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E 167 Feeling Stuck and Finding Your More Michelle Hammons

High Performance Coach is broken down for us. How to use the DISC, should we compare ourselves to others, best way to take a vacation and Michelle Hammons even covers virtual assistants. We briefly touch on DISC Profiles and what you can do with the results as well as Financial Peace University money ideas. We…

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M 20 Excellence In One Thing and Contentment

Learn to have contentment with a low or high salary. Prepare yourself for the hurdles of rich people problems before you are rich. This includes creating a family mission statement to keep you on track and also honoring God in your work. Episode 20 excellence in one thing and contentment, your host Dr. Justin Trosclair….

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E 94 Personal Brand Development and Marketing Ben Baker

Can you understand, codify, and communicate your personal brand. Who are you, who do you and do not serve. What do people say behind your back, adding personality in ads, and one liner goals. Your Personal Brand is How You Are Perceived. Ben Baker The people who resonate with you will gravitate toward you and…

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