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E70 Solid Facebook Ads Guidance The Inspired Chiropractor Dr Shawn Andrews DC

Why pick the regional hub even if it’s a small town, Facebook Messenger Ads how and why, Why retarget your patient base and do it legally, Priority and Intention to learn new tech, and why teach you how to do FB ads vs Dr Shawn Andrews doing it for you. Dr. Shawn Andrews met his…

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E69 Don’t Be Lazy, Do Video and Funnels Dr. Chad Woolner DC – ChiroFunnels

How do funnels tell your story so effectively, 2 ways to improve video, a must have for following up with captured leads, psychology behind headlines, diversify your message and telling a cohesive story. Dr. Chad Woolner of Chiro Funnel Secrets spills the beans along with his MAP event. Dr Woolner has been doing funnels (click…

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