Episode 33: Be the MD’s Solution, Not Their Competition Nicole Lindsey DC

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Dr. Nicole Lindsey DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Medical doctors ( MD) don’t have to be the great unknown referral source. Dr Nicole Lindsey DC shows you the way to get MD referral, Inspiring people to take healthy action, building relationships sprinkled with research. Get a promo code and learn about women breadwinners.

Followed her gut feeling and changed from pharmacy dreams to a reversal to non drug non surgical chiropractic in Life University… 16 years now.

Specialty is inspiring people to take healthy action.  Dr. Lindsey is great at motivating her patients.

Your body can heal itself- stop putting bad food and drinking in your body…stop polluting it.

Listen to your bodies sign and symptoms – stop ignoring it.

After the tech bubble burst of 2001 she realized that she needs to focus on where the patients are… medical doctor offices.  She developed strategies over 16 years that builds trust and rapport  to get the MD referral so they could then refer the headaches, neck, low back and sciatica patients.

What do we offer as a chiropractor to warrant a MD referral of patients?  Approach them with a musculoskeletal conditions only.  How much of their schooling was even in musculoskeletal disorders.

Are they as frustrated with our best clients as we hope they are?   Research is important but would they rather a relationship and a lunch and learn about musculoskeletal issues to start with.

Should you meet them at their office or at a restaurant?

Her 3 tier program offers training via webinars, Q&A with medical doctors LIVE and recorded for later, and having Dr. Nicole actually build the relationships with medical doctors for you. www.dominatechiromarketing.com  One medical doctors could refer 5-10 new patients per month.  Should you be cash, insurance or mix? Billing in house or not?

inspiring people to take healthy action #behindTheCurtain

Inspiring Connections with others are not only her strengths but is a core value.  Think about her big goal of helping the profession get to a waiting list practice in the next 5-10 years.

Advocates an associate so you are able to take vacation and recharge so you don’t lose momentum, case in point her best financially  year ever was also when she took 8 weeks off.

Relating Mountain Biking her passion with life goals and clinic goals.  She loves mountain biking and has a fancy way to keep the marriage spicy.

Listen to your bodies sign and symptoms – stop ignoring it

Lots of amazing advice for successful woman of any profession on work, life, breadwinner, kid rearing with a spouse.  What’s a relationship kite string?

Approach them with a musculoskeletal conditions only

advice for breadwinner woman of any profession on work, life, kid rearing with a spouse. #behindThecurtain

Dr. Lindsey is an avid Adubile.com user and of course at 1.5x speed.

Use promo code justin (no capitals) for $75 off. www.dominatechiromarketing.com

Time to step up and dominate our community- md’s really want to know you and refer. Come Learn with Dr. Nicole.

W. Chan Kim Blue Ocean Strategy

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Justin Trosclair 0:03
Episode 33 be the end solution, not their competition. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare today, Dr. Nicole Lindsay’s perspective

Unknown 0:14
for doctors

Justin Trosclair 0:14
who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as your host, Dr. Justin shows Claire goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guess about real world triumph crumbles, practical tips,

Unknown 0:26
and entertainment on this episode of a doctor’s perspective.

Justin Trosclair 0:31
Today’s guest is Dr. Nicole Lindsey. She is a chiropractor with over 16 years experience her core values are inspiration and communication and she definitely says listen to your body’s signs and symptoms. Just stop ignoring it stop polluting it but but the reason that she is here is because of her amazing dominate Cairo marketing program, we discuss how to approach a medical doctor, what’s the best format to educate them on musculoskeletal issues that we treat? she answers questions like why would they want to refer to us? What can we do to stop sabotaging ourselves at the end of the interview, she goes into her passion about mountain biking, keeping the love alive and also gives really good student advice. So let’s go hashtag behind the curtain. Stay tuned to the end for a travel tip and a promo code off of her program.

A fans today we have a very awesome guess. Dr. Nicole Lindsey from North Carolina. She is a mountain loving chiropractor who has a wonderful program called dominate Cairo marketing. It’s talking about teaching chiropractors how to market to medical doctors. Welcome so much to the show.

Unknown 1:39
Thank you. Thank you for having me. Absolutely.

Justin Trosclair 1:41
Well, let’s go right. And I’m curious, I always like to ask, How did you decide to be a chiropractor of all the things possible?

Unknown 1:48
I love that question. And then the question. Well, it was a gut feeling. And I was a sick kid growing up and was always doped up on all kinds of medication. Like most of us in that generation, parents did what they thought was the right thing to do when you were sick. And as I grew, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in health care for someone to help people and drugs were all I knew. So I chose pharmacy. And here I am getting ready to pursue this career pharmacy giving drugs and meds Meanwhile, taking them and hating them. I had a really good friend have an allergic reaction to an asthma inhaler. And he passed away. And, you know, I’m a big believer in you know, things happen for a reason. So, you know, I really started questioning here I am about to embark on this journey. Hundred $20,000 in student loans for pharmacy school, looking at the curriculum, it was all pathology disease. I said, You know what, I don’t gut feeling I don’t know if if I really want to do this. And then this happened with my friend. And it really made me think that you know what, I don’t really want to be a part of this industry. I don’t want to give drugs to people. And right at that moment, met a chiropractor. It’s funny how that works. And I remember asking when chiropractors dude once you fix backs, and he happened to be a really philosophical chiropractor, and he he gave me the down and dirty you know, we we help people naturally we connect the brain to the body, we turn the power on, we get them away from drugs and surgery. And it was like that gut feeling. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I want to do. How do I do that? And he led the way and here I am.

Justin Trosclair 3:27
Very nice. Where’d you go?

Unknown 3:28
I went to life. chiropractic school. Wow, really? Okay.

Justin Trosclair 3:36
Well, I think it’s a nice blend.

Unknown 3:37
Yes, it was a great experience. I was there when Sid was there graduated and no one. So it was it was a wonderful experience. Right. So you’ve been doing it for a while

Justin Trosclair 3:45

Unknown 3:46
Yes. 16 years, my friend?

Justin Trosclair 3:48
What would you consider? We’ll definitely talk about the program. But as far as your chiropractic specialty, do you have anything that you would say set you apart, or at least people love to talk about you with?

Unknown 3:59
Well, Alex say that my specialty is inspiring people to take healthy action. I am really, really good at motivating people, getting them to just step up and start making changes in their lifestyle. That’s actually a pretty good answer. Thank you. Are you saying?

Unknown 4:20
Well, you know,

Justin Trosclair 4:21
most people are like this technique or that technique. But I really like that it’s actually a passionate thing. It’s a, an expression. It’s inspiring people to actually take responsibility and to make choices in their life that’s going to benefit them in the future.

Unknown 4:35
Thank you, I had a coach last year come and really helped me dig deep. And and that was one of the questions. He said, you know, what do you love about being a chiropractor, you know, what really gets you going. And it came down to that. That was it. So that is my specialty. I love seeing that I love seeing people make those changes. And that’s truly why I’m a car Proctor. That’s why I got into this field. And that’s what I love to see that that makes my gut you know, that gut feeling like I’m in the right place, you know, that, yeah, why I love doing what I do.

Justin Trosclair 5:12
If you had to boil it down to maybe two things, what would be the most common I don’t know, if you if you had a magic wand, perhaps to inspire people to for something that they could just change either overnight, or that you find in the office that you’re able to really influence the clients on,

Unknown 5:26
I would say,

Unknown 5:28
most importantly, I teach them that their body can heal itself, that they do not need so many. So it’s not so much what they need to do. It’s what they don’t need to do, you know, snob, putting toxins in your body, whether it’s too many drugs, poison you’re eating, you’re drinking. So learning that that your body can heal itself, stop polluting it, I think that’s one of the most important things that that I inspire people to do is stop putting it in your body can express health if you just get out of its way. And think the second thing is teaching people to listen to their body. Listen to the you know, the signs and the symptoms are there for your body to communicate to you. And stop doing that. stop ignoring it, pay attention to it, because everything means something, everything means something, period in life. But your body, you know, and people we lose that connection, or some people never even got it to begin with. But I think as a baby, you know, we’re born with that we know we’re hungry, we we know how to respond and get what we want by listening to what our body needs. Somewhere along the line, we we lose that ability to communicate with our own self with our body. And I think that I have a real unique ability to help people tap into that, and learn themselves and learn to communicate and listen to that. So that they can they can get help there. I’ve noticed

Justin Trosclair 7:01
I don’t think people realize what hunger is anymore. They just eat 12 o’clock we have to eat it’s 530 or whatever I have to eat. And I don’t know if that’s that’s part of what you what you kind of you’re talking about. But I’ve noticed for myself that you can just eat when you’re hungry. Let your body dictated versus just the clock exactly in the manager manages it better.

Unknown 7:18
That’s exactly what I’m saying. Now we tend to just stop and we just don’t pay attention. You know, we’re not quiet enough to listen to it like it.

Justin Trosclair 7:27
I want to know about this webinar based medical doctor marketing, because as a chiropractor, you’re a chiropractor. I think that is the what we would think is just the golden rod of how we can blow up our practices, getting into the people that see all of our headaches, and they see all of our sciatica and low back pain or like, just send them to us, not them to me. Yeah. So give us give what does your program? Yeah, you go on a tangent for us. I’m I want to hear and I’m gonna ask you questions as you go. If I don’t understand something,

Unknown 7:58
oh, I’ll tell you what really got me going down this road is I mean, I’ve been practicing since Oh, one. And coming out of school, it was almost like the Mercedes 80s. You know, because it was times were good co pays for $10 $15,

Unknown 8:13
we were all doing high volume practices. We were cranking it out. And I was really into marketing. I was really you name it. I did it screenings talks, I was really gung ho about marketing chiropractic, and I would do anything. And then all of a sudden the.com bubble hit. And I don’t know if you’re a practicing then. But things got scary. People were dropping out of care left and right. They wanted refunds. There were no marketing events. It was like crickets, you know, and it was a scary time. So I’m not going to give up ever, no matter, you know, what I’m pursuing? And this is when I thought to myself, okay, where are our patients? Where are they going? First? Most of the time? What brings the patient into a chiropractic office? pain? Right? Yeah. You know, I mean, we’d like to take that patients walking because they want their life vivified like symbol used to say, but the reality, you know, is pain. Pain is what I mean. So where are they going? They’re going to their me first. And that’s not you know, what, if I could tap into that, that source and let the MD know, and I know build a real relationship, not, hey, I want your patients I’m talking real solid relationship,

Unknown 9:35
then that stream could come to us, at least some of it, maybe not right, but just some of you know, and that’s what I did. And so that’s what I started doing is really making this more of a lifestyle marketing to medical doctors. It’s not something like Oh, let me just try a screening. Or let me just try this newspaper ad wasn’t like that. It was like, I’m going to make this happen. I’m going to make this work. And that’s, that’s what happened. So. So I’ve taken the strategies that I’ve personally have done over the past 16 years, and developed this program. And I teach four strategies to chiropractors to teach them how to build relationships with medical doctors in their community, so that they can get number one relationship established number to start getting referrals from these, these meds ongoing.

Justin Trosclair 10:25
I’m curious, I want to take a step back when you said your.com. So you started in one.com. I was young as a was definitely hitting at that point when I was in college. So you were like in practice for like a year or two. And then that’s whenever the bottom dropped out.

Unknown 10:38
Yes, sir. Okay, it was crazy. I mean, you know, if you remember, but for one case, we’re going in the toilet, people were losing their jobs. I mean, it. It was a scary I started at the real estate bubble

Justin Trosclair 10:50
pop. Okay. That’s what I was kind of curious. Because that’s, that’s when I my first year was real estate dribble bubble popping years was.com popping, and then the rules changed, right?

Unknown 10:59
Yeah, yeah, yes. So. Okay, so we started it, like I said, it made made me get creative with my marketing and a totally different way. Because not only did I have to figure out how to get to people, get them educated about chiropractic to steer them into our office, but how to do this low cost, you know, what’s marketing is not going to cost me a lot of money. Because again, new new doc and practice, what can I do marketing wise, that’s not going to cost me a ton of money. And let me tell you, once you establish these relationships with them these it doesn’t doesn’t cost anything,

Justin Trosclair 11:36
what do we offer to the medical doctor, that would make them want to actually send them to us instead of say, a physical therapist or occupational therapist,

Unknown 11:45
we can educate the MD about chiropractic. Now, you have to be careful how you go about doing that. So if you approach the end, and you say, I could fix everything your patient has, I can fix their their gallbladder, I can fix her asthma, I can fix her back, you know that.

Unknown 12:01

Unknown 12:02
You’re you. You’ve just lost report, you’ve lost that opportunity.

Justin Trosclair 12:07
Start with the whole profession.

Unknown 12:08
Exactly. Yeah. So you don’t want to do that. But if you approach the medical doctor, again, with a musculoskeletal view, and you educate because how much of the MDS education is musculoskeletal?

Justin Trosclair 12:24
Less than 5%? Maybe 10%? of the most Yeah.

Unknown 12:26
So I’m guessing. Yeah, say I’ve been told 15% of their education. That’s a good question. I’m going to ask the MDS and our and our next webinar, but

Unknown 12:40
they do not really understand what we do. And they have patients coming in, that have headaches, and that have back pain and neck pain. And they are frustrated, because they give them medication, because that’s all they can do or make a referral to a PT, or an MRI or the pod. They’re frustrated with these patients. So what we offer is an option is an option for their patients that can help.

Justin Trosclair 13:08
But in the pre chat we were I was trying to get to know a little bit more about your programs that have better questions. And when you mention that, I think, okay, we should just show them that new research paper that came out with the FDA, that we should all stop with opioids send a chiropractic and acupuncture like that’s my that’s where my brain goes like that. So what we should do, but it sounds like you have a different approach to that. So what would that approach be?

Unknown 13:32
Yeah, showing medical doctors research is a really good thing. But if you do not have the relationship established with them, are they really going to look at the research?

Unknown 13:44
Some may?

Unknown 13:47
I don’t know about you, but when you get a stack of mail, your office, are you going to look through stuff that really I mean, who has the time to do that? Right? So I teach, you know, my number one strategy is to teach teach chiropractors how to get into the MDS offices, get in front of them face to face, and present a lunchtime lecture on one topic, you know, not on chiropractic can fix 50,000 things. We know we can but keep that between us. Right? Let’s go in with one symptom, one musculoskeletal complaint. And let’s teach the MD about that. Then you show them. Number one, you build rapport. And number two, you show that the MD research and from medical journals, peer reviewed medical journals, how spinal manipulation can help with that musculoskeletal complaint. And that’s really one of the best ways I found to establish these relationships with these medical doctors. Oh, that’s interesting.

Justin Trosclair 14:52
And you do this and that. Now, some of this is going to be obviously part of the program. So feel free to be vague on some of these answers. But do you find it’s better to take them to a restaurant? They do it in the office? I mean, is there a way to make it more relaxing and more comfortable so that there’s better rapport building? I

Unknown 15:08
like to do it in their offices? Because, you know, where are you most comfortable? My own office? Yeah, so my house Exactly. So behind close your closed doors, I find that they really open up to me. And they tell me things that I’m not sure they would, anywhere else. I can’t tell you how many times and these have said to me, I’m so glad you’re here because I do not want to give my patients medication for migraines, when I know that’s not working. And that’s what they’re saying. You know, and I hear that a lot. So they feel safe, they feel comfortable opening up to you, once you’ve established that rapport, and you start building that relationship. So you you will hear things like that.

Justin Trosclair 15:53
Is there any benefit to I don’t know, targeting, like the nurses in the office at all, since they’re the ones that maybe actually handling the referral of the possibilities?

Unknown 16:02
Absolutely. And that’s part of my program to I teach the strategies on how to get through to the gatekeepers referral coordinators. Yeah, it’s a system. You know, it’s not just as easy as, you know, let’s just set up a lunchtime Lunch and Learn and boom, you’re done. You have to follow there’s there’s scripts for the whole process. And there’s what I call tying the knot when you’re finished, you know, you have to stay there, tie the knot, or else you know, the you have to learn how to ask for the referral to the medical doctor as well. And there’s, there’s steps that you have to take in order to really make it successful.

Justin Trosclair 16:36
And the way you’re teaching is through weekly webinars true?

Unknown 16:40
Yes. So I do, it’s a four week program. And there are four weekly recorded on demand webinars, I teach for strategies. So when you sign up, you can immediately start getting that material. And that’s just chop, packed full of content and information, and the strategies that you have to learn. And in addition to that, you can sign up for for live webinars that happen weekly, at different times, various times to enable people in China and all over to participate. And those live webinars, you are role playing and interacting with your colleagues and medical doctors.

Unknown 17:25
With medical doctors,

Justin Trosclair 17:27
yeah, how’d you get that. So you must have actually has some good friends to actually have them come on the part of your program.

Unknown 17:33
So I bribe and to pay them a lot of money. No, actually, whatever works.

Unknown 17:39
Actually, these are the medical doctors that are from my community that I’ve used these strategies on that I’ve built relationships with over the past 15 plus years. So they’re part of my program, and they come on these webinars. And we can role play and use these, this time to help hone our skills, take the strategies, take these scripts, and practice with the MDS. And we can also we open up the floor for q amp a and I think the q amp a is probably the most valuable part. I mean, we got we did one yesterday and got so much gold drop from this MD, I got so many new ideas. I was like, You never told me that, you know, but, but I think what’s happening is, and I see this getting so much bigger. I just launched this in January, and I can’t believe how much growth I’ve seen already with this. But as I bring the doctors in more and more, I have more MDS reaching out to me wanting to be a part of this. So I see this, helping us on them, and ultimately, helping the patients, you know, the MDS want options to keep patients off opioids. And to really, you know, stay away from that. So I really see this changing healthcare I do

Justin Trosclair 19:00
we all become authorities, they get some more we get some as well.

Unknown 19:03
Yeah, definitely. I mean, it’s, it’s a win win. I’m excited.

Justin Trosclair 19:06
It’s really tough. Because if you if you’re fortunate enough to grow up with somebody who ended up going to medical school, you can ask them these questions. And hopefully they can be frank with you, it’d be like, Hey, man, this is what’s our image issue? What do you think about how do you deal with and then they can be honest, but a lot of us don’t have that as an opportunity. We never really made enough, no doctor friends in the real world, to be able to have that kind of close relationship. So this would be amazing at these q amp a with some honesty, of this is what we think of you does that you can do better. This is all those questions that you have. Well, they need those be recorded for people who join late hours, like the I work, because of the timezone difference. It’s never a good time I’ve got 16 kids at home and wrap the work doesn’t work. You know, are they gonna be pre recorded recorded for future use?

Unknown 19:53
Oh, yeah, it’s all recorded. All of them. Okay. And yeah, and so that all people will have access to that subscription, where they can continue to get this information. And also, with the all the continued subscription, patients can or colleagues can continue to join in, on live webinars. So even after they’ve done their four weeks, if they’re wanting to stay plugged in, and they have more questions that come up, or now they have a lunch and learn setup six months later, and they need help with that. So they can they can pop in and and continue to train and role play.

Justin Trosclair 20:30
Imma throw you a softball on this one, okay, you have a tear where you actually might use your own personality and fly out to somebody’s office. Is that true? How does that work?

Unknown 20:41
Yes, this is this is a level, this is level three in the making. And one of my strengths, and one of my core values in life and in practice is connection. I feel strongly about having connections with people in my life life. And if I can’t feel that, and I can’t make that happen, then we probably won’t have any kind of relationship moving forward. So I already feel that you and I, we have a connection just from this. And that’s one of my soul purposes in life. So with working with medical doctors, I’ve been able to do that as well. And not everybody can not everybody wants that not everybody has that same core value or that desire to connect with people, but I do. So if you are that type that you just you know, I really don’t like putting myself out there, I really don’t like the idea of talking to a medical doctor, then you can hire me to do it for you. And I will do that I will use my skills, my desire, my passion, to help you in your community build relationships with Andy’s so that you can establish that referral base?

Justin Trosclair 21:59
That’s a pretty good the opportunity, I would think because there are a lot of people who don’t have the word they want someone who actually they’d rather just pay like, hey, you’ve been doing this for how long you created the program? Why don’t I just pay you and then I’ll reap the benefits over the next couple of months, because the referrals will start coming in and definitely would cover the feet. That’s how I look at it. I know, can you imagine I

Unknown 22:17
I was trying to think about the other day one medical doctor that refers to you regularly. And most of my MDS, they refer anywhere from one MD can refer five to 10 patients a month to establish that relationship. So even one medical doctor doing that, you depending on what your case value for a patient is worth. I mean, man, you know, five, let’s say five new patients a month for a year. So I mean, that’s huge, you know,

Justin Trosclair 22:46
doctors have a preference on visit length. And that might be secret sauce right here. But then another some carpet is like 30. Some are like I just pain when you’re out of pain, you’re done around six or seven. And there’s a these kind of ones in between the Do they have like a range of they feel comfortable?

Unknown 23:04
So that’s a really good question. And this is something you were talking about behind closed doors. This is some of the conversation that goes on when you talk with them. And what I’m finding is that doctors, they they don’t want control of what we do, they really don’t know, they’re, they’re slammed, they’re busy, you know. So it’s so mind blowing. When you start doing this, you’re like, wow, they really, really cool and they really just they want they refer a patient, they want us to manage it. They don’t want to manage it. So do they want you to see the patient three times a week for a year? No, they don’t. Okay, and that’s not cool. If you’re working with a patient that was referred by the MD. So is there a magic number? No, there isn’t. But you know, just just keep it, keep it real, you know, if they’re progressing after a month of care, reduce the frequency, you know, do have to drop them after 12 visits? No, but you know, don’t drag it out without using logical clinical. You know, thoughts about how you’re, you’re caring for this patient? Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 24:12
So a lot of us, I think it’s put the patient first, you know, yeah. Would you do with your mom, you know, whatever you’re doing to somebody else?

Unknown 24:18
Yeah, exactly. Now, it’s a good litmus test, for sure. I’ll ask the end, you know, if the patient’s not responding, I always be Try, try and be respectful to the end and just let them know. I’m in your house. If you refer a patient to me, I will, I will play by your rules. So if they’re not responding, how would you like me to handle that? Do you want me to send them out for an MRI? Do you want me to send them to an orthopedist and neurologist? I always ask them, How would you like me to handle that? And 99% of the time, they’ll say he take care of it or nice,

Justin Trosclair 24:51
like what we do when someone has a heart issue like oh,

Unknown 24:55
you to go. That’s what we need to do as chiropractors, you know, some things are out of our scope. And it’s okay. And that’s why I’m doing this because we need to bridge those gaps. And we need to say, you know what, you take care of that. That’s your gig. It’s not mine. This is put the patient first,

Justin Trosclair 25:15
do you think this program because my my podcast definitely reaches past chiropractors? It’s a lot of different professions, physical therapist, things like that. Is this a program that another profession could still use the strategies for their own?

Unknown 25:29
specialties? Absolutely. I’m actually tweaking it for acupuncture. massage therapists. therapists counselors. Yes, absolutely.

Justin Trosclair 25:37
So principles are principles. Right, right.

Unknown 25:40
Yeah. Yeah. Building relationships is there’s same strategies. Micro minor tweaks?

Justin Trosclair 25:45
Yeah, exactly. I like it. Okay, so if students graduating maybe the first year out of school,

Unknown 25:51
what kind of advice would you give them? First year, I would say, Be prepared to, to work hard. I’m a big believer and work hard, playing even harder, you know, definitely have to have those two things in check.

Unknown 26:07
But it’s not easy. And if anyone tells you it is that building a practice is easy. They lie to you. It’s not it’s going to be work. But if you laugh, if you lay the groundwork, and you actually do it the right way, you can be super successful in this profession. And it is so rewarding. The same time

Justin Trosclair 26:31
insurance for cash?

Unknown 26:33
I do both good. I’m going to ride that train to the wheels fall off. You know what I mean? I mean, I haven’t I do. And and I’m good. I want to use it. You know? So

Justin Trosclair 26:44
yeah, it’s so like, I you can we can go on this tangent little bit. But if I have insurance, I kind of want to use it. And I understand the doctors who want to go cash, and I really liked the idea, like, you got headaches, that’s probably going to be about two months. Here’s your feet. Right? Nobody my insurance? Well, you know, you’re gonna have to pretty much come out of his pocket with your deductible anyway. So you might as well just, you know, avoid the insurance. So I really don’t know how to like working, but interest typically pays well, I think, you know, please good enough. They have a deductible, they have a deductible, and then they’re happy because they use it. So I’m not personally stuck on been able to just go 100% cash. And but what some I, you know, I’m not the interview. So what is your opinion on that? Yeah, I’m with you.

Unknown 27:29
I agree. I outsource my billing. So I don’t have a billing staff in the office doing it. which I love. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in practice is really Yes. Is

Justin Trosclair 27:42
I always thought it was a waste of money. Because you could just pay somebody like 14 hour instead of a percentage of collected?

Unknown 27:48
Well, they get they get paid based on how much they they bring you in. So they’re motivated. Okay, do it. So, to me, you know, I’ve been in that situation where that staff member that does the billing, they leave, you know, even though give you a two week notice, it’s still not enough time to hire somebody train them, you know, oh, my God, I hate that. And then you’re at their mercy, and no more, you know what I mean? So no more Yeah, I love having an outsourced and out of sight out of mind. And that’s really helped me to not focus on the billing and the insurance and not have it such a headache. Because I, I forget I even deal with it. You know, and I put the note into the software, and they take care of the rest.

Justin Trosclair 28:32
So what are the patients complain to when there is an issue? Do they call you and you have to, like, send it back to them? Or do you have to handle their their issues?

Unknown 28:39
A little bit of both, you know, I will try and put out the fire? If I can’t, then we’ll pass it to them. So they are definitely able to do that they can handle any of the questions the patient has. But I’ll try. And if it’s a simple question, I’ll try and handle it myself first, okay.

Justin Trosclair 28:58
It’s not tied up in bureaucracy, like in a hospital or like a huge practice for their can’t even get to the right person half the time?

Unknown 29:06
It depends what kind of billing company you go with to, you know, if you go with a smaller company, then it’s it’s easier for the cut, you know, customer services better. So, it’s probably depends on the billing company.

Justin Trosclair 29:18
Yeah. And you can support local people to is somebody I found doing it for sure. Absolutely.

Unknown 29:22
Yeah, an old building person that just wants to, you know, do it from home, and you less overhead, because you don’t have to utilize that space, you can use that space for something making money in your office doing something else, you know,

Justin Trosclair 29:33
what can imagine they’re doing the same thing they’re working in your office, you know, I can have a business doing this, I could, I could literally do this at my house and have like 15 doctors paid Really? Just do myself. Yeah. So as far as and now you can answer this question however you want, whether it’s a chiropractic clinic, or for your your program, what are some, maybe your top one or two, like marketing strategies, that really brings in a return on investment.

Unknown 29:57
Number one, of course, is going to be the net from practice the MD marketing, that’s, that’s my thing, right? The south of that. And it’s low cost, and it’s effective. And it also sets you apart from other chiropractors in your area, which I’m a, I always want to stand out everything I do. So that’s number one. Number two would be for my practice would be lunch and learns at businesses. That gives you your mom, your biggest bang for your buck, if you’re good at it, you know, not if you suck at doing lunchtime lectures, you know, don’t do it, it’s not going to work for you. So if you’re good and you like to talk, you can do it in as little as there, I think a 30 minute presentation is a good amount of time to really teach people about what we do. And I’m also a big believer in giving them lots of content. You know, give them content, give them stuff they can start working on, inspire them, and connect with them. And if you’re talking into a room of, you know, 15 people you should if you deliver really good lunch and learn, you should be able to sign up at least half hopefully 75% of those people in that room.

Justin Trosclair 31:13
If you do, does your You said your program deals with that for medical doctors Is that something that can be transferable to businesses are that for somebody, somebody else can teach you how to do that?

Unknown 31:21
Yeah, I think the legend learn there’s there’s a few chiropractors out there doing that right now, right? I’ve done many different programs over the years. I’ve always given lectures in my office. You know, I remember at life University, that was one of the things we had to do, before we graduated is come up with a talk that you give your patients. I called it like spinal one on one or something like that. And I still that’s what I use for my talk. I’ve added some things here and there. But you know, there’s a whole lot of brain Body Talk going on there, you know, and punching people exactly what we talked about in the beginning that your body can heal itself that it says stop polluting it, you know, and real time with Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s real stuff that we’re also they’re going to get that, you know, I find that if I lay it all out that way that I can connect. And again, that’s, that’s what will make people move into action is inspiring them and connecting with them.

Justin Trosclair 32:22
Very good. They really are. There’s so many resources. That’s why I was curious if if your program that we’d already be purchasing, if it’s easily treatable for the general population as well. So

Unknown 32:33
like, you gave me an idea, and maybe we can do that down the road. So

Justin Trosclair 32:37
said, I only do 10% the first year, and then after that, it drops substantially.

Unknown 32:42
Awesome. Cool. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 32:47
So I love I love hearing about little goals. You have any five year goals that you would like to share with everybody? Sure. Or maybe the why behind it? You know?

Unknown 32:55
Yeah, yeah. Right now, I, my practice is, it’s on autopilot. It’s, it’s amazing. You know, I’ve been practicing 16 years, and that that thing is a beast. And it’s established, and it’s, it’s a bomb, you know, I love what I’ve built. So I’m going to keep doing that, as long as I can. And I have associates, I have staff I it’s, it’s, it’s awesome. So in five years, I’d love to see that continuing to help our community continuing to be a place for me to keep testing my MD marketing strategies to make sure because I know things constantly change. I’ve been at this game for a while. And you know, we don’t do yellow page ads anymore. We don’t do a lot of the marketing we used to do, you know, and that that it has to continue to evolve. So I need, I need that practice to keep practicing what I’m teaching, right. So right on my dominate car marketing and the marketing to MDS, my five year goal there would be or is to, you know, I’m tired of just

Unknown 34:04
being a chiropractor to 12% of the population. think that it’s time for us to turn it up a notch, and really start getting chiropractic to the masses. So right. I’m confident with as much growth and as much momentum that is behind my MD marketing program. And the number of employees that are reaching out to me and chiropractors that want to be a part of this as well. I feel that five years, we should turn that we should turn that number up to 15 20% of the population, being educated about Chiropractic and getting under chiropractic care, in 10 years. I want to see waiting lists practices for chiropractors, because I’ve been nice because of what I’m doing. You know, and I, I really feel that that can happen. I mean, how would that think about that to be a chiropractor and to never have to work about bringing a new patient and anymore. So jaw dropping? Yeah. I mean, that’s like, could you imagine practicing that way and not having to, to sell chicken dinners, and do some of the crap that we’ve had to do over the years and make our profession we be authorities, spinal authorities. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s my mission. And that’s what I want to see. 10 years. Why? Because it’s freakin time. It’s time. It’s time. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 35:39
I think we’ve sabotage yourself. Over the years, we have some loud talkers that are controversial. And then that just shuts down a whole, you can show the whole town down with one crazy chiropractor, and then not yet a really hard road. Right. So I like people like you who are making their systems available for others. I think that’s just a lot of chiropractors trying to do that in a lot of different niches. But I think this is an important niche. And I don’t say easiest, but the most rewarding if you can put the time and the effort like you would for you know, doing health fairs or whatever, just putting that extra effort. So absolutely. I appreciate it. We’re going to switch gears. You ready? I’m ready, the more personal half,

Unknown 36:17
right? You sound like you

Justin Trosclair 36:18
have some associates. So that’s going to be a better segue for this part is vacation is the Achilles heel for so many doctors. Are you able to take it? And if if not, if so, how do you take more vacations so that you don’t get that burnout?

Unknown 36:33
Yeah, man, I like I said, I, I working hard is an absolute, you have to work hard. But you got to play even harder. So

Unknown 36:43
one of my best years in practice financially, I took eight weeks off. And Whoa, yeah, I went through kind of like a midlife crisis. I turned 40 that year. And I was like, all right, I’ve kind of figure out if I’m doing the right thing, from married to the right person, if I’m the right model to this child, you know, and I just try started taking a week off here week off their week off, and I came, looked full circle the end of the year, and figure it out. I am right where I want to be right where I need to be. And I took off a solid weeks that year and made more money in practice than I ever had. So that was huge for me to realize that Yeah, you really do need time away. So I, I’ve had associates now for 12 years, on and off have gone a couple months without one here there during that time. But that the number one reason I keep an associated is so that I can travel I can take off and not lose money in my business. So you can mentor

Justin Trosclair 37:48
Yeah, that was my next question. How do you not lose momentum? Because I’ve had people who kind of went that route and either they didn’t schedule it correctly or her? They just like, yeah, lost a lot of momentum. And so I need to do better, I think can’t take that much time off next year or something. But so that’s a perfect associate.

Unknown 38:04
Yeah, definitely, definitely get an associate. And you know, you got to be able to rev your engine back up. When you when you come back. And I it is hard because you you gotta you gotta start over kind of, you know, and get your juices flowing again. But if you know that that vacation is going to be there again in a couple months, then hopefully it for me, it gives me the drive to work harder, because I know what’s coming in a couple months.

Justin Trosclair 38:30
Yeah, I’ve heard that’s half of the excitement of a vacation.

Unknown 38:34
planning the next.

Justin Trosclair 38:35
Yeah, like the anticipation of, of doing it. And like, you know, you work harder than that month ahead of time knowing that, you know, in three weeks, you have to be gone for a week. So what do you do then? Put a lot of things in place to make to ramp up. Yeah, yeah. So besides, your husband does count on this one in your kid. But any hobbies or volunteering or things that really motivates you outside of work. I

Unknown 38:57
live in Asheville, North Carolina, and so the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it is just there’s beauty all over, all over us. So I’m a big fan of connecting not only with people, but with nature. And that’s what really, really drives me and grounds me the same time. So I’m a mountain biker, a hiker, I love to get outdoors any chance I get and connect with nature, you know, just be silent. And listen to the sounds and and just let my my thoughts come? Do you

Justin Trosclair 39:36
wear those tight shirts with the padded booty? And the bottles in the back and doing all that I’m all geared up?

Unknown 39:42
Yeah, oh, my goodness, do it. And you know, the best part about it, it’s, you wouldn’t think this, but it’s so technical. There’s roots and rocks, and you never know what’s around the bend the trail can go from, you know, three feet wide to a foot wide with a drop off Creek crosses, and you know, waterfalls. So you have to be on your game, your mind, you’re picking your line in front of your front tire every second. And the minute your mind goes to something else. You’re down, you know, you’re in clippers, pedals. It’s intense. You know, normally, you’re climbing mountains, you’re going up and down. There’s no such thing as a level area in this area. Right? So this is why I love it because you can’t think of anything, but present time when you’re out there.

Justin Trosclair 40:36
So it’s not like those bicycle riders on the street. I live in Colorado, and you just see him peddling like a million miles an hour, and they’re just going like an inch or less at a time you’re like this looks miserable. Is it like that on a mountain? Or is it always technical? So you always have like a little challenge. Like, here’s a route.

Unknown 40:52
Yes, it’s always technical. It’s always technical. And yeah, it’s it’s not easy. It’s it’s a great workout, but it’s a good month and work out to help keep you focused to the to the hand at task, you know, at that present, right. So I like I

Unknown 41:10
have to look into that I did a dirt bike the other day on a dirt road and let go mountain need their own. Like, this is so much fun. It was I mean, obviously, it’s

Unknown 41:18

Unknown 41:19
to start you need to start getting shape. And when I first started mountain biking my husband, he got me a trainer where you put your mountain bike on, it’s like a tripod. And he said, You know, I’m not taking you out in these mountains until you can do an hour on that trainer and get in shape. And I thought he’s rude. You know, but you know what? Thank God he did that because even after doing that for an hour the first time he took me out at almost had a heart attack. You know, it’s like these balance. Yeah, so it’s no joke,

Justin Trosclair 41:49
but for him user so sore. Know,

Unknown 41:53

Justin Trosclair 41:54
speaking of husbands speaking, the spouses might be mountain biking. But what do you guys do to keep the love alive and Phil connected, so you don’t drift apart in the wake of life?

Unknown 42:03
Yes, that’s is keeping that relationship going. Just like with anything else is work for sure. We definitely we like to do, at least he doesn’t like to travel as much as I do. But we travel one time, at least one time a year where it’s just him and I and we go somewhere. And we try and do that when our daughters at summer camp or something like that. So that’s, that’s a great way to stay connected. We try and do date night, you know, at least once a month to try for more but you know, a date where we actually pretend we’re dating, and good old sexting, you know, you got it, you got a sex your man or your woman and, you know, some some provocative photos every once in a while just just keep it real, you know,

Justin Trosclair 42:48
Snapchat, what’s

Unknown 42:52
not disappear dating for you and your spouse? Tim?

Justin Trosclair 42:56
I like it. That’s the first on this podcast. I like honesty on that though. I am curious, though now on that part, but

if you’re a lot of women, doctors who are single in probably like in their 30s at this point, are close to it. The men sometimes can be a little taken back, a little intimidated, a little scared of a successful woman. And obviously you are successful woman. Any advice for someone who’s having trouble finding that guy that’s willing to embrace their drive to be professional and and conquer the business world?

Unknown 43:29
That’s a really good question. And that’s a struggle that most successful females in any profession struggle with, with their spouses, because a lot of men have have issues with allowing their women to step in the spotlight and breadwinners. So we went through that, you know, my husband and I, and I finally, you know, just came down to numbers, it just came down to saying, look, it just makes sense for me to work harder. So I can generate this amount. I need you to support me on that. And trust me, I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going to you know, leave you high and dry. I need you to support me. And once we had that conversation, things were a whole lot better. But I heard Pearl Jam was getting an award on the Grammys think that is that the musical word? Is that the Yeah, the Grammys, they’re getting an award. I think that’s the the I think

Justin Trosclair 44:32
it is yeah, I’m with you on now. And I think it’s the Grammys because the Emmys.

Unknown 44:36
No, it isn’t the Emmys. It doesn’t matter. I can’t remember. But there’s Pearl Jam, guys. It’s Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam. And I love Pearl Jam, right? I’d love Eddie Vetter. His lyrics is one of my favorites. And he was getting an award and he was thanking everybody. And he looked in the audience, and he looked at his wife, and he said, you know, thank you for holding that string, and the kite, and you’ve allowed me to just sore. And I can’t do it without somebody being on the ground, holding that kite string for me. And you’ve done that for me. And I thought, you know, I just my husband was right there. And I looked at him and I said, Did Oh, you know, that’s, that’s how I feel, I can’t do what I do. If you’re not there, allowing me to do so. And I need you holding that string, you know, bringing he does, he’ll bring me back down every once in a while and just remind me, you know,

Unknown 45:30
let’s come back to Earth. And I’m, you know, we need that. So, I think if you’re just my advice would be to communicate with your with your other half, and let them know that you’re the reason I’m this successful. So I need you to support me, I need you to do be you and do what you do. So that I can I can do what I do for the family.

Justin Trosclair 45:53
Because it’s gonna be hard for a guy I think if especially if he has to become the taking care of all the children and like not working at all, it would be definitely a difficult conversation and, but supportive. If you love each other, you can definitely work that out and have those those difficult conversations. But it makes sense exactly what you said. Thank you for sharing that.

Unknown 46:12
Yes, sir.

Justin Trosclair 46:13
Do you happen to have a morning or lunch routine, and you stick to that gets you focus for the rest of the day.

Unknown 46:20
My my morning routine is I love to fill my brain with new knowledge all the time. So I listened to books on Audible. As I’m getting ready. You know, in the past, that’s my routine, you know, I drink my coffee out of my, my real cop. This is my my number one dog. And so serious. Don’t look at my little Chihuahua. And, and I listened. And I even if it’s 10 minutes, while I’m getting ready in the morning, I have to do that I have to get a bit of inspiration or knowledge something to to help me throughout the day,

Justin Trosclair 47:00
maybe favorite book blog or podcast that you think that guests should definitely check out?

Unknown 47:07
Well, yours.

Unknown 47:10
Yes, for sure. And I’ll tell you I am right now because of this empty marketing program that’s really exploding. One of my favorite books that I’m at right now is called blue oceans strategy. And I’ve got so much out of this. And it’s really helped me figure out okay, what is my value proposition? What makes me unique? And you know, what’s going to make me stand apart so that I’m not thinking, oh, I’ve got so much competition, you know, let’s just obliterate the competition, let’s just stand apart. And that way, it’s not even an option. You know, this or that, you know, I don’t want to compare myself, I just want people to look at me and say, Wow, she’s doing this. And that’s why I need her program. Not let’s compare her to this. So I would say Blue Ocean Strategy, if you’ve never, if you and you can utilize those strategies, they teach in that for your practice as well, to help you stand apart in your community. So I just got so much out of it. It’s just such a great, great book.

Justin Trosclair 48:20
Oh, you have a favorite? This is our fun little question. Everybody has an iPhone or an Android, at least you have any favorite apps are? Yeah, let’s go with apps in the app for business or pleasure that you just enjoy.

Unknown 48:33
Um, I would say that the the app is, you know, right now Audible, you know, because I’ve loved her the constant

Unknown 48:44
the constant information all the time. If If I’m driving, if I’m sitting, I’m always trying to you know, I’ve got three books going at once all the time. So that’s, that’s probably my favorite favorite app right now

Unknown 48:55
is audible is audible, what kind of a

Justin Trosclair 48:58
good prices is audible? Is it like 12 bucks a book? Or is that like a monthly subscription? monthly

Unknown 49:02
subscription is 1699. And you get so many credits with that, so I Okay, so then you can download books constantly. And to me, it’s well worth it. You know, I just, I don’t buy books anymore. I just get it right on Audible download it, and constantly listen to him, you know,

Justin Trosclair 49:19
put that on one and a half speed and be done with it twice as fast. Totally

Unknown 49:22
love that. I mean, that changed my life. When I figured out the one and a half speed. I was like what?

Justin Trosclair 49:28
I listened to people sometimes I’m like, put them on one after one. I’m like, you were talking so incredibly slow. And maybe I just talk fast in general. That’s like, wow, this take forever,

Unknown 49:40
because you’re in China. And you know, so you have you’ve had to speed up your own like to x now. Oh, yeah.

Justin Trosclair 49:47
Oh, everything I say I met a guy that actually speaks English. I think he’s number two in town now. And there’s two people. And I just had to find like, so how are you feeling it? Like figure out how much Kenny understand if I speed up? And luckily, he’s pretty good. I was surprised. So I was like, Oh, I might actually have a friend here. Some fruit beer something. social circle expanded by one.

Unknown 50:13
That’s why

Unknown 50:16
I love this.

Justin Trosclair 50:18
Okay, so what how can people find you, and what is a great wrap up.

Unknown 50:25
So you can find me at dominate Cairo marketing.com. That’s my website and check me out there. I also have a page on Facebook, dominate car marketing one. And you can message me there as well if you want more information. And I would just you know, I really appreciate this opportunity to get my message out there about how I feel like as chiropractors, it’s time we step up and start start dominating our communities and start putting it out there what we do, because, you know, really, patients lives are in jeopardy. And MDS, they really want to know you. They want to know what we do. They want our services, they want to, they want to refer to you. And they’ll tell you that behind closed doors as well. So if you want more information, you want to jump on board, learn how to do this, learn these strategies become really successful at this. Build your practice, become more of an authority in your community, and really help our profession, then, then come on. Let’s do it. Let’s dominate.

Justin Trosclair 51:38
Dr. Nicole, Lindsay, thank you so much for being on a wealth of knowledge. All your show notes will be Episode 33. So thank you so much again,

Unknown 51:48
you got it. Thank you for having me just

Justin Trosclair 51:53
wouldn’t it be amazing, they get five medical doctor referrals per month for each one. I think she has a great concept. Great idea. Obviously, she’s got a program for you to purchase. Doug said there’s a promo code use Justin, lowercase j, so no caps, you’ll get $75 off. So again, that’s promo code Justin $75 off of her program, check her out. She’s all over Facebook. And if you need to re listen to this episode, because she did drop a lot of great information for you integrate what said and make it your own Top Tips coming up next.

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travel tip y’all know I love books. No, I love audiobooks and podcasts and all this kind of stuff. overdrive is a library based system for audio books. And it’s free. So you really liked the audio books. And you don’t want to keep spending anywhere from 15 to $30 per book, check out the library yet again, they’re coming through in the pinch. If they don’t have it, maybe ask them to get it. It’s a brand new book. That’s the way to few weeks, maybe a few months. That’s okay to just keep your playlist for that’s it for today where

we just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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