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Minisode 44 Answer Briefly

Just answer the question. Sometimes if you get long winded, it makes you look incompetent, hiding, dishonest and not close the deal. Be present with the person you are talking to.

You’re tuned into the right podcast, Episode 44, minisode version of a doctor’s perspective. It’s good to have you back. Hey, I’m going to get interviewed in September on a podcast called get published. So I’m excited about that. From what I’ve heard, he kind of asked the same questions real short, 15-30 minutes the max and should be fun. I’m excited. Looking forward to it. whenever it comes out, I will let you know.

Something I must get better at brevity. And that is the topic of today’s episode from the future. Episode Seven. So the premise, when you talk too much, you can talk yourself out of the sale, dig your hole deeper and just make yourself looking competent. Okay, have a great day. No, okay. Let’s talk about it for a second.

A client asks your question, just answer the question. Sometimes that could just be a yes or no question. If you feel like you have to quantify the answer and give a three-part thing, and you should have just been able to say, Yes, we can do logos. Maybe you don’t do logos. Maybe you outsource the logo, but do you do them? Yes, you do. we are saying Well, yeah, we could do it, you know, we outsource it to our team. And Deborah, we just talked yourself out of the big sale. So you don’t want to do that.

 So I think whenever we’re talking all day for doctors’ offices, you know, DJ angles, and maybe you don’t treat a lot of angles. But maybe what they have is pretty common, the pretty standard of the type of ankle injury that you treat to you evaluate them, you didn’t know that it was an Achilles, potential Achilles ruptures while you did your exam for you that you like, I’ve got to send you away. But if you set a whole bunch of that stuff ahead of time, well, not that great ankles or I only treat certain types of ankle injuries, blah, blah, blah. No, just talk to him. Do quick counsel on the phone. Okay, yes. Okay, come in, let’s do the exam. And more than likely, you should be able to treat it, right. I mean, I feel confident ankles. I don’t want to touch an Achilles tendon rupture. Oh, I don’t think the patient respects the fact that if you would have spring, cool, we got lots of stuff we can do with that. killers rupture. Man. Thank you for sending me on my way. So all that to say a long answer. An

nd explanation can make you look dishonest, you’re hiding or you’re incompetent. Plus, you could be wasting people’s time. They might have just wanted like a short couple sentences of an answer.

Can you do a website restructure? Again, it could be like, yeah, we can do that we’ve you know, we work with people that will find out all that you need to know what? Again, it’s like, yeah, we can do that. We’ll find out where you feel like your page is lacking. And then we can create a fix for that you don’t have to go into I hire that out to my best friend from college, I pay him based on the fee that you pay me. Again, you can do the job you do well, even if it’s outsourced a little bit, but like even like a doctor’s office trying to find out what their pain point is.

Why are you coming in? Oh, you’re tired of having headaches? Three nights a week? Okay. Yeah, that’s probably what stopping you from enjoying your kids not able to watch the TV you want to watch. Maybe you want to read a book can’t read either too blurry. That’s a big deal. It’s a good reason to go get treated. Again, kind of the same thing is present with the person that you’re talking to try not to drag out the conversation and waste a lot of time. They may be someone if they’re a CEO or someone in the high rank.

They might just be like, Can you fix it? Yes or no? Here are the basics of the meal. And the more you talk about all those things that I was saying, like dragging it out, and all that you end up digging yourself in a hole, maybe you’re going to miss the sale, talk yourself right out of the sale, he probably did that too. I might have lost some people in this episode already. We got your point, Justin, we’re done.

But how many times have you tried to talk to a patient who might need more care, then they want it to be better in three visits? Well, your entire hand is numb. And it’s been like that for three months. And you can’t let it past 100 degrees. It’s not as well as a few visits. You’re like, dude, no, it’s gonna take a while. But if you’re confident and the way you explain what’s wrong with him, then what’s the treatment plan going to look like? They might be like, yeah, good, great.

But if you go into some long explanation about science and trying to explain the biomechanics and all this kind of stuff, like what a dude, can you just help me you’re not I understood you. It’s going to take a couple of weeks, not a couple of visits, just give me hope. I need hope. And I need to know that you have a plan. And then we’re gonna follow this plan. I don’t need to know every research paper out there. And while you’re doing your stuff, you know, you talk yourself out of the patient started care makes you look like you’re stumbling. You’re mumbling and you trying to prove to yourself that I know what I’m doing. And it doesn’t come off that a patient likes that.

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