M 19 Community Involvement Before Buying Social Media Ads

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M 19 Community Involvement Before Buying Social Media Ads

Don’t blindly start spending money on social media ads. Build momentum by getting to know your community in Person first. Figure out what they want, then create videos and promote it.

Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective, we live in Kunming, long-distance bus station. Parents from a three-hour journey back to my hometown go to work this afternoon. It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours or 72 hours for me. I’m guessing you guys are like, seems like weeks you’ve been doing this week like, Yes, I was. I had a lot of downtimes.

So I listened to podcasts and then reported on them. But I think guys and gals would be not happy with me if I released three a day, every day for five or six days. So what I’m trying to do is just put them out on Thursdays and Saturdays until I finish, this one should have already had a month and a half out. So hopefully, if I noticed that I’m getting backlogged. And it’s like months and months of these already pre-scheduled, then what I may end up doing is do three a week, and just kind of see how it plays out. And a lot podcaster daily, there are a lot of daily podcasts. But there’s one kind of something consistent for y’all. Not just it was once a week for three weeks, and then there was nothing or only like two, you know, I got a kid now so I don’t get to quite as many. I still live in these past two years, like I had so much I could have shared from learning, like what equipment to buy, and marketing and Click Funnels and all that kind of stuff.

 So anyway, this episode is going to be about Cairo funnels, Episode 157 as a chat room, there are podcasts. And then Russell Brunson is like buddies. They go to the same church, or whatever Mormons call it. And so he’s been able to get to know him better. I’m a Brunson fan. Although I need to do more with those emails, I tell you writing the stories, you know,

I did summarize the Russel Brunson books. If anyone’s interested. I went through and read the books and then summarize everything’s on. So it’s more like a six-page Word document. So like, I don’t want to reread the book every single time. So just read the highlights, and kind of what to do with this podcast.

That episode is about building momentum. When you first starting, you just want to spend money. I’ve got this little bit of budget. Let me just throw it on Facebook advertising bra. And that doesn’t work. Yeah, dang, it didn’t work. Okay, maybe my videos weren’t good. Maybe my copy wasn’t good. Well, that’s probably not it either. People don’t know you. So the first thing you got to do is probably get around the town and meet people. I don’t care what profession you’re in, to meet other business owners.

Go and meet other providers in your area. Go talk to people get involved with the BCI with the Chamber of Commerce, go to all these events, go to those ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Now, that’s easier if you don’t have a clinic yet. But you can make time and try to get it done. Or at least have a representative go there. And just really start building like oh, you know,  I know you? I’ve seen you? You everywhere.

But generally, be involved with them? Like, what can I do? What are you looking for? What’s your ideal client? investors things? Remember these bi grooves these chamber commerce events? Don’t just ask, Hey, what do you do? asked like, what’s your favorite client? instead of like, Hey, I Justin I’m a chiropractor. Know what’s your favorite client? What’s your, what’s your avatar? What do you like doing for fun, when you’re not at work, just something like a little bit different, I’ll make you stand out? And you know, people love to talk about themselves.

Okay, so when you start doing that, then you can start building videos, live videos vertical, as we’re going on a theme here, maybe show some exercises, maybe you show your personal life a little bit like you biking into, you know, bicycling certain area of town or like you really like this park, just be real, provide some value. Pick different backgrounds, I like to do that. If you notice, my Instagram account has always like different pictures of all the travels I have. That’s kind of how I do it. I mean, I’d be the most effective.

 But anyway, so try to get that organic reach first, you know, you could always boost your organic reach to your following a little bit, see what gets likes and engagement. And if you when that’s a winner, then you can start advertising that one like crazy to the people in your 10-mile radius or five-mile radius, whatever you like.

Remember, don’t talk sales first, just good, good information. You can even do patient testimonials. If you’re out there and you got patient testimonials. Take out your phone, record them saying hello. We’ll talk about that another podcast episode about you know what to ask.

But you know, where were they were just doing that? Where were they? What were they suffering from? What did they try in the past? What are they coming to you? Why did they pick you the results they’re seeing and activities that they can now do that they couldn’t do before? You gotta go out and give it some sweat equity.

 Before you can do it. Remember, momentum before money when you’re spending ads. And a book that he liked is called the perennial seller. Perennial seller. I’ve had Chad Warner on the podcast, Episode 69. That was Dr. Shadow owners episode. So if you like what you hear you want to see more and without diving into his podcast. You check out the one that I had.

All right, this is Dr. Justin Trosclair. We went #behindthecurtain

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