Episode 45: Dr. Brittney Clinton Why an EDD and How Democratic Collaborative Efforts Work for Growth

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Dr. Brittney Clinton, EDD talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast.

Passionate educator, leader, coach, & mentor Dr. Brittney Clinton talks Democratic Collaborative Leadership in organizations, what volunteering teaches, PhD vs EDD, best way to declare a college major, and slightly unusual strong leader virtues.

Our Guest today has a passion and ability in coaching, mentoring and inspiring, young women to greatness. She lives her life as an example of pursing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. She has recently published an e-book to pursue opportunities that will cultivate the implementation of Democratic Leadership among Career Center Instructors and staff. She has fulfilled many leadership roles with the Alpha Mu Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. The order of the Eastern Star PHA and the Winston Salam Community Appearance Commission. Her provocative and relatable talks are inspiring and uplifting all over the region. Welcome Dr. Brittney Clinton

What is a Democratic Leadership style and how do leaders become more equally yoked?

Instead of leader roles being so political and stuck on titles and roles, how do we get back to the core of why organizations were started.. helping people.

We have rules and policies in organizations for a reason but we can vary the approach with others to make a huge impact.

Ever since high school she was in leadership roles including the ROTC for 4 years and the largest organization in undergrad- campus tours. Her passion and innate gift in leadership was the catalyst for her education endeavors. Democratic Collaborative is the buzz word that she has gotten her Doctorate of Education dissertation in. Undergrad was at Winston Salem State University and her masters from Strayer University and EDD was at Capella University.

Right now she is a 5th grade teacher but also did 8 years of higher education online teaching.

People always ask her WHY 5th grade? Listen to her answer.

Passion is a motto and way of life and it also makes for the best way to educate and make an impact on the developing generation. She pushes for you greatness in yourself.

Do you have to go to a 4 year college or even a trade school or community college to reach your potential and be the best that you can be?

What is the difference between a PhD and an EDD? Why did she go the EDD route?

EDD take and gather the research for a specific program or problem and give recommendations and solutions and hopefully get it implemented typically within 6-12 months. A big difference between Phd and EDD is the long term view versus fixing the issue immediately.

Personality, Drive, Commitment, Submissiveness with new clients, her Approach, Open Ended Questions are her top qualities and take a listen for some of the adversity she had to overcome.

When students are deciding on a major and a school… research a school that has a strong qualified program in that field. Just because a school is well known, doesn’t mean that the exact major you want is good. High graduation rates are important and if you need to, just take a broad variety of classes your freshman year and really focus on what makes you excited to study each day. Then declare a major.

Young people need to volunteer and not expect to get paid for everything. Plus learn other reasons to volunteer.

When is a good time to move your kids to a new city so you can further your career?

She launched her own Non-Profit that caters to Single Parents: mom and dads. As well as Veterans. Programs are geared for free workshops and a helping hand. For instance: resume workshops, maybe a bus pass for a month so you can go to the interview and secure a new job and even a workshop on how to recognize child abuse.

Hear about what her 1-2 hour post work, kids do homework oasis is all about each day.

What is diabetical… its hilarious!

Uses BUFFER for social media posts automatically

Her book can be found on amazonIncorporating Democratic Leadership for Career Center Instructors and Staff and it’s a qualitative approach.


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Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Episode 45 why an ed ed to help them a credit collaborative efforts work for growth. I’m your host, Dr. Justin trust player and today we’re pretty perspective

joined 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin trust quick as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggle, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

I couldn’t be more thrilled I’m starting to series this week, it might be a mini series, or might be a nice long series. It just depends on how many guests I can get lined up in a row. Right now we got psychologist, we got doctors of chiropractic and medical doctors and more. We’re doing a spotlight on African American doctors, men and women. So stay tuned for the next couple of weeks, you’re going to find out all about what they do, what their specialty is maybe some unique struggles. So unique cultural experiences on top of some amazing knowledge that we can listen, learn and implement to make our practices and our life better. The African American doctor holiday season series on a doctor’s perspective. Let’s do this.

Dr. Clinton is a passionate educator, leader, coach and mentor. We’re going to go and a lot of good things like PhD versus ed ed. And my opinion was what’s an ed ed anyway, so we’ll find that out. What can volunteering teaches best way to declare a major and someone usually strong leadership virtues Hope you enjoyed this hour. I sure did. Show Notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash four or five. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China today our guests as a passion and ability coaching, mentoring inspiring young women to greatness she lives her life as an example of pursuing your dreams and accomplishing your goal. She published an ebook to pursue opportunities that will cultivate the implementation of democratic leadership, Career Center and structures and staff. Now she has fulfilled many leadership roles with alpha Mu Sigma chapter of sigma Gamma Rho sorority, the order of the Eastern star PHA and the western Salem community appearance commission are provocative and relatable talks are inspiring and uplifting all over the region. Big welcome Dr. Brittany Clinton.

Unknown 2:19
Thank you, man

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
got a lot going on. I like this this ebook. That sounds like a very specific book written for very specific people. I like this.

Unknown 2:28
Yes, absolutely. That was the goal to kind of cultivate and shape. The Democratic leadership style and the 21st century is very important cause companies and organizations and individuals that’s working with one another, they need that kind of push to make sure that everything is kind of evenly yoked across the board. As a passionate educator, it is designed for instructor staff and other leaders, you know, that are seeking more knowledge on democratic leadership?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Well, so let’s go into that for a second. Where’s it lacking? Like? What are some of the pitfalls that you’re seeing? to actually have to even create an E book to make it more democratic? What is what’s going on there?

Unknown 3:18
What I’ve seen over time, you know, experiencing various roles in education, from early childhood, all the way up until adult education, the leadership roles that are fulfilled in all these institutions can come off just to be very political, they are political, and is more political driven versus heart driven, and people driven. So I always had this perception if and it is common sense. If a person is waking up just to come and get a paycheck, do you really think they’re going to perform? No, because the unit, the leaders are not giving them what they need to be successful. So that’s where the lacking come in with the leadership role. And democratic collaborative, which is another word for democratic this use often throughout the literature, being collaborative and working together is key. And a lot of organizations they stuck on policies stuck on positions and titles versus sticking on the main goal, which is to obtain that goal, or provide service is centered around the people, because the people is who see the the daily operations of the organization or the company. And without the people, you can’t send that off. So the people not doing what they need to do you as the leader, at some point, you may be pushed out of a position, so why not learn the techniques of being collaborative and maintaining the the numbers of individuals in a company, right is having such a high turnover rate? So it kind of help decreases that. Yeah, that makes sense. And I understand you have to go like that policy, you know, policy and procedures are there, you can’t break those. But you can be in your leadership style, your approach. And that’s what’s important. The approach will work with others.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah. Because if you get political, and they Oh, there’s always those power hungry people you like, man, you’ve, you’ve been here for 10 years, 15 years only thing. Nothing’s changed in the last 10. And they just want the power. And I think we’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced that personally, just like, yeah, how can we get somebody else in here? You know, there’s a lot of different complaints. But that’s really cool. And the democratic way to get the job done. Keeping the rules. Yeah, getting some changes and getting everybody on board. Right? Okay. Well, let’s take a step back and figure out how are you getting qualified for this?

Unknown 5:56

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
story like how’d you pick your profession, and chemical through the process of, of all the things that you could have been in life? Why this

Unknown 6:03
pick the profession and education, because when I got in high school, it kind of started in high school, I was always placed in some leadership role. I was always coaching and guiding somebody, and I was young, my sale, you know, still learning who I am. And as time went along, because I originally wanted to be a nurse, I just knew I was in school. It was some State University, which I went to undergrad, I really thought I was going to go into the nurse will it dawned on me, my my senior year that I was a leader, I was in ROTC, I did that for four years, I was a part of one of the distinctive community service clubs and high school, so fulfilled leadership roles, and then I will not into a college prep program. I was Miss. What’s the Salem State University Outward Bound. So that was a leadership role. And then when I actually got in college, because I was a college professor program, when I actually got on the campus of Muslim state, I lead a one of the largest organizations on campus, they give the campus tours to the the newcomers, right. So I was always building leadership roles. And I’m a teacher and coach at heart, I’m always trying to guide and coach and help somebody else. I love helping other people. So that’s what landed me I did not expect to go off and get a doctor’s degree, that was not my attention. I always wanted to teach at some point, I was like, oh, it’d be nice to be a college professor. Well, then, I mean, I’m not old. But that day when I first started in school, you need it only a Master’s to teach on collegiate level? Well, by the time on earth and masters, okay, because I went back to that lot of time on Earth, the Masters, will the institutions, accreditation teams and things like that the requirements change, they wanted you to either have a doctor or add or be working on one. I had pick and choose, okay, you really want to do this? Are you gonna go for it or you’re not. So I didn’t stop kept going. I started Capella went for my add in Educational Leadership and Management, and here writing, and this and I chose it because I do have a passion and a purpose for helping anyone I come in contact with that I can help. So right, that’s how I got where I am.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Now, do you have a normal job? Are you all entrepreneurial,

Unknown 8:29
I do have a normal job, just recently began in the public school system as a fifth grade teacher. And I did her ID online, in the classroom, Community College, learning coach online virtual learning, I did that for about seven, eight years with various institutions. Because when you teach on a collegiate level, if you’re not completely full time, you can work part time and more than one institution. So I did that. And so Mike, children, I have two boys are eight and nine, they are still in lower level schooling. So I said, I think it will be beneficial if I took the time now, so that I can invest in their education, and, and kind of shape the next generation, but keep my eye on my kids education at the same time. So to go into one of the schools in the area where I stayed that that needs that strong support from passionate educators. And I’m highlight passionate because you have to be passionate in order to be successful at this. And so on the test of going into the public schools, so now I’m teaching fifth grade A lot of people excellent. Why? Why? Because I’m passion for the next generation. That’s Yeah, I do. I work every day.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Do you think that you’ll switch over to like elementary and high school as your kids get older? are

Unknown 9:57
now because I must say I’m not going to follow them the entire way? I’m not going to do that because they’re boys number one. And I do want them to understand when they get middle school, high school money cannot hold your hand. money’s not sure. I’m sorry. I’m raising scholars. And and I say that wholeheartedly know, they may not go to college, they may not go to I mean, university and then go to community college, I don’t push them prime, I pushed him to be great at whatever they are so right. I don’t plan to follow them. That’s not the plan. Ultimately, the overall goal is to land some leadership role to be able to give back to other teachers that are coming into the field.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
When I think that’s kind of primary well then because if you don’t have well, they say you don’t have that experience. But it’s nice to have someone who’s had the experience on Oh, I’ve done virtual classes. I’ve done seminars of then fifth grade for however many years. I’m ready. I’ve seen kind of all the different aspects now I really can I can meet you where you are right?

Unknown 10:57
Absolutely. Okay.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s why I was asking about the highest Yeah, not necessarily the chase the kids. Yeah, most parents I think your kids come on, please. Go to different schools.

Unknown 11:10
Right now they’re okay. Oh, my mom’s right now. You know, and then my baby boys. Oh, Mom, don’t don’t embarrass so please don’t

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
say too much. Money. You know how far I’ve been saying this means from my friends, we’ve been talking about it. There’s a lot of overeducated kids these days who can’t get jobs that can even pay back student loans that they got, and we just came to the conclusion know, not everybody needs to kind of go to college that the normal what everybody says these days, but if you’re going to be a plumber, or an AC repair man, or maybe you can go get a community college degree be the best that you can be at it. The one of the column A, like a master craftsman has a special name for that. Yeah, it would be the best plumber and AC pair of pants that you could possibly be. And let’s just be honest, they make a lot of money. Yes, they do. They work hard and they sweat. But they’re going to outperform a lot of college kids for a long time. Absolutely. Like what you’re doing. You could have a fleet of trucks. You could be the next bright light repairman fixing electricity. I don’t know. I just that’s all I have to say. I mean, I just don’t think everybody has to go to college and get a doctorate degree to have a fulfilling life.

Unknown 12:18
You are absolutely correct. You’re absolutely correct. I actually to piggyback on actually when I taught the college students at a community college, I would say that don’t feel like you have to go to a university, you have to get a Masters you have to get a doctorate. No, it depends on what field you’re going in. And I use this prime example. If you want to be a nurse, go and be a nurse. Okay? Do you have to be a licensed practitioner, nurse know nurses start off good, you gain your tenure in the field, the money is going to come? The races are going to come you started off good anyway. And like you said, Those Craftsman type jobs at the community colleges? Absolutely. They can promise you, they’re going to school, less time that I that I have ever went okay. And they’re making more money starting off, you know, then I have and I went to school all these many years. But and I tell people I went as far as I did, because of the field that I’m in. That’s the only way you can probably make a decent income is if you have those credentials in the field of education, nurses, you could have a bachelor’s and be just as fine.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
You could get your Rn because I don’t think an LPN these days is going to get you very far. But if you just get your two year or in this, you can go get your bachelor’s, if you weren’t on that track at first, oh life has that after you get your bachelor’s Heck, then you can become a nurse practitioner, if you really want to do that’s that Pinnacle, what they do, and they’re pretty. They would hate to say this. They’re kind of doctors, they got prescription rights. They have their own board. I mean, yeah, you still have to have a doctor sign off and in peace, kind of like their own thing. Oh, absolutely. So that’s a different route.

Unknown 13:59

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
absolutely. like it. I like what you’re talking about, what are some of the most common misconceptions about advanced educational degrees and trying to implement that into the workforce?

Unknown 14:11
Well, the misconceptions are is is not worth it, just like you and I just chit chat about you know, you can take a different route, you have some people coming out, making more money, doing different things in the field of education, oh, you’re not going to get paid, which really works and things like that. And I highlight again, the word passion, education is my passion. I’m not just educating in the classroom, indicate outside of the classroom, I have individuals like yourself that have hit me up on social media, hey, I want to see what you’re about, I want to see what you’re talking about. So it’s not really just to market and brand yourself, but is to market and brand, your purpose and what you feel led to do in the discussion area that you study, okay, because in and people don’t realize, and one major, major, major misconception that others have about those that earn doctorate, so PhDs or add arbitrary to add, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to make this clear, I retrieve the ADD. And in the first part of my my first course that I had on my program at Capella University, we had to analyze the difference between add and a PhD. And because they said, Oh, a lot of people don’t get a lot of respect for the ed ed. Well, guess what, when you go to graduation, we are sitting together, you don’t know who got the Add or the PhD. The rationale behind it, the PhD is long term research for long term results. Okay, right, working on a project one or two, three years, okay, you will use a PhD candidate that will actually take brand new theory, to fix your issue, you need something down within an next six months, or you need some feedback, you have ADD candidate, they’ll take the resources that you give them the problem, the solution, because that’s all you researching a problem, you’re located a solution or solutions that work best. So you take those that candidate you that you get your information, your resources, you use a lot of critical thinking you use theory and research that you’ve retrieved through your studies. And you go through and use actual research process to get more than one solution that will best fit the problem, or make that big. So that is the end that the misconception that to your main question, the misconception about the field that I’m in, that’s what you get, especially if you have a doctorate, when the PhD son his name, or his or her name is the same way I summer, it’s no different research strategy is what makes it different. their long term, we kind of like can fix it right then and there can kind of help you get your thoughts together, right then in there based on the resources you already have, in addition to adding gone. So that that’s one misconception. I’m glad I had an opportunity to kind of clarify,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I didn’t even realize that you are eating. I, like I gotta scour your website better, because

it’s a good website, and it highlights what you do. And you’re like, Hey, I don’t have to talk about Dr in front of money. But I almost can see if you’re like a corporation, you got the PhD giving you like the next 10 years strategy. And then you’re like my higher and add to actually the in the we’re in the trenches. Now, what do we have to do? We need to figure it out in the next six months to reach these 10 years ago. So I can see almost somebody hiring both of those people form and then the short term and they do

Unknown 17:52
they do colleges and institutions will hire both. They were hired both because they do understand data understand the different research base route to take.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
So yeah. Do you happen to have an example? on the spot on this one, an example of a project that you helped with, and they saw a beneficial result directly because of the advice that you were given

Unknown 18:17
the actual dissertation? I mean, I actually had to do

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
she’s gonna have to do a dissertation.

Unknown 18:22
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure, I had to do that. And I actually had to do conduct the research. So I had to do an experiment hands on, okay, I’m had to get it approved and everything, to fulfill it. So so I had instructors and coordinators and staff members that I had to work with, to kind of observe and coach within that six month period, to, you know, see where they were with their leadership style, and then go and observe, do some coaching sessions with them, okay, well, these goals can be obtained a little bit better if you try this. So given them kind of like some strategies, some things to us to make it more of a collaborative, you know, environment so that the numbers of serving the clients in the lab that I worked in, was, yeah, what what would go up, and they can meet the goal and surpass the goal by the end of the year. So what type of stuff they measure, they’re measuring the number of job leads, that the organization place, you know, how many people got jobs when they came to this workshop? Or can they get their resume builder came to do mock interviews, things like that. So increasing those numbers, the job placement numbers from the community, after the intervention go back to observe. And of course, I had different instruments while I’m observing and checking off to see if they’re actually implementing those, you know, Democratic leadership practices and actually work. The numbers increase. That’s a good thing. The research, you know, it didn’t work, the literature that I researched on democratic leadership and how to implement it and things of that nature, it actually worked. So that was a big thing, a good outcome.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
So there’s always going to be a tangible kids grades got better, more applicants apply more applicants actually got jobs, or, you know, different things like that? Yeah, absolutely. So I actually got hired, whatever, whatever the actual issue was, and they’re like, Hey, this is the issue. And I’m guessing at some point, you have to almost help them define what the issue is, they see maybe symptoms, right? And you have to get in there and figure out this is actually what you need. This is a goal that you got to have. And now here’s a plan absolutely has that we can measure.

Unknown 20:45
Yep. It’s critical, critical thinking beyond the surface, because you know, most people Oh, well, we’re just going to use the regular critical thinking cycle, okay, well, in each component of a six string critical things in, in depth critical thinking process, each part of the the process, you have some highlighting questions that need to be x so that by the time you get to, you know, intervening and setting up interventions, and making a solution coming up with a consensus, you tend to be more clear, transparent, but across the board, everything will equal out, you know, okay, kind of see it full circle.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I’m seeing a lot of doctors, at least side hustle. And they’re trying to create this, and they’re trying to create that think these programs. And if you had if you had an educational program, whatever you want to teach you like I really want to bring the most value possible. Like I haven’t, you know, you have an idea, you you you think you can put it on you to me or one of these sites, is your degree, somebody that you could talk to me like, Hey, this is kind of what I’m doing. This is the approach. So I’m having Can you evaluate it, and where my pit falling so that I could make sure that students actually complete the course, you know, online courses, people typically, like, I think the completion rates less than 40%.

Unknown 22:04

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
and this is like in college, I guess. But is that something that someone with an add could do? Yeah,

Unknown 22:08
absolutely. going in. And it’s very broad. We did a lot of case studies from Harvard University, going through Capella University. So it was more than just educational institution and associations that we actually examine and apply these theories to. So to answer your question,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yes, absolutely. the right person to definitely do it. Yes. Did you have a passion for that?

Unknown 22:37
Yes, yes, absolutely. Absolutely.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
What are your unique abilities, your mindsets that set you apart from your competition? I think the interview question what makes you qualified for this job?

Unknown 22:52
I honestly believe my personality, my drive, my commitment, and my submissiveness when it’s time to literally work with a person one on one, like, I’m just totally totally, totally excited about taking the person to the next level. And so when I, when I’m first introduced to that person, they can see that they can feel that. And so I would say that and then the resources, you know, that I have, that I’m valuable, willing to share. And I think it’s my approach, once again, it goes back to what we talked about before, when you approach people, especially your first time is everything. So motive, you know, getting someone motivated, or x and O’s inspiring open ended questions, you know, to have them thinking like, oh, wow, no one has really never asked me that, you know, type thing. So I would say that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Very good. This is a fun part. I think we got kids, I like these kids in college. I mean, you’re still team then find out like the job. You still got to

19 Yeah, that’s right. Just 90 know. So college, college age people, they’re coming out of school, or they’re thinking about what should I major in or they just got out of school. And they’re like, now what any advice for them,

Unknown 24:16
especially if they’re struggling? Yeah, take your first year of college and figure it out. Because you haven’t to the end of your freshman year to really confirm your major, strong. And the thing is, I always encourage those that are going to college, or at a community college, because I’ve taught on that level as well located institution that has a very successful rate in the program in which you want, you know, what you want your degree to be in, but that’s

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC

Unknown 24:47
Yeah, I mean, because job placement, high graduation rate, that’s important. So I would encourage you, if you really, really struggling on what you really want to do. That’s all Community College, check up the basic main courses, okay, the refresher courses, take all that get your mind together really zone in on because you’re still learning yourself. zone in on what you wake up and love doing.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
If you have joy studying that day.

Unknown 25:17
Right? What? It can be true. Yeah, I mean, it can be anything. Yeah. Do you have a passion for doing every single day? What could you wake up every morning be so excited to get dressed to go do? That’s what you need to be major in it?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah. And if it’s clubbing, you can entrepreneurship clubbing that much at 18? Yeah, I just love this. And I love that you could probably learn to be a DJ, or like, you could set up sound equipment. Okay. You know, many churches hire you to fill out. Okay, we need to upgrade our sound system.

Unknown 25:49
Exactly. They hire you for the job.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, yeah. Cool. Like base is for audio. We need today.

Unknown 25:56
Right? So and I tell people and I and I use this funny joke all the time. If you know you have a lot of people come out of school. Oh, I’m going nuts. I’m going to school to be a nurse because they make the most money. Okay, well, you know, deep down inside, if you see some blue and you don’t pass out, why are you going to school to be a nurse? You ever changed a diaper?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Why you can handle that?

Unknown 26:19
Right? Good luck.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Adult, I would never want to be a nurse. I know what they do. I see what they do. It’s not for me. Really? Oh, no. It’s too much as a lot of work. They work hard.

Unknown 26:29
They do. Actually. I’m on behalf of my mother, then a stage for his neck cancer survivor and my grandmother been heart patient actually went and got certified as a CNA doing Tom my mom’s want the treatment. And, and I passed and I got you know, I’m registered and all that other good stuff. Right. And so when you’re doing your clinical Yeah, if you don’t like blood, if you did you get a sense of stomach. Why are you wasting mom’s money? Your time? Hope the same when anybody else money that that is helping you get to school? And you know, you not go like one word.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
One word, volunteer. Okay. Before you can volunteer? Yes. It’s not. I mean, if a kid asked me even in like 16 years old, Hey, can I like Shadow you for a day? Come on in? Absolutely. Let’s let’s see what I do on a daily basis. And then you can make that snap judgment like Nope, that’s not for me, or Yeah, that sounds cool. What should I do? What’s the next step? Absolutely.

Unknown 27:28
But a lot of young people and I encourage them to do so. A lot of young people don’t want to volunteer, they want to get paid for everything they do. And the thing, the key to success is you have to put in the time. That’s a parenting issue, isn’t it?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And it can be? I mean, I can’t volunteer. Come on what needs to step up? Hey, you will volunteer, you’re going to get out of that like,

Unknown 27:50
right guy. Right? Right. Yeah. So it does have something to do.

Unknown 27:54
Like my kids not gonna have a choice.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I mean, I don’t want to volunteer, why would I volunteer? And I can go get a job.

Unknown 27:59
Yeah. Right. Like, but you because volunteering provides network opportunities, which provide jobs. So you volunteered at one time to lend you a full time opportunity. But you’d never know that and you wonder, wow, how to set aside to get the job? Oh, wow, how are you able to do that? Well, I was out there volunteering. Somebody approached me and this opportunity land land. And that’s how

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
you know, if you want it to be a veterinarian, there’s probably are opposite opportunities to volunteer at organizations. And now you like you said, you just met 15 different bits of different varieties. And you could use that later on when you’re out of school, maybe get a job or even with the sorority stuff that you’re talking about. I know there are some of them were way more service oriented than others, what a network that you create, just did in volunteering and doing stuff with them after you graduate.

Unknown 28:53
Absolutely. And I did join the organization after I graduated from undergrad. And so it is community service base is leadership base. So it fit me all around the room, it modes and shape you to know how to conduct business, how to get things done, how to make those partnerships and network with other people how to, I mean, just have to do is the How to guide it shapes you mode you. And so with that, you know, being involved in so much over time over the years, this year, I actually launched my own nonprofit, what, yes, servicing single parents, mothers, fathers and veteran Yeah, father.

Unknown 29:34
So So and I just launched that September the 16th, 2017.

Unknown 29:40
And so that with the experience that I’ve had in the past with other organizations, I was able to take my vision and and actually bring it to life, what’s your flagship right now, or what’s your flagship goal or program, the goal is to offer different workshops for free single parents that will give them resources and also a second hand of helping, so every single parent may not be able to get a gift card and actually go get themselves something, or, you know, they may need the bus pass, they don’t have transportation, while the foundation can donate you a bus pass, you know, for two months to get on the bus or your bus pass, so that you can go land that job, you know, offer resume workshop, offer workshops, and we got some coming up, where is training the parents how to be aware of abuse with children to kind of recognize those symptoms. So what is their own child or a friend of their child to recognize that and kind of be able to know what direction to go into? And and such is called my foundation? beacon of light foundation Incorporated. Okay, how can they reach that they can reach it, www dot dot? See beacon of light foundation calm. And Dr. See

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
beacon of light foundation. com.

Unknown 31:07
It’ll be in the show notes. So So yeah, that that is always been my goal. And the vision came about because I’m a single parent and obtained a lot of accomplishments than a single parent. But it’s a story behind that because I had a village that helped me and motivate me and I had mentors that pushed and pushed to put even when I was tired, they pushed and pushed and pushed me because they saw the potential I had to be great in leadership. And so and they knew I wanted it, I wanted it. So they help they push the ground. And it was hard, and now is still challenging. Landon, that you know, he’s got a doctorate degree, you should have a six figure job well, many of those jobs and that around here. I’ll have to either move out of the state moved out of the country, you know, to really get that. But think about them parks. I can’t think about me the time, you know, me sacrificing to go to school, that long period of time having them raising him. It took time away from them. So yeah, I got to give back to them as a mom, a good mom and not be selfish. That’s why I haven’t accepted Have I been offered? Yes. Six period ups. Yes, I have. Yeah. But they come first.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And it takes a village. So when do when does a kid today? No, no, like, like military families? Man, they’re moving all the time too much. And then is there a point where you’re like, Okay, I can take them out of like, when they transition from like a primary to an elementary or elementary to high school? Is that a good time to, to maybe take a position because they’re kind of moving into a new realm anyway?

Unknown 32:39
Yeah. And then the younger, the better with the transitioning

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
younger than better.

Unknown 32:44
Okay, I wouldn’t say do it soon as they get in middle school, because they’re really becoming like, Oh, mom, my friends are better than you or they’re more important than life itself. So they’re going through those hormonal changes, and you ain’t got time for them to be active now in middle grades. Because, you know, the younger, the better. And then true.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s such an impressionable age when he started doing drugs and getting it I believe it die early sex and getting babies and all that.

So you’re on the cusp to 10 Yeah, that’s horrible. Just thinking that you’re on the cusp. That’s like, three, four years from now. But like, you hear stuff, man,

Unknown 33:25
and it’s true. It’s true. And so yeah, the younger the better. Even with the schooling, the younger, the better. Yeah, they don’t really remember me going in the room, closing the door, and then banging on the door crawling, scratching on dog they want mommy to come out for mommy had to, you know, write a paper, they will recall that the only thing they were called now is Oh, they’ll tell you. My mommy is a Doctor of Education. She’s not a medical doctor. She can’t fix your toe. But she can point you in the right direction.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I don’t even know you guys existed. At that age. There’s an education. What does that even mean? What does that even mean? No doctors fix people. That’s it. I’m talking about.

Unknown 34:09
So they see moms did great thing. Yeah, trauma. That’s, that’s what they see. My mom is a go getter. And so I’m kind of like the role model. Their dad is their role model as well. He works very hard. And he gets them on the weekend. So he he’s a great example of hard working and from a male perspective, which is good. So kudos on that and but yeah, they see mom as strong and I talked to them, educate them on talk to them. It was hard. It was hard. I was walking on campus and what my baby boy I tell me I was working on campus and you are hungry one morning after I had eaten and and my pressure dropped when I fell out on campus so that the analysts had to come all the way on the campus to pick your money up and take it to the ER because our us like still developing I was like four months Yeah. Fit and and I took a couple of days away and I went right back class because mommy was determined to finish in four years so I could move along. Wow. So yeah. Hey, what?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Your sorority the colors you’re wearing right now it was that your sorority?

Unknown 35:15
No, no is not the color must awards. He is warrior blue, and anti go sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated. wants this go last shout out to all my Salas, my educated fire off. And so yeah, we’re educated toys, elegant, friendly women that are designed for greatness. So yeah, so

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yeah, Uh huh. I recognize those color. That’s why I was curious. Yeah. Well, what about mail? You don’t do much marketing? Dr. Do you do marketing?

Unknown 35:45
What you mean, like marketing myself?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah. When you market yourself to try to get these speaking gigs and the foundation?

Unknown 35:51
Sort of, but not heavy? Okay. If that makes this question,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yeah, I know some people, that’s all they want to do is they’re they’re creating a speaking gig. As you know, my job is speaking gigs. And I go to all these different places. No, no,

Unknown 36:05
no, that’s not me. My goal is to land opportunities that will allow me to share my story, not just where I am. But at some point, you know, if I land opportunity, that would be great. I will humbly accept, okay, but I that’s not what I wake up thinking about every single day, because those opportunities are going to come. Yeah. And once I connect with individuals like yourself, and you see the things that I do, and what I can do, word of mouth is your best advertisement. So I’m sure at some point, landing another opportunity that may cause me to be able to travel and actually sit on a podium to speak. Yeah, well come about. So I just kind of roll with the flow with the marketing thing.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
You know, I was talking to my wife last night, and I said, I was talking about purchasing this program to save time, and it’s expensive.

Justin, I just don’t know, like, she’s Chinese. And we’re live in China. So she’s like, I don’t understand this American thing where you gotta grind shouldn’t say grind. But you gotta grind for like, so long for like, a year, two years, three years before you can succeed. She’s like, that’s just like in China, you have to be somebody already. So like, why would I? Why would I buy your program? Why would I listen to you? You’re not famous as like, Well, how do you become famous in China? And it was kind of like a stalled out conversation there. But she was like, you guys have to grind so hard in America for so long and don’t see any return. And then hopefully, at some point, it finally comes to fruition. I was like, yeah, that’s I guess that’s Yeah, that’s exactly what everybody tells you like it. I was a three year overnight success. That’s what they say. Yeah. So it was just interesting. That was the transition to what are some of your five or 10 year goals,

Unknown 37:47
my goals within the next five or 10 years would be definitely traveling a little bit more, to service of the leaders to share my story share what’s taking place right then and there. Because leadership is always changing. It’s forever changing. So going to different workshops, and things like that, to get those skills and assets to be able to apply. And one thing I will say about scholars that have doctorates, PhDs add, you have so much opportunity to do bigger and greater things within the next five or 10 years to publish another book, land, more speaking engagement around the country, and be able to, you know, provide not only for for me, but for my children as well. Making an educational experience because it’s important. Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Very good. Well, let’s switch this up a little bit. You want to take more? Are you able to take much vacation? I guess you’re a teacher now. So I mean, my goodness, you’ve got half the year off.

Unknown 38:51
Don’t do that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
How does somebody take more vacation? Are you able to take any trips with two small kids and you had a lot on your plate?

Unknown 39:02
Well, here recently is, is I’m able to kind of think a little bit more about that. I took a trip last spring with my significant other, we went to Miami I didn’t take no kids because oh yeah, right after I finished school. So excited to be away from the land that I’m originally from, to get on the plane and get in the sky and see I mean, it was like you know, Disney World getting on the plane. Now. It’s like okay, I’m kind of like the adult where I’m sitting and plotting Okay, this month this to be a family trip, we’re going to go here towards the end of the year, let’s just do something with me and you and then we’re going to go visit my dad this holiday and then you know, so now i’m able now that schooling is completely at the way and I’m solely focused on career raising my children and and settling my life itself. I’m able to think more about the traveling component.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I’m hearing intentionality. Yes.

Unknown 40:03
Yes. Getting it together. So been able to I have I went somewhere last year. And so the goal is to put more like whether it’s a you know, engagement or whether it’s a just a regular trip.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s the greatest thing if you can combine both. That’s something I learned on the podcast is if you have continuing ed or you can do a speaking gig. I only speak on Saturday, Friday and Sunday could be sightseeing at the whatever city you’re in. Yeah, very good. What about well, I even I don’t even think I need to ask this question. Anything preoccupy your mind if upsize kids hobbies and volunteering. Sounds like you got a full plate to me with anything else food we

had it cures manicures.

I love get my feet now that is just amazing. I’m shopping you a shopper or online shopper both a curious or their greatness foot massages in your area. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s where it’s at. I don’t know about getting my nails done. But just getting into oh my goodness, you relax my feet. I feel like I just had a cloud nine.

Unknown 41:04
Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. And and it’s so relaxing. So I do that. And then I played like this little game on my phone. I do it to wind down at night. Um, it’s got like, the little squares and you have them, you know, put the squares together yet? Boop, boop boop.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
You know, I mean, you gotta have something.

Unknown 41:27
Yeah, you definitely have to have something. And so I do that, or I’ll scroll through social media. Who was a time suck, isn’t it? Yeah, it is. It really is. And then no one complained that I’m not criticizing either.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
times, yeah, doing something productive.

Unknown 41:44
You can definitely do that. And then actually buffering a lot of the quotes that come to my mind, or that I like to share

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
my screen like buffer site.

Unknown 41:55
Yeah, well buffer. Because I can sit there and relax and think, gather my thoughts and, and really, like put time into some of the quotes that are meaningful to me. And so I put it in the buffer, they go out, hit Twitter, then from Twitter, it automatically goes on to my Facebook. So it’s like tackling two audiences at once. Absolutely.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah. If you don’t know what buffer is, he could schedule posts, it goes to Twitter,

Facebook, a bunch of other ones, but you’re limited. If you’re not paying for it, you can put whatever you want several different pictures. Yes, they got an Instagram reminders not integrated yet, but it’ll just remind you that post, so you can sit down for two hours and have an entire month or week’s worth of posts. We should all be doing this podcast, by the way.

Unknown 42:42

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yeah. So we definitely use buffer all the time. How do you get a work at home life balance?

Unknown 42:48
I mean, you definitely have to organize it. And I’ve learned over time. Now, the only thing that I focused on majority of the time are my children and work my nonprofit Monday to Friday is kids family work, I do what I need to do at work, I leave work at work unless I get an email of an emergency. And the principle that needs you know, something needs to be taken care of other than that, right? So and I’ll walk out the door, this there. So when I come home, I can focus on the boys, but they already know they have one hour or two hour time frame each day. So we get into car, mommy one hour to know how Monday in a moment need to. So within that one or two hours is open, free choice. You need to do your homework, you find a snack, you chill out, whatever by that second hour. Your homework must be completed within those two hours. You can’t ask me No question. Money need mental shut downtown. And then you know pick back up after that. You know, it’s kind of like more routine Monday to Friday. As you can see, I like that

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
because it structures your kids to this is your time to be responsible. If you’re hungry. Eat you got homework. Yeah, why not try to get it done? Because then then mom, we can play with you if you want.

Unknown 44:07
Exactly. Absolutely. I check homework after those two hours up after that irresponsible get close up. You know so so the older get I mean, they know how to learn and I’ll sort wash you know, so

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yes, I’m I’m spoiled meeting.

Unknown 44:24
So yeah, those also is more routing Monday to Friday, Saturday. so laid back. so laid back then Dr. Heck comes off on Friday at five o’clock. Sorry, sometimes probably earlier than that. So as I was building 334 o’clock, the doctor hat is off. I want to be Brittany sometimes so so don’t worry. They is Monday to Friday is a routine as long as I got my coffee in the morning.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I’m good for you drip drip, drip coffee or what you do. Oh no.

Unknown 44:54
I have to have my morning coffee from McDonalds to call 10 sugars. vanilla syrup.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Not really. 10 stickers know.

Unknown 45:05
Oh, yeah, yeah, you’re talking about? We’re talking about fifth graders here early in the morning. Oh, yes. You’re in the south, right? I am. I am. I am.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Till 10 sugars when someone’s sweet tea. Understand that? from there?

Unknown 45:20
Yes. Yes. Yes. It has to be diabetic or diabetic cool. Coffee or tea. I’m not drinking it. I got to be just a little bit. So yeah,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
that’s makes me laugh. It’s such a different my crew of circles always like oh my gosh, sugars the devil. Can’t you just drink black coffee? You like no, I cannot drink black now black coffee for you. And it’s going in there. Right? The problem is my coffee winds up tasting like Irish cream. And you’re just like, that’s not really coffee anymore. Just because there’s so much cream in it. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown 45:54
Yeah, that’s what I love it. I love it.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Hey, you said you had a significant other. What do you do to keep the love alive and feel better connected,

Unknown 46:00
communicate, communicate,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
don’t like a schedule at all, like on Sunday mornings sip coffee and have a conversation that matters? Well, he’s not

Unknown 46:07
a coffee drinker. He’s ex military. So he’s structured himself. He has a work schedule, a school schedule. The tabs he’s off because he has like, you know how the nurses have the 312 hour shifts three days in a row and four days off type thing. He has one of those tight schedules, the days where he’s off. I went to the gym one day with them and and get to the place where like I said, after all the schooling and stuff, I just want to do what I want to do. So sit and eat and sleeping. Watching TV is like a kid in a candy store for me right now. So we’ll go to the gym. We do try to do something once a week on the weekend, get out, go do something, walk somewhere do something. The goal is to plan and your trip to get away. And so with the Miami the last time, not sure what will go the next but we’re definitely planning upcoming year. So yeah, if we we’ve worked at we’re working it out was definitely

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
let’s hit up these last couple questions will let you get back to your your life here. Oh, my favorite book, blog or podcast that you secretly left and the one that you would definitely recommend everybody has to check out.

Unknown 47:19
Well, I secretly love my publish book,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Don’t we all? Yes, it’s probably the best thing that’s been published on

Unknown 47:26
course, which is located on Amazon can look up Dr. Clinton on Amazon. And it’ll come up under the leadership tab, incorporating democratic leadership among instructors, staff and coordinators, and it’s a really wonderful God for Torah learners is, you know, trying to put their dissertations together. It is a qualitative research approach, not quantitative qualitative research approach for those scholars that are familiar with those two. So that’s what I love at this point, because I’m a passionate educator, leader, coach and mentor. So it’s a really wonderful go to guy to help get your organization team or company on one accord.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I’ll link it to the show notes to thank you. Last question is the fun one. Any favorite apps for your phone? Whether it’s business or personal?

Unknown 48:22

Unknown 48:24
really, now, it’s funny, it’s funny, because you know, you have the little pictures on there. And it’s just the kind of like, just about the box. Because you know, professionals were always like, you know, suited up and using the right terms and things like that. Snapchat, kind of like, have fun with your friends and use little faces that you can put on. So I like that. Yeah, I keep it clean. All my social media is clean. Because that’s a good thing.

Unknown 48:50
Yeah. Because my I do understand my name. My profession is important to me. So I’m not going to risk it trying to get the most light or the most add if it’s not a professional air or anything like that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Then now, I’m you know, I think I got you on that. Yeah. Any closing remark? Any other major websites that people can find you on?

Unknown 49:11
Yes. So thanks for listening. Once again. My name is Dr. Brittany Clinton. You can find me on Twitter with the handle at be an ad Clinton. I’m also on Facebook is a doctor Britain Clinton as well as Instagram. Dr. Be clean. You can also reach out www.dr Brittany Clinton calm

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
spell Brittany, B, ri, gh t and e y. Okay. That’s one of those names that has like, yeah, and beer 10 different ways. Yeah,

Unknown 49:43
that was Anyway, what two teams? So yeah, absolutely, definitely reach out. I love collaborating with new people, new groups of individuals. A very diverse driven person will work with different populations. So

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yes, absolutely. Very good. Thank you so much for your time. And we’ll we’ll keep in touch for sure.

Brittany, thank you so much for all that you shared today. single mom going to school for that many years and random dissertation. And now like you said, teaching fifth grade, starting your own nonprofit, you got a lot on your plate. And I think that’s going to be an inspiration for a lot of the audience. When you put your mind to it, you can do it. As always listen, learn, implement show notes, a doctor’s perspective, net slash four or five. Stay tuned for the travel tip.

Unknown 50:36

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
you for listening to the podcast, a doctor’s perspective, thank you for writing reviews on wherever you listen to it ranking is five stars. Hopefully Listen, you all know I got a book out I’ve been working on a version 2.0 right now if you buy it, send me an email with the receipt and I can send you five bonus chapters it’ll just be this long PDF but we’re gonna have some nerve stretches creating and executing a budget ways to cut expenses optimal cap calorie consumption calculator fit directly for you and some ideas about fasting so if you want to some of these bonus chapters before they released and version 2.0 just send me that receipt via email and I’ll get them over to you as always we got some t shirt designs for the logo for chiropractic there’s also a by host the cup of coffee upgraded that it’s on the main web page and lastly Stay tuned a secret project will be coming out definitely go to a doctor’s perspective net top right there are all the social media icons pick which one you love the follow most friend me like me Say hello I’ll definitely respond back

Oh yeah, today’s travel to travel in the offseason just after the main rush you know if the wait you know was a summer thing you don’t go into the middle of winter but kind of go in that late season where there’s like a week before it closes or like the week after its peak season and you find this online you’ll save money it won’t be that bad like if you know you’re born in the water. How cool would the water really be one week later? If it’s winter, you know, you get it travel offseason if you can, but close to the normal season.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guest. sincere thank you in advance. Even listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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