Episode 27: Team First Sara Mahmood, DDS Dentistry with Integrity

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Sara Mahmood, DDS talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Dr Mahmood DDS continues Women’s Spotlight Month with topics of dentist integrity, why put the team first, BPA and mercury fillings, corporate vs private practice, her fav MBS class, inspiring book choices for women and why 4:30AM wake up.

Why did she have her staff take an emotional intellegence test and love language test? What is Dentistry with Integrity? And Why would she say putting the team first allows the patients to benefit even more?

What are BPA Free fillings and is the mercury silver filling toxic: Fact or Fiction? Implants and invisalign are explored as well.

Like most professional schools, there is a real lack of real world “what to expect” so she talks about some of these eye openers.

What’s the difference between Corporate Dentistry vs Private Practice… from ethical dilemmas, contracts and more.

Immediatly after graduating she enrolled to get her MBA at UT Dallas while learning the dental ropes in 3 offices in one year.  Principles of Hospital Administration was one of the best classes she took and employee engagement was top priority.

From Dr Britt’s book: Take care of your team and they will then take the best care of  the patients.  Bring staff closer to their own personal and professional goals and they will give patients the best experience.

Not every patient can afford a $2000 procedure, have options available.

Why you should take care of periodontal gum disease.

She uses a marketing company and is in the process of ramping that up including direct mail. She has a few pointers in the direct mail space.  Once again we hear the importance of staff that have been anchored in the community for many years.  What is the magic formula when you need to fire someone?

Find a partner that will encourage your goals and love to spend time with.  Great to have someone that you can talk to about everything and wade through the junk and focus on the goals.  Yes, you can have a family and a professional career and a kid needs a father so let your husband be a dad.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/27 here you can also find tweetable quotes, links to things mentioned and the Travel Tip

By putting team first, the patients benefit even more #behindthecurtain

Britt Berrett Patients Come Second Leading Change by Changing the Way You Lead


Bill George Discover Your True North

Matt Grant Originals How Non Conformists Move the World

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Curious dentist Blog. Has a great 5 books you should read

Ken Blanchard Raving Fans A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service

Itunes U  and Khan Academy

Sheryl Sandberg Lean In Women Work and the Will to Lead and Option B Facing Adversity Building Resiliency and Finding Joy empowering for Women

Don’t do it better do it differently

Find the Blue ocean, avoid the bloody shark red oceans

hold on to your why

make time to do the things that you want to do

Likes TravelZoo travel apps



Enjoy the wedding and pass that Fellowship

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/27 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the transcript.


Travel Tip

Go to the library and take notes on the book you read

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 27 team first industry with integrity. Dr. Justin trust Claire. And today we’re Dr. Sara Mahmoud perspective

for doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant homeless. Listen as your host, Dr. Justin shows claim goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guess about real world

practical tips

and entertainment on this episode.

Welcome back. I’m excited to keep women spotlight month going for a few more weeks today’s Dr. Sarah Mahmoud going to cover all kinds of dentists topics, as well as how to keep your integrity. Why put the team first instead of just patient first mercury fillings, BPA fillings, truth vs. Fiction, corporate versus private practice, your favorite class inspiring book choices for women and why she wakes up at 430 in the morning, all the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash to seven. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Everybody I told you we had a surprise today, woman’s spotlight month has now been continued. excited to hear that I’m excited to do it. And today. For our first time we’ve have a dentist womb. And her name is Dr. Sarah Mahmoud. She is a fresh Dennis out of school. She’s ready. She’s got a license. She just started a new clinic. I want to hear all about it. Welcome to the show.

Unknown 1:26
Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Justin Trosclair 1:29
Absolutely. Well, I want to know, I guess just from the jump you just mentioned you graduated about a year ago. Just got your brand new practice one week. Congratulations. Thank you. That was what do you been doing for the past year? And what’s it like to be a new dental grad, ready to change the world?

Unknown 1:47
Well, you know, I actually knew from the beginning of dental school several years ago that this is what I wanted to do when I got out. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. It’s actually been about two years ago, I’ve graduated. So it took longer than I was expecting it to. But you know, like things go in life. I appreciate that the experiences that I gained in that time.

Unknown 2:09
I guess what got me down this path is my dad is a physician who turned into an entrepreneur as soon as he could and his career which was after he had three kids and a mortgage. So he was well, just 40s. And I wanted to see what it would be like to take those resources and start a little bit earlier in the game and get out there and create a vision for myself and for the communities that I sir. But it’s it’s been it’s been a ride, you know, I immediately graduated and thought, instead of starting a practice, I would like to have some more experience within the realm of business. So I got actually the night that I graduated, I started my classes for my MBA, which was tough to juggle, but within a year, I was able to graduate with my MBA from a local university, UT Dallas, same place, I got my undergrad. So that actually opened my eyes to how I wanted to do my business. And I’m so appreciative for that experience.

Unknown 3:00
In the meantime, I’ve been working on my continuing education as well just to expand my clinical breath. So it’s been fun. These past two years have been busy, that’s for sure.

Justin Trosclair 3:08
Wow, I never expected to go straight from school, and just get my essence to be what my buddies are doing now, almost 10 years later. Like, I think it’s probably a good idea, man, my scope of skills for the job market. So that is wild. And were you working doing the industry between concurrently?

Unknown 3:26
Yeah, so the good thing about a lot of these MBA programs is they know that their classes and their students are going to have work full time work. So I was able to take the night classes at the university. And now you know, in 2017, we have so many online resources. So some of my classes were online as well, which was phenomenal to be able to have that flexibility. But I mean, the funny thing is, is I took a class called the principles of hospital administration, it was just this random, you know, class that I decided to bring onto my schedule, and it was the most formative experience that I could have ever had. And I’m sure we’ll touch on it, but it just opened my eyes to the absolute priority that employee engagement should have and that I just have not seen in the dental industry, you know, you’re starting to see it more and more and hospitals around the you know, world with, you know, Kaiser and Mayo Clinic doing things for their, their their team that makes them feel empowered, and happy to go to work. And I just want to bring that to my industry because you don’t see it in the small business realm.

Justin Trosclair 4:25
Go ahead and go into that, because I know I’m confused. I don’t know what that means. And I would like to know,

Unknown 4:31
is all over the place. So I had mentioned that my dad is a physician, by entrepreneur, I mean that he got into dialysis clinics about 10 years ago. And from there he transitioned owning his own hospital. So that was the mindset behind taking a class on principles of hospital administration, I thought maybe I’ll meet some people network, get them connected to some folks that would be beneficial to him. He owns a hospital in one of the suburbs of DFW, which is doing pretty well. So through that experience, the professor who taught that classes name is Brett Barrett, Dr. Britt Barrett, he was the CEO of one of the largest hospitals in DFW and he said, my, you know, secret sauce to success is employee engagement. So he wrote this book called patients come second. And it was this, like phenomenal change in perspective that people have been used to, because what he firmly believes is that if you put your team first, they’ll take care of your patients. So so often you hear in, you know, mission statements and BIOS that, you know, we put our patients first, that’s what sets us apart, well, I’m completely changing that and shattering that perspective, I put my team first. And by putting my team first, my my patients benefit even more, you know, if my people are happy to come to work, and they feel valued, and they feel like the the work that they’re doing is producing something that gets them closer to their personal and professional goals, then I will be able to transform my clinical experience because of how they are treating them. You know, so often as doctors, we don’t spend as much time with the patients. It’s our it’s our team that does you know, I walk into an exam, maybe do the treatment, but my assistance in my hygienist and my office manager there the soul of my practice. And so we’re just, we’re shaking it up. We’re shaking everything up.

Justin Trosclair 6:10
Yeah, I’ve heard the doctrine everyone finds out like what Sally leave white Bob? Oh, because your front desk is horrible, that your team is just rude. So you’re asking, why are

Unknown 6:22
you? Why are they? Why are they not treating your people with respect? are they feeling respected?

Justin Trosclair 6:28
So did you learn like money, sometimes this money, but a lot of times is not money that makes people happy. It’s job responsibilities and all that

Unknown 6:36
exactly. I mean, money has some degree of influence. But if you show that you care about what people’s inner workings are, you know, for instance, at my onboarding, and I say onboarding, but I have three team members right now, including me, there’s four, but I just want to create processes and procedures off the bat, so that we can expand in a healthy way. So at our onboarding, you know, we did a love language test, so that we would know how each one of us wants to be approved, appreciated, we did an emotional intelligence test so that we knew where we stood, and how our self awareness is and social awareness and relationship management. So instead of going and talking about when a filling needs to be diagnosed, and how I’m going to do an extraction, you know, that stuff we know, and that’ll come but how you deal with people, for me to them and send them to my patients and to our patients, is what makes the biggest difference.

Justin Trosclair 7:25
Wow, that’s pretty wild. Yeah, you know, I mean, obviously, I think about that with my wife. I’m like, okay, what’s your love language? And it matters. And it but I never thought of that with with staff. Because it really, especially, you know, I got a buddy, I think he works with seven or eight different women. And he’s like, in get crazy in there. Yeah, right has issues, and you gotta like to juggle all of that.

Unknown 7:45
Yeah, emotions, and yeah, stressful environment, just to take, we just found, you know, they have a bunch online, and I know, the actual emotional intelligence, you know, company or whatever has set up a business division where you can pay and get, like, accurate results, printed out a simple survey. And we had like a rudimentary kind of approach to figuring out where we stand. It was not technical by any means. But I think just by expressing good Desire to Learn someone in that way, helped me get what I was trying to get out of that exercise.

Justin Trosclair 8:16
Yeah, that makes sense, actually. Wow, we? So I’m curious.

Is it? No, this is cool, though. I mean, I never really thought about that. But it makes a lot of sense. And then because all the training, you said with your staff, the actual, here’s how you do this, here’s how you do that, you’re gonna have your own fine tuning. But really, a lot of these people probably are hygienists, already, they’ve been trained in what to do. And they just have to tweak it to what you want to. Yeah, exactly. Well, I’m curious about that we’re kind of jumping around my normal flow, but that’s okay. So when you’re training a staff member like that,

Unknown 8:52
they’re trained in a certain way they may have had experienced in the past? Have you learned what you like? Or do you kind of just let them be kind of anonymous in that area? You know, when I first got out of dental school, unfortunately, the school that I went to, and I think a lot of schools across the country do not put enough emphasis on what to expect in the real world. So you know, we don’t have assistance, we’re doing our own cleanings, it’s kind of environment where you have Taipei students all around you, you’re trying to get to the top. And it’s it’s a demoralizing experience, I think from start to finish and a lot of different ways. So when I got out, I really didn’t know how to train an assistant. And I was put in an office where I was the sole practitioner, and the assistant had just graduated from assisting school maybe a couple months earlier. And you’re so used to doing everything on your own, that you don’t know how to tell someone how to help you. And you don’t even know how you want to be helped. So that I made sure to transition out of that position as quickly as I could I think I started in August and left in February, because I can’t learn there if I’m not exposed to someone who knows what they’re doing. So I immediately went into a that was a corporate location. And are you familiar with corporate dentistry to any degree?

Justin Trosclair 10:00
Not so that might be more than one of my listeners aren’t either. So let’s go back down that a little bit. And what will the double back

Unknown 10:05
door so corporate Dennis, like when you’re driving down the street, and you see a bunch of you know, there’s in Dallas, and we’re saturated with like the monarchs and the mids and, you know, where I was at was a floss and, you know, corporate tends to have a negative connotation, but there are a lot of positives, you know, they don’t have a really tough criteria for how they accept, and people into the dental position, if you have a dental degree, you’re likely to get a job.

Justin Trosclair 10:29
And it’s a shame, you build out a certain amount.

Unknown 10:31
Exactly. So they do have production goals for you. And if you don’t reach those production goals, you’re not getting bonus. And they work pretty hard. You know, they work you at least one or two Saturdays a month, if not more, and they make you work evenings, I mean, we’re, they’re focused on the dollar sign, right. So they want to make sure they’re as efficient as possible and responding to consumers and consumers want hours in the evenings, and they want hours on the weekends. So that traditional thought that you know, dentists work nine to five, and they have been holidays off, it’s just not the case anymore. So I was at a corporate location, typically, most people have to work at corporate after they graduate because of loans. I mean, the average loans are out what three or $400,000, when you get out of a professional program, I’m sure it was you guys

Justin Trosclair 11:13
is build out are incredibly expensive, like a chiropractor. And I mean, it’s not that you guys have things and every single room and everything,

Unknown 11:20
our equipment alone, I mean, if I got it, I went through the numbers of how much my my practice cost to build, it would just blow your mind because our technology is so advanced, you know. So I was lucky enough to be able to transition out after a few months and then went into private practice. So in the dental world, private practices like the elite, you know, you’ve you’ve established yourself as a solo doc. And now you can hire on an associate, you’ve likely been seeing your patients for 10 plus years. And you can have the niceties of a advanced office. So that was unbelievable experience for me. So yeah, I was at the corporate office where they the attrition problem for them is really high. But they also don’t care, you know,

Justin Trosclair 12:00
because they don’t have like, you have to hit 300 root canals are like you may get fired?

Unknown 12:06
That’s a good question. So they really do push production. And a lot of the you know, ethically challenged places may have someone who was not a licensed doctor, try to tell you how to do your diagnosis, which is a tough position to be in, I think, as a clinician, I luckily was not in that situation. I know I have had colleagues that have been and the new gets. And then you know, we aren’t giving legal advice when we are in dental school not enough to understand how to read a contract. So if you’re stuck in something that’s five years long, or there’s some sort of crazy non compete, or a penalty for trying to break the contract, and it just sucks, you know. So I would say, you know, for any of the young listeners who are are hearing this podcast, definitely whatever industry you’re in, know, your contract, hire some help to get, you know, professional eyes onto a contract, because there’s stuff in there that will blow your mind.

Justin Trosclair 12:59
I think wiggle room, because it’s corporate, sometimes it just like, you could find it or you can leave,

Unknown 13:05
decide to walk away, then they’ll probably just hire someone else. But there’s always room for negotiation. People in any walk of life are going to give you what’s going to benefit them the most first, and then you just kind of you know, go back and forth until you find a common ground.

Justin Trosclair 13:19
So real quick, then I’m curious if How can you tell if a If a If you know, you don’t know what we’re looking at? And I don’t even know the right terminology for this. But you could have just got a cap or a filling. But we’re going to go ahead and root canal it or? Yeah, let us know, new between step is how can you tell us a consumer like if you’re getting duped or not.

Unknown 13:39
So that is I’m so glad that you brought that up, because the entire central premise of what I’ve built is dentistry with integrity. And I think you know, it’s so funny because my parents pushed me to be a dentist my whole life I almost my whole young adult life because they just said, you know, it’s a comfortable life, you know, you won’t have the weekend calls, you won’t have to worry about someone’s life on your hands. And you’ll make good money. And so, you know, I ended up enjoying what I saw, but they themselves never trusted the dentist that they went to, you know, and we’ve seen many dentists in our lives, they always felt like they were out to get their own gain. It’s one of those industries kind of like, you know, mechanic where you don’t really know how your car works and what your car needs, unless you’re some sort of, you know, nerd about it. And so what I decided to create was a promise where my tagline is dentistry with integrity. And my whole team is trained to follow our mission statement to the core, which is to treat everyone fairly no frills, honest dental care. I mean, say you come in and you need a crown, right? How can I just expect that you’ll have 1500 to $2,000, that you’re ready to charge on your credit card, I mean, you have to take into account someone’s economic situation, their other priorities and give them a plan B or Plan C, because what we’re doing is not, you know, life or death, but you do want to improve your oral health and the best way that you can, and if there is, yeah, if there’s no other option, and there’s no other option, you have to express it and educate and inform. And if there is a plan B that can hold someone over for a little bit, you have to let them know, you know, I want to take out this whole salesman, gimmicky part of the industry, because I just hate it, I hate it so much. So

Justin Trosclair 15:23
sometimes you could have an option where you might need a crown. But if you really can’t afford it, you could drill it out and put a filling or, like you could rip it out if you had to or

Unknown 15:33
so so often, you know, I’ll see a person who’s filling is, you know, not an optimal condition, there may be a fracture in it, or it may have like marginal integrity problems. And you can either replace that filling, you could watch it, you could put them a document on it. And then there’s those instances where it’s like, you know, you really gotta get this crown. So it’s just about knowing that there’s not a black or white, there is a gray area. And the the most important thing is to treats treat your patients like they’re your mother or father sitting in the chair, would you want your mom or dad to get aggressive treatment when they could have been treated conservatively. And I feel like it may not pay off in the short term in terms of, you know, my production, but if we can build that trust, and that volume will be fine, you know?

Justin Trosclair 16:20
Yeah, something and if I walked into a dentist and you

Unknown 16:23
know, back in five years, like people need crowds, just and they just need crowds, okay,

Justin Trosclair 16:28
rookie mistake, mistake, I should have just did it back in there mad because they had to do it twice in a year, or something. And if I need five rounds, I don’t have a single cat. I never had a cavity, knock on some wood. But if I walked in, I was like, You have five cavities. I’d be like, oh, maybe I should go to the big corporate place for 4999. And get a second opinion,

Unknown 16:46
of course, where I dropped five grand on some, some dental work. I wish more people would do that. Because one of the other things that we all push for is bringing us your treatment plan. And let us do a free Second Opinion for you. We’re not trying to make money off of you. We just want want to prevent you from getting something that we personally on a conservative level don’t feel like you You may or may not need, you know. Yeah. And I don’t want to undermine other professionals. We’re all trained in different ways. You know, we’re all have a different approach. My approach is more conservative, and I can offer that to you

Justin Trosclair 17:15
this. He said, there’s always people that are going to take you take you to town and they’re gonna be others that have like yourself who were like, let’s, let’s be ethical wins. Figure it out. Yeah. Well, I’m curious. I have all these other questions would definitely go back to him. But now my juices are flowing.

I saw on your website, you got something be pa free fillings, I believe? Yes. What does that talks about that. So

Unknown 17:38
it’s been around in Europe for quite a bit. It just got FDA approved in the US about a year ago. And it kind of fell in my lap, I was having a meeting with one of my vendors who is a supply person for Volkow brand voc Oh, and she started telling me about how this is now legal in the US to us. And I surprised it took so long honestly, because BPA has a lot of negative rap in the industry. And for a reason, you know, the research shows that it can have a can mimic estrogen to your body, and cause birth defects, reproductive defects. And so, up until this product came out from what I understand the resin material that was used for tooth colored fillings all had BPA in it.

Justin Trosclair 18:18
And so my real quick is that kind of the I’ve heard a story that there there’s mercury in there. And then if they removed the mercury, it’s actually could be like they removed the filling that has mercury could be worse, because there’s so much vapor.

Unknown 18:30
Yeah, that’s a separate type of rest. That’s a whole separate thing that was used before the filling the to the tooth colored fillings material became into came into the market. And so those silver fillings, a lot of people have them, they aren’t done so much anymore. But many people talk about wanting to get them replace, and there is a very technique sensitive process to that. I mean, you don’t want to just take out the filling, you want to make sure that the patients, you know, nasal airway is covered. Because you don’t want those vapors to come in. And you don’t want them to be, you know, ingesting anything. So you have to use a specific type of, you know, guard and the mouth. And there are dentists out there that do that the holistic way and use ozone and a special removal, you know, contraption. I am not doing that in my practice yet. But I think that if you do want to get your mercury fillings removed, do your due diligence and definitely look into what the repercussions could possibly be. And you’re a chiropractor, correct?

Justin Trosclair 19:26
Yeah, that’s what I heard. Yeah, spirit

Unknown 19:27
is also a chiropractor. And that was okay. Is that I know is very big for you guys. And I, I think you guys are also a little bit reluctant about root canals. Correct?

Justin Trosclair 19:37
I don’t really have any idea about that

Unknown 19:39
now. So I mean, it is his body, you know, so you have asked yourself, we can’t pinpoint that, you know, my, my index finger hurts because I have a silver filling. But it probably has some sort of effect.

Justin Trosclair 19:52
I was listening to like Dave Asprey with bulletproof radio. And he just had some lady on there that was went on a tangent, actually, about the the murder Korean a thyroid issue. And she wrote the, I guess, part of the chapter on that or something. Yeah. And it was for front of mind awareness to ask you that. So you’re saying they went from that to a filling that actually has the color of your teeth.

Unknown 20:12
And that’s what I had the BPA Exactly. And so now they’re now that’s how they have your teeth, but they’ve removed the VPN,

Justin Trosclair 20:17
is they’re not like a way they’ll just put a coating on top of the old cap so that it encapsulates the mercury, silver one. So that way, it doesn’t ever, like needed

Unknown 20:26
changed. Actually, you cannot. So if you try to bond a material to the silver, it creates like a micro gap that allows bacteria to get trapped under there and can cause some pretty deleterious effects. So oftentimes, not oftentimes, luckily. But when I do see, you know, tooth colored fillings bonded to a silver filling, that’s a no, no, you don’t want to do that in in your mouth, it’s going to create more problems. Definitely.

Justin Trosclair 20:52
Unless you create a welding technique for that. I know.

You got a filament in there. What’s up lady?

Unknown 20:57
And the research and you know, I’m not super involved with it. But I know that every day there’s new stuff coming out. Wow.

Justin Trosclair 21:05
Well, what about a, I always liked the idea of implants versus a bridge? I don’t know, that’s a different option. But maybe they cost like 10 grand apiece, that’s why people don’t do implants very often.

Unknown 21:15
Yeah, I think I becoming more cost effective. I think you know, what I got, I have implants, just because I had two teeth in the front from an impact when I was a child there, the roots were resolved. So I got implants. And I think they were they were pretty costly when I got him 1010 G’s a pop, if not more. But now you know, you can find more cost effective places to get it done.

Unknown 21:37
It’s almost like when the plasma TV first came out, you know, and it was like $30,000. Now you can go get like a plasma TV or LCD TV for how much like couple hundred. But it is it is a solid rock solid option, you know, whereas before, if you had a broken tooth or an infected two, if you could get either an extraction or a root canal to treat it. Now you can put a medical grade screw in to the bone, allow, you’re asked to blast and asked to class to come in and build bone around the threads of the screw. And then it becomes so rigid that the likelihood of something like that ever coming out is very low. Unless you’re a smoker, you’ve got pre existing gum disease, but

Justin Trosclair 22:16
intimated of what’s the like, what’s the truth made out of? I’m thinking you can still break that on like a nice piece.

Unknown 22:22
So this is a that’s a common question. So the actual screw goes underneath the bone. And then you just kind of put the GM over a sutra and let it heal for about three months, while the the bone builds around the screw threads. After that’s done, you put what’s called an abutment, and it’s a little bit of a ledge on top of the implant. And then over that abutment, you put the tooth, so it’s three separate parts almost, which helps put on the slides in Yeah, just kind of goes in like a block. And it’s strong, it’s very strong. In fact, it’s so strong that you have to worry if you do too many implants that someone could fracture their bedroom because you can have so much more to and pressure on an implant than you can on your natural teeth. Okay, so you can actually your job or your max loss or you

Justin Trosclair 23:02
should not to worry about chip in the tooth, the fake, the fake

Unknown 23:05
to the likelihood of that is probably low. Depending on the material that you use into this portion draconian your cone is really strong. If you have the implant opposed to a natural tooth, your natural tooth is very likely to chip or at least were down.

Justin Trosclair 23:18
That’s wild. I saw some surgeries. You look at Instagram and you’re shocked to see what you could find something. And there was like,

almost became at night, I almost became a dentist I thought crossed my mind at some point. Like, I don’t think I can handle all that blood. And there is a lot of surgery in there for sure. Oh, man,

Unknown 23:39

Justin Trosclair 23:40
it’s it’s a, you know, working here in in China. I mean, I see just people I guess they didn’t brush your teeth for like years. Black, or I guess it’s just right, right that either just literally rotting in their mouth.

Unknown 23:51
Yeah, it is what happens. And I did my honors thesis in college on the international discrepancies in oral health care providers. I mean, I think America is doing pretty well, but everywhere else seems to not be doing too well and their oral health care needs. So hopefully, you know, it goes across to internationally because it makes such a difference. I mean, it’s been linked to heart disease, it’s been linked to diabetes, just you thinking about the inflammatory response that your body has to produce, when you do have gum disease is of course going to affect the rest of your body.

Justin Trosclair 24:24
Yeah, I heard was that there’s some kind of bacteria that’s only found in the mouth. But if you had like a procedure and you get a heart attack, and I guess a few months later, they’ll find that same bacteria in your heart.

Unknown 24:37
Yeah, I mean, the blood vessels are all there. So if you have that, then you know very, not advanced but even moderate to severe periodontal disease, which means that your gums and bones are both implicated then that those bacteria will those anaerobic will travel through your bloodstream, and they will get to the rest of your body. So you know, not to scare tactic anyone here, but if you have, if you need a deep cleaning, get a deep cleaning, because there’s a reason that, you know, your hygienists and Dr. recommending it, it plays such a role and just your quality of life and your systemic processes.

Justin Trosclair 25:08
And I can I can do it. I white knuckle that table. Yeah, they get that ultrasonic one. You know, that jet stream? The hydrogen is always looking at. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m just ready for you to hurt me.

They miss it. It hurts. I’m just I’m bare knuckled. I’m ready. Yeah, it works. It.

Unknown 25:28
Just do it that you know what’s so funny is more often than not all I hear from patients. I mean, they could walk in with just so much work that needs to be done. And still, the first question is, what about your lightning? How much is whitening? And can I get whitening from you? Can I do it in office? And so all the questions revolve around whitening, when there’s so many underlying issues that first need to be addressed, you know, so I don’t know what it is about society where everyone just wants super, super white teeth.

Justin Trosclair 25:58
Yeah, I don’t even know what to say. Now.

Unknown 26:01
I know it’s crazy. It’s just like wanting the aesthetic, superficial improvement versus the actual.

Justin Trosclair 26:07
Yeah, I don’t belong to the back half of my mouth.

So what is your actual specialty? Do you have a specialty

Unknown 26:14
yet? So the cool thing about dentist is as soon as you graduate, you’re free to do any procedure in dentistry that you want. They do have different options like my best friend went and got an advanced education in general dentistry where she became more professional than implants and complicated treatments like root canals, and full mouth cases. So that was about a year long. They have somewhere you can do a general practice residency in a hospital, learn how to place IDs and sedation. Then they have your specialties like orthodontics and oral surgery, I decided to stick to general I was interested in one specialty. But it’s crazy to think that if I had pursued it, I’d still have like a year or two left before I became a practicing dentist. So I’m happy I didn’t do it wasn’t in the cards for me. But I think that the people that are out there specializing in kudos to you guys, because there’s a lot of stuff that I don’t feel comfortable doing. And I refer out every day. But it would that be you know, like if I see a person come in with a molar that has six canals, you know, typically you want to see four to five maybe and if it’s got six, and it’s you know, the patient can only open you know, four or five millimeters or, you know, they’re a high anxiety patient, refer send it off, you know, it’s not worth my time or effort to try to get that patient comfortable into the treatment at the standard of care.

Justin Trosclair 27:30
Oh, gotcha. Okay, in orthodontics, that seems like it’d be a very profitable venture to go down.

Unknown 27:36
Was it is is also the toughest, I believe specialty to get into that in pediatrics are pretty, pretty tough in oral surgery, you know, obviously, it’s hard to they’re all fairly hard. I think, in my school, at least orthodontics program was reserved for the top, the top five or 10 people that graduate in the class, because you know, low overhead quick time with patients, you aren’t spending more than 10 to 15 minute with them, your assistant can do most of the work like most of the hands on work. But General, as a general dentist, I do do Invisalign and I know a lot of my adult patients appreciate that. Same thing, versus Metal braces.

Justin Trosclair 28:11
Yeah, I mean, they still work on the specialty, so you’re you’re capable of doing Invisalign, you’re just not doing the metal,

Unknown 28:17
then I’m not doing the metal just it takes a little bit more finesse to be able to bend a wire the way that you need to and to know where to place the brackets. I mean, Invisalign helps their docs so much they send us templates for everything. So it’s just foolproof, you just follow step by step, and they make it easier on their GP to get the Invisalign in a patient’s mouth. And the technology is crazy. You know, if you sign up for Invisalign today, I could pull up a 3d model of your teeth and show you where they would be with every single trade that you had up until the very end, and you’d be able to see the final result.

Justin Trosclair 28:48
So you’re kind of like tech, I would hate to say it like this, but like, more like a technician within like

Unknown 28:54
the software does the rest they would never say that because they know better than to rub their doctors the wrong way. That way. Yeah, I doing the patient description, you know, you know, Justin has class to occlusion with some mild crowding, we need to not touch number 20 because there’s an implant there and he’s got a bridge on the upper left. So that kind of stuff we still have to articulate. And then they kind of create the the fabricate the models and the trays and send it over testing, you know, give us the guidelines of how they recommend us to

Justin Trosclair 29:23
top it does take longer Invisalign.

Unknown 29:26
Yeah, no, it is it a very, they just changed their guidelines. They used to say that you had to wear your trace for two weeks. It is now seven days. And they have different options. You know, if you just want a couple of tries to get some mild crowding, fixed, that’ll take five weeks, they have somewhere it’s 10 weeks, 14 weeks, my fiance was in it for three and a half months.

Justin Trosclair 29:45
So why would you go with the invisible? Why would you do Metal braces instead of Invisalign.

Unknown 29:50
I there’s a lot of complicated cases that can’t be treated with Invisalign. For instance, under bites are tough ones, you’re going to need surgery, most likely, or some sort of more advanced techniques. And then if you have a cross site, which means you know, your lower teeth are coming out over your top teeth. So if like, you know, your bottom teeth kind of overlaps over your top teeth, and that is a tough one to fix with Invisalign. So there are certain limitations. And then there’s a lot of orthodontist that just feel like the metal gets them the results that they want. It just depends on it goes back to the plan a plan B versus thing if you can’t have absolute perfect is that a deal breaker or will you find an option that’s more suited for the patient more hygienic, more aesthetic? and gets them good enough results?

Justin Trosclair 30:31
What say this? I had braces because for different reasons. And my teeth look still good on the front. But the backs like the you know they’ve gone site like the inverted not level. Why didn’t realize you have to wear these stupid retainer the entire life? Yes. For years and I was like, No, Tyrion is dumping Yeah. And then you know, slowly, I guess we were like yours, you realize like, hey, this, I gotta get something else in there, like at least a look straight ahead. But I was like, What the crap.

Unknown 30:59
I mean, you if anyone knows that your bonus, constantly remodeling and constantly building and breaking down. And so your palate and your mandible are no exception to that will continue to do it all your life. I

Justin Trosclair 31:11
guess I’ll have to go Invisalign when

Unknown 31:14
you know where to find me.

Justin Trosclair 31:16
That’s right. I’ll make my way to Dallas. DFW Right. Yeah. Any other any other plug, any self plug that you would like to give real quick

Unknown 31:26
self plugs? talked about myself a lot. You know, I feel like I bring a unique, you know, I think I read Steve Jobs said don’t do it differently, do it, or don’t do it better do it differently. I think that’s what he said. So you know, there’s a thing called a red ocean that I learned in Business School, which is when there’s so much competition out there, it’s like the sharks are eating each other. And so though there’s blood in the water, and it becomes a red ocean, what you want to find is a blue ocean, which is can be in the same industry, but you go in and you’re creating something new and something fresh. And I think I bring that to the table with empowering my team and really focusing on having a moral and ethically in line vision. And so we are one practice right now we are going to expand as soon as we feel like it’s a processes and procedures are in place and and we’re making sure that we’re giving our patients the top at the highest quality care of possible. So in terms of plug, you know, if you’re in the DFW area would love to see you if you’re wanting to be a dentist or you’re fresh out of dental school or you’re in dental school, give me a shout because I’ve been there. And I remember going through the experience of wanting to be a dentist and then applying dental school and then being a dental school and really holding on to the emotions that I had in those walks of life. Because you don’t want ever want to get out and be like, Oh, it was easy. Or you know, you’ll get through it. You want to have some sort of empathy for the people that are going to the same thing. So I’m always here to support and mentor. And that’s what I love to do.

Justin Trosclair 32:56
You made a comment earlier about staff training I took you on a long time.

Because you’re you know, you said you when you first started you were by yourself. And you’re like, I need to learn from somebody which I think is a smart option. Yeah. And then now you have your own staff, and you’re you’re training them use an emotional intelligence, love languages, walk me through, how do you find out what it is that you want your staff to do as far as like the big list or the staff themselves? And how do you train them? What did you do? How do you find good staff, I guess as well that, you know,

Unknown 33:23
I got really lucky in the situation. So I was temping at an office just because I was taking a few days off a week to do my business school. And then when I graduated, I wanted to pick up a few more days. So I got this gig and there was an older dentist, 8687 years old, he had been in practice for 50 plus years, and the staff had been there, you know, for a very long time. I think the office manager was there for 15 to 20 years, hygienists that was the same and the assistant was there for about seven or eight. So I started there two days a week, and we just built up a really good rapport, you know, we would have such great conversation. And it would be so much fun. And we really felt like we were taking care of the patient. And just to rewind the the dentist that was there who was 86 or 87 had a health incident. So he had to step down from the practice. And he needed someone to just temp while he was trying to find a way to come up with an exit strategy. So I tried to buy that practice, the deal fell through I think the older dentists who have been with their practice for 50 plus years, tend to value them on an emotional level versus a monetary and economic well, so we had a deal. He didn’t like the amount after a couple of weeks. And so we decided to just build our own practice. Now the lucky thing about the situation was there was no non compete, no non solicitation, there wasn’t even a contract. So when I told the staff that I was building my own office across the street, they wanted to come with me, which was such a blessing. So when it comes to picking and hiring, I really don’t have a lot of solid advice. I feel like I will maybe in about a year or two. But right now, you know, I’ve had a team for a long time that we’ve been able to work together and grow together. And so when I opened the doors to my practice on Monday, you know, we’re just like a family. We’ve we’ve been working together for so long, that they know how I like things to be done. And they they know how I like to do work.

Justin Trosclair 35:05
Very good. Yeah. So you got this new clinic, you got these loans, I’m guessing you’re you’re you’re feeling the burden of being an entrepreneur, what are your some of your top two, maybe three marketing tactics that are working Are you have in play that you hope will work?

Unknown 35:21
Yeah. So I don’t want to create any enemies out there that are listening. But I do not have loans, which has been the world’s biggest blessing by partner and this is my dad. And so he is the the life and soul of getting the practice up to where it is today. And he’s allowed me to have the autonomy to create the vision that I’ve always wanted. And we have a marketing person on staff, you know, there’s a lot of companies out there, and every healthcare industry, where they will market your practice for you. And you’re paying them to do kind of what they do for all of their clients. And so I really did was opposed to the idea of having something that looked like what others had already done. So when I created my vision, you know, he was like, let’s get you someone who can execute it. So we got a great marketing girl, she’s got us on social media, you know, Yelp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, that has been great word of mouth has been great. And just making sure our brand permeates you know, you look at the Starbucks symbol, and you look at Nordstrom, and you look at any household brand, what is it that makes them so what resonates with what they’re doing. And so that’s what I’m trying to do from the get go. So if you go to my social media, every single picture on my Instagram and Facebook page will be branded, because when you see the be I want you to think of dentistry with integrity, I want you to think of brush. So like I said, proof of concept is still in the works. We’re going to see how it goes. But you know, we’re doing direct mail marketing as well. And the fact that my hygienist has been embedded to the community for 15 plus years has helped us have a good patient flow to start off with. But we’re in that phase of our business where we’re just trying everything. And we’ll see what we need to wean off of. You know, we didn’t do the Yellow Pages, but

Justin Trosclair 37:07
I mean, you doing direct mail, but that seems like a very Dennis thing to do. Yeah, here’s your check out, here’s your check up. But yeah,

Unknown 37:12
I will get pricey. So there’s a company, there’s a couple of companies out there that will charge you, you know, for 50,000 mailers off the bat, same design, and they’ll get they’ll charge you $25,000, and they want it right away. So we looked at the different contracts that we got. And we were able to design, print and mail our own mailers, I think for somewhere in the $2,000 ballpark range. So if you do it on your own, it will take a little bit more time probably a little bit more of a headache. But in in today’s day and age with technology being so user friendly, get out there and design it make it what you want it to be.

Justin Trosclair 37:48
Yeah, you only have so much time and only so much money, like as a lot of money to put on mailing ended up going to the post office and getting one of those. I don’t know what do you want to call it junk mail certificates?

Unknown 38:00
No, I haven’t. But we are using the post offer post office for a direct mail. And there’s a little you go online and

Justin Trosclair 38:07
talking about there’s like a stamp word cuts your postage rate and a half.

Unknown 38:10
I have no idea. But now I’m gonna look into take Yeah, if you

Justin Trosclair 38:13
I was putting postcards one time for like, new people move into the area or something and I was buying lists once just you know, you gotta try something anyway, on a post office, there was some kind of card that you get, and then you just, you have to do a certain amount are the exact same thing over and over. But it’s I don’t know if it’s half the price, but it was substantially less money. Really you’re gonna Yeah, but it had to be like postcard size. So I don’t know what your mail

Unknown 38:39
a postcard size.

Justin Trosclair 38:40
there’s a there’s a little tricky. Might you might

Unknown 38:44
look at that. I’ll go check it out. Yeah, we are using our mail out they do it Every Door Direct Mail marketing service, which is awesome,

Justin Trosclair 38:51
huh? Maybe it’s built into that? Yeah, maybe Who knows? I can I got out by the time they started doing that. I was like, Oh, this is really kind of cool was like, well,

Unknown 38:59
they probably do included, because it’s a great service, you know, and I would imagine that they’d want you to feel confident that your mail is going to where you want it to go?

Justin Trosclair 39:07
Absolutely. How do you know if your company is horrible? And you need to fire him? your marketing person? What’s your What’s your goal? I think

Unknown 39:14
I think a lot of people jump the gun on this firing and they don’t communicate their needs. First, I think that goes across the board. You know, why don’t they know that I want it differently will have you talked to them about it? You know, have you told them that you want things to be done differently. When you hire someone they are working for you. And if they ever stop acting like they’re working for you, that’s when you need to have a conversation or maybe consider termination. But before you get to that point, there’s like 10 other steps, you know, like, how can we get on the same page? How can you do what I’m asking you to do? How can I facilitate you doing what I’m asking you to do? So I haven’t gotten to that point yet where I’ve had to terminate anyone but we’ve had conversations, you know, where we try to get back onto the same track of what I’m trying to accomplish. And I think oftentimes people need to be given the benefit of the doubt. Just communicate and see where they stand and why they’re doing what they’re killing.

Justin Trosclair 40:02
It make sense. That is a hard one. I mean, I’ve heard stories where they just don’t work out. Yeah, it is. It’s like Whoa, did you need results immediately are supposed to wait a couple of months? Yeah. I don’t really like the seven times you have to hit somebody seven times. I’m like, well, it’s not like a magic number. It’s Yeah, somebody would have had to just be like, Oh, this is the first time I see it. And I had a tooth problems. So I decided to come in. And it’s like, well, how long am I supposed to wait before? have to stop spending money? Yeah, I get anything in return, you know, I get it. Where do you see your profession going in the next five years,

Unknown 40:35
I would hopefully like to expand in the DFW market, that would be ideal for me, just to grow the brand and the vision and maybe get all throughout Texas at some point, I would like to transition out of practice ownership. At some point in my life, I’ve always wanted to get a degree from an Ivy League school in particular, you know, either somewhere in the northeast. And that’s something that I don’t want to give up on something that always wanted to do and maybe use that degree to get into more of the corporate level work. So we’ll see how things go. You know, right now, I’m 27 and doe eyed and I have all these big goals for my life. And so we’ll see what what you know, God puts in front of me, and what opportunities come in front of me, I’m so happy that I’ve been able to do this practice, like I’ve always wanted to do, but you know, who knows where life takes me down the line will see, it would be great to work for, you know, a Colgate and be a part of some sort of their nonprofit division and just use the the the breath of experience that will have in my life to do some some real good.

Justin Trosclair 41:41
Okay. That versus making brush nationwide, making it the next monarch?

Unknown 41:45
Yeah, Mr. Mark? Yeah, you know, that would.

Unknown 41:50
That would be nice. They do have a, you know, an interesting reputation, I think in some areas, but it would mean if I’m able to do it in a way that I’m still able to maintain my reputation. And why not, you know, if I can provide that place where people were they feel like they’re really being taken care of, you know, why do people buy things from Nordstrom, because they know that their customer service is second to none. They know that if they buy something, they don’t like it five years later, they can return it, you know. So if people have that same sense of trust and faith into what I’m building, then of course, I’d like to take it nationwide. It just gets tricky, you know, as you grow to make sure that people are representing your vision the way that you want them to, and they make it their own vision, you know,

Justin Trosclair 42:22
yeah. And not to discount. But like, if your dad owns a hospital, he’s got connections. Yeah. And you know what I mean? Like, it really could help. Yeah. How do I explain how do I get a second location? And do I talk to that kind of stuff? Like, you know, it’s, for those who don’t have those kind of connections are always like, Oh, so lucky row, you know, you know, but at the same time, like, Look, you haven’t yet pointed us know

how it is. So I

Unknown 42:49
read a book called your to finding your true north. And it’s just crazy with the amount of success can do to certain people you hear about in Wall Street, you hear about it, even within your own circle of friends or extended circle. So what I want to make sure that I do is just hold on to my why, you know, why am I doing this? Why am I building this practice, I want to create a place where people feel valued. I want people to love where they work, I would love where I work, I would treat my dentist, well, that work for me, and I want my patients to get the best quality care. So if I can do that, and I can expand and grow and continue to keep that core missions and of course, I will do it.

Justin Trosclair 43:25
Yeah. You know, I think of like, Clinton’s kid and Trump’s kids, and both of them. Would they have been that great. If they weren’t, their parents weren’t who they were, they probably just be another Joe trying to make it. Yeah, I got all the experience and all the, you know, all that stuff behind the scenes that you and I may not have gotten politically. Yeah. And so they’ve all of a sudden got all the business accolades, the political accolades, just from people they know and all that stuff. But

Unknown 43:53
you know, we’re your style a certain cards by life, you know, who your your parents are, and where you’re born, and all of that. And then it’s up to you how you take advantage of your your blessings, American dream, right?

Justin Trosclair 44:03
Yep. Cool. Well, let’s see, we’re going to switch over the personal stuff, because I want to make sure we respect your time and get you out of here soon. You’ve been out for a little while working jobs, you just started your own. You have a plan? How did you take vacation, and have a plan so that you can take the occasion and not be burned out?

Unknown 44:21
Oh, I am 100% support of a work life balance, I think that you need to be able to have time for yourself, and you need to be able to decompress. And whatever it is that helps you just get Zen and feel at peace. I feel like the best way to compartmentalize your stress and to, you know, feel more at ease with what you’re doing is to have these things to look forward to. So I travel a lot. I think a lot of people are confused as to how I travel so much just because I make time for it. You know, I when I was younger, I used to say, you know, I don’t have time for this, I don’t have time for that. And my dad had to sit down and say, Don’t say that, because you make time for the things that you want to do. You know, we have the same 24 hours in the day as Beyonce. And so if we want to do something with our day, we should just do it. So, you know, I recently came back from Columbia, which was phenomenal. I spent six days and Carter Hannah, you know, we’re always going places, nationally, internationally. So if you can, your staff will appreciate it to tell them to go spend time with their families and to go enjoy and take trips with their loved ones or just relax with their loved ones. Don’t make everything so cutthroat and go go go go go you know, life will pass you by too quickly. How do you so how do you take six days off? Are you hiring people to fill in for you just I mean, it was working for someone else. Okay. And you can know if you talk to someone well in advance and you give them a good enough notice. They can’t tell you you can’t then you’re working in the wrong place. Okay, and it wasn’t 60 I mean, include the weekend, you know, so right.

Justin Trosclair 45:49
Yeah, well, just kind of curious because sometimes we we want to do things and either financially we’re like, I got overhead and yeah, vacations. I really don’t have the finances to do both, are ya? They don’t know how to put somebody either take off hire somebody for the week.

Unknown 46:04

Justin Trosclair 46:06
I was just curious. I

Unknown 46:07
don’t mean to sound silver spoon or anything. You know, ever since I graduated, I’ve been supporting myself this businesses adventure with my dad. I just think that you know, if you want to do it, and you want to live the life a certain type of life, and you should find a way to make it make it work.

Justin Trosclair 46:19
Absolutely. Yeah. Nice. So besides work, any hobbies or volunteering or anything that really preoccupies your mind.

Unknown 46:27
Yeah, you know, I used to be really involved in leadership. When I was in dental school, I was in the National Student, national Dental Association treasure for two years, I was my local chapter as their president. So through those connections, I’ve been able to meet tons of people at conferences and whatnot, I try to stay pretty involved in organized dentistry right now. good amount of my free time is, you know, spent planning my wedding. I’m getting married. And I’m also taking a fellowship exam to become a fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry this summer. So studying for that. You know, just spending time with the people I care about I live in Dallas, where my whole family is my parents, my sister’s, my niece’s, my nephew, my fiance, his family. So it’s nice to just spend time with the people that you care about.

Unknown 47:13
I would say that’s probably my most favorite hobby. Yeah, that’s a good hobby. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 47:20
I love to ask this question. Significant Other fiance. What do you guys do together? That helps you feel connected and keep the love alive? You’re obviously in the best part of the relationship? Yeah, I just want to get a little stressful weddings can be a little stressful strain on the relationship. But But what do you do to stay connected?

Unknown 47:37
Man, we are so supportive and in sync. And we encourage each other so much to just maximize on our potential, you know, there’s always a new challenge that we’re working on right now. It’s waking up at 430 in the morning, so we have at least an hour to just read. The we also you know, are always talking, just bouncing ideas off of each other. He has big lofty goals too. And I know that he can see them through and achieve them. And just being that constant source of inspiration. You know, we love spending time together. And I think if you’re with someone and they you don’t love spending time with them, you’re probably with the wrong person. But if there’s ever anything that I’m doing, it’s always just better when he’s there. So even with this practice, he’s been such a lifeline for me just just being there to talk to you about the different things that are happening. It’s been so nice to just have someone that you can just tell everything to and then they shuffled through all the nonsense and they get to like the gold and they just push you so it’s been really good. Is there any joint practice in the future? I hope so. I mean, chiropractor, so I would love to have him like next to me, maybe in this sweet next to me. But we definitely have plans, you know, to to build something together.

Justin Trosclair 48:50
That’s cool. Yeah.

All right. Well, you talked about your morning. So I’m curious, what is the morning routine, or even a lunch routine that gets you grounded, and actually it for the rest of the day,

Unknown 49:01
man, I as hard as it is in the moment to open your eyes and get up at 430 It is one of the best things that I’ve ever adopted into my schedule. First off, it forces you to sleep at a normal time because you don’t want to go to bed at midnight and wake up four and a half hours later. So it’s not good for you

Justin Trosclair 49:17
what’s normal,

Unknown 49:18
I long to the morning around nine 930. And, you know, there’s those times when you’re in a social situation where it might be a little bit later, but I never ever tried to sleep past 11. I mean, it’s just like, impossible for me to be at my max productivity The next day, wake up for 30 get the coffee ready, read and prepare for the day, just mentally map out what your day is going to look like what you have to do, how it’s going to go. And the change has been night and day, you know, compared to dental school where I would just, you know, get out of bed five minutes before class and they’re on some scrubs and get there. I mean, you’re just flustered. You have no idea how your day is going to go because you haven’t had time to reflect on it. But once you creative vision for your day execute so smoothly. And it’s just so nice to get that extra time of just expanding your knowledge, you know, giving your brain that exercise that it needs.

Justin Trosclair 50:10
I went on wake up to do these podcasts. Actually, it was nice. It wasn’t quite as early. If I stay open and go back to bed. Oh my goodness, you get so much done. So

Unknown 50:19
my so imagine

Justin Trosclair 50:20
every day you like by nine o’clock I’ve already had half my day.

Unknown 50:24
Exactly, exactly. It’s awesome. Nine o’clock. I’m having my second cup of coffee, you know?

Justin Trosclair 50:31
Let’s go Let’s do it. The next question, of course, is going to be favorite books, blogs, podcasts, etc. You already said you’re spending an hour reading so what? What’s on Sarah’s mind? What are you reading these days?

Unknown 50:43
I am reading originality by Adam Grant. That’s a really good book so far. I’m about halfway through a lot of the books that I read or personal and professional development. I do like to include like, you know, I read Amy Schumer his girl with the lower back tattoo recently I thought it was hilarious. I love like when comedians write books, Amy Poehler, his book, yes, was amazing, you know. So that kind of stuff just adds a little bit of humor and lightheartedness to my collection. But for the most part, I when I read something I wanted to expand, you know, where I stand and what my understanding of the world. So in terms of blogs that I enjoy, there is a dental blog that’s really good, that curious dentist, he has opened my eyes to a lot of business ownership. And he also had a list of the five best books to read when you become a dental entrepreneur, and I read each one of them and they were amazing. For anyone out there that’s in the healthcare industry that owns their own business, raving fans is a must, you must read that book, it takes you about an hour and a half. And you feel like a badass because you read it so quickly, because it’s a really quick book to read. But you will completely shift your paradigms on how to approach customer service, I loved it. So

Unknown 51:56
there’s so much information out there. I mean, if you get on Khan Academy, get on it to you, I mean, you’ll be able to learn whatever you want. And however you want to do it at whatever pace you want to do it. So just take advantage of the the knowledge that’s out there, tap into and

Justin Trosclair 52:10
great. I’m curious because I just love reading books. And it’s one of the things I like to put out there. You have any one that you would say really like rocked your world changed the way you think, man

Unknown 52:20
I loved lean in by Sheryl Sandberg I cannot wait to read option B it just came out a couple of weeks ago. But lean in is so empowering for women, and I know you’re doing a women’s series. So if there are women listening and haven’t read that book, read it, have your husband’s read it, let your kids read it. It just is phenomenal, and how it lifts up women into being you know who they’re meant to be and doing everything they’ve ever wanted to do. That’s a great point. Any advice for women?

Justin Trosclair 52:52
women students, not even doctors yet? Like what would you say? Were

Unknown 52:55
very interesting situation. You know, I often get asked about kids life and family a lot of questions that, you know, my male counterparts probably don’t get asked nearly as often. And are

Justin Trosclair 53:06
you married? Let’s get coffee. Yeah.

Unknown 53:09
Yeah. And you know, there’s a lot of this sweethearts, and, you know, honeys, that being said, throughout and I’m a professional, you know, those are not the types of words that I want to be called. So I’m still trying to find a way to approach it. And Sheryl Sandberg helped me a lot with her book and being more empowered in that regard. But I would just say to women, like, Don’t table your professional goals for family, I mean, there’s a way to find to have both, it’s been done so many times, and we almost had a responsibility as professional women to raise children that contribute to society and that are educated and that are cultured, and so use it as an ability as a, as a way to continue to thrive in your professional life. And what what I think is devastating is when people have start their families, and then you know, if you want to be a full mom, by all means, you know, good for you. It is a tough job, it is hard to do. But if you could find a way to continue your professional growth, man. I’m so proud of you Good for you. I mean, there’s a way to do it. We’ve got resources, I wish that the country would, you know, catch up with, with help in terms of getting that babysitting help and giving maternity paternity leave across the board, because it’s just so important. But yeah, to the women out there, if that’s your goal, if you want to be a full time, Mom, good for you. But if you want to find a way to continue with your career, do it, you know, make it happen. Don’t give up on your professional goals. Do you think that working two or three days a week, like if you had like, I don’t know, two or three kids or something? Yeah. And it falls back on you like, Okay, I’m the woman traditional role, I still have to somehow be in charge of all these kids. Yeah. Is there amount of a certain amount of days that you would feel like you’re still contributing like two or three, I’m so glad. Because I challenged those traditional roles, I am fortunate to be in a partnership where he’s very well aware that when we do have children, it’s going to be both of us doing our part to raise them. And often women just feel like it’s their sole responsibility. And we need to change that. It is not your sole responsibility. Study, after study research after research shows the importance, the value of having a male father figure in a child’s life, or even, you know, just just that, you know, someone’s got to be there helping, you cannot take on all the responsibility on your own. And you have to set the groundwork from the beginning. You have to let them bond, you know, micromanaging is, is just, it has no role. I think in parenting like that, you know, oftentimes, you’ll see moms who just are like, let me do it. Let me put the diaper on, let me put pick them up. Let me you know, coddle them while they’re crying. Let your husband or your spouse do that. Let them do play an active role and let them and you know, I’m saying this in my navety. I don’t have children, but I know how I want to do it. I’ve planned how I want it to go down, you know, and I’m sure there will be surprises along the way. But I know I’m going to have the support system that I need. So if he needs to work two to three days and I need to work two to three days, then we’ll make it work. But the sacrifice has to be balanced with like

Justin Trosclair 56:14
those dads assembly will babysit my kids on Saturday. Yes. Your kid you’re not babysitting.

Watching your child. That’s not called babysitting.

Unknown 56:25
See you got it. Yes. And you understand.

Justin Trosclair 56:27
That’s why I don’t have kids yet. Because the the burden, not the burden with the well the burden I feel to have to be a good dad. Yeah. Heavier than that my selfishness that just be myself right now.

Unknown 56:38
Yeah, I get it. I can definitely relate.

Justin Trosclair 56:40
Well, that’s what’s great about your profession to is and you’re in your your soon to be husband, you could do a week. Oh, yeah. Just stagger how you work and how he works. So that’s why it’s always with the kid and they were actually having to do babysitting. And you know, generally speaking, that’s kind of cool. Yeah. All right. Well, last question. Do you have any favorite This is a fun question. We all have our phone. We’re addicted. I am. Do you have a favorite app that’s personal, our pleasure that you just love to use or or find yourself gravitating towards besides like social media,

Unknown 57:09
I love looking at trips. So I don’t think I have a certain app but I’ll be on travelzoo or Expedia or any sort of you know, fair, you know, deal website throughout the day all day and I booked maybe point 01 percent of the things that actually fine I would even say point 00 1%,

Unknown 57:30
but I’m all like they there’s a trip to Bali for $800 it’s just exciting for me, and I just like to look and see what’s out there. And so I have like this long running list of all the places that I want to go but I just am and so it’s you know, I think that’s probably why I make traveling such a priority because I just obsessed with it. I love looking into I love seeing what’s out there. And that’s probably where I gravitate to mostly. Which travelzoo? Check it out travelzoo.com

Justin Trosclair 57:55
All right, I’ll do that. I was thinking I wonder is like a hopper not but I don’t know. We’ll see a bunch of deals bunch of deals. That’s what I want to hear. Yeah, very nice. Well, how can people get in touch with you? really fine. I’m so

Unknown 58:07
transparent and my contact information you can send me a text or call my phone number 214-534-1915 you can email me at Sarah Sa ra k m dds@gmail.com. I take a lot of pride in my ability to respond in a timely manner which by the way just and I’m really sorry about the the Facebook Messenger thing that was it took me a week to get back to you because I went to my spam folder. So that was devastating but just for my own, you know, self worth. I was like, Oh, no, I good about responding. So if you agree, yeah, you reach out to me I’ll get back to you.

Justin Trosclair 58:45
Fantastic. Oh, what your website

Unknown 58:48
is www dot brush. H e b.com. What’s he be It stands for the Hearst you list Bedford area, it’s three different just like a tri City area and right outside of Fort Worth. So we just kind of be needed it.

Justin Trosclair 59:02
Yeah, I saw I saw your website and was like he be the grocery store know that.

Unknown 59:07
What is the ATV? Not the first person to say that. So I should probably get on the website and make some edits and just say first deal is Bedford

Justin Trosclair 59:14
was long as your back end? A SEO is correct with that. Yeah, you’re working on I don’t know if we’re getting there. Perfect. Awesome. Well, this has been an amazing hour, thank you so much for being on the show. And if you ever need anything, just reach out. And we’ll definitely help each other out. Likewise,

Unknown 59:29
thanks for having me, it was a lot of fun.

Justin Trosclair 59:34
Thank you so much for being on the show. Definitely a different perspective trying to put the team first versus always putting the patient first. But in essence, you’re still putting the patient’s needs by doing it in a different way. So really great to kind of wrap our heads around that how can we implement that in our own clinic? think critically people, it’s good to hear that there is a way to always stay ethical in your business while still being profitable. And I think these interviews and reading books can really help you become more business savvy, as well as developing content skills through experience and continuing ed in those types of things. Once again, thank you for the book selections, they should be really good to read. You can always find those on the website under a store, which is the Amazon store where I put all of the book suggestions and things like that you can actually go to that doctor’s perspective. net and purchase those books directly off of my website. Again, the show notes a doctor’s perspective, net slash to seven travel tip coming up next.

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We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, sharing on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin Charles Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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