M 67 Market to The Prospects Pain Point

Minisode 67 Market to The Prospects Pain Point

Be a customer again and write down the good and bad experiences. Tailor your marketing to those findings and appeal to prospects as a fix for their problem.

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In a voyage to off shots tape. He sold sixty seven. This is from story matters with andrei chaperone. Effective mail copy. This will be the last episode of twenty twenty. I do hope you enjoyed our cluster of minnesota releases at the end of the year. The last couple you could use for goal setting. this was going to be a little bit about more marketing.

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The books written consulting when she creation for your help. You book your next speaking gig past episodes that i’ve actually been on as guest. I’ll have two or three actually coming out in the first quarter of twenty twenty one one about talking about your why i was in a eight percent of the people are clarify in this guy’s system of classifying people.

Really cool just talking to end up being almost like a like a counseling and a business coaching type of session while he was exploring might type of personality. Because there’s not as there’s not that many of so it was a really good oh becomes out sooner versus later. I like to listen to it again. He has some good information. And of course turn about china and amazon bestsellers and things like that are are on that links list as well so of interested in hearing the reversal of someone. Asking me questions. Because it’s definitely a different experience. The talk that much typically but whenever asking you questions all of a sudden it’s like whoa wait a second second. It’s good to practice okay.

So email copy jumping in. You wanna treat every prospect the same as your customer. What does that mean. That means the customers already now. You got to keep that relationship. The prospect needs to pick you but the courtship the email copy the that that gets them to that point of pulling the trigger and giving you money still be the same you need to see the world through there is not really yours. Remix very easy. It’s what’s their problem.

What are they experiencing that. They can’t solve on their own. They need your help for. Make sure you tell your story on. How the patient life improved got results. Remember there the hero. You’re the guide.

Now we can find inspiration for this outside of normal marketing. Don’t have to buy the youtube ad front of your video with a guy with a big labor giddy. Gonna be at house. I’m on an airplane. You don’t own any of that stuff. In that pet peeve.

I’m a coach to coaches about a program a repackaged it boom nam selling to somebody else yay so frustrating that the such a market right now of people just no business experience all they did with twenty years old took some courses. They’re the got charisma. They’re good at marketing. People are impressed by that and they they buy come frustrating anyway. That’s a side tangent.

Someone you might wanna look into. Is noah keegan are kagan. Whatever he says it. And then seth Golden they both got blogs and programs and things books amazing Marketers storytellers. find them do amazon links

So how do you figure out what your customers pain. Points are. And sometimes that can be difficult. Sometimes you can just pay someone who does for a living as deals with lots of physical therapists and dennis patients. And so y’all sudden you don’t really think about it that like yeah. This is what works. We’ve already figured this stuff out. Pay me money. we’ll get it going for you. And that’s great and some of us didn’t have the ability to do that right now or restart now. and

so. we’re revamping our web page. How do we discuss. What makes us so unique and not just a commodity in price shopping. One of those ways where we can find inspiration outside of our own professions. The be customer again. What bad experiences did you have buying. A car used our new. When you’re going to rent an apartment. What was that like buying a house. What areas got with your realtor with the title company

Even at a doctor’s office my goodness when you go to a doctor for yourself. Is the front desk saint. Hello does the doctor even give time to talk. Are they trying to upsell just you. Don’t get enough attention. Did you get enough that you look at the good and the bad really and take notes.

That’s the whole point of this podcast to is finding out what’s working from other professions and then thinking about it an integrated into your own so works best so once you find these bad things evaluate what you’re doing in your clinic and fix it if you experienced. Terrible webpage made a terrible mix them notes. Look at your page. Oh no are there. Some similarities fix it.

We want to have these systems in place so that we can make the experience much better so prospect can turn into a customer easier and being consistent so if some random person says this outlandish claim.

Well people did this or you did this is. You’re like wait a second. I know my system. I do this in this in this every time. That would not have happened. Sure when you take a strong stance. You’re going to repeal some people with the probably gonna be an energy drain for you anyway so this kinda long-term game and when you’re fixing these things and when you’re communicating pain points for people you also way you know the that you’re trying to solve this potentially the type of client that you want. You should know your customer avatar.

Who’s jacob jacob the thirty four year old. Who’s trying to get back into the gym while juggling two kids and a wife and a job that requires fifty hours a week. Is that your ideal. Client r sally. She’s got a stressful job. She also has to deal with being a single mom to kids but also has all those things in life that that goes with those types of scenarios. If that’s your if that’s your avatar what is what is your marketing gonna look like. What’s pain points.

Are you going to solve so you may turn away jacob with your advertising for her and that’s okay but there’s probably be some as well you know answering these questions based on the type of customer. You want to be definitely helpful. I hope this helps you for twenty twenty one with all the other episodes I was suggest our inspire you.

If you will to go back through these mini if you just go to the webpage you can scroll through and you can find him. A lot of information a lot of podcasting. We’re all number sixty seven here so you might find that the minnie’s because they’re less than ten minutes.

Usually you been listening to those over a week or two weeks. Take some notes. You should be able to find that. Wow two twenty one could be your best year ever personally and professionally. I’m not claiming to have all the answers. But i like to listen to the people. That are better than i am. And then just report back to you.

That’s the whole purpose of these. So hopefully that’s good for you. If you know someone that could be a good guest for the show. Hey sydney mo- it’s you. That’s okay if you know else that’s good too.

We’re doing more sponsorships. Recently doing some sponsored shows so if you have a product that is really worthwhile or a new author. All those people that are considering. I can’t guarantee that. I’ll accept them as guest but Just trying to expand what we’re doing here in two hundred twenty one. Thank you again for your listening. It’s an honor to be in your head space. And i don’t take that lightly so again. Thank you show notes transcript. Doctors perspective dot net slash six.

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