Ep54 Debunking Instagram Mystery and Build Your Following with Chirogram by Christopher Collins DC

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Dr. Christopher Collins DC talk to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Unlock the Mystery of Instagram. We cover the bio, link, building a following, how to not spam, video basics, hashtag usage, unfollowing and straight up Pimp your profile. Christopher Collins, DC does it for you with ChiroGram. Coupon for listeners.

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Christopher Collins born in AOL Instant Messenger and born and bred to embrace the Instagram and Facebook and x- Myspace culture. He has a passion for pimping out Instagram accounts and helping doctors grow a following not only Faster than normal but with Quality fans. He business is called Chirogram.

Dr Collins of chirogram will cover the short bio section on Instagram (IG) and how to leverage it to the max. What type of profie picture should you use?

How often should you and what should you link to in the ONE LINK that IG allows?

What is the best way to find quality people to follow you?

How do you target people that could be your customers in the future?

Marketing with Instagram?

Appropriate Hashtag # usage.

Ways to grow your following… we go deep in the weeds…its also what he does with chirogram for you.
Cohesiveness of posts and branding when it comes to types of photos, memes, videos etc on IG.
Where to get inspiration?

You want to be as Real of a Person as possible even though you are representing a doctor’s office.

What can you do to make your pictures POP without investing in Pro gear?

How to build a platform so people can spend time interacting with you and your brand in Media (social media)?

What is IG Story vs Live vs Long Form Videos?

Do you really need a business account when sites like iconasquare.com can check stats?

He uses A Doctor’s Perspective and Dr Justin Trosclair as an example to illustrate many of the selling points in what he offers at chirogram.

You want REAL WORLD and ACTIONABLE Advice that you need to implement Immediately… then listen to this episode… Twice.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/54 here you can also find links to things mentioned and a complete transcript.

Discount code: perspective10

not only do you get 1 week free but you can save 10% Just visit www.chirogram.net/trial

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 54 debunking Instagram mystery and build your following with Kira Graham. I’m your host Dr. Justin trust Claire and today we are Dr. Christopher Collins perspective.

2017 podcast Awards Nominated host

Unknown 0:18
Dr. Justin Foursquare as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Justin Trosclair 0:31
What’s going on docs? If y’all have any suggestions about another show series that we can do we have women in the summer, we just had African American over the holidays. So if you can think of a maybe dentist actually I haven’t had a single dentist oral or nothing to do with teeth. So if you guys and gals know have a dentist that would be great for the show. Send me a message on Facebook on Instagram, wherever and let me know. Okay, last week we had a bit this week, we have an Instagram guru, if you will, he’s going to show you how to help your profile. Look a lot of the stuff that he talks about today is going to challenge what you’re doing with him and he’s gonna want to make you do it some more All right, we’ll cover the bio the link though than the following and that’s what Cairo Graham his company does it helps you build a following and the important part and and following the understand what that means a little bit later, but we’ll go over again hashtag usage videos, just a whole bunch. We even use my my chiropractic t shirts and the podcast itself as an example a couple times throughout the show. Now look, his company is Kira Graham. He’s very generous today. He has a discount code perspective. Tin the numbers so perspective one zero so not only will you get a free trial at Cairo graham.net slash trial, you can also save 10% just for listening. Get ready for some real world actionable implementable advice, a doctor’s perspective.net slash for let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China and South Florida. Welcome back to the podcast. I got a special guest today Dr. Christopher Collins with Cairo Graham. He’s going to teach us things about Instagram. Welcome to the show

Unknown 2:18
up your pimp out your Instagram account. So it actually gets you patients there we go to the

Justin Trosclair 2:21
pimp it out our audience if you’re not on Instagram, okay, you need to be on it. If you don’t Facebook, you advertise on Facebook, boom, it’s automatically on Instagram, you reach much further vote. We’re not here to talk about Facebook. We were talking about Instagram. So Dr. Christopher, thank you so much for being on the show. What What gave you the passion? I guess they become chiropractor a little bit, a little bit of your backstory. And then how’d you get into this Instagram thing?

Unknown 2:46
Thank you, man. So yeah, I’m five years and five years in practice. I do Upper Cervical work, and I’m in South Florida. And I’m 34 I’m a relatively young guy. So I am the AOL Instant Messenger generation. So

Justin Trosclair 2:59
st here

Unknown 3:01
at fifth grade, here in that dialogue me No, no. Did you do do do? Yeah. So I grew up online on the first batch. And Facebook is awesome. I have no problem with Facebook, you should be doing events and you should be doing ads for your events, like a dinner with the doc or whatever you guys do in your town. You’d be crazy not to. But there’s a huge gap when it comes to Instagram. There are a ton of accounts where people have 100, 200,

Unknown 3:31
maybe 1000 followers, they don’t know what they’re posting. It’s like ad salesy weird there, you know, they don’t know how to engage with their audience. So I am sort of the there’s ever a lot of you guys navigate that. Yeah, exactly. So all right. All right.

Justin Trosclair 3:48
Well, what can we do? That’s the tips, I want secrets. What are the top? Let’s go with top three things we can do. Yeah. As far as branding and strategy for

for marketing. And then eventually we’ll get into account we find people to follow, and how do we get fans and all that kind of stuff? So I’ll kind of let you run with it. And then I’ll just come ask questions here in there.

Unknown 4:13
Cool. I think for a lot of docs, it seems like I’m I don’t under platform. So if my lab is barking business overall, it seems like this platform is just like, man, another thing, it almost feels like Snapchat like it’s for two young have a demo, I hear a lot of these different. But in general man, Instagram is growing rapidly, you have like 800 million people on it or something like that. If you look at the charts, it’s going up every single day. And the same people who you know, five years ago would have never been on Facebook and are now the same things happening with Instagram. So your practice your brand, you should have a presence on Instagram so that people can engage with you where their attention is that so I would say step one need to have an Instagram account, because a lot of doctors do not. So sign up for Instagram and start playing around and just getting used to the platform and how it works. So it’s not so daunting and impossible.

Justin Trosclair 5:06
What kind of names to use?

Unknown 5:08
I would say keep depends on your goal. Yeah, no, I would say I’m a fan of the personal brand. My idea is that you can always carry a personal brand with you. So a lot of doctors will have their practice name, but I’m a big fan of like Dr x, y, z, my handle is the neck doc. So that’s my brand. And I’m a fan of that just don’t use any weird numbers or something that seems like it could be a robot is engaging with you, you want to seem very personal, have the picture as your avatar of you, you know, that kind of thing.

Justin Trosclair 5:45
And if you’ve been in the same location for 15 or 20 years, and have some kind of like city chiropractic clinic, physical therapy clinic, I’m guessing that would be okay for a name because you’re so established. Whereas like someone like you and myself, maybe we might be moving its own inner life.

Unknown 6:01
It’s okay, but I’m gonna tell you something about people, right? I’m a relatively young guy, people my age and younger, can smell mile away, and they can smell a weird ad. Just trying to get you in their practice and not really being involved with the platform or really caring about anybody that’s on it. And things like that. When it’s like Stewart chiropractor or, you know, disc center. Yeah, but it comes across a little hokey to begin with, you want to be as close to a real person that I’m going to engage with as possible, if that makes sense, because that’s what we’re, I would say, I have to Instagram accounts. One is the Cairo Graham account where I help doctors, the other is my personal account, the engagement that you will get from having that avatar be your face and having a name somewhere close by is dramatically different. Because people just naturally have a sense for not wanting to get pitched or sold. You know,

Justin Trosclair 6:57
how many times I don’t know if you’ve ever had a really good are popular like medical doctor that in town and you’re like, oh my goodness, they came to my lunch. And then you kind of brag about it. Our patients if you hang out with them outside like they invited to a barbecue and you like you know what, actually really like you. And I’m going to just go up there like excited like, Oh my gosh, the doctors here. And it’s kind of the same way I think online, you’re like, Oh, it’s actually see what the doctors up to the the infamous, what does the doctors do? And you’re like, oh, wow, you ride bikes in the same park that I do is more relatable, I think. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think people know

Unknown 7:28
you’re a doctor, man, you don’t have to talk with fancy words, you don’t have to wear your lab coat necessarily, like it is understood that you’re a doctor, you get it. So you want to find that line, where you are professional, you don’t want to be you know, you don’t want to be inappropriate with the photos you post or anything like that. But it’s always good to be a person man to show a photo of like you and your wife to show a photo of Yeah, what’s happening in the practice, you know, if you have people sign waivers, you can show that you’re adjusting people, you can have little videos of you talking about it. But you want to be a real person, don’t hide behind your letters, you know, just because at this point, people that’s who they want to do business with. They want to get to know you. And if you use your Instagram account properly, I don’t know how to describe it. There’s a it sounds cheesy, but almost like a fame. When somebody walks in your office, and they’ve watched you and what’s happening in your practice. They’re ready to go, man, they’ve seen you adjust people, they’ve seen how you take x rays and seeing that you analyze x rays, that kind of conditions you treat, because you’ve posted and they’ve watched you for months. And they they know exactly what you’re taking back when they ask you a question.

Justin Trosclair 8:37
Yeah. How’s your dog? Roger, you’re like, oh, he recovered perfectly. I would say how you’re like,

Unknown 8:42
Oh, yeah, you follow me on the patients who come in now. My wife is my front desk. And you know, she’ll be talking about something that happened in like, Oh, yeah, I saw that. I already know that. That’s, that’s awesome. Yeah, I saw them. He looks, you know, I saw the dog. I saw whatever it because they’re already a part of your life. And they come in with a big smile on their face. Because in a way, you’re sort of famous to them, you know?

Justin Trosclair 9:02
Yeah, that makes sense. And I think some doctor will be like, well, that’s going to erode away with the doctor patient relationship. I’m supposed to be at a hierarchy. I don’t agree with that. But what do you think? Oh.

Unknown 9:13
So this is this is a cool conversation about psychology, I would say one of the main things that distinguishes people who do holistic health care, acupuncture, you know, wellness, people who are outside of that, you know, major medical insurance, drugs and surgery paradigm where somebody walks in with a lab coat and their God. And us, I’ll put all of us in that natural world, is you spend more time with your patients, they’re typically paying cash, or at least, you know, splitting insurance with whatever, and they get to know you a little more as a person. So you, you can use that, that I don’t, it’s almost like a currency. It’s like a substance that mainstream medicine will use, where you’re the sort of Dr. God and personal lab coat, you walk in with that authority. And that’s what you’re leveraging to get your, you know, get the person to do what you want them to do. Well, you can be just a real person, you just be an authentic person, and not have like the perfect script, not not have the perfect, the perfect, you know, cover mask thing and just be a professional person that can help them. And that’s what you’re leveraging at scale. Instead of doing that one by one with each person in your office that walks in the door. You’re doing that for 500,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000

Unknown 10:35
people every day that are following you, and what you’re doing, and on Instagram.

Justin Trosclair 10:41
I had heard this before, let me see if you if you’re actually listened to like Social Media Examiner and things like that. So great. Great to follow. There are if your town is 100,000 people, even if you’re a brand new in practice, is there a nice number that you should be a part of your following? I heard there’s like 1% or something like that Sly Stone yet you should have his followers, every human being in that town that’s on Instagram should follow you.

Unknown 11:05
There it is. That’s your goal you ever need to do. Because every one of them for me because I do Upper Cervical every one of them has an Atlas. And I’ve had a handful of people who have ever come into my office that it was not at least somewhat misaligned. Yeah. So I’m BJ Palmer style, man. I feel like say it loud and proud. Tell everyone you have something that can help humanity. Why would you not want every single person to follow you? So you should be you know, sharing what you do with them on Instagram.

Justin Trosclair 11:34
You know, I’m not a big Upper Cervical like, that’s not all I do. But I think you got to these tap that Atlas almost people. And yeah, yeah, I had a lady come in. She has hyper Glassell nerve or touches deviates to the left or something that another X ray is like, ah, she has several, a whole whole slew of them, actually. And I was like, All right, let’s i’m not i’m not saying we can fix this. Because let’s tap that.

Unknown 11:58
For sure.

Unknown 12:01
Yeah, and it makes a difference, man, it makes a world of difference of people that things out of position. It’s going to be a miserable life.

Justin Trosclair 12:08
Better is just you know, that’s Yeah, man. That was like, you know, that’s gonna mouth

Unknown 12:12
of God. somehow God, you got 12 cranial nerves that the master and open that thing. Open it up. Open it up.

Justin Trosclair 12:20
Let’s get back. Let’s get back to Instagram for a second. Sorry.

Sure, sure. There’s different areas.

All right. Let’s dissect this.

Unknown 12:27
Yeah, we’ve got tips and how to make how to make them do it better. Right. How they can we got a profile picture? Do we need the practice logo? I should have been my face. face. All the face, okay. people follow people follow people, people follow people, you you or your staff or your business it’s you know, that they need to be your the latest headshot from Okay, the photographer, can it just be a selfie? That looks cool. So so let me I’ll sort of take that and run with it with a brief conversation about platforms. Each of them have their purpose. And

Unknown 13:03
I’m going to start with Facebook, because it’s the oldest right? Facebook is really postured itself for video. So you’re increasingly seeing video, long form video, they’re doing Facebook watch. Now, it’s basically you’re gonna have TV channels on Facebook, they are doing video, that’s what they’re great at kind of like YouTube. OK, YouTube is your long form, how to videos. Instagram is very photo based. So when you enter into those waters, and you’re in that world, you owe it to yourself to see the kind of photography that that’s how it started as an app, you have 62nd clips you can put up now and Instagram stories, but its source its core is photography. So you want to get good at capturing what you’re doing in an artistic way in the office. Don’t take crappy photos have good lighting. You know, that’s a simple one. Know what’s behind, you know what your background looks like, have pictures that are behind the scenes, that’s a big thing with Instagram, as people go to Instagram for the behind the scenes. Let’s say they’re following the movie star, they want to see what Chris Pratt is doing. When he is not shooting Guardians of the Galaxy. They want that behind the scenes feel of a person. And maybe there’s going to be some photos that he has where he’s on set. And you’re seeing like, wow, that’s how the cameras are set up. Same thing with your office, they want to see you doing x rays, you behind the scenes, they want to get a sense of your practice on a deeper level than the standard headshots and stuff that we’re so used to having the perfect, it needs to be a well lit high def photo, but behind the scenes, that makes sense.

Justin Trosclair 14:35
And our phones can do that.

Unknown 14:36
Right. I mean, you got you got technology in your pocket that, you know, people paid a lot of money for in the past you had a whole movie studio in your pocket. So

Justin Trosclair 14:44
hey, real quick, then there. Is there one app, and I know we’re gonna talk about this later in the podcast. But is there an app that you use to make your pictures just pop

Unknown 14:54
in make it is to be I honestly, I use the photo editor that’s on the phone. Most people never hit that Edit button. But if you’ll you’ll hit the edit button. You can crop it however you like. I’ve noticed a huge difference. And I have a six s plus iPhone. My wife just got an eight s greatest plus totally different, man. It’s so much better with the new ones. So I would say go get a good phone. Go get a new phone. I haven’t messed with the 10 depth effect. Is it a good? Man? It’s so cool.

Justin Trosclair 15:24
I’m glad I’ve got fancy Chinese phone like I like oh, I’m sure thanks for catching that. Yes.

Unknown 15:31
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So yeah, get get get a good camera. And then when you go in that edit function, you’ll see a little looks like a little wind up time. And that’s the easiest way to just hit that in the lighting or pull out and change in general, your photos are going to be darker than they should be, have a little less contrast. And they should be. So if you can suck that out and bring that brightness in there. To the point where it’s not like, you’ll see your colors get a little weird. But if you’ll draw that little bright this tab over until it starts to hit that weird threshold and pull it back just a little bit and bring a little bit of color into it as well off of that baseline. That’s usually what you want to do. And at least hit that little one. And that’ll do a lot of that very good. So that was using, I’m using snap, see, because that’s my next question is awesome. When you’re using a picture, do we want a little square that says, you know a doctor’s perspective podcast on there? Do we want to have a huge quarter of the picture with some fancy quote? Or do we want to put on their doctor just dress code.com slash free book so that people can kind of Oh, okay, well, I really like the guy maybe I’ll maybe I’ll follow on these puts an inspirational quotes every now and then, you know, do you want to decorate your pictures with words or logos or anything like that, it depends on your account. So I’ll use Jake apart as an example, who’s a stud on Instagram, he’s got like 300,000 followers. He’s one of our top guys in the chiropractic calm. Every post, he puts out, at least one out of 10 is a 62nd video clip of him doing some sort of rehab exercise or something like this. And he will use a photo, which is almost like a YouTube clip photo, you know where you’ll see the exercise going on. And like the little thing on the side that shows the body part, you know, and like a little title on the thing. That’s his thing. And he has that consistency with his brand, because his Instagram brand is PT style exercises to help you self care. So that’s exactly what he needs to have people are seeing the exercise the name of it, the body part. It’s a quick bum bum ba ba boom. So you like you hit that video to watch it. That’s perfect for him. depends on your brand. If you’re more of Dr. Justin, right, and you’re not doing exercises, it should be photos of you photos of you adjusting, maybe the occasional meme, which is what it’s called when you have the you know the words on that. Yeah, but maybe you’re like a motivational style account. Maybe you’re grabbing quotes from Tony Robbins and this guy and that guy. And that’s the bulk of your account with a few pictures of Dr. Justin in there, too. But your purpose is to motivate people through motivation names, you see, it kind of depends, in general, accounts that are personal with your face will get more engagement than any name. Even if Tony Robbins is the quote. In general, if you want a higher engagement with your account, it’s going to be pictures of you. And if you have an animal I love even better.

Unknown 18:27

Justin Trosclair 18:28
steal people’s animal photos and they just get lit up. Yes.

Unknown 18:33
Pictures of Parker that I put up where it’s me and Parker and he looks cute. Double the engagement.

Justin Trosclair 18:37
So so I’m gonna take it to myself here. I have pictures every now and then I’ll put a crazy X ray up there that the bowls that people are like, Whoa, I do a lot of Asian travels also have been to almost 13 countries. Yeah, so bulk of like, my Instagram is gonna be travel photos, cool stuff that you’d probably not going to see if you don’t leave America. And I’ll put like a link on there something. But then I’m going to put pictures of Justin and his wife playing with a snowman, put some random things as well. And I don’t want to call them random. It’s kind of To me, it’s it’s, it’s a blend of all of my persona. You got the doctor Justin, you got the travel, Justin, you got the podcast, Justin. Well, I’m not in doing three Instagrams. But if they follow me every other day, or every three days or so they’re probably going to find out, oh, I really like that. And then my goal, my thought is that they’ll go through and like, I like to see these things. And he always has every week he is a few pictures of every different kind. But I don’t have that unified front, like with a PT guy. I’ve seen those guys are you know, not girl, guys, whatever. It’s all it’s all limbs, or it’s all like these videos, and they have such a consistency. You’re like, okay, I don’t know much about this guy other than the Chiropractic and the rehab part. But everything he puts out stellar. So I’m going to follow this guy and watch this stuff. So yes, it’s what are your views on that?

Unknown 19:55
If I was you, which is the worst way to lead off anything, right? If I was you, what I would have is a separate entity for the podcast, if that’s if your goal is to get more exposure for the podcast specifically. And also to differentiate you from the podcast. Because what if something happens one day, and doctors perspective sort of shifts its brand, and you start having other people that are you want to take, you know, step back from the podcast, and you want to have maybe another doctor that’s doing it for a month while you’re traveling and you don’t you know, whatever. And in general, I like to have the personal brand. And then the business, that way the business can be sold or whatever. And you’re not, you are not the only thing with the business. Right? Okay. So but also for the consistency of people seeing the brand of doctors perspective, that that target demo of docs and pts that may not care about your trip, you know, as cool as it is, they really just want that information from doctors perspective. So in that account, I would have photos have you but I would have behind the scenes photos of the podcast, little 62nd clips that were the gems, I’d be promo and who’s going to be on the next one, show the the setup that you’re using for the, you know, the camera and the different things. And I would be very behind the scenes with the podcast, it would be all about in the podcast, and all forms, you know, and the things that are coming in what you’re doing and changes, right. And then for you for your personal, I would have maybe some podcast things in there to link back to that account, especially if this brand is bigger already, right? You’re trying to get that carry over. But have that be more about you and the core of why people follow you. The whole point is who’s the target demo, right? For Cairo, Graham, my goal is to find people who want to pimp out their Instagram accounts that are Kairos and PTs and dentists and whoever and give them tips. Because they’re already looking forward anyway. I’m showing them that I’m working with other doctors and that those doctors successful so they can see that it’s possible to have that achieved. And then I do little video tips as well. I use that 60 seconds to usually highlight the last tip that I put out. So when you when you hit Cairo, Graham and you see my feed, you’re going to say okay, cool, this guy’s valuable. He’s not purely just trying to sell me something. It’s like this weird need your gut the we do all of us. Wow, this guy’s valuable because if I follow Him, I’m going to see occasional tips. And he also talks about how to make my Instagram account better. And he works with doctors, I’ll follow you wanna because that’s, that’s what you want. You want to be valuable to that person. And then on this side with you personally, people just loves talking people. They want to know what you’re up to man, because you’re important. So they’re gonna they want to keep tabs on what word doctor Justin’s going and what he’s up to. And all man he got a new car and he got a new house or what they want to know that kind of stuff and where you’re going and what you’re up to, you know, what new projects you’re involved with? Yeah, you know, man, do I need to catch up with him? Or like, oh, man, he’s slacking, you know what I mean? Like they want to keep tabs on you. So that’s what I would and that’s kind of differentiate and have the, the the divide the value in different things in. That’s the part that is not just about me. I’m just kind of throwing this out there for people. Yeah, it’s great. It’s easier I was looking at,

Justin Trosclair 23:15
I forget what it’s called. But there’s an audio splicer, where I can take you know, podcasts, find the time that was cool. And I can do a 32nd audio clip. Yep. And then it posts on different social medias and things like that. But there’s only 24 hours in a day. And I don’t just do podcasting. So I think there’s gonna be doctors out there to like, do what you just said. Sounds fantastic. But But I don’t have time. This, this, this and this and 62nd videos, don’t take that long. If you can, like whatever patients are talking about are asking you questions, write those down. Yeah. And then you can just answer them in different areas of your office as your background from time to time. And I got videos,

Unknown 23:56
but I want to I want to do this. I want to segue off of that for a second. Because it looks it exposes a laziness with us, okay, because we’re all this way, because we’re all so busy. And we’re doing paperwork, and we have patient visits, and you want to go home, right? But you owe it Okay, so I’m going to go Gary van der Chuck, for a second, nobody’s watching TV, they’re watching TV or Netflix. Now, TV commercials are dead. In general, people’s attention is on Facebook, and Instagram, for the most part, maybe checking their email, anytime somebody has a moment there on one of those platforms, and increasingly Instagram. That’s what we’re all doing. It’s just real life. So you owe it to your practice. If you plan on being in practice for five years or more, the next five years, if you’re not retiring, to build a presence and a platform where your future patients are, you’re crazy. If you’re not, you’re spending money, especially on any other kind of advertising like newspaper ads, TV ads, stuff that has less eyes on it by the day. Right. So don’t be lazy with social media, it is just like Gary van der Chuck would say that it is media, it’s over like it is media. Now this is what people are doing. So whether it’s a podcast, or or Instagram, or Facebook, or whatever you are all of them, you need to be pumping who you are and what you’re about and out there to bring people to you. So take take a few minutes, man, cut, cut a clip, you know, like, I know, it’s time consuming, but do it, you can always outsource it if you’re super busy. And you can use a company like Fiverr or some of these companies that will if you if you’re a doc that’s super, super busy, and has tons of money do that. But for most of us, you know we’re in practice, we have our small practices, or we work for a clinic or something you have more time than you think you do. When you’re at home on Netflix, you know, you could be cutting some video it wouldn’t kill you, right? So. So it’s kind of like the patient that comes in and says that your cares too expensive. It’s just that the values are out there. for them. It’s the same kind of thing, kind of like you just don’t value the media

Justin Trosclair 25:58
enough for your product videos are we talking about? Because for me to sit down and say, Oh my gosh, I gotta come up with a 10 minute video of how to do XYZ that’s don’t teen ended up just shut you down in a hurry. Right? But are we talking 30 to 96? Oh,

Unknown 26:14
yeah. So Facebook is going to be long form video. Instagram is nice. And that it’s 62nd clips. Originally, they were shorter. They’re like 15 seconds. Now they’re 60 seconds. So I want to split Instagram into two different worlds. One is your feed. And one is the story. Okay, Instagram stole Snapchat stories. A lot of you guys don’t even know what Snapchat is. But it was basically like a hookup slash porn app in the beginning, where people could take little clips that would disappear in 24 hours. So you could have a little group of like friends and like, bar acquaintances that you could send little pornographic, whatever to and it would disappear. But it took off as a platform. And its power was that it was very unpopular, raw, using your phone with the vertical video clips that were 10 or 15 seconds that would disappear in 24 hours. Well, Instagram stole that functionality, the core of what Snapchat is and created Instagram stories. They’re posturing themselves, since Facebook bought them to take over the world as well. Okay, Instagram is. So you have your feed, which is going to be photos and 62nd clips of you talking about the brainstem and the Atlas vertebra and whatever. And then you’re going to have your story. So I would encourage docs, to not feel so much pressure about their feed, you could even post once or twice a week in there doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but to update your store daily.

Unknown 27:45
And the freedom and that is it’s super unpolished. It’s little 10 second, like, this is what I’m, this is what I’m eating, getting ready to go live with Dr. Collins on doctor’s perspective, you know, the last link, swipe up for the link. This is what’s going on. That’s what’s going on through the day. And the reason is because on your little story highlights bar, if you’re on Instagram, you’ll see up Tom, when you hit your little home button, you’ll have the little circles of people with their little avatar. Those are the people with the latest stories, they just posted a story, you want to be that person, basically every time you’re logging on to Instagram, you want to be that little avatar. And you’ll notice there’s some people that are always up there, if they’re always up there, because they’re updating their story regularly. So you’re getting that top of mind that one or two accounts that you know, you could just say it right now because you know who they are. You want to be that person for anybody who’s following you, but have valuable content in the story and kind of latest updates to the day that are relative to that account. Like I’m not going to post what I’m eating or Cairo Graham story. I’m going to I’m going to post like the latest doctor who signed up a cool thing that I just saw another doctor do on their account little quick tips or whatever you know what’s coming up you know we’re doing this podcast is stuff like that stuff is relative and valuable to a Cairo Graham audience. And then on my personal account on my brand, the neck Doc, it’s going to be what we’re eating, where we’re going, what just happened in the office a cool thing, a patient just told me, you know, whatever’s going on, and you would be surprised. I will have like 1500 or 2000 people watch that.

Unknown 29:31
It’s crazy. You don’t realize the eyes that will be on that. So if you’re constantly updating what’s happening in your practice, and what’s going on, that those people are watching you there, there’s they’re keeping tabs on you, they’re learning from you. Maybe it’s a little blurb about, you know, the knee, or latest surgery, whatever that’s, you know, relevant to practicing beyond personal but update the story interesting a lot. Maybe it’s just me because the the I don’t have another limited data plans. So that can get crazy with all these videos. And then I can be sketchy. But even when I was in America for the last third month, there’s so much video, you know, like the Kairos. I don’t know if you know Cairo sushi.

Justin Trosclair 30:12
Yeah, so that whole crew, of course, everybody’s doing these really long videos. And I’m like, Guys, I don’t have enough time in the day to watch all your 20 minute videos. There’s too many quote,

Unknown 30:23
right Live podcast for me to

Justin Trosclair 30:25
consume all your data. Yes, you must go three times a day is like, dude, I’m not. I’m not watching you for 90 minutes in a day. But um, so I guess my thought is, when I see little videos that come through my stream, I get our people stopping all the time to watch these videos like, Is it really as engaging as they’re trying to make it? Are they trying to push us to actually want to watch the videos and post videos and they reward that? But is it? Are people actually watching them? And is actually what we should be doing? That makes sense.

Unknown 30:54
So I can’t I can’t speak to everybody. I will listen to an audio use the word Listen, right? Even though it’s a video podcast, I’ll pick and choose ones based on headlines and trust and is probably the master of clickbait titles man will suck. And you know, in our space, Yes, he’s one of the best, right. So I will pick something I will pick, either it’s Gary van der Chuck, you know, there’s different podcasts that I wouldn’t say podcast, he’s more of like a daily blogs blog that I will have in my ear on my laptop. While I’m doing x rays. We all have monotonous stuff that we’re doing from time to time for 20 minutes or 30 minutes, where we’re working on something. And whether it’s podcast, audio or video that you just kind of leverage and as audio in your ear that you occasionally look over their space for that the goal of every person that’s watching though, should be to be the most valuable one in your space to take a look at the landscape and beat it by you know, leaps and bounds and be the most valuable thing that’s worth watching, because there’s a lot of junk out there. But in increasingly you’re going to see more and more of that. I think Gary is probably the king of encouraging all of us to be media companies. So every day, you’re going to have more and more podcasts and things that are popping up. The goal should be to be the one that people are actually following. Because especially with Facebook, it’s so easy to just say, you know, hide all from Tristan shop.

Unknown 32:24
So that the Yeah, yeah, yeah, or you I’m tired of seeing span. So from either whether it’s your practice, or if you have a little side hustle like doctor’s perspective, or Kyra Graham, you want to be valuable to the audience and not just be pushing your stuff because it is so easy to

Justin Trosclair 32:39
you’re going to look out for that. Because, you know, I put one post today about whatever the the podcast of the week was, I’ll take some of the quotes are some of the topics that they talked about, like we can do that to yours. We talked about video, I’m going to put a couple of sentences, I’m going to put that on the social media put your picture and that’s how it’s gonna play out but it just once a day. So yeah, I think that’s also to is the frequency if you’re just remember when Keto OS was like all over our Facebook feeds, that was a noxious,

Unknown 33:05
noxious, and it was too

Justin Trosclair 33:06
often maybe because there was so many people posting it to but that’s a hint. I mean, I don’t want to talk about that. But if you’re going to put a promo, you can’t put promos 15 times a day like it’s too much.

Unknown 33:18
So it’s a good opportunity to talk about how the platforms work to the algorithm is the big word, right? Based on your following. Basically, I’ll talk about Instagram, specifically, you get, you get authority as an account. So based on your following and your engagement, right this way, every single human being that has an Instagram account, should be trying to grow their audience on Instagram, without buying bots, right? organically grow your following. Because you’re following and engagement is what has you end up in feeds. Now, we’re used to be just with Instagram, whoever posted last that you were following would show up, it’s not like that anymore, you’re following an engagement rate, there’s so much going on that Instagram just picks and chooses for you, essentially, in Facebook does it to Facebook has just gotten so good at making it to where the only stuff you’re really going to see is what somebody’s paying to show you. Yes, it’s even more so because they want that at you know, they want the ad money. But especially if you’re a chiropractor, PT and you have an office, you want to have a large following. So then it’s not as big of a deal, you don’t have to post 10 times a day, that was sort of, I think, an older phenomenon, when you would sign on to Instagram and whoever posted last was in your feed and all you’re only going to go so far before you go do something else. It’s not like that anymore. Now who’s going to be in your feet as who may have been a post from two hours ago, you know, but they’re getting the most engagement and to Instagram, this seems like the most relevant thing to show you. So you want to be you and have great content with a lot of followers. So you’re getting a lot of engagement. So you pop up in people’s feet who are falling in another thing, too, I would say is if you’re a business of any sort, you should have your Instagram as a business account, because then you can go in the stats of the app and see that you have 7000 followers, and the impressions are only 1000 people are only 500 or only 100 people. And that’s a problem with your engagement have only 100 people or even being shown your feed and you have 10,000 Yeah, that’s problem. It’s tricky, though, too, though, because with the business accounts, you you can end up getting just engaging, which is making money. So when you

Unknown 35:33
because of the format, so when you see that, like call now or email, there’s something about having a business account that can be it can take away from engagement a little bit. And you can always use third party apps like icon a square to check engagement to, you’re not, you don’t only have to use Instagrams business

Unknown 35:51
thing. So it’s kind of like you could weigh it out if it may be worth it to not have a business account. But what I would say my favorite feature of the business account is that in the story, it’ll give you the option to see more, which when you swipe up, it will take you to an out link. Instagram recently did that. And it’s a blessing. So if you want people to see an article that you know as about doing this or that it’s taken to a web link outside of Instagram, you can use a business account to do that. But you have to have a certain number of followers. It’s either 5000 or 10,000. I think to be able to use that. I’ll have to check that that’s probably my favorite feature with a business account

Justin Trosclair 36:32
when we’re talking about our little real estate on the top. You got a picture you guys a little blurb the bio, yeah.

Let’s talk about links for a second, before we hit bio. You got to leak, you know, how often should you change it? It should be every day that you’re changing it up like oh, today I’m going to offer this PDF. Tomorrow’s this coupon today. It’s just normal tomorrow. It’s the book, tomorrow’s the podcast? Or should you just stick to like one link, let it simmer it,

Unknown 36:58
it totally depends on your goals. So one of the real treasures of Instagram. And it’s why it hasn’t turned into a Joe, kind of like Facebook as is because you’re only allowed one link except for the out links in the story. your bio can only have one link on it. There’s not links flying everywhere and go here and do that. That leads all one link. And it’s really kept Instagram from being super spammy. So depends on your goals, right? Let’s say you are I’ll go full like on one side, let’s say you’re almost like a retail person, if I have a retail client, and they just want to use Instagram, to sell chiropractic t shirts, some chiropractic t shirt, right? So what you could do is every single post, right, you can have your website where you have drop ship from China, right? You have you have you have a company that’s making your T shirts and will drop shipping for you, as long as somebody puts an order. And on your website, you could do something like that, to where it’s all hands off. And you just want to leverage sales with Instagram, because it’s photo based, every photo right could be your latest product or what’s on sale right now. Right? So when you have the description there of what the thing is, and why it’s so cool. And why you should check it out, check the link in our bio, right. And so basically every post is that really cool t shirt, you get the mouth watering with a few different photos and different angles. And I want that shirt. It’s on sale for today only for 25% off, right? Click the link in our bio, only 50 left, and you go up and you hit that out link. That’s the exact page for the checkout for that thing, right. So every day, if you have a different product should be changed. Yeah, cuz you everyday use that make sense?

Justin Trosclair 38:36
In a new one?

Unknown 38:37
That’s a way to leverage that one link. It depends on your goals. But for the for most people, your whole account is pointing to that link in some way. Right. So if I want them to do a seven day trial with Cairo, Graham, that’s going to be my link all of the the content, I want to show how great program is and how it can change their account and make their life better. The link in the description should a seven day free trial if you’re a molecule flows, right? If it’s a practice, yeah,

Unknown 39:05
the mild

Unknown 39:06
plug, if it’s a practice, and you have like a funnel, right, if you’re doing a lead page or whatever, and you got, boom, send them there, you want them to sign up for your event or whatever. So you would use that one link for that if you want to grow your Facebook audience that your Facebook account can be your link. It all just depends on your YouTube account, whatever your goals are, you can leverage Instagram and your audience to help with that as a lot of value right there. hope everybody was listening. But it the challenge you’re going to have I think is implementing, pick something and commit to it for a little while and see if it works. You just you just have to. I think that’s the that’s the word, you got to commit to something sometimes you can’t do everything. You can’t do everything. And you’d have to hire and spend a lot of money every month between somebody doing your Facebook ads and, and managing a whole you know, posting for you is going to be very expensive. You got to kind of be judicious with your time, right? Because we’re all very busy. You should really think about where you want to invest your time. I don’t have a Twitter account. I’ve deleted Snapchat Snapchat right still a thing and I run a social for teeny boppers it is but for me No, no, it’s it’s a it’s a powerful it’s a powerful and but for me, Facebook and Instagram because if I have to do 8020 rule and put my time into something that’s going to produce the most result I want to dive a little deeper and the two platforms where the most attention Yes, that’s what I’m going oh, I would tell people Instagram Facebook, because already integrated it’s it’s you know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. I should have

Justin Trosclair 40:39
my my Atlas t shirt for you today. I was not thinking yeah, I couldn’t meet yes

Unknown 40:44
dollars tab that Apple’s App that was she now you can make an Instagram account just for the Atlas shirts, drop ship. See if the touch of a

Justin Trosclair 40:54
spreadsheet if you listening sponsor me.

Unknown 40:58
I’m not buying

Justin Trosclair 40:58
500 shirts of four denim varieties you crazy, like I’m gonna let you buy. And if I start making more money, and I start realizing who’s in What did you buy those, you know, this whole strategy behind it. But

Unknown 41:10
what about the bio? Let’s talk about let’s talk about sponsoring man for a second. Because I think that’s a goal of a lot of people, especially when your brand is bigger. Yeah, you should, if you want to be sponsored by them, you should start actively building your following, right. And you should start featuring in your feed, how you’re using their company and tagging them. And then once they get a few blips over the next month or two from you, and it’s Justin guy, what’s going on, then you reach out and assuming you have a nice account with a healthy following and an audience that they want to leverage. You say, hey, let’s work something out. I would love to feature you monthly or weekly for x, y, z. And maybe in the beginning, you have 5000 or 10,000 followers. So it’s not as big of an audience if you would leverage once you have a lot of engagement, right? You have two or 3% engagement or more. That’s good, right? They say me, man, he’s a micro influencer. I like him. And in his space, he’s important because a lot of people listen to them. Sure will do that. And I think you’d be surprised man, if you reach out to companies pitch it, it’s easier than you. It is easier than you think. And your goal should be first product free product, second product in money, the rule is typically two cents per follower.

Unknown 42:19
follower proposed.

Unknown 42:21
Yep, to feature their product, you don’t do it in a cheesy way. Just show how you use it, why you like it. Right? Your audience is important. So to them, so it’s good. And then and I’ve heard Gary say this, I haven’t actually done this myself. But product placement, and then equity in a company. It’s your audience is big enough in your valuable enough time. And you’re going to carry that. So a lot of people don’t think about that. But it is influencer marketing is through the roof. Right? It is it is going bananas strategically. Yeah, I’ll give you an example. I made I made dinner tonight. And you know what I did, I popped in a meal from a meal delivery company called freshly into the oven, I reached out to freshly and I said I like what you guys are doing. Would you mind throwing me X number of meals for one post a month. And they said really cool. And they give me a little code. And I put it in the description with the really nice picture of the meal that I made the one meal for that month post and so they get to measure who’s coming over and using that discount code. So now it’s one less meal that I have to make, you know, because of fresh, and I like my scrubs, my scrubs, figs figs makes probably the best scrubs I ever felt. So I didn’t even mess around with some of the other companies I had used in the past I went right to fix I said, Man, I love your I love your freakin scrubs. They do kind of a tom shoe thing where they give one of every pair you buy. So I like their company, I think they have a good company. I like the way it looks. So I said, Man, I would love to work with you guys. And they sent me a contract for influencers because they do it all the time. And they’ll pay you out and amount of money and free product to demo and show your audience who many of them are other doctors and health professionals and tag them with their hashtag or their App Engine. And it’s more than worth it for them to do that. We can look into that.

Justin Trosclair 44:03
I mean I’m product placement Louis shirts with like you have a plant my nieces and stuff. I look at that. There it is.

Unknown 44:10
Do it. It’s one email away. It’s one email away from if you have an audience, it’s valuable to them. And then you have to show your engagement rate, right. So the number of followers you have and how many likes on average and comments, the cloud per post you have, if you can do that you deserve two cents per follower to plug what they’re doing, or whatever you work out. You know what, listen, listen, the first company may say, I don’t like you. I don’t like your glasses. I don’t like you know, we’re not doing it. The second company that you send an email to might say, Okay, we’ll throw you throw you like 10% off on your order. And you’re thinking, you know what, I want more. I think I think I have more valuable audience and that the third one’s finally like, you know what, we’ll do that we’ll do exactly what you want, and we’ll throw you you know, whatever.

Justin Trosclair 44:54
Leverage doctors guys come on. We got money to burn their quote.

Unknown 44:59
Yeah, sure.

Justin Trosclair 45:01
We’re just loading. So yeah.

Unknown 45:04
Okay. So besides that in the bio, you got your one web link. You just want to make it personal. So I found my name up there. What I do a couple of lines, just real basic contact information. You have to have emojis and stuff. I like

Justin Trosclair 45:18
I don’t like a lot of them, like a finger pointing down or do

Unknown 45:21
it? Because people will have like, I’m the best. explosion, fire fire fire guitar, guitar, guitar, sailboat, you know. But in general, if you can have maybe one or two emojis, it kind of color. Yeah. Make it easy. Like a little email thing a little Dr. make it stand out a little. Yeah. That’s what’s special about Instagram. That’s that platform is you’re gonna have more emojis.

Justin Trosclair 45:47
Oh, we didn’t really okay, we have to talk about this. I don’t know much more time you have with us. But being that this is what you I’m good. My wife’s got your you’re Cairo Graham. So yeah, it’s all about building a following. We’ve talked all them. Yes, potatoes, except how to get followers. Come on, man.

Unknown 46:04
Spill the beans. So. So you have two options, you can do it manually. Or you can let me do it. Come on, tell

Justin Trosclair 46:09
me what you do.

Unknown 46:11
Basically, depending on your goals, you want to either target people who are in your town, let’s say you’re a private practice, or you know, you want to get people in your town seeing your account, because you post every week or, you know, every day and you’ve got all this great content. Nobody’s seeing it. You don’t exist. You got your mom and your cousin liking your posts. You know, that’s it. There we go. Hashtag game.

Unknown 46:35
Yeah, well, you just I think hashtag gets too much. Okay, right, everybody’s looking for you get 30 of them, I would say use 10 or 12. good ones, you want to have a couple that are specific to you. Mine is get your neck check. That’s my and there’s a couple people that use it for thyroid. But if you go on Instagram that that’s me. Get your neck jack, you should have a couple ones that are specific to you. And then ones that are specific to your town if your local. Right, like we have a group Tulsa, like hashtag pulse

Unknown 47:03
of it? Well,

Unknown 47:04
no, we have a group in town that paints rocks and hides them, okay. And then when somebody finds one, they show it and it’s hashtag Martin County rocks, right? It’s this huge, very unique thing, right, you could use local specific hashtags, that anybody who’s looking up something that’s going on in your town with some know your local, your local community, you should should any, you can just search around, you know, you can type in your location and that in the search bar and Instagram, and see some of the hashtags that people that are the most popular in your town are using. Okay, and then from there, a few that are a little more specific to like your profession. So chiropractic, Vizio PT rehab exercises, and then I would say a couple that are relative to the actual post for today, that when it goes up on Instagram, people who are looking up rehab exercises for the new would find that because that’s what they’re looking for. And okay, right. So that’s kind of hashtags. But to go back to building your audience, besides just doing that, which is a good tactic, you should be reaching out and saying hi to people who are in your town, and I see this phenomenon on Instagram, like everybody’s too cool to engage with other people like it’s the middle school dance, and nobody wants to talk to anybody. And everybody standing on the sides, you know, sitting down. But a really good this is the easiest thing in the world to do is look for accounts that are in your town that have over 1000 followers to go into the followers followers section to check and see and make sure that their local, and you click on that person and you look at their bio, or you get a sense that that’s a group of local people and follow them

Justin Trosclair 48:50
click, you just click follow to a stranger, follow them. I’m not a creeper is click

Unknown 48:55
follow, right and you’ll get a couple you’ll get

Unknown 48:59
your adopted. And that’s why they’re going to follow you back. Right? Hopefully you don’t have a creepy account. It’s a very well lit photo and it looks cool. And like, hey, this guy’s a doctor, I didn’t even know that there was this guy’s a chiropractor in the town, or man I think went to high school with that guy. That’s cool. Right on, they’re gonna follow you back. And some of them will not many of them will not okay. It’s okay. Because a lot of them did. And they met you for the first time and they never would have otherwise, or would have taken them five years. And now you can leverage a platform like Instagram to reach out and say hi to somebody you probably would never bump into, even though they live a mile from your house. Okay? So you do that at scale. This is the main difference, okay? This is why you’re going to want me to be your friend. Shortly I’ll explain why you have limits based on your accounts authority, which is dictated by the number of people following you how many you’re following your engagement rates, how long you’ve been in account, different things, you have limits to how much you can do that in a day. Right? General and the rate at which you can do it. So in a 24 hour period, how many you can do in per minute, how many you can do an Instagram makes it really easy, because you’re going to go, follow Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow. And when you hit one, it’s going to blink. And instead of turning white, it’s going to just blink, you’re going to be hitting that thing and it’s going to blink, you hit your limit for that period of time. Right? The 24 hour period, you’re looking at probably like for the average account 400 or 500 people you could follow on a day. Okay. And maybe the next day or three days later, you go back and you look at who you’re following. And you see man who is not engaging with my content, who never followed me back. Basically, who does not care about me, right, and I’m annoying, I’m annoying, for even continuing to fall, follow them. So I’m just going to evacuate myself from their life right there Instagram life, and once you unfollow them, because they don’t care me at all. Right. And the reason that’s important is because Instagram limits the number of people you can follow. And a lot of people don’t realize that it’s a ratio. It’s a even though there’s people on Instagram with millions of followers, there’s not a single person on Instagram, that’s going to have more than 7500 right around that. Instagram limits the number, you can follow the 7500. I didn’t know that. And so now that you know that you’ll you’ll notice, especially in our space of funny phenomenon of people who have have, you know, 1000 followers

Unknown 51:39
and 7499 people that they’re following, because they figured out reaching out and saying hi is good, but they never followed any of those people, right? So it’s this sort of like telling a garden, you’re saying hi, and then you were moving, who doesn’t care about you? And your slowly doesn’t make you look like a dummy. Only if your content sucks, and you have a bad ratio. So

Justin Trosclair 52:01
yes, I’m saying if you don’t have 1000 followers, but you got

Unknown 52:04
Yeah, 6000 You look like a cheese ball. And you look like the only reason that people are following you is because you followed them. What you want is an ever increasing number of followers to following ratio. I encourage people to keep that number under 1000. an ever growing number of followers.

Justin Trosclair 52:24
So you gotta be diligent in your unfollow because it’s that’s the part that takes a lot of time, which is what you come in for. That’s what I do. It’s it’s kind of a knee jerk reaction we have.

Unknown 52:36
I’ll give you one example with this. You see a guy on the street, right? kind of little smelly has a beard. Kind of grungy clothes, right? Yeah, you find out that he has no money. What is he?

Justin Trosclair 52:51

Unknown 52:52
bomb? But what if I tell you that that guy’s a billionaire? He shower, he built an app. You know what, but nobody cares. Yeah, he’s eccentric. He’s an eccentric billionaire. We should associate ourselves with him. Because he’s rich, right? It’s this weird they do with money. Money, can have to can have the same person be have to totally different value sets. Okay? Yeah. And on Instagram, it’s the same thing with followers. Okay. So whenever the larger you’re following gets in your audiences, you naturally look like a more valuable account to follow. So there’s an exponential curve that happens. The larger your audiences, every one of those people that you reach out and you say hi to, maybe in the beginning, you’ll have a lower ratio that actually follow you back. But as your account grows, increasingly, it’s gonna be like, oh, wow, that guy’s got 10,000 followers. I don’t even know that there was a chiropractor in time. That’s awesome. I’m following I want to see what he’s doing. That’s crazy. But you have good pictures. You gotta have you

Justin Trosclair 53:53
gotta have something that they’re going to want to follow. zillion look at your profile. They’re gonna say Oh, who follow me cuz most people don’t get a lot of followers. So if someone follows you, oh, who’s this dude? Think click it. They look. He’s got some pretty, as put photos are pretty are very interesting. I guess I’ll follow them for a little while. And if he annoys me, I’ll just unfollow them later.

Unknown 54:14
They will. People will follow you because you’re interesting. You give them information is valuable to them. You’re entertaining to them. Or they just want to keep tabs on you. Because you’re in their space. And they kind of have that competitive. They want to know what you’re up to, you know, so they can keep up with with Dr. Justin’s doing. That’s usually the route. You know? Oh, yeah, I think I remember that guy. Yeah, I’m going to follow it. I saw I saw the high school. That guy. Yeah. Let me follow him see what he’s up to. It looks like he’s successful. You see what he’s doing? That kind of stuff. I like it. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 54:44
And that’s the big piece that you do. Yeah, I didn’t even get properly and followers.

Unknown 54:50
So what I do for doctors is build on Instagram for them that audience. And I don’t do with bots do not buy followers. I got bit in the beginning, because I listened to Gary van der Chuck. And I’m like, I need to get my Instagram audience larger. So I have a bigger impact in my town Instagrams taken over right. And so I was looking for ways to do that. And I found an account that actually left a comment on one of my photos with a plug for you know, to do that was like, awesome. Yeah. So you’re going to be able to get me a larger audience, I just have to pay you a fee. And you guys do that. And I got bit man, I got burned, right? Because the followers that I was paying for were robots. And then at the age of fake account in a day, I instantly had

Unknown 55:38
I went from 20 likes or whatever, on a photo to 400 in a moment. Well, right. And I went from however many I was following to like an extra thousand more in a day. That’s not real. These are not real people. these are these are slimy nerds who are creating fake Gmail accounts with a program and then creating fake Instagram accounts with those emails, populate them with catfish pictures from somebody else’s account, making a fake bio, and then leveraging all of those fake accounts in the thousands and 10s of thousands. This is that this is what can be wrong with Instagram. Okay. But yeah, don’t confuse that with organically growing your following by reaching out to people in them seeing an account that they wouldn’t have otherwise and falling back. And that’s what I do is the organic side of it. So I help doctors by doing that either in their town, or if they want to be more of a global brand. I will help them grow their audience progressively over time, typically around 1000 new followers per month, building that account so that they don’t have to be in between patients going Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow. Yeah, unfollow, unfollow, unfollow phone, I would have dreams, I would wake up in the middle of the night. And I I’m serious man, I would see those little blue buttons turning white in my dreams, I would have dreams of going Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow follow,

Justin Trosclair 57:01
man doing it too much too much.

Unknown 57:03
And it works. But who can do that. So that’s what I do for doctors for 89 bucks a month is I help them build that audience. And then they can focus on posting. And then beyond that I can even send out to new local people who are following a doctor back, I can send out an introductory direct message, which is the main way that you’re going to get new patients saying, Hey, this is Dr. XYZ, thank you for following me.

Unknown 57:28
Do you guys do you have any questions? I’m available for my followers? Like do you have any musculoskeletal complaints? You have questions about? Is there anything any way I can help you and start a conversation that should lead to a phone call soon after? Because who can type that much? Right? I’d love to talk to you and get a little more information about your history, and not to translate into a day one, because you need to get your hands on them and see if you can help them which should translate into a new patient. And there’s no reason you can’t do it on Instagram. It’s not impossible draw the doctors think it’s impossible.

Unknown 58:00
I’ll give you a long contracts. Nope. month to month.

Unknown 58:03
So I didn’t know about so

Justin Trosclair 58:04
how do you get two or 3000 more followers? You know what? That’s sufficient? Yeah, I’m good for now.

Unknown 58:10
You’d be a bonehead to do that. But you can. And I do a free week trial so people can see how it works and see if it’s the right fit for them. So there’s not even a commitment beyond that week, unless you’re loving what I’m doing. So it’s pretty

Justin Trosclair 58:23
nice. Yeah, quickly see 200 extra follow you like, Whoa,

Unknown 58:26
that was cool. And Instagrams your game, you want to grow your audience in town, you should do that. And it’s nice, because it’s on autopilot, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m doing it in the back end. And every time you log on Instagram, you see a little red bubble that has a lot more going on than it ever did before.

Justin Trosclair 58:41
You know, key is the person still has to put photos.

Unknown 58:45
Yeah, you got to post, you wouldn’t want me to post for you. Because I’m not you just clarifying it. You’re not posting photos for you. I’m getting you follow organic followers. I’m building this building the audience so that you are so there, the seeing what you’re doing instead of your uncle, your cousin liking your photos. It’s not people that are in your town, they can become patients. And we’re reaching out to them so that they’ll become patients to if you want me to we don’t have to do that. But

Justin Trosclair 59:12
that’s an option as well. It’s not just for chiropractors, dope. I work with lawyers that I can call you who listen to this podcast and but I haven’t

Unknown 59:19
helped me out. I work with primarily chiropractors and holistic doctor. So acupuncture PT, it’s really going to be somebody who’s typically in private practice unless they’re wanting to build a global brand that they can leverage for influencer marketing or something like that. But typically, it’s your local like your dentist, chiropractors lawyers, I work with some people who do like MLM they sell oils are different things. And Instagram is a main way that they kind of engage. So that’s, that’s kind of my demo. What’s that website? Cairo graham.net. And if you are interested in the seven day trial, it’s slash trials. Last trial, Cairo graham.net slash trial, shoot me a DM at Cairo, grandma getting on Instagram, shoot me a DM and let’s talk or hit me up at the neck doc. And let’s talk about love to check out their page and see if I can help them. They may need more help here first.

Justin Trosclair 1:00:11
It just might. Yeah, that has been amazing. I hope everybody knows it was in for that. I mean, there’s so much good information. I mean, this is that I can take from this and run and try to implement,

Unknown 1:00:21
don’t get overwhelmed, just make little changes on the most important things. It’s a process little changes. It’s a process. It’s a platform that you’re going to learn over time, and you’re going to continue to get good at, find a couple of people that you really admire in your space. Or just outside of it. Maybe it’s an MD or somebody find accounts that you really admire and you like their content and what they’re doing and how they do it, how their captions are, how hashtags in mirror them, find people that you look up to on Instagram, and watch what they do and try to emulate that in your own way. That’s the easiest, easiest takeaway so you don’t feel like alone if you don’t know what you’re doing. Find influencers.

Justin Trosclair 1:01:01
forgot to ask my mom, my favorite one of my favorite questions. Yeah, fit favorite. We’re switch completely switching gears here. But it makes sense to favorite books, blogs or podcasts that either you secretly love or that other people should definitely check out

Unknown 1:01:14
Gary Vee, if you need if you need inspiration to hustle, Gary van der Chuck. He will make you realize that

Unknown 1:01:22
you have more time than you think. And whatever your goals are, you should be pursuing them. So I love I love just listening. It’s like having that uncle who is a social media entrepreneur with 700 700

Unknown 1:01:37
client business that works with fortune 500 companies. And so just talking to you all the time you’re absorbing the headspace, more than anything actual nuts and bolts practically. You’re just taking in that maturity as an entrepreneur from somebody who is not trying to monetize you, which is we all know is that the usual knee jerk. I’m out. You know that that sounds interesting that sends it now there’s the pitch. I knew it was coming on follow. So he’s you can’t you can’t afford Gary Vee guys. Yeah, you can’t afford Gary. And he is one of the rare people that’s changing,

Unknown 1:02:14
motivational entrepreneurial space by just giving and wanting to have a long term legacy. So he could care. He couldn’t he does not want to monetize you. So it’s, you can’t get any better than that man.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:27
Yeah, nor does he want to be called a motivational speaker. Not at

Unknown 1:02:29
all. But damn it if he doesn’t do

Justin Trosclair 1:02:31
it. I’m not a motivational speaker doesn’t

Unknown 1:02:33
it sets his power. I would say Gary Vee. I’ll check in on people in my space just to see what they’re up to. But nobody I consistently follow. I’d say Gary’s probably the top.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:44
All right, I got one question. We’ve got a we’ve got family. A lot of people go through trials, they get super busy with their practice their family kind of stuffers. How How do you keep a good relationship with your spouse? any hints? I really want me to get

as real as you want

Unknown 1:03:00
it I I’m a Christian. So my value set is biblical. So it’s hard to, it’s hard to be too much of a jerk, or get too selfish, or feel like you’re slighted or take somebody for granted. When you have that value set. It’s sort of like all in one puts into perspective, how much of a blessing that person is. helps you remember what your life was like before? and always be giving? Because I don’t know, I don’t know the demo of your audience. But as a man, I feel like it’s your job to lead. Right? So if that if that woman is going crazy and making you nuts, it’s because you you’re not doing it right. She’s a reflection of you in the purest sense, man, one flesh. That is your that’s you. So if that person is not sound, it’s because you’re not taking care of business in terms of creating security, you know, and pouring love into them. You’re going to pay the price in some form or fashion. I think a lot of people I think the Bible says he who hates his wife hates itself kind of thing. So if you love on them, and just give them you’ll always get back more. It’s kind of the summary with Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 1:04:09
yeah. I like five love languages. I don’t this. But there’s always going to be ever but at this good information the

Unknown 1:04:15
same time though iron sharpens iron, and there’s always going to be that Rob, and that’s what creates, I feel like, Man male female attraction, you know, they’re always going to make you a little crazy and vice versa. But it’s it’s the blessing in it, man. They make you bet it’s part of the course you make them better. Yep, absolutely. Well, Dr. Christopher Collins, pleasure, thank you so much for giving so much value. Thank you for the platform to share what I do, and I appreciate what you’re doing, man. Keep up the good work, don’t get don’t get discouraged. Don’t get lazy. Keep keep keep working and keep hustling, keep grinding.

Justin Trosclair 1:04:48
I’ve got some new things to talk about. Of course, you can always review us give us that five star review on wherever you listen, but I got four new t shirts you know there’s chiropractors some of them that just like to adjust their someone like me who rehab and you know, decompression and cold laser things like that. And we call us streets versus mixers so created some mixed tour shirts. They’re supposed to be kind of tongue in cheek over like I’m also the Atlas at remove the DNS so therefore check that out. Maybe you like that better. Today’s choices tomorrow’s health book, version two point O is now out. We got nerve stretches, optimal calorie counter calculators a section on fasting and a big section on how to budget and try to get your financial life in order all the things that I talked about all the time it’s over 100 extra pages so get it now bonus my new hot off the presses book needless acupuncture self treatment guy for 40 common conditions is finally finished it’s been a in the works for quite a while stop the hurting with no needles are meds, your roadmap to self treat your conditions painlessly with needless acupuncture. It’s got pictures, it has subscriptions as of course the conditions and I plan to have video tutorials soon. Go to the website and check it out. Also on the website, but in the top right. All the social media icons are right there, whichever you’d like to follow me on, click that button and say hello.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling two friends sharing on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. sincere thank you in advance. Even listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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