M 59 Make a Budget to Create Income Projections

Start with a personal budget, then add in your business budget, now add in a profit margin and work backwards to create your yearly income projections and goals. DISCLOSURE: This episode is sponsored by Let’s Get Checked use code DOCTORS30 to save 30% : the leading provider of at-home health tests, including thyroid tests. Transcribed…

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M 52 Why Keep A Small Office Footprint

Lessons from a 18000 sq ft office with $75000 monthly overhead. Group and specialized youth classes are amazing but why would he have chosen to have a smaller place but more expensive fee office footprint. So today’s show, masters of fitness Episode 42 is bigger, better. Their interview a man who has a million dollar…

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M 50 Spend on What You Love, Save on All Else

Cut expenses and save money on the things you don’t really care about. Spend  money on the things you love. Have expenses saved up and  invest in low cost target retirement funds. Do you make to much to cut grass or buy pre chopped veggies? What’s up to Episode 50 of the Minisode A Doctor’s…

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