M 67 Market to The Prospects Pain Point

Be a customer again and write down the good and bad experiences. Tailor your marketing to those findings and appeal to prospects as a fix for their problem. If you wanted to learn about working abroad as an expat or writing books and ranking first on amazon, then visit asHeardon All the past book recommendations…

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E 105 Tongue Tie Surgery, Mercury Free, No Root Canals Dr. Allen Sprinkle, DDS

Tongue tie surgery, frenuloplasty,what is it, how can it cause headaches, forward head posture and poor sleep. Wetalk airway obstruction -how a dentist can help, why use mercury free fillings, root canal danger and DTR. Dr Allen Sprinkle DDS What is TruDenta and why does he prefer the DTR (disclusion time reduction therapy) instead for…

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