E 182 Doctors Out of Debt Caroline Clerisme DDS

Make a budget and execute a plan to pay back all your doctor student loans in a short amount of time. Dr. Caroline Clerisme did just that and we find some practical tips in this episode.

e 182 a doctors perspective out of debt clerisme dds sq1
Dr. Caroline Clerisme, DDS talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

To start with, she paid back 250,000 of student loan debt in 4 years. Now that’s a success with doctors out of debt.

How is it that someone can get 120-150000 salary but still not make any real dint into their student loan debt? Dr. Clerisme tackles the reality of living the doctor lifestyle and the balance between the I Deserve It Mindset compared to the slightly more Conservative Approach for a few more years.

Should you buy a house before a practice?

Percentages for House, Car, Food based on your annual income matters. For instance, 25-30% of your income should be the max for a house payment otherwise you get house poor and can’t do any other saving and spending.

Must have Intention and a Plan for your Finances.

A Budget isn’t supposed to be Restrictive,

A budget is used so you can see it, analyze it and have a road map. Many people don’t actually know what do they make, what do they spend. Student loans and debt repayment early is not by accident and she gives us good tips today.

How many Stream of Income should you have? (real estate, stocks, retirement accounts, crypto, investment real estate groups, go in with someone else on a business, write books etc).

At the very least be a good dentist and if need be, learn procedures that can be billed out at a higher rate.

Make sure you check your credit report because you don’t want something unknown to mess you up and cause you to have a higher interest rate on purchases.

https://www.doctorsoutofdebt.com/ this is her program.

Author of a kids book Lily and the Talking Piggybank: Let’s learn about Money

Lily and the Talking Piggybank

entreMD book and podcast

EntreMD Method

When asking if she helps with figuring out the type of loan repayment to pick (straight 30 years, income based repayment etc) she said that is not really her specialty. She focuses on the other side of the coin. So if you want a direct lesson on payment structures then listen to this episode https://adoctorsperspective.net/128 and if you want the full financial series from the past go to this link https://adoctorsperspective.net/financial.
This episode focuses heavily on generational wealth, budgeting, getting out of debt, and other revenue streams all at the same time.

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/182 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

e 182 a doctors perspective out of debt clerisme dds
Dr. Caroline Clerisme, DDS talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast
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award winning podcast host, investing Justin Trust player People behind the curtain and talk to doctors and experts about their specialty marketing and home life balance. Let’s, Week is going to be a good one for you. Because in the past we had an entire episode about which repayment program you should have or there’s financial based or just a steady payment and you can find that episode at a doctor’s perspective.net.

/ 128, they also had an entire series earlier at the doctorpec.net / financial and that will cover all sorts of ways to make money and how to get it, your head around it all. And this one is gonna help you go through, really, making a budget. What percentage should you use a little bit about side incomes?

Second job, stir jobs investment properties. And she has a program that eyelines everything because let’s face it. Some doctors are really bad with money. They don’t know what goes in. They don’t know what comes out at least to a bunch of mess, all the books and all the guests in the past have recommended, are they, doctors perspective.net / book list, if you’re into rehab and functional fitness, you can go to a doctor’s perspective.net / rehab and you can find the 11 episodes, get all the southeast seminars from quadrant analysis factor group approach, Tom Teeters program in so many more.

So give a lot of resources, here to go into our back catalog. If you need to know anything else about the show, you can always visit the masterly at slash all links that will give you every single thing. You can imagine from social media books with the support podcast, top episodes of the year and everything else.

Well, that’s it. For now. Let’s jump into the new show. All the show notes and the transcript and we found at a doctor’s perspective.net/182. Let’s go. Hashtag behind the curtain. Welcome back with doctors perspective. Day on the show, we have a wonderful doctor lady. Oh yeah, she’s a dentist.

She graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. She’s a former instructor at Boston University, she still practices dentistry at an urgent care, and she’s at a really awesome kidsbook will mention that later in the story. Why she’s here is good. Doctors out of bed.com, everybody has student loan and nobody likes them and we always complain.

So, we need to figure that out. So please welcome all the way from the New Hampshire, which is called the Granite State. Everybody, thank you so much for having me. Thank you. I love that introduction. Thank you. You’re welcome. I try to keep it brief but intelligence so the audience should know I had doctor Vin on the other day and she mentioned privately about his entrepreneur and she said she’s got a cool podcast and then so it’s like okay when I download podcast I’ll go crazy I should probably just download one but I’m like I’ll just go through and like I got six you know got a long commute so I’ll go crazy and you around the episodes that struck my eyes like oh and listen to this and say, well that’s pretty good.

Let me try to get here on the program because I’ve had programs in the past about like student loans and somebody I know that they do a calculator, not just a calculator but complain like should you incomplete? Should you do all these different things? And so those are really good episode that anybody’s interested.

You can go back in the backlog because it gives you a lot of thought behind the scenes stuff, which I be curious to see the long intro. Now, do you help with restructuring the type of loans that you have or is it more of the other side of it, pretty much the other side of it?

And I, as I see money as most you see, well and I don’t even though. Yes, it’s called doctors but it’s also to show you how you can create generational well, and get out of that. At the same time, you can do both reading program that I have, I Googled make options.

I be your ICR relay. They all of those things show, you PSL of things we can really see which one is the best option for you? Because everybody has a story. Everybody has a depressing area. What if you are a new dentist? Married weekend? Just so it’s gonna be different from someone who’s been your dentist for five years, single ready to mingle and let’s get into everybody’s gonna have a different story.

So that’s why we did. I definitely showed different scenarios and how you can really create well, while getting out of that at the same time, it must be done at the same time, okay? All right. So it could be one of these, maybe hang out with this guy. Find out what program you need to have.

But as a dentist this is one of the questions I had if your first starting now, it’s on the chiropractor. So we have kind of the same amount of dead, maybe a little less, but we’re talking 50,000 less. It’s not that much of this, but you get out of school, would you say that?

80,000 is a going rate or more like 110 for a starting salary, a brand new dentist, okay? And I took her job and that’s something I said. Okay, the mom and my thing that’s not gonna work out with people. She’s in mentors Redwood has almost when almost done painting after that.

But anyways, I want to pay in four years but now as far as the going rate for dentists. Oh, yeah, for dinner. Where that money? I would think it should be not so bad, but does the doctor lifestyle creep in for most people to where they can’t pay it?

All has to do with mindset. And sometimes you finish school for so long. You just want to enjoy your money, you just want to do whatever you want with the money and you deserve that. We all deserve that as doctors with your happy birthday, wishes to sleep. This time, I’m drinking espresso red bowls, still away, hot pockets, whatever nasty things were eating.

We really want to be able to enjoy money or enjoy really not how to pay for the person ever. You know, it’s something at the same time, you have to be very disciplined and intentional as far as how you spend money to say, oh my gosh, I wish I had met you 10 years ago because sometimes a graduate.

And so one of my people that I am, she graduated in, she had about 180,000 students, okay, can you use later? She had about 100,000 more in the movie life, you know? Yes, living it up in during her life, I think we all deserve, which I should do. But at the same time, we haven’t about the well, and we all have to understand that at some point, we’re not gonna want to be our product audience or decision forever.

At some point, something’s gonna stop, you either yourself because illness or retirement or you just fed up three kids and trying to figure that out, stay important to be ready for all those things because you don’t want to when it gets that point and you’re like, oh my gosh, why do I do?

So, it’s very important to be intentional and to happily answer your finances, the 1500 a month for student loan payment. And then you got at least that much for a house payment and yes, probably have a car payment because you pay a doctor and you’re like, I need a Lexus or something.

It can go by really quick. That’s kind of retired. We have a budget. If I’m gonna exactly how much money should be going to as utilities transportation. And what’s yourself? Because you have to take care of you too. So that’s why the formula works so that, you know, because one of my clients, once she started buying, she’s like, oh my gosh, no one.

How much money should she be spending towards me tradition? How much money I should be interesting? Because sometimes you just get paid and you just because telling me or whoever student loan service, so that you have asking for the money. Of course, you’re gonna give the money, but at the same time, take care of yourself.

Be the CEO of your you’ll say I’ll be to see all your finances. How are you gonna take out? You know, I was listening to a, you know what choose if I means here that before it’s independence, it’s like these groups really like, okay, can you retire by like, you’re 40 are, what kind of five also can you do to gringling an extra thousand dollars are like, converting, like, wow, took over my normal job and I’ll make obviously, yeah, yes.

Like choose a five, it’s like fire. They call it financial independence retirement at an early age and one of the things then I think Dave Ramsey talks about is the house shouldn’t be more than 25 to 30% of your income. Otherwise you’ve got sports and it’s like okay it’s part of doing anything else because you have too much house.

So that’s really good to hear that. You actually have a percentage that should go to these things because you can blow your mind. Like how much he’s gonna need. Not a month. I would think. Yes. Because we sometimes we like, step by step, we like to see numbers like just tell me how much money I should be spending, and it’s not about receiving yourself, it’s just to have some kind of structure to see how much you should really be spending towards investing in the dead utilities expectation housing.

Any good housing is one area where a lot of doctors, spend too much money where your house is not making them supply, everything that’s in the house, too. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. A lot of people see having a house and others. It’s only an asset sale. Why you? But every day or every month is something breaks, it’s money that I’m out of your office is very important to understand that, not see?

Yes, it is an asset but it’s really an asset money, you sell it, or you don’t even. So it’s very important to be mindful of that when spending money and at the same time, what? Doctors, of course we want to live in some nice areas, a nice neighbors, and everything like that safe neighborhoods, but I got nothing, we can move, we don’t have to live somewhere, that’s very expensive.

There’s so many other places where we cannot reach a stars, can have great and even a house, that’s not making us how small or making it harder for us to get out of that and create. Well, I heard this, I was listening to a tennis podcast. They were talking about buying and selling general practices, and one of the mistakes they saw.

I want to be in Boston, okay? So move the Boston and you got Boston’s cost of living, but you don’t have this high salary and so you’re like, either you can pull extra shifts or whatever and you get tired of being an associate like okay, let me start my own thing or buy a clinic and there’s all these great practices not in Boston getting the country, but you already just bought this house and say all not commuting 45 minutes to this small town.

And so I think one of their their points was if you can live in a smaller town but near a big city, go for it because you’re gonna find better deals to be prim more money and you get man, locked, you bought this house, you don’t have it, you got these bills to pay you and so, they’re being their vision.

Was if you plan to buy via owner being an owner first, and then by your favorite dream house. Absolutely. Because it’s gonna be the practice that’s gonna be pain, but mortgage pretty much. So, I like that order and I don’t have a business cards and then and you want to make sure that you are actually happy where you are into business.

I’m so, yeah, absolutely. That’s what I becoming, okay? Because I mean by the biggest house in the city, you’re like, oh yeah, when we’re talking about multiple streams of income, do you like real estate or we talk about side hustles? Like you’re right the kids book and then things like I would say investments are.

How do we looking about this? Never really like is one income. One income is a way to zero way to close. Never ever been. I want to email. That’s something that I don’t, my parents early on. They never had one job ever. And of course, I’m sure you guys can hear an answer of the Caribbean and the never ever had one job and answer questions, stop market.

Oh, being an author, give it an income. So most millionaires have seven students of income. You want to be as close as possible towards something leverages have one income and I’m sure to endemic especially for dentists. Shown that if there’s a lot down, what are you gonna be doing?

You know, you’re just gonna be relying on savings, gonna maybe even more stress and that’s the thing to sometimes with your dadences. There’s not about your life, okay? Does like, money can really make you stressed out when you don’t have enough of it, you’re trying to figure out how you’re gonna be this, how you’re gonna pay that multiple streams up in one easy?

Way to do that, if you don’t want to have your own business, look at real estate. You have to stop marketing. I always say, if you have all meaning, everybody’s living should have to be able to earn and research shows that body purpose. And of Americans do not investigate, massage the money, the bigger pretty high number.

It’s very important to do it and they are so many resources. We can start. I’m doing so and of course, I’m in my program, we go over all those things, how to invest, however, you know, and that’s always going to be a lot of pain or it’s behind in the market and timing, the market, I just invest.

Okay. So it’s very important to just do it in the fascinating more, you wait? Or how it’s gonna be the most expensive, the stock can be, or how can you be looking? Now, look at a realistic pocket. Now, like this, let me wait for the market to come down.

Let me wait for this. Just do it. This, if you could invest, I think it’s two or three thousand a year and like a low cost index. When you’re 18 to 25, you will be set for the rest of your life, even if you put nothing else in it, but we’re kind of starting behind eight balls, they say.

And if you’re lucky, you can get a 401k with your employer. But let’s be honest, a lot of those places, we don’t get that option and as car prices as well, you’re to create your own but you can still max out, your Roth IRAs, you’re simple simpler raise and things.

And if you’ve ever worried about, I don’t know what to do you. There’s Robo advisors like, you know, you just type in your wrist tolerance, you put in the money in all of stuff there is very diversified. It’s very, I mean, it’s safe as it can be but it’s not like actively manage where you lose all.

The problem might even be.

This is our sixplexes instead of distinguishing houses but there’s lots of groups that will take your money. They will gladly take your money to teach you all this stuff and sometimes you study that help but it’s like funrise.com. It’s you just put your money stock market and they invest for you and you get your return and you can be a little bit more hands-on.

Because I know some doctors, like, I don’t want to be involved with all of this extra stuff and I guess the question is, is it permission to say? Well, maybe your side uncommon only is about two or three, hundred extra a month. Not everything can replace your salary. But as you have multiple incomes like, 300 600, it’s 300 again and it’s something happens with your main job.

At least you have something to cover. Yes, partial thing. Absolutely income know. I wouldn’t even have to worry stress about money. Definitely help. And when I say interesting, real estate to stop. Okay, don’t just invest in one, stop, don’t trust in tests. Have one mental property. That’s so many ways to invest in just real estate, short term rentals.

There’s so many ways, not just one way, it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to have to buy rental properties. That’s fine. The order always investing real estate. You can still invest in real estate. There’s something that you have to actually own a property. Even though, this, there’s not developers that just need your money.

But, yes, you really got to trust these people because they’re, you know, that’s one of those tricks. They don’t. I bought this many properties. Don’t even use my own money. They have these doctors and these lawyers and these accounts and I just use their money and they’re happy to get their little fire.

10% at the inch is like wait, yeah, other people’s money. Yeah. What’s the common people that you see? Maybe we talked about a little bit with the house and things but where do you find it on the day today? People not knowing how much money they make and how much money they really spend.

So it’s very important to go back to your bank statements, you can be a little bit overwhelming, so like water. Look at what the first quarter of this year, how much money you spend on Amazon, and even because water, Sometimes we spell lot of money on gifts For me Amazon.

Amazon is always delivering well to know exactly how much money you spend and all those things really adding value In addition. Yes, you need to spend money towards survival. You know what utilities you need to pay for your car. You have optimist, you should be able to pay quickly right away.

Anyway. Mortgage, all those things need to be in there are, but it’s very important that whatever your choosing to make sure that we use some kind of value to your life, Okay? And what’s the budgeting formula just now you spend some money. Just need to stop spending money places.

It’s very hard to really know how much you have because my extra money to put towards vacation towards buying your car, Whatever it is. So, for me, I feel that sometimes doctor is getting spend money or something like, oh, interesting, kids, stop and then they goes in crypto, whatever it is but it’s still don’t really know how much they are making of how much should be eliminated towards different products, expectation, utilities and stuff like that.

Don’t be. The biggest thing is not knowing how much money you make, and other some doctors feel like some salary, but some people, they don’t production of collection or their independent contractors the same amount, but it’s good to have an idea how much money you should be making. And almost knowing as well, how much money you stand.

Okay. And second thing, I guess that’s all about extra respect. Yes, there’s way maps.com, there’s mint.com. You can just your bank account and it does it all for you, and you just categorize it one hour a month or less than you can categorize everything. And now you have reports profit and loss, everything you’ve been on and it comes shocking.

When you spend your money on because you didn’t even realize you spent that much or at all. You like, oh, that’s where my money is going. I didn’t even realize, yes. And you’re saying descriptions? Yeah, yeah. How many subscriptions services do you have? You’re like, oh yeah, maybe you don’t need to cancel because you have the money, but at the same time, if you’re trying to really pay off some student loans, every little bit can help for a little while like maybe don’t need all five streaming services or something as we really are not watching able or likewise it HBO methods time.

What does it? I don’t even know whether it’s Disney, then ABC, all have that everybody has a service. Now, you don’t need all those eight tricks and then I use mint. When I was pretty much. I loved it. I love nothing. Yeah, that’s what I do, sheets. And I love you, I love this stuff, but I still use my computer.

Like, let’s create some numbers that’s sell spreadsheet. This thing, you’re mentioning credit scores by the way, I don’t want to jump off too much, some not have something surprises. When you go ahead and purchase, okay, at least a heart doctor. Three is when she said I rental property limit.

Look into that. And I was seeing, I have the lender you’re using a mortgage. The letter is gonna check every one of your credits point, everything like that. It’s important to know what’s there because they’re gonna be asking you about inquiries. So, it’s important to know what’s there and make sure it’s under every year.

You should be checking already and you’re ready for contact them. It’s great if you have to do it multiple times and there is obvious associated with that, sometimes some of your inks, my offer that as well, but every year, you need to know it checks and what’s going on in it’s hard, inquiries, even something, you make sure everything is current and sometimes suffers, okay, everybody that hasn’t known, sometimes we forget that student loans, it’s dead and it goes on your credit report.

They want to check all those things do, you want to see those numbers? And I know sometimes we don’t want to see those numbers but again unless you actually don’t know, you can feel the problems. Unless, you know, the numbers, you won’t be able to attention numbers as a dentist.

You have the option to do some seriously expensive procedures, like replace implants, some index. I mean I was listening to this podcast these guys make 10 to 50 thousand dollars. So if you’re a production based dentist and you maybe you’re bored with your run of the mill stuff I guess you could say that.

There’s six more expensive things. As long as you’re owner is like yeah, if you’re not to do it, we’ll support you. And while make more money. Yes. Is that an option as well? Do you think always invest in yourself? The first thing you should be investing is actually to sell if you like, I’m not sure how to find more money.

I’m not sure what to do. Sometimes, you have to stop by impressing yourself by taking because whatever you want to it’s out there, you just need to write all in the right resources. Get you there, and, of course, it’s important to be clear as for us what you want, dentistry medicine.

What it on. But if you understand to do more you and how you can use it to change other people’s lives, it’s very important yourself. If you have to take an implant I’ll do it. Absolutely become good. Why don’t you perfect? Because I think this is already, whatever you do.

Just know, always, try striking excellence, nothing. That’s something already dentist. Do you think everybody should be a business owner? How do that? I said you our business like you even Dr. Ouna, she believes that you don’t your body, if you don’t want to be a business owner, but we all have potential of being a business owner and it’s just your choice.

We don’t have to be no, you don’t have to potentially if you want to go ahead, nothing should be stopping you at all. It is an excellent level though it is. So for burden, if you if you have a good salary with a good working environment, I’m always something like now these maybe it’s okay, you know, if you’re happy and everything is good.

Like literally might get burned, but there’s a lot of traffic. There’s a lot of job options out there and I guess there’s different franchises with industry that are more successful than others. If you’re worried about like, doing it yourself becoming a partner. Somewhere else, is another option to increase your revenue, but at least have some of the risk.

You’re not fully responsible for the for all the marketing and all they have hiring environment and stuff. Even sometimes you might be like, but I don’t want to own event or office. They’re all the stuff that you can own. You know. There’s another income stream. Yeah, you can be yes.

So don’t limit yourself and ask me sometimes. Whatever we become doctors we stay in the doctor’s office, don’t be restaurants, not a great idea. I wouldn’t go there around but you can only get the car washes or something. Just so many and just actually at some point, they were they had hotel laundromats that you can do it your money, where you own this and again your heart owner, you’re not the full owner.

That’s also absolutely. You’re gonna hear about pretty much is what am I good at? How can I change my community? And one of the speakers in my program she mentioned that how she was able to go into advising by just, you know, asking those questions. How can I change my community?

Because sometimes it’s not just about how much money you make and all those things, but how can you serve your media? How can you help us start to wrap this up a little bit here? What’s this kids book? Tell me about us all the cover on Amazon looks cool.

And you think shit, guys, we’ve been chatting on few minutes. I’m sure you guys know I have a business. It’s doctors out of bed. And what I do is I help doctors to read generational, well, and get out of that at the same time. And after working with many doctors to my best friend, Dr.

Alicia Burch is a dentist as what I said best, we oh, we didn’t want people to youngest no more about money and overalls having fun. What I had to go through today of my day weekly. I always said that I was gonna teach my daughter early on about money.

She has within several other children’s books. So she was like, okay, she’ll do it together and boom, Lily in the company he makes for about money was born. So, pretty much. That’s how he was started. And so they needed, they always prepared. Always telling me screenshots, like, because of their kids reading the book and loved the book because it’s not conversation the conversation, sometimes that is, eventually some cultures from my money.

So we just really opens up the conversation about money with your kids. Want to review us at like now, it wasn’t any big and you know really because studying understand how saving works. Because believe it or not money, natural exposed to early on and between the ages I ate I’m really starting to understand how money works like in what’s the food, you know?

Like my kid knows he’s three. She knows he could put money to pay bank and she knows like that he has to buy stuff but she doesn’t have that internal desire. Like I need, I want this and I know it cost money. It’s we’re not quite there yet. We’re just putting it in different.

This is taxes. This is a, this is what you get left then but she doesn’t have a concept of like, why do you have to spend money at somebody? This is good very helpful, go over the curves of your keywords in the book, like generational. Well, franchising requirement on page.

So that, at some point, the kids are gonna be like, okay, let’s so you’ll truly have. They’re gonna be becoming the mortgage or even they don’t have to be married like, oh, maybe, like, oh now I’m learning what French I think is, you know, saying so earlier, the better that you get exposed to money, then how to use money to create.

Well, they, I heard this is interesting. There’s some kind of, especially as a business owner. If you’re kids are the models somehow you can pay them a fair modeling fee, whatever that means exactly use that and put that in a Roth IRA for them young age. And oh my goodness, can you imagine having an account for my kid?

But it’s like a taxable account you know, I’m gonna use it later like, but it would be pretty nice to have it set up where it’s, she can’t touch it until she’s retired and she was like, that is so much money that you just gave me from a very small amount, right?

Like, you don’t get retirement like you balling out. But yes and it’s good but something that we all should be taking advantage of. Absolutely. There’s a way to do it. You can’t just set it up your own name like without them earning some kind of money on a young age people, what can we do doesn’t account question, we’re not accountants, we don’t play on TV, it’s all this stuff, there’s a good display episode, we’re not actually accountant, check what everything with lawyers and accounts and everything else because we’re just giving you from the advice is Dr.

And life lessons and sometimes like lessons have a stopping point and a time to go into the professional round to make sure everything is fluent with your exact finances and situations. So, and again, what was the website for all of the programs that you have doctors with out of their time?

Oh, and, oh, my goodness, because last episode, I forgot to ask this any favorite books besides your room. Oh okay. It’ll be linked February. That’s a good one. Start with a good one. It’s very great. The one and it’s important to understand that it’s a lot of. It is myself your mindset.

Yes, thank you. So many other one, and I have an Amazon list of all the books that all the guests have recommended at a doctor’s, perspective.net / book list, it is an insane amount of books at this point. And lastly, wrapping it up, if you have a spouse or significant other and kids, and all this.

What do you do to stay connected? Stay in love, say, don’t get divorced and it’s on that communication. Just your mind if you all legislate together, help with purpose if you need to there go. And even still, it’s something I love. And just communicate, you know, very good. This has been exciting.

I hope everyone on the show today has these had a couple of nuggets, like, I need to explore more definitely. There’s a courses. Free roast resources everywhere. But if you want to actually just have everything in one place. It’s already curated walking through the program. Kind of like a little mini course, or full course, everyone call it, but there’s definitely a lot going on.

When you look at her, let’s just call it a sales page, landing page. You can see all the things that she covers in depth, of course things that we talked about today, but it’s very intriguing. I think the, the price point in my opinion is, is quite right for.

It’s not so cheap, but it’s not so expensive. It’s definitely like, hey, you’re gonna be serious about this, then you have a little bit of investment, not just in your time, but a little bit of investment. And over the next 10 years, you can see huge difference in your life.

So doctors.com, you said that yesterday that was I’m having the financial interesting one series on my age on my Facebook page. Now yesterday, I interviewed one, my past clients, former clients and ask her it was ever hesitant to do pretty much going to my program, the doctors out of their program and she said yes, the money because it’s an investment.

And now she says that I probably need to increase the price because she’s on private, who doubling the dentist income, since taking the doctor, that’s how much exposure you have to how to get well, and get out of the series. And there’s also city credits because there was something credit that’s true.

So it’s the best thing ever for doctors who are serious about knowing how the ingredients are well. And instead of that color is made. Thank you so much for being on the program. Thank you for having me was fun. Another great interview has ended while you’re on your phone, click that review button, right up a nicer view for me.

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