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a doctors perspective e 167 michelle hammons high performance coach
Michelle Hammons talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

High Performance Coach is broken down for us. How to use the DISC, should we compare ourselves to others, best way to take a vacation and Michelle Hammons even covers virtual assistants.

We briefly touch on DISC Profiles and what you can do with the results as well as Financial Peace University money ideas.

We want to build support structures (people in our life) that aren’t exactly like us which is why you shouldn’t just use a DISC profile alone to hire or not hire someone for a specific role.

Learn what Rock Your Launch can do for you.

If you are starting a new project, podcast, taking on the first partner etc this helps set the framework for launching correctly and future cast what success would look like. This certification can even help clients who are looking for a second career path.

What kind of support will you need, budgets, skills, and obstacles you may face?

Certified High Performance Coach

A landmark study done by a wide array of professionals studied high performing individuals. Once they got the results, the coaching and certification program was created to teach others how to implement the findings.
Topics such as: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, Influence and Necessity
She likes the accountability and refresh training that even she gets as a Certified High Performance Coach. Think about it, laws, rules, medicine all change year to year so why would your coaching program be any different?
This is her job, not a side hustle, and she has logged over 2500 hours of coaching clients.

Take CE, continuing education, that you actually want to learn about. When you are excited to learn a new topic, the time and money invested (even if it’s mandatory) aren’t a seen as a negative anymore. You can grow as a person and a doctor and a business person by finding what you like and being the best at it.


Do yourself and a favor and don’t compare yourself to other people. Even if you find someone exactly like you on paper, you both see and experienced life differently and that could mean one is set up for success better than the other.

What you define as success may not be what someone else will. Are you a stuff person or an experience person. You may not understand why someone would purchase a 65000 car and they dont know why you take 3 weeks off and travel Asia.

Sure a comfort zone life seems nice but the fully charged life is where growth occurs. If you live in that stress free, coast life of comfort zone you will find that inner voice that says I Want More will show up. If you don’t act, then the cage zone happens and you feel stuck and get burned out.

Sustained improvement over the longer term above standard norms while maintaining healthy relationships.
What are a few reasons a client does not see the results… or what makes a client not succeed in coaching relationships?

Virtual Assistants

How do you know when it is time to hire a virtual assistant?
What type of tasks should we off load on them first?

Want more time away from work? You have to block out that time far in advance and cherish that blackout. Also, train your employees so you feel confident they wont ruin everything during your vacation.

Want your significant other to stay that way, make time for them, intentional time with them.
You aren’t going to be the best for anyone (for long) without taking care of yourself.
Did you bring your best to what activity you are doing?

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Books: Bo Eason There’s No Plan B for Your A Game Pat Flynn There’s No Plan B for Your A Game


Cross-industry experience in Health Care, Energy, Utilities, Travel and Transportation, Information Technology, Real Estate, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, both Online &. Brick and Mortar.

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/167 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

a doctors perspective e 167 michelle hammons high performance coach trosclair
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Episode one hundred feeling fucking finding your michelle respect join twenty seventeen eighteen podcast awards nominated host his best selling off and on amazon as we get behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor and get specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective Thanks for tuning in your thanksgiving. We’ll be amazing. Good luck with all the corona virus rules in place. I have been talking about. The one cheats recently been happening. Some fun creating these doing some first drafts and coming up with a second draft but only a testimony for you. I just wanted to fight for the amazing woman. Show you did Was really impressed. With how professional it looks but also how easy it. Also more point of view You made it clear the infighting that like me that you need from a wide. I’d have to. I’d have to spend a lot of time working on this myself with you. But it was great. It was nice and clear. I sent invite you. Put it on that. And there’s really professor with one sheet archimedes so much i appreciate it. I love hearing good things about myself. Don’t we all. I mean was the point of google reviews. Yeah of course is to get new patients but it still feels good in anyway. I’m messing with you guys. And gals a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one sheet and you can grab your own okay. Three different investment levels second piece all the doctors and guests who recommended books are on the dot net slash book list. It’s an amazon affiliate book lists. And if you’re going to go vote. Muslim use that link. Help me out the show. I really excited also just introduced their new guest michelle hammonds. She is a high performance in leadership. Coach she has a few other certifications. So we’re talking a little bit about those other ones but then we focus on the surface. High-performance coach is accountability. In should you compare yourself with others. I mean we already know. The answer is no but she actually gives could incite right and how to live fully charged life. We discussed virtual assistance can do with that. When should we use them and some really good advice about significant others and taking vacations because this is part of their program is not just about growing five million dollars in business but also how do you do that and keep your family intact. Which i love. So doctors perspective dot net slash one. Six seven is for the show notes and transcripts eliminate what you think and let’s go hashtag behind the curtain latte from germany and tulsa oklahoma today on the program. We’re going to talk to a high performance coach who’s does have healthcare experience. But i thought we try to find someone who’s not just another doctor in your profession trying to give business advice. Sometimes we need that extra level of just of removed. And that’s the whole point of this. Podcast is not just for chiropractors. You can take within says and transform it for your physical therapy practice because it works for them it. They work for you so anyway. So she is a certified high performance coach. She has a rocket launch certified financial peace university coordinator eight day master coach and disc certified instructor so she did not take a six week. Course she is amply certified for this. Thank you for being on the show. Michelle hammons thank. You thank you for having me today. I’m excited to be here and speak to community. Because i know they’re very important in our world. One of the things that we could talk about is to start with his. What are some of these certifications. Because if we’re not in this realm we don’t really know who you are. What’s this verses that certification and they’re pre talk. We were talking about some of the ones that kinda matter no financial peace especially. If you’re in a church setting you probably know about it. It’s a way to dave ramsey crushing debt. Save money so. I don’t know if we need to talk about that other than if you don’t know what it is. You might want to pick up the book. Listen to podcast or take. Take a course if your finances are in disarray. True yes absolutely. Having solid foundational principles financially to work from are certainly gonna help lynn success in other areas of life. It’s going to reduce your stress. It’s going to help you have things you want in your life so i think it’s an important piece. We think about that life wheel. would you say. Hey your medical school or residency. Is that the right time to buy that. Ninety thousand dollars mercedes. Well it probably depends a lot of done up to that point and what you’re going to do after that point. There’s no right or wrong answers. That’s kind of the unique thing about that. But knowing the right principles to check in with yourself i think is what’s going to help you really be successful.

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’cause everybody’s goals are different perfect. What a great answer. I was expecting no good. This disc is really good. I think most of us know it’s a personality style. Business questionnaire. yeah. It’s a great tool to help us know ourselves a little bit better but also when we think about working in teams and collaborating to really understand other people or even maybe our client hires absolutely it can help you in the hiring process can help you. Just start to see those signs and one of the things. I love about using disk is. There’s visual clues to our personalities. How dress how. We worked through our day whether we’re process engineering type or where. There were super creative or outgoing. There’s clues that can help us in. That can also help us relate to others regardless who it is our family or clans or prospective people that we wanna hire. Do you ever use that as a first thing you should even take on client. You’re like i really don’t like these types. So i don’t use it that particular way because i think that Personality is one indicator of a client but for me i work with all different kinds of clients in so if i if i were just like staying in one swim lane then i wouldn’t have the diverse background that i have in working with a variety of different people but also it’s the inner the interrelation right so whether i’m outgoing or introverted. Or whether. I’m you know extrovert or introvert. It takes all of us working together to create results in a big part in high-performance which is the majority of where i spend my time. It’s about asking for support so we always wanted to be building support structures that don’t have like type and kind expertise. We have those people that are in our networks but also those things that we don’t know let’s go find the right people to help us and that’s often semi. That’s different from us. So i think you have to kind of keep an open perspective about that before we move on would like to say she does have healthcare. Energy utilities traveled transportation information technology. Real estate small business owners and entrepreneurs and online and brick and mortar type of clients. So she is well rounded in lots of areas. So i think that’s amazing. One thing we were discussing it. Maybe we would talk about. Maybe not was. Rock your launch certified coach. And i think that might be just a couple minutes on that because a lot of us will have grand openings or patient appreciation days where we try to not only thank you all for coming but try to get more patients. Maybe vince we go to events we try to host events. We’re always trying to get out there and make make the best impression. Sometimes you jump in. You don’t know what you’re doing and it’s not good and you’ll try. That didn’t work. Well did you try correctly right. So yeah that particular Certification it really gives us the groundwork to set up and think about the resources that you’re going to need the timeline you went to work against and this is one that it’s different for everyone so it’s the fundamentals of if you’re going to tackle anything that’s going to be new whether it’s launching a podcast writing a book starting a new business or practice taking on a partner. I know those are some things that just helps you kind of think through ahead of time what you might wanna be considering. What do you want success to look like when you get there. So it’s a little bit of a framework. I would say and if this one isn’t as active for me but a lot of the clients i have they do. They are transitioning but most of the clients. I work with their in their current profession. And they are leveling up right where they’re at in their center of expertise when someone’s going outside like maybe they’re in that transition of going from their career to retirement and they’re looking for their second second career path or transforming their transfer fergal into something new as position yourself as an influence or expert. Then that’s where that particular incomes comes in a little bit Is that like future casting and thinking of all the negative things. That can’t happen answering those questions before you get there. So you’re not shocked. Yeah well it’s thinking it through like the a timeline. When he kind of ninety day cycles what are we going to try to go launch. What do we want the result to be. What do we need to be putting in front of that time. Line that we know are going to be important. Things like who’s gonna help you. What kind of support do you need. Is their skills. That you don’t have that you need to be thinking about. That are going to help you. And when i say this this could be You know a marketing launch a new a new thing. That’s might not be your center of expertise. So it’s really thinking about how you’re gonna make it through the journey with some level of success and framework to measure it as you go which leads us right into trademark certified high performance coach. So that’s obviously a bigger company because they actually have a lot of stuff along with it and they have rules. It looks like so what is it and i guess. How do you use it into your practice and everything. So the the certification. I hold as certified. High-performance is owned or managed by the high-performance institute which is made comprised of a lot of different professionals psychologists.

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Biologists physiologists a lot of personal development experts. That came together for a huge study. That was done one of the biggest ever in personal development around what are the habits and routines that makes someone a hyper former inside. They studied through a variety of surveys and interviews. That were conducted in research on coaching sessions. What makes us tick right. What makes us really work as high-performers and they’re they’re came at the conclusion of all of that research. The high-performance institute created high-performance coaching. It’s a program. That’s distinctly designed based on the principles and it has the foundation of clarity energy courage productivity and influence as kind of the six pillars and necessity. Right because we have to have necessity. It’s based on a lot of different input from different experts. That deal with those kinds of topics and so what i loved about it when i was searching to become a certified coach. I there’s a as you mentioned. There is a lot of stuff out there. One of my considerations is first of all. I always like looking for the best when i saw this out looking for you know. Where’s the accountability in the process. Where’s the accountability to come back. And have you know annual refresh training and things like that because a lot of the certifications that you get. It’s like one and done. And the example i would give his earlier in my career. I have a credit counseling certification. Will that is that totally ties into my financial peace coordinator role. Because i just like to help people with their finances just a passion from a community perspective but for example the rules change right. Sometimes you’re dealing with people that maybe have a bankruptcy or something like that while those laws change over time. So if you’re not in a certification program that’s holding you accountable to coming back and seeing what’s happening in the industry it would be like kind of being becoming a physician of some kind rate in the not learning the latest developments with our dna or the latest science breakthroughs and never never having any education past that point so that was really important to me. Because i wanted to make sure that. I was reconnecting with my community of coaches. Because there’s probably four or five hundred a certified high performance coaches around the world and they come from all walks of life and all different kinds of ways. They use that program and for me. I’m a full-time coach. That’s what i do. So i don’t do this as a side business. I don’t do it as a side. Hustle. it is what my occupation is and so important for me to just recognize you know. I have probably twenty five hundred hours or more of one on one coaching. Just in that discipline which is a lot of hours To be in that one particular topic. It’s really what drew me to. It was the fact that there was accountability and so every year there is a requirement. If you’re gonna stay active you have to come back and recertify forty hours and i love that because forty. It’s it’s a commitment and it’s also it keeps you energized in what you’re doing. It keeps you abreast of the latest techniques tools marketing things. And right. Now the world this year especially. I think the need for counseling and coaching just went to a whole new level. We’re going to need more of people helping people than ever because it’s a little foggy out there right now in terms of People having direction. I think it’s pretty funny that we complain about the hours that we have to take. Sometimes it’s so many think forty. Yeah we’re doing twelve or twenty or twenty four. But i think some people just don’t take classes that they like a year to or i was like taking classes just to get through edges. Whatever i don’t i gotta get this done and then not changing. It’s like what are you doing. Take classes you gotta pay your money anyway. Pay a little bit more and take something that you’re interested in and now you’re excited and you can actually implement it into your practice. So that’s one of those big things that i took away from that and who is considered a high performer. Like warren buffett. Will you know what somebody because we can have judgments about that right. But it can be very dependent on the person so i would say high performers are not define necessarily always by their. You know the things that we think of right. I mean definitely successful. People are generally high-performers in warren buffett. I would put a high performer but it depends on how you would measure him. Because sometimes people want to go to the next level go to the next level. He’s very conservative so even though he exponentially could go to a lot of new levels he stays somewhat in the comfort zone is what i would say like where he lived for. Example would be a good example. He’s lived in the same home all those years. So i think it it depends on how you measure it and this is where i am.

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Bite my clients to make no comparisons because each of us are uniquely made and i demonstrate that by our fingerprints none of us have the same fingerprint on this world when especially when we’re in those professional realms where we’re there is comparison about this thing that we’re doing it’s easy to get caught up in. Well i’m not to that level or i’m not like that person roy because i have three clinics that got five associates that stuff maybe not in the thing of it is. You have to bring it back to the person’s dream and their vision because you and i we may and i always used this example. We may be looking at the exact same thing. But we’re gonna see it differently because of the journey we’ve taken in life the experiences that we’ve had in the fact that we just have to is that see differently and so it’s really important when we’re talking in coaching to be really wrapped around the person. And what’s what they’re about because we don’t want to be comparing them to anyone. They’re they’re focused on a journey that they’re taking and so it’s really important to go deep in that journey so that we can get the results that they want. And that’s where a lot of people honestly get stuck is awhile. I done this for this many years. This and i’m not not at this level and when the comparison start happening. That’s real signalling. You can be stuck there. The but really i would invite you to Get unstuck by just not making those comparisons because they really aren’t relevant to your journey. And the example i would give is someone that might have a vision that they like experiences versus things. You can’t compare those two journeys I’m not a stuff person. I don’t like vying big house. Buying another car. Buying something buying stuff does not bring my bill so now. If you talk about experiences we can go there all day long so if i were comparing myself to someone that had those perceivable things that maybe someone else thinks i want then it just. It’s not even relevant. Because it’s not something i’m chasing and it’s not something that’s important to my goals or vision so i think that’s a really important piece when we think about working with a client is really understanding what they want and keeping them thoughtful of just ourself and that feels selfish but it really is where it starts. Why don’t they things with that. One my family my wife and i. We don’t really eat out that much. We don’t buy germany’s funny. It doesn’t come with kitchens. Luckily we bought a place. That has a kitchen so we didn’t have to install one. And when you leave you had to take your kitchen with you unless you can negotiate with the person that’s buying your place after you leave so it’s a really big thing and like light fixtures they don’t have those and i’m looking and i’m just like well i don’t really care about light. Fixtures is still has a light and yeah so. We’re not going to go an outfit in an apartment. We don’t care like even when we were in china we had a few things just to kind of make it more homey but not like go crazy like some people like no. I have to have all this stuff. Well there goes all your money. I mean we saw so many countries like twelve four countries two and a half years something just to pick. You can’t have the newest car in the side by side and all this kind of stuff and typically do all this other stuff like. Hopefully there’s some doctors of course out there that make enough money where like no i can have it all. And then some and then they’ll have extra and that’s not the case you know. Most of us have most of us do have to make some prioritization and And and thoughtful around what we enjoy and want in life but when you’re in that upper realm where you have all those resources that you still can get stuck because what happens is if you’re not living a fully charged life. Then you’re gonna. You’re gonna end up being in the comfort zone. Which is where life is good. Right money’s there. You got what you need not a lot of stress. Things are cooking along But then eventually there’s this internal news says there’s more there’s more and not it’s not more stuff necessarily for some people. It might be more stuff but whatever that moore is for you. And that’s the key word i would use is. That’s the key word that we really talk about in the high-performance coaching process. Is you’ll get back. You’ll get pulled back into what we call the cage zone. Which is you feel stuck. And we can find ourselves between cage comfortable and fully charged in a variety of different ways in our life. Our relationships are finances are career our Family and friends are hobbies and interests. And so i think that’s a really important distinction that you make there is that how much do you how much of it is really authentic to who you are and what your vision is and that’s why it’s important not to make those comparisons because what you might like totally different than what i like so making the comparison it just waste time and energy that you could be focused on your thing and the other thing you were kind of saying is when i have my own coaching. They always like you can’t compare august september and july to august. That’s not right. That’s not every every month is different. And you’re gonna have unique things in august because school and september. It could be a really busy month because school’s in session but the november gets crazy.

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So you really can’t compare that october so anyway. The point being is january and last january. Where were you in february of last year to where you are february of this year. And if you’re not seeing growth in the same type of month with those same type events. That’s when they’re like. Hey what’s going on like you’re slipping. What were you not doing that. Ninety day like you were talking about since december to make sure that february is just as good. You know I think that makes sense right. Yeah absolutely in. What you’re talking about is how you’re going to measure right. So this year would be a great example because a lot of change and disruption has occurred beyond our control so obviously the norms that we were working with may be jilted a little bit or they may be disrupted a little bit for some people they may even be elevated. So when. I say that. I’m not i’ve got to work with high-performers this entire year and i will tell you. It’s been the most phenomenal year of my life. Because we’re the rest of the world is sitting there on. Hold maybe grip with worry or fear about what’s happening around them high-performers they’ve they press the gas pedal let’s go. Let’s go figure out what we’re gonna do to rise to this occasion in this challenge. So it’s been an incredibly incredibly interesting year in that fishbowl of working with high-performance mindsets in the definition that we work from high-performance is really relevant because it sustained improvement over the long term above standard norms. Whatever those are while maintaining happy and healthy relationships. So it’s very different than this peak performance like where you go and go to a peak right you get to the top but then you can’t sustain that top or you were you were you wear yourself out or burn yourself out so i think that’s one of the things that really attracted me to high performance to is. It’s about sustained improvement. So if you’re making progress then you’re going in the right direction. And you’re moving the needle where you wanna be if you have clarity about where that is. Where do you finding are the. I won’t say the worst type of clients but traits that make it tough to have a client. That’s going to succeed. Not everyone is on the growth journey or has even had exposure to personal development. And what we’re talking about there is really our recognition. One that you’re going to work on yourself that even if you have maybe challenges in your relationships or challenges in your finances or wherever those challenges may be they do have an ingredient that starts with you and so it’s being willing to take a look at yourself. And i think a client is not ready or not willing to take a look at their self that can be a very challenging journey. The other thing i would say is that certainly there is this kind of edge between coaching and counseling. And i would just draw the distinction that counts is about resolving the past issues that you have the experienced. Whatever they are coaching says. Let’s draw the line in the sand right now in this minute because only from this minute forward can we make change for the future. We’re not focused on the past. The past is relevant sometimes just to how shape our thinking or conditioning that we may experience. But really it’s about being able to empower yourself to make the changes for the future because you can’t change the past so we don’t want. We don’t want to revisit the past at all really in coaching. because it’s not going to service other than a historical marker and so we’re always going to be future focused on where you can go and what kind of transformation and change you can make so if you’re not in the market for transformation and change that it might not be a great place for you because it’ll be very challenging so you can definitely do both in a sense of all right. We want our business to go with tenax. Because everybody’s politics are so popular so let’s turn next over the next eighteen months but at the same time they don’t want to get a divorce either. So exactly you gonna help with both like. This is how you schedule family. Time with your other plans absolutely and it is and if anyone’s out there listening this i just really. What you said is so so profound. Because we don’t want to get to the level of success you dreamed of and then have chaos in other areas like your health. For example right people destroy their health working on their business lives and at the end of the day. If you if you don’t take care of yourself and you don’t nurture your relationships in the process then when you get to that level of of success you’re probably not going to be fulfilled. Its like a check box. And it’s going gonna feel like i arrived and then you’re going to have to deal with all the other things that now. Have a need for a lot of attention. So in high-performance were always looking at all of those things. We wanna make sure that you’re you’re continuing to have the right influence with your family. Your friends your professional relationships that you’re taking care of your energy and health and when i say that i think about physical energy spiritual energy emotional energy and mental energy all of those different kinds of energy that we need to be carrying for. If we’re really looking at things holistically so it’s really important.

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What types of things are you doing to market yourself out there. Like what’s what seems to work. So i think the biggest experience that i found about being a coach and so in my past life i did emotional work like with wedding photography so i was working with people’s outer image and i spent fifteen years taking professional portrait so i got a good sense stressful or would it wasn’t it wasn’t for me because you had this. Guess it would be kind of like Give a four hour window that someone’s going to get married for example and you’ve got to be technically on your game you gotta be emotionally there with the people and then you’ve gotta make sure you’re watching the time right and you’ve got to execute the job that they paid you to do so. There’s a lot going on in that that window of time but what. I learned about people doing that. Work is how they see their self. You oh can you hide my my my chin my this that. Let me hide behind this person. I know somebody’s laughing right now because they know that. This is true. There aunt exactly so when i decided i didn’t want i wanted to branch out. I wanted to do something different. That i didn’t have to have kind of that brick and mortar person to do the work with and i love the emotional work that pictures you just takes us to our legacy takes us to who we are in this world at our bestself and so when i discovered coaching. I was like this. Is it because. I can talk on the phone people from all over the world which is what i do now and i don’t have to meet you face to face to take a photograph but with the same. Is that emotional energy of how ourself and so we work not only on the outer beauty of someone but also the inside right. What are you really want. what do you care about an so. I think the most important thing is referrals. Because unless you’ve had a coaching experience you probably don’t know what the heck it is. And if you’ve had if you’re not sure between coaching and counseling than you really don’t know what it is and so. I think there probably are people out there that don’t pursue coaching because they don’t recognize. It’s different than counseling. And it’s about moving yourself forward. I also just think they don’t think about it like the last time you may have thought about is when you had like a soccer coach or gymnastics coach. Spend money for somebody to tell me what to do. I’m the boss. Might be around your kids or something that you relate to coaching right or even a young experience in your life where you had a coach in junior high or high school so i don’t think we have this concept very ingrained in our society. This is hey. If you’re not good at something go get somebody who’s better at it and get some help. That’s really the base definition here. And there’s all kinds of coaches in the world to specialize in different things. What i loved about high-performance is it doesn’t matter who you are. It matters that you have clarity about what you want. And with that we have a framework that can take anyone through that journey In so the there’s sometimes we do. I do refer people out there specifically wanting to work on something that is a very specialized thing then. Yeah that may not work but generally most people are needing to work on their self their relationships their top goals and all of that is encompassed. So i think that referral from someone that you’ve had good success with and i also think it’s really being clear about who you wanna work with so just like any business we all have our ideal clients as you said who who isn’t a great client to work with when you get a client. That’s not in your wheelhouse in terms of their cooperation. And i think about like me with the physical therapist. I had this year. That i worked with. If i had done the exercises but i kept showing up. That wasn’t going to be a very rewarding experience for that person because they weren’t seeing my progress and i probably wouldn’t have progressed man. That’s not a fun place to be with clients when they’re not doing the work or doing what they say is important so i think it’s just being aware of who you wanna work with with great clarity so that you know how to define your audience and go after them a little bit more finite would you say the for a lot of high-performance people. One of the first at some of the steps is definitely a higher either virtual assistant or a personal assistant to get things off of their shoulders. Well those are the high performers. i work with they. They have plenty to do. And so that’s one of the first areas. We go tackle because most often they are either a practice owner or a business owner. They pay a lot of services within the context of whatever they do so. When i say that i mean like software platforms that they may use to run their business or maybe get help in a often. They try to take on like figuring out a technical issue for example when there’s an eight hundred number that they pay for that subscription that they could be getting support four that’s like one of the target areas that they’re like. Oh i’ve been at this well. Don’t you have support for this. And they’re like oh yeah. I think there’s an eight hundred number. I can call or something. I can open ticket. So it’s really recognizing as a high performer. Where your gaps and strengths in what you have right now and what you need.

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And if you don’t have that skill set to be willing. And i talked to people about this all the time. We trade we trade. I kinda liked to blow up time because we can spend hours and hours on something. That’s not in our wheelhouse. Not our center of expertise. That just creates delay. The costs something that we don’t count the cost and look for example. I was just speaking with someone This past week. And i said well. How long have you been waiting to get this outside support. And they’re like twelve months. I said well what would what are the consequences of that delay. Oh thousands of dollars. I could have had this done. I could have been on my way. I have been doing my next step in. So it’s really about recognizing if you’re stuck and you’re you’re not moving your projects. Are your vision forward where you do need help. Sometimes it’s just a simple assistant that today with the way we work around the world you can get really great people that are willing to help you for manager. Email or manage outbound. Phone calls are managed sending facebook messages out to perspective clients. Whatever it is for you. There’s somebody out there independently. You can pay for a not a full time employee but just pay for the work that you need and that work generally. If you’re doing it right is going to pay off well above what. You’re going to invest in that resource to do it. Because you’re not gonna do it because you already don’t have the time and it’s just creating delays go back into the mini sold the minnesota list and i have one about virtual assistance. Actually there was one Adjust just something. She did a whole thing. That’s one of her jobs. And then in the minnesota did a podcast summarizing for minnesota so. I’m talking to you now. Talking the back to the audience and it was talking about hiring people from the philippines. And there’s two companies that they recommended. And i was looking at it the other day for some things that i want to do. I’m not saying you gotta go that route but if your budget and you still want to get good work and good stuff done these people. Of course they’re going to promote their own web pages in their own services but to fifty two four fifty a month and these the philippine people are like dude. This is a living really good. There’s a whole process jairam correctly so you can get yourself then but there could be things that you could get done that you don’t have to do. You can still feel comfortable like. Oh that’s weird but yeah. I guess anybody can reply to an emailer can do these certain tasks that are take time. I don’t need to be doing them. But i can’t afford thirty thousand dollars a year type of to do it but i’m tired of doing it myself. You know. yeah we have to be willing to let go. And that’s a great example. I am very creative. So i love to get into artwork and create a flyer. Create a brochure. But i know that is not where my time is best served and so i’ve had to let go of that over time and i have a great person that i work with and she just i sent her the peace and you know i may pay forty eight hundred dollars for whatever workbook things she puts together for me and she doesn’t amazing job and so and now i would never go back like once you once you make this transition happen you never go back kind of what you touched on his outsourcing and that can be done through an agency that can be done through an individual that but part of is having the clarity of what you need the help for. You can’t even go get the help you need until you have clearly sat down with yourself and said here’s the gap in. Here’s what i show and yeah because if you don’t have that then you’re like i don’t even know where to start because you don’t know let’s go so someone like you. You can have a conversation and say. Hey this is. What’s on my plate and blah blah blah blah and. You can help them from an outside point. Of view like yeah. You’re better off doing these things. You can form these things out absolutely in. It’s the cumulation. So i think when you have a season coach that has the depth of experience. Unlike an hours that i would say is remember. I’ve accumulated this huge wheelhouse of knowledge that in the each journey i take with someone. We’re learning so there shortcuts. They’re smart cuts. There’s there’s resources there’s is. Hey here’s a couple of two or three things to get you on that path right. The you don’t have to spend the research time doing which makes a huge difference to really to get you moving a lot faster because a lot of times it starts with google a lot of the things. If we don’t know we start with the basic. Google search in that can take you down a lot of rabbit trails. It can waste a lot of your time. If you don’t have a focus to know where you’re going to go definitely okay. So when i respect your time and we’re gonna switch gears. I know we had trouble getting the pdf of the questions ahead of time. But i think you’re gonna be okay with these a lot of us like we mentioned before we want to take more vacation. Assuming it’s not over time and we wanna take vacation. But my gosh. If i leave work lose money. So how do we do that. And if you want to bring it into a how do you keep your spouse or significant other relationship healthy when your business owner these are to. These are goldmine questions. So thank you for asking so first of all. I have to say one of the things that i heard from. The person who developed the high-performance coaching is when he was speaking from stage.

00:35:00 – 00:40:01

He said i take seventeen of vacation a year and now he’s in the scene. Yeah and i was like what it is. I’m following him. For example. But i love like valuing vacation is a huge part of my life. I want the freedom freedoms one of my first words. I want the flexibility. And so here’s the charge. Right that i would give to. Everyone is one. You have to block the time ahead of time so my husband and i have a practice for example that were coming up we started talking about it because of all the stuff going on this year. We love to travel. It’s one of our favorite things and so each year. In december we plan before the january first crosses over we take at least a time off once a quarter hopefully a weekend getaway and then we take two family vacations a year and we take two vacations a year with just us now. That sounds like a lot of vacation but it it is for the hours we put in and work because he’s an entrepreneur or two. It’s necessary. It’s not negotiable. And so this year has been really an exception because we have not taken all that time off because the travel was restricted. But we were like what this year. The planes are flying. Were going because we wanna go. We want to get to those places. We can relax and unwind. So the first thing i say is planet and there’s a lot of ways to do that financially. So that you give yourself that. Give back right to treating yourself like that’s a benefit and making sure that you account for that in your payroll and things like that if you’re the business. Owner is really important but also just setting expectations with your employees that you are letting people become independent in their own roles however they serve you in the organization so that you can have the freedom in your mind to leave and realize that the whole thing’s not gonna crumble if that’s how you’re operating today you most definitely need a coach because you’re doing it wrong and you’ve got to get out from underneath that mindset that you are not you are your most important asset and if you’re not taking care of yourself by taking time off to step away from the business to refresh and restore then you really probably need a really seriously think about some change so it’s planning it literally it comes down to saying these are the weeks. This is what i value. Here’s what’s going to happen and making it non-negotiable that leads to your other question. Which is how do you keep those relationships healthy in vibrant. And i know as entrepreneurs i come from a five generation family of entrepreneurs so i went to work with my parents. I slept with my grandparents store. Were busy working. When i was growing up so i understand this particular piece really well and it’s about being intentional. So if you’re busy entrepreneur family and household and you’re not taking date night time with your spouse or significant other and i don’t mean like going on big fancy dinners great if you can do that but i’m talking about just being intentional about having just couple time or just you and your spouse or partner time that’s really important to let let the rest of life go and be connected to each other. It’s also important with your kids to be able to have specific time mapped out in your week for kids and right now today. The biggest challenge. I see in around the coaching environment. That where it gets talked people is our digital devices are so interrupted of two. Things are really simple. So we’re talking about sending your phone down setting your ipad down setting your computer down stepping away and having real conversations with the people that are most important in your life whether that’s dinner around the family table or headed out for a special night out and you have to be purposeful in that. Each week are two really important habits and routines. You should practice to keep those happy healthy relationships though would say things one. I’ve heard while the other deaths mentioned. You don’t have always take monday through friday. You can do a half week half week in that way. You still make some appointments and people understand. It’s not like a complete shutdown of your clinic. Yes it’s it takes permission right. You had to give yourself permission to do that. And i often will say well. What would happen on a friday afternoon. If you go get a massage or you play golf or you go spend some time on your playing guitar outside. Great whatever your hobbies interests are in. Our society puts all his expectations but again this is your life. You get to design it the way you want. You don’t owe anybody any explanations or answers to how you want to run it. And so it’s about setting those appointments with yourself as much as it is honoring the appointments with your clients. And i asked that question our state. How many appointments do you miss with your clients and the answer is often will none. I said okay then now all we need to do. Is that the appointment with yourself. Because i guarantee you’re not gonna miss that appointment based on what you just said and how many times we’re talking to our patients. Oh what’s going on and he plans. I’m going to go on here. I’m going there and then you start getting resentful if you’re don’t start taking your own trips because he’s like man.

00:40:01 – 00:45:00

What am i doing here all the time. A patients wanna come in before their big trip whereas my trip yeah this is a big mindset piece that we have to shift as a high performer to really and this is so uncomfortable for so many people is. You’re not going to bring your self to anyone outside of you until you become the best self for you i in anklets self care getting rest taking time away from work and sometimes that includes doing vacations and fancy things and spending money. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s just hey giving yourself a break not to think about anything for an hour and let go of some of the stress. Or the chaos. That might be going on. and so. that’s the first place i go is. Okay if you honor those appointments with your clients because you’re a professional then put that appointment on your calendar and see yourself as a professional who deserves the same respect that you give your clients in. That’s an important piece is very reminds me of that whole we treat our family. The worst you wouldn’t be to a client or patient or stranger the way we speak to our own spouses and stuff sometimes right in high-performance. Yeah we’re hard on ourselves. We are kind. We beat ourselves up. And i’m like you have to take care of you so that you can bring your best to that date night or to that time when your kid walks in the door that they wanna tell you about their day. That your present that you’re not thinking about all the other things and this by the way is a journey. It’s not easy. You have to put these practices and routines and place and be really clear about what they are. he says. talk to me. And i’m like i don’t know what you’re talking about. Sounds really terrible and stay focused. If right it’s like i have a stepdaughter. She’s on tiktok well. I don’t really know a lot about tiktok. I know she does videos. And she’s lip synching and she has a jillian followers or whatever but it’s being relevant to right to understand take that time to really go. Okay tell me about this. So i can understand it better in connect. That’s what i do is ask that. Show me how why they. Then they say how far they take. You absolutely can go a long way okay. The last final kind of hoo rah. Hopefully you’ve got some good ones. Books are podcasts that we should be reading or looking at. Oh gosh this when there are so many So i think you should always be engaged in some kind of learning of this as a high somebody who’s gonna growth path. I think it’s always important. So some of my favorites and i’ll share some. That have been really important to me. One of the ones. I absolutely love is by someone who interestingly enough i followed in listen to for probably ten years and never bought a thing from them because they didn’t have anything for sale that i liked but i learned so much and that was from a guy named pat. Flynn who runs. The hawkins called smart passive income. Now he’s since developed some things like and he’s written a couple of books. But i started falling way back in the day And he’s just a really solid entrepreneur. I think to learn from and listen to and so. I think his is always really good. I think if you’re contemplating change That there is a forty eight days to the work. You love podcasts. If you’re wanting to transform your life into something new or different and not sure how to make those transferable skills fire off. I think that’s a really good one that i would say. It has a lot of different kinds of people being interviewed to give you different kinds of ways to think about things and how to maximize other income streams. Besides maybe your main main thing that you might do or whatever that main thing is how could you be an influence as a writer or a podcast or a you know getting your knowledge and wisdom out in the world. I think that’s a really good. Since we’re talking to an audience of entrepreneurial minded people i think i i think it’s entrepreneur buyer and by john lee dumas and he interviews a ton of different kinds of entrepreneurs and again even if it’s not in your direct display. I think you can always find these really rich nuggets of pieces of information that may spark a new idea or a new thing so those are some of my favorites. One of my favorite books recently is from someone i worked with personally. His name is bo ethan. And he’s you know it’s he has a a mantra about. There’s no plan b. for your a game you know and so it’s about doing what you do well and there isn’t another option. Don’t give yourself out be the best what you’re going to be and so i really loved his new book. I’ve worked with him personally. So i just think he’s got a great book there so there’s a couple but i i really like thinking of myself with You know when. I strive for something. I want excellence. I want to be the best. And that’s not. Because i want to be super hyper former and everything but being the best is about being the the question i always ask client is. Did you bring your best. Did you do the very best you could in that situation. And if the answer’s yes then that’s what we’re talking about the best you brought.

00:45:00 – 00:50:04

You could not do anything else you can think of and if you did your best and that’s all you can ask of yourself and that’s a different permission than like always striving striving to be the best. It’s different it’s a different mindset. And so i think it Those are some resources that i really love That i think i would encourage people to check out. They’ve inspired me in a lot of different ways. I mean i have tons of these kinds of resources. The second go on and on but i would say pat definitely but the smart passive income was somebody. I listen to and he really kept rooting. The idea that you can create other income streams to build a lifestyle. That’s not a brick and mortar one. And so i think that was the longevity of listening to his podcast is just he’s proven it and he doesn’t and he tells talks about it any brings on resources that help other so. I really love that pitcher. He’s a fantastic human. I i think that’s the other thing. I got to meet him in person at a event and he just is super authentic. We were standing in line at starbucks. And you know he’s he’s just a great guy. I think report. Flynn oh my gosh. You’re part of the reason. I’m here forever and i. I wish he would publish something else because he did. He helped like food trucks with a website. And i didn’t have a food truck so that didn’t apply so that a lot of the things he was involved in early on. They just weren’t things i was doing but i just got so much value out of his information that it was worthy of listening to and there’s so many others i could mention those are some that really stand out to me recently. If the audience cares doctor’s perspective dot net slash book list. That’s right book. List is all of the guests recommendations in one place in my amazon store so of course it’s affiliate based but it’s every book that they’ve recommended everything from personal growth to love to. Tom clancy ill but most of the stuff is all like things that would matter for entrepreneur. Who’s trying to better their self better business and marketing and all that kind of stuff so excited. Finish that middle of october third. Really happy to get all that together and it’s a quite a lot. There’s a lot of books. Oh yeah there’s a lotta great stuff out there. A lot of the stuff was repeated to which is kind of interesting. It’s nice to see what someone says. Something different like what. You said that nobody said that. Yet great your website. Creativity playbook how people reach out to you have a discovery call or whatever free resources. What do you have for us. Yeah so i always go at this with a heart to serve. And so if you’re somebody that something i’ve said here resonates definitely reach out. I do. I do a one on one session with anyone who has an interest because i wanted to see can. Is there something here that we can move forward for you. So i want to hear from you like what. Why do you think you want to work with the coach. Why now what are what’s important to you and so we spend. I spend time with you for an hour. Getting to know you before we even talk about whether there’s an opportunity to move forward or not and so that’s something i think is a high value. If you’ve never done that for yourself give this gift to yourself and you can reach out to me on my website as you said. Creativity playbook dot com or at creativity playbook dot com as my email. My phone numbers on there. So if you’re a phone person you call me your text me. We can set up a time. The data really the beginning of the starting place of where we go. And i have one i have if at the very least i hope that we will have a very awesome conversation in that time and you will walk away with so many things With more clarity than what you came into that call with and then we stepped the stage to go into either. You know one on one. Coaching or we decide together. What what are what will be. Some good moves for you to take action on. What’s important if it’s not a good fit that’s rarely the case but sometimes some role being a place where it’s like. Oh they might need to go do something else i before. They’re really a good fit for example someone who’s really struggling with things that may need some counseling to resolve past issues. I that might be. You can do both at the same time. But i just That might be an example. That i would give so. Yeah i’ve been invited to connect and reach out. I’ll tell you this. I was interviewed and it still hasn’t been released yet. So i’m like come on but this guy after talking to him because he’s kind of like a coach and he has his own system that people can get certified in and you can take tests and things. He just gave me so many nuggets of gold. That i could just you know with the podcast and like what kind of guests i should go after and all this kind of stuff. He kinda gave me this. This playbook i was like wow. This is amazing. Just got this expensive inexpensive coaching session. And i was actually the guest. I gotta listen to a few more of his episodes. The normally they’ll how it goes but it was pretty cool to see him pick apart. I guess the validate what he does. Some more people would take his tests but it was really cool and made some good points. And i was definitely typing when he was talking down and those kind of conversations where you can get that clarity.

00:50:04 – 00:53:40

They can offer so much and why. That’s the name creativity playbook because it’s not a specific playbook it’s a creative playbook around you your life goals your vision your dreams where your heart is where your relationships are and we’re going to talk about that in a deep way and we’re going to set some things in motion to move you forward based on what you want so every book is different. It’s it’s a really awesome job to get to connect with people and go to their life journey and help them move forward in ways that they’re they couldn’t do it theirself. They have blind spots or they’re stuck absolutely. They’ll email checker webpage. I’ll give her a call hitter on lincoln Thank you so much for being on the show and being a great guest and giving us so much good information. Thank you so much for the opportunity. This has been a fun conversation. And i really enjoyed it. So thank you so much for the invitation. Another great interview has ended. While you’re on your phone. Click that review. Write up a nice review for me. Five stars if you could as everyone says an industry. It’ll help other people to find us when we have enough rankings not to mention i’ll mention you and your review on an upcoming episode if you follow me on instagram you only get one link. So i use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an s. And that’s going to give you everything you need to know the top episodes of two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen podiatrist series. Dennis acupuncture series holiday. Two thousand seventeen financial series. How to write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag like t shirts. The today’s choices tomorrow’s health book. That’s the blueprints for better health. Exercise picking food correctly financial. And then of course bundle packs which can get you the no needle puncture book forty common conditions including the electric acupuncture pin at a great deal. The resources page has some of the products. That i like. It’s affiliate style. So if you buy something from them. I get a piece of that just like on the show pages if you buy a book from clicking that link i get a small piece of that as well so i really appreciate that things like screen castle. Matic pure vpn missing letter. J laps speakers. Prone ed or hog grips once again. If you do need any coaching on how to improve your bloodwork drop weight and the pro loan diet fast mimicking diet. Five day plan. Let me know as well as just need them. Coaching whether it’s health whether it’s marketing whether you need some practice growth etc reach out facebook. Justin tros claire. Mcc of course doctor’s perspective dot net on the top right. You got all the social media icons that you can imagine. Click your favourite and reach out. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please tell a friend pass it along. You can go to dot net slash. Listen it’s just that easy it will open up in your app. And don’t forget i appreciate you. Listen critically think and integrate see on the minnesota’s on thursdays and saturdays. Hope you’re enjoying those. I’m definitely having fun. Summarizing these podcasts. In less than ten minutes for you you get the nuggets without having to waste your time. Have very weak day. Want to help you shots

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