Episode 10 Tristan Schaub ChiroSushi New Principles in Marketing and Communication

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Tristan Schaub talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Tristan ChiroSushi  Schaub talks about the first annual ChiroSushi Summit in Las Vegas.  The chiropractic summit is all about marketing, communication, practice management and personal and professional development.  It’s not tied to any specific school or dogma so they cut through a lot of the red tape that goes on behind the scenes in most seminars. Tristan say you will go home with game plans, strategies and growth hacks that will satiate you for at least 6 months and hopefully increase your practice and decrease your overhead. 

Whether straight or mixer style chiropractor this seminar will teach you new marketing strategies from some of the brightest in the field, as well as offering some continuing education credits.  The line up of 25 speakers will encompass big names like Grant Cardone, John Sung Kim (five9 sold for over 300 million: Doctor Base) Charles Ward, Liam Schubel plus many more (Jim Chester and Ryan Bones … also on this podcast). 

Fifty percent of the speakers will be chiropractors and the other half will be outside the profession- massive entrepreneur speakers.  Some of the speakers will have things to offer and some wont: that way it’s not a bunch of sale pitches all day.  Sunday will be social media training with facebook pixel, retargeting, consistency and marketing to other doctors. May 3-7th, 2017 are the dates for the First Annual ChiroSushi Summit: buy tickets here.

Tristan is a certified google adword expert as well as niche LinkedIn marketing.  He says humor memes will be popular.  He discusses on the show about a successful meme posting campaign that after just one year got 3500 followers  and brought in 29% of the clinics patients. 

Tips on building a tribe that will follow you anywhere in town.  What is smart spending on Facebook? What is your goal? What is a good number of followers on social media?  Should you or should you not friend patients on facebook.  What to do if patients ask you medical questions on social media? How should I allocate my advertising budget? 

What is bounce rate, advertising on competitors name and what are the key essentials for an optimal webpage for google?  What role does your picture have on your site? How to harness testimonies for better conversions?

Lays out how to take vacation if you are a hardcore grinder and hustler. 3 top ways to Optimize your marketing message in the last 10 minutes of his interview.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/10 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the interview transcription.

The chirosushi summit is all about marketing, communication, practice management& personal and professional development.

Rand Fishkin for SEO trainingAppSumo is another amazing place to find tech training. What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress sites?  Learn his magic formula to know if your SEO is converting.

The Ringer: Bill Simmons  sports and pop culture

James Altrichter

Ep 10 tristan talks google search, proper website, pixels more and more.

Noah Kagan with appsumo and his new podcast OKdork (groupon mets entrepeanuer mets cool new tools). Grum and Canva got their start on appsumo.

Travel Tip
Don’t Litter, spit and maybe check that countries common or strange laws so you don’t do something bad.

Inspired Chiropractor Shawn Andrews podcast, Beau Pierce Doctor Beau podcast


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Unknown 0:02
Episode 10 new principles in marketing and communication.

Justin Trosclair 0:06
I’m your host, Dr. Justin truck where you’re listening to shop car sushi perspective

for doctors who want a thriving, practice and

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Justin Trosclair 0:17
listen as your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare goes behind the curtain. Can you hear doctors and guess about real world

practical tips and entertainment. This episode? I doctors first

Welcome back everybody. Today on the show, we have Tristan shop. But he’s with Cairo sushi. I know, we have another chiropractor. Trust me. He’s a different he’s not actually a chiropractor. He’s another marketer. And he’s another big conference in May. But we go on a tangent about social media marketing, Google AdWords, we go into a lot of details about that. So hopefully you won’t gloss over. But I think if you’re a clinic owner, you will be excited afterward maybe a little overwhelmed. You may call your if you don’t do it yourself and you have someone you’re gonna probably be on the phone afterwards. Hey, what about x, y, and z? What about this, so he’s got a lot of nuggets from the beginning, all the way to the end of the show. He’s got something fun to share, like the the top three things people want in life. And that you can help them optimize his words, not mine, things that you need on your website, ways to make it more Google friendly, and, and not bounce as much, and lots and lots more. So hopefully that intrigues you. As always, the travel tip is at the end of the episode, all of today’s show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash one, zero. Well, I’ve got a new update for you guys and gals, aka the doctors out there listening, I want you to know, I keep talking about this book. And I don’t really expect so a lots of copies and be the next big thing or anything. Right now I just want to give you guys the journey. Because if you’ve never done this before, maybe you’ll learn something for me, like I submitted this week, if you saw it on Facebook Live the Kindle version, within 24 hours, it was already up there. So it’s on Amazon. com Today’s choices, tomorrow’s health, or you type my name, and boom, you’ll see it. Okay, the book i thought was done and then the artwork is a little off. So you gotta order proof and so that postpones you another 10 days. And the point is it’s always something where you think is finished. And then it takes another three days revision another three or four, five days. And so just as an as an ad, so it always takes longer than we expect. So that’s something to remember for yourself. If you ever do something like this, of course you know what I like people to purchase it and love it and sell it that our clients are given to us as a referral gift or thanks for being new patient. Sure, of course. But for me, you know, it’s about putting one on know out there, finally put it on paper, maybe getting some interviews, maybe getting some local fame when I go back to America and whatever city you’re in and using that as a stepping stone for more marketing, maybe getting on TV or the radio or just propositioning yourself, step above the competition. That make sense. So anyway, that’s my updates for today. And as well we got merchandise on a doctor’s perspective, net slash shop if you are interested in getting any kind of Upper Cervical t shirts or things with the logo, it’s not much money as far as the what I make on each cell, but it does help defray the costs and we always appreciate it. Other than that, let’s enjoy the show. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Very excited to have on the show today. Tristan of Cairo sushi. Welcome.

Unknown 3:30
Hey, Dr. Justin, how you doing brother

Justin Trosclair 3:33
doing? Well? Where am I calling you from today?

Unknown 3:36
Well, you’re calling me from Asia, I think.

Justin Trosclair 3:39
Maybe the reverse.

Unknown 3:42
I’m calling you’re calling me right now in upstate New York. I live in Malibu, but I am stuck in upstate New York until our first Cairo sushi summit event. Actually, I’m flying out to California next week for Cal jam. I might I might stay at home there for a week or two. But home base for Kairos soon until our summit is going to be upstate New York. And then after that, I’m probably going to go drink a lot of tequila in the Cayman Islands for like a month and disappear because this has been a lot more work than I ever anticipated.

Justin Trosclair 4:16
Is this the first artist of the second one right now is gonna be the first one first one ever goodness.

Unknown 4:21

Justin Trosclair 4:22
Yeah, people who are listening this is a lot of different type of doctors is not just chiropractors. So explain what is this? What is Cairo? sushi? What How did it come about? And you’re not even a doctor? So how did you become interested in chiropractic to begin with, and then evolve into creating this huge conference.

Unknown 4:39
So Cairo sushi is a movement, either in some people’s eyes, it’s a bowel movement, or in my eyes, it’s a movement to bring back to basic principles of marketing, communication, practice management, personal professional development, and, and have it on a stage in 2017, with an evolution of where we’ve gone with those, those those modalities and tools of communication and marketing. So some people think of us as an offshoot of Parker, we’re not associated with Parker, our founders were deeply invested in the old school Parker seminars. And when I say that a lot of people understand what I mean, when I say that, that Parker after Jim Parker died is a different Parker seminar than before Jim Parker died when Jim Parker was alive and running it. This is where, you know, Tony Robbins came and started his career in some ways. It was really I mean, there’s five to 8000 people sometimes at the Vegas seminars, same thing with SIDS event. And so we looked at the landscape and said, Hey, we’re not tied to a school. So we don’t have any, I don’t know if we can we swear in here, no.

Justin Trosclair 5:54
Preferably not. Either way, cut it out, if you do.

Unknown 6:00
Without the BS of a school behind us, we can kind of dictate and do what we want.

Unknown 6:09
And we’re really focused on becoming a gateway as an option for consumers, the chiropractors out there that are looking for help, and the producers, those chiropractic coaches, and partners, that we believe that we’ve that and say, hey, these are guys that are in girls that are getting great quality results with their programs. You know, we have a Charlie Ward, and some people might not be ready for Charles Ward, or some people might have already gone through Charles boards program. And then they see Liam Schuble, and they say, you know what, Liam is the kind of guy I want to invest in for a year. You know, most coaches typically have a start in a game plan to bring people to an end end zone. So our theory is that we should bring options and there’s all different types of options. The seminar is not going to unite the profession. That’s not our goal, or the seminar is not going to, you know,

Unknown 7:02
you’re not going to come back and have gold coming out of people’s ears when you’re doing an upper cervical adjustment on Monday afternoon. But we do believe that you’re going to come back motivated, focused with game plans and strategies that will satiate you for the next, you know, hopefully six months, at least to nine months to the next year. And we’ll see where we’re going with it where we want to add more dates. The goal right now is just once a year, and then we have the left arm so that way I would say is our right arm left arm is Cairo sushi calm, which is a continuation of marketing, practice management, communication tips, growth hacks, and then we intertwine that with news and some fun stuff to break up the monotony with like means, you know, a lot of people know us for our Cairo sushi means.

Unknown 7:51
So that’s the story on Cairo sushi. The story on me is I am kind of a serial entrepreneur. I grew up in chiropractic, my father’s chiropractor of 39 years. My grandmother and grandfather were both met in chiropractic college back when the doctors are being pulled out in or the professors were being pulled out in handcuffs. And my aunt and uncle’s they’re all chiropractors, so big chiropractic family. My my uncle by marriage is Dr. James layman, who’s a big name in the kind of sports chiropractor, the ACA world and you know, on my father’s side, we have a lot of the old school kind of hardcore, cellblock stations, you know, straits, if you will, with a little bit of mixing he went to national, which is interesting. So,

Justin Trosclair 8:42
yes, the school.

Unknown 8:44
Yeah, so, you know, our goal in Cairo sushi is really just, you know, help doctors make more money, save money in their practice, make their life easier, we’re really not tied to any political organization. You know, the ICA recently just supported us, we support them. You know, as long as you’re not trying to kill people by cutting them open and, and putting drugs in their system, you’re kind of okay with us. So if you’re a straight, you’re a mixture. You know, as long as you want to help serve and love more people, I think we’re a good fit for you for release food for thought more at the very best we can become your go to seminar every year for growth hacking and, and building your practice.

Justin Trosclair 9:26
So definitely, like you said, this seminar is going to be not a continuing ed situation at all

Unknown 9:34
credits, credits, okay, you got to do that to get people in there sometimes, and to satiate and give them value, but it’s not a predominant feature of our seminar. I mean, we have Grant Cardone as a keynote speaker, so that’s, that kind of tells you where we’re headed.

Justin Trosclair 9:52
Definitely, and he does not do things for free. So we know that this is going to be a value packed.

Unknown 10:01
Yeah. And we’re and we’re at school, I’m sorry, and where it’s going to just, you know, 2018 the goal is going to be probably about 50% DCs and CA’s speakers and the other 50% are going to be like top line entrepreneurs not only do we have Grant Cardone this year, but we have my friend and colleague from my my last startup, our startup, a couple startups before Johnson, Kim, who who founded and created five nine, which is a company that went $350 million valuation. He created Dr. Base alongside with me and a couple other co founders. He’s working on a new startup called jet bridge, which is founded our Angel funded by Paul Allen from Microsoft. So it’s like some legit people that we believe you you need to get with the top people in chiropractic to see the top CA’s. But we also want to say she ate your need for how about the people outside the profession that are successful that can share insights and tips to building a business? Correct? Correct. And they

Justin Trosclair 11:01
have a lot to offer. I think beyond what we’d see because they’re going to see a lot of different business I expects the guy you just mentioned, you know, they’re going to have a wealth of knowledge from lot of different companies bring it together, hopefully tailoring it to the medical profession doctor, you know, corporate professional little bit. So it makes it easy for us to translate what said and put into our own clinic. But that’s something Yeah, totally. Totally. So you guys like boots like so the alt like the management companies, you were talking about? Are these people going to have booths or they have a certain track where they can have their own time I speak as well.

Unknown 11:36
Yeah, well, the the keynote the key presenters who have like an hour presentations, I would say half of them have said hey, I would love to have a booth there. You know, they do have a goal of signing up people. It’s not going to be a pitch pitch a THON on on stage. But they do you know, they’re going to make themselves accessible during the week, so that people want to sign up with them. The other half don’t, they’re just there to serve and love. We have a I would say a mixture of entrepreneurs outside the profession, social media, experts inside and outside the profession.

Unknown 12:15
chiropractors with coaching programs, chiropractors without coaching programs and CA’s similar so they’re all a little bit a mixture of, you know, some of these people do have something that they’re going to sell

Unknown 12:29
it not on stage, but around. Hopefully, you know, if someone’s delivering great content, and you connect with them, you’re going to want to learn more about what they can do to inspire you more to take action and make changes in your practice. You know, Dr. Charles Ward, he’s going to kick off Thursday, and he’s going to go from 8am till you know, 2pm, I think, and he is, you know, in this profession known as the coach of the coaches like he’s, he’s like the legit boss. You know, this is a guy who work with Jim Parker, Jim sigma plus.

Unknown 13:04
He’s, you know, now the the LG of chiropractic coaching, right, still has a great program.

Unknown 13:12
He’s got, you know, 20 people he’s bringing from his inner circle program to bring to the event, we hope that there’s going to be 10 or 12 people that are at the event, at least that say, you know what, Dr. Ward is awesome, I need to learn more and join his program. So and then there’s people like, you know, Willie kindred, who is phenomenal practitioner, phenomenal human being, who’s just up there to love and serve doesn’t have anything to sell. But I know that if people want to call him, you know, after hours, and just get some love, and get some insights, he’ll be that guy after the event. So, you know, hopefully, everyone gets a little mixture of motivation, inspiration, and more importantly, strategies and tools that they can go back to

Justin Trosclair 14:02
clinic with when I expect a speaker to have something even Grant Cardone is gonna have books, he’s probably has these, I don’t know $30,000 mastermind groups that give you a really bad

Unknown 14:13
Oh yeah, graph

Justin Trosclair 14:13
gets involved in wanting to go to the next level. So there’s always that even if you go to a seminar technique, you know, you pay to go learn the technique, and then they’re going to have in the back, all their sponsors, all the other little gadgets and things that you can purchase. So if you don’t if you assume that they’re going to be trying to sell something, I think okay, now we got that out of the way let’s just focus on content. And if you like what he has, maybe you can buy something if you don’t, least you got a good hour, hour and a half out of the speaker.

Unknown 14:42
Yeah, you know, there’s out of 25 plus speakers do there’s you’re going to go well you know, I would say more than half of them you’re going to like there’s gonna be some speakers at some people go couldn’t stand the guy or girl Couldn’t you know

Unknown 15:00
they’re going to be you know, percentage ago, I need more I need that that is the person that I resonate with. And if it’s Grant Cardone, because you really need to kick up your sales training and get your staff motivated and into sales techniques. Then he’s got Cardone you which I believe is a $20,000 program. I know they’re going to have a special offer for Cairo, sushi summit attendees. I’ve walked through the program I’ve been through the program. It’s amazing. I mean, it’s it’s a valuable program that any type of business specially chiropractic could utilize. Not to be a shell but one of the dates, may 3 through May 7.

Unknown 15:39
May 3 is Wednesday evening, we start off with a share session. Basically around six o’clock, but for kind of early birds, people that get there, there’s a C class there to kind of incentivize people to get there because Thursday morning, eight in the morning, we rock and roll. And then how nice Saturday night will be the kind of closing of the actual full scale of that record will be in closing speaker. Sunday morning. We have one other ce e class. And then I’m hosting a social media All Star panel with Dr. Lang made from the evidence base Cairo, Sean Andrews from inspired chiropractor. Jason Deitch from Apple, amplified couple you know big names and social media who are all going to be on a niche topic from like retargeting to how to use Facebook ads. You know, I think someone’s doing something on, you know, consistency, which is a big issue with social media marketing. That’s Jim Chester. Jim, actually, Jim is who’s who, who nominated me to talk with you. From the Cairo printer. Yeah. So that’s going to motivate people to kind of stick around and it’s going to be a perfect kind of ending point. And then they can go back home on Sunday afternoon and get ready to work on Monday or as I suggest, take Monday off to digest and relax. Don’t think it’s healthy for for doctors to go right back in after a couple days. They should have a one day kind of rebound, digest and then go take action on Tuesday. That’s my opinion.

Justin Trosclair 17:10
I mean, it’s kind of true, because you’re gonna be on overwhelm, you know, all these notes. And then you’re going to either put the book aside and never do it. Are you going to be this really distracted with your patients the next day? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. So

Unknown 17:22
well, that’s really good. Um, are you going to be speaking

Justin Trosclair 17:25
as well about how you’re doing with the the Cairo sushi with the memes and the products that you offer to the chiropractor, you know,

Unknown 17:31
I am, where I’m going to be having some after our kind of classes that aren’t on the schedule for for little mini groups. And then if the Sunday social media All Star panel, I’ll bring as much content as I can bring. That Sunday, I really focus on when I work with doctors on Google AdWords,

Unknown 17:54
which I was a beta tester for Google AdWords, back in the early 2000s. So also a certified Google partner with a couple of my other companies and startups. So that’s where I’m really well versed. I’m a niche marketer and LinkedIn. And then obviously, you know, the means that Cairo sushi does, I can teach people how to do it, I can teach them kind of strategies on how to be, as I like to say funny as money, you know, money is money and any type of marketing to get engagement to connect with an audience. So it’s not it’s not easy for most doctors, because how do I make chiropractic funny? We’re trying our basket Cairo sushi. So we’ll be talking a little bit about that? Of course, that’s a great question.

Justin Trosclair 18:40
Yeah. And that’s something neat that trends in like, regardless of the type of doctor you are, if you start following mins, or you’re like, Oh, these are really funny, when you’re scrolling through Facebook, you start getting creative or accurate staff, they probably love to play on social media, or head work a little bit.

Unknown 18:53
Yeah, you can get your staff, you know, most your staff is going to be millennials. And they Reddit users are they use injure, or they follow Twitter, of course, and they’re up to date with pop culture references. You know, a lot of a lot of doctors would probably look at that as trash. But the problem is, is that your patients don’t they look at it as as a release from their work. And so if you connect with them on that level, you know, I had a clinic that I ran

Unknown 19:26
the marketing and business development for, for example, at a company in a clinic, that we ran a Facebook promotion. So what we’re all means there was just all means all the time for the first six months, just to build up the users and get a connection with the audience. And then we started, you know, kind of dripping in, oh, here’s a special here are here’s an edification piece here. Because no one really wanted to hear about that on a daily basis. But within a year, within one year, we went from, you know, zero followers to over 3500 followers.

Unknown 20:04
And in our community, it became about 29%, of where we acquired new patients from. So it’s the same principles that I am flying to Cairo sushi, it’s the same principles I apply anywhere, in any business startup that I have. When it comes to social media marketing. You You really should focus on being engaging, funny, and make it make it where people want to keep coming back, because they want to see what happens next. Or they know that I can get really great stuff from there. And that’s why, you know, the youth is really connected with us Logan college students specifically, who they say this, they were their number one, like go to chiropractic site, you know, and and yeah, we’re we’re doing a seminar, down the Philips group, and Logan, which is a hardcore base, philosophical group, really great group of kids. And I asked them during my talk, I said, Hey, who’s who’s heard of? You know,

Unknown 21:01
Jim Parker? I think it was, because we’re talking about Parker seminars. And, you know, two people raise their hands, and there was 100 kids in there. And I asked him who, Who’s heard of Cairo sushi, and 90 hands, you know, went up, not just like, like, they didn’t just go, they went through the roof. They’re like, yes. And that, to me was like, a lot bigger than anything. Because I was like, all right, this is this is resonating. Because when you’re going through school, or you’re working your practice, you should be able to say, you know, what, every day is a blessing and a gift of what I get to do and what I’m learning and what I can teach people. But it’s also, you know, it’s a grind, it’s a hustle. So I needed like, give my brain some, like, love and some color, right, and just saying, you know what, it’s funny like this, sometimes, what we do is funny, I mean, I’ve seen an eye, we have a, we have a keras issue we have? I do because I’m the one that makes them. I have a internal conflicts, adjustment fixation, because I just think it’s the funniest thing, dude. And I’ve literally seen people in other groups just go, what are they doing? This is so weird, Baba, but the majority of people are like, Oh my god, that is so funny. I’m like,

Justin Trosclair 22:17
inside joke and laugh about all the day.

Unknown 22:19
It’s like, Dude, it’s like the strangers adjustment, like, you know, so we do some weird names like on that, for example. And, you know, if I can make someone laugh, during the day that I feel like, you know, I did something on Earth, that was really cool that day.

Justin Trosclair 22:34
When you said, you know, a year, six months, for some people, that’s very daunting, that’s overwhelming, I have to post one thing every day, Oh, my gosh. And I’ve, you know, I’m trying to grow my Instagram. And so I got all these travel photos from Asia, was putting those on and I’m slamming out, like, my website on they’re trying to do the podcast, he just has like a meme. And, you know, you get an organic likes, and everything was like, have all this stuff. So you just got to go through, maybe you have a whole bunch of pictures that you know, you can be creative and how you do it, how you want to represent your clinic and your specialty. I think to make the memes you

Unknown 23:10
have to be like, so boring, you have to be authentically you. And if you’re not funny, that’s okay. Make fun of being not funny, you know, what the emphasis is being like, Hey, I don’t know, you know, become grumpy DC. And just, and just bit, you know, complain about whatever you want to complain about on a daily basis, because that’s who you know, like attracts like, right? That’s who you’re going to connect with? Your audience is going to be the people that are similar to you have similar tastes. That’s the way it is in your practice, right? It’s the same thing, it’s typically you’re like, wow, I really connect with about, you know, the majority of my patients, you know, it’s not always going to be that way. But, you know, the majority of my patients I would like to go out with i would i would like to become friends with which is another, you know, conversation. And, yeah, but, you know, when chiropractors talking about building their tribe, really, what they should be talking about is building their tribe of their, their patient tribe, is who are going to be the go to lifetime patients that are going to have your back when you go through life as a chiropractor. And here’s the reality is we go through life as a professional service provider, guess what 50% chance, you’re going to get divorced, the chiropractic lifestyle, you know, there’s a lot of shiny, happy people that we see on social media, you know, the really good looking guy and practice with a really good looking family. But the reality is, is that, you know, there’s another side of that that’s not true, you know, my father went through divorce, went through bankruptcy, went through having a $3 million practice and coaching clinic in the 80s, to in the 90s, going through the divorce and bankruptcy and the early 2000s, getting sick, and having a rebound, that’s going to be the circle of life that you go through. And once you build your tribe, he’s had his tribe since the 80s. These are patients that have followed him 40 miles that have sustained his practice, and help you know, his practice, survive during tough times, and help this practice be a thriving practice during the really boom types. So, you know, be authentically you. So you can build those connections that are going to sustain you throughout your whole practice life that like, like you said,

Justin Trosclair 25:33
and I’ll say this, you know, when I was, I don’t know, I guess what, maybe four or five years ago, Google was where to place it was if you’re going to spend money on advertising, it was Google. And people were like, let’s try social media. But it just seemed like everybody was throwing their money away. And so people that was talking to like, just avoid it. But now in the last year or so with the pixel and the retargeting, it seems like things have really switched really quick. And if you’re not, if you’re listening to that old advice, maybe it’s time to tune into some some different people. So it’s show you how it actually works and where it can be profitable. But you do have to spend money. It’s not like you used to spend $600 or a month on yellow pages, you need to still spend 600, a month on new advertising. Yeah,

Unknown 26:14
true or not true? Yeah. There’s no doubt. I mean, if, if you post something on Facebook, without spending money, or spending money on a majority of your campaigns and Facebook, it’s like if a tree dies in a forest, do you hear it, you know, it’s, it’s if you don’t spend money, it’s going to go nowhere. But if you spend money in the right places, and you spend it on the right content, you can typically get better results with your organic content. So save some money there invest in smart spending on Facebook, my theory is you just need is what is smart spend to get smart spending is, you know, stuff that you have a goal, you know, focused on, right. So it’s not just to get reached, it’s not just get seen, if you’re going to spend money on a Facebook post, what is your goal of that post? Is it to get it to get shares so that you can, you know, increase your engagement that way? Or is your goal to get conversions and collect emails is your goal, to build up subscribers and followers of your social media page, because, you know, you got to think about all those things, right? your social media pages, like your credit score rating, for for a private practice, if I go to your website, and you have a plugin, typically, this is what I suggest the most doctors, if you have a plugin on your website that shows how many followers you have on Facebook, my kind of, you know, the quantitative number I look for is about 2% of your, your demographic or not 2% of your population of your town. So if you have 100,000 people in your town, you should have 2000 followers, at least, because that to me says oh, that’s where the concentration of our community going, they believe they said I like this person. So I believe it too, because that’s just that social proof. Right? That’s social proof one on one. So you should have a goal of building your followers at sometimes you should have a goal of expanding your engagement through viral content, you should have a goal of collecting emails, and then ultimately, you should also have goals of getting dollar bills, you know, which is you know, with with doctors, it’s, you know, come into my practice. Yeah. So that’s what I say, a smart spending. If I can get a little bit more diversified in that it’s to have a palette, right it’s to have a channel of dripping faucet, right, let’s say you have this, you know, one Fox it here is, is your Facebook advertising. The other is Instagram, the next faucet is Google AdWords. Next faucet is LinkedIn. And then you say you know what this is smart spending because of the low, low patient acquisition cost. If you do it right, then you should start funneling some of your money to print and then radio, a little bit of radio, a little bit of TV that’s a little bit more ego driven. Its top of mine advertising. But when you can, you can spend money on radio, print and TV, what you’re saying is to your competition is I ain’t going anywhere near you know, jack, I got this, this is my corner.

Unknown 29:20
And there’s smart things you can do in radio print that coincide with collaborative efforts with your social media marketing. So my theory is have have as many faucets just like in your practice have as many faucets of pro bono, so free patients,

Unknown 29:39
insurance patients, work comp patients, cash patients, and subdivided cash patients with prepaid versus pay as you go. And, you know, so you don’t you want to have a diverse portfolio of channels of social media marketing, just like you want to have a diverse portfolio of your patient portfolio.

Justin Trosclair 30:00
Okay. Should doctors be concerned more about their clinic page or their personal page? Because now they got like, I gotta try to figure out both or what is your they should

Unknown 30:08
they should? They might? I’ve been saying this since 2008. Do not friend your patients on Facebook, do it and

Unknown 30:19
my own father doesn’t listen to me. So I don’t know who’s going to listen to me. But okay, I believe do not friend your your patients on fit? Well, one, because at some point you need to have you need to have your own Facebook time for which is for you.

Unknown 30:32
Facebook should still be fun. And again, I get away. And when you’re getting messages from your patients, Can I Can you see me tomorrow? Oh, that. Yeah, you know that that sucks. And I and I’ve been a part of relationships or I’ve been you know, involved with a doctor who would get those messages and I say you got it, you got to train your patients, you got to tell me cannot contact me here. And this in this one, it’s not HIPAA compliant. Not to it’s it’s, it’s, it’s rude. It’s not a collaborative partnership, which is what the base and relationship should be with the doctor, right? It should be, we’re in this together. That’s abusive to me. So to stop it, the easiest way is to not friend your patients on Facebook. However, it’s 2017. It’s really hard to do that. And you can also do some marketing with your personal page on Facebook. So my opinion is, this is my opinion is do not friend your patients on Facebook. However, I can argue the other side of if you do, you can use it to help market your practice in certain ways. I just want people to know that the majority of where they should be focused on to answer your question is when it comes to the doctor themselves.

Unknown 31:45
A focus should be on their clinic page. And and that’s where they’re building up their community of followers and eventual patients. Okay, hope that makes sense.

Justin Trosclair 31:56
Yeah. I mean, because I know, you know, my personal, I was always like, Ah, you know, HIPAA part was was pretty vague in the beginning. And it’s like, you know, what, if they request me, okay, but if I’m not going to request the patient, because I think that’s, that’s to me, that was crossing the line, but like, but

Unknown 32:09
if they’re

Justin Trosclair 32:10
saying me is like, all right, well, and luckily, I’ve had had these issues that you had with

him for patient appointments and stuff,

Unknown 32:18
here’s the deal, it’s probably not going to happen in a chiropractic setting as it would more in a medical setting. But I’ll use a comparison of, you know, I dated an OB GYN, and, you know, they had a conversation about their patients, digital, you know, issues. And, you know, if she had lost her phone, and it was able to get a lot. And just say worst case scenario, you know, that patient data got put out there. I mean, that’s a $50,000 fine, is very least, it’s not worth it. It’s just not, it’s not worth the risk. And so my advice on personal stuff is if you get messaged by a patient on Facebook, redirect them to a secure messaging platform via email and say, I don’t take patient questions over Facebook due to HIPAA, you can always blame, you can always blame the big guy, and it’s the truth and direct them and say, Hey, this is the best email to contact me on it’s safe and secure. I can communicate with with you they’re more efficiently

Justin Trosclair 33:22
than that makes complete sense to me, because you don’t want to be doing that anyway. That’s your time you’re off of work, etc. You know,

Unknown 33:28
make an appointment, you know, exactly. So do people still use a Google much and you mentioned I mean, I’m coming careers are people still,

Justin Trosclair 33:38
especially for doctors offices is Google a good way to still for paid advertising besides like your listing and getting reveal

Unknown 33:45
the out still a better way than any than then social media, you know, social media is branding, I believe. It’s so it’s, it’s branding one on one. You can get conversions. You can do conversion marketing, on social media. It takes more time, bandwidth, energy, and I’ll be at money. But with smart systems, you can do it. But at the end of the day searches still what well, search, I know what I’m looking for, I’m 80% closed on what I want. And so you do need to be you know, if if you only have $1,000 to spend a month

Unknown 34:24
I would spend $500 of that I’m Facebook advertising the other 500 would be committed to my FCO whether it’s it’s pay per click, which in most markets, $500 is not going to be much. But either it’s organic SEO or pay per click, you should be focused on on search, because that’s where the majority of your patients are still going to be coming from. So you should be focused having

Unknown 34:52
a high ranking website, a low bounce rate website, so a site that people you know, want to stay on a site that has capture tools for email and data collection. So you can read target.

Unknown 35:08
And if you’re going to invest in pay per click advertising, there’s long tail forms of advertising and, you know, some very controversial ways of advertising such as advertising on competitors names, that you can get more bang for your buck. But definitely, I would say if you had to put one over the other. Yeah, Google, I would give a preference to when it comes to local specialty based searches. Because I you know, that’s it’s still we still

Justin Trosclair 35:44
have people on Facebook, who do we they might want to referral but then it’s still going to go into Well, I got the doctor’s name just intros Claire. Now how do I find him I want I mean, Google him, and now on his website, and then

Unknown 35:56
be focused on and reputation searches to because the average doctors need search 40 to 80 times a month. So it gets a you know, average 60 times a month, your name is going to be searched, you want to have a good rapper representation. And remember, Google is your first impression. I’ll say that one more time, Google is your first impression. And so you want to make the best first impression, you want to make sure that your Yelp pages is got, you know, a three and a half to four and a half star rating, at least, it’s actually healthier to have a four and a half star rating over a five star rating. And no one really has a five star rating across the board.

Unknown 36:33
You want to make sure that you have a good clean website that’s optimized on your name. I mean, I don’t know how many doctors who buy these cookie cutter template ID based websites and their their own name isn’t even optimized for it. I mean, you you Google their name, and it’s coming down their own website is is barely on the first page of their own name. And so that’s definite, like oh, wow, you know, we got a problem hear, your name should be optimized, your location should be optimized for your specialty. And your services should be optimized for your specialty.

Justin Trosclair 37:09
Do you have any

programs that you would recommend to learn this stuff? Or just pay somebody?

Unknown 37:17
Yeah, that’s a good question, um, programs to learn social media or programs to learn.

Justin Trosclair 37:25
I mean, I’ve been focused on so much social media lately because of the podcast and people aren’t looking really Google, but on Yeah, practice website is definitely based on like, Where do you live? How do you find me?

Unknown 37:36
Yeah. Rand Rand Fishkin from on or, you know, Rand Fishkin. You know, the,

Unknown 37:42
the player and FCO. They also sell SEO Services. Typically, I would suggest a company called app Sumo. Usually they have some type of, you know, at least once a month, they usually run a deal every day, once a month, at least they have some type of either pay per click or SEO kind of training course. Brought to people you can you can learn SEO, you know pretty well by yourself. You know, if you get a WordPress website, you get the Yoast SEO plugin, it’s going to do a lot of the work for you. And as it does the work, it will show you how to do the work.

Justin Trosclair 38:23
Yeah, you know,

Unknown 38:24
agreed. I mean, I’ve sold, I’ve sold back in the day when I was really hustling to make money. As a youngster, I used to sell $800 SEO packages, and basically I just had a plugin do all the work for me.

Unknown 38:38
But you know, it’s that’s the reality of the situation, you know, so, and I’m transparent, and I, I literally still have clients that pay me for the SEO, and they know it’s a plugin, they don’t want to pay to they don’t want to deal with it. So you’re paying people for that, because you don’t have the time. And or you don’t have the knowledge. So if you want to pay someone, ultimately, what you want to make sure as you’re getting the results, right, yeah. And that if you’re getting the results are getting your return on investment. And so typically, I didn’t emails,

Justin Trosclair 39:09
am I getting people in the door?

Unknown 39:11
Am I yeah, is is my site, getting a higher rate of visitors? are they staying on the site? As you said, am I getting emails, and ultimately, you know, there’s a, there’s an analytical number you can look at, like, there’s a, there’s a formula that I have that looks at visitors vs contact page, versus emails collected. And that really, if you if you put those numbers together, crunch them together, you you have a good representation of how your SEO efforts are doing. So, you know, a good SEO company should be on the low end. $500, medium $800. I know really great SEO companies that do awesome work. And I know really horrible SEO companies that steal your money that sell 1500 to $3,000 a month packages. So it’s ultimately should be a company that, that if you’re going to pay them, they don’t have a contract, that they are transparent with their their their numbers, that they do cost something and that ultimately you can track the progress and you can feel the impact your your staff should be telling you Wow, we’re getting a lot more calls from Google, you know, a month or two after signing up with them.

Justin Trosclair 40:24
What is one thing if you know, was one key that you can do to help improve your bounce rate?

Unknown 40:31
Don’t have a crappy picture of yourself up?

Unknown 40:35
Yeah, no, no, I literally did. I did a I did a study on this before myself. I was working with lawyers websites. And I found that lawyers typically would take pictures that make them look very serious. And when I compared it to sites that had a lawyer smiling versus the lawyer looking Stern,

Unknown 40:58
the stern site had I like 60 to 80% bounce rate compared to a 30 to 40% bounce rate for the site and that was that was smiling.

Unknown 41:08
The the obvious thing is already have the lower bounce rate is like speed up your site have a mobile friendly website. You know, mobile is the key. The second thing is have a

Unknown 41:21
have, have you No no. You know, flash stuff? I don’t think anyone’s told if anyone does out here, please, please, you know, no flash people get help. The you know,

Unknown 41:31
lower bounce rate typically also is going to be how is the rendering on the page? Is it design responsive and clean? Those are some simple things. You know, if you want to get more deeper on it have really engaging content and stuff that people click on. So they keep moving through your your site. And there’s a flow you know, we like to say now the clean the buzzword is funnels, right. You want to get people to keep clicking funnels are really just, you know, do they keep clicking on your site is there is there engaging story on your site. And my advice always to doctors is, you know, have social proof, have testimonials show up first, have all the things that every patient is ultimately looking for, I want to know how to find you. I want to know what uh, what do other people say about you? And I want to know why I should choose you and have that be like the first three things people see when they land on your page. And if you do just that, I mean, honestly, they’ll stay on your page, because they want to find out more. So I almost say the doctors turn your website into, you know, a third party review site within its own frame, if you can. And you can, I mean, I’ve done that for doctors and other people. I’ve built sites like that. You don’t actually

Justin Trosclair 42:49
have promos in your office to get people to actually give reviews, people just don’t make no money give reviews unless you sort of ask or you know, incentivize them. So when a TV or something well as your opinion, you know,

Unknown 42:59
what that do? You know, just that comes down to communication? And here’s the differences. It’s one it’s confidence, do I have a confidence and faith and belief in my product? Right? If I do, then I should not feel hesitant to ask somebody to leave me a review. Then it comes down to Am I asking? Am I taking action? Or is more importantly, my staff trained to take action? If you ask someone to go leave a review, or what I would ask them to do nowadays is leave have a video review. Let’s do a video review right now. It’s a it’s a coin flip it literally it’s a female patient, typically they’re going to say Oh, I didn’t I didn’t prepare for this. And then that may make then you can just say that’s great. Could you just go leave us a review on Yelp. Oh, yeah, I love to do that for you. You know, 50% chance I do. That’s where it comes down to just asking your patients just to do this if you shouldn’t have to do promos if you want to. Yeah, that’s cool to drive more but if you’re just consistently asking, and a simple framework that I have for it with patients as human beings like to help other human beings right so like it’s just like doing a cold call when you cold call, you know a business you know, typically the old school at his approaches. Oh, hey, this is Kristin from Cairo sushi have a really great deal for you can can I talk to your boss and people are like, Oh my god, what? Dude slowed up, no, go away. But if you slow down the positive, hey, it’s just your name? Oh, surely? Surely. This is Tristan over at Cairo sushi. Can you help me? And just let that bomb? Yeah, of course. That’s what people pay me to do? Well, even in the setting of your ear office, human being your patients are still human beings. And when we when we’re asked to help other people, we typically innately want to abide by that. Usually right? If you’re asking sincerely, can you help me? So if I asked you, Justin, hey, Justin, this is this has been a great podcast. We do me a favor. Can you help me?

Justin Trosclair 45:00
Don’t be so silent. It makes me want to talk first. And then I lose? Yes, of course. I hope you.

Unknown 45:06
Would you mind helping other people like you other podcasters out there. Know that I’m a great guest. And would you go Leave me a review on Yelp? Okay. Right. Right. Simple as that. So if you’re just doing that on a regular basis, you’re you’re going to have really great results. You don’t need to do the gimmicks and the promos, although I love gimmicks and promos. I am the gimmick King. You know, I grew up on wrestling. So when I hear the word gimmick, I’m like, Yeah, dude, let’s do gimmick. But you should not have to. If your work is high quality, if your if your staff lousy experience, you should be your your patients should typically be like, I can’t wait to leave a review. And so the cool thing about chiropractic is most patients, unlike dental patients are walking out typically happy, you know, so.

Justin Trosclair 45:57
Hey, brother. Yeah, let me tell you something.

Unknown 46:00
Yeah, yeah.

Justin Trosclair 46:02
Oh, yeah. You got a WordPress.

Unknown 46:07
In your eyes again, you have lost in your eyes.

Justin Trosclair 46:14
Okay, appreciate that.

Unknown 46:15
Some Well,

Justin Trosclair 46:18
I was looking at WordPress the other day. Yeah, I have to like, I’m gonna have to migrate my business website over at some point. And I’m looking at all these templates.

Unknown 46:27
What do you on right now?

Justin Trosclair 46:28
I’m on an elegant theme. I believe

Unknown 46:31
you’re in a WordPress elegant, they Okay, I’ll get things is, of course, those are good things.

Justin Trosclair 46:34
Yeah. Like, well, the one I have. I think it’s called aggression or something, or aggregate. I don’t remember. But I had an issue and 500 issue and I gotta figure out how to do the FTP.

Unknown 46:45

Justin Trosclair 46:46
cross. Yeah, we just got a very special specific right here. But I was paying somebody to do it. And like, you know what, I enjoy this. I like being creative. Oh, yeah. And so I’m going to migrate that over to something. I’m looking at all these sites and like, man, they got all these pictures and all these squares, and like six buttons on the bottom, like, guys, that is so much work. I just need some simpler websites and just have tabs. But what you just said kind of made sense. You know, when you have these one page to page three page or the phone whenever you have to scroll forever? Yeah, it kind of makes sense. Because the first one could be like a picture of your office. And then you can have a spot that has testimonies. And that’s one could be your offices are you can have office hours. And now it kind of makes more sense what the things that you said,

Unknown 47:27
find the highest,

Unknown 47:28
the highest converting dr website I ever built, was also least least time and least effort. At that point in time, they had over 40, Yelp reviews that were four or five star ratings, they had over 6042, five star Facebook reviews, they had about 20 or 30, Google reviews with the actual pitcher pitcher, right of the reviewer. And so all I did was take screenshots of those reviews, because they were transparent because it showed the you know, people knew that there were yelling reviewer, the Facebook, I just I got a Tumblr theme. I had the clinic name as the website name. And so that was a domain. And I just literally it was just one non stop page of like, it would be for reviews, and then a blog article for reviews. And then a contact information. And then it was tabs obviously for about us and contact. But the homepage was just all reviews. He almost

Justin Trosclair 48:23
didn’t eat anything else because everything that patient wants. Where are you look like?

What are you sir? What products do you actually offer? Okay.

Unknown 48:32
Yeah, totally. Totally. So I mean, there’s, there’s, there’s, you gotta think outside the box sometimes. And you gotta, you gotta think from the patient’s perspective. It’s, we get caught in the whole, you know, and I’ve done web development for people. And I when I was younger, I used to just kiss butt and be like, Oh, yes. You know, sir, yes, yes. Oh, and can you change that color there? And then eventually I’m like, Dude in my 30s I’m like, I know what works. I the goal is conversions. Do you want to make money money? Or do you want to look better to your colleagues? You know, I want to make more money I want you to make more money. But if you want to have like this, you know, you know contests with your colleagues who has a prettier website. You know, I’m not the I’m not the I’m not the guy that’s going to make this for you. Should this is starting to turn out like a pitch for me to do website. I am not for hire, I specially do not want to work with chiropractor. I don’t forget anyone all I care about Cairo sushi. So I will give my stuff away for free. That’s how I get it done. I’m past that point. I made my money in startups. I had this is a passion project for me now. So I am for if you want to grab me, I always have 15 minutes if you have questions about this stuff, but I will never ever effort before high for this. Because I have done that roadmap. You know,

Justin Trosclair 49:49
you we haven’t we have a template of Okay, this is how the podcast is probably going to flow. And like, you know what this guy is a wealth of knowledge on this product on the these services. Let’s just keep asking these questions.

Unknown 50:02
I’ll do it. I’ll give it away for free. I do it I’ll give anyway i’m doing i’m a wealth of knowledge for a lot of stuff. I mean, I’m not I don’t I don’t BS. I just, you know, I love building enterprises. And I’ve been a part of very successful enterprises that have been acquired for millions of dollars. I’ve been a part of organizations that have been converted from nonprofits and for profits that are Uber successful. And I’ve also fallen on my face like a couple of times. And so I’m honest about that. But yeah, I mean, this is what I love, dude, I love marketing. I love communication. I love business development. When I grew up as a kid, in a chiropractic office, what I was in love with was, How did my dad sell $80 worth of supplements to this patient? Like, I would just watch him and be like, I so good at selling stuff that blows me know. Yeah. And then I’d be like, how his staff was so well trained on scheduling like it was, it was like a work of art to watch the flow of patients in and out of the office. And how you the patient didn’t waste time The staff was so trained on how did they get them to book the appointment the next. The next six appointments are the practices I grew up with. It wasn’t like, Oh, can we see you next week? what works best for you, I’ll let you need to check your schedule. Okay, even call us back. It was like no doctor said he wanted to see in the next six weeks. Here’s how it’s going to go. Do you prefer mornings or afternoons we’d like to see this Thursday afternoon here, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And it was like, you know, just a symphony, you know. And so I grew up, I grew up in this like, Oh, that’s cool. And I used to go to seminars that the center we’re trying to build is the seminars I used to go to that I think really helped develop me as a young man into an entrepreneurial see, so right.

Unknown 51:57
Five years, I really think it’s just going to be standard doing this this gig, man, this is going to be something I love to do, which is working with chiropractors from Cairo sushi standpoint.

Unknown 52:09
I don’t I don’t have any kind of like, ulterior motive of like, I want to be on the board of school. I don’t want to be involved in that kind of stuff. I do not want to be involved in politics. I went to a meeting tonight. And I just wanted to knock my head against the wall for like an hour, you know, two hours of just watch it. Yeah, it was, Oh, dude. It’s just the same stuff that’s been going on for years. At the end of the day, it’s like, do you want to be successful and help serve and love more people? Or do you want to complain about pts stealing your work? Or do you want to complain about you can’t do do t exams, let’s like just shut up and go serve more people like so. That’s really I want to have in five years I hope that we are if to answer your question in five years, I hope that people go we go to Cal jam, get our California wackiness on and get our get our health and wellness and I can Cal jam is going to turn into a consumer. I think there’s going to be more consumers and chiropractors there. That’s my that’s my, my, my prediction and five years. And that Cairo sushi will be where the chiropractic business entrepreneur goes once a year, maybe maybe twice out, let’s just say once a year, and they have a just a kick butt time. And that you know, Cairo sushi calm is, you know, right up there with the American chiropractor Cairo echo for content. You know, I hope better content, that’s my goal. But I hope, you know, as many people are visiting, or you know, and those companies have done a great job. I just think that there’s a different way to reach the younger chiropractors today. And I think we’re doing a good job of doing that.

Unknown 53:52
Again, any kind of hobbies. I song, right? I used to use the song

Unknown 53:54
right a lot.

Unknown 54:00
Other than that, I like to I like to go on long drives and listen to NPR and just get lost get lost in get lost and especially Sunday morning, NPR.

Justin Trosclair 54:12
So you recommend doctors to have extremely polarizing political memes as their

Unknown 54:18
clinical? What I recognize that yes and no, I mean, if if you are trying to filter out who you want as a patient, and I’ve seen those doctors that were so anti Hillary or pro Trump, and I’m like, Look, man, if this is if, if that’s if you just want to have a pro Trump patient bail for Suit yourself, go for it. It’s the you do you man, you only have one life to live. So, you know, do I recommend it? Probably not. I would say you need you need to have a get you need to have a diversified portfolio of patient base. You should have bleeding heart liberals and strong Republicans. And then mixture of, you know, anarchist, you know, but you know, it’s only up to

Justin Trosclair 55:00
you. Do you have any kind of morning or lunch routine that excites you and get you focused for the rest of your day?

Unknown 55:07
Morning is just talking to myself in the shower. It’s conversations with trust and in the shower. I don’t eat lunch, which is not healthy. I barely eat breakfast. I do. You know,

Unknown 55:19
to say shit like that NPR thing is just like that’s really disassociate myself, but my routine is just do it. It’s just, there’s, it doesn’t stop the grind and hustle. You know, we all say that in the entrepreneurial world. But, you know, tenacity is really is something that I respected. It’s like, Look, it’s midnight right now, right about where I am, it’s like, and when we stopped this, I’m going to work for another two hours, and some content, and I’m going to get back up around 637 in the morning, and just keep going. So I almost think when you when you stop and you relax. Sometimes it’s the worst thing in the world. for for for an entrepreneur because it’s you gotta you gotta hitch back up again. So I think you’re an asked me a question about vacations next. And I’m gonna tell you what I think about that

Justin Trosclair 56:09
and go right into it. You know, how do you take vacations, especially in your line of work? How do you just put unplugged.

Unknown 56:14
So I don’t think you can do I don’t think you can do just like, you can do weekend getaway, like, I believe, here’s my theory. If you’re grinding really hard, for like a month straight, you need to take two to three days and just drop out. If you’re grinding really hard, consistently, for like six to nine months straight, you need to take three weeks off. So there’s not you can’t do the one week because one week is not enough. You gotta do two and a half weeks, with a week of when you get back to get back into the grind mode. Because it really is it’s you got to be focused that you’re going to be organized in your life with your vacation planning as you are with your your host. So, I mean, I not wanted like I don’t really like vacations. I think that

Unknown 57:07
you know, every vacation that I’ve ever been on, at least since my 20s was still I still work on my vacations. And a lot of people go that’s not healthy. And I’m like, I don’t care. It’s not about it’s what’s healthy to me. And

Unknown 57:23
I’m starting to get into meditation a little bit, I do see the value in that I just, I rather just keep my brain going.

Unknown 57:32
Sometimes, so meditation, some sometimes it’s just it’s like, it builds up apathy to me. So I’m like, shoot, that’s not me. I’m like, Come on, let’s go. You know, you

Justin Trosclair 57:41
write stuff down so you can get out of your head.

Unknown 57:44
I yeah, all the time. Dude, I and I read on walls. So I will write on anything. I mean, I literally will write on walls. If I if I have to find something to I can’t find a piece of paper or something. And it’s a pencil on the wall. And then I’ll take a screen screenshot of it and then I’ll try to walk wipe it off or fix it. Yeah, I’m constantly doodling writing down stuff. And I believe in handwriting over typing stuff up. Although typing still does work. But there’s something about retention with actually physically writing that I found works better for me.

Justin Trosclair 58:17
I agree. I mean, it’s hard. I’m so used to typing it now. But you’re right, just writing it down. It’s an extra layer does like teaching something you can think you know it by reading it. You can write it down and then if you actually have to speak it, then you really learned it solely to truly do. Last question then. You have any kind of favorite book blog podcast that you either secretly love or one that you just have to share with everyone?

Unknown 58:43
Yeah, totally. Dude. Cairo sushi. No joking.

Unknown 58:48
Yeah. The ringer. I love Bill Simmons work. I know Bill. Not well, but I know Bill. I like his popcorn. You know, that’s my sense of humor. It’s pop culture. It’s fun at sports, pop culture. It’s entertaining. We spoke about James all teacher before James all teacher. His podcast, his email. You know, he’s got a daily email I think at this point. Again, it’s entertaining read. I love Noah Kagan stuff. From app Sumo. Noah Kagan just dropped a new podcast I would suggest anyone listened to that.

Unknown 59:26
And I love

Unknown 59:30
you know, some of the you know to keep up with the chiropractic world. I love what Shawn Andrews is doing with inspired chiropractor.

Unknown 59:39
I like what Dr. bows doing Dr. Bowe peers so I associate myself outside the profession with those people and then inside the profession with with some of those folks.

Justin Trosclair 59:49
Real quick app Sumo is is that a company that helps you figure out the long tail keywords the search for our goes way deeper than that?

Unknown 59:57
No. No, absolutely. is a Groupon meets entrepreneur meets cool new tools. So like they do like a daily, like get get this YouTube video overlay system like where you can put your own ads in your own YouTube videos.

Unknown 1:00:19
Sounds cool, right?

Unknown 1:00:20
Yeah. I think it’s called like I forget what’s called Convert Kit or something. It’s not an app Sumo. Get 1000 stock images for 20 bucks app Sumo. So it’s kind of like it’s it’s it’s where the entrepreneur can go to get really great deals and for new startups, to get exposure right and get in and get people to use their stuff.

Unknown 1:00:44
trying to think of, you know, gramma. gramma is an example. Graham is an Instagram, it’s the only desktop you can you can actually use it to post Instagram from from your desktop theater. They got their start would push it on App Sumo. I believe I believe Canada actually got their name out through app Sumo. It’s created by the founder. He is the founder. His name is Noah Kagan. He worked at Facebook. He was number 18. at Facebook. It was number four at MIT, which is a financial app. He was the marketing, cmo for mint. And then he started up app Sumo and they have a sumo calm now where they they bring in a seminar in Austin, Texas, where Dr. Lang made from the evidence based chiropractor he goes, we’re both Sumo lights, and blatantly I ripped a little bit off their stuff off for sushi. So everyone always asked, Why do you think of the Inquisition? Like, just because it was cool. Like, I just like, and then and then once like, I was like, I like it. I was like, I can make up anything I want. It’s raw, it’s organic. There’s art in sushi. I mean, you can go anywhere you want with it if if I really wanted to become like that pontificating, you know, artists, right. But like, honestly, it just felt right. And I trust my innate more than anything. So as any marketer and any business owners

Justin Trosclair 1:02:09
one more question. I’m curious. You mentioned, I’ve got some stuff on long tail marketing and trying to find those keywords like chiropractic. Yeah, good luck spending dollars a click on that, but maybe,

Unknown 1:02:21
yard or $22? Maybe you need

Justin Trosclair 1:02:25
I pain from headaches? I mean, I don’t know. Is there a way? Is there any kind of apps or websites where you can figure that out? money to learn in all these little long tail keywords?

Unknown 1:02:36
No, you just use Google man you know you do is you do? chiropractor in your town and then see what the other related searches are. And so as you get more, yes, so if you look at that, that’s going to give you an idea. I really don’t think long tail keywords and chiropractic is probably as good as other other kind of domains. Like other businesses like soft service companies, like you could probably go more longtail especially marketing go more longtail if you’re if you’re googling marketing terms. I believe the answer with Google AdWords for chiropractors is it’s running AdWords on competitors names. So I truly think that the the low hanging fruit, the least path of resistance, and the lowest ad spend money is to run ads on your competitors names. And the first thing that comes up is gone. So I’m going to run it on Dr. chiropractor. That’s your call. I think ethically you got to do it twice for you. But when I say competitors, it could be the internal family medicine doctor who gets tons of back pain people because it’s really easy for him to push oxy. Can

Justin Trosclair 1:03:44
you put a theme? What actually shows up? What clinics are showing up?

Unknown 1:03:48
Well, most of the specials look at the top people Yeah, yeah, you know, I, when I say competitors, I mean the neuro surgeon who’s doing back surgery and people which they don’t need majority of the time. And there you know, that’s or its people looking to just optimize their health. I’ll leave you with this is my belief and my theory is for chiropractic to really own what we do. It’s not about back pain. Okay, that’s really cliche, right? But what I truly think the language that we should be using this is just like we do in marketing, it’s optimization. And and James, all teacher talks about this. The only three things that people care about today when they buy something, is it will it get me paid, will they get me laid and will help me lose weight. So if you focus on your chiropractic, office and marketing and those three things will help you get paid Yeah, you’ll be sick less you’ll you’ll you’ll be more optimized to make to make more money because you’ll be sick less, you’ll work harder, you’ll be able to work longer. I’m sorry, folks, this is the world we live in. Okay, there’s this is isn’t I don’t I? I love Tim Ferriss, but the majority of people cannot a chiropractor can do a four hour workweek, okay, so that’s, that’s there’s there’s no way you have to serve more people. So, a plumber has to serve more people in order for that plumber to be optimized and to get paid, they should see a chiropractor so they can be optimized on a weekly basis. You want to get laid, get adjusted. You want to feel healthier, you want to look better, you you want to you want to be able to lose weight at a faster rate take on adopt the chiropractic lifestyle. So my theory is and where I where I hope Cairo sushi we take it is changing the language of although we’re strong believers in public station, the language to the patient should be this is this is optimization, not wellness. Not not, you know, health. People don’t care about health. You want to know why I know that. Because I ran a meta spot for years dude. And the Med Spa had had a health clinic minute. Okay. And the same patients that would Oh, deductibles and copays, hundreds of dollars, maybe $300 on average and co pays and deductibles, right. The same patients would argue about paying their deductibles and copays, those same patients would throw down $3,000 cash to get their their their tummies. liposuction, right? Those same patients would pay thousands of dollars to get lip fillers. Okay. So the truth is, we got to meet human beings where they’re at. And so I truly believe that what we do as chiropractors is help optimize you. So that’s what we should be selling is do you want to be optimized so that you can get paid get laid and lose weight, which losing weight really means be healthy, right and and so, but but we don’t care being healthy, we care about being really thin,

Unknown 1:07:01
I gotta

Justin Trosclair 1:07:02
do that’s why there’s so many fad diets

Unknown 1:07:05
in chiropractic, you know, look, it’s a long way to get there to explain chiropractic can help you lose weight but ultimately if you’re functioning your optimal best if if you’re aligned in your in your thought process as well as your physical mental and spiritual components, chiropractic and help you get there and I’m not talking about you know, add a weight loss program to your chiropractic philosophy it’s work with your patients on communicating them how their thoughts are affecting them, of toxins are affecting them how traumas affecting them work with their mental, physical, and spiritual civilizations, just as well as their physical subjects stations. And that’s optimizing the future the doctor of the future which is the chiropractor is going to be the doctor that works with you on your thoughts, like energy medicine, which is what DD Palmer was really working on. works with you physically, I’m adjusting your subject stations and works with you spiritually by optimizing your life. So we we have the greatest opportunity I truly believe you want to do low back pain and workers comp, more power to you buddy. But I really honestly want to help people you know, optimize their lives. Sorry I went on a little rant Oh, sorry.

Unknown 1:08:19

Justin Trosclair 1:08:19
ok cool. So that’s why I have a long format it shows like the weekend Yeah,

Unknown 1:08:23
I like it I like it. I like it I like this this Monday rambling with me do cool

Justin Trosclair 1:08:28
so okay obviously people can find you a Cairo sushi calm How can people find you? Yes. Or Is that enough?

Unknown 1:08:35
They can pick I woke up with him on Facebook Kristen shop Facebook

Unknown 1:08:40
you know if they want to email me trust and at Cairo sushi calm

Unknown 1:08:45
you know, set up the bat signal just put you know, sushi instead of you know put a little sushi roll tuna roll and sort of Batman logo and I’ll and I’ll be there not probably like that man would maybe give me two days. But yeah, Cairo sushi dot com is probably the best way to get Okay.

Justin Trosclair 1:09:01
Very good. Any closing remarks?

Unknown 1:09:04
Dude, I love what you’re doing. However, I can support you love and serve you, brother. You know, let me know, I think that you’re on a mission. And I support that mission to you know, get to know people in our community, which is the same thing we’re trying to do. The more that we have people that are intelligent,

Unknown 1:09:24
emotionally intelligent, as well as intellectually intelligent sharing. In this profession, the more we have to learn I went like I said, I went to the meeting tonight. And there was it was a lot of times I wanted to hit my head. But there was one moment where Dr. Jobe Oreo spoke up, who’s a you know, pretty big wig and chiropractic. And he spoke up for about five minutes and dude, he just he, he reignited in that moment. I’m like, I was even thinking about guy writing. But it’s five minutes just was like, epic. And it put into perspective, what we what we do what we’re afraid of, which is like, you know, certain things were fearful of who we are as a profession. And it was just, it was mind blowing Lee good. And so the fact that you’re trying to find those little nuggets, man, I love it. I dig it. And I’ll support it for whatever you need. I appreciate it, man.

Justin Trosclair 1:10:19
Cool. Well, best of luck with Cairo, sushi, 2017, and memes and everything else you got going on.

Unknown 1:10:26
All right, Dr. Just thank you so much.

Justin Trosclair 1:10:29
Kristen, amazing job. I’m dizzy over here with all this information that you gave. Thank you so much for being open and genuine and authentic with the memes that you create with how you market with with all the knowledge that you have from your past business ventures. I really wish you the best of success, not luck, because you’re working. So the success of Cairo sushi, you got Grant Cardone, you’ve got some of the other people that you mentioned, really happy for you really excited to have you on the show. And thank you so much again, for all the value that you just brought for our guests. Stay tuned for the travel tip. All of today’s show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash one zero, just want to give a gentle reminder, the E book, when it comes out. If you were to go to a doctor’s perspective net, on the right side of the screen on pop up on the bottom of the screen, there’s all kinds of places where you put your email. And when that comes out. For a limited time, I can send it to you for free. It’s not only a book about nutrition and exercise, it’s actually like blueprints. If you haven’t really been able to stick to a diet much in your life. If you haven’t really done much exercise and it’s kind of a daunting and you get demotivated quickly, I have steps implemented steps for you to take to make big changes overall, but small changes, to start with, to get accustomed to maybe eating less food to how to build up to 20 minutes of exercise, things like that. So if you interested sign up, because it’s not only something that you could implement for yourself, especially if you are

not in peak health, but also something that you can either give or sell to your patients so that they can have a blueprint for themselves.

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travel tip for today. Whenever you’re traveling anywhere you go especially a foreign country be smart. Don’t spit maybe don’t chew gum don’t do crazy things like graffiti wall I know we’re all adults, but you still see things on TV sometimes so just make an effort you know don’t don’t throw your gum on the ground but you Treasury belong you know you don’t have to be the of noxious tourists who doesn’t follow the rules. You may even have to do a search real quick, strange rules for tourists in x, y z city state country that you go visit just to make sure that you don’t make a full pa just in case.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show and on a doctor’s perspective. net. All the references from today’s guest. sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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