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M 60 Three Keys to the Elevator Pitch

You know how, I do this to solve it, and proof is a great foundation to an elevator pitch. Listen for another way to enhance this for a dramatic impact. DISCLOSURE: This episode is sponsored by LetsGetChecked use code DOCTORS30 to save 30% : the leading provider of at-home health tests, including thyroid tests. Minisode…

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Episode 36: One on Ones plus Instagram for wellness professionals Kristina Centnere

   Kristina Centnere dives into Instagram, social media, business education and one on ones for wellness professionals. Two books, video tutorials, how she works anywhere, tips to hire and all this on an online platform called Total Wellness Connect.   Founder of  Total Wellness and The Health Connections Podcast.  Total Wellness Connect is a…

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Episode 17: Neither Failure nor Success Define Who You Are Teresa Lipsey

Today’s fabulous guest is a Designer, Editor & Serial Entrepreneur, Teresa Lipsey.  We cover a lot today so the show notes are going to be a tease for you to listen. Lessons learned from the real estate bubble in 08. How to pivot from impending bankruptcy from that event to owning a boutique clothing store…

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