I really like. And I kind of know the parts that I like. But link just allows you to just your brain to constantly hear it and keeping in mind that we have to hear a marketing message or any message seven times before we add actually absorb it so bleakest allows you to actually absorb it a lot quicker than reading a book seven times. So I love that. Oh, winter months winter podcast coming out. Is that

Justin Trosclair 50:11

Unknown 50:12
the podcast is live. We have our 10 episodes. I think what you meant is the Yeah, the latest episode as our episode 10. We have our episode 11 coming out tomorrow to is with Daniels coffee, who is the owner of whole equals healthy. And she just has she’s actually going to do a little interview with us on the movie. What the health? I don’t know how popular Yeah. Okay. All right now.

Justin Trosclair 50:37
Now, no, no idea. I just saw it on Netflix or something. Yeah, people are talking about it.

Unknown 50:41
Yeah, a lot of people are talking about it. She’s going to do a little follow up interview on that as well, after the podcast launches. So what’s that called? The podcast is the health connections, which can be found on Stitcher, it’s on iTunes, it’s everywhere. So you can also check out our website, I can’t find it on there as well on the front page. Give us that website. One more time, joy, Total Wellness Connect

Justin Trosclair 51:04
calm, bling, kissed I’m sure is one of your favorite phone apps. But I love to ask this is the last question. Any other favorite apps, or apps or blogs or whatever? On your Instagram? Know,

Unknown 51:16
but as a serious answer. So I have two that are equally loved one is to do list. I don’t know where I’d be without to do list. It’s not only an app, it’s also software. It’s integrated with your Gmail. It’s everywhere. You know, it’s available everywhere. Oh, yeah, it’s very neat. You can collaborate on things there. So I have my team and different projects for each team to share with and that way I can see what is being done. And the second one being IFTTT, which is if this, then that is the coolest thing. Have you ever tried it out?

Justin Trosclair 51:59
No, but I know the talk about it.

Unknown 52:03
Because it’s just, uh, yeah, I mean, I if this than that, I’m like, wow, I am in the future.

Unknown 52:11
I’m not even in the present anymore. What it allows to do is that it allows for you to create, if this the net using different apps, including to do list. So for instance, as soon as my assistant finishes a task, the app allows for me to then submitted to a Google Sheet. So it puts that task as done in Google Sheet. Another thing is, is that I get a lot of emails, right. So there some emails that are they’re important to me. So what I do, I turn off my notifications for my emails, by the way. So this is very important for me, what I do is I use it this than that. And it says, if this person emails me, I put in their email address, then I get a notification to my phone, you know, so, okay, that way, it allows for me to keep everything that I needed also about, you know, if I’m within 10 feet of my home, it will turn on my phone, Wi Fi, or it will turn on my lights if you have like Philips Hue or anything like that. So it’s very, very useful. It’s free, obviously, you know, by app, so I can’t believe it’s free. And that is Yep. And it just, it makes life more seamless. And it definitely helps a lot of things that are really cool recipes, you don’t have to pick a recipe, you literally create your own recipe. So 30.

Justin Trosclair 53:30
So could you do something like if your podcast episode goes live and is published, then it’ll shoot it off to the different social media so that you don’t have to?

Unknown 53:39

Justin Trosclair 53:39
yeah, obviously, there’s lots of apps that do it. But that’s even easier. If you’d like, you know, just a simple one. They could do all that type of stuff.

Unknown 53:45
You can do all I can do most I mean can do everything, right. But it can do most things. Like for instance, when a blog is published to our, to our WordPress site, right? Then it will it puts it on to Twitter, puts it on to Facebook, and all that good stuff. I haven’t turned on the podcast,

Unknown 54:02
I’m going to try that out. I haven’t tried it with the podcast

Justin Trosclair 54:05
was the same as a book. Well, the way I published a podcast is through WordPress, it’s just a blog post. And once that hits live, that everything’s published on iTunes, Stitcher and all that,

Unknown 54:15
yeah, I don’t like automating social media too much. And the reason for that is that the way that you post on different that, you know, each social media platform has a different language. And it’s important to be aware of that, you know, if you have I wouldn’t, you know, post the same thing to Facebook that I’m posting to LinkedIn always. Sometimes you can, but definitely not what I’m posting on Instagram, I’m not going to post it on LinkedIn. Those two, I definitely would No, no, no, you got to be a little careful with your automation, people sometimes go a little crazy. And it’s very clear that they just automated it. And that takes a lot of engagement out with their posts. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 54:53
this is crazy. Just curious on your opinion on this. I posted Episode 30 just went live and give description, put the picture. It was a real I went in there on my laptop and actually did the post on Facebook. I’m like, Okay, I got like maybe 50 people at sent to I’m like, what, it’s a lucky that my other posts that are on there and his Instagram. So I just push my Instagram to Facebook. And it was

Unknown 55:16
like 5000 6000

Justin Trosclair 55:18
people reached as not paid. And I was like, what a difference that is 50 for a post that I cared about, versus just a picture from Instagram and a whole bunch of hashtags. I was like, I can’t believe the difference. Yeah. And a minus boggled read the moment but means at this point, focus on Instagram better.

Unknown 55:34
Yeah, focus on Instagram. So Instagram is and has been the number one engagement platform for the last two years. It far exceeds Facebook organically by getting like something’s actually did a good comparison, you know, in terms of how much engagement they got on same picture, same post on Instagram versus what they got on Facebook. And I mean, the difference is just staggering by 10s of thousands of people, people. So yes, Instagram is by far the most engagement platform, especially when it has something to do with wellness. It’s also a great lead generator, if you know how to do it. So that’s part of what we teach.

Justin Trosclair 56:13
One quick question. There’s hashtags, I don’t know what you want to call him. I call him hashtags, hashtags that have a million you know, you put wellness Good luck, right. But if you might put wellness four feet, you might have 100,000 people that hundred thousand tags on that, yeah, do you recommend doing more of the smaller amounts are doing more of like these ginormous tickers?

Unknown 56:34
Depends on how much how much of a following you have to begin with? I mean, if you have over 10,000 people following you, authentic people following you, then, you know, you don’t really even need to use that many hashtags, right? If you’re starting out, okay. Well, there, there’s, there’s a two part answer. If you’re starting out, you don’t mind that they’re the max for hashtags in a an Instagram post is 30 hashtags, okay? If you’re starting out, maximize on you know, how ever make sure that whatever hashtags it is that you’re using, actually has to do with the post, because there is such a thing as getting banned, but shunned by Instagram. And what happens is that if you start using certain keywords, there was one that had to do with like Kentucky, and for some reason, they got, you know, really, really famous, and people from all over the world started using Kentucky, you know, and it had nothing to do with their post. So people will literally just running it to use it for likes. Don’t do that. For

Unknown 57:38
me, because what it’s doing now even if it doesn’t matter,

Unknown 57:40
it will ban your pictures from from from being found and hashtags, which is how you get the likes. Right? Whoa, interesting. It’s called shadow something.

Unknown 57:52
Remember, somebody do a shot, Shadow blocking something like that. But basically what it is, is what I call a band, you know, just a hashtag band. It doesn’t happen too often. But again, if you’re starting out, yes, use the popular hashtag fitness fit fam. wellness, you know, as long as that has something to do with your post, then yeah, go ahead, go crazy. And keep in mind that there are different times of the day that it’s better for you to post when people are actually on there as well. So it’s not just hashtags, it’s a few things. But most importantly, and I have to say this, most importantly, put out good content, you know, it needs to look good. Instagram is a visual platform, that means that the picture comes first the content is under it. So make sure your picture looks good.

Justin Trosclair 58:38
Yeah. And people can definitely contact you go to the website, they can apply. They can learn more about what you’re doing what’s in your tool, chest getting getting more tips and things like this that are actually thank you so much for bringing it I’d like to know that there’s actionable advice on the podcast, and you definitely delivered a lot of good nuggets that people can start googling and contacting you and trying to figure out how can we get prove at least one thing better today? Because they listened to us today. So

Unknown 59:03
thank you, thank you.

Justin Trosclair 59:07
Thank you so much for being on the show. I’m really liking that. If This Then That. That it really is a great tip 30 hashtags for Instagram. That’s good to know. How can I help you for networking guys, gals, y’all might want to read listen to this episode and tease out the things that we said and definitely find a way to do it for yourself. Whether you’re paying somebody already to do marketing Are you do it yourself. Definitely some new information today. Stay tuned for the travel tip. If you want $50 on Facebook, add to your target audience when you purchase any subscription info for the year use code. capital F B as in boy is an apple DS and David 50. Check the show notes. It’ll be right there as well to a doctor’s perspective, net slash three, six.

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travel tip for the week when I was coming back from Australia came to Sydney this airline there are going around looking for bags to way carry on bags to way on the way there. I guess I snuck my bags on without any sort of tag that says carry on. They didn’t weigh anything. And I was all like what like it’s overweight. I was like so what I didn’t check it before. And they’re like, well, they should have asked like fine. So I was upset, obviously. But I know that pay the fee. And here’s the here’s the advice, check if the place has a weight limit on your carry on, because sometimes they serious about it. Sometimes they don’t care and sometimes their series that all depends on your carrier, especially if you know you’re you’re especially if you know you’re flying on a low cost carrier, they will nickel and dime you where they can so just be aware check before you fly where

we just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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