M 68 Video Ad Rules

Minisode 68 Video Ad Rules pine trees
Minisode 68 Video Ad Rules

8 Key elements to script into your video ads for maximum results. Not just hooks, social proof and a good call to action.

Welcome back to the episode. Sixty eight video ad rolls. Today’s show is from capitalism with kevin anson. He apparently does a viral video ads with like click funnels in all those types of people. So he’s made some really big videos made a big splash. People excited about it so he was interviewed on that podcast. And this is the summary for that.

Before we jump in if you are a doctor or professional of some sort that needs a curriculum vitae. The cv reworked. And you don’t wanna do it. Let me do it for you. Gotta do is go to adoctorsperspective.net/onesheet. And you can actually hire me to do that for you. I enjoy it as well as a one she s you know one page. Pdf where you can highlight topics that you wanna talk about and what you can provide to another business so they hire you for podcast hosts to invite you onto their show or even to get a second meeting or a room meeting with a medical doctor or other referral partner. That you’ve been warning.

So let’s jump in if you like what you hear but you want more information than you have to go and check out that actual podcast.

Here’s the summary super-duper summary need to have at least a pattern interrupt. Identify who you’re gonna talk to what’s gonna be your hook throw some social proof and then a call to action. That is your most basic video simply that you have to do.

But so a pattern interrupt could be anything from throwing a book on the ground. Are lighten a book on fire. Just something that gets you to stop in. Look what are you doing. Could be moving your fingers in front of the camera just to catch people’s attention something like that.

Then you gotta identify who you talking to stay at home. Moms parents who are now teachers. Who aren’t really into that chiropractors. That do spinal decompression etc and then the hook so going through all eight steps real quick the hook at your marketing.

Hook it bridges. Who you talking to in why they’d actually want to listen and you at into the paint point and desires. So are you tired of having pain. He can’t play with kids and stuff like that results.

The promise What what can you do. Can you get or accomplish x by y because of z. So that’s another step step for a thorny. You wanna talk about people you’ve worked with. Who’s famous it’d earlier. This guy with click funnels so that’s kind of a big thing you have some kind of certificate that other people don’t have or somebody else thinks is important and they like you so you don’t mention that somehow in the video you don’t have to do all eight things in this video every time. It’s kind of a lot. But like i said in the beginning those top four. Repeat at the end.

Okay you to have a new opportunity is not so much you want to be different than somebody else like are yoga mat is point two millimeters thicker than the competition. Now you need to have something that differentiates you completely and that blue ocean theory. How was it. You know not just superior but it’s like a new opportunity. Can you do that with what you’re doing in chiropractic physical therapy named can you position a code laser like that Some special decompression table. You’re the one that offers small group sessions that nobody else does.

Then you had the value perception. Which would be like if you bought something else. It would cost you more time and more money but you just come to me and get better faster. You can go try yoga. You can try doing exercises. You can go into this by yourself. You can watch a bunch of for youtube. Videos are just come to me and now four five six visits you’ll be pain free and able to de lift again. Something like that.

The last social proof you want to get reviews reviews reviews reviews wherever you want them get them remember. You know just want to say oh. I got pain freer. He was so nice or it was affordable. You wanna talk about the results that they got. I could not live my kids now. I can it hurt to do three holes of golf. Now i can do twelve. Want those in the ad.

Again the basics pattern interrupt identify who your group is. Give them a hook. Wanna listen show some social proof phil work for them to work for me and then a call to action call now only fifteen spots available some people they say they don’t like the discount their services but they can add a bonus call now and we’ll throw in a t shirt and a hat and a water bottle or will throw in an extra session or you’ll get a A gym bag field with all the stuff that you would actually need a thirty dollar value. And so that way you still get money prince like if you’re doing a a gym one on one small group sessions that a higher price you can afford to give him the lacrosse ball Some thera bans maybe sliders or something like that and then they get that for free.

They still have to pay the full price so that could be cool again. That was capitalism viral video ads. If you want information on that you want to listen to that show.

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