M 42 Reverse Testimonials

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Minisode 42 Reverse Testimonials

Reverse Testimonials as in you tried massage but you still hurt, justify their failures not working, mention the usual roadblocks, and end with a What If statement.

What’s up? Episode 42  on the minisodes for a doctor’s perspective podcast, you got Dr. Justin Trosclair coming at you. Today we’re going to talk about ChiroFunnels Episode 211 problem discovery solution.

All right, let’s get in probably a short episode today. So this is the framework when you’re doing a video, you could have a problem discovering things you’ve tried in the past, and then a solution to give them a schedule. All right, and they said, and pins punching holes in the negative was that its a permanent condition, like a reverse testimonial. So reverse testimonial. What is that? That would be the person that says something like, I’ve tried massage. That didn’t work. I tried physical therapy. I got some relief but comes back. I don’t even try a cop right down the street. And I still hurt. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did all those things. And we set it up that way.

Because the crowd, you’re going to be pushing this ad to be like laser-focused. So you’re going to be if you’re doing low back pain, it’s going to be showing to people with low back pain, how much you discover who are having low back pain, you can look at Men’s Fitness runners, maybe you can actually target somebody in your area that’s popular, has a hospital pain clinic, at least with Google, you can target those keywords or what they’re searching city or the peanut group, you can actually target that. So whenever they come up, you show up first in the ad for Facebook, trying to find more things that might be of interest to the community where they call us like low back pain or be a local CrossFit gym, you know, something like that.

Alright, the next piece after you have done the new try this and it didn’t work is to help them know that Hey, man, you’re not alone, to help them validate their feelings like yeah, it’s not a rare exception. A lot of people have going to say massage and haven’t gotten the results that they wanted. Oh, good. I thought I was the only one like no, no, then you got to justify their failures a little bit. It’s not your fault that these vehicles didn’t work, you were ever stressed. He just went to the wrong person, they didn’t have the cutting edge technology that you have. They don’t have the techniques that you have, you know, in your office, or you have a complicated case, you want to use three of those to find three, be ethical, of course, be honest. And if you can use three, it should cover most or all of the roadblocks that they would have wanted to schedule an appointment.

Okay. And then you want to close it with a what-if statement? What if two weeks getting cold laser and my amazing adjustments or spinal manipulation, get you the results that you’re looking for so that you can sit at work for four hours. So you can sit and watch your kids boring baseball game? Because baseball is boring, not your kid. Okay, video again.

Recap: What’s the problem that they’re having? What is the condition that you’re advertising for? user reverse testimonial, as in things that they probably tried and didn’t work? So you got to use your brain on that one. Make sure your audience is laser target so that they’ll say yes, when they hear those things, justify their failures. It helps them feel validated again. And of course, don’t forget that what if statement, all right, you mean these videos, you can do this for sales pages, and all that type of jazz.

That’s the framework before we jump in, check out www.adoctorsperspective.net/links , anything and everything you want to know about the show is there past series that we’ve done, ways to give back, how to give a review, how to share it, swag, the books, etc.

I hope this has been helpful a little bit. Check out that episode. I didn’t do it as much service as an actual one. So check out Chad he’s really good journalist www.adoctorsperspective.net/m42  #behindthecurtain.

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