Episode 45: Dr. Brittney Clinton Why an EDD and How Democratic Collaborative Efforts Work for Growth

Passionate educator, leader, coach, & mentor Dr. Brittney Clinton talks Democratic Collaborative Leadership in organizations, what volunteering teaches, PhD vs EDD, best way to declare a college major, and slightly unusual strong leader virtues. Our Guest today has a passion and ability in coaching, mentoring and inspiring, young women to greatness. She lives her life…

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Episode 31: Concussion Specialist and Franchise Chiropractor Dr Rich Baez Atlas Upper Cervical Specific

Dr. Rich Baez DC adjusts c1 (Atlas) and c2 (Axis) only in a franchise chiropractic company called The Specific.  One of the reasons he decided to focus on just the upper cervical is because of his own post-concussion syndrome symptoms being resolved. Can CSF in your brain stagnant and cause symptoms?  What does Dr Baez…

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