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Dr Chad Woolner DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

How do funnels tell your story so effectively, 2 ways to improve video, a must have for following up with captured leads, psychology behind headlines, diversify your message and telling a cohesive story. Dr. Chad Woolner of Chiro Funnel Secrets spills the beans along with his MAP event.

Dr Woolner has been doing funnels (click funnels specifically) for a very long time and his nearly 200 podcast episodes of Chiro Funnel Secrets is proof of it. Recently he held a small intimate gathering of chiropractors to dive deep into all things funnels, strategy, implementation, facebook© ads including making your videos worthy of conversion. He has another Chiro Funnel MAP (Massive Action Plan) event in June. The event is also geared so you can take action immediately at the event and have a game plan to continue to execute it when you get back Monday to the office.

What are 2 simple and in-expensive add-ons that you can buy to stand tall above the competition of other video ads out there? BONUS, if you are going to be bad at one thing… should you choose poor audio or poor lights?

When you already have a successful private practice (which Dr. Chad still operates) why develop a side business and a podcast?

Funnels allow you to tell “your unique story” and he discusses how that is and how to maximize You. Parable of the Apple Farmer – what is the point of that story and trust me, it is super relevant to us all.

You can be Authentic and Transparent with your Marketing because if you don’t market you don’t get to treat patients. Marketing may have a sleazy connotation but it depends on your tactics.

Can you hire someone or have your spouse be the star of your videos?

Think objectively and as if you are the patient and never heard of what you do before. Tell a cohesive story.

Remember if you get 100 leads, and 5 come in immediately… then what do you do with the other 95 who gave you their email and number? You need a systematized automatized way to follow up consistently aka an ongoing communication system… listen to learn what all this means including primary syndication vehicles, PSV.

3 Birds With 1 Stone. Do a video, rev it for a transcription and use it as a blog and then use the audio only as a podcast.

At least 3 different ways are mentioned to be inspired to create content including tips for headlines. Dr Woolner explains some of the psychology behind why ‘3 Secrets’ or ‘Ways You Cause Your Own Back Pain’ type headlines are so powerful and were to find great examples of them.

Tony Robbins 6 basic needs – google it.

What are the real reasons people REFER?

How do you gain the confidence as a new or struggling doctor? Not what you think.

You are no good to your family or clinic if you are burned out, so figure out ways to take vacation or fun and educational seminars as an office.

You must diversify your income.. he has a seminar about doing that but it’s not released yet… not tied to being in the clinic… not trading time for dollars.

Marriage advice: whether you are religious or not, it’s important to have something greater and significant than yourselves to focus on.

Books: Jonah Berger Contagious Why Things Catch On (not Made to Stick), Ryan Holiday Perennial Seller, All of Russell Brunson’s Books DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets

Podcast: Seth Goldin, Russel Brunsons’s, Chiro Funnel Secrets, Jeff Langmaid,

App: Marco Polo

www.chirofunnelsecrets.com and www.chirofunnels.com

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/69 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the interview transcription.

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 69 Don’t be lazy. Do video and funnels. I’m your host Dr. Justin trust where today we’re Dr. Chad

Unknown 0:09
owners perspective.

Justin Trosclair 0:14
Join 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin trustful as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Or you ready for a triple threat of video marketing tips tricks, Facebook marketing messenger. We’re bringing it this week we’re bringing it for an entire month actually three are confirmed one is on the fence. Now it’ll be a physical therapist. So hopefully that person will commit and they will follow the last episode but we got Chris Burghfield, we got Chad Woolner and we got Shawn Andrews to are chiropractors ones loves chiropractic, but they are they have their own thing going. One really specializes in video one specializes with Click Funnels. And one, it will teach you how to do your own ads so you don’t have to pay somebody, especially with all these shady characters out there, which will definitely talk about throughout the series. We got family men too. So the the second half of the interview is quite good on each person’s show. So get your ink pens out. You’re gonna want to take some notes, put that camera on selfie mode, fix your hair, get a cool background, let’s go hashtag behind the curtain with our social media video series.

Welcome back to the show. Thanks for joining me again this week. If you didn’t know from my facebook account, I’m having a girl. Oh yeah. So it’s a great gender reveal video that we did the other day. It was cute. Had a lot more views than I was expecting a lot of comments so just barely felt good that so much love out there. While we can’t be at home, we can least feel like it. Alright, so today’s guests Dr. Chad Woolner with Kyra funnels secrets he has Wow, great ways to improve your Vidyo ways to capture your leads so that you can follow up. And when you talk about like headlines, whether it’s a Facebook post, the blog post, even podcast episodes, if you don’t have a good headline, people don’t really click it. And he’s gonna help us go through that a little bit better. And also because he does funnels How does the funnel tell your story so effectively, so we get him to spill the beans. He also had a event recently called map you’ll have these periodically throughout the year. We’ll talk about that more in depth as well. His podcast is really good if you haven’t listened to it. That’s right. You know, in the end of every episode, we Hey, you got any books, podcasts, anything that you like? So we’re not afraid to say it. Dr. Chad, your podcast is great. Everybody should listen to it. Whether you’re a chiropractor or not, you definitely will learn something. So all the show notes a doctor’s perspective, net slash six, nine, let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from Japan. Well, in a day, just want to throw that in there, guys. But today, we have an amazing guest he is the podcast is up almost 200 episodes at this point of Cairo funnel secrets. And his name is Dr. Chad Woolner. He’s from Idaho, and he is going to blow your mind today.

Unknown 3:18
Thank you for having me, my friend super excited to be here with you.

Justin Trosclair 3:21
Well, you just came off a massive couple days seminar to just get doctors fired up. I’m guessing videos, I’m guessing funnel systems. I’m guessing if you missed it, definitely want to get on the next board. But what were some of the highlights from that?

Unknown 3:37
No, you you you nailed that pretty good. Actually, this was our first ever Cairo funnel map weekend stands for massive action plan weekend. And our vision for it when we first created it was we really wanted it to be a good perfect mix of strategies, tactics, implementation theory, you know, our philosophy going into it or our approach swing into it was we wanted to kind of proverbially teach you to fish, but then give you a fish as well, so to speak. And so are you know, I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’ve been to countless seminars and or events and things like that, where you get really excited, you get really, your mind is just flowing with a lot of really cool ideas. And then come Monday, you’re scratching your head wondering where either where you start or now what was it that we talked about? And where do we you know what I mean. And so although these events and stuff are great, I’ve always felt what can make them even better is if we could actually do some implementation while we’re there such that come Monday, we’ve got the ball already rolling, or at least at least started rolling or, or all the way implemented so that things are moving on, you know, Monday morning. And so our approach with this event was basically to fly a small intimate group of chiropractors out to our area here, and then teach the philosophy behind correct what we believe to be correct marketing strategies with funnels, what makes an effective funnels effective, what makes ineffective funnels ineffective, and then, and then roll up our sleeves and go to work and build funnels and build sequences and put things together. And so that was kind of all day one. And then we did some breakout sessions where we talked about traffic strategies, we actually had a group of Facebook experts walking people through setting up their own Facebook ads. And then we had a set a breakout session where we were teaching video strategy, here’s how you make better videos. And then we kind of put that all together on Friday. And then Saturday, we walk them through a whole simple kind of blueprint for making better videos for their funnels. We showed them some some very simple, tangible tactics on how to use even just a smartphone to make better videos so that they were professional quality. And and ultimately, by the end of it, the feedback that we got from everybody was ultimately what we had ideally hope for is that people felt like it was the it was the perfect mix of strategies and tactics so that people came away from it feeling like they had a real, tangible asset in their hands of not only a working functional funnel, but then also an understanding of what funnels really truly are. Because right now, it’s probably no surprise to you as it is no surprise to the listeners, that there are just we’re being inundated with with all sorts of funnel experts. In fact, I got I got a text from my good friends, Todd Pittman. And he was showing me screenshots of the various experts that were advertising to him and, and no offense to any of these guys, but many of them, you know, you can tell they’re there. They’re literally their kids, their kids that and more power to them as entrepreneurs for for getting that out there. But for me and my practice, I’m not just going to trust somebody random kid who’s experimenting on me, but rather I’d rather learn from an expert who’s really actually in the trenches, having had experience and we’re currently doing the thing. And so that’s I’m trying to in a very non arrogant way, but yet very resolute way, be loud and clear that if when it comes to funnels, you’re not going to learn from somebody better than me, because I’ve just been doing it longer. I’ve had way more experience and I’ve had way more success and more failures for that matter to because you learn from the failures to but but yeah, so that was that was our, our whole event. And it turned out honestly, Justin, it turned out better than I could have imagined it was it was incredible. The response was incredible. And so we’re excited. Our next one’s going to be coming up in June. And we’re just really looking forward to we know it’s going to fill up fast. So if docs are going to want to get in on it, get on it, because it’s going to be incredible. It’s going to be a ton of fun.

Justin Trosclair 7:52
Well, I could definitely tell you like I like you said, I’ve been to seminars, you start writing stuff down and you Where did that note go? All right, you’re like, Okay, well, what’s the next step? And so you’re trying to contact your friends, Hey, can you review the cut my copy to make sure it sounds good? And then like, I guess, dude, I don’t know. So like, so to have an intimate group that they can go back contact each other, maybe they can contact you, or whoever because it’s about it takes copy, like to get people to read it to get through the process to watch your video. And so that’s really cool. And with the videos I’ve heard, I’m just curious, I’ll just throw this out here from my own level leader, Mike’s you know, row day has a really good one. And then one of those things called box lights. I don’t even know what they call but yeah, two simple tricks to make your videos look more professional and sound better without having to spend a lot of money.

Unknown 8:43
Yeah, you know, by no means do I claim to be I’m kind of in this perfect spot where I’m teaching people how to make better videos. And yet at the same token, claiming not to be an expert videographer for a while and so I don’t I’m self taught with everything that I’m doing. So I I don’t know all the necessary terminology. All I know is what looks good to me. And what I’ve heard from other video experts, it What you said was spot on if you have to choose and hopefully you don’t have to choose but if you have to choose between audio and video on your videos, poor video quality is more forgiving than poor audio quality. Audio should be surprisingly on video, making sure you have better audio. So yeah, having some sort of Elavil your mic or making sure you’ve got good audio is really critical. As far as lighting is concerned, you know, instead of worrying about the the technicalities of lighting, if you’re like somebody where you’re like I don’t I don’t know how to do the lighting just right. There’s there’s what’s called the Golden Hour of filming. It’s about an hour before sunset and right about 30 minutes after sunset. If you fill them outside, it’s super forgiving you can you can make just about any type of video look really good in that type of environment. So if you’re concerned about lighting, filming Outdoors is far more forgiving them filming indoors and and for that matter with a smartphone audio is going to be you’d be surprised with it with an iPhone. Just how well the mic in and of itself picks up we oftentimes will do videos outside. And not even Mike because the mic just picks up really, really well. Surprisingly. So.

Justin Trosclair 10:16
Yeah, I was surprised. I’ve made a couple of videos with my my books, and when the different locations in my town that looked very Chinese. So he didn’t like match the acupuncture thing. Yeah, well, that’s cool. And my wife was awesome, because she just sat there and help me and I was like a truck would run by that didn’t have mufflers kids would run by making screaming. And I was like, all right, I guess I gotta edit. This is not going to be a smooth five minutes. But you’re right. I had to hide behind a tree because the light was too bright from the sun and middle of the day. But then we went a different time. I was like, Oh, this is much better. Yeah, shadows are still you know, it’s fine. So it makes a difference, though.

Unknown 10:52
Yeah, yeah, does change different.

Justin Trosclair 10:54
The one thing that’s important thing with you is you are actually still a chiropractor. So you get see results. And you don’t see results. You see money gets spent and people don’t come in and then you’ll see the opposite over the over time. So you’ve been able to find to that yourself. And just like what was your your rationale? Like? Was it just to make money or you saw like a need in the market that people could benefit? We could make a chiropractic message bigger? Is that why we started the podcast and started the the side business and everything?

Unknown 11:23
Yeah, you know. So my practice was was profitable. So I can’t I can’t honestly say that doing it was just for the money sake, per se. Although money’s awesome, right? I like money. And that’s fantastic. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, anybody that’s heard me, I feel like I’m on a mission to help chiropractors not only get more new patients, but get higher quality new patients. And the thing that I love that I love about funnels, I always felt like and I’ve said is, I feel like it’s this unique vehicle that allows chiropractors to tell their unique story story, you know, you’ve got a very unique position and story to tell. And I feel like as a whole without being mean, chiropractors in general as a whole, and this is a generalization I know but but are still resorting to extremely outdated, antiquated approaches to marketing, not just as far as the vehicles that they’re using, but the positioning and the way that they’re going about doing it. I mean, $20 get everything free. That’s it, you know, it’s just it’s such an old school way of thinking. And and I would argue that there’s a time and a place for that. I’m not I’m not gonna I used to be like so adamant. Don’t ever do that. Don’t ever do it. I would say now, my position is somewhat shifted in the sense that there’s a time and a place to do discounts. I’m okay with that on occasion. But I think most chiropractors would agree that it’s, if if it’s possible, and I would contend that it is possible, if it’s possible to get patient through the door without discounts.

Unknown 13:03
That’s a better option, right? I would say, should be like, Yeah, let’s do that. And so I feel like, I feel like I’m on I use a parable. This is how I started off this event was was kind of preaching, I asked permission to my audience that was there at the carrot little map of and I said, he said, Okay, if I preach for a minute, and they’re like, okay, you know, and I’m like, county, we’ve got this podium. And so

Unknown 13:28
the pulpit pounding or whatever, but I was basically saying to them, I said, the parable I use, as I call it, the parable of the apple farmer. If you came to an apple farm, and you start talking to the farmer, you know, this, this apple farmer, you start saying, Wow, well, what kind of seeds do you use to grow your apples? And he responds to, I don’t care about the seeds. I’m an apple farmer. All I care about our athletes, you know, and you’re like, oh, okay, well, what kind of soil Do you what’s? What’s the right kind of sort of? soil? I don’t care about that. All I care about our apples. I’m an apple former, darn it. Well, what what about pruning techniques? And what about, you know what I mean? Just ask you all know, here. I’m an apple former. It’s kind of like chiropractor’s where we start talking about entrepreneurship, and marketing, and all that sort of thing. And they’re like, I don’t care about marketing, I don’t care about entrepreneurship. All I care about is patients, I’m a chiropractor, darn it, I want to adjust people, that’s all I want to do is tell the chiropractic story, and adjust people. I get that I get that. But But can we step back for a minute timeout breed, and think about the logic behind this, you would not be a chiropractor, you would not have chiropractic patients, if it weren’t for the marketing and work for the entrepreneurship. And so I would argue in content, and many might disagree with me wholeheartedly, and that’s totally fine. They’d be wrong. But, but it’s idea that you’re a marketer first and a chiropractor. Second, it just so happens that you’re a chiropractor. And that’s it. And that’s I’m not down in that. I’m simply saying though, if you if more chiropractors will own that will own that first, first and foremost, your primary role is a marketer, not a chiropractor. It’s a marketer, first chiropractor second, but I think some are a little bit of person to that idea, because of the negative connotations that sometimes exists with marketers, you know, Seth Godin wrote a book called all marketers are liars or something like that. It’s like, it’s I think, sometimes there are verses because they think that if you’re a marketer, that means you’re smarmy, and you’ve got to tell lies, and you’ve got to your shady and all this stuff. And it’s like, no, I would argue very loud and clear that you can be authentic, you can be transparent. In fact, I would say it’s better to be that way. In fact, that is the way to do it effectively. But again, funnels are such a powerful vehicle and helping to tell an authentic story, such that you’re able to just be totally transparent with your community and with your audience in a relatively easy way, in such a way that you get way more new patients as far as quantity, but the quality also increases as well, when you’re able to be authentic with people and truly be you. I’ve always said and I know this sounds super like Kumbaya, but there is a very specific segment in your population, that you were meant to serve, that they were meant for you you were meant for them. And and that’s the way it’s got to be, you know, that that no one else can serve them the way that you can serve them. And so they’re just simply waiting there for you to be able to reach out to them. And how you choose to reach out to them is is up to you. But I would contend to argue that one of the most effective if not the most effective way of doing that is through funnels. So that’s kind of my in a nutshell, my my preaching, if you will,

Justin Trosclair 16:35
yeah. So I must take a step back for the audience because we’re not they’re not all chiropractors, we got pts PhDs and stuff. Always say listen and implement critically think about it and implemented and all that stuff. So we need some of funnels of this podcast we talked about a lot last week was Chris field. So yeah, so he helped us with like, how long the video should be. And he actually can was like, Look, this is a three, that process of how you can actually create videos, and we can talk about that too. But you can use this for anything, but it’s not as fun as it’s a page web page. The videos like when I was a first in practice, when I was younger, I did all these like little videos, there’s like make videos and put them on YouTube.

Unknown 17:15

Justin Trosclair 17:17
I’ve seen these videos. Look back at it. Sometimes I’m like, ooh, what I put those on Facebook for the world to see they’re still alive, you can still find them. They’re not hiding. But

Unknown 17:27
mine too, man. We’ve all we’ve all been there. Same thing.

Justin Trosclair 17:31
It’s just basic, like you say you do decompression, okay, why would people use it herniated disc bulging back pain, you could do a video, Hey, guys, guess what, I got this cool treatment, here’s kind of the table that you know, you can throw a patient in there, say, hey, this guy said it was cool, it didn’t hurt, he got results, boom, that’s a three minute video. And you can probably advertise with it any credit another one with a cold laser, or we know meeting people where they are, like you said, you can have been fairytale land of I wished I didn’t have to market so much to be a chiropractor and be successful, or you can live in the real world, which is you’re going to have to do it and you’re gonna have to do and you’re gonna spend your money, do it the best way and be I think the doctor has to be the one in the videos could be not necessarily an actor, but maybe like, a 20 year old are like their spouse or someone who’s more excited to do the videos. You know,

Unknown 18:21
I would, I would argue that you can certainly do that. But I think it’s going to be more effective when it’s the actual chiropractor, PT, whoever it is. It just because that’s you’re going to be the one that’s unless you’re not going to be the one treating the patient, you’re going to be the one talking to the patient connecting with the patient. And so it’s been there. Yeah, that’s exactly right, it’s in their best at benefit to try and build that connection sooner than later. And and to kind of backing up kind of along with what you’re saying kind of backing up. To explain what a funnel is. Think of it in terms of literally like if you were to see if plastic funnel you know that you pour stuff into or whatever a funnel is a process Click Funnels just happens to be a powerful software platform to allow you to build funnels, you can build funnels have been around forever, you know, it’s it’s marketing, in general should be ideally a funnel process. And here’s why. When it comes to, I don’t think sometimes we necessarily critically like you said, you said stop back, think critically, you know, critically think about when you’re when you’re sending out your message to a random audience. Let’s take for example, a random random audience of 1000 people where you’re at in China, right? Kind of thousand people. And I think this is even more accurate in your perspective in your situation, then then over here in the States, because again, in the States, we just assume everybody knows about Chiropractic and or everything else, you know, but whether you’re in China, whether you’re in Idaho, whether you’re in California, wherever you’re at, think in terms of an audience, and you have to think objective, not from your perspective, but just step outside your own shoes for a minute and say, okay, 1000 people at random. If you were to stand in front of that thousand people, and you were to ask them, raise your hands, how many of you are familiar with chiropractic? You? You know, in China, you might have a couple hands? in America? Probably a few more hands or whatever. Okay, how many of you are contemplating seeing a chiropractor, and you’d have fewer hands raise up? Okay, how many of you are ready to see a chiropractor, you’d have even fewer hands raise up? How many of you know about Dr. Walters chiropractic clinic or Dr. Trust Claire’s clinic or whatever, you know, and people, fewer, even fewer hands, you know, and this whittles away until ultimately, what you’ve got is okay, now how many of you were planning on scheduling an appointment today or tomorrow? You know, and again, one, you know, one hand if that you know what I mean? This is what this presents is, if you were if you were to write this out on on a on a whiteboard, or whatever, it would look kind of like that. That bell curve, you know, it would really look like a bell curve in the sense that on one end of that spectrum, represents kind of what we would refer to as a cold audience cold traffic on the on the other end, you’d have hot traffic, right? And right in the middle, you’d have this distribution of just the majority people who are somewhat familiar, you know. And so the whole idea is this is that if all you’re ever doing is saying Come get this deal, come get this deal, and not taking the time to nurture relationships with people through your funnels, communicate with them and tell some sort of a of a cohesive story, so to speak,

Justin Trosclair 21:31
because I do for what?

Unknown 21:33
It that’s exactly that’s exactly it. Cairo, what what do you do? Are you That’s exactly it, is that

Justin Trosclair 21:39
a lot of my mic is what you’re going to do?

Unknown 21:41
Yeah, it’s, so your best bet is to really view this in terms of Okay, if there were an audience of 1000 people at random, and you had the opportunity to communicate to them, where would you begin, you know, and you’d probably begin with something like explaining what it is that you do Introduce yourself, who you are, show the benefits that they would receive from what it is that you do and how you help people, you know. And so it’s this it’s, it’s a process, the problem that we get into is that most doctors and I appreciate it’s human nature we want we want it out, we want results right now. And and there’s certainly a way to do it. Yeah, there needs to be a good mix, where there’s kind of strategies in place that are more designed for a quick return quick return. But there should always be this underpinning, ongoing conversation. And ideally, it can be either systemized, systematized or automated through funnels, such that it’s constantly taking this random group of 1000 people and communicating a message in a consistent way such that it builds greater awareness, greater understanding, greater education, so that by the time they get to the the end of that bell curve, so to speak, where they’re a hot audience, not only do they know, they, they want and or need chiropractic care, but they know that they’re sold on you and your brand, and they’re ready to come to you, regardless of the deal. They’re just they know that Okay, I’m going to go to Dr. Trust Claire, because I know he’s the best. And I need help with this. And so I’m coming in, regardless of what offer or deal he’s, he’s pitching to me. And so

Unknown 23:24
I would simply say that when it comes to marketing, that’s why we do funnels, that’s why we do videos, that’s why we engage in this process is because not everybody is ready to go right now. And we when we make a huge mistake, when we assume that and and and let me just say one more thing here and open talking for a while. But here’s a solo podcast show. Yeah.

Unknown 23:52
I’m used to just talking about myself, I would say this too, is if you were to look at with the way that most funnels are done, this is the mindset that they have they it’s a law, it’s a it’s a game of numbers to them, okay, of 1000 people, we’re going to get a handful that are going to come in for this deal. And in that process, there will be some attrition, if you want to call it that, where you’ll get some leads that just fall through. And I would say that the majority of the people that opt into your funnel, you know, so let’s say it’s a putting your name and your info, name, email, phone number here to claim this coupon or this, whatever it is, most experts, I would say, focus primarily on that tip of the iceberg meaning, okay, we got five leads sweet, or we got five new patients from this. We had 100 leads, and five of them came in and became new patients. My question would be, well, what’s the process for the other 95? You know, the leads that came? Well, they’re like, What do you mean, we got five new patients, that’s it End of story. Well, if that’s where it ends, you’re missing out on a lot, I would contend that if you continue to engage in again, in a city optimized or automated way, a conversation to the other remaining 95, you could continue to get way more new patients from that ongoing, if there was a process in place, but most are just like, you know, it’s like, they grab that file and then cast away the other 95 off, screw it, I guess it didn’t work for those guys next, and then they grab another five, and they can’t Well, if you’re doing that for let’s say a year, you literally have thousands of people of potential audience, people who have become more familiar with you, who now at least know who you are that if you again had an engaged in some sort of a meaningful conversation through a funnel,

Unknown 25:38
you have, you know, 10 times more new patients coming through, you know,

Justin Trosclair 25:42
now that was actually the question, I’m glad you lead right into it. When we say follow up with funnels, does that actually mean like a for video series funnel? Or are we talking email follow ups? Because I know, email follow ups, I struggle with that myself, you know, somebody signs in the get a chapter for free? And I’m like, all right, there’s a sales pitch at the end of the chapter Mike. All right. When do I know him in two days and seven days? Crap, I need to come up with some follow up emails, otherwise, they’re just going to disappear? Never purchase?

Unknown 26:10
Yeah, no, that’s, that’s a great question. Um, I would say both, you know, typically, in the funnels that we do, we typically try and think of it in two terms, we typically try and do what we call some sort of what we call a value based follow up sequence, which basically is again, just trying to provide more value for them in a meaningful way. So that it doesn’t just feel like some sort of a pitch Fest, you know, buy my stuff, by my stuff, by my stuff, by my stuff, Hey, have you bought my stuff yet, we’ll get ready because you’re going to buy it, you know, what I mean? There needs to be a mix and a balance there have, you know, given take in that sense it Gary van der Chuck talks about it in a book, he calls Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook where he talks about, you know, you can’t just be swinging for right hooks all the time trying to do the knockout sales pitch, you’ve got to provide, you know, bits and pieces of value there. So I would say that number one, some sort of a value based false sequence, and there’s going to be an ending to it, right, that’s not going to be in perpetuity, but then at that point in time, what I typically do is I tell them to think in terms of putting them then into a new bucket, we call the ongoing communication sequence or ongoing communication system, where it’s just ongoing value in the process, you know, and so, a great idea would be to create a podcast right? And just, you know, keep them in the loop, you know, once a week or once a month or something like that, I argue once a week, where they get an email or a link to the podcast, you know, and and or a video, ideally, you want multiple channels of communication, you know, we call this our, our primary, our PSV, the primary syndication vehicles. Right? So what are what are the what are the primary channels in which you’re going to reach out to your audience and provide value to them, so people learn differently. So you know, what I say is, if you the easiest way to do it, or in and I easiest, that’s kind of relative, but it’s not that difficult, is on so you could kill three birds with one stone, you create a video, you, you export that video up, you upload it to Rev. com, they’ll do a transcript, and you can have a written blog article from that video. And then from there, you can pull the extract the audio and turn that into a podcast. So you’ve got three with one, right, you’ve got a podcast, video, and article all all in one from just making a video, right? So you can kind of do that. And again, that then you’ve got your following, you know, because at the end of the day, my big contention that I make with with people is it really truly isn’t about getting new patients even though it is but it isn’t. But it is. The whole idea is creating a following. If you can, if you can shift your perspective, from a standpoint of getting patients getting patients getting patients, you’re always going to live and die by getting new patients right. But instead if you focus your attention or focus your your attitude, have a paradigm shift of instead of that I’m going to create a loyal following if you create a loyal following new patients will always be there, you know, new patients react nations, you’re loyal, create a loyal following.

Justin Trosclair 29:02
So here’s my question. And this is something I would do in the past. Before, you know, I knew what a funnel was. And sometimes you just don’t know what to write. But you can easily subscribe to our Google News, go to the health section, find something that sort of correlates to what you’re dealing with start a file, you know, save it, like in a Word document, yo, you don’t have to pirate it, guys, don’t pirate it. But you just copy link, read this article today, thought this would be really beneficial to you guys, as patients of mine, whatever, here’s the link, boom, and then it brings you up to apo or something like that. And, and now you can share it like that without it being such a hassle. And I’m not creative and all that kind of stuff. Okay. And I got another tidbit. I’m curious your opinion on this one? Yeah. And I didn’t say an original for me. And I’ve mentioned it before in a previous one. But patients ask questions all the time. If you take a minute and say maybe like two days, every time a patient asks you a question, write that down somewhere as well, whether it’s the headache question, or what should I do now? Oh, I’m finished with care. So there’s lots of different patients that come in, and in a couple of days, that could be a list of 25, quote, podcasts, video and blog, things that you could just answer into a microphone for your phone in general for about three minutes answer the question. And now like you said, rabbit, post it. Is that accurate? Could that be?

Unknown 30:22
Just that simple? Alex, you know, Dr. Dan is actually he’s just in China recently. Did you guys Connect when he was there in China?

Justin Trosclair 30:29
No, actually, I saw they were there. And I was mad. Because it’s like, how come I didn’t get involved? The God of even here, give me an invite. I don’t have to talk with Geez, I can leave it be like, Hey, did you even know how to like do dinner correctly with all these big deals? But anyway, I know the guy from LS you so I sent him an email. Hey, brother.

Unknown 30:48
Oh, man,

Justin Trosclair 30:48
maybe next time?

Unknown 30:50
Yeah, I know. Anyway, as a really small country. So yes, so crowded, it’s the

Justin Trosclair 30:57
size of Japan. And it’s so small.

Unknown 30:59
Yeah, Greg? No, I was gonna say, Alex came up with this idea he had mentioned that I thought was genius, because it’s so beautiful in its simplicity. He said, take a day a week, where you run over to the grocery store and just look at the magazine headlines, different health magazines. And that’ll give you a plenty of ideas as far as because those guys have already done the research, you know, the hot topics, they’re doing all the legwork for you. So just come up with topic ideas. Just stroll through the grocery store, look at magazine headlines, look at article ideas from them. And that’ll give you plenty of ideas as far as the similar to what you’re saying. I was like, that’s genius. Such a simple, easy strategy. And you just sell twist it for what you want. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And that’s exactly you don’t need to plagiarize. You just that’s a cool topic. Okay, I’ll do some research on it, you know, cool, and then come up with and and I would argue even more specific as far as a tactic. And this is kind of what what Chris Burghfield I know, teaches, try and chunk it down into a number, right? So if it’s, let’s say something about headaches, what are the three secrets, you know, or the five strategies, or the number one thing, you know, chunk it down into numbers. It’s a really easy and simple way to organize content. And it’s a very digestible way for people if you’ll notice, so many of the blog articles are I call them the term I use is quick content. Not necessarily that it’s quick, per se, but it’s quick to digest in terms of people want bullet points they want, okay, just you know, and then and then from there all decide if I want to dig deeper into that particular thing. But, but if you if you presented in terms of Hey, guys, on this blog article, or on this video on this podcast, we’re going to be sharing with you today, the five secrets, to lasting low back relief, low back pain relief, or something like that, you know, and then and then that way, they can kind of skim through the bullet points, and digest the material much faster. And it’s just more readily user friendly. I guess,

Justin Trosclair 33:01
from what I’ve been studying with my own consultant. He keeps saying, put a negative spin on it sometimes early sold it, test it, you know, five things you’re doing that screw your backup every day. Don’t want to be that guy. What are those five? Yes. And this exact same article, you just switch the headline and just see if you get a more open rates?

Unknown 33:22
Yeah, well, and if you want to dig into the psychology of that, I don’t know if you how deep you want to go. But go, the reasons like that the negative stuff works is because it plays off of really strong drivers, emotional drivers curiosity and fear, right is that human beings, one of the things that I teach, and this isn’t my own, this isn’t because I’m some genius or anything. I’m a fan of big fan of Tony Robbins. And he talks about six human needs. And in my opinion, if if you want to funnel to work, you all you need to do it, we’re really simplifying this down, but all you need to do is is attempt to or at least convince people conveyed to them, that one of those six needs will be met, or one or more of those six human needs will be met. And if you can convey that in your messaging, you’ll have an effective funnel the needs that the six human needs are certainty, variety, love and connection, significance, growth and contribution. And, and I know that’s like, super quick, but but the two that typically play off of, or the three that we play off of that are typically the most powerful are certainty, right? So how certain is somebody when they learn the three secrets? Right? You know, that we remove ambiguity? Well, what if there’s more than No, there’s just

Justin Trosclair 34:41
no, just, there’s a lot of sub sections, but there’s only 30

Unknown 34:45
Yeah. And it’s just it’s it’s a shortcut, right. We understand there, there can always be more than three secrets, right? But the way we position it is it is it creates a definite

Unknown 34:58
people want to certainty, right? They want that definite demarcation, you know what I mean? It makes people feel far more comfortable in knowing the three secrets or the number one secret or whatever, the more that we can give, you know, certainty, their uncertainty, you know, this is the number one mistake, the biggest mistake people are making with blank, don’t do this, you know, oh, there’s uncertainty. What is it? You know, and then significance is a huge one, you know, people want to feel significant people, we need to understand the psychology behind why people like, for instance, why people refer. We people think that referrals are altruistic to a certain extent they are, but not really the reason people refer is because it makes them feel significant, right? Meaning, if experience if I go to Dr. Justin, and he just provides this amazing because you do acupuncture to right? We’ll just say yes. Yeah, of course. Yeah. So so we go over to your office, and you just have this amazing experience. And I turn around and I blast it out on social media. What happens if I try and convert convert somebody right to come in and see Dr. Justin, they have an incredible, amazing experience as well. How’s that going to reflect on me? I’m wondering

Justin Trosclair 36:10
like a winner of

Unknown 36:14
that. And it’s going to make me look like someone who’s in the know, right? I know, stuff. You know, I’m connected. I’ve got all these cool connections, the same reason why we refer people to go see an amazing movie. Do you get some sort of a cut off of those movie ticket sales? When you reverse it? No, not at all. But if somebody somebody goes to see a movie, and they are a good piece of music, you know, a good song if people get turned on to a band. Yep. Remember how I was the one that showed you that band? Why

Justin Trosclair 36:38
do I do that? It’s so crazy. Like, this band? Doesn’t? You don’t know. We’re going to give you a penny. And we’re all like, yeah, I’m such a fan. So yeah, yeah.

Unknown 36:47
Yeah. And and so that’s the thing is, is it’s it’s a significant thing. It makes us feel significant. It makes us feel like and again, that plays off as well. growth, growth, our love and connection, you know, we connect with the people. And so there’s anyways, long story short, if we can seek to understand and seek to meet those human needs through what we’re doing. You’re going to have a far more greater chance of having greater success with your funnels. I’m

Justin Trosclair 37:16
just tell us a story just because I think it’s fun past guests, Richard. Yeah, he had a site that he reviewed music and other different things. And one day he found he gave me a CD. I was like, come on, man. Let me let me review something. Come on. I want something free. You get all this free stuff on it helped me out. He’s like, all right. Here’s this band. And I listened to it. I read a review on it. It ends up being paramour right before they made it big or Really? Yeah, I don’t know if you know paramour. But they were quite big for a little while. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So I had like a pre release or early early copy of their CD that turned into like a big thing. And I still remember it today. Don’t I tell them the story? Like, I don’t even care about their music anymore. But I was just yeah, it was a cool feeling. And if you can get that with your clinic, my goodness, that’s a good thing.

Unknown 38:00
Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. There’s there I was just gonna say there’s a really good book. It’s called. It’s not Made to Stick Made to Stick as a good book, though to if I remember the book, I’ll get it to you. But it’s it’s all about what what makes things Bible makes things shareable. And that’s one of the ideas what we were just talking about there, I’ll have to remember the name of it can take contagious, that’s what it’s called.

Justin Trosclair 38:24
Easy. So just switching gears a little bit, there’s some some more things I like to most of the questions you’ve already kind of answered, we’re getting these patients in the door? And how do we have the confidence and I’m like to use the word close. But you still have to inform the patient, this is going to be more than two visits. I’m not saying 15 minutes, but it’s going to take more than typically the person thinks about how do you gain that confidence.

Unknown 38:47
Um, you know that I think there’s a very easy way that any chiropractor and or physical therapist

Unknown 38:57
can gain that competence very easy.

Unknown 39:03
Because I know your international, so so I’ll say this or frame it by a story or up saying I once heard, somebody said,

Unknown 39:14
democracy is the worst form of government in the world, until you compare it to every other form of government, then it starts to look pretty good. And so I would say that the idea is this, we’re in a really good position, any alternative or conservative care approach, he’s in a really good position needed to physical therapy, nutrition, Chinese medicine, any of those things. The traditional allopathic model, when it comes to chronic health issues, is a nightmare. It’s an abysmal failure. And we know that and it’s not a it’s not an opinion issue. Eastern if that hurts people. She has just numbers, stats, right? The numbers show loud and clear. We spend, you know, you know, what is it America represents 5% of the world’s population, and yet we spend more than the other 95% combined on health care, and yet we still ranked dead last, and we’re not saying dead last in comparison to you know, Bosnia. It’s a it’s a. Yeah, exactly. It’s a general game anyways. But the point being is, I think, long answer short, long story short, or short story long.

Unknown 40:36
The competence needs to come. When you look at what other people are, the other options aren’t nearly as good as what you can provide them recognize and understand that in many instances, and I don’t mean to sound melodramatic here, when I say this, but truly understand that then meeting with you could mean the difference between them getting their problem solved, and then getting cut open unnecessarily them having some sort of a risky home dangerous procedure performed on them. And you could be the one that makes the difference, you really could. And so I would say the key is to focus more on the patient and what’s best for them, rather than focusing on yourself. It’s not about you, it never has been, it’s about them, connecting with them, and really helping them to understand and recognize and see the options that are available to them. And when you weigh them out, and you look at cost benefit, and or risk benefit. Conservative care options are always going to be a far superior option. And that should help strengthen people’s confidence in the recommendations they make. dramatically. I could tell you working here

Justin Trosclair 41:41
in a hospital where people have no other options. I mean, some of them are like, I can’t go to the big city three hours away, much less afforded. You are That’s it? They came to me. Yeah. If I don’t get a better they either going to deal with it. Or they’re going to figure out a way that maybe have surgery or something. But it’s it’s a big, it’s a big, it’s an honor. And what I found is it actually works. I mean, always new carburetor work. But it’s amazing. Like how big these boulders are, how much arthritis somebody can have all the different problems that we just can take care of. And I mean, it’s just powerful. It really is.

Unknown 42:15

Justin Trosclair 42:16
yeah, absolutely. What I want to keep you forever, but I like to go a little personal in these interviews. So you ready for their? You bet. Okay, yeah. Ready, man? A lot of us are entrepreneurs, and we just aren’t able to take a lot of vacation. We haven’t figured it out. What’s your hands? What’s your secret so that we can actually have more time away from the office and family?

Unknown 42:35
Boy, that’s a good question. You know, I would save this, you’re no good to your practice, or your patients if you’re burnt out. And so the the cost of burnout is far higher and far greater and far riskier than the cost of taking away a week or two here or there. So even if you don’t have office coverage, for instance, we’re, I’m flying out my entire office to Orlando next week, not next week, but the week after for funnel hacking live Russell’s events.

Unknown 43:08
So we’re all we’re all flying out there for a week, we’re going to be gone for an entire week. And we just know that

Unknown 43:15
the the the risk, or the cost of being closed for an entire week is not as important to us as what we’re going to gain from being there, we’re going to sharpen our skills, we’re going to have fun, we’re going to be able to relax, it’s going to be kind of a time for us to kind of team build. And and so look at these things in terms of cost benefit and understanding recognize that, if that’s the concern as to why they’re not taking time off, recognize and understand first, there needs to be a shift there, you’ll be able to work harder, sharper, more focused, if you have time, that you free yourself up to be able to do that, number one, number two, I have a really cool situation as well, when I’m gone, I’ve got a doc that share space with me. And he covers for me and I cover for him. And so that’s a smart strategy that we’ve used. It’s it’s helped us, I don’t know if that’s the right fit for everybody. But that’s certainly worked well for us. And gives me peace of mind knowing that my patients are taken care of when I’m gone. When we’re not all gone. Right. So I would say that’s, that’s something we’ve used in the past,

Justin Trosclair 44:20
just like do like a split, like whenever you’re not there just like a like a little bit of a split going on.

Unknown 44:25
Yeah, that’s pretty much. Exactly. That’s exactly right. Yeah. And then and then the last thing I would say to you is, is making sure you have multiple streams of income coming in, you know, and and that’s something that I would argue every chiropractor and or PT and or whoever else is listening, you should always diversify your income have other additional revenue streams coming in. And and one of the ways that teach you in fact, we’re going to be creating a whole new event. I haven’t announced it yet. But we’re going to be having an event where I teach folks how to do that how to basically typically create an additional six or seven figure a year business in conjunction with their practice. So it’s a separate revenue stream that’s coming through, I think our next one, we’re tentatively slating it for sometime in the fall, we’re going to have people fly out, it’s going to be again, same type of format, it’s going to be real small, intimate group. But we’re going to basically teach a proven format for how to quickly create an additional side business that is complimentary to your practice, but yet separate and distinct from the practice such that it’s not dependent upon you being in the practice. So if you’ve got a revenue stream that’s coming through consistently, in conjunction with that, it sure takes a lot of pressure off when you’re when you’re gone, not seeing patients because unfortunately, what we realized what we whether we realize it or not, you’re still trading time for dollars when you’re in practice. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 45:52
So what it is, you know, the other day, I was checking one of my stats, and I hadn’t been a process of selling books for high prices, and I hadn’t really had sold any yet. And so finally, one went through and $67 for a book. Yeah, and, you know, my other ones more expensive than that. It’s not expensive in the sense that we you know, it’s an investment, it’s a better word to use it as an investment in your health. But, you know, for a book people have words for that. So anyway, it was just exciting to see that. Okay, like once you get that first cell, obviously like, Okay, this is doable. There’s value people can see it. Yeah, you just have to explain yourself like this is why I’m not charging, you know, $15 for a book. There’s more to it is do Right, right.

Unknown 46:39
Yeah, exactly.

Justin Trosclair 46:40
Besides working any hobbies or work life balance, kids volunteering, things like that the things that you just enjoy doing.

Unknown 46:48
I love to fish I go salmon fishing every every year with a good friend of mine.

Unknown 46:53
love doing outdoor stuff love camping, I play guitar. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 years old.

Justin Trosclair 47:00
Gemini with logins

Unknown 47:03
No you didn’t watch it if Jeff stuff have your Jeff langmaid fan

Justin Trosclair 47:07
know I just know he plays

Unknown 47:10
he’s his fan is amazing. Like quick plug for his fan. That the coming week is the name of the band but it’s spelled week is in we your your week. Not like you’re weak. Link right. Okay. Yeah, AK. They’re good man. Look, listen to their stuff. It’s really, really good. Quick. Yeah. quick plug for Dr. Jeff language itself is awesome. Yeah, he’s super, super good. We have a jam yet we will. I know at some point in time we will. I like doing Brazilian jujitsu been doing that for several years. I’ve been

Unknown 47:41
inactive for Mia with that lately, just because things have been crazy busy with us with the practice where we’re building the new stuff here at the practice. That’s just taking a ton of time. But when I do have some more free time, and yeah, I enjoy doing Brazilian jujitsu and

Unknown 47:57
trying to think what else love spending time with my wife and kids. We’d like just hanging out at home and having fun weekends together. And

Justin Trosclair 48:04
well, that’s the following. What’s that? Yeah. With the one of the biggest things is, we don’t like to see doctors going through divorce. They build all these businesses that you have. And then in two years, we find out that your marriage failed. And I see your kids on the weekend. And I don’t want to do that for other dogs. I don’t want to do that for you. So what is a way to keep that relationship alive and healthy?

Unknown 48:26
I think date nights are important being consistent. I once heard somebody say, you know, date nights are cheaper than divorce. Oh, yeah. So for for, for people who are, well, we don’t have money to do date nights. Yeah, do something be creative, you know, you know, for my wife, and I obviously our religion is is very

Unknown 48:48
involved in our faith. And we feel that that plays an important role in in our relationship and our family relationships, family is very central part of our faith. And whether or not people should my same faith or or have a faith, I would say it’s critical and important to find some type of how do I phrase this, something greater than yourself in a relationship, you know, because it’s not just for us, we don’t just be view our marriages, this one on one thing, but also we we obviously involved God in the relationship as well. And so that makes it bigger than just us, just the two of us, there’s something much bigger, that we are working towards in our relationship, besides just the here in the now and that, you know, husband and wife till death do us part we’re working towards something more significant than that. And so that really helps create a a greater perspective for us in our relationship.

Unknown 49:48
And trying to think what else you know, just I, you know, the golden rule, I guess, to put, you know, I try my best to, you know, not perfect at it, but I try and try as best I can to overcome selfishness and put my wife’s needs above my own and, and, and have faith and trust that she is looking to do the same. And she does, she takes care of me and I take care of her and always looking out for her. And it’s hard, you know, being married to entrepreneurs, she knows that, you know, I think for for a lot of whether it’s the it’s the woman or the man, that’s the entrepreneur, there are definitely times where they wish that they could be employees, you know, they want the best of both worlds, they want the schedule of an employee, but the freedom of an entrepreneur. And and it just doesn’t happen that way. A lot of times. And so it requires a tremendous amount of understanding, you know, from from each other, you know, working together. And and I don’t know if that’s helpful advice or not, but for sure.

Justin Trosclair 50:48
Well, you know, I always wondered when, if you’re whatever other religion, you know, I’m a Christian. So if you don’t marry somebody that has a similar belief system, and I was telling my wife about that was like, how do you when your kids are young, and you’re trying to raise them a certain way you like, let’s bring them to church, and they’re like, not only am I going to church, right? Hey, that’s gonna be a problem. They want to believe this, and you don’t want to do this. And like, there’s gonna be a lot of instances in life where How do you treat somebody that treats you wrong, you know? And then I’m not saying like, if you don’t believe in God, that you’re like, you know, I think that’s one of those things where like, you just think we don’t have any morals because we don’t live by the 10 commandments, like come on, we have morals like, but I’m just saying sometimes it’s easier just to throw rocks at your enemies where you know, you know, sometimes in Christianity is supposed to just kind of turn the other cheek or handle the situation in a different way than you might normally

Unknown 51:36
encounter again, what could be some code of conduct or belief or whatever you want to call it? It doesn’t necessarily Yeah, I believe have to be some. It has to look this way. It has to be this religion. It has to be this belief. Know, it’s got to be what’s right for them. And I’m not advocating absolutely relativism by any means. But but at the same token, it’s understanding that i think it’s it’s this idea of what resonates between you between the the husband and the wife, what resonates for them as far as a bigger greater purpose, you know, whatever that might be.

Justin Trosclair 52:12
It’s hard to have these conversations and BPC at the same time sometimes.

This and, and mean it like if we’re being honest, you know? Yes.

Yeah, absolutely. Last question.

Yeah. All right. favorite books, blogs, podcasts and phone apps for that matter that you secretly love? And then you definitely think other people should read or check out

Unknown 52:37
cool. Okay, so books, um, I would say I love Ryan holidays book for seller. It’s a great book talking about how to, I think every chiropractor should read that and internalize that honestly. Because basically, that book is talking about how to build something that’s worth building, not just a quick kind of proverbial one night stand, but instead, the the masterpiece with your clinic don’t just don’t just look for cheap, quick shortcuts, but really, truly put in the work to build something great a perennial seller, I would say that is just such a great book loaded with such profound wisdom for chiropractors wanting to build a lasting legacy of a practice Kyra and anybody I keep saying chiropractors. I know there’s other listeners, but it’s the same universe. Regardless, if you want to build something truly great. That’s a great book, perennial seller. His other books are great as well. Russell Brunson obviously. Good friend of mine. I love his books.com secrets and expert secrets are phenomenal loser very highly. time tested, tactical. Boy, that was a good alliteration right there. time tested tactical books. Um, yeah.

Unknown 53:44
So I would say that, I would say podcasts. I like Seth Godin. He’s got a new podcast. It’s coming out. I’m sure it’s good. Russell Brunson. His podcast is great. I’ve been listening to let me see your own part of my podcast. I like my podcast. Yeah. Yeah. They should be listening. Guess your podcast, of course. Let’s see here. Jeff. Like me. It’s got a good podcast. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. He’s got a cast. JOHN Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire. That’s a good one. As far as blogs, trying to think, you know, I kind of have this love hate relationship with Gary banner Chuck. And it’s not his fault. I like Gary van der Chuck. But I feel like he’s become so he’s the king of buzzwords now, you know what I mean? Everybody loves to use the Gary isms out there, you know, hustle has become this. Very, it’s become a platitude. It’s what it’s become, you know, but I do I like I like Gary van der Chuck stuff. I like his his, his blog. I like his, you know, anything he puts out is good. He has good things to say. As far as apps on my phone, I’ve been really enjoying Michael. Hello. It’s like, yeah, yeah, that’s a fun, fun app to use. I just wished Russell Brunson a happy birthday this morning on Marco Polo changed my voice into the chipmunk voice and saying I’m happy birthday. So that was fun. And I’m trying to think what else? Yeah, no, that’s that’s about it.

Justin Trosclair 55:20
Me. I hope everybody was paying attention. Put that on repeat. If you think of the episodes over, it’s just about over, go ahead and slide it back to 000 and re listen to it because there’s so much good information today. How can people get in touch with you reach out your programs, all that type of stuff?

Unknown 55:37
Yeah, I would say start off. If they’re interested in my program itself. They can watch a webinar at Cairo funnel secrets calm. That’s a full webinar talking about my three core funnels that I use in my practice. And then if they’re interested in learning more about our event, it’s going to be opening up for application here in the next couple days. That would be Cairo funnels.com. So either will funnel secrets.com or Cairo funnels. com would be the two best places. He said

Justin Trosclair 56:04
a couple of days. By the time this comes out, it’ll be like a month recorded. So April, though, today is the eighth, March 8, for that matter. So yeah, yeah, just go on the site if it’s still available. If not, you’ll have to catch him on the next quarter. But I just follow them on Facebook, follow them on all those different areas. And you’ll definitely keep in contact with everything that he’s, he’s up to. So

people ask a good bit. How do you monetize a podcast? Well, if you have a big enough audience, you can just get advertisers and they just pay you a fee. Other times you get a little creative, like with affiliates. So you recommend a product and you get commissioned, but hopefully you actually enjoy the product that you’re recommending. And in this case, I do so a doctor’s perspective, net slash resources. You have all this stuff like blueberry for the hosting. That’s why I use set for set. They’ve got these wild steel mesas, well, I don’t use that they do have these power bands. And they’re great for stretching and mobilizing joints that definitely locked up mentor box, get a book, listen to it by the author summarizing the book, but also things that they learned since they wrote it as well as a workbook to help you out. We got primal doc as a coupon code for primal health, bone broth, it’s paleo auto immune diet based you got no sugar, no soy, no, no allergies, no gluten, no dairy, and you can save 10% off with the promo code. You got Russell Brunson and Click Funnels if you ever want.com secrets are experts secrets, if you click that link and get the book at a good price, as well as helped me out and the only that Amazon anything that the guests recommend, if you see a hot link, a blue link in the show notes, you click those and buy one of the books are under the products. I’ll give a piece of that, and I appreciate it. We’ve got new t shirts, we got to Louisiana theme. It’s my home state some kind of fond of it. We gotta make lemonade eliminates t shirt and of course some chiropractic shirts that tongue in cheek but hopefully you guys like them and gals. Also, if you’re into lessons learned in China, my first book exercises stretches help with numbness, budgeting, all that type of thing. You can try four chapters free a doctor’s perspective, net slash chapters, also acupuncture if you like no needle acupuncture if you like that idea if you always wanted to try it but you don’t have one nearby or you just don’t have two hours a day to go you know commuting and getting the treatment everything is something you do at your house 30 minutes for a little over a week and you’ll see results now a doctor’s perspective net slash in a political as in needless acupuncture so in a protocol and you get four chapters for free these complete with the words and the pictures and how to do it how when you should do it all those types of questions, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, headaches, so check that out, you’ll be forwarded to a page will a video and are going to do is put your email in. And if you don’t like the upsell, after that, just scroll to the bottom click know and then your get the next page. It’s where you can actually download them. Also, if you looked at doing an acupuncture pin, it’s kind of like a 10s unit you will use for your muscles. But it’s been modified for stimulating acupuncture points off of a nine volt battery in go to a doctor’s perspective. NET slash Ethan you can buy that on the website as well. Thank you all so much for checking out all these resources. And if you have any questions please let me know. rank as five stars leave a review greatly appreciated. As always, if you have any special guests that you would love to hear or a series that you would like reach out on the top right of the website, have all the social media icons, just click the one that your favorite and connect.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. sincere thank you in advance. Even listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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