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Dr. Ben Carvosso (Life CEO) talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

What is your life’s work, ethos and passion? How can a designer diary and a three-way mindset shift be the spark to attain life alignment? Dr. Ben Carvosso outlines the business CEO and likens it to a detailed Life CEO, aka his book. We touch on spouse relevance, kid role models, and more.

A defining moment created the spark to be a chiropractor in Dr. Ben Carvosso of Melbourne, Australia. Twelve years into private practice a foot injury that didn’t heal quickly sapped his mojo. During this time, he got involved with opening an Imaging Center (four at the peak). You have to listen to the “make it or break it- consult the legislation” story after they took that first X-ray.

How a past coach, that transformed his life, was the catalyst for him to eventually offer his own services, “The On Button” (with an extra push from his wife) since people were always asking for his advice anyway. His niche is business owners, leaders, CEO’s and influencers.

Forget Work Life Balance, let’s talk about Life Alignment. What is your Life’s Work, your fulfillment? He wrote a book called Life CEO. Take a listen to glean some of the highlights.

What’s you purpose? We have lots of departments in our life, much like a business CEO has a marketing, hr and production dept, but in our case it could be father, husband, business, athlete, health etc… see Life CEO. Pull all your departments into one plan, one path.

What’s the Ethos, Character of your Life especially in the different departments of life? You have to change your character based on the role you are interacting with others in your life.

Productivity: We all have work to do, but let’s focus on productive work with a clear vision not busy work that others can do for you. Compression for Purpose, listen to hear him explain that concept.

Designer Diary: why you should bring a journal to all your professional meetings and seminars. Also, instead of just visualizing where you want to be in 10 years, he suggests what does a day 10 years from now fully successful in all aspects of life look like. What do we do with our own thoughts and people who doubt our dreams and say we can’t or shouldn’t or you aren’t qualified to have those dreams fulfilled?

Important to have mentors and guess what … you can ask people you see that you find successful to have coffee. If you see a fit guy at the gym, can you ask him “Why do you choose to be Fit, What is Your Purpose?” Is their purpose aligned with yours, because if it’s not then you can still learn something but not take everything to heart.

Triune of Tune: You are responsible for all angles and emotions of your life. Even if something bad happens to you, you can choose what you do next. You choose What you focus on, Where you put your attention, Language that you use Internally (and externally), and Physiology. He really breaks down the physiology part since it’s a little foreign to most of us.

Environment: how people you spend time with change and impact you. Environment supports state but doesn’t dictate your state.

Have you ever thought of giving the Report of Findings Standing with the patient?

Take a listen to his advice on patients carrying balances.

Here’s an idea: patients or potential patients pay to come to workshops you put on.

What’s one reason why your spouse is more important than your children and 3 ways to make the relationship awesome?

Books: Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life, Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Bryson 12 Rules for Life, Gary Keller The One Thing

Bonjouro??? crm messaging

www.bencarvosso.com or www.lifeceo.com Take his quiz and download the first several chapters free of Life CEO the book.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/80 here you can also find links to things mentioned and a transcript of the interview.

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 85 rules to be your own life co host Dr. Justin trust Claire today we’re Dr. Been Carnival souls perspective.

Join 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin cosplay as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties of all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Hey, welcome back. If you could go to podcast awards.com that’s with an S and nominate the show underneath the health and wellness section. Maybe this year we can actually win and not just be nominated. Appreciate your helping that today we’re going down under to Melbourne, Australia. We’re gonna hear from Dr. Ben Carbo so he wrote a book called Life CEO. We’re going to go through some of the highlights of that book and some practice management and of course, some family why he puts his wife first and not as kids.

So what does your life’s work? What’s your ethics, your passion?

We’re going to discuss a designer diary, the tribune of tune, how to get life alignment, because life has so many different roles, and how do you maximize each role to be the best that you can be for yourself and for your family. So we’ll talk about that as well. And of course, kid role models. So strap in, it’s gonna be a good episode. He’s passionate, you can hear it in his voice and this episode’s gonna fly live for you get a pin show notes or found a doctor’s perspective. NET slash at let’s go hashtag behind the curtain

live from China in Melbourne, Australia. We have a fantastic guy today he isn’t a story that takes you from the downs pick you back up, success, reinvention of himself and I just so happy to have more Dr. Been Corvo. So

Unknown 2:13
Justin, welcome. Thank you. Super excited to be on the Skype. Oh, yeah.

Justin Trosclair 2:18
It’s like it’s accent month here on a doctor’s perspective podcast. So I’m glad to have you at the tail end of that

Unknown 2:26
already. Can your your accent got more American? When you do? The intro did it did

Justin Trosclair 2:32
and I’m Cajun. So sometimes people are like, Hey, you should have a really horrible accident. I’m like, Well, luckily, I’m not around my parents and my people as often. So it kind of fades a little

Well, from what I gather, you know, read some of your book. And you had this allied health practice that was just booming. You’ve had multiple MRI clinics, but then you kind of switch and I’m not sure that the which one came first. But I know you had a foot injury that lasted way longer than it should have. It sort of puts you down in the dumps and you just kind of lost your why. So if you don’t mind, give us a little little background little background story about all of that and tight end for us.

Unknown 3:10
Yeah, okay. I’ll try to digest it down. So back when my parents took me to a chiropractor and then go ahead I defining moment the car next Joseph constant practitioner adjusted my neck, I saw knees, but he adjusted my neck. And I remember leaving getting in the car with mom or dad sitting in the backseat, and the world was brighter was clear. It was more color. And I said to them when I was 17 at the time, and they say, Well, why don’t we talk about what you’re talking about. I got home and a couple hours later, I wanted to be an electronics engineer. And a couple hours later, I remember coming out to the kitchen to mom or dad or baking bread I remit coming out. So clearly saying, I’ve changed my mind. I want to become a chiropractor.

Unknown 4:00
From that moment onwards, I just pulled everything in to becoming a chiropractor when hung out with a chiropractor every weekend that I possibly could set with him after hours

Unknown 4:11
and, you know, graduated from high school and got into chiropractic. And so that started my journey in just not just calibrating not just allied health, not just healthcare, but getting getting immersed in helping people be their best. And you know, I know your top the mixer type was always a guess what we call a straight chiropractic underneath the surface. I wanted to help people be their best I wanted them to help them perform at their best. And so I graduated

Unknown 4:44
and bought my first practice actually six weeks before I graduated, don’t tell it a job board

Justin Trosclair 4:49

Unknown 4:50
and print started practicing six weeks before and building a Chiropractic Center up that was a busy practice to a really, really busy price. That’s right. And as you said, I had another defining moment where a few years into it. That’s 12 years into practice. I fell out of a contract, smash my left foot up, it didn’t heal as quick as I thought my life did not meet my life expectations, which is the formula and happiness and I found myself incredibly unhappy, a good mate of mine who would have any building a medical clinic at the time. He’s a developer, he said, Mike, you know, I’ve been about radiology, you cars, you take x rays, what about we build a radiology clinic as well and I exactly what your eyebrows do it. Wow, that sounds cool. Yeah, simply I snapped out a wife socks to this is gonna be awesome, good fun. So at that point, I had some time off, I still wasn’t back in practice. So I designed and built our first radiology practice and it was a it was a really interesting journey because we this practice we built was was kind of you know, there was some rules there that will do is maybe a little gray was some brightness and so we built this incredible practice bought gear got staff and we took our first X ray not knowing if we were going to get paid by the government Oh, so we wrote to them and said hey, this is what we intend to live with total up front with it but we said hey, this is what we intend to do and they said that’s okay just consultant legislation we got to know we have and we think it’s okay for you guys. Okay. They said consult the legislation haha. So we said, okay, we’re going to do it and we’re going to kill you. And if you pay us we did that you’ve accepted the terms on which way practicing so we set the bill off and they

Justin Trosclair 6:53
can have millions of dollars tied up,

Unknown 6:57
right. So I can remember walking out and my business partner Ross, who is the developer I do, we got the jack jack.

Unknown 7:07
So let’s start the journey. So they know the next seven years I bought, built for radiology practices. We had mixture of X ray, ultrasounds, CT and as I as I was building those I transitioned Soma chiropractic practices, do radiology exclusively for a while, then went back into practice because I just love chiropractic. In fact, I still practice to practice two days a week Wow. condensed into everyone in condensed interest two days.

Justin Trosclair 7:33
It’s amazing how much we can get done like two days if that’s all you all for yourself.

Unknown 7:36
So I had a great coach and you know, a big fan out to CJ Mertz who saw you may know whining was practice he was he was an awesome coach. And literally trait transformed my life. And he’s one of the guys that really started me on one coaching journey. And, and truly appreciating the power of having someone that can see the from a different perspective that can mentor you, but also can hold you to a higher standard and a higher account. So yeah, so one thing went to an exit and someone tapped on the shoulder and said, You’re annoying with your radiology practices. You gotta go, we want to buy you out, so led to another and so I sold my chiropractic practice, I started my radiology practices. And literally a couple of weeks after that, someone rang me and said, Mike, we will be building another radiology company, can you help us? Can you give us some advice and for years My wife is said to me, they stop giving you advice for free, you know, you’ve done all this work all this personal I’m always practice management, you build businesses, you’ve done a tough you, you’ve got money, you’ve lost money, stop giving you advice for free. Anyway, this guy wanted some advice. So I said, Dude, yeah, no worries. I’m probably my know, just need a couple of hours to have a chat and on

Unknown 8:58
50 bucks an hour. Great. See you Monday,

Unknown 9:02
a Hangout. We ran straight inside the, my wife, his wife, I’m getting paid

Unknown 9:09
so So literally, that weekend, Google what is coaching? You know, how do I do it, right? I’m just about this guy come in for two hours next week. And so literally, that’s done my coaching journey. And within probably four weeks of that by a business card. And I’ve started to coach and then I spent a few years doing some coaching education and the on button my coaching practice was born.

Justin Trosclair 9:35
Now the thing is, if you have a sudden them asking questions, and just kind of like answering it, versus he’s paying me he’s probably gonna want some structure to this meeting. Now,

I can’t just go in there allows a fair and just see what happens. So.

Unknown 9:48
So that’s, that’s, that’s where I’m at now. So I chose three days a week, pretty much, I’ll say three days away. I coached probably seven to maybe 80% of my head using coaching at about 20% of my energy is putting into running my chiropractic practice.

Justin Trosclair 10:06
So this is even more exciting for me because you’re actually one of our own doing bigger things and it’s just like we don’t have to just be in our four walls cracking backs and treating patients for sir restricted movement and all this stuff. So that is exciting for me, when you’re looking at coaching people, are you looking at a single practitioners or is it usually going to be more big businesses with, you know, millions of dollars of budget and, you know, for like other MRI imaging centers, maybe hospitals and those types of things. So,

Unknown 10:39
someone niche is, is leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, cheeks, of organizations, community leaders, and quite frankly, moms and dads, you know, the leaders of next generation people are the influences that’s who I tend to coach and I coach them around work life balance. And as you know, if you bring my stuff, I don’t believe in it. So they come to me saying, hey, I want you know, my work in my life. And I’m struggling. And I’m overwhelmed. And I don’t want to spend time with the kids. But I want to be at work but you know, really want to grow my business, but my health is sucking. And so they kind of pull every way and I want to try and work life balance. And, and I believe in it, because it is hard work. There’s always this guilt and regret, you know, guilty if I pursue these if guilty if I do pursue this thing, but regret if I died. And so instead of work life balance, I talk about life alignment, about finding what is your life’s work, so many people are running around busy, you know, their lives have full that they are unfulfilled, and you know, these people come but wanting work life balance. But what they really seeking is fulfillment that they finish every day feeling profitable, not just in their bank, but in their relationships, in their health in their contribution to community. They want to feel fulfilled, like what so profitable is that partially,

Justin Trosclair 12:03
some businesses they take 6070 hours a week to do now, maybe they’re not motivated. And that’s why it’s taking so much more time to maybe write their charts or whatever, and they have a desire to do with their family. But then other people, they really love what they’re doing. And they they’re like, oh, my goodness, I spent 70 hours this week, I felt like 30 Yeah, but the same issue, you know, your spouse is at home, your kids are at home, and you’re not spending time with them. So when we say work life balance, that’s that’s the question I always ask in the interviews is, how do you receive that you’re saying life alignment? So do you find that a lot of clients end up having to change their jobs? Or is it you know, through your book exercises, to figure out what it is, like you said, What is your purpose, and so that you can focus more on that, but also realizing, like, hey, works, not everything, you need to spend time with your spouse and your kids. How does that kind of play because I love adjusting spines I love you know, being in the practice of, but you know, and that’s my time with my family. But I know some people, they just they don’t have the time or the desire Well, what can we do?

Unknown 13:08
Well, I familiar with my clients, I have a five step framework that are taken through when it starts with purpose, and starts getting clear on what, you know, what’s your mission? You know,

Unknown 13:17
why are you on planet Earth? And, you know, that’s a big question. But, you know, if you’re not sure, just make it up, you know, just

Justin Trosclair 13:24
like and go and lots of directions,

Unknown 13:26
it kind of feels right. And so what we’ll call wife CEO is about taking charge during the last week about you busy work, right. And so the whole concept of life CEO is like being the CEO of a company. But instead you’re the CEO of a life. And if you think about a CEO of a company, they would start by going to the board saying, hey, board, why am I here? What’s the purpose of the company? Where am I? Where am I guiding this company. And so the board would give the CEO some advice on where they want the company to head. Now, you can do that as an individual, you can go into your internal board, and truly ask your internal board, you know, where I want my life to head, you could speak to mentors, you could speak to, you know,

Unknown 14:08
your partner, but at the end of the day, it’s about you connecting with your own internal board and saying, Hey, we don’t want my wife to head the CEO is going to do that, right? The CEO, then guys, Okay, got it. Then he goes to his departments within these companies, he’s okay, hey, HR department, this is your mission to fulfill that purpose sales department, here’s your mission to fulfill that purpose, hey, product development, he’s your mission. So each different aspect of the company has its own mission to fulfill the company purpose. And so when we look at someone’s life, we look at their overall purpose. And then we say, Okay, let’s look at your individual departments, your health department, your partner, department, your friends, department, your business department, your career department, let’s look at these departments and set them submissions with your purpose. So that when you work on your relationship with your wife, your business is getting better because they they’re both they’re heading in the same direction. So instead of feeling like you’re pulled in all sorts of directions, all your mission or your missions, or your vehicles are pulling in the same direction. So there’s an ease was not easy, but there’s an easy life. So we start with that first, then we say to my clients, cool. Got it. So what are the plans like a CEO, he would sit down with the with these time ago. So we need to make some plans, we’re clear on their purpose with their with their missions are now let’s make some plans. What are our targets? What are our goals? And then, of course, the third step, the third

Unknown 15:43
piece for me is personality, you know, what’s the culture? What’s the ethos of the company wants your own internal ethos, who do you need to be? So often we focus on what we need to do. But first of all, let’s start with who you need to be more the character who you need to bring into your relationship. Who do you need to bring with your clients who you need to bring when you’re a business person, because the person you are in business, and this is so important for your listeners, the person you are in business is not the same person when you’re a chiropractor. When you’re when you’re the doctor that’s a different person to a business owner, they two different hats, don’t want your business person when you’re adjusting the client and don’t try and be a chiropractor. When you’re doing business.

Unknown 16:32
They two different missions, they have two different two different intentions, two different outcomes.

Unknown 16:40
And both of them need you to be a different person, then it gets tricky for some people I gotta hang on and on. I just want to be me know that you can be anything you want to be. Yeah, yeah. So and the way I describe it, and the best weapon that’s where I was, we’re going to Range Rover and it’s gonna one of those dials in it, right. And so when you say Africa, it’s in road road, let’s see the default setting and does the job, you know, 7080 90% of the time. But occasionally, we go to the snow and we turn the dial to snow mode. It’s still Range Rover, but now it’s different. It’s got different characteristics, suspension, changes, exhilaration, the transmission that the cat tweaks its character to suit the snow, we don’t push again dancing hills, we turn it to heal the sent by changes its character to suit your Indian hills. But it’s still a Range Rover. And that’s what I’ll ask clients to start learning the skill of changing your character to the different mission that you’re fulfilling at the time. So you can be the best at that mission is still you, it’s all you but you’re just bringing the best of you to that mission. Because who you are, as a chiropractor, the kind of character you bring to your clients, hopefully, it’s different to the character you bring when you’re a bit with you off at night on but so you Right, right, sorry, the third step is helping people get clear on their character who they need to be. And then after all that, because we can do all that in the chair, right? Eventually, the world has to change. So the fourth step is then productivity, let’s actually do something now. But whatever we do is not busy work. It’s productive work, because it’s driven by purpose. It’s got some clear plans, and we know who we need to be. So we bring the best of us to the situation, we bring the best of us to the task. And so instead of just kind of busy work with it, we’re doing productive work. Not only use it for feeling, but it’s effective. And it’s efficient. You know, I love the concept of compressing for quality, how was it I see a stack of patients in two days time practically, and still managed to spend 70 or 80% of my energy it from a from a career point of view on coaching, it’s because I can press for quality, I bring the best of me with some really clear set plans and clear personnel who I need to be when I’m a chiropractor, so I’m productive. And because I’m productive, I don’t end up broke up with a profit not only just in the bank, but in my relationships anymore. Health productivity leads for profit business leads to break. That’s true.

Unknown 19:19
Well, okay, sure.

Justin Trosclair 19:22
So I just let you go. I was just letting you go. You guys train of thought. And then all of a sudden, man. Alright, so I like how you said your mentor, you got to carry that that plan and I think your mentor and your spouse or people you should consult in that because your mentors going to probably have you set up business and chiropractic stuff, what your spouse’s is going to have probably a different viewpoint they may want to for dinner, and need you to be there for soccer games. And so if you don’t consult the other, there’s a good chance you might miss it. Yeah, some coaches are like, No, I’m a business coach, I’m not really a life coach, and then your ethics. I like that. Because maybe you we’re not who we want to be right now. Like, I want to be someone who can treat 50 people a day, but you’re only seeing 15 got some work to do, you haven’t been treating your spouse very well, you’re on the brink of a meltdown. Every time you go home, you’re not where you need to be. And so that needs to be part of the plan the action steps of maybe you get some counseling, maybe you need to go to

you know, do some work books together to to recover that just like the business you’re going to have to have a marketing plan a strategy plan, you’re gonna have to figure that out. Maybe you need to bring on an associate maybe you’re at that point you’ve hit all that you can do personally and you’re scared for some reason to jump into that next pool. But you got to do and and also liked I liked him a checklist person, but I’m really not. But like when days I’m just say, Okay, I’ve got a limited amount of time don’t have a checklist. And it’s amazing. You will feel the time with how much you allow yourself. Like, I can get something done. And I just one of those things like for me, personally, I should do check this more often because I know I’ll be more productive and I won’t let something slip through the cracks. That paper could just be all right. I did seven of the 10 the big thing that needed to be done that really productive thing might have just been procrastinated on that day, because it takes so much mental energy. So you just did the busy work that quote still needs to get done. Like with the podcast, I still got to write the post. I still got a designer, I still got to put it all together. Sometimes that becomes a labor and other days. I’m like, No, I’m really jazzed up and I need to do it. I just want to do it. And it makes a big difference in like, how you see things and do things. Yes,

Unknown 21:28
yeah. Yeah. Okay. So

Justin Trosclair 21:31
one of the chapters in your book, I like the title. So that’s why I gotta ask about it. A designer diary. Yeah, what is that about?

Unknown 21:38
so powerful. So I’ve got a stack and you guys can see it. But I got a second these journals that just like me, just empty journals for lawns, right, we’re going to stack them. So any seminar on go to any any book armory, any podcast, I listened to, I grab this out with a pin and I just make some nice. There’s been a number of times throughout my life that and coach CJ introduced me to this, but I stop and go, where are my wife to be in 10 years. So the design adore is where you you pause for a second and you just pretend that you got your act together. You pretend you a title on purpose. You pretend you you created the best of plans, and that you became the best version of you in all circumstances, and took massive action. And you did that for 10 years. And you climbing into there 10 years from now. And you’re writing and you darn well Wow, what a day. This was just the best day and then you just decide like, what is what’s this day look like in 10 years from now. If you’ve done everything the way you truly truly wanted to do it, not what you should do for you really want to do

Justin Trosclair 22:52
as a lot of future casting, right. There’s a lot of future casting

Unknown 22:55
in the cool thing about 10 years is it comes around bloody quick, right? Yep. But it’s also a long way you could be anywhere in 10 years. What do you mean? amazing journey, right?

Justin Trosclair 23:05
This was not in the plans. Yeah, there’s I was supposed to be seen, you know, it was that my own clinic 300 a week just living the dream, man. No idea what was going to be in China working in the hospital doing this whole thing? Yeah, crazy.

Unknown 23:20
Yeah, so anyway, I so this. This story is not a goal so don’t cobblestoned. I wrote an invalid. It’s just like where do you want to be in 10 years from now? And the reason I get clients to do it is I want them to some point down the track. I get them to reflect on this door, you know, and I say, what’s the moral of the story? And if you read that, darn it, you read that person’s story. What’s the moral of it? what’s underneath it? What’s important to this person, just like when you’re working on and it might say, oh, man, it was the book when I was at all that was the and I don’t want to fall, you know, theme. They just might, it’s a good book, it’s kind of out, you know, not procrastinating as much and do the simple things you’re watching. But that’s a little cry. So you look at the story note, and you understand, understand what’s truly important to you. And I’ve had clients do it. And I had a lady last weekend to me, and she said, You know, I just got to tell you that, that during that was profound. This is the first one. The first thing is often do with clients. And she’s gone by just that, Darren, I got, I got my value we can. She said, I couldn’t believe what I wrote. She said, I sat down. And this theme kept coming up. And I kept resisting writing it and eventually see it. I just wrote it. And she said, I just it just feels so right to me when I written in there. And but there was a voice somewhere saying, you should write that you should write that. Would you say that when I look at it, it makes me want to cry. It’s so beautiful. And she said, I know it’s possible

Justin Trosclair 24:56
and listen to that voice way too often.

Unknown 24:58
Yeah, so times your own voice. You shouldn’t, shouldn’t. Or as a partner. You know, that’s what we need to be careful of listening to our partners or listening to their parents, or listening to the ministry at the church, or listening to our boss, or listening to wear work colleagues. Because sometimes they should on us, they actually lose weight, you should exercise more, you should make more money, you should see more clients. Maybe you don’t truly, really, really, really

Justin Trosclair 25:22
want. So you should not be that that. Yeah.

Unknown 25:25
So it’s really getting to know what you really want. Which is tricky, right? Because Because when we when we truly put out what we really want is a voice inside of it. Sometimes there’s many good enough and we got what it takes. Because like you had a bit of a crack two years ago, and it didn’t work out. So do you really want to do that again? And we are maybe not so I’ll just drift. Let the world take me. Well, and

Justin Trosclair 25:52
whose voice Well, the most successful chiropractors I know are doing sports and they’re doing golf and they’re doing blind. You like, wait, actually, I don’t like golf. I don’t even like athletes are so low. Okay, well, now, what do I do? Like my entire You know, I’m not saying me, but your entire view of what was successes is gone. Or I was supposed to see 500 a week. But these guys are doing only 150. And they making a lot of money. What so all of a sudden, you had to change your whole viewpoint. And that’s hard sometimes because you like you might have had this idealistic thing for years yeah and you’re struggling and then you finally realize that you don’t have to be that you shut it off in like said you got to get sometimes you gotta hire the right mentor, once you realize that to like, is I don’t know what to do. Now, what do I do? What do I do next step

Unknown 26:34
and main tools to all the different missions. You know, if he’s Yes, you see someone that’s doing awesome relationships tap on the shoulder. So man, we have a coffee walk by just look at you and your wife. And that’s just seems like there’s a real cool energy I love just to pick your brain. That’s not weird, right? And you see someone that’s got a great body, and then you know, you can have your age, I think he’s really looking after himself, tap him over there on the shoulder and say, next, we’ve got a coffee I’m telling, you know, not just what are you doing? This is really important. Ask them who have been who who do you be To be fair, and an even better question. And that is why why do you fit? What do you do fitness get clear on what their purposes because you want to check to see Is there a purpose alignment with yours, because they might be focusing our mentors for me, you know, being fit and having a body like, this means I’m successful. And if I if I keep my body like this, then I’m successful. And people will respect me, and people will love me. And that’s why I don’t know you weren’t looking at go,

Unknown 27:37
I get it. But maybe that’s a little feet for my purpose. Right, right. And then you can see why they’ve got a body like that. But maybe you haven’t got a body work you’ve got because you can see how driven that would be. If they are quite great body to successful.

Justin Trosclair 27:52
Yeah, magic. They put that energy into something else

Unknown 27:54
they could and if it works for them, great. If that’s totally all good, right? Just got to check. You know, what is their purpose? That’s a great question to ask, why do you do it? And then, of course, for a long while, you know, who do you be? What kind of character you bring to fitness, our discipline, focus, determination, persistence, courage, I bring it bring a sense of working hard, but, you know, I embrace the pain. These are kind of the character traits they bring. You could pull those characters, right, you don’t have to. I don’t have to go all in and what they’re saying. But boy, I can get a lot out of it. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 28:30
yes. You know, it’s funny, a lot of people want to share, like, when you go to talk to students, you feel good afterwards. So you don’t always have to, like find someone who’s like, well, that’s going to be I gotta charge you for my time, whatever. Like a lot of people are just like, I just want to share it because it’s such a passion of mine. My goodness, somebody noticed you I would love to tell you how to have a better relationship with your spouse. Like I’ve worked so hard on this and nobody ever asked Yeah, but let’s go ahead and enter Yeah,

Unknown 28:56
as long as I haven’t got a walk in the background so I stopped giving you advice for free That’s right.

Justin Trosclair 29:02
Yes sir. Listen to that voice. Yeah well, one more fun chapter and then I’ll go into some of the I guess some of the more standard questions I have around this thing out but the try you have

three towns on that one I’m not sure but yeah

Unknown 29:18
so that comes back to character right and and knowing that you can choose who you be if we believe that everything is a choice and you are responsible for your life your response able for everything that happens to you yeah gets scary right and being but it’s exciting because a lot of people don’t want to be responsible because they equate responsibility with false and blind no not not the same thing totally different if I if I was crossing the road and I got hit by a car I am responsible that’s not my fault I’m not to blame but I am responsible that is I can choose how I’m going to respond to getting hit on get better I could sue the guy like I spent eight years in court I can wind and mode about my store legless years later from you know the fact broken I could could use that as an excuse not to perform like again miserable and talk about it that’s one choice that’s that’s one thing response able or another response able is man you know stuff happens dividing man I did sit down off the curve could also not to blame It’s not my fault. I’m going to choose a better response. I’m not gonna I’m going to move on getting them all off and get going. Because all that bitterness and carry on doesn’t certainly at all, you are response able. And that’s so cool. Because if you’re not responsible, then you can’t be responsible for fixing it. If what are the situation your listeners are in right now? If if they’re not responsible for it, if they blaming someone else outside of them, then they asked for good because there’s always going to be someone outside of them hours now. But if you say I’m here because of me, Oh, yes, I’m here because of me. You can be the one to cause the change Yeah. So try unit of time really says you can you can control who you be at any moment. No one makes you angry. You choose to be angry. No one makes you happy. You choose to be happy. So try enough time visit basically says there’s three factors that will determine your state. It’s what you focus on, where you put your attention. It’s your language that you use the internal language and also the language that comes out of your mouth. And thirdly, it’s your physiology. It’s how you hold your body and that’s why you know, we as chiropractors see such dramatic changes in our clients because we improve their physiology they stayed improves their mindset improves their character improves comparison, I don’t really think of his work he’s just written the 12 moles of life or something like that, you know I’m talking about Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 32:07
yeah. Peterson

Unknown 32:08
Yeah, yeah, please. And yet not chapter number one is, that’s the number one chapter in the entire book is stand up straight haha. That’s what the chapter is called stand up straight. Right. That’s his number one rule having a great life. So physiology, how you hold yourself is so important and not just physiology from a structural point of view, but chemically as well. So my coaching practice I run a workshop called body left so these are clients that are coming to make more money in the business these are clients that are coming to have better relationships

Unknown 32:44
and I get them to come to a workshop that teaches them how to improve their body chemistry because I know if I improve their chemistry they’re going to have better control their mindset so physiology So those three things focus where you put your attention the language you use the questions you ask yourself you know questions like why does my wife just suck

Unknown 33:04
and not great language right versus what can be great about today quality ash Yeah, so simply simple language right can alter your state and then lastly physiology those three things are always within your control and those three things will determine your state surrounding those three is a fourth thing which is environment so many people want to blame environment for this state people are hanging out with the past they living in the practice area and you know how can I be happy living working in this practice well environment does support performance so I mean you can see my study got one in here I just love right it’s just yeah just a beautiful space you know family pictures up and trophies and you know just beautiful spot for me to sit I love being here and I get up in the morning early and I come in here like

Unknown 33:58
this is cool environment supports my state but I could get up and I start my morning and a great way to just then you know I was gonna say Danny but you don’t want it done is in the toilet okay yeah just like I can put my computer in there and just do it in it until I get to choose to be amazing and awesome right? Yeah environment supports state but doesn’t dictate your state so stop blaming environment yes if you can create a great environment do that but truly your state is under your control focus physiology and language

Justin Trosclair 34:36
when they say answer the phone with a smile yes because psychology shows like you’re the person on the other end like they sound like this happy is just from faking it

Unknown 34:45
works so I love your listeners to get to ask themselves they can’t see me right but how do they think it’s all the picture me What would they teach me be like how am I moving my body am I sitting over on my standing up you know just listening to me come through what do they think right

Unknown 35:06
in three seconds I’m going to tell him 321 I’m standing by always do my podcasting of you standing I always do my phone call standing by never answer the phone sitting down I never had I never call anyone sitting because I know that my communication 54% and why communication is comes through physiology so if I sit then the amount of character that I can put through changes yeah yeah physiology so important why I never communicate with someone sitting in

Justin Trosclair 35:43
a really like that because you can get so much more energy you know yeah I will talk with my hands my shift my way the lot it’s an accurate statement I think I’ve read about it and it’s fun to see when people actually do it yeah

Unknown 35:57
for practitioners stop seeing the with the clients and indeed do it standing really put raise your raise your adjusting table and seek just perched on the edge of the adjusting table

Unknown 36:11
stopped doing the body dr consulting you know

Justin Trosclair 36:18
are you stand I’m not supposed to sit need any conversation about how their degeneration is having their pain like we don’t

Unknown 36:25
feel the energy, you know, communicate with them have the move around the room, you know, we were going to move people states if we start to get them to look, if they’re in some kind of steady state sitting obviously, you’re going man, this guy he’s trying to sell me something or just wanted to get a crack in accounting just crack it and you know, just do a quick fix and get me out of here get them up get them out of their chair take them over to a poster or you know you can see their body

Justin Trosclair 36:51
language in there to

Unknown 36:52
get him to shift yes yeah so state changes with physiology

Justin Trosclair 36:59
in your one of those things like when a patient doesn’t pay you and you’re angry and it’s been three months they don’t know they don’t remember and they don’t care just like if you’re bitter about your ex wife or whatever they don’t know that and they don’t care either so you’re allowing someone else to change you on a regular basis that doesn’t even think about you anymore yeah that’s kind of messed up

Unknown 37:22
yeah crazy but yeah if you’re doing that change it right and i know buildings different in the US so I’m going to give you my bit of practice management stuff and it’s an old buildings different every way don’t have accounts I’ve

Justin Trosclair 37:36
never had an account that mean a balance

Unknown 37:39
yeah everyone pays one the most expensive chiropractor everyone plays in fact more clients they pay up front like pre party right now a few years ago before we totally introduced pre party people would pay at the time of his and that was non negotiable but you get one or two that are banned wallet What do I do yeah and we go you know and everyone would feel awkward because we have a we don’t we don’t have accounts right right so we can okay look just next time you’re in ministry pieces up you know all good okay and I tell me next time have a wallet we give a mirror right and so we would then on the if they if they come in again didn’t pay them taken aside I’d have a big conversation with a valid or sometimes randomly they never came back right Oh yeah. So all of a sudden we’ve got like a person that I was just some money the girls would call them let them know and if they didn’t come in a Christmas I would send them a card saying hey I paid the bill Merry Christmas

Unknown 38:48
to it like put better systems in place so no one owes you money and if you screw it up and they do end up owing money when I’m off the hook don’t keep trying to chase it. Yeah, such a waste the energy you know like that amount of energy if you put that bad of energy into getting another client Why did a return

Justin Trosclair 39:08
and like I said, we’re talking to one or two visits, we’re not talking they came 10 times and then they finally get a backfill him for like all these visits that your parents didn’t cover or whatever, and it does help with compliance. I know some states here you can do prepay, some you can’t. And then there’s you know, there’s different ways to do prepaid to where you like auto debit, or it doesn’t have to. I think it has a negative connotation. prepaid doesn’t have to mean you you charge them five grand for unlimited visits for a year. It doesn’t have to mean that it could just mean I know and you know that you need six visits. If you pay it now, I’ll give you usually I’ll give you a little discount. Yeah, those for pre painted, you don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to think about it. And you’re on the book scheduled. So you actually will follow through with care and we don’t have to talk about it anymore. Yeah, it’s kind of nice.

Unknown 39:59
People love you don’t do them a favor and have the money out of the way up front. And my wife took a week off was late last year. She manages my front desk. So she’s holding when when when I’m doing car and she took a week off and I said oh, who’s gonna cover she said, mama, you’re gonna be fine. Go Hey. Yeah, I said I’ll take you through it. He said prepaid prepaid replied. autopilot autopilot. There’s one there that plays on it at the time. And there’s one there that pays at the time the rest, they’ll just come in Justin, and Naga. They’ve already appointments made in advance. That’s cool, right? Yeah, that creates work life balance that creates life alignment that allows you to do your life’s work.

Justin Trosclair 40:44
Absolutely. Hey, before we before we let you go, because this is we just talked about that that’s kind of cool. Anything you do one or two things that you do from marketing to try to get your name out there and get new patients or potentially like mentoring clients? Yeah, that’s been effective, I should say,

Unknown 41:02
I think like I do social media. And that’s been useful. Probably the most useful thing I’ll do is I run my workshops. So my in house workshop, so for them are running from my coaching clients to the workshops, my chiropractic clients come to now they paid workshops, so they have to pay for them

Justin Trosclair 41:23
to come and he’s already clients. Usually, our

Unknown 41:26
current clients when they first start as part of a key or motivational call body lead, the one I mentioned how to get the body chemistry, right, and then not run another workshop called mind lead to get their mindset, right, reduce stress and tension, both of them have a PhD because I want you to reduce your inflammation, stress and anxiety, more information, crappy diet or inflammation, it’s going to make my job harder. Let’s get you to these two workshops. So they pay for those workshops to attend. So if you’ve got if you’ve got clients out there listening, you know, don’t do workshops for free because then it was

Justin Trosclair 42:01
a lot don’t do that new patient the lecture slash sales pitch slash

Unknown 42:06
but haven’t paid for, but make sure it’s incredible quality content that they leave truly inspired to make a change in their life that I leave with useful tools. And that is for quality content

Justin Trosclair 42:22
I’ve heard you can make it interactive where you actually maybe you actually teach them a couple of little stretches or something so they actually feel like they’ve got something out of this not just you know some chiropractic lecture above down inside out type of thing

Unknown 42:37
yeah yeah yeah make it make it huge value so I believe the incredibly like one last night and it’s called body will happen when they come along though I say hey, if you got a partner or someone that’s important your life that can support you in your care if you’ve got someone I’ll extend extend them a free ticket so they come along and they get a taste of the practice I get a taste of may and they get to see don’t like this guy do I do I connect with him and and if they do they’re going to want to hang out and so the next step for them as either one or two things if there are potential power client they’ll say hey can I get my spine checked or if they’re coaching client or say hey you know can I come and you know have a coaching session with you so I reckon workshops and what best place any you get qualified leads as well

Justin Trosclair 43:27
yeah and this every week or twice a month

Unknown 43:30
I run a battery three to four weeks I run a workshop have some code okay yeah

Justin Trosclair 43:35
we’re running short of time so my do two questions we’re talking about our spouses significant other a good amount What is it something that you do so that you guys can keep the love alive and make sure that that part of your life is a okay

Unknown 43:47
yeah so especially since you work together yeah they do right they do is we might always make time for each other for special day so we’ve done date night we’ve been married for until up

Justin Trosclair 44:00
20 something years

Unknown 44:02
plus years yeah, it’s

Unknown 44:05
been going at 30 years I used to think Michelle up from from high school when she was seven. So we’ve been hanging out 30 years so we still do date night she does pretty well at it given she’s a mom with three kids then out, you know, teenagers, she does pretty well at it. But I recommend do awesome at it. And that is make her my most important thing. She knows that she is more important to me than the kids. And that’s not for everyone. But I just want her to know that she’s the most important thing and then the our time together isn’t one of my highest values.

Justin Trosclair 44:40
So weird thing for a lot of people to say you’re more important than the kids.

Unknown 44:44

Justin Trosclair 44:45
and I agree with you. Is that the Harford a lot of people to say, because I supposed to say that, you know, the kids are going to be gone in 20 years.

Unknown 44:52
Yes, yes. Yeah. By now. And often the kids are gone. And then so is the relationship. I would say that we always might tell him for each other. We might talk the date night. Why make her party she does pretty bloody well at Mike lei party game. And she’s in the moment, right. And I think there’s a different thing that And the third thing is if you’re not growing together, you’re growing apart. So we do stuff together. So we do stuff that causes us to grow as individuals, but we do it together. Yeah, if you’re not growing with your partner, you growing apart from your partner,

Justin Trosclair 45:31
like kayaking, learn the kayak together and books,

Unknown 45:34
seminars, we go to them together, you know that, you know, the amount of seminars, I tend in the old days, and I’d say carpet is here on this, but the spouse is not there.

Unknown 45:44
And you and all these seminars that you and I go to, like, there’s so much personal development in there. Yeah, you know, it’s not about friggin for set joints and money. You know those conversations, it’s like saving the world conversations, right?

Unknown 46:00
Your poverty so that

Justin Trosclair 46:03
when I went, I just got back from a far Casey and I was like, JJ, you’re coming with me. I was like, there’s so much good information here. It’s worth, you know, she’s English second language. So that there can be some concepts that you don’t know, things that we don’t deal with at the hospital that I really want you to be a part of, because this can be helpful later on in the practice. Plus, you get to meet all these different kinds of people. And, you know, at one point, she’s like, hey, I need to tap out

I mean, like, an hour or two, just by myself in the seminar was like, that’s fine. Like, yeah, you don’t have to get your CDs. I go recharge come back. And she was super excited about it. And now when we talk, it’s like, Hey, remember when Remember that? And it’s and she went to a different class than ideas. So we got double the value of it, if you will. It was huge. It’s huge. Yeah. Not used often.

Unknown 46:51
Yeah. grow together.

Justin Trosclair 46:52
Yeah. Did you bring your staff sometimes? Yeah. What’s another $99 to bring your spouse? Yeah, if you can. I mean, sometimes you have three kids like, what he’s do

Unknown 47:01

Unknown 47:03
who I don’t know, because what’s most important and most important, and I just love you know, but I’ll talk personally right now. You know, I just love that when my kids walked in this morning, my 17 year old daughter, my 19 year olds over in the UK moment when the gap year my seven year old daughter, my 15 year old son or daughter cooked in Berkeley this morning, lifted out for them back into bed with my wife. And we were just sitting up in bed, having a cup of tea together and my kids walking and they find is calling, you know, been together 30 years and we’re snuggled up together. having a conversation having a cup of tea. That’s what I want my kids to learn that relationship to the like, 30 years later. Yeah, yeah, I want to I want my kids to see me holding my wife’s hand. And I Catholic I want to, I want them to see the taking around, I want them to see me saying no kids, you stay at home? Don’t know. Cuz wouldn’t we want that for our kids?

Justin Trosclair 48:04
I think it’s so I’m thinking I haven’t had kids yet. I’m about to have a kid. And that’s the type of data that I’ve been wanting to be. And that takes a lot of effort. But I want my kids to know that they’re important how to have healthy relationships. They see this at home. This is kind of normal, you know, the way we treat our daughters as a husband as a father is huge for the way they develop in Yeah, have relationships in the future. Like, I want that to be healthy.

Unknown 48:27
Yeah, super important to make the distinction. This is a mentor in conversation that we’re having right now. So this is an opinion based conversation. There are people who have a model that says know the kids are the most important. That’s awesome, too. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a perfect fit for your for your purpose and your mission in life. Awesome. You will have a fulfilling life. Yeah, just Yeah. Just my purpose and mission is different. Yeah, that’s right. Just with respect, you know, to people and what people say

Justin Trosclair 48:56
That’s true. That’s a good point. That’s a good caveat right there. Yeah. Last one question. And you can go as much as you want to do this one. A lot of us have an addiction to our phones, whether it’s healthy or not, that’s another topic but a lot of us have apps besides social media if you have a favorite one let us know what that is. And any favorite books podcasts blogs that have influenced you that you secretly love and something that you think everybody should definitely check out

Unknown 49:22
a new app that I’ve just got this bond you’re okay do nj aro and what it does is you can link it with your CRM system and that whenever anyone enters your CRM so for me particularly my coaching when you know someone downloads one free you know book chapter uh huh and this has come on since you downloaded the chapter it sends a notification in the bond euro and you just literally open the app and it’s got the guys email address you click on it and then it just you just do a quick recording hey hey Justin. So looking forward to catching up with you and hope you enjoyed the you know the download and blah blah blah blah blah and boom have an amazing one if I can help out you know reach out anytime she has been added to video right to female straighter and it’s amazing so someone someone gets me gets any connection with you literally within minutes that they’ve got a pin video back with you saying hey and their name

Unknown 50:30
What is that so when you bond your because someone told me about it when you sign up for you sign up and then I’m sitting at my computer going here this is going to be cool email comes through Hey Dan is Ellie just wanted to say well then designing up about Georgia I got this is good. I mean

Justin Trosclair 50:51
that’s worked for like MailChimp and those types of companies to are yet to have like Infusionsoft level

Unknown 50:57
one another. You can probably use Zapier. Oh

Justin Trosclair 51:00
yeah, whatever it’s called. Yeah, that’s true.

Unknown 51:03
So yeah, probably that that’s probably one of the big ones. And then zoo. There’s probably 11 I’ve got on my phone that I use for coaching clients. It’s like Skype. But yeah, it’s got the meeting room stuff, which is kind of your record a little bit cooler, and you can record your conversations

Justin Trosclair 51:20
on your phone as well. Apparently, you do

Unknown 51:22
it with it as well. So that’s good books.

Justin Trosclair 51:27
Life co

Unknown 51:29
Well, sure. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 51:31
I mean, number one in your heart.

Unknown 51:33
I love Malcolm Gladwell. Yeah, Malcolm Gladwell. In all of these books,

Justin Trosclair 51:39
just good.

Unknown 51:40
He would be my go to author for some cool stuff. I love bill Bryson’s A Short History of know everything really good. So it you know, it’s kind of just beautifully written. If you’re an evolutionist you’ll kind of love it. Because that’s kind of where it comes from. It’s set you know, evolution of time. So that’s a great book one last one or probably say the one cool the one thing by Gary Keller really simple, easy book, and it’s about doing the most important thing, you know, he talks about something like before 1940, the word priorities did not exist. It was thinking it was priority.

Unknown 52:23
And then somehow we managed to get priorities and so it always priorities

Justin Trosclair 52:29
so busy, busy, busy, busy

Unknown 52:30
having a priority. That’s cool.

Justin Trosclair 52:33
I’m so glad you gave names and books that aren’t always said. Like if I have to hear the word influence people. No offense, everyone. Yeah, that book, get creative. Find a new one that saved your life. But I guess if it’s real, it’s real. But there’s so many good books that I know that I’ve read. I’m just like, wait, what was it called? That’s the problem like what was that hard? That book that I read that really had that one chapter and then you kind of file it away and then it’s file too far? Africa?

Unknown 53:00
Yeah. And while while it cheaper read books is by the book by the book. Yes. Look, if you if you like reading it on a book, etc. By the book and the book. Like when you buy from Amazon, it says, Hey, do you want the book as well? For two bucks or something? Yeah, um, I’ve got a I’ve got just bookshelves, on bookshelves with the books. And I would have been able to do that with you. If I hadn’t been on just kind of wander over there and just have a look at my bookshelf and just see what jumped out at me. And there’s times when I’ll just come and sit in the study. And I’ll look up my shelf on I’ll just pull it out and have a foot through. And there’s something you know, I’m not into the whoo whoo. Right. But there’s something about having books.

Justin Trosclair 53:41
Yeah, I’d say this I used to, and I quit. And it’s one of those things like, you just kind of get lazy and stop. I used to kind of take notes, like, what’s the main main highlights or a photocopy, like all this page was awesome. So I just photocopy that page. And I have like, bite three inch binders of that type of stuff of seminars basket, and I didn’t throw those away. Like, I gave away my books last summer, you know, all those books you never read again. You know, I was like, You know what, I’m tired of traveling with all this stuff. I don’t have a permanent home. So I just tend to, like, let me just donate these and help somebody else out. But I’m just thinking podcast ideas. I mean, I got so many old chiropractic seminar notes and stuff from this book doesn’t help me at this moment. But like maybe next year, that’s a lot of podcast episodes of motivational stuff and things that you can learn and and you were mentioning that earlier with with you just mentioned it earlier as well. Huge, it’s just take that little extra effort and you’ll be able to reap it 10 years later. So lovely.

Unknown 54:40
Yeah, and take them you know, you often go to seminars and they give you a little booklet or something when you go don’t write in that bulk load get take you take your book take your your collection right and just you know like I love these rates for x because they had bat you know I

Unknown 54:58
just keep keep them all in the same place

Justin Trosclair 55:02
well how can people reach you contact you and all of that

Unknown 55:07
okay this place to get me is Dr. Ben Cava so.com and if that’s too hard to remember just go to life co.com

Unknown 55:18
I say all the time you to my book page on my website it’s got all my content there’s some cool stuff on there they can download a three part free video series awesome it’s kind of just a helicopter ride around some of my coaching stuff that I do super cool is a scorecard it’s called a life CEO scorecard where you can kind of just answering questions and it gives you a score about how long you doing in the different aspects of purpose plans personality productivity and profit super cool so the life CEO scorecard that’s there for free as well and then I can download a chunk like first 40 or so pages of my book which is coming of gives you the gift of it yeah the by the whole book and if you’re feeling super wealthy, you can go to Amazon and for $3 by the E book and if you feeling like mega wealthy then you can actually buy the hardback like I recommend or that the real version for I don’t know what he’s 20 bucks or something

Justin Trosclair 56:18
like see your comments for your last name if they’re at the gym

Unknown 56:21
So Dr. Been carve also see a the SS o.com Yeah. And then email me like you know, I would just love to hear from some of your listeners. Don’t buy my stuff Don’t you know don’t even download stuff. Just spit me an email and just say hey, you know it was good to hear on the podcast. I love this or you know I heard at least will Hey, what do you think about this? I answer all my emails personally. So I mean I’d love to hear from the listeners.

Justin Trosclair 56:51
Fantastic Dr. Ben you’ve really brought it today I really appreciate your time and I definitely hope you get a little more email list and maybe a couple book sales at the same time perfect

Unknown 57:01
thanks Justin. Awesome

Justin Trosclair 57:05
Did you know I am offering a copy and one on one online class you know I’ve been in China for a while I’ve got a class set up with some TCM docs who do cupping will show you the glass kind and the suction kind you can find more information at a doctor’s perspective. NET slash cupping. Right now we have a pre sale price. So you’re going to save a good chunk of cash. By signing up early, just put your email, you’ll get notified when the class goes live. Also, as always, the know needle acupuncture book, you can get four chapters, anxiety, low back, insomnia and headaches, got pictures, how to find the points. And of course, all with no needles. Just go to a doctor’s perspective. NET slash in a protocol as in needless acupuncture. We have great results the other day from lady who couldn’t do a lunch because her knee pain now knee pain is not an issue. So excited to hear that also the first book today’s choices tomorrow’s health. A lot of people are looking for a magic bullet the same it this is saying hey look, if you can do small things daily, you will see results and I’ll give you the blueprints that I use to create an exercise routine cardio routine, get my nutrition in order and actually get your finances in order to because that’s a big stress in life. And of course talk to them about chiropractic so I hope you check that out on the website under the Resources tab. These are my affiliate links that helps out support the show blueberry hosting set for said they got the power bands and the really really resistant really good to stretch those joints mentor box and get subscription to watch the author. Talk about the book so that you don’t have to spend the time reading it else comes aboard books and things like that. It’s really quite cool primal health and nutrition. You can save 10% by going through my link using the code primal doc it’s bone broth. Here’s to the autoimmune protocols and specific carbohydrate diet gluten free non GMO, no sugar dairy free all those types of cool things as well as Click Funnels. If you sign up to that or pick up a book from him do my links helps out a little bit. And then of course everybody’s favorite Amazon you can sign up for different things like prime fresh our music through our links. And of course any the show notes we have books mentioned. If you follow the link through my site that’ll help out as well. Well that is it. Go on ahead and leave us a five star review. Thanks so much for listening. And we’ll see you next week.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling two friends sharing on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. sincere thank you in advance even listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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Dr. Justin Trosclair, D.C., an expert in Chiropractic Care, has been focusing on back and neck pain relief for over 12 years and has delivered treatment to more than 6000 patients. With advanced training in treating disc derangement conditions, you can count on him to keep up to date with the latest research in physical medicine for spinal pain. He has 5 years of hospital experience in China, is currently working in Germany, and had a private practice in Colorado for 6 years. Dr. Trosclair hosts a doctor to doctor interview podcast called ‘A Doctor’s Perspective‘ with over 220 episodes. During his free time he wrote 3 books. Today’s Choices Tomorrow’s Health (rebooting health in 4 categories), a Do-It- Yourself acupressure book for 40 common conditions called Needle-less Acupuncture, and a step by step guide to look like a local for Chinese dinner culture called Chinese Business Dinner Culture. If you have kids, you may be interested in his 6 series tri-lingual animal coloring book series (english, spanish and chinese).