Episode 28: Diabetic Neuropathy, Avoiding Amputation, and Foodie Dr. Tea Nguyen Podiatrist

Dr Tea Nguyen podiatrist specializes in diabetic wound care, why educates against the webMD diagnosis, her honest and forward speech to patients, fat relocation advances for surgical outcomes, and shares her martial and daily staff tips and foodie. Dr Tea Nguyen is Fellowship trained in wound care particularly with diabetics. Big reason why diabetics have…

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Episode 10 Tristan Schaub ChiroSushi New Principles in Marketing and Communication

Tristan ChiroSushi  Schaub talks about the first annual ChiroSushi Summit in Las Vegas.  The chiropractic summit is all about marketing, communication, practice management and personal and professional development.  It’s not tied to any specific school or dogma so they cut through a lot of the red tape that goes on behind the scenes in most…

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