E81 Telemedicine, Concierge Practice and Medical Tourism Dr. Adel Eldin MD

talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Dr. Adel Eldin MD talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Have you heard of telemedicine and medical tourism? Dr. Adel Eldin MD has been pioneering this model in Florida for the past 8 years and is ready to discuss it plus worldwide distribution.

Dr. Adel ELdin MD is fluent in English and Arabic, has been published several times about urokinase and cardiac issues and studied at the State University of New York and University of Connecticut. He performed his clinical interventional cardiology fellowship at Hartford Hospital and Winthrop University Hospital for interventional and clinical cardiology fellowship. Dr. Eldin is a cardiologist at Brooksville Cardiology now called Prontocare.co and is the founder of Florida Medical Tourism.

What does a concierge cardiology (and other specialties) consider as a wellness checkup?

What is telemedicine? What are two ways of implementing it so as to contain cost for patients?

Who could benefit from an 8 year in the making membership fee style medical practice?

Why and how do you take a medical tourism?

Maybe some addicted to opioids etc. could travel to another country for a week or so to get off the drugs.

Is marijuana or a CBD oil an alternative the opioids or is it all a sham? Hear the un-talked about side effects of pot in kids.

If interested in a global telemedicine approach he is looking for investors.

A lofty worldwide health clinic system is a goal of his.

Problems with insurance companies from a patient and a doctor perspective.

Will Nurse Practitioners and Telemedicine replace most general practitioners over the next decade?

A surprising way amazon has offered health benefits.

What is BlackSeed?

Is Medicare and Medicaid going to disappear?


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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 81 telemedicine counselors practice and medical tourism. I’m your host, Dr. Justin trust clear. And today with Dr. D perspective.

thousand 17 podcast Awards Nominated host, Dr. Justin Foursquare as he gets a rare to see him look for the specialties of all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. So have you ever heard of telemedicine and medical tourism? There’s people that will travel to different countries to do elective procedures,

hearts than a knee replacement, you know, those types of things of plastic surgery. And I go to Thailand. That’s one of the places I’ve heard of, I believe he said, Egypt. Well, this episode is going to dive into those things. He’s been pioneering this type of model in Florida for the past eight years, it took that long to get through all the legislation, and that he is ready to talk about it, as well as the worldwide distribution, which has a pretty cool idea on Dr. Sheldon is fluent in English and Arabic. He’s published several papers on euro kindness. He started at the State University of New York and the University of Connecticut. He is dual fellowship trained one at Hartford Hospital in clinical interventional cardiology, and another at Winthrop University Hospital for individual and clinical cardiology. And he also he also does concierge medicine. So a little bit all three he’s got the trifecta. He says nice words. I’ll play that now.

Unknown 1:34
We’re definitely success story. American old speaks English no Chinese doing so well, that that’s that’s a success story by itself. Appreciate that. I really do. Yeah, well, it’s true.

Justin Trosclair 1:45
All right. If you could go to podcast awards.com that’s with an S and nominate the show underneath the health and wellness section. Maybe this year we can actually win and not just be nominated. Appreciate your helping that this episode’s a little shorter than usual. So enjoy a doctor’s perspective net slash eight one let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

What does wellness mean to like a cardiology clinic?

Unknown 2:18
Let me tell you

Unknown 2:20
this program I developed in Tampa Florida five years ago were you know Florida is being visited by millions every year they come

Unknown 2:34
some well

Unknown 2:38
which would include the CBC complete blood count

Unknown 2:42
or basic metabolic panel cm be fasting limit profile thyroid functions, Sunday co hemoglobin a one see which means average blood sugar and four months. And

Unknown 2:57
PSA for men which is a screening for study cancer permit above 45 years of age and also for women postmenopausal.

Unknown 3:08
Maybe you get a screening mammogram. So these are all like good health check labs and blood work. And then we do complete physical and examination as well as complete cardiovascular work of including economic justice. We put this on a like a flash drive for the patient to take back home anywhere in the world can share with their own positions. And then we could make recommendations based on whatever comes out of normal, you know, normal EKG of normal labs that need for the workup, a normal PSA that needs you know, further urology evaluation for prostate cancer or abnormal demographic would need biopsy for instance of So, but also they can have nice heart healthy lunch with us. And then they can also be do a little sightseeing. And he couldn’t even have one day pass it up with fresh garden or to Disney. So it’s a call 999 wellness plan and that they can purchase it online and then they we could have so many folks,

Justin Trosclair 4:31
what countries are you appealing to because that’s pretty standard stuff here in China, at any hospital.

Unknown 4:38
anybody, anybody in the world that would like to use that icon have roots in the Middle East that I was born in Alexandria, Virginia, Alexandria, Egypt.

Unknown 4:53
I have quite a few, you know, folks, we speak the language, you know, the culture. So that’s a nice area gravitation I know, so the folks go to China, but right now it’s a globalized healthcare just like you working there. Same thing, if anybody would like to benefit from our, you know, expertise, there has been a, you know, another thing, telemedicine is getting big. We could do a second opinion consultation with folks in China. Or we could do chronic disease management with, you know, middle or high upper middle class and business individuals, you know, like CEOs and executives.

Justin Trosclair 5:38
What when you say telemedicine, so, I was you can’t touch the patient. So you’re looking at their all their blood work all the reports that they possibly have, and then maybe have them somebody, a doctor there do something for you. And then at that point, you’re like, Okay, my knowledge of these conditions is better than yours. And now I can actually give you a better diagnosis, and then what medicines to take as well.

Unknown 6:01
Yes, this is one way. The others as you know, let’s say I have a bunch of senior citizens, Chinese citizens and living in assisted living facility be said, you know, and they wouldn’t have to explore options of chronic disease management to somebody that you know, blood pressure, sugar, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, whatever the chronic condition is. So this way, you could monitor them, follow them, the mob, manage them, so they don’t end up going to the hospital, and then they pay 20 times higher than then then, you know, basically, that’s number one cause for bankruptcy in the States. But I’m also sure that happening around the world, you know, so health is the most important commodity.

Justin Trosclair 6:53
And are you fine, I looked on your website is pretty straightforward. As far as if you’re this age, you’re gonna pay this much of its this age, you’ll pay that much has that been? Is that more for people who have no insurance or for people who are like, I still pay for insurance, because you know, if I have a tumor or something that’s going to cost a lot of money, but I don’t want to have to meet a five or $10,000 deductible. So it’s just more affordable for me to get the care I need by just paying you a yearly fee.

Unknown 7:19
That that that’s are uninsured or underinsured, for those who are looking for wellness, and for those who don’t want to go to through insurance to get healthcare. It took me eight years. And if you see my article, the news, Florida, working with the legislature, finally the governor Simonton, Florida, that because I’ve been blocked for so many years was the lobbyists, as well. As you know, a lot of folks were afraid that they will get penalized if they don’t go with Obamacare, but Obamacare is ending up this year, as you know, so there’s millions of people looking for affordable healthcare. Also, the possibility in 2019, Medicaid will be replaced by blood grants, which doesn’t do squat. So now all those people looking for affordable health care. And now it’s official, nobody can harass you or, you know, bother you from insurance company or their own hobbyist because now it’s a law signed into law by the governor, that you could go, you know, directly call direct contracting without going through the trucks.

Justin Trosclair 8:35
Okay. But there was probably still need insurance for if they had, like you’re a cardiologist, but I’m guessing this plan wouldn’t cover if they had a heart attack or post post rehab or anything.

Unknown 8:45
Okay, if you if you do a good job of patient, no one should go to the hospital. No. Okay. I’m serious. So it will be so what do you do if you need elective procedure, then we’d have met medical tourism. And I contracted with to international cricket at hospital GCI created a hospital Egypt scoring International Medical Center and Army Hospital simple to be able to serve the needs for so many people, maybe close to 80 million Americans that will not be able to afford us healthcare process. Ah, so they can go and have their surgery for a small fraction of us price if they can drink, relax and recover and see and see the pyramids or whatever program that they can do, you know, post stop, and then they can come back to the US and tax break of their medical bill. medical errors.

Justin Trosclair 9:45
Okay, because I heard about that, like in, in Thailand, you know, that’s just down the street from us. They do a very into that as well. And I said it’s got to be I guess elective procedures to where you can schedule in advance and you don’t have to worry about like a like a hip replacement maybe are I don’t

Unknown 10:01
know like a gallbladder surgery, weight reduction, yes. gallbladder and need done emergence, elective surgery, weight reduction, because medic hair transplant or two Beady Eye Surgery,

Unknown 10:14
Valve valve, Valve heart surgery, elective cap or angioplasty are sent. So there’s all there’s a list and in the in the dental procedure, whatever, whatever, you know, implants and so on. Hmm. So there’s tons of stuff that you could do an elective basis. And then here it is, here’s a service here what it is. So we could, you know, make a to z, you know, kind of, you know, service. And all what I’m offering, though, is true, one stop solutions.

Justin Trosclair 10:52
That’s pretty wild. I mean, to think that you can with the flights and everything, but I mean, it makes sense. Because if a back surgery is 100 thousands of 200 thousand dollars here, if they can do it for 50. That’s a whole lot better, maybe,

Unknown 11:04
maybe much less, maybe less than 20. Wow, you know, and then can do, because it’s all going to be from now on anywhere in the world is going to be what? So give me a good service at a good price. I’m with you. That’s it.

Justin Trosclair 11:18
Yeah, good results. So you hear people go to Mexico, and then

Unknown 11:21
they die. And then I’m adding a lot of a lot of fun. I don’t know how much it is opioid crisis and pain management in China. But in the United States, the opioid crisis is telling 60,000 Americans every year, I don’t know if you know about it, I do. And as

Justin Trosclair 11:37
a chiropractor, and PT and all that we’re like, Hey, guys, come on, we’re over here, send them our way. That’s all you gotta do.

Unknown 11:44
Very good. And then and then what we do is, I’m developing a program like eight, eight days, seven nights, you know, they can just leave on a Friday night.

Unknown 11:56
God, like I said to Egypt, maybe they will do

Unknown 12:00
other non pharmacologic management of pain.

Unknown 12:05
Like all the therapies like natural spring water, like cupping, like you know, of course, acupuncture, massage, all these combination,

Unknown 12:18
in addition to the black seed, and then a nice, also program where they can go to sign it and see where Moses spoke to God, and they can go shopping, and they can show the combination of fun and detox at the same on with natural, effective set of substances, like instead of non steroidal, turmeric, and and, and so on, so, so that they will, when they come back to the US, then they will start brand new off of steroids of opioid of all the addiction, their pain will be managed, naturally and non pharmacological,

Justin Trosclair 12:59
why do you that hasn’t really been popularized, as this point,

Unknown 13:02
I just, I’m just developing it now. Because I’m looking for solutions to help people and and if and if the collaboration with similar like minded people, like yourself and others, then then we can spread it all over the world for everybody, you know, sure. I’m sure they have pain and where you are, there’s pain in those days, but the weights approached is absolutely wrong. They make people drug addicts. And now, unfortunately, and sadly, because it’s all have to do with money, no matter how you do it right or wrong, just do it. In the United States, they’re trying to replace the opioid crisis with marijuana, unfortunately, you know, the disobedience or to the opiate crisis, which is not because you have now you have now kids, you know, the opioid is giving him at your revelation. It’s giving him cardiomyopathy, it’s delayed in Europe, muscular coordination is causing a lot of traffic accidents, because everybody’s impaired. So the answer is not opioid, for the viewers is not to switch to marijuana is neither. And then, you know, do these things the right way, because both seems to be related to the industry, manufacturing, just making a lot of money, but not really helping people, it’s just really sadly, so I’m doing something that’s been, you know, proven through centuries to be effective, natural, no side effects. That combined with fun, and very, very reasonably priced. And now I’m looking, if you have rich people in China, they do want to come in either to be the local partners or investors. That’s another thing also, I’m open to that, because obviously need, you know, takes money to spread

Justin Trosclair 14:58
it. That’s right. And then and obviously, you know, some also soft tissue management software. So that’s where I’m at. And then this seems to be a trend right now with CBD oil, which is like the cannabinoid oil so that people like you don’t have to smoke it and you don’t have to get high and eat brownies. You can just use this oil, kind of like a fish oil. And everything gets better. Have you heard about that? What’s your opinion, if you have

Unknown 15:21
I think it’s baloney. All anything happen to kind of avoid and all this is nothing but a sham. It’s just another fraudulent way to take people’s money. You don’t care what happened to them. But I you know, I put it all in my

Unknown 15:39
have one article 100 articles on LinkedIn to do with global education. And I mentioned specifically around the holiday what happened to get high on cannabinoids and, and more passion for what happens to them. You know, there are people going to, you know, don’t care as long as they get cash, but always in my life doing the right thing and ethical. And when you do it, everything else come, you know, perspective and prosperity of solid.

Justin Trosclair 16:09
Very good. We like to talk about marketing a little bit on the show sometimes, like what’s the way that you’re obviously podcasting, but trying to get the word out, not just in the local Florida area, but to actually spread these news?

Unknown 16:23
Well, through through our websites, through our you know, we have, obviously social media, we have limited advertisement, because it’s all have to do with the you can only spread with your budget, you know, the limited the budget, the more the more it is the bed The farther if you reach out and so on. So that may be a little bit Achilles tendon. But that’s where the opportunity lies in terms of getting collaboration with, you know, Alexei, local partners when we spread it in China in different cities. And also, if somebody, like what we’re doing is global health care. So we projects and then you can come on board as an investor, and then you know, that will help to get distaff, the advertisement the effort to join in, you know, other providers, like yourself,

Unknown 17:17
to spread that model. Now I have the global entity called pronto care and not have the contracts in English and an Arabic, but I’m also adding the Spanish and then this, they like we could have a Chinese version, and then and then spreads like a wire. So for the folks who are traveling in China, to Europe or the states, we could have pronto care models to cover their travel insurance of us right now a lot of people put in a lot of money and they not getting any services. And they’re not getting anything for the money just dumping up to those companies. But if they enrolled in an offline, and you know, obviously, everything’s online, so if we can make their credit card payment, then then that we can at least have them

Unknown 18:11
get access to our online services, where they if they get sick, when traveling, they can, you know, call us and we will, you know, tell them where to go or prescribed medications and their location so that they can don’t end up going to the hospital and losing the shirt. That’s basically where I’m where I’m at right

Justin Trosclair 18:30
now. That’s pretty cool, because I did the travel insurance before and luckily, I don’t really get sick, but

Unknown 18:36
you didn’t. You just paid the money and you can get nothing in return.

Justin Trosclair 18:40
Exactly, exactly. I got a peace of mind that maybe if I got injured, I could submit some bill to America and maybe get reimbursed

Unknown 18:48
that don’t get reimbursed? Nothing. They don’t cover nothing. What do you think there’s quadrupled rate of suicide in the US position? Why do you think is 70% burnout rate in the US position, because the third party insurance that suck the blood out of people, they denied them, Dermot patient to deny them their, you know, procedures, I don’t know if you heard about the pre authorization medicine, it’s one of my articles on LinkedIn, you know, even if the medication you need, you know, you’re not going to get you know, all the the insurance company trying to also get with a cheaper version of medication, even if you can, don’t tolerate it, even if you have bleeding, you know, too, if you have, you know, it’s horrible. And now in the past used to be physician to physician kind of deal. But right now, you’d be lucky to speak to a technician not even a nurse. Yeah, and then for the doctors, they don’t get paid. So the doctors, you know, for especially the solos, they ended up basically going out of business closing their shop or selling it out to you know, hospitals where they you know, 10 years ago, there was acquisition mania is you may recall, but now, most of the US hospital are going to be dumping the physicians because with the automation, they don’t need physicians who telemedicine you don’t need physicians, because it cost them a lot of money. And then they were placed physician to the cheaper labor like nurse practitioner or a physician assistant, you know, position extenders. I’ve heard about that. What was

Justin Trosclair 20:20
the problem and don’t know the problem I’ve seen in my own hometown or a mom lives and then a lot of the doctors are actually all part of the hospital. What was the problem with that? Where are you from?

Unknown 20:29
Louisiana. Okay, so Louisiana, and all these places are the most devastated places because it especially where rural areas, a lot of hospitals, almost 1500 hospitals shut down, you know, Louisiana, Mississippi, where people really need help small and medium sized hospital because they’re not getting paid by the same guys insurance. So they suck all the money, they dump all the responsibility on you, the patient, you have to pay every everything out of pocket cash for the either deductible, or the office visit, where they commit co payments. It’s the whole structure of the insurance companies, nothing but a sham, for the most part. So now, Amazon two months ago, and he started disruption of the traditional healthcare, it basically copied all my work, whether it’s direct contracting for health care, or medical tourism, so they had about a quarter of a million employees between them. And Warren Buffett’s, you know, Berkshire Hathaway, as well as the JC Morgan, they, they kind of teamed up, it’s about a quarter of a million employees and said, Okay, we’re going to do a direct contracting, and for healthcare, and if somebody needs a procedure will ship them to, you know, anywhere in the world for a small fraction of, of the US healthcare. That’s it. I never heard of that. That’s crazy. Yeah, it is. And, you know, I served your I’ll send you to Spain, for a minimal for one 10th of us, but you know, prices and then that will save money to the employer, the employee will be retained, because, you know, a lot of people when they get hired, the way you attract as an employer, attract employees good employees, is to offer them healthcare, right or healthy. And that’s how we could retain them attract and retain them, and not a legal just now it’s legal, legal. And, you know,

Unknown 22:29
just check my article on LinkedIn, because you can see actually the video is with with a lawmaker, and that I’ve done here in the last eight years. And also the average saving to go to pronto care to go ahead and type it as we speak. If you have a computer in front of you, you’ll see we saved $45,000 for a couple over three years enrollments $45,000 over three years, so now we have some thing alternative, you know, now that you’re out there in China, I have a model and they’re interested to have it franchise or whatever, be certainly more than happy to talk to folks who spread pronto care slash China. And the US model, we have 5% part of what the patient paid goes back in the community, mostly to fight hunger, like establishing Food Bank and things like that. So this is my choice. And we could replicate the same thing in China. And also the black seed of those are interested in natural immune system enhancers. Black seen this is the way to go. So because an anti viral anti bacterial, antifungal engineer plastic anti aging, all this natural, and yo yo Oh yeah. So we got we got into real deal tell you and you could read it all the stuff of the sun behind it. So it’s not just to patients How did this work is a beautiful thing.

Unknown 24:56
So all this mess and all this the world the system was almost bankrupt here in the US anyway.

Justin Trosclair 25:03
Right? You know,

Unknown 25:04
this year, I believe everybody’s realizing Obamacare is going to be gone Medicaid will be gone in and maybe few years. Some people say five Some people say maybe less Medicare money will be gone. And they already sending article if you look at my LinkedIn, you know stuff. I said the future doesn’t look good for Medicare. So basically running out of money. So have a backup plans.

Unknown 25:32
And then it is happening much much faster than they than they expected because in the last 15 months with the new administration is just a lot of people are making trillions of dollars and and everybody in the mid low income class in America is getting moved into poverty

Justin Trosclair 25:55
line and try an interesting well, and enlightening conversation. Well, we appreciate your time here on the show that is for sure. We’ll put the links in the in the show notes. And we’ll see how this thing plays out for you. With the worldwide expansion. It’s a it’s an uphill battle. I know that so

Unknown 26:14
we got we both are interested. And we got the price for those who are interested. We got the service for those searches, whether it’s a territory, whether it’s advice, whether it’s just for fun, the wellness, tourism, whether it’s get rid of legacy pain management, but non pharmacologic effective way these also attractive alternatives and options or if somebody just wanted to wellness, but it also under prone to carry the same kind of principles where the we aim to do disease prevention, wellness and stress management, which everybody needs in China and the US and everywhere. We’re offering people a nun insurance route, where direct contracting and then medical tourism and natural medicine and telemedicine and wellness. So, all combined and if somebody wants like I said to be the local you know, China representative or agent or local partner, be happy to discuss collaboration or just want to be an investor want to be you know, that that that also, you know, an opportunity that we certainly open to discuss with serious interested parties only.

Justin Trosclair 27:29
Well, I appreciate that and we will

Did you know, I am offering a copy in one on one online class you know, been in China for a while I’ve got a class set up with some TCM docs who do cupping will show you the glass kind and the suction kind Did you find more information at a doctor’s perspective, net slash cupping. Right now we have a pre sale price. So you’re going to save a good chunk of cash. By signing up early just put your email You’ll get notified when the class goes live. Also, as always, the no needle acupuncture book, you get four chapters, anxiety, low back, insomnia, and headaches, got pictures, how to find the points. And of course, all of no needles just go to a doctor’s perspective net slash in a protocol as in needless acupuncture. We have great results the other day from lady who couldn’t do a lunch because her knee pain. Now, knee pain is not an issue. So excited to hear that. Also the first book today’s choices, tomorrow’s health, a lot of people are looking for a magic bullet, the same that this is saying hey look, if you can do small things daily, you’ll see results. And I’ll give you the blueprints that I use to create an exercise routine cardio routine, get my nutrition in order and actually get your finances in order to because that’s a big stress in life. And of course talks about chiropractic. So hope you check that out. On the website, I’m the Resources tab. These are my affiliate links that helps out support the show blueberry hosting set for said they got the power bands and the really really resistant. Really good to stretch those joints mentor box in get subscription to watch the author talks about the book so that you don’t have to spend the time reading it becomes a verb books and things like that. It’s really quite cool. primal health and nutrition. You can save 10% by going through my link using the code primal doc. It’s bone broth. Here’s to the autoimmune protocols and the specific carbohydrate diet, gluten free non GMO, no sugar, dairy free, all those types of cool things. As well as Click Funnels. If you sign up to that, or pick up a book from him, do my links helps out a little bit. And then of course everybody’s favorite Amazon. You can sign up for different things like prime fresh our music through our links. And of course in the the show notes we have books mentioned, if you follow the link through my site, that’ll help out as well. Well, that is it. Go on ahead and leave us a five star review. Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll see you next week.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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