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E 167 Feeling Stuck and Finding Your More Michelle Hammons

High Performance Coach is broken down for us. How to use the DISC, should we compare ourselves to others, best way to take a vacation and Michelle Hammons even covers virtual assistants. We briefly touch on DISC Profiles and what you can do with the results as well as Financial Peace University money ideas. We…

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E 116 Hiring a Virtual Assistant Don’t Panic Mgmt Jess Ostroff Tyson

What can a doctor use a virtual assistant services for: podcast editing, social media management, backend video posting, blog writing and more. Jess Ostroff Tyson of Don’t Panic Mgmt agency discusses how she hires and trains VA’s, and why stay in USA. Proactive, neighborly assistants who turn chaos into contentment, frustration into focus, and panic…

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Episode 37: Let’s Talk Private Parts Dr. Susie Gronski, DPT

Dr Susie Gronski DPT wrote a book on men’s pelvic health, makes a sensitive subject approachable and fun, gut health, Neuro meningeal manipulation, how to find your niche and avatar, restaurant ownership, cash practice ideas and online side hustles. Board Certified in Pelvic Health Did stroke rehab,  vestibular rehab, and then shadowed a PT that…

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