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e 156 a doctors perspective fairlane tyler youtube streams
Tyler (Fairlane) talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

Fairlane discusses partnerships in the music industry, tips from 180 million streams for doctors to utilize for their local audience, and behind the scenes of the DJ, EDM, Trap music genres.

How did these 100,000 people in attendance electronic dance music festivals (EDM) come about and is it a goal to headline one of them?

What are the unique challenges of bridging from an online music guy to live venue entertainer? Why do someone people have millions of streams but can’t sell out a 500 person venue?

REMEMBER: every like and stream is an actual person. How do we leverage those likes and fans?


Sometimes you have to do free stuff, so the right partner, agency, other doctor or crossfit gym in town takes notice of you. Then you can do joint ventures or joint collaborations and leverage each others audiences. This could be youtube video series on certain conditions or what have you.

Much like all aspects of life and business, who you know, meet and connect with (inner circles) can play a major role in building these partnerships and ultimately your big break.

Favors Come Around Full Circle

What is your Unique Viewpoint, Angle, Unique Selling Point (USP) so that others want to work with you?

Another option he has done, is being a part of a bigger group (trap nation) allows for reciprocal favors. You put my song on your channel and I will put one of your core artists on tour with me for a few shows. Both individuals are happy because of the different types of exposure they are looking for. One person wants more youtube clicks and the other wants more live show experience.

Sony, Interscope, Capital Records all license their music exclusively to Trap Nation. This is how you can find so many artists to listen to for free without being taken down for copyright infringement. Side note: just because it’s licensed doesn’t mean the Nation gets to solely monetize, they still have to work a deal out with the record companies.

Because of the fact that most trends or artists can fizzle out over time, how and what do you do to plan for longevity and diversification

Importance of branding and maybe a small gimmicky piece. Could be a special font you use, icon, visualizer for video intros, a sound or a piece of clothing.

Fun question: why do dj’s always fiddle with the buttons?

Is syndication (sync) on commercials or TV shows as good of a deal as it appears to be?

You can hear a 30 second clip of his new single Replay featuring Syence and Kwesi at the end of the episode.

And to hear many of his original songs as well as two other artists, watch the Valentine Mix 2020.

Artists and People mentioned in the show:
the District for bridging record labels to license songs on youtube
Andre Benz creator and curator of Trap Nation, Chill Nation etc
William Black
Lowly Record Label
MonsterCat Record Label
Proximity Record Label
Zachery Moxley video producer

Tyler goes by the stage name Fairlane. He is a Canadian musician that helps product multiple music podcasts (Trap Nation and Chill Nation) as well as his own singles. His own songs have 12 M, 13 M, 8 M views and more from songs like wildfire, uncover you, first time, butterflies, replay and his imagine dragons remix has 135 M views.

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/156 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

e 156 a doctors perspective fairlane tyler youtube streams trap nation
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Episode one hundred fifty six takeaways one hundred eighty million youtube streams. I’m your host Dr Justin Today we’ll hear Tyler also known as fair lanes respected during twenty seventeen and eighteen podcast awards nominated host and bestselling author on Amazon. As we get behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor and guests specializes. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Welcome back to the show. What do you think releasing these episodes randomly? Instead of every Tuesday and Saturday. I was doing before. Let me know your thoughts today on the show. We’re doing a little bit of a different take. We’re actually going to do a deejay producer. His name is tyler but he goes by Fairlane as the title says he’s had over one hundred and eighty million views. One track alone had one hundred and thirty five million views as a great story. So if you actually stay around the end of the episode I’ll give you a behind the scenes story behind that release on Youtube Some of the songs have twelve thirteen and eight million views. This is an idiom electronic. Dance music trap music genre that he produces anyway so I always say listen critically thinking implement and this one you’ll see the point you don’t just get that many of us nothing you gotTa have a plan and so one of the big takeaways is going to be collaboration partnerships favors with people around your community. So he’s got to talk about different artists producers and managers and agents and all this and we’re going to hopefully bring that in and think of other doctors in the area that you can partner with other gyms other businesses exercise studios. How do we partner these people that blog posts videos obviously as an artist? You have videos. So we’ll get some tips on that not just like your standard music video but also these lyric videos are these videos. That way formed from the music from the sounds. The equalizer whatever you WANNA call it. So we’re going to cover a couple of different things here a really think if you like music and like marketing you enjoy this episode and also have a second bonus he dropped a new single called replay in the middle of. May Twenty twenty and so he’s actually giving US thirty seconds of that to listen to so at the end of the episode and we also will have links of course in the show notes to bunch of the different people that he’s of mentioned as well as a youtube video for the replay song as well as a mix that you understand leader. That is really cool to listen to because then you can hear lots of songs with just one click on Youtube quick self promotion if you don’t know how to use chopsticks download a doctor’s perspective dot net slash chopsticks sixteen different ways. No more excuses is obviously a companion to the China Dinner Book that I wrote You can also find that. Needless acupuncture now on Amazon it was never on Amazon before but ever since coronavirus. I released it on kindle and paperback you can find Amazon Search. The name Justin Tros Clare. That’s all I got free for now. This jump in all the notes and the transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one five six. Let’s go hashtag behind. The curtain live from Germany and Germany defacto. But this guy is Canadian things the coronavirus. We have a different take for a doctor’s perspective because he’s not a doctor but he sure is a producer of some sorts and he’s a heavy hand in trap nation. Which you might be like. What does that well? It’s kind of like electric dance music. It’s also kind of hip hop is a blend. But it’s got thirty million subscribers all right. He’s got songs one hundred thirty five million views. Twelve million thirteen million hits like wildfire butterflies and a remix from bands. You know and so this guy is doing it right with video with promotion and being that. I like the music I say. Let’s reach out and see what we can pick from his brain so that doctors could potentially grab some nuggets and learn how to do it from production artists side of things. So please welcome Tyler. Better known as fairly appreciate that. Thank you for having me on the show absolutely well. I know. It’s probably a strange format for. Yeah a little bit. But we were discussing pre trap nation. You got lowly records their independent but there’s thirty million people people are into this music. Eleven billion views would be s pretty insane. It’s not d’esposito one video when four billion views but mean we can’t all be Latin pop for the whole world. I guess visited the barbarity. I have very high but give us a little rundown on. What is it that y’all are doing to amass so much followers like? How does that play out? I think I mean from the conversations I had with. So it’s it’s a kidney Andrei. Who started the channel? He was fifteen years old at the time.

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And he just you know he loved music Literally stages of Youtube when you wasn’t quite recognized as a music platform the same way that it is today you kind of look for these simple ways to listen to music and find songs you wanted to hear and aside from downloading number purchasing him on I tunes. They weren’t really readily available anywhere to listen to for free because he had understand that you know spotify in apple music weren’t quite a thing yet either. This is kind of early stages of electronic music and streaming platforms and so he kind of thought as an opportunity to just upload some of these songs to youtube and you know started gaining a little bit of attraction in bit popularity channel started to grow and it hit a point where you kind of run into an issue of licensing his. You know that’s always going to be a thing when it comes to uploading music to any platforms need to especially male especially now you have the proper licensing. And so he partnered at the time with a company called the district. Space that have Vancouver actually was a couple of good friends at work there. What they were doing was essentially partnering Youtube Promotional Platforms with the major labels. Getting them the appropriate licensing kind of bridging that gap so that they had. I guess you could almost say exclusive rights to uploading music that people want to hear and so by capitalizing off of that they kind of became the go to channel on Andrei and Trap Nation. Where you would find these songs. You weren’t seeing on other channels respectively so that kind of gave him the upper hand in that upper edge. You partnering with Brand Familiarity. You know they have a very unique and like instant recognition with their their visualize there with the funds of their text. Everything that kind of just took off as being this this entity of its own did. I don’t think he ever expected to get as big as it did. But you know there’s just kind of a snowball effect where he was growing so fast that it was almost too big to stop at that point and kind of how he amassed. The number of followers did he did because got to be quite a journey to get Sony inner scope and all these major record companies but uh sure well sure we’ll let you use maybe like spinning records or something like that. Know the big. But it’s not that big compared to these goliaths. Yeah and I think that was something that you know. Spinning records was doing is. They’re promoting their own content. So they were kind of out. Recognizable Record Label. It was doing in promoting the music that they were releasing and as such. They kind of had that brand identified. -bility was like. Oh case records is putting out. You know these house records and they’re putting up on Youtube and that’s where you go to watch it and they grew that way. Whereas trump nation was getting these sort of exclusive licensing deals from plano Sony interscope capitol records that would allow them to host it on their channel and then that would kind of give people incentive to go and check it out and now there is still a bit of a unique situation when it comes to those things even with remixed that I did that. Imagine Dragons remix that know now has one hundred thirty five million views. That doesn’t just get given to trap nation for an opportunity to license. Monetize interscope still controls the master of that record in their four. Because it’s being uploaded onto youtube. They control the monetization. But they’re giving an exclusive opportunity to host that on their channel and that’s kind of how it grows popularly there so so do you even get a sent ours just rain neck. Condition is its name recognition and I’ve made of calculating what the royalties would have been a few times. Don’t do this does money mean it. As on that is if you’ve had any sort of bootleg remix or opportunity takeoffs do not look into what it could have earned you better to just appreciate what you have so what you did and actually produce music yourself and then you can actually go on her millions of views from your own tracks. Control that and make a living. That’s all right. That’s all right so it’s the question I guess. Most people may have heard of David. Guetta HARTWELL TSA THOUGH. Who really into the music? These guys are the people that put out. These big shows the electric carnival. Two hundred thousand people per show and then. I think you’ve got people like Thomas Goal. Maybe Morgan Page Mu. Not Quite as big and then I think defense you got trapped nation artists who are kind of on the smaller room and they’re trying to break free now. I’d probably classify you into that even with twelve million views. That’s still a lot. But what’s the goal house the transition into her that even go to get into these massive festivals like that? It’s I mean the reason that the the names that you mentioned like the David Guetta in hard wells. They were kind of again like the pioneers of Genre. It was kind of like the early stages of the EDM outbreak when all of a sudden electronic music is becoming more and more popular and it was sort of like this new experience like going to these festivals in transition kind of from the underground rave scenarios where people with money partners were actually putting on these festivals and hosting these artists.

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That were you know. Kind of the EC can say like the ground zero or like the the original people doing this sort of thing like the actual songs. They’re not just twenty minutes of the same baseline and they throw a symbol in there. Every these three or five minute. Yes Song as you’d expect to hear like pop forty radio and you do here sometimes like real songs. That just happened to be a different beat. Didn’t your pain or something you’re used to hearing. Yeah and it’s got like the foreign the floor big kind of festival energy in last winter. The people that you could go to you know festival Tomorrowland Resea- with eighty thousand people in the crowd and everyone’s just kind of enjoying it together and it was this whole unique experience. They were the front runners and just like anything else. There’s obviously going to become a mass appeal. Where now everybody else wants that same situation? Because you know it’s no secret. These guys are making millions of dollars. You know it’s like you see some of their caps Calvin Harris’s making two hundred fifty three hundred thousand dollars a show. You know you look at that. And it’s like you if you do. Ten of those and you’re multimillionaire let alone you know the the sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred that he does a year so it kind of puts perspective. What’s happening Never someone like myself. Who’s obviously kind of? I guess you could say like coming into the game a bit late. That sort of the challenge is. How do you get into that next? Step of up touring and playing live and transitioning from the you know the Internet basically to the real world because it sort of a unique experience in something. I’ve actually kind of thought about a few times as it. You exist on the Internet for so long that you kind of forget. Those numbers actually represent people. That’s not to sound condescending. In any way is just like it’s it’s hard to detach your mind from that where usually used to seeing. You know the numbers take that you forget that. There’s somebody behind the screen actually listening to those those songs. And so it’s not until you transitioned into that live space that you start to kind of feel not presence in everybody. That’s actually listening to the music now. In order to do that. I think it’s just a lot of partnering with the Right People to write agencies the right management who can kind of leverage opportunities to get you into that setting and then putting on a good show you know something that block she would wanna come and see again doing something to differentiate yourself a little bit from the next guy doing the exact same thing and then just kind of hoping for the best and hoping that these agencies can pitch you to the right festivals and they kind of put you on the lineup and just you it happens. Do you have to do like free? Mixes of really popular songs and things like that. So they can say. Oh this is the style and well. What else does he have? And then you may be able to pick the ear of the right producer promotion. Yeah you always WanNa have like a a catalog of original music that you can. You can be playing. You know it’s like if I just go to an agency and as A. Hey I want to playing shows Why would I even consider you? Don’t have music like what’s the point putting you on jury is GonNa go play other people’s music so you can be the number one thing that differentiates yourself from. Everybody else is your catalog. Like what are you making? What kind of music are you going to be playing this going to be unique to you and is not gonna be the same as every other? Dj That’s playing these same shows and so that for me was kind of again like a a key. Opportunity was having that strong partnership with a channel or a group like the nation’s you know trump nation Dick even leverage marketing in exchange for favors. So you know I did. A couple of shows with an artist goes lending griffin really quite big in North America. And he was doing a mid sized stadium tour essentially across America and in exchange for you know trump nation promoting that tour. They kind of leveraged me into the deal saying okay. We’ll do this. We’ll help you but exchange we want you to bring fairlane on for a couple support dates. And so that’s how that happened. Nine set to go to Los Angeles that got to go to Denver to play five thousand six thousand cap rooms which was incredible and that was sort of introduction and then you know again that peaks interest people that have. Bb heard my music on spotify youtube. But never actually seen me or known like Oh. Hey that’s actually a person like you know Kinda. Let’s actually your song. Oh I didn’t realize that. Who actually did. That’s just exactly now. He’s playing there now. They’ve seen me play. Live non next time you come to. Los Angeles come to Denver. There’s going to be that group of people that want to buy tickets to come and see me play in at the end of the day. You kind of have to make that decision you know. Are you going to be an artist that earns mostly revenue through streaming or? You’re going to be an artist. Earns mostly revenue through playing shows. And so those are actually two very distinct into very different things They do have crossover. Obviously the more popular music the more well known you’re GONNA be but there are artists who have millions even hundreds of millions of streams on spotify. They can’t sell four hundred tickets in the city like Los Angeles and so does kind of that interesting crossover on the opposite of the spectrum. You’ve got people don’t stream well but have a very particular live set that people wanna go see. They’ll sell five thousand tickets in Los Angeles. And so that’s kind of that very interesting balance that you would think that if you’re producing your own songs when you’re playing live that you’d be able to mix them and do everything like you need.

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Put out a a great show. I want to say there was a research study. Thought things like trying to get bars to sell more alcohol and they had like just me going spend some records like a wedding and then they had I think yes though or like somebody. Huge play and the alcohol sales almost plummeted or something because they were so good and the music was so much. Better do that. I don’t really need a drink right now. I’m answering the dance floor. Yeah Yeah so anyway. I don’t know where that came from. But that’s kind of cool. I saw William Black. You guys have similar. Sounds I would say that’s not an insult or anything but about the tour through corona virus and then I guess that all got shutdown. Would that have been a good person to partner with in a sense absolutely. Yeah so what was really interesting about will Because he’s actually one of my best friends is why it’s all kind of works out so while he is close friends with a artists goes Liam he’s actually probably one of the biggest projects as music right now. You know he actually just came off the stadium tour across North America Old thing you know. He’s playing fifteen thousand twenty thousand person rooms which you know to a pop star doesn’t seem like anything much but when you know you’re you the transition between dance and pop and you see someone who has that much impact on the scene. He’s doing incredible things and so he actually brought will out on the tour so they toured together and he’s no salt lake a huge spike in his growth throughout opportunity. And that was kind of what then fed into this tour we were GONNA do together was sort of okay. We need to come back six months later. Let’s hit those same cities that he played with them and just small rooms. You know maybe like four hundred five hundred cap room some calls thousand but in that safe zone of what we think we could sell and The whole thing was planned out. And you know we’ve been dissipating for months and you’re all excited. I spent you know thousands of dollars on getting visas approved and everything states and then flew to Germany. And obviously everything Kinda went kaput after that but yes you know it’s disappointing because these are kind of the opportunities allow people spend a lifetime even working towards like okay. We’re GONNA do a proper American tour especially as a Canadian artist to stepping into that market breaking into that. How do you even? There’s somebody do this for you know so that that’s kind of I learned this so many clubs in a city like Denver’s the church there’s rock there’s who knows how many other smaller venues data you’d have to like contact. All of them can complain. Your Club. That was actually will. He has a really good agent so he handled the booking for all of that so luckily my job is just to Kinda like hop on and I was just sort of figuring out my own steps of which was again might to legal issues of getting. Isa’s approved rushing taxes any taxes give booking flights and preparing yourself for K. like a jamming. Lose money on this but you know it’s it’s an opportunity to go into this and you know really start to to grow and again like said make that transition from being someone who exists primarily on the Internet to being alive act that people are actually buying tickets to come and see and that’s like more money in that too right if you get to a certain point absolutely. Yeah like I said you know. I’m not saying that’s what I expect. But you got Kelvin Harris. Making hundred thousand dollars show you know. That’s that’s real. That’s something that exists. You know and not saying that everybody is doing that you know but even still if you get to a recognizable point you can charge your cell phone it. You know anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars for show costs obviously will accumulate but you can make a very honest living five thousand and night and you play one hundred shows a night. That’s not so bad. It’s not so bad info Beth again. Different story I think is time to stand as an individual doing this. That doesn’t last forever. I think that’s kind of that like it’s it’s deciding where the longevity is going to be you know as a producer as an artist you know either you get really lucky. You can save up to five years in sync into an early retirement. A lot of people do that. Or you know you get by. You live a luxurious lifestyle. But you understand you know. Hey there’s there’s a cap to this like at at some point. This is going to stop now. Might have good five years. You’RE GONNA take off your slow rate down and so it’s understanding okay. What other avenues are there within this industry that I can? You know kind of navigate that will allow me to continue to make a sustainable living. You know for as long as possible. It was a very good friend of mine in a mentor. Kind of compared to to you know a guarded says like join your garden succeed. You GotTa plant a little bit of everything if you plan one crop and you hope to that crop is going to grow and it doesn’t grow with you don’t have a since implant five or six different crops. May Be one of them. Doesn’t take off but you know maybe three of them. Do you still have a garden? Still have something to eat. And so it’s the same with music as you can get in there and you can put all your energy into being producer.

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Okay that’s fantastic but you know maybe one day it’s not gonNA work out anymore. Crops GONNA die. You’re not gonNA have anything to do. And so that’s kind of where I’ve always been out and trying to diversify and say okay. We’ll do a little bit of Radio. Work here I can do a little bit production curing. You’ll bill consulting work here. I can do my artist project here. I’ve got enough to kind of keep my calendar full by days busy and that way. I’m never stuck just kind of like worrying. Wolf one thing falls through will what am I gonNA do? And so you guys do a weekly Hall of the weekly podcast but I think it goes Sirius radio. Yeah so I actually got my start with a different record label. They’re monster cat. Their independent record label electronic. Obviously that candidate actually doing incredible things as well that was might start to it was like I would do mason so it makes the radio show every week. Put it together then. We pitched off. That would just recently got accepted onto Sirius. Xm as well but that’s how it came about actually relationship with trump nation was an opportunity this they needed to mix done in like less than twelve hours and Dutch them to said. Hey this guy in up maybe he can do for you and so I remember getting the songs at eleven pm a. I’m going to have to stay up all night but I pulled an all nighter and I mean it makes sense to them. They were really happy with it. So you don’t have to pick the music you just gotTa Mix already pick the songs they send me the songs that one. Yeah but then you know there are weeks after. Pick the music those leaks. Were I get a curated for me? It all kind of goes everywhere. But you know it’s it’s it’s a weekly thing. Yeah so I do that one. I do a more for chill nation. I’ve slowed down with monster cat but there was a point time. Doing almost five mixes a week on top of everything. But you I said it keeps you busy and hope everybody’s the grind factor on this. Yeah you know. That’s that’s what I’m saying is if you if you want something to work in you want longevity and something you just you just gotTa Kinda put your nose down every now and then and find a way to make it work. So have you ever heard of ours? Emoji HEAP yes imaging. Yeah Yeah pretty popular at one point or whatever. I was in Denver at the time actually and we went to show and it was a small venue. There was five hundred people in there but she was definitely not selling out a massive stadium even though she had just gotten a remixed. Think Jason Derulo or something like that and it’s just it’s just crazy. I was really in tourist. My friends are into her. And someone a real pop scene. Still can’t get on. The radio can’t fell out. Justin Bieber sized stadiums or anything like that no but had a massively popular record made themselves while throws kind of saying yet you have somebody who’s obviously has massive success on with with the song itself but to transition into that space for their people are buying tickets. It could’ve just been bad marketing in terms of you know maybe they didn’t promote the show enough or no-win really thinks that emotion heap is being someone who would go and see life. Yeah I don’t WanNa see them live. You know it’s kind of it’s cool and they have a really good catalog of music and it’s not but like that was sort of. I think maybe what point you went and saw her play but I remember seeing a series of videos on the Internet where it was actually a Ted talk. She developed the software and technology of her body suit. That allowed her to control all the vocal effects of her singing because she would always do things. Very live then entire vocal song. Right there in front of you. Yeah like Whoa. It was intense. It doesn’t eight or something. Yeah but that’s that’s what’s really cool about was like a could have been a missed opportunity. Where like you know she was doing. Something really really awesome but was getting those opportunities to go and showcase that so it’s like as an artist you know. Maybe she got picked up. She could’ve gotten picked up on like Justin Bieber tour and you go and do that. It’s like yeah you can play your own show five hundred person room and you know showcase new technology and you all these things but you know the day only five hundred people are gonNA leave with that new impression whereas you go and play a stadium supporting a bigger artists may be not your show but you go out there and imagine she steps on stage. Does this cool thing with the bodysuit. Fifteen thousand people hellofresh is asking leave the next time she comes to a city and plays their own independent show. People are GonNA remember. Oh my God that was the person that stepped on a body suit and made the song live. That was so cool absolutely up to go and see that again any tips for like you said trap. Nation does have a very special font. Visuals are intense. I’m guessing they spend some good money to to buy. These are creative themselves. I don’t know how important is it for an artist for yourself to have a distinguishable font for yourself or like a way to make a certain like when you do videos. Do they always needs to be similar so that they recognized that dude so brand recognition is something that I admittedly need to improve on? But have you understand? The the gravity of it is that it’s it can make or break in entire artist. You know you have an artist by the name of res- very simple concept. But she wears these these classes and they have these the they move. It’s like a visual on the glasses. A little squiggle sir.

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spirals into swirling and she wears on stage. And you know all you can see from the crowd or these little bobbing is moving and you know obviously has a really cool music in this. Not but it became so recognizable instantaneously that you’re at a festival you pass by and you see those little. Bob Is in instantly. You know that’s res- you know it’s like the mouse guy. Yeah the head with everything something no bit. It’s true it’s something it can be important. Goofy can be dumb but if it gets people’s attention and they say oh yeah I know. What is your tar the Guitar Guitar People? Dj At the same time. That’s you know that’s kind of something that I’m trying to do. And it’s it’s understanding like okay. Well how do I do something know whether it be even in the music sounds things that are gonNA catch the attention immediately? Bring people back to. Oh that’s fair later. Oh that so. And so that on so and that’s almost beneficial to to trump nations. They said they had very recognizable visualizing. You know they called it the the bunny ears because the frequencies can shoot out of this little ball the top you know the bass frequencies shootout Look like rabbit ears. Essentially and so obviously. The channel grows in popularity people all star trying to copy a and was funny is that people found the template to do this exact same visualize earth you know when you watch the other people copying the visuals. You don’t think of them you think. Oh that’s trump nation you know. It’s almost like indirectly marketing bringing traffic backdrop nation. Because they’re recognizing their visualize are being used by other people that makes sense. Do you happen to try to find a very common vocal gene. Listen to music. I don’t all the buzzwords and the jargon for music but it’s like an airy kind of sound like they’re like come on chill but they got a good beat them yeah. The vocals are similar in a sense. Is that a thing. You’re perfectly doing or I think it might not be intentional but like subconsciously. I know that I gravitate towards a certain sound and still with a lot of the music. They get sent to me because it can go a few different ways like in. I’ve been in the room with the writers written songs together. Not where you know we can kinda governor move in the direction of you. Wanted to their together. Or I’d had demos just sent to me on from singer-songwriter groups that are like. Hey here’s a couple of Demos we’ve written. What do you think of these? So they’re trying to do what you’re doing feature me essentially like. Hey what do you think of this like you want? WanNa do together. It’s not and I noticed that yeah subconsciously do tend to gravitate towards a certain kind of sound a certain topic and it is often. You know a little bit of a sadder kind of bought a little bit as open. Something kind of more Jill and introspective than you know has has a bit more of that like additional meeting or deeper meaning to it. I think because I’ve never consider myself to be a technical producer. If that makes sense you know. There’s a lot of people that pride themselves on having a very unique interesting sound design Approach to music high energy. Something that you’d be here at the club whereas you know I focus a lot. More on the storytelling aspect of in kind of bringing about that feeling of introspection. And I find that comes through. You know the the sort of softer more areas. You know angelic if you would vocals a two random questions anytime you want. These people play live there always fiddling with the KNOBS I I understand like they’re trying to get their find the next track and they’re turning in the right place but there’s always touching the novel someone like me like what are you doing thing compulsive or what so. I’m ends in but like I used to mock that all the time. It was like you know they’re not doing anything you know. It’s it’s you’re checking the same novel when over and over again when you’re dj you’re using maybe five buttons like you go up there it you look at the setup. It looks complicated. I promise you it is not complicated and I used to say the same thing. I’m like if I when I get up there touching the knobs stupid. But there’s almost it’s it’s like a nervous tic reaction because when you’re up there in front of thousands of people you don’t really know what to do with your hands. You could literally record your entire hour track at your house. Mix It exactly right and just hit play and just staying there and like I did all the hard work. I don’t do live or you crazy if you wanted to do that. You could absolutely. I think that that’s kind of like you know almost one of the reasons I started playing guitar when I do. Things live as well as there’s that Lake Awkward Two minute curate. In between songs or you don’t really know what to do with your hands besides putting them up in the air maybe go on a fist. Bump and dance rounding. That’s great but it’s like you did. It is fiddling because you don’t really. Kinda note to yourself and your joining it. You’re in the moment you don’t really think about it but I think that has kind of. Is there an outsider of you? I don’t think they’re doing much. I think a millimeter here and a million overhead laughing at myself here. We’re talking about a bunch of doctors here. Hopefully they’re hearing everything you’re saying about like partnering up with other people so he about other artists he’s talking about other labels.

00:30:04 – 00:35:11

People are sending him demos there wanting to do the same thing as doctors. Of course we could be looking at the same thing in town like local. You know your dentist. Who can you partner with? Could you partner with the busiest chiropractic clinic in town with Donnas with a medical doctor who sees Oh have a headache ooh dropping? Maybe she was so lots of collaborations we can do and we’re talking about videos. It’s Kinda the same way of nervous to videos about kind of a strange thing let’s talk about SCIATICA. Well how do you make that fun? Well maybe there’s a cross fit guy down the street and Y’all can share each other’s audiences in do the same thing or you can record one video. And he can record another one in a different way. And then a post edit. I mean you can go and fiber and get somebody to do that for you for a few bucks and just put something out there. That’s that’s good. I always get a critically. Think about what’s being said to implement world doing. Have you ever considered? Are this silly. Jingle companies are like like Morgan isn’t tracks Tesla. So is that like the thing. Is that another avenue that you could go after like Jingles with your style of music. Yeah I mean there’s one of two ways that that’s approach so like you could be almost like the Charlie Sheen for two and a half men. literally writes jingles like the state farm team or or something about four. Or you can look into getting a publisher that will pitch music for six and syndication and so that’s a big one is no having music used in commercials you know exists a slur hungry show you know. These are big deals user. Massive licensing deals that could earn you in the high thousands of being the next apple commercial apple apple peso. Almost you know hundred grand for your song And they’re not to mention the popularity the rise in popularity get from doing that so I had opportunities that didn’t quite fit the calendar. What I was willing to the time but they come forward and say we just media song they kind of maybe says these words or has this kind of five. You have something in if you have it in your catalog absolutely you can pitch it to that if not you know if you think a good opportunity you can. You can produce that but there are people that do make music specifically forcing you know. I actually have a good friend at a Los Angeles. That just took on that project with his friend. You know it’s it’s inner circle thing you know a lot of people kind of its with any industries who you know and people partnered with in the past that can bring those opportunities up but they had a good friend that specialized in sync placements for movies and commercials and things of that sort and they have a particular sound that they wanted and so they sat down. They produced out three piece that consists of the sound. That people want to hear forcing. That’s not going to be an active as ever or it could I don’t WanNa Save But as as of now it’s not planned to ever tour or you don’t put on a merchandiser happen or brand familiarity or recognition. Its goal is just to make music. It’s GONNA get placed in commercials to you know. Basically create music for commercials do special projects or money that way because it seems like. There’s a lot of push like I watched show blacklist and nearly into the the show. They always have like a really cool kind of chill dramatic type of song and one of them. You know a couple of times. I liked the song so she’s name and I’m like Oh and then you listen to the album and then you buy the album and then but it seems like I will be putting my effort in my money. How do I get my name onto a TV show like that? Just I was like you know diversifying your portfolio so I duNno. It’s having a good publisher will be pitching your songs to the right people that are going to hear that. That’s the hard part You would his other hundred artists on his his. Everybody exists it like I said everybody wants a piece of the pie but it all comes from a that’s it. If it’s a piece of advice I could give to anybody. It’s favors always seemed to come around full circle especially in this industry where a lot of things are done back. You’re not out there looking for money with every opportunity. You know. I’ve I’ve had a lot of singers a lot of producers people that need help on things that I’ve done just because you know I believe in them. I believe the project or not to sound like. That’s my intention but I know that there will be something that I’m going to need help with that. They’re going to be able to return that favor for end. I’ve made a lot of relationships and had a lot of introductions may have led to big opportunities through those simple gestures of hail all produce a song for you or all records vocals for you or all touch and things for you. It’s very simple. But you’d be amazed how far it can go at times. I mean that’s huge in any field. What you’re talking about especially when you’re first starting out and just trying to get your foot in the door and keep your doors open as as a doctor. In general like the same issues we had we had the market. We gotta get people better. We gotTA GET WORD OF MOUTH. We have to try to get people to send referrals to us. Because it’s the best way to to make more money. You make a living but strange how that works. I think there was one more. If you had like six hundred dollars to buy a piece of equipment starting now what would you get? Is that even enough? Money depends on what? I mean there’s There are a lot of plug.

00:35:11 – 00:40:07

Ins that means. I don’t want to speak on behalf of industries. Lot of things are available. There are ways of getting things for free encouraged that behavior at all. But I have found that there’s pride and ownership be sample before you buy. That’s able to get and actually I have a few friends that have done that. There’s that you know the dare I say to you. Were Alternative. And they’ll sit with it the play with it but you know a lot of these things plug. It costs five hundred dollars the plug in called on this fear a huge sample bank of of sounds. And since and all these things that you make it’s really cool but it cost five hundred dollars and you know it’s like I don’t know if my computers compatible dropped five hundred dollars on this thing and I go to loaded into a project crashes because I don’t have enough memory on my computer I don’t have enough you know. Cpu that’s the problem. Is seeking it sock historic something? You can just go and return. You bought it at Walmart. Sits back but there’s a lot of you know bundles of No compressors because you know the FAB filter bundle. Something that I bought know the first time I had money available to me I bought the the pro see compressor procure equalizer and all those things. It’s it’s gone so far. I can’t even imagine how you guys produce music because I get overwhelmed. Sometimes we just my basic these shows together with them was like half these buttons. I don’t use much less if I’m trying to produce a song like where do they come up with that sound and then and then that sound? I’m like what what does that. And then they could have been simple. Styling they put five filters on it. And you’re like. Wow how would they even think that all trial and error? A lot of there is familiarity. There sounds I know how to make no no go back. No makes them again but a lot of the new stuff is just kind of like out. What would happen if I through this on their You don’t really know what to expect in. It’s just a lot of tweaking and doing things and none of awesome. You’ll be gone to school for this but a lot of it is just kind of like learning through doing. Germany definitely has DJ schools. Have you seen that at least where I’m at in Cologne? Dj School Dj School. Like really basic so. I don’t know and it would be nice if I could if I could have kind of like sped up the first few years of production not those schools are essentially doing that. It’s like going from that realm of Oh my God. This is the most overwhelming and intimidating thing. I’ve ever seen to Oh cool. This is how this works. Maybe now it’s actually not that intimidating and I can go into this. I can make a song and know how to do that whereas you know that was maybe just a bit more prolonged for me because it was trying to find went off youtube tutorials trying to just like you learn through doing just like this sucks. My Song Sucks. Why is it suck? I don’t know let’s just keep trying new things until it doesn’t say yeah. Yeah yeah very true. I guess the last question if you’d like is videos. Does it have to cost a lot of money like do you? Ha- you know someone else’s ideas that help you create a video or how do you? How do you go about that? It doesn’t have to cost a lot money anything you know. Same Thing Music. It can be simple. It’s about finding a cool concept that works so I had benefit of working with a friend. Zachary he’s based at Vancouver does incredible bjork and so all the bills that I’ve done have actually been shot with him to break your song these days are. They don’t like your video. They can do the graphic but yeah yeah no I actually had this discussion with somebody the other day. I don’t think that it necessarily will break a record me. I mean if you have a vehicle completely viral absolutely but I think in this day and age. Don’t make video with the expectation of having it recoup the expenses because it’s just it’s truly a marketing tool and you’re using it as a way of representing yourself through visuals that you might not be able to do through music. And so for the because song we did called crumble. We had a concept song about loss on death and grieving and so we wanted to do something very unique with that. You know we came up with concept of filming everything and then reversing the footage and having it be. A story told backwards. Now that is a concept that we could’ve shot on my phone if you wanted to. It might not have looked quite as cool. But the concept would be the same and the message would be relaid. That’s not gonNa make or break it but because we had the availability of the expensive camera equipment and Zach was willing to shoot it for a very discounted rate pissed because we’re good friends. Get his name out there. That’s a different story you know but again it’s like I’ve seen music videos. That were one continuous. Take again now on an iphone ten or whatever it is they agree cameras if the concept cool it gets you. Attention IS GONNA WORK. You know so. Don’t don’t lose yourself on the you know the nitty gritty details of all but know this this lighting. And this you know angle. Nishad and has taken this and that because as artists may be you’re gonna see these things but the majority of people are just looking for a story in the concept of taking kind of relate to gravitate towards and so is it the most awkward thing to just.

00:40:07 – 00:45:02

I don’t know if they’re lip singing on these videos but just walking down the street or whatever and just like singing. You’ll be awkward. One was really weird. Because after that crumble. We shot a lot of it in. Vancouver and familiar locations. We didn’t have permits or anything but we weren’t a learn obstructing. There wasn’t any reason we would have needed one but we were singing. Drew names trove was the singer. He was singing the song in reverse so it sounded like some Islamic gibberish. You know and we were walking down the street. You know playing in on an iphone and he was singing. You know loud and you know people were obviously looking at you. Like what the heck went onto their Grad of our minds. There’s also kind of like a weird feeling of walking around the city with a guitar over your shoulder like Oh who does this guy think he is exactly but you you you take that and put it into the software and you render it backwards and you play it out the way it’s meant to be seen and it looks cool. You’re like okay. Well yeah the awkwardness kind of fizzles out. You forget how weird it was to film it. ’cause you’re looking at something can be proud of and so just for a moment is understanding. Yeah this look silly to you now but this is gonNA look really cool. I trust anybody wants to know what is music. Sounds like in a few of the other artists. I think the best mix track. You can get as the Valentine mixed twenty twenty like a hit list of him William Black and yeah that one all three of them so if you’re interested in what who what their music sound like just youtube video you’ll find it but you just came out with a new single anything you want to promote Yeah so I had a new single drop on Friday when his with a singer called quasi and a duo called science song is called replay new And that one key modern all platforms on Friday. It’s a little bit different from everything I’ve done. Slow bit more dancey over more poppy but Super Bowl storytelling in the singer and I’m really excited about it. Actually want people to buy your music though right like go to these sites and actually purchase from ninety nine cents or whatever it is these days or stream it. Just listen to it you know. I think I would have been clean if my goal is just money. I think I just enjoy people. That’s what I’m wondering. Is that a thing now? You can try to go and get people to buy it off of I tunes or whatever but hey you know what? I can still make money if this gets streamed eight million times so either way. I’m still getting paid like. Yeah and it’s just again. It’s just exciting to see something that you made on a laptop get played with that. You know it’s kind of like takes it out of the the world of your desktop and chairs to everyone else and so when you when you see these numbers as I said again that is sometimes hard to make that distinction that the numbers are are people because they are people listening to it but yeah it’s really cool to see that you know something that you’re kind of enjoying doing like I’m having fun making music and now I get to share with people may get to enjoy it. It’s really cool things. So do you think. Do you get upset about these youtube to NPR. Three converters is that like avail existence. No I mean you’re never going to be able to stop people from getting music where they want to do it. I’ll do it some reform another. Everybody doesn’t one form or another. Whether you’re downloading it tormenting youtube damping three converting it. You know it’s whatever it is is just at the end of the day music and so I kinda goes full circle. Alright any web pages are just go on YouTube yet. You can find me on youtube by searching fairly music You can find me on instagram searching failing music on twitter early music across all platforms. When here’s this wants to say hey say hey semi message becky back to me how it works? Well I appreciate your time in in coming on the show. I appreciate me a lot of fun as promised stick around to after the commercial and you hear the two minute behind the curtain exclusive of how the one hundred and thirty five million streams from one song almost didn’t even happen. Another great interview has ended. While you’re on your phone. Click that review but right up a nice review for me five stars if you could as everyone says an industry it’ll help us when we have enough rankings not to mention. I’ll mention you and your review on coming episode.

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