E 153 News TV Doctor and Video Help Alex Vidan DC

Ever wanted to be the TV News Doctor? Alex Vidan DC will discuss how that role works as well as doing videos (and staying motivated) for your clinic. We also find out how he got involved with trips to China and a small section on coronavirus.

Why should you start doing or revisit recording videos?

This interview will cover the how and why to do you tube, face book live, IG Stories.

Tips for equipment

How hard is it to get on the News?

Pitfalls of being Live on a News Station.

Inspirations to find topics to make videos about. Best way to continue to do videos beyond one week after this podcast is to find what you are most interested in, and explore that area.

What does Embrace The Suck mean and how can you apply it?

A live news spot has spoken and unspoken rules and criteria that need to be met, especially if you want to be a repeat guest. What are those?

Timely news segments that relate to health and what is going on in the community are some of the best ways to get asked on the local news.

What happens when another person in your profession ruins the opportunity for others to be on the news because of how bad they performed?

You will not be able to give the news station questions you want to be asked, that is reserved for a paid interview.

You need to stay in your lane of expertise but not just in what you think but also in what the News Anchor thinks it is.

Find a Timely News Segment – Combine it With What You Are Good At, and now you have a better case to go on air.

During this Telehealth pivot for many doctor offices, he found that most ‘office desks’ are now the kitchen table, bar or couch.

Why did Dr. Alex visit 14 cities in China in a two week span… two years in a row?

Years of personal headaches multiple times a week from a concussion and only a chiropractor helped, hear the longer version of why he choose this field instead of mainstream medicine and that piggybacked into him wanting to be the TV- News based chiropractor.

This isn’t a heavy focused coronavirus episode, but we do discuss switching to scrubs for the time being and how that is important.


You have to take time to recharge and reset. Date your spouse and make that a priority each week.

Is work your life or is family your life and the career is a passion?


Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/153 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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Justin Trosclair 0:00
Episode 153 news tv doctor in video help. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Trosclair. And today we have Dr. Alex Madonna’s perspective. During 2017 and 18 podcast Awards Nominated hosts and best selling author on Amazon as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctor and guest specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Thanks for tuning in to another week. If you heard from the past couple episodes at the end of the episode Actually, I play the new jingle want to thank Dr. Amy auto Episode 97. For that if you have any questions or would like to talk to her about getting some sort of jingle for you and a variety of different actual genres of music, the song depot.com is where you can find her. Secondly, created a PDF a giveaway on 16 different ways to hold chopsticks. If you ever were curious about that, obviously that coincides with the excel in a Chinese business dinner.

Could be a good read for you. If you’re interested in just different cultures and those types of things. It’s a short read, but it’s jam packed

packed full of good ideas and takeaways that you can implement immediately. And today on the show, Dr. Alex, we’re going to go through things about video. We’ve had a few episodes here and there about how to do video so we’ll get his take on it. Find your passion, and then He is best known for his work on TV. He is a regular at the news channels for like a health segment. So we’re gonna dive into that and find out how you could do it. How would you appeal to these news stations? And if that’s not really your passion, how do you at least use that kind of motivation to do your own video series for Facebook, YouTube, etc. We also cross paths with China’s so we’ll discuss how he was able to go there and for what reason and, and all that, I think you’re gonna like this episode. It’s a little bit different than usual. The first couple of minutes we do talk about like Coronavirus and things, but it’s just for a few minutes and then we move on to the rest of the interview. So all the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective. dotnet slash 153. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from Germany and St. Louis today on the show, we got Dr. Alex, the Dan, he’s a chiropractor. He is looks like he’s still open because he’s in his scrubs. And they’re in Corona. We just had some cross paths that we just keep missing each other like LSU and China and things like that. So we found we’re able to connect. So happy to have you on the show. So welcome to a doctor’s perspective. Hey, thanks for having me here. This is fantastic. Yeah, we we are open man we’re seeing patients and everything and this is you’re actually catching me the first day ever wearing scrubs in my entire entire career. What do you think so far? I mean, I’m doing it right now too, and it feels comfortable. I was gonna say it’s that’s a bad beat in pajamas and working all day. I’m in pajamas and tennis shoes. I have elastic elastic pants and drawstring. And I gotta tell you, the elastic is so much more comfortable.

Unknown Speaker 2:53
It’s so bad. Well, I’m used to always wearing like, you know, the the button down shirt, the slacks the whole deal, and I know we’re not here to talk about But it’s it’s one of those things where here the CDC is talking about different standards and guidelines. So we’re like, well, we want to make sure that we’re meeting those exceeding those. And so that’s what we’re doing. Because now we can take the scrubs leave them here, another set of clothes for at home and all that. I’m not worrying about anything as far as cross contaminating or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
Do they clean easier?

Unknown Speaker 3:21
I don’t know. I don’t know. Like,

Justin Trosclair 3:23
that’s one thing. I’m wondering like, Okay, I understand the separation of clothes, but like, do they just disinfect? They got a built in

Unknown Speaker 3:30
layers or something? I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. I think that where you’re just cleaning all of that together, as opposed to with anything else and all this perfect, so I don’t have my team there a little bit, so I’m just running with it. Y’all got

Justin Trosclair 3:43
full sanitizer and you’re wearing gloves or how’s that working?

Unknown Speaker 3:46
Yes, we’ve got full sanitizer. We’re doing all that. We wear gloves. So I do a lot of that temperament, every joint dysfunction work. Anytime that we do anything around somebody’s face or anything like that. Yes, we’ve got the the 95 masks we’re hanging out with You know, the three ply match to the patients and everything like that to them? Yes, we’re sanitizing everything like it’s,

Justin Trosclair 4:06
it’s full. We’re almost at the point where we’re desperate for hand sanitizer as a doctor without paying, yeah, 18 times the normal price. That’s the trouble. It’s crazy

Unknown Speaker 4:16
that the thing is crazy. It’s, um, it’s, you know, we got really fortunate in the fact that we we actually got our supplies like, right before we get here, a timing thing where we got so it all kind of

Justin Trosclair 4:28
came together on that aspect. Well, obviously, this isn’t gonna be a full blown Corona episode or anything. But it’s, it’s on hot on everybody’s mind. And pretty much this episode is going to come out right in the midst of potentially the what I would call the reinfection. Because once everything gets off, lockdown, I’m pretty sure it’s just going to pop back up.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
So we’ll see how it plays out. But

Justin Trosclair 4:49
yes, we’re just gonna have a normal episode talking about you talking about the stuff we normally talk about on this podcast. So we’re just going to start it off like what’s going on? How did you come chiropractor kind of where you are now.

Unknown Speaker 5:03
So the way that I became a chiropractor wise is that I was actually pre med working at the hospital actually at in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So you know where you’re from, right? So LSU, all that kind of good stuff. So I was actually working, I was pre med at LSU. Working at a teaching hospital that was there. I was helping out on surgeries helping out with intubating people like everything I was doing all of it. And years prior, I had had a concussion from a sports injury. Whenever I was, I got this concussion and ever since then I would have like five to six headaches a week or I’d have one to two debilitating migraines a month. I tried everything in the medical route to get that corrected. And I tried for five years but nothing was working. Working at the hospital, I was kind of like I have access to everybody. So I would pick the neurologist brain I would talk to you know, all kinds of people and, and nothing ever worked for me. And nothing ever helped correct my problems or anything like that. And one of my buddies, he finally kept on me about going To see his chiropractor and I was like, why would every chiropractor you know who’s like, I don’t have neck pain back pain, I have nothing. He’s like, no, no for your headaches are those headaches that you keep on having? Like, not enough, you know, then finally one day I finally I got tired of it. And I said, All right, let me go see this chiropractor yours. And I tell you what I went to see that chiropractor, he explained what was going on, he kind of said this, what we’re going to do. And then I got that first adjustment and man from that first adjustment it was I knew from that first adjustment, I said, I’m going to be a chiropractor, I’m not gonna be a medical doctor, and then I’m gonna get on TV, to talk to other people about chiropractic. Like, I was just like the two things that just boom just came into my head. And the reason was because I felt like I was in the medical field, right perspective, kind of that idea. And I was into health. I was into all that. How come I didn’t know more about chiropractic? And I thought if I don’t know about it, then certainly other people don’t. And so I wanted to get that message out there to more and more people and, and that’s that’s what I did I became a chiropractor and started getting on TV to do that. talk to more people about it.

Justin Trosclair 7:03
That’s kind of like your kind of claim to fame, if you will, is being able to actually get on the news. I mean, the only time I ever made the news was I was doing a Halloween promotion of like, get your X ray gets your candy x rayed makes it a little razor blades, you know? Yeah. And one of the news channels was like, well, we like that angle. I was like, Yeah, okay, so I went on early in the morning, and that was my one time on there. And they were horrible, because they’re like, Oh, you didn’t give us a logo or anything? Or

I was like, you know, what

was the worst exposure? But anyway, that was my story. That was the but it’s not to say that it doesn’t work obviously because you are doing it correctly. No, in mine was just a random happenstance.

Unknown Speaker 7:46
But a lot of people are in that same situation where they don’t know that the news stations are really good about like, want you to be on but they aren’t so good about telling you what all the rules are behind that, right. They’re so good about telling you like all this stuff they want from you to make it Better a better segment for them or for their viewers and bring more value to them. Because you’re just so busy. So they’ll think about that. I want my logo all over

Unknown Speaker 8:07
that a great horse.

Justin Trosclair 8:12
So anyway, so before we jump into that part of the of the interview, I’d love to pick your brain. How did you make it to China? What was the reason you went there? And yeah, Why wasn’t I invited? No, just kidding. But

Unknown Speaker 8:26
that’s a good question. Because we did. I was like, wait,

Justin Trosclair 8:28
there’s groups that go to China?

Unknown Speaker 8:30
What? Exactly. So really interesting. The ICA, the International chiropractors Association reached out to me, they said, hey, look, we’re putting together a team to go to China. And we’re going to do a media blitz, and go over there. And we’re going to, we’re going to speak and we’re going to lecture and we’re going to meet with department heads and heads of hospitals and you know, like all these different people, right? And we’re going to do interviews and all that kind of stuff. And so they asked me to come and be part of that. And so I went over there and then in fact 14 days, I personally, I personally went to 15 different cities and then other other other groups kind of went and did similar kind of things. Or maybe they, you know, they went to other cities and did that kind of thing. But it was fantastic. So that was that was my first time to China my second time, it was a similar thing. But I mean, it was it was amazing. I mean, seeing the response there in China from so many people that want chiropractic, but just I mean, you know, it’s a, it’s a country of 1.4 million people. And they don’t really know about chiropractic, they have no idea about it, but it’s so aligned with their thought process and philosophy of health, and how the body functions and works. So when I would speak to them through a translator, they would be like,

Justin Trosclair 9:41
Yeah, that makes sense. So you’re gonna be here for a while, or how do I get this?

Unknown Speaker 9:47
Like, so. I even had people that would follow me to different cities, they would just be like, hey, so what’s the next city you’re going to, you know, when you’re you speak there, and then we’d go there and listen, no, it’s just like, we’ve got to find these people chiropractors here. And so that C a is working with a couple other groups and colleges and that kind of thing to see about planting more practices there and seen about doing things as far as starting the school there and all kinds of stuff. So it’s, it’s really interesting to see because it has a lot of people. I mean, you’re talking about what one seventh of closed population is there. I mean,

Justin Trosclair 10:19
I was the only chiropractor in the entire province, you probably have an idea of like, how big that is in New York State. And there’s like one chiropractor for all of New York, except it’s big in New York. But anyway, so I’ve heard people they’re trying to get into their before the universities, but I guess there’s just so much like bureaucracy, and it’s so difficult. And that’s why you see some chiropractors some TCM doctors fly over, do a three month internship, they go back, they’re very good marketers. And so like, I am an American trained chiropractor, like hey, you’re not and I’m going to teach you how to do all of this. And luckily did a lot of instrument adjusting and the try to do things safe, you know our rotors and all that kind of stuff. So That’s good. But you know the Chinese people they do know about or they call them not bone setters, but the T 70 Cm Doc’s know how to manipulate but it’s kind of scary like some of the stuff that I’d see I’d like should I even post this online because it’s it’s kind of scary anyway they were doing it I was like that just doesn’t seem safe. Eventually someone’s injured it’s come to the point like, and then then the whole city the whole country is like shut down oh no those chiropractors and they don’t, right differentiate between how,

you know how they learned what it is and everything.

Unknown Speaker 11:29
So so that’s that’s another thing that the that the ICA in conjunction with these other universities are trying to make sure that that gets that it’s off the table now, right that those things don’t happen because of the fact that we don’t need that kind of risk for the public. We don’t need that kind of a poor exposure for our profession. And we want to make sure that people are getting the best care possible. And that’s obviously not it based on what your experience was in seeing that. And so, whenever you have that kind of a thing, it’s like what can we do to best help the community so that there is helpful as possible and functioning at their best,

Justin Trosclair 12:02
are they going to be doing a lot of the anti vaccine and we can take care of allergies and all that kind of stuff? Are they? Are they those types of chiropractors? I don’t know what kind of messaging they’re going to have with any of that. I think it’s at this point very, very early. So I’m not sure those kind of things because it’s so early on the process. It’s one of those things where it’s like, this is gonna be a long process. They’re starting to make inroads. And so the idea is, is how can we work as a team to make this happen and make it to where it’s a progression into helping 1.4 billion people over there that that are, they’re begging for it? Right? They’re, they’re asking for it more and more, any, any CEO put us in their hospital, and you can find somebody like you’re good to go. It’s very easy to get licensed in China. And that’s one of the things legally is just trying to find that one person that’s willing to pay American wages for us out there because really, I mean, you think about the student loans like we can’t survive on what they they even pay a normal doctor. They’re just from our student loan payments. So excellent. Just A nightmare, but let’s jump into okay TV stuff. What’s an angle that we can use our Sure. Should we just do Facebook Lives? Is it the same kind of concept and you get picked up? What? What can you drop on us?

Unknown Speaker 13:14
Okay, here’s one thing I know that some of the people that are listening and watching and that kind of thing are part of this, they’re going to think and they’re going to say, Look I’m being on the news isn’t for me. So you mentioned, you know, Facebook Live or that kind of thing. doing video is a great way to get your message out there. Whether or not it’s a Facebook Live or recorded video or anything like that. One thing that I would definitely tell everybody is that, let’s just take the group that’s looking at it from the video standpoint right now. Video, I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of videos and that kind of thing. I don’t ever look at it and go, that was perfect. That was exactly everything, like be okay with it. You know, just just I know a marine that was a patient of ours for the longest time before he moved back to Southern California. And he would say that their term was embrace the suck and just embrace the fact that this is gonna suck be okay with it just get better as you guide. And that’s really what’s gonna happen. So there’s that. Now that’s a different story. Whenever you’re on the news, when you’re on the news, they expect things to be a certain way, right? Like what you experienced, they expect things to be a certain way. And if you don’t meet those criteria, then the problem is, is that number one, you won’t be asked to come back. Number two. The problem is, is that you’ll, you’ll not just mess it up for yourself. You’ll mess it up for everybody else that has the opportunity to then help not just don’t think of it as like, just help your practice but think of it as help your community because there’s certainly times like I was just on the news, talking about Coronavirus. It makes it to where right now it’s a timely segment. It’s a timely opportunity that the news wants, they want something that’s timely and they want something that means something to their viewers right now. Now I put that segment out there, but I’m not the only one that benefited from that. Like I’ve got friends texting me, you know and shoot me text and going Hey, thank you for doing that segment because I got new patients from that to now yes to my office benefit by giving you sure So first, but that’s not really the thing. It’s, it’s, other people are gonna say, well, his office isn’t the right one for me, it’s too far it’s too, whatever. I know, whatever, I don’t jive with how he does it. But this other one looks like the right one for me. Great. It gets more people underneath chiropractic care. And that’s what I want. I want more people in with chiropractic care and understanding what it is that we do, right? So when you start to look at it from a bigger perspective of, it’s not just gonna help your practice it is, but how else can you do this? It starts to become How can I add as much value to this new segment and to the viewers within that, so that we all benefit. So everybody

Justin Trosclair 15:34
does what we see in these videos right now, at least in the chiropractic circle of girls in bikinis getting adjusted. Why strapped back, you know, the big neck pool? Yeah, he’s shaking his head and not not happy about this. Um, and that’s the part it was like it benefits them, maybe gets corporate exposure, but what is the true exposure that we want? Is that what we want to look at this?

Unknown Speaker 15:54
There’s there’s, you know, I personally, it’s not my thing. I know some of the doctors Do that and I understand their their logic is is that yes, what they’re wearing and all those things and their models and all that kind of thing and that we’re in skimpy this and all that kind of thing. That’s their clickbait right, they’ll get the views. Exactly. I’m going to get more views I’m going to get, you know, more people gonna watch this and that’s my clickbait. So I’m going to use that. And then what I’m going to try to do is and educate them on that process too. That doesn’t jive with me and what, what’s right for me, I’m not gonna sit there and say they’re a horrible person. And I know you’re not saying that either, but I’m not gonna I know some people really condemn them for that. I look at it as you know, they’re trying to meet their audience where they are within that and then show them you know, some of the some of their some of the information they’re doing is good information. I look at it like Well, that’s still good information. That’s just not what jives for me like I I would not as a man, as a Christian as a married man as all those things for me personally, and I’m not condemning anybody else for it. I don’t mean it like that. It just doesn’t jive with what resonates with me that would seem completely inauthentic were to do that to myself. And if that’s what we all have to realize, whatever video you do whatever content you put out, whatever you do to help share your message of health, wellness, whatever it is, as long as it’s authentic to you, you’re going to draw the right audience to you. whenever it’s inauthentic and it’s not right, then that’s where the rub gets there. Because you’re not congruent with who you are, when you’re not congruent with who you are. Then there’s this disconnect, and people go, I don’t know what it is about this. I don’t like what it is here. There’s something wrong with this.

Justin Trosclair 17:28
And I think you’ll see, like you said before, it’s the global network of chiropractors look like if you got 2 million views of skimpy ladies. It’s like, does the 45 year old lady who’s overweight and doesn’t feel good about herself? like is that what’s gonna have to happen? I got to get down into that to get a treatment. I think that’s where the big controversy like you said kind of comes into is, is Yeah, what is it doing to the profession kinda like I’m not sure how you feel about it, but people are claiming you know, cosmetic adjustments can boost the immune system by 200% and data and then like wF see comes down to like, yeah, none of that’s actually accurate. The research wasn’t that great. Pretty much you probably gonna get in trouble in a couple of weeks or a couple of months for these advertisements on Facebook and things like that with your boards. So you need to be careful.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
Yeah, I think that with all that you have to be careful. You know, like, you have to be careful with any research though. So whenever I cite research, I look at it and I go, what, what is the research? And what is it to like, how can you say that in a way that makes sense to people too. So in my practice, I’ll say, Look, my patients recognize that whenever they are getting adjusted, they say, I feel like I get sick left less often, my family and I don’t get sick as often as we used to, you know, I used to get sick five, six times a year. Now, you know, I’ve maybe gotten sick once or twice, you know, those kind of things. There’s, there’s ways and there’s research that’s out there. And I know, I know what you’re talking about, right? So like the controversy that’s there too. And there’s a lot of it. I kind of look at it as you know what, it’s one of those things where wherever you stand within that, it’s gonna be the thing that’s right for you. Let’s not slam each other for it, because that’s where the real like the infighting that we have that goes on. There gets to be a whole problem. And when we start blaming each other for those things, and pointing fingers and doing all that, that’s why I feel like it gets to be a very confusing and muddied situation. And ultimately, if that really works, like us pointing fingers at each other and doing that kind of thing, we would we would be successful, we would when it’s not happening, it’s just holding each other back at this point, you know, it’s just bifurcating the room and just making it to where it’s, we become overall less successful.

Justin Trosclair 19:25
So what is something that either can make you look good on camera? Or if you’re doing a new segment, you’re going to go in there? Are there certain things that almost every news channel is going to be looking for as far as what type of delivery they want? Or what type of content that makes them be like, yes,

that’s a really good segment. We want you back

Unknown Speaker 19:43
for sure. So it has to be if you’re going to do a new segment has to be timely, right? So it has to be one that’s timely. So right now, you’re not gonna be talking about things like cars. We’re in the middle of the Coronavirus and COVID and all that kind of thing, right? So you’re not gonna be talking about things as far as like sports or sports

Justin Trosclair 20:00
injuries are that because there’s no sports on maybe ergonomics. Everyone’s working from home.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
Right? everybody’s working from home. So that kind of thing. Yeah. So you can talk about that you can talk about things that are timely at that at that moment in time, but it has to be hot right now, if it was hot last week, you missed it. It’s over. It’s done. Are you pitching them? Yes, I pitch them. There are plenty of times where they come to me and they pitch me and they go, what do you think about doing a segment on this? And I say, yeah, that’s that’s within my lane. That’s a hard thing for, for us as chiropractors to is to look at it as this is my lane. So it’s not just what your lane is, as far as you perceive it, but how the new station perceives that. So when you’re starting to build that relationship with the new station, it’s easier to just be like, this is my lane that I’m going to stay in. And then as we start to build the relationship and they, as the new session starts to understand and they as the audience starts to understand more of what you do, because you started to kind of work in some of the other aspects. You can then widen that lane and then go Okay, this is how come I can talk about this or this is why I would want to mention this, because I’m talking about this aspect of health and wellness. And whatever it is, it’s difficult because a lot of times as chiropractors, we tend to not specialize in niche down, we tend to really go very wide before we go deep into a topic.

Justin Trosclair 21:13
Yeah, I could take care of knees and shoulders and elbows and fingers. Maybe not talk about that on the news. Maybe just focus on the simple bread and butter neck and back pain

Unknown Speaker 21:21
is, unless you’re really great at that, unless you’re really great at you know, I’m the best one to help people. I work with orthopedic surgeons on this and not the other and I kept so many people from having, you know, knee surgeries or carpal tunnel or whatever it is. Great. That’s a niche that you can talk about. Now. How are you going to take that niche, whatever it is, and make it timely to the audience right now. And so going back to what you said, if let’s say it was I’m a great extremity Doc, and that’s what I’m known for. Well, then I probably would want to talk about home ergonomics and how do I tie that into carpal tunnel or this going on with something else in extra so it’s taking what the timely thing is taking the thing that you’re really gifted at unless you Those two things together. And once you’ve done that enough, then you can start to widen that, that out more and more that people start to think of you in a different way, as opposed to, you’re just this and you can be just that there’s nothing wrong with it and go really deep in it. You’ll just have fewer opportunities to make your presence known on the news.

Justin Trosclair 22:18
So when we’re doing YouTube videos and things on Facebook, are we still doing timely whatever’s are we listening to like I’ve heard before, this is what your patients are asking questions about, and then that becomes a video.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
Oh, you definitely do that. That’s great. Because if one patient’s asking, there’s a bunch more than you’re asking, okay, no, so like the home ergonomics, one patient were asking me so I started asking them questions about how there’s what is your setup look like? Where are you mostly working from? And I did video on the top three places that people said they’re working. In my practice, it was the kitchen table, the couch, and the the bar, right? So I said, Okay, I’m going to do a video on those three places, because those are the three places that people are saying that they’re working the most from and so I gave them tips and strategies that they could use, where it costs no money or little money that they could get their office space set up. And it was a good video. People appreciated it. So yeah, so you can do it like that. Making it timely makes it to where it’s going to be more, more something that people are going to consume and look at and find out about. But yeah, I think the biggest thing is, what’s the thing you’re most interested in? Whatever it is, like, I shoot videos, and I do those and I do new segments, because I I want to know about them, like I’m interested in it. I think it would be interesting. And if somebody else finds it interesting to cool. I’ve certainly had some new segments that were shared a ton. And if no one’s ever shared, like a couple times, I like that’s okay, I liked it. I was happy with doing that. Because you’re gonna have to prepare for those anyway. You got to prepare for it, you got to be ready. That’s the other thing about the new session. Like they want to know that you’re prepared and that you’re ready, and that you’re going to deliver. Because you don’t know it’s not like I’m going to submit these are the three questions I want you to ask me are the five questions I want you to ask me. I don’t know, unless you’re paying to be on TV. That’s the only time that they’re really going to say yes, give me Your questions that you want us to ask you. That’s not how it works. Wow, that’s interesting. Yeah, most new decisions do not want you to give them that because they’re like, no, we’re not, you’re not going to spoon feed this whole thing. Like, we’re going to ask you the questions, we feel it right. So that we’re making sure that add value to our audience. Right? You’ve got to make sure that that’s done a right way. Like you said, Are you pitching them? If you pitch the right way? The questions are going to kind of be like, well, that’s the obvious question that I would ask. Right? So you kind of you can skew to your finger, but you still don’t know what direction they’re going to go. You still have no idea what it is that they’re gonna, they’re going to ask. It’s all live. That’s true. Yeah. On my last segment, I just did my settings are normally like three minutes to five minutes long and five minutes is a really long segment, but three to five minutes. Well, they had some technical difficulties because they’re doing it like it’s like Skype interview. Right? We’re doing right now. So it’s Skype interview, when I had technical difficulties and things like that, and then before we knew it, time had gone by that we had a lot for it, and then we’re like, hey, we’ve got this announcement that the governor is going to come on and give for here for the state of Missouri and everything for our city and all that kind of stuff. We’ve got 60 seconds, what can you give us in 60 seconds? I was like, let’s go. What I typically have that question to 60 seconds, and I had to cut a lot of stuff. So I was like, Hey, this is what we’re, this is what I’ll cut this what we’re going with Let’s go. So

Justin Trosclair 25:24
Wow, the fly, huh? Yeah. When we’re making videos, I’ve had episodes about some of this stuff. So I’m trying to make it to like the most basic stuff, but in your opinion, having a good light source. Do we need a nice microphone? Or can we just use the one that comes with our phone? Do we need like one of those Circle Circle lights that our phone fits in? or will she do what’s like makes your videos look better without having to go crazy.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
Number one is I would say, just use what you’ve got. Whenever you have like use that. Yeah, lighting is going to be best if you have an external mic and use that and plug that in and all that. The problem is is that most people use all those things. As excuses as to not do it, like the lighting, I don’t have the microphone, it’s going to sound echoey in here, it won’t be as good. Don’t worry about that, like, start doing it. And just like we talked about before, embrace the suck and go forward and keep doing it. And then then you can go well, in the meantime, while I’m waiting for that microphone to get here, I’m still gonna shoot this because what ends up happening is, is that and this has happened to me and I’m sure it’s happened to you, it’s happened to everybody where you go, this would make a great video that I should share because this patient asked me about this and I’m going to do a video on this and then you go well, the light is not right you know, I like to do it by this window because it gives me good light and Oh, you know what, my my external mic isn’t really working that well, or whatever it is, like I’m not wearing the right shirt for it today. I you know, this color does whatever it is to zoom in to your face. All the excuses in the world to not do it. And then all of a sudden we go well, I’ll order the light. I’ll order the Miko order on the thing. I’ll get all this stuff and then by the time you get it, then you forgot what you were even going to say anyway.

Justin Trosclair 27:02
And you don’t want to do it.

Unknown Speaker 27:04
so complicated. Oh, it’s too much. So just just, I can’t tell you, the vast majority of my videos have been on my phone, just shooting on my phone. It’s no like, no light, no nothing. I’m just literally holding the thing and I shoot the video. And, and it’s just, that’s it isn’t the absolute best and doesn’t have the highest quality and does it? No, but who cares, I’m getting the message out there. That’s what matters.

Justin Trosclair 27:30
And you can take two or three takes. I mean, you don’t have to go around and start editing it and have different angles and all that kind of stuff. I mean, they know you’re a chiropractor, they’re not expecting my opinion. Your patients aren’t expecting a lot from you.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
With the information,

Justin Trosclair 27:44
it’s Instagram and you’re the prehab guys you might but that’s a whole nother skill set that you’re trying to create. Okay, then I miss anything that there’s some things that we’re trying to cover.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
I mean, I think that that’s kind of the big stuff is that you know and talking about those things like getting the message out is the most important And here’s the thing, too, that I think is important to realize is that video isn’t the only way to get the message out, I’m just better at talking on camera and doing video than I am to write something out. I’m not as good at, if you ask me to write it all out and make like a long form, post and do all those kind of things. I’m not as good at, you know, some of them will be good, but not as consistently. And so it takes me a lot more work and effort.

Justin Trosclair 28:22
And as everybody said, if you do a video, the nice thing is you can get that transcribed for free. I mean, I’ve got resources for that, then that becomes a blog post in written form, you put your video embedded in there, now you got a bunch of SEO. And if you wanted to, you can strip the audio and make a podcast that no one’s really going to listen to probably, but it’s out there. It’s out there. And it’s another click on Google to make your site look strong. So that’s how videos are so good with that, but at the same time, you could just grab your phone and record the question and answer and put that somehow on like, you know, you can create that into a video as well if you need to.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
Look there’s so many different ways to do it. It’s just finding the one that you’re comfortable with, and then doing it. Yeah. You know, like, that’s, that’s what it comes down to the vast majority of people that like, there’s probably not a thing here. Maybe some of the new stuff that I’ve said that I didn’t think about that. But there’s probably nothing else that I’ve really shared that someone hasn’t heard before. And I don’t mean like to make it trivial, or anything like that. But I mean, it isn’t. Most people have heard that stuff before. And they’re like, yeah, that’s right. I should do it. And then start tomorrow. Next week, I’ll start so the thing is, is that like, take action, right? Like what’s gonna be the thing that makes you like, you listen to this right now, you grab your phone, and you put pause on it right now. Well, actually first give, give, give you a review, right? Yeah, and do that. And then and then go right to shooting a video like right now. Like, what’s the thing that you’re as we were talking about? A question that a patient asked, or a topic that you think is a good one without trying to like, Oh, I got to research this and like, just something that you know, I could shoot a video on this. Right now,

Justin Trosclair 30:00
what pops in your head?

Unknown Speaker 30:02
Yeah, just whatever. There’s plenty, plenty of things out there that Doc’s know that they’re very, very exceptional at, and that they’re great at communicating in one way or the other. And they could do it right now. But they let other things get in the way instead of taking action. So make it a priority and do it.

Justin Trosclair 30:18
On the interview. I like to switch things up. So we do a little personal questions. Great. All right. You said you, you’re married and Christian, and all that kind of stuff. So the first one will be vacation. We’re business owners is so hard to take off. How do you do it?

Unknown Speaker 30:35
How do you do vacation? Yeah, you know, when you’ve

Justin Trosclair 30:38
closed the office, you lose money. So some people are like, I’ve taken a vacation in five years. And they’re, like, That’s horrible. For me.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
It is and really, you know, I’m here in the States. So that’s, that’s kind of the way of it right? It’s like just hustle and grind and go and don’t worry about the recharge and the reset. I personally believe that you need to have some type of time to recharge and reset. Whatever that is. So, for some people that may be well, I work Monday through Friday seeing patients or whatever it is, well then do Monday through Wednesday. No one’s gonna condemn you for that. And Thursday to Sunday, whatever it is go fishing, go hunting go, whatever, you know, like, go, I don’t do that. But maybe that’s your thing. You know, we’re from we’re from Switzerland paradise, you know?

Justin Trosclair 31:18
Yeah, that’s exactly what people will be saying, like, Oh, yeah, let’s go kill

Unknown Speaker 31:20
deer factory, right? Like that’s, that’s that would be our thing. But you know, but whatever it is, like go for a hike, go for a walk, like take your family to go do something. So that you can just have that moment as a reset and recharge. It’s I like, I like the way that that overseas, they talked about they talked about taking a holiday, right? It’s not a vacation from license, taking a holiday, so that you’re actually having that moment to just celebrate the time that you’re devoting to your yourself, your family, whatever it is, so that then you can go back. Typically what ends up happening whenever Doc’s do that, is they notice, man, my practice actually went up because my energy was different, like gave myself that time to reset and recharge and just refocus. And then when I got back in there, boom, it went up. But you can’t take your foot off the pedal, that’s for sure. Because we don’t want to do that. So there is a balance within that me personally, even whenever I was solo Doc, like I have my own practice, but solo doc in my practice, I still made sure to just take that time off so that I would have time with my wife or my kids. But we all know that when we do that, if it’s not done correctly, if you don’t have things set up as far as appointments go after that for whenever you get back into the practice, if they aren’t scheduled out that what ends up happening usually takes anywhere between two to four weeks to get back to where you were before that that time. So you’ve got to make sure that you have things set up correctly. So you’ve got it. As soon as I get back in, you’re going to be back on track.

Justin Trosclair 32:48
That’s the front desk thing like you know, you’re gonna go on a trip in two weeks. So you got to care plans, pre scheduling, whatever it is, you’re doing, like your front desk, got to be on it. So like hey, when I come back on Wednesday, it has to be Be a full schedule. Yep. And then somebody could be covering the phone that might be off, but maybe they cover the phone for you like you pay him like, hey, look, if you cover the phone and answer and schedule new patients when we come back, I will pay you for that time. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:12
no, there’s so many different ways of doing that, really. I mean, we make time for it. Because whenever I, I’m one of those people, whenever I’m in work mode, I’m really in work mode. And it’s hard for me to turn that off. So I have to make sure that I do that and turn that off. And I have structured things, certain ways to make sure that I do that. Because I’ve learned from it. I’m self aware enough for myself to know that. And so I think it’s about knowing who you are, and knowing what works for you and what it is that you need to do in order to give yourself that time and know the things that you’ve got to do to make sure that you’re you’re addressing the things that recharge you and that your family might need from

Justin Trosclair 33:48
right. And that’s the follow up question. You’re married. A lot of people end up in divorce, which I’m not a big fan of obviously that’s just not good. But what are some of the things that maybe that you do to keep the love alive, that has That balance. Stay happy. Oh, yeah, man,

Unknown Speaker 34:03
I take my wife. Well, yes, I date my wife, man, I’ve been dating my wife for going on 21 years. So, like, still to this day, and it doesn’t even matter. It could be a date at home. You know, it could be whatever it is, right? For me, it’s it’s making sure that we’re consistently doing that, like, weekend week out every single week. It’s like, we need to have that time just to have a date. And that might be something at home that might be you know, right now, it’s hard to go You can’t go out in the off out of the house. But you know, it’s it’s dating man. And it’s, it’s listening. And so the other thing that I really do is is that and all these things, I don’t mean to make it sound like it’s just like,

Justin Trosclair 34:41
oh, it just that’s not easy.

Unknown Speaker 34:43
No, it’s just time. And it’s also listening. So, like I said, I tend to get into work mode and not really not really think about too many other things. I get into work mode, and that’s kind of it. And my wife is very patient and good at Hey, remember how I told you I need this from you? Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Yes, is it that time right now where I need to, oh, I need to refocus on you, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
Like, like, you know, and so, so I’m really blessing the fact that she, she’s patient with me on those things, but that she’s so consistent and making sure to communicate with me as well. And so she’ll communicate with me. And if I don’t hear the first time, she’ll still communicate with me a couple more times, in a kind way. And then I understand you’re in work mode, but I need you to be in home mode or time mode, or whatever that is. And that took us communicating back and forth to figure that out, and understanding where each other are, instead of just assuming where we are to. And so, so that’s, that’s one of those things like I take that in consideration. I don’t just, there have been times where and I’m full transparency, there have been times where she has said things to me. And before I was in the right headspace like I would, I would be like, I’m trying to get this stuff done to keep the practice going, blah, blah, blah. It’s like I understand, but if you want to keep our marriage going, and our relationship going, these are the things that we need to do to and it’s like, oh yeah, I’m Working to have a life. I’m not, you know, having a life to work, you know, like, it’s, that’s not my life, my life is with my wife and my kids and my family and all that kind of stuff. That’s my life. This is the thing, I love to do Chiropractic and I love having my office, and I love our patients in our community, but also love my wife and my kids, you know, and I don’t think anybody would blame you for putting them before the other. So I just I think that we all have to figure out what works for us as a couple and as a relationship and communicate that like what our actual needs are, people have a hard time communicating needs. I

Justin Trosclair 36:32
think too, like most of the people, you know, I would say mostly 20 to five years old as they get married, you’re not gonna be the same person when you’re 35. And so when you’re 25 and in practice, and you’re like, there’s gonna be some scars or some hurt feelings for a while while you learn and while she learns and sure to communicate better, and you have to at some point, like, okay, we’re going to start over now and start fresh that way. We don’t have this resentment that built up, we got to let it go. You Don’t like it’s just we’re not going to be born with this, looking back with all this knowledge that we have now,

Unknown Speaker 37:05
what was the worst thing to have, as far as I see is that is to have things like regret. Right? Like, I don’t, I don’t want to look back and regret that I didn’t take the time. Like, I didn’t take time to take vacations. I didn’t take time to spend time with my wife, I didn’t take time to do different things. Whatever it is, I don’t want to have regret on any of that. I want to make sure that that I look back and go man, I’m happy with how that all played out. I’m halfway through things. And there’s things that maybe I didn’t accomplish that were on my list but that I still work towards and everything like but that’s okay because I there’s have to be give and take within that to that. I don’t think that that should change how much you want to hustle or work or actually focused attention on the things that you want. It’s what are you giving yourself as far as time goes like, are you investing time are you spending time and there’s a big difference between those two things. And far too often we’re spending time instead of investing our actual full time. So true.

Justin Trosclair 38:01
Well, Dr. Alex, where can people get in touch with you and find more information?

Unknown Speaker 38:06
Oh, yeah. So, you know, get in touch with me on social media. So Dr. Alex would answer Dr. Le XVN. At Dr. Alex van on all social media, so connect with me there. If anybody’s interested about anything about the TV stuff, you can go on tick TV. So t IC TV, dot rocks, so tick TV dot rocks, you can check out stuff there. And if they’re interested in anything, like we talked about, like I teach on temporomandibular joint dysfunction and all that kind of stuff and those kind of things. You can go and Dr. TMJ D calm.

Justin Trosclair 38:38
Wow, that rocks. That’s the thing, huh?

Unknown Speaker 38:40
Yeah, I know. I’m gonna go back

Justin Trosclair 38:43
and look at all the dot things nowadays, because there’s so many I think there’s

Unknown Speaker 38:46
so many rocks. I was like, Yes, I like that. So

Justin Trosclair 38:53
well, Doc, I really appreciate your time.

And I’m glad we got to reschedule and finally connect on this thing. So

Unknown Speaker 39:01
Thank you for having me, man. I really appreciate it. Thanks for what you’re doing to help other people out there and in our community and other Doc’s. So thank you

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