E 124 MSK Sports Podiatrist Nick Knight

Deep dive into MSK sports podiatry with Nick Knight. What is plantar plate injury, how do you treat MSK as a podiatrist, clinical research, 3d gait analysis, zero gravity treadmills, and his love of field hockey. A fresh look at what you can specialize in. Podiatry was not his first idea for a profession but…

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E 95 Guidelines for PRP, RFA, Stem Cells, Neuromodulation Dr Brian Rich MD

Learn the in’s and outs of the following procedures, answer patient questions and make appropriate referrals: PRP, radiofrequency ablation, stem cells, kyphoplasty, epidural steroid injections. Regenerative Medicine Dr. Brian Rich, MD Dr. Brian Rich, MD started in Family Medicine but always had a passion for orthopedics. Back in 2007 the options were limited for certain…

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Episode 33: Be the MD’s Solution, Not Their Competition Nicole Lindsey DC

Medical doctors ( MD) don’t have to be the great unknown referral source. Dr Nicole Lindsey DC shows you the way to get MD referral, Inspiring people to take healthy action, building relationships sprinkled with research. Get a promo code and learn about women breadwinners. Followed her gut feeling and changed from pharmacy dreams to…

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