M 65 Hierarchy of Goal Tracking

Minisode 65 Hierarchy of Goal Tracking

Company goals can be broken down to individual roles and should be daily and weekly repeatable, measurable tasks with specific outcomes.

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Adoctorsperspective minisode sixty five. This is going to be a good one. I think is the story. brian podcasts. At one hundred fifty one with keith cunningham. I really just took this one snippet out of it so this’ll be a shorter episode.

We jump in and this will be about goals as you can tell from the title of the episode before we jump in. You can find me on. Modern carpeting marketing as well as the carpeting philanthropist. Sometime in the first quarter of twenty twenty one of course if you’re on my social media allah come out but talking about one. She’s and see revisions. See revision of courses your resume before doctors a lot of us have. It doesn’t look good. Maybe hasn’t been updated a long time. That’s things that i can do for you. It’s enjoyable for me. It’s kind of like a puzzle sometimes and the when she is a one page. Pdf designed pretty unwritten. So that a podcast host. Our local business will say. Oh this is what you can offer my people. I like it. This’ll be great. I’ll look good. You get some exposure in already. I mean if you host the podcast you’re going to get all these emails from people and they always typically will have one of these papers and one she and then when you look at that this would not really fit my show or yeah actually this would and those come out much better than someone who just writes a simple to paragraph email so considerate. I’ve been doing this for a while. Now it’s it’s fun. It’s affordable a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one sheet.

Okay twenty twenty. One is rapidly approaching. If you haven’t already figured out your goals. I guess now is the time to start this episode and the next will be helpful for that so as a company or a bunch of doctors.

Goal Setting Flow – Big to Individual

You should have a company goal right. I want to save ten thousand people from surgery or something like that. I want you have a goal. You may have more actual goto. You might actually say. We want two thousand new patients this month. I mean that’d be great. Maybe one thousand new patients for the year. Maybe wanna increase your membership plans. You want to grow to three hundred members this year.

But you didn’t start with any so that could be a new financial thing for you trying to figure out how to do memberships in your clinic so that it’s beneficial for you but beneficial for the client. Does that mean you have to change the services that you’re offering me at the package and bundle things that you normally maybe wouldn’t have are you. Insurance are not legal in your state so all these guys are going do casey’s versus just pay as you go so what you go all right.

So when she had that goal you can get a plan right. That plan could be everything from where to market how much money you should spend for that marketing and so forth. Who who do you need a higher future. Dini replace anybody with specific skills. You need a have for people to make these goals work and then that plan goes into department goals.

So would you have basic plan of what you need to do. Then he does have broken out if you have another doctor or you’re the only doctor. What are you going to do. What is your facebook ads going to do your marketing department. Are you need to community events. That could be a part of your department goals. If you wanna look at it like that a your insurance people you need more money. What are they doing to increase collections. Do they need to get you to do your records better. Do you make sure that your billing what you’re supposed to be billing and not under billing perhaps your front desk. Are they trained well. Are you losing patients by not answering. The phone correctly are like here. You go to the doctor. They take three minutes technology that you’re standing in front of him because they were doing something right.

Maybe there’s some soft skills that could be improved to meet your goals and then department goals drop into individual goals now. What are those. That’s your front desk person. What are their goals. Now maybe you can communicate with them so that they actually have some skin in the game and it’s not as you telling.

This is your goal. Y’all can communicate together like all right. What’s our goal. How are you going to get better at your job. Right answer the phone better. If their marketing was their individual goal. Or they going to make you do more videos like you said you were going to last year and twenty twenty. But you didn’t do it. So twenty twenty one. Are they going to say. Hey look feet to the fire. You’ve got these videos. I can do everything except that for you So that’s an invisible.

Now that individual goal needs to be broken down into daily and weekly repeatable tasks that have measurable outcomes. So that’s when you look at your stats. How many phone calls did you get who scheduled the ads that you’re running. Did they get run. Did the amount of them did they turned off or doing retargeting like you said they were supposed to be doing. Okay you are. What are the results this week. What happened between this month and last month this week and last week you had a to do list and you only did three out of the five things. What happened there the doctor. You only have five people. Join your membership plan this month. What happened were you nervous.

Did you pitch it. And they didn’t like it so you stop pitching it to people that you thought would be a good fit to everybody instead of people that actually could use it is that is that your strategy are you soon as somebody’s out of pain you say okay. You can leave or did you.

Actually you know help. Try to correct stabilize the condition you know maybe the pain and three visits but maybe they needed more like nine or ten so that they don’t just have this pain show up in three weeks when they go back to the gym and get back to their normal activity at full at full force. The finest the lighter but once they get full force maybe three weeks they get injured. Okay well did you do your job right then. You’ve got him out of pain but so anyway so those are the things that kind of think about sometimes evidence based doctors under prescribed treatment.

Because they’re so afraid of over prescribing but these are of outcomes. Okay even google ads. Do you shut them off. Reworked and headlines. You can do that on a weekly basis even monthly basis in start seeing trends this month compared to last year this month and has all things you can do on a weekly daily basis to get measurable outcomes that you can reach your individual goal that you can reach the department goal so you can see if your plan is working to reach these company.

Goals quarterly really measure. Everything maybe every quarter you. Sit down with your staff and you go through everything not just on a weekly basis but like as a bigger picture so there’s lots of things that we can do in processes and there’s people you can hire you when we can chat if you like just contact me and we can get some things written down and how to measure all right all the show notes and the transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash in six five with your goals this year.

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