Episode 12 The Why of Goals Matter from Shredz to SoulAbility Dr Michael DiMarco

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Dr Michael DiMarco chiropractor podcast host talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Dr. Michael DiMarco is a doctor of chiropractic, speaker, co owner of Shredz Supplements https://shredz.com/, has an ultra successful three year old multi disciplinary clinic in New Jersey, is the host of the new podcast SoulAbility  http://www.soulability.com/ (launches feb 25, 2017) and author by the same name (in the works as of the publishing date).

He has a few mantras that he runs his business by: move better to live better, understand why are here to fix functional reform, people over procedures, commitment over currency, and perspective is reality. Listen to the show if you want an explanation.

Soul Ability podcast and the book project are about helping people get on the right path, physically and spiritually to live your full human potential. Dr. DiMarco wants to help people be the best they can be and unlock their potential.  For anyone how signs up for his email list, he will donate a meal to feed an animal because of the positive role animals have had in his life.

Your goals need to be about a bigger mission, “the why” do you do things. What’s the purpose of that actual goal? Material possessions can be a marker that you hit certain millstones but it won’t sustain you. Money is a good measurement tool but its not the ultimate goal

Dr. Michael gives advice on how to get involved with local athletes.  He recommends students get a mentor or a coach that you can really learn from so you can make the learning curve quicker.

To have more balance, you have to trust more people.  Work life integration is more important than trying to balance it.  if you integrate both so that work is on purpose then a vacation just amplifies life even more. Make your vacations meaningful; learn something while you are there.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/12 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the interview transcription.

He will speaking August 21st at Rythmia in Costa Rica

He mentioned an Acupressure Mat that looks like a bed of nails, I took the liberty of finding this one. and meditation with Wim Hof particularly his meditation10 week course. Here are two of his books: The Way of The Iceman and Becoming the Iceman

Podcast:  Louis Howes asks great questions and is able to really get his guests to open up. Louis Howes  has a top 100 podcast in the world and does podcast coaching.

Tim Ferriss   and Joe Rogan  really don’t need an explanation. However, if you haven’t heard of these two, especially Tim, click over and take a listen… after subscribing to this podcast of course.

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Travel Tip
When on Vacation, Make it a Point to do Something Educational.

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Unknown 0:01
Episode 12.

Justin Trosclair 0:02
The Whys of goals matter from shreds to Seoul ability. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Trudeau square. And today’s here Dr. Michael de Marcos perspective

for doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant homeless, listen as your host, Dr. Justin shows Claire goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guess about real world triumph, drug, practical tips and entertainment On this episode, a doctor’s perspective.

Welcome back to the show, a doctor’s perspective. Thank you so much for listening. As always, if you have any comments, please let me know hours want to make the show as amazing as I can feel. Today we have Dr. Michael DeMarco is a Doctor of Chiropractic. He’s the owner of CO owner of the shreds supplement line. And at the end of February 2017 is releasing so ability podcast, we had a good time talking today. And I think you’re going to get a lot of good information, you got to integrate what he says there’s so much good knowledge he’s he’s a young guy 31, I believe he said he’s accomplished things that a lot of us will never accomplish in our life. It gives me hope. And it gives me excitement, really want to talk to guess like this, just to know that we can do so much more. And sometimes we just need to get like a mentor so that we can do it fair warning. You know, if you listen to the show, you know, I’m doing this from China. And so there’s a little bit of a connectivity issue in the beginning, and then at the very end. So just bear with it. I mentioned it last week, I’ll mention it again. And probably the last time for a while personal branding, having your name as your website. And then combining if you’ve had several clinics in the past your different Facebook fan pages all into one. Personally, I’m going to just use my name. And then all I have to do is ever for everyone to advertise. I just use that one page and have you know, stuff for speaking engagements for the author for the clinics, and but of course have a separate one for the podcast. And then of course, my own personal page likes it. Talk to your marketing expert. See if it’s right for you. As always contact me on Facebook, Instagram, wherever, leave your comments. What do you think pros and cons? I’d love to hear about it and see what you think. If you noticed, I’m kind of running the same to Indians at the end of the episode. Well, I changed those up today. And so you’ll hear those for a little while now. So stay tuned. The end, they are actually different. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Today on the show, we have Dr. Michael de Marco chiropractor. He’s also the podcast host of soul ability and the supplement company shreds. Welcome to the show.

Unknown 2:39
Thanks. Thank you for having me. So great to be talking to somebody all the way across the world in China. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. I’m the co founder of shred supplements. And I have my practice still in New Jersey. So still see people still taking care of business. Right.

Justin Trosclair 2:56
Okay. I’m curious about this shred supplement. We mentioned in the pre chat that it’s pretty profitable. And you started he said in schools or how did that become a thing. And

Unknown 3:08
so I was a I was really into bodybuilding into fitness. I’ve worked for another company for a few years before that in the industry, like one of the biggest companies in the world, to learn to learn, really learn how to do it, learn how to do my own.

Unknown 3:25
So when I was in school, me and my buddy Arvin, we’re, we’re just like, this is a few years later, why aren’t we doing this? And he was on jersey shore on TV for the TV show on MTV for like 15 seconds. And we already knew all those guys. Anyway, we’re, you know, friends of Mike and stuff.

Unknown 3:45
So we just did it. We just started, you know, we started with what we had. And we started with the goal of building a brand, and not just selling a product. And Instagram came along social media came along are you know, Arvin, really, and my other friends really, really worked hard. And it just became what it is today. Is it worldwide is huge. Yeah, we saw international now.

Justin Trosclair 4:09
What’s your I’m just curious. What’s your top two or three products?

Unknown 4:12
I mean, the fat burner, which is the first product shred. Wow. So okay.

Justin Trosclair 4:18
That’s amazing. And so you guys have set up distributions and from like, another country, and then handled all the processes of customs and shipment and distribution and all that.

Unknown 4:30
Yeah, I mean, it, we’re in so many countries. I mean, we switch ship, mostly from here.

Unknown 4:37
I mean, I don’t handle that stuff, day to day. And I’m really I mean, at this point, I’m really just like, investor, you know, I just started the company at hold equity in it. But those guys really, really run the show, and they do a good job. So I’m the I’m super passive, like I, whenever I invest in something or start something, except for my practice, right now, I kind of just even actually, in my practice with my employees, I’m kind of like hands off. But for the most part where I want people to just do the right thing and try to just, if you’re doing a good job, like, I’m not even gonna bother you, you know, like, I just, I really feel that way. Because when I’ve worked in other places before, I’ve had jobs and stuff like that, I hate when people micromanage me, so I don’t want to be that person.

Justin Trosclair 5:19
Right? They think it makes job satisfaction way higher, if you can actually, look, I need x y&z done totally get it done, or I, I’ve trained you how to do it, I just need you to do X. I

Unknown 5:28
mean, sometimes most people need some guidance and a little along the way, like a framework because they’re not going to be total self starters. If they were they’d be running the office, I have their own and not, that’s okay. Not everybody wants that. It’s a lot, a lot of stress, right? That’s a lot of work. Yeah, be that person and be the doctor and just do everything. So if you just give people what they’re best at and just give them a little framework, I think that’s for me the way to go. doesn’t drain me. Yeah. Have

Justin Trosclair 5:57
you had a lot of turnover? You? Are you pretty good at finding the right people and turning them like how do you how do you find that

Unknown 6:03
I’ve been pretty good with that. So I mean, from the beginning, it was in the beginning, it was just me and my practice

Unknown 6:12
where I worked in over ice tried to start with almost no money in a room and a plastic surgeon’s office and my mom ran. And within six months, I had physical therapy, we’re doing physical therapy in the hallways like in the little room like when the doctor there. And within six months, we were out of there. So three of us had a PT six months or out into a bigger space. And then I added an employee that came through, I did a networking event and I spoke at the event. His mother was like you have to be my son. And Jason’s been with me since then. And he’s going to chiropractic school. Now he’s on like a much better path than he was. And then just kept growing. And I put some ads out interviewed and other physical therapists turned out to be interviewed two people. And it’s really easy. Just go by feel you asking the right questions, see if they’re right fit for the culture.

Unknown 7:06
And they have to share the same vision, same mission that you have. It doesn’t matter how skilled they are, I feel like anyone can learn a skill. You can teach them the skill. But right like, but they have to fit with the mission and the vision of like what the overall practice or overall business is going to be about whatever businesses whether it’s a podcaster local practice, you know,

Justin Trosclair 7:28
yeah, what is your mission

Unknown 7:31
to so for my practice, My mission is to help people move better live better, right. So that’s the mission help as many people as possible to be able to do that, and really understand the why of what they’re therefore not to be a band aid. To fix function over form, we have a mantra that we follow in the office is like three parts, actually, there’s four parts to it, but three major parts. The first part is people over procedure. So a lot of doctors you know, you learn techniques, you’ll they’re there to learn

Unknown 8:02
different types of chiropractic, different types of physical therapy.

Unknown 8:06
But when you’re actually in the real world, the person in front of you might definitely isn’t going to be a textbook. They’re going to need maybe a little piece of why what works. So you have to really understand why the procedures you’re doing work in the first place, why the technique you learn worked, not just go through the motions of like, Well, I was in the air to seminar and the sugar told me to do it this exact way. But if you understand why it works, like why you’re using so much pressure while you’re getting tissue change, you can mold your own technique for the person and actually get them better, right? Because if you try to follow that, that cookie cutter template, when someone comes into your office, it might not work for them. So you have to Yeah, yeah, so you have to change that. And then we have a commitment over currency. Nice. So when someone’s giving you money, for a service, that’s a commitment. So if they’re not willing to pay you for what you’re doing, and they’re not willing to make commitment for the care, and if they really, really can’t afford it, like, you know, you making a combination for the commitment for them to actually go through your program and do what it takes to get themselves better, you know,

Unknown 9:15
to have people or procedure right number currency, and then the there will there is an underlying principle to all this. And that’s perspective is reality. So someone comes in your office, and they’re in a bad mood first day or whatever, you have to really put yourself in their shoes, see what they’re coming from. Most of the time, if someone’s like telling you something, or they’re being negative towards you, if you’re dealing with that all, like all day long with dealing with people all day long, you have to realize that they’re just projecting something that’s inside them on to you. And they’re there for a reason, you just have to help them understand the reason why to get them on the right path, you know, and that’s what’s led me into my, my newest endeavor, which is scalability, which is helping people get on the right hand on the right, people figure out who they really are inside, do the right things physically do the right thing spiritually, to be able to live your full human potential. And that is a podcast, that is a podcast, I’m we’re in the process of writing a book to, there’s a little bit of success stuff in there. Because when I feel like all that stuff is aligned in her life, you’re going to be successful, whether it’s in your job or opening a business or, you know, having more mobility in your life, whatever it is, you want to whatever it is that you really, really want to achieve, whatever it is neat, like that need whatever is your real purpose, like I want you to I want to help you get there. You know, it’s if it’s not your purpose, sitting at a desk all day, on a computer, just punching number crunching numbers. But it’s to be, you know, the best dog trainer in the world are teaching as many people to be the best doctor in the world online. Like, I want to help you do that. And that’s, you know, that’s a being a chiropractor, I feel really is about, it’s not about getting people out of pain. It’s about helping people live their full potential. Yes, helping people unlock that, you know, that energy inside of themselves. So to really live the truth

Justin Trosclair 11:11
will make us every day you’re we’re not trying to talk about pain. We’re saying, Well, what can’t you do? What’s your problem? I can’t go off. I can’t type that computer because of my wrist hurts or whatever. And so that I think that kind of brings you back to

Unknown 11:22
I got to actually have Do you know Rob Dyrdek is host of ridiculousness Robic he’s like big skateboarder, entrepreneur, I actually got to have dinner with him at one of my mastermind groups few weeks ago. And he told me that he sees chiropractic comes to his house every single day in Los Angeles for an hour to work on not pain, because he couldn’t deal with pain. But function because he wants a function in the best secret possibly so we can live his mission. Wow, and live his vision. And he has a neuro kinetic therapist come to his house every Friday for three hours in the morning, and three hours at night drive from San Diego to LA. Just work on all this like function work on the neurological stuff. We’re going to Brain Stuff work in the patterns. And does he have a like a lot of injuries from all the falls and from skateboarding it what he’s I mean, he said it wasn’t really just injuries, it was just functioning that he wanted to find the best he could possibly be. And he’s talking about how he thinks it goes back to like when he was born, like your celebrity, you’re talking about this stuff.

Unknown 12:25
It was That’s crazy. I know. It’s awesome. Because he’s not just you know, athlete. He’s an entrepreneur, like, he’s what he’s one of the people that I’ve looked up to have, like, he started out as a skateboarder or just, you know, regular person, and he, he just did the right thing. And he’s doing things that just only fuel him only add energy only give them energy. That’s what it seems like.

Justin Trosclair 12:47
Well, that’s kind of one of the questions I have for you, too, is, it’s a little bit different. It’s like, how do you know what’s worthy of like a five year goal? How do you feel that you know, that passion? What would be your answer to that? How do you know about it’s a good year, it’s a good goal to seek.

Unknown 13:02
So when I was 18, I wrote down in this little notebook, like all these things I wanted to achieve, like I wanted a Lamborghini, I wanted to be a millionaire before this certain age. But then the next page I wrote down like the wise, like, what would that get me. So I think a good goal is not just I want to have this big house in five years, or 10 years is, I’m 3031. Now, so I kind of have a little more experience when I was 2018. It shouldn’t be something super material. materialistic helps you measure set points and goals, like getting a new watch, or, you know, getting a new car, upgrading your house or whatever it is like those are great, but they don’t last forever. You know, that’s not what the purpose of this is all about. I think a great goal is anything that fits with your mission, whatever your mission is, if whether it’s to help surmounted people was to help, you know, fix the world. You know,

Unknown 13:53
whether it’s just to have like, a great life for yourself, and for your family has to fit that mission. It can’t be something materialistic, it has to be, like, I want more freedom, I want more mobility.

Unknown 14:07
I want to have more love of my life, you know, those are those I feel like are better goals, because then you could change the processes along the way to get to that goal. Right? Like you can say, I want to be a Facebook Live star, because maybe in five years Facebook Live want to be a thing. Or I want to be Instagram model. Like maybe Instagram will be the thing that gets you there. Yes, you have to really understand behind the goal, like what the purpose of that actual goal is, if you want one thing,

Justin Trosclair 14:37
yeah, that was a when I listen to different podcasts of successful, especially your age, where you’ve, you’ve made all this money. You’ve had this success early in life where people I’m not that much older than you, but I’m just like, man, I am so far behind where you are outside. Wow. So that my point is the these podcasts I listened to them. And they say, once they have that level of success fast materially, it just like it was meaningless. I’m putting these hours in on board. It’s like, I need something more. And then they finally figured out what their purposes. And then all of a sudden they’ve shifted careers. They’ve just a bigger, like you said just a bigger purpose. And they changed their pattern to fit that bigger purpose. Because they already have the money. They know what it’s like to experience, Lamborghinis, and yachts.

Unknown 15:22
My so like my, like, I never did anything that I felt like didn’t have a purpose. And I didn’t even know what realize I was doing this like I could have. When I was younger, I was going to go work for my my aunt and the city selling malpractice insurance, the lawyers and I was like, did that for a few months, like that did not fit with me. And I was in the bodybuilding. And then I took a huge pay cut, and worked for the supplement companies for three years to learn the industry. Like I took the lowest job possible just to get in the door.

Unknown 15:48
Because it was my passion.

Justin Trosclair 15:50
And then people realize that you started from the ball. Yeah, you know, you learn how to do it. Like I’ve looked into this. I’m like, Oh, that’s just out of my, I don’t have a question what to do. But you actually learned and put in the hard work just like going to school for eight years and becoming a chiropractor. You put the work in to learn so that you could actually be successful later. Exactly.

Unknown 16:11
Yeah, literally start at the bottom answering phones, you know, people talking about, like, the craziest calls that you would ever hear someone calling a supplement company from India or whatever, like after everyone’s left for the day.

Unknown 16:26
So yeah, that’s you just have to follow. Never take a job just for money, right? I’ve never taken a job just for money.

Unknown 16:36
I really always had a goal of like, what am I going to learn here? Like, what’s the purpose of this job? What if you live like that, then I feel like you won’t get to the point where you feel like I’m bored. Or, you know, those, every all this thing? All the stuff is meaningless. Or I could just keep buying more stuff. But then what’s the point? Because then you always have done purpose. There. We said that mission that you’ve been following, instead of just going to work on Wall Street making a ton of money. And then you realize you’re just like, moving money around? You’re not really doing anything with it. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 17:10
Of course, some people had that as a passion to though, maybe I


Unknown 17:16
yeah, I want to do something with it. I enjoy doing QuickBooks but know that there’s there’s so much more to life than money. Money is in anything, you know, money. It gets you cool stuff and allows you to help a lot of people like because without money, you won’t be able to help these people. Right? So you need it. It’s important. But it can’t be the goal. And I think it’s a good measurement tool to say like, all right, I got to this point, I can do the x, y, x, y and z. But it’s not I don’t think money should be the ultimate goal. because like you said, there are there is a point where you get to you make a certain amount of money. Like what do you just like instead of flying first class all the time you get a private jet like, and then you just spending more money for no reason?

Unknown 18:01

Justin Trosclair 18:02
there’s a now is this all things that you discuss on

mobility as

Unknown 18:07
sustainability is launching the end of this month. So it’s not up yet and iTunes but February 25, everything is going up into iTunes and it will be will be there some interviews someone just like one on one some stuff in my wife, because my wife is really the one that taught me a lot about this stuff about just who I am, but also about biohacking. And like she introduced me to bulletproof coffee years ago. She has like this little notebook where she measures like she keeps track of all the no tropics that she’s taking at the time or whatever supplements and like how she feels that a super interesting like a scientist. So

Justin Trosclair 18:45
that’s pretty cool, though, you can track that and say, oh, okay, I need to not take this or eat this at a different time with

Unknown 18:52
me, you have to, like, do that stuff. You know, like, if you could just take a million like pills and not know what they’re doing. You know, it could be just the one that making the difference. Why take 50? It’s good to get over that Guerlain a little bit.

Justin Trosclair 19:05
Now, I’m curious, you said you have you have physical therapist in your chiropractic clinic? And what do you what do you find some of your top two or three marketing techniques to get the most patients and the most consistent results?

Unknown 19:18
My number one is just going out and networking, you know, joining the Chamber of Commerce joining a networking groups and but the key is, when you go to networking groups, you go to these, you know, meetups and stuff like that. Stop, stop in gyms go to competitions, you don’t just try to sell yourself, you just be you. And you just do things to add value to like, give them advice or whatever, what do whatever you can do to help just actually be genuine and be authentic. Like you go to so many networking events so many times in the first thing someone says to you, it’s like, oh, hey, so it’s okay, what can we have a cup of coffee. So we can just talk about how I can help you or how you can help me? Like, I didn’t even know you yet. I don’t even know anything about you. And you’re already thinking that you can help me in or I can help you. You know, you’re going to show what point is you don’t even know anything about me. How do you think you could help me? You gotta ask questions. First,

Justin Trosclair 20:15
your breathing, right? So the key is like, just

Unknown 20:17
go there and just ask questions and listen and not try to just be a salesperson.

Justin Trosclair 20:22
Did you ever read any? I don’t have any books on that type of thing. Like Ivan miser, anything. Body language or how to network anything. I’ve looked for

Unknown 20:31
books on that kind of stuff. I haven’t really found too many out, like, how to network or I just went by like, feel common sense. Like, how you how you should be?

Justin Trosclair 20:42
Yeah, I feel you’re personable guy to

Unknown 20:44
thank you. But I feel like that’s how business should be once you start. Anytime you ever meet someone or you meet your significant other for the first time that things don’t really start turning around until you just start being yourself. Yeah, if you’re fake people can that you’re trying to be someone that’s not you that people can feel it.

Justin Trosclair 21:03
And nothing that’s that’s an older, wiser person there. Because when we’re under 20, and we’re dating man is it’s crazy. But once you get your 30s or whatever, you know, early 20s you like, I don’t have time for just waste the new more. I’ll just you gotta go. Yeah, let’s try again.

Unknown 21:18
Yeah, yeah. And just be because in the at the end of the day, if so, if you get somebody into your office or into your business or practice or into your life based because you are being somebody that you weren’t, you’re gonna have to keep that up. That’s like, that’s hard to draining. And I do not want to do that.

Justin Trosclair 21:35
Do you have a specialty in your office that you You see, like athletes are old people.

Unknown 21:40
So we see mostly athletes, I have been UFC fighters to come to my office. Corey Anderson, he’s fighting very soon in March in London, he’s the main event. See some cross fitters throughout the chance to see this girl she was supposed to go to the Olympics for gymnastics, but she had an injury. So she’s at the last minute, she decided no go, but she was super awesome. I’ve had bodybuilders power lifters, just like local athletes. And that’s so the local athlete thing. I just want to say that’s something that when you’re starting out, and you’re ever practice, a lot of people want to see athletes and they always go for the professional athlete. And they think that’s going to be the big payday, like, you know, to get somebody on like a football team or whatever, like and in the end, it’s really not, it’s not you have to go for, like the local athletes at like your local CrossFit gym, or the people that the local people that everybody looks up to, because they’re the ones they’re going to the recommendations really stick with. You need to go see Dr. Mike Are you need to go see Dr. Justin, because they’re, they’ve helped me so much. And you actually have to help them, you can just like say, Hey, I’ll give you money, because you can’t really do that at all. You have to actually help them and do a good job, you have to be just be better than whoever they were going to which most of the time, it’s really sad to say isn’t that hard to do.

Unknown 22:56
All you have to do is listen, and they will tell their group that crew to come to you and it will build it will grow. And it’ll be it’ll be the best referral system that you ever have that inter it’ll be the internal referral, but also external at the same time,

Justin Trosclair 23:10
I went to a CrossFit gym, I was in a small town in between my China years and went to the winter, the CrossFit gym. Below, they had a tournament and went out there kind of did some things started to do some conditional taping or whatever. And nothing really came from it. And then I found out, I wasn’t not a CrossFit person, you know, I go to the gym. And there was a chiropractor in the in the city next door that’s bigger. And he was the he was he was in everybody’s like, Oh, I got an injury, boom, you go to this guy, like everybody knew that. So I was like, Okay, well less than learn, you can’t just throw it out there shaking hands and expect referral system. So like,

Unknown 23:47
in your case, like, I think that you could have definitely have gotten people from that gym if you just yet to keep going, you know, because so CrossFit jujitsu, a lot of these local small box gyms, they have like a loyalty, right? within them. So but loyalties kind of shift, based off of who’s getting helped, or because there’s only so much you can take of like not getting better. So if you just stick with it, and you’re just consistent, and you actually start trying it or the I never actually I did cross with a few times, but I understand I understood why people would do certain things across it, or the basic principles of it for from bodybuilding for so long, and being live training with professional power lifters and professional bodybuilders, you know, world class people. So it’s all you can eat it once in bodybuilding, it was the last time it was the judgment of other people, like for your hard work.

Unknown 24:47
And not objective judgment. Super subjective judgment. I does not fit with me. I’m not I’m not really that competitive person. So

Justin Trosclair 24:56
surprising because a lot of people that have doing as much as you do, or slow type A and just go getters. Yes, it’s

Unknown 25:05
a go getter. Laid back. And right, I just want I see this. I see the world as an the, there’s enough, there are enough fish in the sea for most of us, right? There’s enough clients out there for most of us. Have you ever have met somebody that’s super successful billionaire, or multi millionaire or even smoked a lot of celebrities. And you just pull the general public, half of the people don’t even know who they are. So that means there’s an other half of people, even if you’re already killing it already famous, that don’t even know who they are, so they can know who you are. That’s what famous people that’s not even just with the local people,

Justin Trosclair 25:43
right. And in our world, we know who Tim Ferriss is, you know, I was talking to somebody there to like, who like the four hour workweek guy. Never heard of them. Yeah, like, Oh my gosh, I guess the people I’m running with we just I just know, like a

Unknown 25:56
to 12 to 12 was this event last year they’re doing it again, this year, was like invite only 70 people or whatever Tim Ferriss spoke at it. And it was like Tim Ferriss the highlight, right, the guy said was marketing put it on. And there were people there. This one girl, she was there. And I was like, so do you know Tim Ferriss, and she didn’t even know who Tim Ferriss was? He was at his event. So, I mean,

Unknown 26:18
it does. So you’re right. There’s so there’s so much opportunity out there. Even if you feel like you’re not the biggest so you can’t be the biggest You don’t have to be I don’t know how many patients you send a month or week or a year in China and China a lot. Probably no, no, but you don’t need that money. Like even in states right, your practice you don’t you need your core, like one thing that Tim Ferriss always says is you gotta get your first your thousand fans. And that’s really all you really need to get to if you want to, you know, make them sit like a seven figure business, you can turn that into seven figure business pretty easily with 1000 people.

Justin Trosclair 26:56
I Yeah, that’s a great article by I don’t even know what it is. But I know if you google thousand thousand true fans, you’ll find it. It’s a really good article.

Unknown 27:04
It’s it’s a great philosophy to follow at. Even just looking at my practice. I’ve only been open, like, since 2014. So almost three years. And we’ve had like just about 1000 people walk in and out of our clinic. So Wow.

Justin Trosclair 27:22
That’s you ever have like any kind of management company or it just know you have your life experience you’ve got

Unknown 27:28
well, so out of school teachers. So the way I got into chiropractic, actually, I was working for a software company who coached me from my original one that I was working for, and it was close to my house. It was like one of my bodybuilding idols. Rich Gaspari, I worked for him and they fired me. So I went, I didn’t know what to do. And I wanted to do something and health and add my own business. And I wasn’t ready to start my own company supplement company yet. So x, my friend who’s a chiropractor, he had a big practice him and his brother twins, they have these monster practices with Cairo, PT, acupuncture, medical doctors, everything.

Unknown 28:07
I went, and I shadowed him. And I was I’ve been I’ve known him for years. And he kept telling me, Hey, Mike, you need to do this. So and I just, I was like, All right, I’ll just do it. And I just did it.

Unknown 28:18
So when I was done with school, and throughout school, they were kind of training me. And then when I graduated, I graduated a little early.

Unknown 28:27
So I didn’t have to go to class anymore, or to the clinic anymore. Because I got out of clinic, I’ve met all the requirements. And I got out a few months early, I was the first person to do it. So I would go to their office instead. So I’d like an externship, and then I worked for them after and they were like, put me in a room make me do fake ROI with them. Fake exams, fake new patients have, you know, just like treat, they treated me kind of different. But it was a good thing. And I did that for about six months. And I learned a lot of how to talk to people how to educate people about their care how to educate, educate people about carbon, about function over just pain, seeing the different in ins and outs of like, how you mesh physical therapy with chiropractic. And with acupuncture. It’s invaluable, you know,

Justin Trosclair 29:09
because absolutely invaluable What you got there.

Unknown 29:12
Yeah, I know. I did, I did not get paid a lot of money. Like I got a job for my friend working at the same place. And he made a lot more money than me and actually opened up an office with him. And yeah, so but I didn’t look at it for the money. It was about learning, I needed to learn how to do that.

Justin Trosclair 29:30
I need to learn from them. Would you recommend that for like, I have my own story about that? Where I think personally, you know, I use the management company, because I didn’t know anything about you know, the business part. And I, there were days, definitely when I was slow. I was like, Okay, I should have maybe worked for somebody else and learned from someone who’s already successful, who could obviously need an associate Dr. And then just learn it that way. Hands on every day. No, you did it wrong. Well, do you have that advice? Do you think that’s a something that a lot of students should do? Or what’s your Yeah,

Unknown 30:00
I definitely think a lot of students should find some kind of mentor. So I’m going to coach, whether it’s some. So my opportunity was unique, right, somebody else that was that that practice, may not get that experience that I got.

Unknown 30:15
Yeah, but if you pay for like you did with the management company, or you have have a coach or something right mastermind group, or someone to bounce ideas off of someone who’s been there, someone who’s done it, someone who really gets it, to help guide you, that’s, I think that’s a must, especially, you’re gonna open up a practice.

Unknown 30:35
Because you could try to wing it, but it’s gonna take you a long time, it might take you a lot longer than it’s definitely gonna take you a lot longer than if you hired somebody. So whether it’s like 10, grand, or 20, or 30, or whatever it is for coach, that money is just like a drop in the bucket of what you were potentially going to lose by not doing it. Yeah, so so like right now even my podcasts, right, I’m trying to learn how to do a podcast I’ve paid.

Unknown 31:02
I don’t even know how much money I paid so far just to learn from people. Like

Unknown 31:08
I don’t know if you know, Lewis houses, I mean, his mastermind group, he has a top 100 podcasts in the world to learn, be around him just to learn from him in front of all the people in that group has a lot of them have the same thing going on. We’re on we’re to learn from those people about where I want to be. So I’m ready. You know, hire to one on one coach paid a lot of money, but it’s totally worth it. You know, it really, it really helps you and your business and your life do

Justin Trosclair 31:32
you want do you want to share anything that you know, any of your bigger goals for the podcast other than just producing and putting out content. So

Unknown 31:38
with the podcast, I really want to help shift people from living this life where they feel like they’re locked in, right, they they don’t have hope. They want something different, I want to be able to unlock their potential, right, unlock that human, that unlimited human potential within themselves to really help them realize like, why they’re here, live their purpose, live their truth. And that’s one of the main goals of the podcasts. And I also want to help animals with with my podcast. So this is super interesting. And this is a great marketing tip that I can give you guys. So with my email, opt in list, we’re going to have a charity that every time someone gives us an email opt in we’re going to feed a spirit animal which could be a shelter animal or some other type of animal and just just for giving us your email, and then we’re going to close that loop and show people actually what they’ve done. Because for me in my life like animals have been a huge part of like my my spiritual journey. My I’ve always had a dog I will I was always my mom’s it’s so funny. She says this all the time that whenever I come home, I always greet the dogs first before the people

Unknown 32:47
because it’s it’s just, it’s they’ve helped me a lot in my life. And I feel like everybody has that something whether it’s a dog or a cat or several has their spirit animal so I let’s make it fun. But also for a good cause. also build my list to

Justin Trosclair 33:05
me that’s admirable I’m you know, I’m shooting for an E book. But I like that idea to that’s, that’s a very noble and I think people are going to get behind that because there’s so many animal lovers out there that, you know, they’ll spend all the money on the dog, but they won’t take care of themselves. You know, there are people out there like that.

Unknown 33:21
Yeah, definitely.

Justin Trosclair 33:22
Alright, you mind, we’re going to switch gears if that’s cool with you to

personal side.

Okay, your solo doctor, you got all these other businesses? How are you able to take vacation? And do you need to take more? How do you have that balance?

Unknown 33:37
Well, I have, I have another chiropractor that works for me. So he’s been seeing a lot more patients than me recently, I’m trying to take in more of a management role, you know, running the practice, getting people in the door, dealing with insurance companies, all that stuff. growing the business, we’re moving to a bigger office, so handling that stuff. So I can take vacations, but Bry like, I’ve tried to make all my vacations. meaningful, purposeful. So I went to LA two weeks ago, for my mastermind group, you know, I love LA, but I need to make it make a reason for it.

Unknown 34:15
So I’m constantly trying to like learn things.

Unknown 34:20
Even when I go on the wife, okay with that?

Justin Trosclair 34:23
Is the wife okay with those type of vacation? Yeah,

Unknown 34:25
she’s, she’s totally okay with it. You know? Okay, like, I can’t just go and sit on a beach somewhere and do nothing. Right. So yeah, for instance, for New Years, we went to Newport, Rhode Island, and with her parents and toward the mansions, you know, the old matches, the old Vanderbilt mansions had some great seafood, and like, learn some stuff, right? So you learn that they built these huge mansions, they, they built them with the purpose of like showing off their wealth, and like having parties. But in the end, they were going to knock them down for like, shopping malls. They did in the Historical Society preserve them. And when you walk through the houses, and you hear the stories, what you remember is not you don’t really care about the stuff they had. You asked like, how did they treat their servants? How do they treat the people around them? And that’s what you remember that and just to remind yourself of that, I think it’s a good thing once in a while.

Justin Trosclair 35:19
Yeah. Well, that’s that I think, Speaker I mean, I agree with you on that. And that’s, that makes vacations a little bit more meaningful, and an enjoyable or you can actually come home and be like, yeah, remember that story, you know, 10 years ago about Rhode Island. And that’s what you’re gonna remember not only went to the beach again, yeah.

Man, like you move to China. So experiences is that’s, that’s what a lot of people won’t ever get to have. I mean, if people like pictures and seeing that, and that’s what I mean, I love putting all these pictures up there, because nobody’s really going to go to the places that I’ve been, I think, so. It’s been fun. I mean, that’s, that’s up here.

Unknown 35:52
I think that’s awesome. I think that’s so interesting how you move to China for

Justin Trosclair 35:56
Oh, and it’s, it’s so easy. Like, there’s no, there’s no licensing for chiropractors. So it’s super easy just to get on board and use that your T’s and then they take care of the rest for you. So it’s been nice, it’s easy. And it’s not going to take all their way. But it’s something that other doctors could do, especially out of school, like if they’re just like, man, I don’t really want to work for peanuts. As another bodies office, I could go here and yeah, I won’t be able to speak the language. But I can save more of my salary and then money to actually go and start my

Unknown 36:29
day or two later. Do you even need to speak like, feel like you need to speak the language that wall or?

Justin Trosclair 36:33
I don’t know, I mean, my I learned enough to say flip over, you know, know, enough, I guess you could say, because I chose to, but I got a guy. He’s like, I’m not learning nothing. Wow, that’s all I got a translator was like, all right, well, that’s an option too, I guess. But, you know, you got to order food by yourself. So you gotta figure something that’s amazing. You know,

Unknown 36:51
that’s great. So,

Justin Trosclair 36:52
so besides all of this other stuff that you’re doing? Do you have any passions in life, like volunteering or how that you like to do?

Unknown 37:01
I’m here right now, I don’t really have time for hobbies, My hobbies are building businesses and, you know, working on all that stuff. That’s my hobby. That’s, that’s what gives me energy. You know, meditate meditation where we did take a vacation last year, I went to Costa Rica, but it was more of so they have, you know, the the plant medicine at this place, they have Raska. So it’s more of a self discovery, kind of vacation, opening up that see the potential for myself. And me, my wife actually speaking there this year, the week of august 21. So it’s called arrhythmia, and it changed. It’ll change your life. If you ever have the chance to go there.

Justin Trosclair 37:41
rhythm. Yeah,

Unknown 37:42
yeah. It’s called Brittany and Costa Rica. And we’re speaking they’re actually the week of august 21. Not to just plug myself but that’s okay. It was. It was really awesome, though, man.

Justin Trosclair 37:51
That’s awesome.

Unknown 37:52
Yeah, it was one of the best vacation you ever went on. So Wow, just want to share that experience of people. You know, like, it wasn’t about the resort being the nicest resort or the area being the nice is it was just really the, the journey that we went on there. And the realizations that we came to, while we while we were there, and we came back and how it changed our perspective. You know,

Justin Trosclair 38:13
absolutely. I mean, I’ve, I’ve heard stories about that, like, certain, really intense like Christian men group, where they go away for a weekend and they just exposed all the wrongness inside of you. And, you know, whatever your spiritual journey takes you, I

Unknown 38:27
guess. Yeah, that’s what it’s that’s what it’s all about. That’s what the purpose is.

Justin Trosclair 38:30
So you mentioned your wife. So what do you can you do that one, I guess, to have a home and work life balance. And what can you do to make sure that you keep the love alive, in your in your relationships,

Unknown 38:40
will to have more balance, you have to trust other people. So you have to trust people in your office, you have to trust people in your life to do things.

Unknown 38:49
So that way, it can amplify your your personal time, and your professional time. So you have time to spend at home and do those kind of things.

Unknown 38:59
And it’s like Tony Robbins says, I don’t know if there’s such thing as work life balance, it has to be more work life integration, like it has to fit within your life.

Unknown 39:10
And that’s just, that’s, that’s just how I live right now. You know, and

Unknown 39:16
that’s if you integrate, like the good things in your life every single day, or every single week. You don’t have to, you shouldn’t have to take a break from your life. Like a vacation. Yeah, it’s it. The vacation should just amplify your life It shouldn’t be like are no need to forget about my life right now and then go do something. So I can withstand this for a little bit longer. Like you shouldn’t have to live a life that you’re just trying to withstand. Yeah, try to live a life of purpose to live a life of fulfillment,

Justin Trosclair 39:45
when you can set up your life to where your Monday through Friday job is amazing. And you’re like vacation is just part like that is just part of my life. But I really love my job and you can I think you can set that up. And if you’re not there, you got to make some choices to make some changes. You gotta fix what’s between your ears with I think podcasts or books or whatever to do that. I mean, that’s a long life of working just been

Unknown 40:11
roof. You could do that too.

Justin Trosclair 40:12
Yeah. Anyway, do you have any kind of morning or lunch routine that you do on a regular basis, they get you grounded and fired up for the rest of the day. So

Unknown 40:21
I’ve been doing actually a lot of you ever hear Wim Hof? Wim Hof ever doing his his 10 week course, in the morning. So it’s a lot of breathing, some cold showers, a few stretches, and that that’s really it’s really a meditation course in disguise. And that’s really what’s helped me lately. get grounded. I’ve done a few different things, you know, just some regular form of meditation. I also have the is the acupressure mat for I got from Amazon for like 20 bucks, just lay on it. It looks like a bunch of cleats. There’s also another name, bring up a name brand called like the bed of spikes. And just lay on it for 10 or 15 minutes just loosens you up.

Unknown 41:08
To start the day, you can do it at night to but that’s really what I’ve been doing lately. And just try to work days to try to do the same thing.

Unknown 41:17
Every day. You know,

Justin Trosclair 41:18
even though we give you more energy just kind of relaxes you. What does it do?

Unknown 41:22
It gives you some more energy. So it’s like, it’s like acupuncture. I guess there’s doing something with the energy flow of your body. But it also has a little bit of a myofascial release effect. We’re just releasing some a trigger points and knots in your back has some of the pain gating. I guess we’re blocks the pain to your brain. I don’t really know how it works, but it works. It relaxes you it but also gives you some energy to

Justin Trosclair 41:46
okay. Alright, last question for you. Do you have any favorite it could be books, blogs, podcasts, anything that you really enjoy and that you would want to recommend for other people to to look at?

Unknown 41:57
Well, it might be so I love to podcasts I listened to a lot our Lewis house, who’s one of my mentors. He’s a great interviewer. You know, he’s interviewed a lot of different people, some big names, some smaller people, but he knows how to like, bring out the best and somebody in a good interview. I love listening to Tim Ferriss. Some episodes I don’t I can’t listen to but generally Tim Ferriss is great. For our work week tools are great, great books. And Joe Rogan, because Joe Rogan, I like hearing normal person, like a normal normal person talking about the stuff that I’m into, you know, the whole body crowd therapy, eating high fat diets, like just all kinds of some of the esoteric stuff, right talking about that, and talking about how it makes sense in life. You know, it doesn’t have you don’t have to be a doctor to do this stuff. You could just be we’re all just regular people. At the end of the day, we’re all just people. So I feel like we should all be doing the things, the right things to help us get to where we need to be, you know, to live are all our own. each have our own unique potential, right. So we all have this potential within ourselves to be something do something great. And we should all try to live it. That’s the point of this life.

Justin Trosclair 43:19
Yeah, that’s true. Well, I won’t take any more of your time. How can people get in touch with you?

Unknown 43:25
I’m on all the social media channels, Facebook, Instagram. Not really on Twitter, too much though, Dr. To Marco’s Dr. G, I N AR co on Facebook, and Instagram. And also you can find my podcast on facebook@facebook.com my soul ability and also Instagram at my soul soul ability. So ul a bi t ly. That’s it.

Justin Trosclair 43:49
Very good. Well, I really appreciate you coming on and, and dealing with some internet connectivity here at the end. So I really appreciate your patience with that. And I got all I say in the in the show is you given us so much information, all we have to do is just break it down a little bit in an integrated into our own life and darling clinics. And I think we can see some amazing growth. So I really appreciate you spending spending this time with us today. I

Unknown 44:13
appreciate you having me on your show. And you get a pass for the connectivity issues because you’re in China across the world. So there’s there’s little cap, you know, you gotta pass for that

Justin Trosclair 44:22
98% was good. All right. Well, you have a fantastic 2017 and in your speaking in Costa Rica to

Unknown 44:30
YouTube, or whatever I can do to help you out. Let me know. All right.

Justin Trosclair 44:33

Unknown 44:37
did not

Justin Trosclair 44:38
tell you that was good. It’s got a lot of good information for us. People over procedures, commitment over currency. a patient’s perspective is their reality. I mean, I like those that’s a good some good mantras right there are Montrose if you will, you know, and he had a good point we got to trust people. Trust your staff to do the job correctly. Trust your spouse, that they’ve got the best intentions. Thank you again for being on the please visit his website. Sign up helping animal and help yourself in the process as well. Show Notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective. NET slash one to stay tuned for the travel tip. They’re ready paperback Kindle versions are available on Amazon. As always, you can also snag a free copy if you’d like a doctor’s perspective. NET slash free ebook today’s choices tomorrow’s health small steps to improve health food choices and exercise learn how to go from a couch potato or a weekend warrior and have simple steps kind of personalized just for you three different blueprints for exercise how to cut some cars without hurting yourself a couple of changes and what and how you eat so that there’s not a lot of extra willpower and self control necessary to reduce how much you eat 12 exercises a 10 minute cardio that’s better than 30 minutes, three minutes stretching concept that won’t make you roll your eyes and boredom an AB routine you won’t quit exclusive Facebook support group Yes, and an entire section about a nervous system reboot discusses chiropractic civilizations and things like that look, if you want it again, a doctor’s perspective. NET slash free ebook it has a video explaining what it is a little PowerPoint presentation in there and put your name, put your email and then you can make a choice. If you want to support the show, we have merchandise. We’ve got Upper Cervical chiropractic t shirts, we’ve got podcast logo, t shirts, mugs, hoodies, as well as a generous by the host the coffee PayPal button if you want to no pressure.

If you want to follow me on social media, the easiest way to find me is to go to a doctor’s perspective. net, look on the top right, it’s kind of a gray color. That’s all a little social media icons. If you need to email me, I would love to hear your comments, critiques, etc. Justin at a doctor’s perspective, net Connect comment and I’ll reply back and if you can go to iTunes, go to Stitcher, wherever it is that you listen to this podcast, go to the site, give us a review, whole a five star review. Let us know what you think it’ll help us with all the rankings and we appreciate it. And if you happen to get any merchandise, definitely take a picture posted on social media hashtag behind the curtain or you can do at whatever my tag is. I’ll definitely give you a thumbs up.

Today’s travel tip. You know Dr. De Marco, he mentioned when he takes vacations that there’s always a learning aspect to it, whether it’s a mastermind group, a seminar Are you know, going to Rhode Island and touring some mansions. I think that is an under appreciated part of touring. And as I noticed for myself, I haven’t been doing a lot of that because it’s always in another language in some places they don’t most of the places don’t have the audio where you can hear like if you go to the Forbidden Palace, they’ve got earbuds where you can listen to the history of the place in English or a bunch of other languages. But most places don’t have that. So you gotta just read the signs. And I you know, I end up taking pictures of the signs so that I can remember later when I’m going to my photos. What was this place about? What’s this history? What’s the significance of it, so I encourage you to do the same go you know, go to places that where you can learn something, even if you are on the beach. I’m sure there’s something there historical that you can go check out for a morning and I think you’ll be glad you did it.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guest. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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