E 158 Content Marketing CheatSheet with Kevin Christie Modern Chiropractic Marketing

doing it right modern chiropractic marketing kevin christie dc a doctors perspective podcast
Dr. Kevin Christie, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

Learn how to do Content Marketing and over 6 strategies to implement it. Dr. Kevin Christie joins us to discuss his new book Doing It Right, Modern Chiropractic Marketing.

Dr. Kevin Christie of Modern Chiropractic Marketing and DeskJockey Podcasts joins the show. He has a new book coming out called “Doing It Right, Modern Chiropractic Marketing” and should be available to purchase now. Disclosure I did get a complimentary copy of the book. For more info visit: bit.ly/doingitrightmcm

We cover how busy doctors can do Content Marketing. From the first year out who has more time than money and the seasoned businessman who can spend money and delegate the work out to professionals, this interview will cover strategies in modern marketing.

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Content Marketing for Doctors is educating your community on conditions that you want to treat in an engaging and informative way, actually providing value.

3 Types of Patient LifeCycles

1. Patient Never contacted your office

2. Patient Experience as a client

3. Inactive patient who was a patient at some point

Which leads to the point of why a Weekly Email to past clients is so important.

Do your past patients refer to you as MY doctor or That doctor I went to before when telling others?

You can Create or Curate Content or Re-purpose the content you already have.

Good idea to target for Value and People Already In Your Office

When and why would we want to purge our email list from people who haven’t engaged with the emails.

How does retention and referrals play together?

Education Based Marketing and the Patient Experience

  • Concise Report Of Finding – Got to have great patient communication
  • Provide Content during the Treatment : This could be videos or handouts of FAQs or you demonstrating exercises you always give by sending a link to your youtube video
  • Reception room physical handouts to read instead of magazines
  • Onboarding Email Series (welcome and what to expect, info on low back problems, neck issues and fourth is a soft sale on other products or services they can purchase)

Automate, Outsource, Delegate Marketing is what we should strive for as doctors.

We touch on his Recovery Center options (cyrotherapy chamber, compression boots etc) and if he thinks it a wise decision these days.

When should you be sending out high quality newsletters and birthday cards, since postage isn’t cheap? (average total patient value and per visit average)

Facebook custom audience strategy from your own patients for reactivation, keeping your name at Top Of Mind Awareness and prospecting for new patients.

When should we do a lookalike audience versus more of a broad topic versus a niche based on activities, hobbies etc?

How do you break up your budget into broad vs niche social media ads?

BOOKS: Kim Walsh-Phillips & Dan Kennedy No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing (be 85% PBS and 15% QVC),
Crossing the Chasm
Dr. Kevin’s book Doing It Right Modern Chiropractic Marketing bit.ly/doingitrightmcm

Dr. Kevin Chrisite, is a chiropractor and host of the desk jockey podcast and modern marketing for chiropractors podcast and now an author.

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/158 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

modern chiropractic marketing doing it right kevin christie dc a doctors perspective podcast
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E 158 Content Marketing CheatSheet with Kevin Christie Modern Chiropractic Marketing

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Episode One. Hundred fifty eight content marketing Chichi. Talked to just entrust Clare in today’s winners Christie’s perspective. During two thousand seventeen and eighteen podcast awards, nominee hosts invest selling altron Amazon as we get a behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor and get specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Looking back to the show today’s dual sponsorship because I will get a complimentary copy of his book doing right Modern Chiropractic Marketing, but quite frankly I probably what about the book? Anyway, it’s actor. Kevin. Christie is no stranger to podcast in. He had the desk jockey for many years, and the now he has the modern carpet marketing show. It is partially him an partially interviews depending on what he wants to do, but he’s doing it right he’s. He’s been doing strategic coaching for a long time. He’s at a successful business in Boca Raton and Miami I believe he’s been invited to park university far thinking car, practical lines and different places, because he does content marketing, not nineteen, ninety five for an exam, X., Ray, and adjustment or anything like that no, this is creating content that people actually care about and then strategically promoting that in different ways repurposing it having a having education base marketing. GonNa talk about the three types of patient lifecycles patients never been in your office, the experience of the patient in your office, and in those who came in have not been active for quite a while. What do we do with all those people and one of his models now is automate outsource in delegate what you can. Because there’s because I won’t point. You have more time than money and other eventually you have more money, so you can buy back your time. Before we go any further. The second sponsorship is by Swanson Health. They’ve been producing quality vitamins and supplements in food and self care products for over fifty years right in the heart of America, they have a Swanson Quality Code that means they have a strict quality for the standards for their products in they must adhere to. You’ve got over twenty thousand products on. On their website, Swanson Dot Com and I have used them off and on in the past so glad that they are a sponsor for the show, and if you WANNA try any, the Swanson helps great products for yourself, use code doctors, twenty as do C., T., O. R. S. Two zero and get twenty percents off of your order that Swanson Dot Com. Before we jump in the interview, I just want you to know that the coloring books trilingual animal kids coloring books are now available on Amazon all six had the sages just by one it’d be the five in one called the all the books you can find those that a doctor’s perspective dot net slash coloring or even Dr. Justin tros Clare Dot com slash coloring. Either one works. You can get on Amazon. Is You WANNA buy in bulk because it’s English Chinese Spanish. All on one page for each kind of animal or insect Cetera is could be a nice giveaway for patients who have kids. It’s very affordable or just put them in your office and they can tear some pages out in Colorado as they wait all kinds of things that you can do so just reach out from the webpage our social media. If you want to do any kind of book orders. I can get you a better price, so let’s jump in. Fully loaded. Grab your pin or your one note evernote APP. All the shots in the transcript we’ll be available at a doctor’s perspective. Dot Net slash one five eight. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain. Live from Germany in Boca Raton Florida Today on the show. We got the goat of chiropractic marketing, but not that old school style Howard nine hundred dollars for an exam. We’re talking real strategy with real prices, and he’s a former I would say former host of the desk jockey podcast. He’s the current host of the modern marketing for chiropractors. It’s huge from whichever episode you’re going. Going to get something good whether interviewing somebody are just up intimidating for himself, and he soon be author, and he’s a long member of strategic coach correct? Yeah, absolutely eight years now so that’s a commitment in time and money and is going to pay off, so please welcome Dr, Kevin Christie thank you I appreciate the kind words and I appreciate you having me on your show. No problem. Well, it’s no secret. You’ve got a book coming out this. What is going on with this book, but I love it because it’s going to be good information. Preach China talking about what to cover. And recently we’ve done videos how to convert into a blog post. We’ve talked about Google reviews, and how important that is for the one that I don’t think we’ve had a ton of talk about on. This is strategy. You re doing youtube or doing facebook or doing in house, marketing and local doctors like. How do we implement something tomorrow? Yeah, we already have. A very good question. Because like. I’m assuming a lot of your audiences. Doctors correct correct. Yeah, so you know doctors have a lot of work to do just being a doctor.

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So how do you implement marketing? And it definitely depends on where you’re at in your career, and in your was just call it. Practice finances right, and so I tried it definitely even in the book. We talk about that, but you know if it’s the year one doctor that’s got more time than money than then maybe they’re. They’re doing a fair amount of it, but then down the road you really WanNa. Get good at delegating, and so it’s more about your practice having this marketing versus you doing this marketing and but you just can’t afford that out of the gates, and so it’s going to have to come from you early on so I. Always try to make doctors understand that you don’t have to also be a marketing. person is well okay. Yeah, I know you being that you have your own podcast. You go on for like twenty minutes. No problem and I’m totally fine with that so. When you do want a little bit more guidance. Let me know I’m going to let you China. Talk for a little while I’ve got some questions. As you speak, and then I’ll follow up with some of these these questions that I have. Is that cool? Yeah, that’s perfect you know, and so it’s like when you chat with different chiropractors. About! What I try to talk about his content marketing right so. There’s a lot of different types of marketing. There’s a lot of different Miss Interpretations of what marketing is or is not but content marketing to me is just the best marketing that a doctor can do because it’s like invisible marketing, right? You’re just you’re really educating the community around your topic. Obviously, you want to develop potentially niche or specialty, and then you’re going to have an audience in your community. That would really resonate with that, and then you’re just going to feed them very good information and you’re going. Do it consistently, and so it’s not like your. Marketing, you’re not running spammy ads. You’re not doing cheesy radio spots like you’re. You’re actually providing value to the community and from there you will position yourself as an expert in that particular Field Grey of knowledge and people will come and see you know actually referred you even if they never even came to your practice, and it’s just amazing what? If you do really good content marketing what it can do for your practice and I try to dive into like three different types of strategies with that and we can. We can break that down issued like before we do that. We’re talking about the content, okay? I’m not really into golf, but let’s say someone cares about golf because they typically have disposable income Yup. Do. We just start with okay. What about golf all right? Maybe it’s five hundred words, and then you had another five hundred words, and now you’ve got an icee. Thousand word thing about golf. But you take some more seminars. Maybe TPI thing, and now you know even more, so you put some more stuff together. We keep adding our ends up. Being like a ten page printed landing page about golf, or should we separating that in two separate articles so that whenever you’re advertising? Not GonNa Pitch Article Works, best or just that massive page note. I mean it just the yeah. You can go about a couple of different ways, but like for. For, for example, if you if someone were to write a book, you know, that might be fifty seventy five thousand words, and then you can take parts of that and disperse it out his content, which actually been doing with the book that I wrote right now we haven’t released yet, but I’ve been dripping out in emails putting certain sections a blog on our website and utilizing some of that content as a smaller chunks if you will. Not I wouldn’t necessarily recommend twenty pages or something on a website or twenty thousand words on a website that can get a little bit overkill, and so you’d probably want to break that up into different blogs you know if you’re if you’re talking about a blog on your website? At least seven hundred fifty words maybe up to two thousand. There’s a lot of other strategies with blogging. That would help it actually compel people and have a higher readability, so you’re not boring in the death, but yeah I wouldn’t go overkill with with your web website pages. Cut very good. So what are some of these strategies? So yeah, you know I would say the big misconception with doctors is is new patients right like you gotTa have new patient marketing only in it’s all focused on that new patient marketings important. We all know new patients are vital to the to livelihood of our practice I. Get that, but I just want to put that aside, but that is strategy one. We’ll get to it. But there’s other there’s two other aspects of this patient life cycle. If you will right so if the new patient life cycle is someone that’s never contacted your office at all right? Maybe they senior stuff. That’s fine, but they’ve never contact your office. The next one is the the patient experience. We’ll call it, and that’s from the point. They either schedule online or call your office the schedule to the end of their treatment plan that’ll be, we’ll call the patient experience.

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In, the third is, the is basically the inactive patient. That’s the person that. Is No longer coming in your office for active care. Maybe they come every so often or whatever, but that’s an inactive patient. Right those two aspects of the patient life cycle are where a lot of doctors fail to stay top of mind or educate them and and really. Maybe it’s increased patient retention. If your patient experience is really good, and we’ll talk about that in a second Maybe it’s increased reactivation. If you’re getting information in front of people that have already been in your practice in, know like and trust you and so there’s a higher chance they’re going to come back in for things they need. Or, they’re actually going to I’m going to bring this now back to the new patient, okay? Let’s give. Let’s tell a story. Let’s say you know Bob is sitting at his computer. And he gets your email every week on great information, and some of its own headaches some on back pain, so it’s on nutrition whatever? But he got an email about ten days ago. That you sent on headaches. That was really informative. Will Bob’s not suffering from any headaches? But he happens to be talking to Mary. His colleague sits the Cubal- over, and she’s complaining of headaches. There’s a high chance at Bob is going to say you gotta go see my doctor for your headaches, and he may even forward that email over to to her and there you go a new patient referral, whereas if Bob never got those emails from you and hadn’t been your practice for a year, there’s a very low chance he would have thought about you. When Mary was complaining about the headache, so he can actually drive new patients into your practice. Referrals from people at aren’t actively coming in. which is great okay, and let’s not be so arrogant to remember who we are and our name, because we don’t even remember our own doctors who dry doctor I don’t know the one on the corner. I don’t know his name. Maybe I remember his practice name, but it’s the one across from MacDonald that guy okay. It’s it’s so true it’s we have this thought process that because they came into office they they know us right and here’s the distinction that you really need your patients to have and it’s. Do they call you your doctor? Like Oh, my doctor, my chiropractor. My physical therapy is my whatever it is a Do they say my doctor? Versus yeah I went to the doctor before he was okay right more. Yeah, I’ve been to. I’ve been to a chiropractor before. You want to get to the point where they feel like you’re there. Doctor Right and if they don’t need you, it doesn’t mean that they’re that. You’re not their doctor, but if you keep in front of them with with good content, and you educate them, they will still feel like you’re part of. Life Okay, you could purchase. You don’t have to create all of these emails like I’m sure there’s a lot there where you can just small fee, and now you have four emails a month, right? Yeah. You could do that for sure so whenever we’re trying to get people to to. Combat the overwhelm of creating content. Yeah, that’s. Yeah, there’s three. There’s three ways of doing this one is creating content which is going to be the highest value right for sure. To is is curated content, which is just taking someone else’s content. and sharing that in obviously referencing if you’re using it, but you could just share reno like there’s other sharing as long as all their information’s on there, but obviously if that content’s supports your narrative, that’s grades. Can crew congruent with what you do? sets curated and in the third is repurposing, and that’s something. I like to talk about a lot to. How do you create mentioned earlier like if you wrote a book on something or even an e, book? You can repurpose some of that content in other forms or snippets, and have more content from the now it’d be repurposing content. You want a nice blend of creating curing and repurposing the contact, not all trying to sell something. Yeah so I had Kim Walsh Phillips on my podcast, not that long ago and I read her book She wrote she co authored a book with Dan. Kennedy who’s one of the all-time. Well known marketers. Yeah, he’s a new bit no BS series and her and him wrote. The NOBIS skied to Social Media Mark Direct response to social media marketing, so she’s the social media person. He’s like antisocial media. He is really. Eighties nineties marketing just a genius at marketing, but isn’t really a social media, so they collaborate and wrote a book and I had her on my on my show, and she has a saying that I love, and it’s you need to be eighty five percent pbs and fifteen percent QVC. So you’re familiar with PBS that’s information right valuable information say eighty five percent of that.

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Is You want your content to be? And then QVC is selling right so then fifteen percent is selling. If you provide that type of ratio, give or take, people will still find you value. Unfortunately, most bad marketers people in desperation. Are are like eighty-five QVC and fifteen percent PBS. Because the point of the matter is to regardless if they like emails or not, there subscribed. They will see your doctor name your clinic name every week. So you’re being reminded and they still like Oh! That’s a business something. Obviously, there’s probably cells in their. Whatever so it’s not like you see best buy in your email box. That doesn’t mean you assume it’s informational, but you know. Know that there’s a cell pitch in there somewhere at some point, and that’s okay, too. Because it’s top of mind, DOC, you’re right, and it’s a very good point. Because a lot of people get really bent out of shape about their open rates on the email and I yeah tell them not to. If they’re getting that that subject line and like you said your name and your. Title you know three ways to help fix your headaches. They may not read it because they don’t have a headache, but they’ll know that subconsciously. That! If they get a headache six months, I was like Oh, I remember you know my chiropractor whatever deals with with headaches right, so yeah, I want you to make sure that your marketing strategy is really really targeting value and people that have already been in your office. So person I think there’s so many people that got thirty thousand names over the last twenty years. okay. WHO’s active? So is this cotton strategy a way to reactivate them? Or it’s the point of from today we will keep in contact with every patient well. Yeah I mean if you can get them, you know Auntie. Melissa, our mailing lists whatever us, and that’s totally fine, and then if we’re talking about email a lot of times every so often all clear, my list in a sense like you can go into mail, chimp, or whatever service you’re using, and you can click a button. It says like filter out into a new audience anybody. Anybody? That has not opened up any of my last fifty emails I may decide a clean because there’s some you know like there’s some spam filters I’d catchy males or some promotional tabs catch them, and so they’re not getting whatever it is damaged over fifty or so clean it up so I do get a little bit more of an accurate assessment, my list and my open rates. And you can always send them a simple Hey, if you don’t open our email, we’re just going to remove you from the list because you obviously don’t care anyway. You haven’t even opened on in a year. It could be like something like I’ve seen one whereas like it’s. It’s not me. It’s you know. It’s you. GotTa, catch her touch and if they’re. Open now another. Okay, you got if not then they didn’t. They didn’t care. And then they’re off your list moving forward, so no harm no foul. So. What’s next for us? Yeah, yeah, so I I’m going to go through a few strategies admitted on that type of stuff, too, but let’s go back to that patient experience. The highest refer ability of a Haitian is during active care. Right when Bob is in your office actively for care. That’s the highest likelihood that he’s going to refer someone to your practice Oh. If you can increase the patient retention of that patient within reason like doc. Patient I like we’re going to put their health I. WE’RE NOT GONNA Selma. Some care plan that they don’t need. But within reason, if the retention is is good, that gives a longer window for them to refer in, and if you provide them with educational content value during that process, they’re going to understand the things that you do and how you’re helping them. That’s can also increase the likelihood of referrals so now by by focusing on the patient experience and the inactive patients. Not only will you get reactivation? Not only. Will you get a longer patient? Retention you’re going to get more referrals for new patients, and as we know referrals, new patients is the best thing for our practice, and for people to know because carpets can get a bad name. Depending on where you live, we did not subscribe to the fifty visit healthcare plan. We’re talking. They were doing six twelve, and maybe they need fifteen instead of twelve or ten instead of six. That’s of the number referring to correct absolutely, and so you know again. That’s why I kind of mentioned like health I am everything else comes or not money I in in health. It’s health first, and then the money. Oh, come as as you need so good, good distinction very good. We’ve reputation sometimes. Yes. Got The framework of Megyn first patient first, and then you know the three phases of the patient life cycle new patient marketing patient experience in inactive patient Do you want to dive into some of the strategies for say the patient experience in the inactive patient Yup. That was the next question all right, so let’s do that, so I wanNA start with the Let’s start with the patient.

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Experience of the things you because some people are like you know what do. Do. You mean marketing for the patient experience and so again I like the word content marketing I it really whether you call, you could call it. Education based marketing right sometimes words do mean stuff so i. don’t want you to just like well if it’s if you’re worried about the patient experience. Are we really wanting to market to them? They’re not gonNA. Feel like they’re being marketed to. K and so some of the strategies during a patient experience that you want. Is First off. Are you implementing a really good concise effective report of findings that really is about them, and making them aware of the direct indirect causes some of that so I can’t. I’d be remiss if you didn’t have effective patient communication. It’s GonNa. Be a struggle, okay? And, so you can educate them. You know if it’s the desk worker. If you spend an extra couple of minutes talking about some potential ergonomics issues that’s relating to their headaches. That’s phenomenal, right? That’s education based content that you’re verbally giving them. It’s not about it’s not always about social media, right? It can be public speaking. It could be one on one conversations. It can be live events. It could be workshops. A can be social media can be email, so let’s get that out of the way right so I wanNA make sure that you’re. Effectively communicating to people like that. How about if you shoot videos and you put them on your Youtube Channel. One of the things I do like for instance work with a lot of runners. Runner in a sports injury running related injury, one of the questions I always ask them. Are you doing a pre-run warm. And if they answer no or they don’t like it either I walk right over my table. Grabbed a youtube link that I. Did we have Youtube Channel and we have video on a pre warm and I just email right tomb through our our system. And they’ve got a pre-run. Warm up right, so that’s an example of providing them with content during their patient experience that helps solidify some information you’re wanting to do and so my youtube channel is a database of video content my blog. My website is as well. We’ll get someone at not as much right now because we’re in quarantine, but. They were travel for work and he’d have a back problem, and so we wrote a blog on air, travel and back pain, and so I’ll go over and get the link to the blog in Senate like make sure you read this before you go on your trip and so are you using content to help? Educate you created right to great way in just little caveat to that some people. They don’t know what to create content on. The questions and concerns that your patients have four that right that air travel blog that we wrote him back pain that came from having so many patients ask about that trouble for work tomorrow and he’s like you know what we need to write a blog on that so a lot of times your patients can be your creative muse if you will right Would you say that it’s okay to just a you know what this doctor? Christie’s got this great video. Let me look at it. That’s great I’m GonNa just use his video and he’ll get the links and I don’t care or does recreate it. It’s totally fine to share someone else’s Info. You know sometimes. I’ll find a great thing on whatever that I didn’t create on Youtube and I’ll vetted I make sure it’s a reputable source and I’ll send that to my patient, but then yeah, you could recreate it. You don’t want to like copying, but if this just like a demonstration of a warm up or an exercise in, you could do it and you. You could you could give credit to the original creator if it is if there is original creator were fine, because realistically. If you’re just the basic chiropractor in some small town, you’re not gonna get rich on the youtube to me is like what you’re going to get one hundred views on this thing and your life span, so wanted it to be your own channel in your own person doing his like. The McGill Big Three. Yeah, exactly mobile is a perfect example of it and. I want people. Especially doctors understand is like shooting youtube videos is not about being Internet famous right. YOU WANNA shoot the video you WANNA provide value. Video is one of the best ways of of really connecting with the community, and then Yeah you’re going to upload it to Youtube because if you do it right, it’s going to have some Seo benefits Google Google owns youtube, so if you have a lot of good video content out there, that’s going to help your search engine find. Find Ability. You can definitely use the youtube videos into the links into your blog, so if you. If you wrote a blog on injury prevention for runners, you would wanNA plug that youtube video of the Priroda. Warm up in there, right? That’s going help bell. You could email those videos to your email list. You can use it for like I just said I. You sending it to your patients because they need that information, so there’s more to it with youtube than just being an internet celebrity. Celebrity thank you for clearing that up for people. Absolutely another strategy that we do in our practices, we do print quarterly newsletters, and then we have these micro cards and ergonomics cards, and we do have the McGill kind of core for card and a carpal tunnel prevention of all these different pieces of collateral that are content like physical collateral and pre Cova.

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We removed everything. That’s a touchable in our office right now, because of the Kobe nineteen stuff, but before that are waiting room, we. We got rid of. We don’t even call it a waiting room because we don’t want people waiting call recessionary. We got rid of all of the sports illustrated golf side Yes. We got rid of all that and we put our actual content in the reception area, and you’d be surprised with how many patients pick it up and bring it home, and so now that Nice designed stuff with good information is sitting around their house and they’re thinking of you I didn’t even know you treated that. Yeah absolutely absolutely, so we’re continually trying to educate our patients. Their time with us another one is is that when they come in? You can put them into your email and no get a on boarding email sequence right? Maybe it’s three or four emails drip to them a welcome email than an email on this that and the other thing, maybe some common conditions that you do like providing value to this year kind of walking through for ours. You know we’ve got four. It’s a welcome email what to expect Bob really welcoming to the practice, the second one is a bunch of information that we put together on low back conditions because that’s one. One of our common conditions, the third email is on neck conditions that we treat information on how to prevent it, and in the fourth one is a little bit of a Promo. It’s again eighty five percent. PBS FIFTY PERCENT QBC We have a sports recovery center in our office where we got the whole body, cryotherapy and Burke, chamber recovery boots and deep tissue laser, so we have a little promotional email on those particular services and what they can do for them, and so that’s an email mail onboard seeking that runs automatically once. They’re put into the email. It goes right to them and trips to them. Jeff Lang meet has that, too. I don’t know where to start yeah Dr. Christie here told you exactly what you could do, but you still don’t want to type it up an old. Jeff has some stuff that you can purchase real. Quick never list of four seven. Customize it, and they’re very similar to what he just talked about so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel I’m talking about the person who just doesn’t have the time or the the willingness to do it, because there’s so many of us out here. Who are entrepreneurs, but we really don’t WANNA be. Forced true it, absolutely, it’s so yeah you can farm that out. Jeff’s programs really good so I’ve gotten to know Jeff. Years in co presenter them so absolutely good service can really help automate that for you because. If you can automate outsource delegate your marketing. That’s the holy grail. Hey. How how’re you liking almost everything you just mentioned in your recovery package? I worked at a guy in laugh in Lafayette, Louisiana. Almost all of those things and it was fun. It was fun to see in experience it. He didn’t work well. I think it was A. it wasn’t making the money that he should have with. You seen good results with that I mean yeah, it’s been good. Interestingly enough in business? You know there’s the. There’s the early adopters that whole Kinda thing right and there’s actually a book called. Bridging the chasm, and it’s just kind of a real quick lesson on that and I’ll answer your question, but there’s usually a chasm of where you know you’ll get the early adopters, and then the early majority and the late majority, but then a lot of times things will die off if it doesn’t have staying power and making sure something has staying power. is bridging that chasm, McKay and I don’t know if the whole body cryotherapy though sportsburry thing if it’s going to bridge that chasm I was one of. Of the first we started in two thousand fourteen with it. This is what they were doing it. Yeah, and it wasn’t a lot of people in an south. Florida’s a big market. I was the second person with the whole by body cryotherapy, and the only person with like a package sports recovery center with multiple options, and it went really well. We had the early adopters coming in then we had the late adopters early majority like went through that kind of curve if you will a bell curve of that. And then all of a sudden, probably by twenty eighteen. It was like there’s probably ten krause on a places in an in. There’s a company here. That’s. A career it’s all over the country now. I honestly don’t know how they’re making a business out of it. Like fortunately for me like all this stuff’s paid for. I’ve made money off it over the years. It doesn’t add my overhead because I already pay rent from my practice. Already pay my staff for. Practically. ADDS nothing to my overhead other than like the nitrogen tanks which. It cost me if I use them right so for me, I don’t lose money off. It’s a good loss leader I do still make some money off. It’s not what it was the first few years. S for sure so I. Don’t I don’t recommend. Unless you got some some serious money behind you. I don’t recommend going out spending one hundred thousand dollars and all that commitment there go. The boots are pretty affordable though the. Twenty thousand dollars, that’s almost like the the roller table of of the eighties, or like the problem on Tuesday when I had the recovery, but it’s always.

00:30:07 – 00:35:05

I was really to have it here now. Like every JIM has a sports training facilities added other places at every house practice. With the House so not many people come in for that as you would think so okay, thank the site tangent for Justin Sarajevo definitely. No worries. Ask about absolutely so and you just kind of finish up the patient experience the last thing you can really do, there’s other things as well, but we send welcome letters to our new patients right in the in the actual mail, and so they get a nice letter from our letterhead. Welcome to the practice and going over a few things about that, and so that’s something that also is getting some information during the patient experience. I’ve heard some people. Take it to the next level with providing a mug or a t shirt or like. Thank you package with that kind of letter. Have you heard of that or experienced? If it matters so people do like new patient folders, and like with a with a bag with some stuff in there i. my answer to that would be depends on what your new patient value is right if you’re if every new patient in it’s an average, but if every new patient comes in your doors, worth four hundred dollars. I would probably not do that if it’s three thousand dollars. I would probably consider it okay. That’s something that can definitely consider all right, so let’s let’s do the inactive patient marketing, and these are ways you can keep top of mind awareness, and we can go back. One of my favorite quotes for marching. Go back to our reference of Dan Kennedy. You WanNa put a fence around. Your cattle is what he says all right. The fence is GonNa be the content and you’re gonNA put that content around the cattle. which is your patient base in your community? Right? So you’re. You’re just surrounding them and KINDA GETTING THEM INTO A. Your corralling them around your with your content, and they will not forget about you. They won’t leave the premises. How the? Yeah exactly, and and so that’s key like you said. I always see it in, so if they’re always going to see, make sure it’s good stuff. Make sure it’s helpful. Don’t don’t spam in the death. And so certain ways to do it is eir already mentioned it in an in depth was email I like I like emailing my patients with value once a week. You can do to four times a month. That’s going to be good right random emails here and there’s not going to cut it. I like to send birthday and holiday cards to my patient base now. What we do at birthday cards, not individual. We just take our list of February birthdays, and they all get a birthday card around the same time. Right, so you don’t WanNa get too crazy and complicated with that. you know you could send a I’m a huge fan and is going to go back to what I mentioned earlier I’m a huge fan of newsletters in the mail. To people that have been in your practice, the last say eighteen months anything outside of that it’s going to be maybe not worth it, but the big thing with these newsletters is that it’s not cheap, and so it goes back to what is the all? What’s the new patient value right? And was the office visit average guy? If I work with some, you know, do some consulting with some clinics, only some physical therapy but I’ve got some coverages where their office visit average is like fifty dollars, right? and. They’re a new patient averages four hundred dollars. It’s going to be hard to spend fifteen hundred a month on newsletters with a fifty dollar office visit average right. You’RE GONNA have to get a lot of people going now now. If you’re running a really busy practice, and you’ve got a lot of people coming in in, and you could spend three four thousand dollars a month on marketing, which I will of carpenters at that do that and I do recommend a you know if your revenue is fifty sixty forty five thousand a month, then you should be spending something like that. Then I would I would recommend a direct mail newsletter for that practice for sure that’d be really away of patient retention. It’s one of the best ways of patient retention, and if you had to pick one, would you prefer birthdays over the newsletter? Because at some point, they will be touched in the year. Our cost wise if money is an issue for sure like. Birthday cards are really cheap, so everybody should be doing that same thing with holiday cards. If you’re doing. If you can afford to do direct mail newsletter, you should still be doing birthday cards, but the as the birthday and holiday cards knocking to replace the effectiveness of a direct mail newsletter I. Okay, that’s what I was trying to find out yeah! Because again with a direct mail newsletter. It’s going to be more substantial. It’s giving more consistent like once a month. It’s going to have value like educational value and there’s a higher chance. It’s going to sit around their house. For readability, are you looking for direct return investment on divisions or new patient? Phone calls reactivation.

00:35:06 – 00:40:00

Reactivation, but it could be referrals to, but it’s harder to to quantify but definitely reactivation is their percentage. You’re looking for so hard. Be? If you did that, you’d be rich. would. Sixty weightless. Yeah, yeah, you know it’s hard, you know. Is it five percent to percents usually in the single digits for that type of stuff, but you can make your money back though yeah, definitely, absolutely, that’s the. That’s the bottom line, too sometimes, not always not everybody and that’s why you gotTa know your numbers for certain. And then the next one I I truly love is. Facebook ads targeting your e mail list or your Pixel on your your website, right Yes, you can do both, but you don’t realize this, but if you have an email list of a thousand people, you can funnel that right in a facebook in any of those thousand people that have their email address affiliated with that email account it’ll. It’ll actually become an audience. Okay, and you can run ads of content that only those people see so I run facebook ads continually for my practice I. Have a company now that does it for me. part of that out sourcing right outsourcing delegating. And so they do it for me, but we’re always running to strategies on facebook. One is for like awareness and trying to get new people into our our world, but then the other one is always running content to my email list, and my last one hundred eighty days of anybody that’s visited our website so I’m constantly getting content in front of those people. Would you recommend? Especially, if you have a list of thousand patients emails, you put that in there, and then created a look alike of one percent of people literally in your area because. We’re just want the five mile. Maybe seven mile radius of your office. Just target audience based on that right. I didn’t know you knew marketing as well as you do me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s a big passion. I’m just kidding okay. We talked about it in Kansas City has when we first met. Yeah, it was yeah, it was great we. We definitely had a nice conversations about marketing social. Yeah. I mean that’s such a genius thing to do, and that’s what we do. so let me let me clarify it though, right. Let’s go back to the you brought up a topic of. Right I treat a lot of golfers, but I wouldn’t say. The majority of my patients are golfers, so if I was running a blog or video on golf or some niche like that I would not run a one percent. Look on my email list for that because too. Many of those people are not going to be in the Gulf. That’s what I would target golfers like you know, you can go to facebook and target hobbies, and all that as you know, and you could target golfers in seven mile radius or ten mile radius, so if the topic of my. My content is niche. D- I’M GONNA. Go Niche on my audience. If the topic is more general like low back pain, neck, pain and cart like things that would really pertain to everybody or the vast majority of my patient base then if I want to get new people in then I will target a two percent. Look alike of my list. Does that make sense completely, and and like what you said? You already have two campaigns running well. You can have four campaigns. It’s like you only have one thousand dollars a month. Okay, then you divide it up, what? Or maybe you know what percentage should we just have a generic neck pain back pain versus those niches that you WanNa have maybe there’s like a fifty percent to normal. Divided up equally amongst the niches. What are your thoughts on that one hundred percent, and then sometimes even more when I do some consulting with chiropractors. I dive into their practice analytics like their numbers I. WanNa see okay. Do you have a new patient problem or do you have a office visit problem? Is it a office visit average like problem coming in, you’re not getting enough per visit with things like that, but if I notice a office busy issue, but not a new patient issue which happens. Then I will probably spend a little bit more money on targeting my patient base, versus now Asian because I’m saying like look. We got a leaky bucket here. I don’t WanNa keep on throwing more money into something. That’s into a leaky bucket. We got a solidify this leaky bug. An. You know when I do console them. I’m talking about you. Know Systems and communication with your patient. Is Your Staff Irish? Probably what you’re lacking if you’re listening for visit, yeah, like there’s a lot. Lot of things that go into is not just a marketing problem, so there’s always a marketing business component to this, and that’s what I dive into, but I wanNA. Know that like. Do we have a problem anywhere? And if we’re working on a limited budget or whatever we probably want to really hone in on that problem I seal up that problem then we can disperse it out a little bit more. Okay, all right I don’t WanNa I. DON’T WANNA. Throw good money after bad. I do that when I speak at Parker Vegas each year right on the poker tables. To mean. I that’s one of my favorite ways of getting content in front of my a pay.

00:40:01 – 00:45:04

A base is just really good and then lastly just going to wrap it up into one like three things. Get people get your patients to like your facebook business. Page your instagram and your Youtube Channel. Try to get as many people to like that. Subscribe so that when you do put content published on those platforms. There’s a higher chance they’re going to see it. For Free Verse Zebina put paid money behind it. You can’t him to like. Like your stuff by the way correct, don’t do that very frowned upon you provide value and ask them, and they’ll say you know what this guy’s been provided me a lot of value for a while. Now I’M GONNA. Do it or you know just really trying to do that? I heard this one time. I think I mentioned on a previous podcast at some point, but having like a cool area of your office. Maybe you decorate something like. INSTAGRAM WORTHY YUP so that they want to go and take a picture in front of it, because it looks cool and it opens, have has staggered your business name, or whatever so when they posted for themselves will be like Oh. That’s pretty cool. That’s really. Kind of my my list of things for inactive patient marketing to and so I think overall that answers the kind of question of strategy of content marketing versus one of the mistakes people make is they think have social media is marketing, and they put the cart before the Horse, and they start running facebook ads and scream, as but but they they have no audience. They have no content. That’s useful. Their messaging is off and it doesn’t work and in a blame, facebook and marketing, and all those things and they’re pissed. Off, so I tried to make sure that people do the right way, and that’s really what I do. Dove into it the book. It’s It’s actually book and a Workbook, which I’m really excited about and Parker, university is actually the publisher of the books I’ve been working. Hand in hand with them that to get this. Yeah to get this done where we’re doing it the right way. This isn’t one of those books where people use for lead generation of like. It’s just kind of thrown together, and it’s more of a marketing tool anything. This is actually going to pay. Just offended a lot of people I know I know. That stuff is really good, too. There’s a lot of good. Purpose does but and you know if you think that’s what your book is. If I offended you, then then you probably deserve to be offended. But a lot of people have created books you know not using universities in his is very good information here, so I’ll talk about like you. Get the ones like twelve page boy, and it’s just like thrown together and other no. Matter. What you halfway put some time effort into this and it’s a book in a workbook that you work through these different exercises that actually help you develop marketing budget a marketing plan. These checklists an audience builder, a lot of different exercises in there that we go through it really follows the roadmap of marketing which is going to really help you understand how to develop content marketing strategy you need. Need to have a clearly defined audience, so we worked through that you need to have a clearly defined message that’s congruent with that audience so that when you do create that content, and you use the vehicle to get it out there like the distribution channels like facebook and instagram and email it actually works. It doesn’t fall on deaf ears, and so we outlined this roadmap of how to do this. This and no matter what phase of your career you’re in. If you’re a student, you WANNA learn this now if you’re if you’re young doc, you’re going to have to be doing a lot of this yourself. If you’ve been around a little bit like I have in been doing is and have enough revenue province to outsource it then. You don’t have to do it yourself and so depending on where you’re. You’re at you’ll it’ll applicable for you and we have all kinds of information about that in there, and and it’s it’s called doing it right, modern chiropractic marketing, and if anybody’s interested in that they can, they can go this actually. Here’s another marketing strategy. I’m going to give you a bit lead link right now, which is just had a short a link right so some of this crazy long URL’s. You could just go to bitterly. Dot Com, B. I. T. l., Y. Slash doing it right in C. M. as in modern carpet marketing, so doing it right mcm and they can check that out right. That is awesome, so if you don’t know I’ve personally done some Dan Kennedy things. I think somebody, let me borrow some of that information. Find Your Avatar and all that kind of stuff, the strategic coaching and all that, so if he has that stuff in the book, He really have to actually put the effort behind it. Geno podcast audience, looking back I probably should have just niche down into something, but there were so many chiropractic. Want to be. Bigger purpose. My purpose was to get a bunch of different doctors learn from them have to think about integrated, but I tell you what it makes it difficult to. You’re trying to market or if you’re just trying to down like. There’s other people that are in the industry profession. You’re not even a dentist, so it’s Kinda been a little bit longer road for me looking back, but it was something that I had to do. It takes time, so you really have to carve some coloured the really focused through this I think the the most practical and advantageous. If you’re GONNA, spend money to buy a book. which is not as expensive as a course or live event or a one year two year three year contract as well so you can be self motivated.

00:45:04 – 00:50:06

This is fantastic. That’s the goal is very affordable and. I think you’ll get a lot out of it all right so before we go, I’m already prepped you on this one we love to ask. How are you able to keep a happy marriage? And take a little bit more time away from work as an entrepreneur. So what do you have for us today? Yeah I learned from the School of hard knocks, I was previously married divorced but I’m actually a very happily married now and we had our first child eight weeks ago and so things are going really well, you know I am of biproduct of strategic coach, which really trains entrepreneurs in how to be very effective, but at the same time not burn yourself out and they they have a very strict recommendation on free days and scheduling, and and doing that, and so I like to travel I like. Like to take time off I, like to I actually I’ve now only treat patients on Mondays and Thursdays and so I work from home on the other days, and do creating or today’s a good example today. Today’s a Tuesday’s record and this morning I got up at five am to to spend time with the baby in bottle. Feed Him we. My wife was breastfeeding and then pumps. One bottle that I do in the morning. She’s up all night doing breastfeeding at so I got to spend a couple of hours. He find fell asleep hours. Worth of work done then I add some coaching calls then I. wrote a couple of emails, and then my wife wanted to break, so I spent an hour with the baby and play Daddy Daycare and came to the office to record this with you so I’ve just got a lot more freedom and I’ve just put a lot more emphasis on it and Kinda. Give a a little bit of sage. Advice here that I’ve learned the hard way. Is You know life’s not always about money But when you start making some some fairly good income, you can start to choose of your time, and that’s what I’ve decided to do over the last couple of years is I work hard? Hard and I, I work strategically, but I’ve decided this point now. where I feel pretty good about my income, and so I tend to start buying time in buying freedom with it, and this was the Beck, the big step for me was the Monday the Monday Thursday schedule real quick to of sorry We got this covert thing. A lot of people are having a stay at home all day long, and they’re not used to that like you mean we have. We have so many projects that we probably could spend twelve hours a day, just doing projects. How are you able to manage? especially just had a baby. Like pretend I’m working for the next eight hours I’ll see you. I’m in the office. How does that work? Yeah, I communicate you know. I’ve got an office at home and I got all work. If it’s a podcast that I’m either recording or being interviewed on or interviewing, someone Ong’s I, do some solo episodes to out of my office, luckily, only like two miles down the road so I’ll come to my office studio to do it just because I can’t control if the dog’s GonNa Bark or the kids are GonNa Scream. I’ll do that. But when it’s other types of like heads down work, I just communicate with my wife. She doesn’t work. She’s home with baby, and so I’ll be like you know. From nine eleven am heads down all of a break from eleven twelve. If you need me, so we kind of do a check in in the morning, so so but yeah, you gotTA. Draw boundaries at that can be hard. Okay, yeah. I’ve noticed that sometimes as was like I wanNA spend as much time as I came with my kid who’s like twenty months, but then at the same time like man I got stuff to do, and sometimes you know just work from nine PM until one in the morning. You get distracted you. WanNa break after work it and don’t get sometimes. Get as much done as you want. You know it’s hard. You know I’m I’m a very early riser. Even without the baby I’d get up early in some of my best work is done like four thirty, a m five am so I tried to feed him. Get Him to sleep, so I like a nice hour from six to seven where I just found out some deep deep thinking, stuff or that I think it’s called eating the frog. Have you heard that before? It’s like get the hardest thing done early and just get it over with so I. Try to eat the frog in the morning. Smart well, that’s Kevin Thank you so much for being on the show. What again that website again? Yeah, you can go to bitterly B., I T. Dot, l., Y. Slash doing it right MC M and you’ll be able to get the book there. Thanks again for being on the show my pleasure. Another great interview has ended while you’re on your phone. Click that review. Write up a nice review for me five stars. If you could, as everyone says industry, it’ll help other people to find us when we have enough rankings not to mention I’ll mention you and your review on an upcoming episode. If you follow me at all on Instagram, you only get one link, so I use a link tree, and so it’s a doctor’s perspective. Dot Net slash links with an S., and that’s going to give you everything you need to know. The top episodes of two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen, the podiatrist series dentist acupuncture series holiday twenty, seventeen financial.

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