Episode 09: Why Authenticity is your Tipping Point for Growth by Dr RJ Gelinas Principled Chiropractor

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Dr RJ Gelinas chiropractor talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Episode 09: Why Authenticity is your Tipping Point for Growth

by Dr RJ Gelinas Principled Chiropractor

Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer Graduate, RJ Gelinas joins us on the podcast and discusses how a principled chiropractor practices.  Spoiler: The main difference being someone who almost exclusively delivers an adjustment versus a doctor who might do decompression, cold laser or lots of rehab.

He suggests to students but also practices it himself, to listen to 60 straight days of Sigafoose and BJ Palmer so that you can really stay focused on the power of the adjustment.  You can listen to some of the highlight reels on SigTalks Podcast.  Dr RJ spent many hours mastering the Tonal Integrative Correction (TIC) Technique by Jason Sabo to adjust Atlas, C1, so that the nervous system can do its job and let the body function better. He discusses a little about his Christian mission trip to Kenya via Flatirons Church, The Crucible Project men’s retreat and how it affects his life.

His wife is also a chiropractor and has a blog called InnateMom  that discusses health, raising kids in an optimal health mindset, picking the right food, recipes and more.  Together they do a daily gratitude journal and communicate and pray together for at least 30  minutes everyday after the kids go to sleep.

Dr. Gelinas and his brother created a business called Tipping Point Practice.  It is not another coaching company but instead helps you train and hire your staff, holds you  accountable for certain practice management aspects and frees you up to be a doctor and lets TPP be the manager to stream line systems.  Their goal is to help offices reach the tipping point of marketing domination where people  flood in and you are making an impact on the health of the community.  He mentioned FOMO and how that relates to marketing, but you have to listen to find out how.  Being authentic is the key to success.  Be yourself and people will be attracted to you, whether that’s at health screenings, lunch and learns or public speaking.  He also found that sticking to one presentation/ lecture was better than always trying to make a new one.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/09 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the interview transcription.


In a Pit with a Lion by Mark Batterson

Green books by BJ Palmer at Palmer Library

Wallace Wattles  the Complete Book:  9 books in 1
The art of not Giving a F by Mark Manson


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You can find more information on Dr. Gelinas at IgetIt Chiropractic

Travel Tip
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Unknown 0:01
episode nine.

Justin Trosclair 0:03
Why authenticity is your tipping point for growth. I’m your host, Dr. Justin trust Claire. And today we will RJ Jelena perspective

for doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant homeless. Listen, as your

Unknown 0:18
host, Dr. Justin shows claim goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guess about real world

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practical tips and entertainment on this episode. A doctor

Dr. Justin here. Thanks everybody for listening today. A couple weeks ago, I got back from Malaysia for a trip and at also mentioned the travel to having patients and let me tell you this trip, I needed it. It was several things like ebook to room but you only got one. You want to do this this tour? Well, it’s kind of raining so you can’t do it. I mean, it was it was still really a good experience, got some great photos, it some great food, gotta snorkel and actually see some fish. And so it was it was a really good time. It just really was it was it was there. They really were some trying moments, but you just gotta have patience, you gotta breathe through it, and know, hey, you’re here. Just enjoy it roll with the punches, if it’s cancelled, and go do something else. And you know, that’s okay, maybe, maybe you weren’t supposed to see whatever it is you wanted to see to begin with. Because at this point, there was a ship that broke and 20 something people band together and floated to a nearby island, because the waters are so choppy. And they still haven’t found a couple of them. You know, it’s Count your blessings. I guess. I just wanted to rant about that for a minute. Sorry about all the roosters. They just speak at anytime of the day. Our guest today is RJ Joanna, I hope I said it right. He is a principal chiropractor with some big dreams, some big goals and a mission. If you’ve never heard a chiropractor who isn’t just about neck pain, or back pain, or arthritis, but one that is more about how powerful the adjustment is how powerful the body is able to heal itself, then today, you get to hear that from a guy who’s been on a few other talks is really passionate about it. So I’m excited for you to hear what he has to say. You can get all the show notes at a doctor’s perspective. NET slash 09. Today’s episode is sponsored by me. I’m super excited. We have merchandise at a doctor’s perspective, net slash shop. It’s print on demand. So we have styles for men styles for women, lots of different colors, t shirts, we’ve got the logo, but we also have a special design for chiropractors. I would like to do more and expand into other professions. But for right now, that’s all I have. If you like the show, you want to support it. And we’re pretty sweet, soft, durable, printed in America t shirt and more doctor’s perspective. NET slash shop. Also if you were curious, the book cover is finished getting it formatted. And then building a quick little page or two to to explain why you should get it. I’m excited. You should be ready to go. And just a couple weeks. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Welcome to the show. Dr. RJ Jelena Doctor of Chiropractic a principled chiropractor. Welcome to the show.

Unknown 3:17
Thanks, brother. Thanks, Doc. Thanks for having me.

Justin Trosclair 3:20
Absolutely, it’s a pleasure. So let’s just jump right into it. What Why did you choose to become a chiropractor and if I’m not mistaken, a principled Palmer graduate chiropractor?

Unknown 3:31
Absolutely man from the fountainhead grow my beard like DD and outgrown BJ. But that’s beside the point. So you said Why did I become a chiropractor. My oldest brother growing up he’s 18 years older than I am was a chiropractor practice a large pain based clinic in Edmonton in Canada. I did a lot for athletes, injuries, you know, symptoms, things like that. So I thought was always intriguing, you know, just to see him and in just what he was doing in the amount of people are going in and out of that office and the amount of lives he was impacting. So I always wanted to go to chiropractic school, I wanted to be a chiropractor. I played around with going to nursing school or even being a teacher. And then I was playing rugby and I started playing rugby in 1993 in high school. In one day, I was sitting there and I looked and ended up getting an offer to rugby scholarship to Palmer chiropractic college in Davenport, Iowa. And I was just when I first got offered as like, is it Notre Dame? And they’re like, no, it’s Davenport, Iowa. Like that’s got to be good enough. So I went to school to play rugby, and to be a chiropractor, like my brother that worked with physical therapists and did all this sports training. And then the reason I got into principal chiropractic was through my own health issues. Just before I graduated, I got diagnosed with type two diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. And, you know, medically It was 15 pills to take for the rest of my life that led to infertility, sterility and erectile dysfunction. And I’ve yet to meet a single person that wants to sign up for erectile dysfunction. I’ve just never been able to find a person who like yes thank the Lord and I hit depression I hit rock bottom the lowest of the low and friends are like he got to meet this chestnut go see this James chestnut and I went heard him speak any sort of changed my view on you know civilization and in a sublimation stress response and things like that. And then I started getting into more things like the green books you know did Maximized Living gotten a sick of Foose I to me the thing that got me to go really back to the principal was listening to old school BJ Palmer audio and a funny story for I was telling some guys they me speaking at a philosophy night here in Colorado while ago then I was telling some guys after that there’s kids in my class that were like you need to do Sega Foose, you need to get Sega Foose, so I’ll never forget it was first try I left class that I didn’t Friday. I’m like, I gotta go find the Sigma foods. So I went to four liquor stores and I couldn’t find sigma foods anywhere. And I went back and like Dude, where’d you guys by the Sigma foods from man? I gotta try it. And I’m like, No, man, Sega Foose isn’t booze, it’s a dude. And so then sorry, that that’s how it was born. I, you know, I got into, then I wasn’t into it. But now I’m into it hard. And, to me, there’s nothing more important than the principal chiropractors that just do chiropractic. And so my office, I’m, you know, it’s all the principal all the time.

Unknown 6:32
That’s just what we change doing it and adapted to it. And I love telling people that, you know, chiropractic isn’t a treatment for anything, chiropractic makes the body’s ability to heal better. And that’s why we see the miracles.

Justin Trosclair 6:44
Right. And so that’s the principle in part is, is, I guess, give us a two minute version. If you have a two minute version of what does it mean to be like a principal chiropractor versus another, we like to use the word mixed, where we, we don’t really think of carpeting that can do that much except faces neck pain and back pain. So give us the what’s the principle doctor to you,

Unknown 7:03
to me, a principal chiropractors and one that just adjust, like you you adjust, you might do that, you know, some minor therapies, but you did not do in cold or laser, or you’re not doing decompression, you’re not really prescribing like a ton of supplements. You know, things like that, to me is outside the principal chiropractic because, you know, BJ said, done by hand. And it was interesting for a long time. I thought that when I meant by hand, not by tool, and then I read something from BJ works a while ago and he said if it’s you know machine in your hand, it’s still done by hand. So I’ve lightened up a bit on on on that and instrument adjusting because I shade force.

Unknown 7:42
Right? I thought before, it was like, I mean, there’s moments in my life to where I went strictly Upper Cervical. And that’s why I practice now. But like, you’re either getting see one adjusted or you’re not getting adjusted. And so just to me, the principle is that you want to adjust and you adjust first and foremost.

Justin Trosclair 8:01
Have you listen to the Sega Foose podcast that his son created?

Unknown 8:07
Yeah, I’ve been on the sake of foods. They’ve actually had me on the show. They had me on their doctor carries had me on before. But yeah, I mean, there’s, I call it the Sigma foods cleanse, I’m going to tell a lot of grads that have schools that they should listen nothing but Sega foods for 60 straight days, and I’ll you know, rock their world and change their minds.

Justin Trosclair 8:26
When I agree like there’s coming out of school and just floundering if you have a management company to try to help you with the business part of of clinic, there’s so much what do I do now? Because the schools teach you one way you feel like you got people like yourself who talk another way, just like I don’t know which way to go, that I have something to ground yourself on. Like, why do you deliver the adjustment? Is it just pain relief? Or is there more to it? You gotta have that somewhere else. And I think you can start in school. And if you don’t have it, at some point, I think in the first five years, you’re going to discover that you need to have some of that just to stay focused. Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown 9:02
I mean, a lot of management companies are going to tell you how to set up your business, you know, to do scripts, but if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it doesn’t come off authentic. So to me that the more I found is that the more I’ve gone to my authentic self, the more I became a principal chiropractor, because I wanted to do the adjustments to, you know, allow the expression of Nate, just to be at 100%. And not to treat symptoms. And the hard part is, is that you still get people coming in for over 10 years, as you even become more principle, that affinity for 10 years in practice. And they still want you to treat symptoms, you always have to bring it back to you know, we’re not a treatments like classic syphilis, when he talks about the lady, I think her name was Mary. And at the end of the story, she’s like, she would get hit by a car ran over. And she’s like, what happened, Mary, she’s like it was my Atlas doc. Right? Like, you have to integrate it in their minds that, you know, if they have pressure on the nervous system, their body isn’t going to function. And I know that they want their symptom gone, but we got to get the pressure off the nervous system.

Justin Trosclair 9:59
Hmm, very good. So that I would normally ask them what their specialty is. And that sounds like that is your specialty. Because not every chiropractor is going to be like that. Would I be safe and assuming that?

Unknown 10:11
Yeah, absolutely. Man, my big thing is that we you know, get pressure off that brainstem we just a lot of the upper cervical spine.

Unknown 10:20
Couple years or a year ago, year and a half ago, maybe I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Jason sable guy from Canada speak. And he adjusted me with his a system that he created called t IC, or tick stands for total integrative correction. And so it made a huge impact. My Atlas hadn’t been holding for three straight days. And I went five months without receiving adjustment because my outlets was holding for five straight months. And then it went out three straight days he came and spoke he adjusted me did his did this procedure. And I was like, Wow, that’s pretty cool. And I went took the class. And now I do a lot of that adjusting where you don’t cross the sympathetic comparison for that nervous system. So now I’m really even more dialed in and say, Okay, if you come in, we adjust your parasympathetic, we don’t adjust your sympathetic spine, or your nervous system, attach your sympathetic spine or during that visit till you’re clear on the parasympathetic. In the results I’ve seen since I’ve made that switch have been just mind boggling. So because even with like the Blair, when I had set someone’s Atlas, I wouldn’t touch out and see him. But I do see five and below sometimes even you know, cervical thoracic lumbar, in some Blair docs would say, well, then that’s not Blair. And I get that. I mean, that’s why it’s called the art of chiropractic because I can have my own art. And the reason I like Dr. sables was that it was postural base so that all the adjustments done seated, you measure their posture, and they can actually see the correction. Like there’s someone watching an adjustment, they can see what their own eyes at the adjustments, actually correcting the posture. And so it’s just super cool to do it. And it’s low force and very specific. And I like I say, I can’t tell you the amount of results we’ve had from just one subtle change.

Justin Trosclair 12:02
I could go on for a while on that one. But I’ll spare spare the audience our tangent on that and say, go on their website. And I’ll put a link in the show notes for that. Because now I’m kind of curious about what what that entails. So there are seminars to learn it and everything.

Unknown 12:17
Absolutely, yeah, he’s been teaching it. You know, he didn’t ever think he was going to be able to you know, he didn’t have that idea of doing it. Now he is because people have requested he just, he just held a seminar up at his office, I think there’s five or six, maybe 10 docs up there the last seminar and he did some last year in Frisco in New York, as well as Colorado. So it’s pretty cool.

Justin Trosclair 12:38
Okay, we got to take do the account for continuing ed or this is going to be more of just a technique that you have a desire

Unknown 12:44
is continuing at. So you can get your CS. Yep.

Justin Trosclair 12:48
Even better, based on the type of chiropractic that you deliver. In Colorado? What are some of the common misconceptions that you face in as a chiropractor, but also maybe as as the principle of style chiropractic? Or they’re the same thing? Or do you have some differences?

Unknown 13:03
No, I think the biggest misconception is that we can’t help people with conditions. Right? Like, you know, I tell you to people all the time, yeah, I’m not treating your condition. But I allow your body to function better and when your body functions better automatically do that. So I think in the public eye, they don’t think when they have a condition, like an autoimmune condition, or infertility issue. You know, things like that. heart problems, things like that. They don’t think of a chiropractor to go to for help. The The way I see though, the, the public, it’s like an episode of The Simpsons, you see Homer Simpson rolling in a trash can, oh, chiropractor? Right? My backwards chiropractor, I got a headache. Right? chiropractic. That’s what the the world seems to think of us as, as these pain guys. And the reality is, is that in my office, I hardly anyone that’s in pain, right? Like we’re seeing people with all different types of conditions from A to Z, that understand now from education that you get adjusted to allow maximum expression of life and reach human potential. And to me, that’s the if the world is understood that we work with the brain. And you know, I think that’s where we need almost educate now is that we’re brain based doctors. There’s no doctor in the world that is more influential and impactful than us as chiropractors to influence brain neurologist study brain, but they’re going to cut on your brain or drug your brain that’s not working with the brain. Right? So I had an interesting conversation of vitamin cottage I was, you know, telling this lady that I help people with the brain, and she’s like, How’d you do that? And I said, Well, I adjust. She goes, What are you chiropractor? And I said, Yeah, she goes, Well, you don’t work with the brain. And I said, with her, Well, yeah, you don’t work with supplements. And she was you can’t say that I work with supplements. I say, Well, I work with the brain. You can’t say that either. So long story short, she goes, What’s your What’s your name? Give me a card. I’m like, No, no, you give me your information, my staff will call and schedule you. And you can come on in and learn about how we hear the top experts at the brain. And so it’s funny she did. She’s like, I’ve been kind of practice for years. No one told me you work with the brain? I’m like, yeah, that’s a that’s a big problem.

Justin Trosclair 15:13
Yeah, I mean, because every adjustment goes through the spinal cord. So the brain changes some things shut some things off. Like the the research is, I’m always interested in seeing, like, what happens. And it seems like the research is actually showing what some of the stuff BJ was claiming so long ago, but really didn’t have the science to back it up. And now we’re seeing it. And now I can take some of the things that you’re saying. And we have studies, they’re like, this is kind of how it’s working. I love it. We still don’t know. But

Unknown 15:39
and the other part of that, too, is like you said that the BJ didn’t research and the biggest misconception is that most of the stuff that’s coming out now BJ did back in the day, but it’s buried at the bottom of Palmer they have it all in their in their archives. It’s stuff that’s not out there. Right. So I think, you know, BJ was a smart dude, he was it was he was ahead of his time.

Unknown 16:02
And I think that if he he the mistake, I believe that he made was when he said to other people, as you go through that you have to think for yourself and you can create new things. I think just what we’ve done is we’ve created all these techniques off of it. And then we become a technique war. Right? Instead of saying that your technique does the same thing as my technique. It’s the art part. As long as the philosophy stays the same, and the artists can change, painting is painting. Right. But Michelangelo and Picasso had different forms. It was still painting.

Justin Trosclair 16:30
That’s true that the green books where where does somebody find those is they become digital copies it just easily download it or do you still like find them on eBay or something?

Unknown 16:43
If you find them on eBay, you can find some cool ones with BJ is actual autographs. There’s the ones I go to collect. Because I want actual BJ writing. Palmer bookstore I think that Logan bookstore, not Logan. I mean, Sherman, I think they got green books. There’s DCs store or something like that online that you can get green books.

Justin Trosclair 17:02
Okay, so that readily available?

Unknown 17:04
Yeah, and same with the audio is like I buy so much BJ audio. And I love listening old BJ Palmer audio?

Justin Trosclair 17:11
Well, let’s switch gears a little bit to the practice part of the interview. When you how do you how do you find good staff? How do you keep them what makes them good.

Unknown 17:20
So most chiropractors, we come out of school with a lot of piss and vinegar, and we want to do it all. Like we want to run our practice, we want to do everything. And so for the first nine years in practice, I did that. And then last year, I brought on my brother is been a successful businessman for most of his life. A different brother, not the brother is a chiropractor, ran multiple hockey teams from a central location, just really good in business. And he succeeded with every business he touched. So he my mother passed away, I’m started making changes in the office. And he’s like, hey, I want to help you. So the thing about it is, is I brought my brother on, you know, I call my CEO or whatever you want to call office manager, whatever you want to do it. And he basically runs my staff, he runs my team. So I show up, I do some trainings with them. We have like our check ins or meetings. But other than that, like he’s just on a phone call today with them. They have their weekly meetings, he has performance, he’s got charts, he’s got it all. He’s the one that’s hired two of my staff right now. He does the interview process on the phone. And he finds this good people to fit roles that he has, but they have clear expectations, performance markers, all that and they come together and they have these weekly calls and scorecards. So it’s taking the pressure off me where I just get to show up now and be the doctor. So that’s been something that’s cool. And we’re bringing it to chiropractic, we work with two other three other offices right now where he does the same thing for them. And we’re just you know, going to launch you asked me earlier, if we were going to have anything cool, that would be the coolest thing I have.

Unknown 19:00
So it’s the tipping point practice, or because we want to help offices reach the tipping point of market domination where people are flooding in. So we’re making impact and communities making them healthier. And it’s not a system, we’re not a coaching system, we’re a help you get done system where you can be the doctor and that’s what you excel in.

Justin Trosclair 19:20
Very good, very good. But it’s there are some systems involved to make it happen.

Unknown 19:25
Not not really we’ve we’ve the other two opposite we work with are different than mine. And then he just has measurable goals and tangibles that he’s putting in place to help that Dr. grow the office he wants. So basically, what we do is the first time we go out, we sit down and find these docs and say what do you want? How do you want your business to look? What do you if you had your ideal practice? What would it be? And then we help them create that. He just does all the work with all the staff man, he trains them finds the right people. You know, because as chiropractors I’m sure when you when you’re here in practice in Colorado, you get calls all the time. Hey, do you want to do this? Do you want to do this? We can get you this in, like one of my great friends, a pastor at flat orange church in Colorado, Scott nickel, wrote a blog post on fumo the fear of missing out. And I’m like, Oh my god, how much money have I lost in the fear of missing out in 10 years of practice? Absolutely.

Unknown 20:18
Right, because we want that bullet, we want that magic. We want that dust. That’s all we do that you have 10,000 new patients, we chase it. so horrible. redo it. So the great thing with my brother being involved as he doesn’t chase anything, he looks at it from a different standpoint. So now I got all these people calling me. And I say Yeah, great. Don’t waste your time call called Gary. And he’ll answer make the decision.

Justin Trosclair 20:39
Those good have solid, solid business practices and procedures, whether it’s from your brother, or call any learning it from somebody, you got to have those. And it sounds like you guys finally figured it out and can offer that to other people. That’s good. It’s a good service.

Unknown 20:54
Yeah, cuz I’m not. I’m not the business guy, man. I’m the servant. I like to show up and serve every single day. Serve, serve serve,

Justin Trosclair 21:01
I’m guessing a lot of what you do is just educating your own staff like the same message that you tell the patients and just kind of encouraging the staff? That’s the same way I’m assuming?

Unknown 21:09
Yep. Yes, that’s big for me is that everyone on my team has to speak the same language. So when someone news hired on they have to come to every principle doctrine report that we do, they have to sit through it, take notes, and then basically, it’s learning through osmosis, where I want them to be able to be if I don’t show up one day that they could get up in front do my my principal report? That’d be nice, right? They’re not going to know that they’re not a darkness need to teach it. And it’s

Justin Trosclair 21:33
as simple Absolutely. Well, what have been some of your top of marketing tactics that bring the most return on your investment?

Unknown 21:40
You know, I’m a guy that grew up when I when we’re getting at a school that it was all about screening. So I learned really quick how to become a great screener. So I’m really good at spinal screenings, I love being out the community and educating. I like dinners with a doc, again, that’s been huge. One of the biggest ones for me is lunch and learns where you go to companies and you teach topics. The thing is that you find it’s what you learn is that the most successful people have one talk and they do it over and over. But as chiropractors we think, oh, if I have more toxins better. So I really hone down. I got a really good stress talk that I do that gets a lot of people in and a new year new you talk which came to me in a message, and it pulled over wrote a talk down. A few weeks ago, I went to Charlie majors was a awesome principal chiropractic, us is celebration of life, he passed away. And I went to that and just being around all the people and all the energy in the room. I was driving home from the airport and this message came to my head and it was my first first time i life I listened to it. So I pulled over and I wrote this new year’s new you talk and I’ve done it four times and had extreme success from doing that. So it just I love speaking as you can tell, I’m not short for words. And I like to hog hog the words in the air time. So I will take speaking anytime I can.

Justin Trosclair 22:57
that’s a that’s a really good ability. Because I think for lot of chiropractors screening and getting those people out there and you know, always like lunch and learns. But you have to have a strategy, like selling either good speech or good presentation of something. Otherwise, you’re going there, you’re giving food you’re talking to the doctors but you’re not getting the results. Those referrals are the you know, the patient signing up to come to care. And that’s the biggest piece.

Unknown 23:18
Well, the thing with the New Year new you it was okay. Our society as a culture. You know, we want to be healthy yet our healthcare system sucks. So the New Year new you is okay, let’s do something different for you to make your your better in your life better. And it’s Chiropractic and then just go right into what chiropractic is. And so it’s like my principled report, but at a lunch and learn and people like that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Where in the past I would have gone in and taught them some topic then tried to close on chiropractic. Now I’m the whole talk is chiropractic.

Justin Trosclair 23:50
Yeah, so it’s just different sounds like you know, you have a product that you can monetize, potentially.

Unknown 23:57
Write me speak for

Justin Trosclair 23:59
you, right? Learn my speech, we have a lot of those notes for sure. No,

Unknown 24:03
and that’s that. Well, it’s interesting that you said that, because for years, you know, you you see on Facebook, or you know, someone will post something, I did this talk and close this many of this many, and like what you say, and then they tell you everything they said and you go try to deliver their talk and it never works. So I’m big on if the other chiropractors, you might have to have to have a model, but you need to speak from yourself like and that’s why I always big on is that the more authentic you can be, the more you’re going to gain from it, the more you’re going to grow from it in any setting. So the magic bullet and here’s this to anyone listening, the magic bullet is this Be yourself, and people will come in agree, right? Like that’s a that’s a big nugget. And that’s a huge truth bomb is that if you’re yourself, people will come in and follow you. But the minute you try to be someone else, your it’s you’re screwed. I can’t tell you how many times I had to you, you know, using the script running a script because you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re like, Man, this is tools. We’re not like, as you said anything wrong. It’s just that you’re like, I hate this analogy. Like I don’t like it and you got to like figure Okay, what what do I know, that I can speak passionately about? Because I’m not a mechanic? I mean, I’m not, you know, some of these classic ones that we use in the field, like changing your tire. And I’m like, Well, I don’t really know what I’m talking I hate tires. Am a change changes my tires. I don’t know anything about a tire, right? It’s, it makes so much sense. You hit the nail on the head there Doc, that it’s so important that if if you’re not jiving with it, you got to change it and eat you can practice 1000 times. And if it doesn’t sit well with you, it’s going to come across really awkward. And people pick up on that and they don’t buy it.

Justin Trosclair 25:39
Yeah, like you said authenticity. Well, I’m going to ask one more question in this around before we switch gears completely. It’s about looking in the future five years, maybe 10 years? What kind of goals maybe do you have for yourself? Where do you see the future of chiropractic going? What What do you see in this, this area?

Unknown 25:58
Alright, so here, here’s mine. I’m a big goal guy, big vision guy and visionary. So my, my idea is this, that

Unknown 26:07
right now my focus is on making Colorado healthy again. And my vision is this that I’m going to have a center, it’s going to be called the I get a Chiropractic Center. And it’s going to be the coolest place in Colorado, people are going to come from all over the world all over the state to come see us. I’m going to have probably 20 docs in there, we’re going to be seeing 3300 people a day. Just like BJ Palmer, his clinic saw back in the 1900s in Davenport, Iowa. And if anyone’s been to Davenport, Iowa, or you’re from there, I apologize in advance, but it’s not the coolest place in town. Colorado’s got way more to offer and way better than damper. And that’s just my bias opinion, because I live here, but you’ll get over it. And so what I want to have in there is I want it to be the place that people go to in town, like in sort of the view is this that I become their life doctor. So whatever phase of life they’re in, they can come and see me. So if they’re born yet we go to the doctor we have issue we go to life doctor, I want to get off meds go to life, Dr. I’m healthy, and I want to just keep being active in Colorado, we go to the life doctor, because he wants to make my life better. And when my life becomes better, I’m I’m more apt to fulfill my PR reach my potential fulfilling my purpose. And we all have a purpose. And in this place, I visualize it, there’s going to be like a juice bar, you’re gonna have restaurants, we’re gonna have a gym, we’re gonna have a homeschool center, we’re going to have a it’s going to be used for worship, on the weekends that that people can come and worship, worship services, and have a store, we’re gonna have a grocery center, we’re like, it just can be the coolest place in town. So people can come and do everything. like Hey, man, let’s go to I get it for dinner tonight, the restaurant, there’s amazing and we better get our power turned on. So our body digests this food better. And we prevent sickness and disease. And then you can have all these kids coming in, they’re going to school learning how to think and be creative and not being taught what to think. And just changing the culture so much that we take it back, right that we become the leaders, we become the next, the next great thing and I just going to revolutionize the culture. And what I mean by the culture is that the community is going to change that we start to have the healthiest people. And when you have the healthiest people, you have less crime, you have less sickness, you have less disease, you have less single parents, you just everything changes when pressures are moved off that brainstem, because if you look at all people, we all have the same characteristics inside of us love compassion, sharing, caring, joy, humility, we have all these in us. But when there’s pressure on that brainstem, and in the stress response that and that’s when you get rage, aggression, anger, right, you have hate, you have spite, and we live in that. And that trickles down and affects every aspect of our society. And so if we don’t have big vision to change that, and we’re going to play it small and chiropractic, we’re not going to make the difference. We need to have these major centers where people come and they’re like, this is this is the answer that we’ve been looking for.

Justin Trosclair 29:02
That is nicely I

Unknown 29:03
wasn’t too much

Justin Trosclair 29:03
know, hey, I mean, I’m just I listened. I listened to that. And I’m like, Okay, well, my goals are much smaller than that. And I’m guessing you’re going to need a lot of help to get where you are. And it sounds like you’re already based on some of the names you’ve been dropping throughout the interview. You were positioning yourself with some of the people that are like minded and they can help you get to those, these these goals fulfilled. So

Unknown 29:24
absolutely. And it’s a there’s a book, man I’m reading at home. It’s I got recommended to me it’s Chase. In a pit with a lion. It’s called in a pit with a lion. And it talks about how Benihana or Ben Benny I can’t even pronounce his name will just call them bad. It’s a biblical spelling. And don’t judge me because my Hooked on Phonics, Canadian brain has to sound it out. But we’ll call them Ben any any basically what he does is there was a lion. And instead of running away from the lion, he actually chased the line into a pit and killed a lion. And the analogy is that most of us spend our lives running away from lions. So there are fears and all this instead of chasing them. And basically it came down to that with God. Nothing is impossible. And the bigger the bigger your life gets, the bigger your God’s got to get. So I’m just relying huge that I know I can’t make that vision happen for myself. But I know if I trust in God that it’ll happen because it was his vision that he put inside of me. And I just have to act upon right. So I’m chasing lions this year, man, I’m chasing and killing lions. And that’s fantastic. And don’t get mad that I said that I’m not going on a safari to kill some sacred line want to be that dentist again? No,

Justin Trosclair 30:39
they butchered that guy for guy.

Unknown 30:42
right for you.

Justin Trosclair 30:45
Okay, so completely changing gears here. More than like a little bit of the personal before we wrap up today. So besides obviously, chiropractic and these huge goals you have what preoccupies your mind like kids hobbies, a wife volunteering, what? What are you?

Unknown 31:00
Okay, awesome, man. That’s a great question. You know, I’m really big right now. My wife and I have been together, we open our practice together, no, six, we had our first child and 2012 my daughter data. And then in 2014, we had my son justice. So I’m big right now with being dad, like, I’ve really toned down stuff in the you know, just go go go in the office. We’re like I said, Bring it on my brother. We’re now you know, chiropractic philosophy is above, down inside out. So that’s been our focus lately is to grow the practice from above, down inside out. And so I’ve really stepped back doing things that are unnecessary. And really, you know, learning that fear of missing out is I can say no to things to give to my children. I love hanging out with them. And my wife, I love brainstorming with my wife, you know, she created the innate mom, which is awesome for people. If there’s listeners out there, you want to get, you know, some really cool stuff to get your people trusting the body, go to Nate mom.com, or Facebook page, the innate mom, and it’s just awesome like that. I just want to help or support that, because I think that’s big for our community. If we can get just lay folk understanding that our bodies so intelligent would be cool.

Unknown 32:09
Hobbies, being from Canada, I play hockey, I play once a week, it’s my let go time it’s sort of, you know, my recharge, I enjoy working out lifting weights. Serving wise I might one of my greatest days is Tuesdays when I go adjust all the church staff at flat orange church and Lafayette and I love it.

Unknown 32:30
You know, it’s just it just resets me to see people so grateful for allowing their body to function, heal it just awesome. And then another thing I’m doing is, like I said, the beginning before we started, it’s not really a hobby, but I’m going on a mission trip with a bunch of Christian Brothers, to Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya, and I’m leaving tomorrow. So I’m, I’m gone there for 11 days to go help men become stronger in Jesus. And it’s that’s, you know, I guess God is a big part of, of my thought process and my thinking, and I’m proud to say that years ago, I wasn’t.

Unknown 33:04
You know, it was more of like, Oh, it’s not cool. And you know what? It is cool to like Jesus and to follow him. And if you have an issue with that again, that’s that’s your own problem. Not my worry. So, but hopefully that answers those questions that I miss anything? No,

Justin Trosclair 33:20
I think that work. I had a friend that actually talking to Roby for a couple of years right out of college. I thought those were pretty interesting. And then here you are going to witness if that’s the right word, right witness to the some of the men Dr. Got was thinking you were going to go for chiropractic, but actually going with flat irons, you know, we both have church, it was it’s amazing church, it’s it’s one of the fat, isn’t it like the first or second fastest growing church in America?

Unknown 33:47
Yeah, I mean, the both Jim and Scott are amazing leaders. So they got me turned on to this thing called the crucible, which is a weekend for men, where you go wrestle with God, it truly was a wrestling match. And so we’re going to lead some of those over in Nairobi, you know, my team is going to get principled chiropractic care from the minute we leave till the minute I get back there, you know, they’re like, you have to bring your tail and like, Don’t worry, that’s what gets me through these trips to is just doing my my gifts and my talents. I love doing chiropractic. And if I get the chance to just people in Nairobi, when I’m there, you better believe atlases will be moved on the streets of Nairobi. Pretty cool, pretty cool.

Justin Trosclair 34:28
Give us give us a hint, you’re married, you have kids, what’s something that you can do to make sure that you and your wife stay connected and fully in charge and in tune together?

Unknown 34:38
Okay, so some of our practices are is what we started doing lately. That’s really helped. As we we have a journal by our bed, and this, this will turn into it. But we start every day, every morning, we wake up, we write our gratitude list. And every night before bed, we write a gratitude list. We always make it a priority, that after the kids go to bed, we have you know, 30 minutes to an hour, we sit there together before we go to sleep talking, communicating, we pray together every night before bed.

Unknown 35:08
And just having open comment, comment, you know, communication, like she knows my set schedule, and says, you know, here’s where I’m gone in the office, here’s where I’m home, here’s where I’m going to help out. So it’s just open communication and clear lines. And you know, the biggest thing is, you have that the God at part, I think keeps us connected. But no secrets. Like she knows everything I’m doing. And it just, it just works that way with open authentic communication.

Justin Trosclair 35:31
Perfect, perfect.

Unknown 35:33
And I think you know, to be honest to I want to throw this out here. The other other cool thing is that she’s a principal chiropractor herself. So she knows what I’m going to work. And she knows when I’m in the grind that I’m doing it to change humanity. And I think that helps like she’s very, you know, forgiving and things like that. Compared to when you want to go do something that that doesn’t move the needle forward, then and she’s not very. And that’s just that’s the check in process. Right? Like she keeps me focused, and she keeps me engaged in it. It’s good. It’s a good balance.

Justin Trosclair 36:01
So it’s what you want know why in a spouse? I would think? Yes, yeah. Yeah. You mentioned the innate Mom, do you want to spend a minute and just kind of give it an example of what because I don’t think anybody knows what innate really, intelligence is much less than eight mom. So what kind of things when you see on that website,

Unknown 36:16
so you’ll just you’ll see things to trust the body, right? Like everything happens the body for a reason, it’s all done by design. And that when there’s an issue, you should really trust the instincts or the body into getting it better. So like, a lot of food that, you know, innate foods that are that are foods that are God foods are natural foods that we should eat. There’s recipes, there’s just a lot of mindset stuff, like when people are going through the their worst parts of their life. And they’re like, Oh, my God, this is the worst thing. It’s almost like mindset stuff where you have to choose what you’re going to do. Like you can accept it, or you can just keep hiding it. But she really wanted to make it so so moms, dads, people would trust in ourselves. Instead of thinking we need to rely on outside in so meaning medical, or other things. And it’s just,

Unknown 37:04
you know, it just was a thing that we saw a need for and so she’s just going for it to create this need to fulfill a void. So people trust in the divine creation of our bodies, I think that would be the best way to set is an eight is that we are created in a way that our bodies work perfectly. They’re created perfectly, and that if they’re not working perfectly, it’s not bad luck, bad genes, random chance to just an interference.

Justin Trosclair 37:27
Okay, perfect. Last last couple questions here. You kind of touched on, you know the routine you do with your wife, but as far as yourself, is there any other morning routine or lunch routine that you do that gets you excited are focused for the entire day?

Unknown 37:40
Sure. When I’m driving, so Monday through Thursday, when I’m seeing practice members in my car, it’s always chiropractic audio. So I’m constantly chiropractic audio, no music Thursday night, typically not at nights, but like Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll listen to music. But Monday through Thursday, it’s chiropractic audio nonstop. That’s what keeps me motivated. I do my gratitude gratitude journal. In my iPhone, I have a note page. So when I hear something interesting, read something cool. Or someone says like something super neat to me, I write it my note page. And I review that every day to after I do my gratitude stuff. That you know, in the office, I listened to music, but I’m also playing principled stuff on my on my hot seat videos and things like that. So even hearing people talk all day, you know, gets me fired up to and then just, you know that that’s probably the biggest things. But I would say you know, to me, my go to chiropractic audio is BJ. I like Sega Foose. The old school guys are some new school guys to that are really good. You just find what you like, and you just listen to it. Whatever. There’s no right or wrong. Like there’s peeler. I don’t like this guy like this guy. Great. Listen to who you like,

Justin Trosclair 38:56
that resonates with you go for it. Absolutely right. You kind of answered this question, but I’ll throw it out there any way in case there’s anything that you want to just drop on? on our audience today? Books, blogs, podcasts, apps on your phone? Do you have any favorite ones that you constantly go back to or things that you would recommend to students to other doctors? You’ve already mentioned? BJ and sigma foods and green books. Yeah, for things in a pit in a line. But anything else that comes to mind before we conclude today?

Unknown 39:27
Okay, I would say Wallace wattles. He wrote a book,

Unknown 39:33
Wallace wattles. Let me just grab it here. I think it’s in my bag. I got it was cool as I had a guy sit through my report. And he brought me in this book the next day. And he’s like, I’ve never been to a chiropractor. I saw your office and I felt called to come in. And it was one of those weird things like do you really believe it? And he handed me this book. It’s called the complete Wallace wattles. It’s nine books, the science of getting rich, the science of being great. The science of Being Well, how to get what you want a new Christ Jesus, the man and his work, making the man who can the new science of living and healing and Hellfire Harrison, which is a novel, and it’s all in one book. And these things are like the closest things to BJ Palmer and the principal chiropractic. It’s written in like the early 1900s. And it’s absolutely absolutely amazing. So that’s a book I constantly referenced, because there’s just so many gems in there. And then the last one is a new book that came out or I don’t know when it came out, but I read it this year. It was called the subtle art of not giving up. And I apologize for the name. But honestly that book has changed like my view of things and things like that. And I recommend that people read that podcasts. I’m not I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts. Again, I like more the chiropractic philosophy, the audio that way.

Unknown 40:53
apps on my phone I typically use the Bible and fighter verse so fighter vs you get a verse every day, or once a can any helps you memorize verses. So just as like a backup plan. Those are some of the biggest apps I use. Other than that I’m trying to be off my phone especially around my kids. So they don’t learn that we need technology. And so that’s about that man I really like those two books are some of my biggest biggest books. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 41:18
I can’t wait to look up the William walls because that I love I love all these like nine and one books three and one books is just like, wow, I got like so much knowledge is one one volume here.

Unknown 41:29
And it’s it’s Wallace wattles w A TT le s is the book. Wallace is his first name.

Justin Trosclair 41:35
Very good. How Amazon that? Well, any closing remarks before we we conclude?

Unknown 41:39
Nah, man, just I appreciate you for doing what you do. I appreciate you for saving lives there. And you’re in China right now. Right? Yes. I mean, that’s awesome that you’re moving bones in China. It’s so cool, man.

Justin Trosclair 41:51
They all need it. You know, I can’t really communicate with them where they that’s even better.

Unknown 41:55
Yeah, do they that’s even better. Like that’s, that’s how it should be like this. Just trust me, let me put my hand on your bone and move that bone, your body’s gonna heal. That’s all they need to know.

Justin Trosclair 42:04
That’s all I really can translate. Because some of them describing these principles that you come to the things you’re talking about is is kind of over their head usually. And it’s just a weird concept and trying to get the translator to do that. So it’s just, you know, it’s kind of pain based, but they’re getting those adjustments, and they’re getting better. And I think it’s changing some lives here in China. So I’m excited for it too. So I appreciate that. Absolutely,

Unknown 42:24
man. That’s That’s good, man. That’s awesome. I love to hear that.

Justin Trosclair 42:27
Well, I wish you wish you luck in Kenya. Be safe and have a prosperous 2017

Unknown 42:32
Thanks, brother. Appreciate you for all that you do. All right, man. blessing, bro.

Justin Trosclair 42:37
Dr. RJ, thank you so much for being on the show. And explaining so much about the power of a chiropractic adjustment, and all the references and resources that you gave

some of these books, the audios, you’ll have to do your own looking for the BJ and Sega Foose audios dimension a podcast. But if you want to look at look more, you know, just the search online for it. Good luck, in Can you stay safe. I really appreciate the advice on the relationship, like a gratitude journal together. That’s really cool. And, you know, so check out his wife’s page in a mom.com, you can get all the show notes at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 09.

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This week’s travel tip is a non paid sponsorship if you will, because I just like the product so much. It’s called turtle neck pillow. And it’s probably maybe eight to 10 inches wide. And it’s a piece of fabric and inside the fabric, there’s a plastic h shaped Ridge has got a little bit of origin Anyway, you you wrap it tight around your neck, kind of like a turtleneck would be around your neck and you put the that age frame, partially on your shoulder partially on your chin. And so when you go to sleep on a bus or an airplane or wherever, you don’t have that your head bobbing around and waking you up and we can up with a Nikki, you just relax and you fall asleep into that frame. And it’s just so comfortable. And then the fabrics big enough to cover your mouth. So if you drool or anything, it gets covered as well. Or if you just you know if there’s any kind of smell in the air, it’s covered. So anyway, I really like it. Like I said, they’re not paying for a sponsorship or anything. It’s way better than these U shaped blow up things that people use. I just don’t find those comfortable. If I check it out. I’ll have a link on the show notes for it on Amazon. It’ll be an affiliate link. So if you want to support podcast and you want to buy it, just go ahead and buy it through my link. And you will have helped me out a little bit and I appreciate it.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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