E 145 Self-Healing Dental Cavities Jessica Brigati DDS

a doctors perspective e 145 Remineralizing Decay Protocols jessica brigati dds
Dr. Jessica Brigati, DDS talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

Nobody wants cavitites and she uses transillumination and remineralizing decay protocols to help patients avoid dental procedures. We also talk about referrals  and food to avoid. Jessica Brigati DDS brings humor and knowledge for a dentist episode.

Dr. Brigati is married to a chiropractor so we are able to see if and how that affects her style of dentistry. She has a great story for picking dentistry as a profession and it has do with quality of life with children.

Remineralizing Decay Protocols and Trans-illumination  Technology

What is remineralization? Can a cavity fill itself back in with healthy bone and enamol?

What role does lighting up a tooth from the inside play in her diagnosis and treatment protocols?

What type of success rate does she have in reversing tooth decay and avoiding the dental fillings?

How big of a role is nutrition? What type of nutritional things can we do to reverse tooth decay?

Dexis CariVu™ is her go to device.

Can this work for big cavities, flossing cavities, incipient lesion?

Acidic beverages are destroying are mouth, what classifies as acidic? She did a great ‘show and tell’ of the different pH’s of some of the most common beverages we drink.

It’s a good idea to think of Food as Medicine. Put the right stuff in and you body can function better.

Xylitol is in lots of dental products. It’s supposed to help protect the bacteria from adhering to the tooth.

Since her husband is a doctor of chiropractic, we discuss how to approach a dentist to build that referral relationship as well as how the dentist themselves probably have symptoms that a DC could help relieve.

How do you keep the love alive when you have 2 kids under 3 and an older one?

Book:  Healing Without Hurting -Jennifer Kozek , 5 Love Languages for Kids – Gary Chapman


Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/145 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

a doctors perspective e 145 Remineralizing Decay Protocols cavities jessica brigati dds


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Justin Trosclair 0:06
Episode 145 self healing dental cavity I’m your host, Dr. Justin Trosclair. And today we have Dr. Jessica regard his perspective during 2017 and 18 podcast Awards Nominated host and best selling author on Amazon as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctor and guest specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Welcome back. If you didn’t know this in the last couple of weeks in China, I’ll be heading over to America for a few weeks in the journey to start a new job. So what I’ll probably end up doing is actually taking a short break from podcasting spent time with the family and with the stress of movie 2020 started back up I can see why people do seasons sometimes it’s nice, I just gotta focus on 10 take a break another 10 take a break. So we’ll see how it happens in 2020 how it all shakes out. I want to go to a doctor’s perspective, net slash links. You got everything from the series that we’ve done in the past, supporting the show right and reviews t shirts

The number one best selling Amazon book, some of the past podcasts that I’ve been on the three recently and once comes out in January. Now it goes over, like, what I see is physical mental health considerations in China versus America. So it’s a little compare and contrast. That’s Cheryl’s pot couch. So if you want to do any of that, check it out. Great. All the links will still work. During the hiatus. You’ll notice in the social media, they’ll be posts pretty much every day about some episode in the past. So don’t forget about me. Okay. All right. Well, today, we’re going to wrap up our dental series. I know we had somebody put in between. We had a scheduling snafu with Dr. Bugatti, so I had to put her afterwards. And so in the PDF from.net slash dentist, she’ll be in there as well as a bonus episode with dental nachos. Episode 73. Because who wants five? Let’s do six. Right. All right. What we’re going to talk about today is those little almost cavities. Well, some dentists might say, Yeah, let’s go ahead and take care of it. Or she says, Hey, actually, I’ve got this cool device called transillumination. And we can figure out where these these cavities are anyways,

memorizing decay protocols that we can do, which could be some diet modifications, some supplements, food heels type of stuff, they can actually have remineralize the tooth. That way, you don’t have to actually have all those procedures, also talk about referrals. She’s actually married to a chiropractor. So we’ll talk about how we begin some referrals back and forth in. That’s obviously a good thing. So let’s dive in a little bit of a shorter episode, I was thankful she was able to squeeze me in between some appointments that she had. So all the show notes, a doctor’s perspective, net slash 145. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China, and Fort Worth, Texas. Today on the show. We’re going to continue the dentist podcast series. And we’re going to talk about wonderful things that we haven’t actually talked about yet. And I’m excited. And I just want to introduce you to Dr. Jessica Bugatti. Thank you so much for being on the show.

Unknown Speaker 2:51
Thank you for having me. I’m very excited to be on your show. Well,

Justin Trosclair 2:55
let’s not dilly dally around because sometimes we have time crunches and this people is one of those times so we don’t have to go into the big long detail of why you became a dentist but a little bit of the backstory. You’ve been doing it for a while. How did you pick this profession?

Unknown Speaker 3:10
I think that’s a very good question. So my dad was a physician. And he worked very hard, and saw that he wasn’t able to come to a lot of our games growing up. And my dad’s best friend was dentist, pediatric dentist and he was at everything, all of the all of the games, all the plays, and I thought, Wow, it’s pretty cool. You know, that’s, that’s a nice lifestyle. So I kind of thought of it. Being a forward thinker. This is probably a ninth grade in high school, I thought, wow, that might be a career I’m going to think about and so I started observing. And I really just just fell in love with dentistry. So that’s really how I started. When I drill and fiddle with Plato. I was younger, but I didn’t really have aspirations to be a dentist when I was seven or eight. So yeah, that’s kind of that’s the story.

Justin Trosclair 3:58
So was there any animosity with the dad is there like a infighting between physicians and dentist and all that kind of stuff could have been a real doctor?

Unknown Speaker 4:06
Well, I he was very happy that I was a dentist, but my brother is a physician.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
And when he was when he was in high school, and he was thinking about, well, what should I do with my life? I said, Dave, that’s my brother. You should be an orthodontist. You would be awesome. You’re such a great personality are super ethical. And guy said, why would you want to waste a great brain on orthodontics? Wait a minute, I’m sitting right here. So anyway, so my brother did, I ended up all he puts up. So my father and he became a physician. And then my other two siblings became architects. So we have two architects, a physician and dentists.

Justin Trosclair 4:50
Well, I’ll tell you that what you all do on a daily basis in somebody’s mouth is very architectural to me. And from the videos, I’ve seen, the totem pole of surgeries, my goodness, y’all been there and getting at it, that is way beyond my pay grade that I’d be comfortable with. So

Unknown Speaker 5:05
Dennis, we wear a lot of hats every day for sure. You definitely have to be an engineer, you have to be an artist. There’s so many things that we encompass.

Justin Trosclair 5:14
And that bleeds right into some of the questions when we were pre chatting. I was like, oh, what should we talk about what hasn’t really been covered yet? And what’s your unique thing that you do that we should talk about? And one of them is you know, you’re not in network with insurance, but we don’t really have to chat about that too much. But there’s two two things. remineralize the decay protocols, I mean, based on the sound of that, I mean, we have an idea. And then transillumination technology to find the decay. Those are pretty cool things. So let’s let’s dive in. What are those? And how does that help me as a patient? When I’m trying to pick a dentist, perhaps?

Unknown Speaker 5:49
Okay. So I think we have to go back to that I’m married to a chiropractor. For me in dental school, and also med school, we have a semester of nutrition. And for us all tests, I don’t know how you guys were in your school. But for us, you kind of knew the classes from the older students for you discuss, study, old test and get our nutrition, that’s how our nutrition was. And we just kind of study a little test and you know, cross that I and dotted that T or opposite way. So we didn’t have a great nutrition background, and my husband change careers. And he was a state professional fell in love with went into chiropractic school, and his and his 30s, late 30s. And I saw how much nutrition you guys had. Incredible. You guys have yours? What three years? Three years nutrition? Something? Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 6:38
a year and a half total. But it’s a lot of classes.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
Yeah. But in competition with everything that you guys do, right, like whole body medicine. And so I thought, you know, it is food as medicine kind of protocols. So I started learning from Mike and I thought, wow, you know, there’s a link between your oral cavity and the rest of your health. So just started thinking that way. So decay. I mean, you can watch lots of things on YouTube. And you know, you can see stories about reversing any type of decay. But what I’ve seen in my practice, you know, for 18 years is that when you’ve got decay in the outer layer of a mall, you have a really high chance remineralize it. But you’ve got to make changes, you can’t just stick with what you’re doing. So we talked to our patients about we try to be conservative, and there’s things that you can use your eyes, you can use your x rays. We have lots of little cameras, but there’s transillumination devices now. And the one I use is called the carry view and it kind of like this little camera that has little fingers that sits on top of the sheath and it shines light through the tooth. And a transfer illuminates it and a showcase a photo of it. So you can see density. So areas where the the decay or bacteria is eaten away with sharp and Stark response. So you can really see the cavities, especially in between the teeth, like we call them, flossing cavities. So you can see like, are they triangle shape, or they square or a rectangle and then when you open up that avenue with your drill, it’s the exact same shape. It’s really cool. So when I see these little mini cavities, or incipient lesions, as Dennis calls them, we work with patients on what we call winterizing them or reversing them. And there’s lots of ways to do it. But you have to kind of start talking to patients that were kind of like my, what I get for my husband comes in, we start talking about, Hey, you know, kind of things like the drink during your day, when we start going through what they’re drinking or they sipping on coffee all day, all day long. Are they snacking on Cheetos? Are they drinking bubbly water that’s acidic are they drinking in Texas? October Chico is kind of like the thing. Magic, mineral water from Mexico. I don’t know what’s there in China. But it’s all acidic. until you start snacking on and then we go into oral habits like, you know, of course flossing and brushing. But so we educating them and working with that one way. Remember, lights are decay. And then when they come in the next time we use our transillumination device and look at it again. And you can see if those areas are healing cool.

Justin Trosclair 9:12
So it’s really cool

Unknown Speaker 9:14
technology. And you can be conservative. So in dentistry, you’ve got your I think the technology is awesome. I’m always very excited about it.

Justin Trosclair 9:21
That’s fantastic. Wow. Okay, so are we talking about like a specific diet or the kind of what we think it is? Stop drinking so much acidic beverages all day? Maybe choose some xylitol gum or something like that? I mean, what is that, like some of the hints?

Unknown Speaker 9:38
I mean, you know, I think you have to just start slowly. I mean, Mike and I, which I’m sure most chiropractors are like, we’re very food as medicine family, we eat really healthy whole foods diet. So two or three children, but you just have to start slow. So we just start with simple changes, like hey, you know what, let’s not drink the acidic waters, or beverages. Let’s go kind of concentrate on just regular basic water. You know, they can spend money on fancy alkaline water. Simple things, some of them were not flossing, you know, that’s, that’s another easy thing. We talked about just adding more vegetables to their diet instead of just whole changes, because not many people can just do a complete one at so we start slowly at the

Justin Trosclair 10:19
injuries six cokes a day. I don’t do that. But I’m just saying I drink coke today. Yama, just give that up. Come on.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
I know. Well, I mean, there’s patients I do. I drink a lot of soda.

Justin Trosclair 10:30
So do we ever need 44? That’s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
No big old Spec Ops. Oh, yeah. So I don’t know.

Justin Trosclair 10:38
The same price. Well, I’m gonna just get the bigger one. Oh, I lost you for a second. All right, let’s cut the video.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
Did you get my sweet tea part? Because that’s pretty Texan.

Justin Trosclair 10:47
I missed that part. I was hoping you were going to talk about sweet tea

Unknown Speaker 10:50
by just I meant Yeah, again. Yeah. It’s all about sweet tea here. A lot of sweet tea.

Justin Trosclair 10:55
So that’s just as bad as drinking lots of coke though, right?

Unknown Speaker 10:57
Yes, yes. Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 10:59
Yeah. Are we still on there? Yeah, we’re still on

Unknown Speaker 11:02
recording. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Okay, another thing besides the Texas VT, everybody loves Texas VT. Another thing that I found with patients is they don’t realize snacking. Like oh, you know, I’m going to have some chips. I have some crackers. Like they don’t really understand. Wow, that breaks down in the mouth like sugar. It’s just like having some candy. I think that’s kind of a fascinating fact that we educate patients on this pretty simple.

Unknown Speaker 11:23
So we work on Hey, do we just snack off all day? Yeah, they just snack or a snack all day,

Unknown Speaker 11:27
like we work on? Hey, you know what, why don’t you just do some hummus and some celery instead of snacking on crackers. So. So there’s lots of little changes. And I think one thing that was really cool that we did in our office as a team is we actually took a ton of different bottled waters and a ton of sodas and energy drinks and mineral waters. And we my hygienist got her pool, her pool testing like the pH level kit. And we just got all these glasses lined in a row. And we tested the pH levels. And I think for my team that was was very powerful. And we kind of made a video on it for our patients. And then we have a handout for them that shows like you know, alkaline 10.02 3.0 and it kind of lists everything.

Unknown Speaker 12:10
So I thought that was really fun to do as a team.

Justin Trosclair 12:12
That is cool. I’ve seen chiropractors and I’ve seen I think it was maybe like a juice plus salesperson and one of these being on meetings. Yeah, they brought like a Gatorade or you know something, and it put them in the sugar packets. The equivalent of the sugar packets. It was almost like a get it get some non sweet tea and put 16 packs of sugar in it. That’s a coke you like, Are you kidding me? Who would do that?

Unknown Speaker 12:34
Well, there’s I think sweet tea had sweet tea has more sugar than a coke. It’s pretty wild. You need to come to Texas and have some sweet tea and try it out for yourself. Oh, it’s way.

Justin Trosclair 12:45
You know, I used to put like two containers of that peak. Was that piece of sweet low? Yep. And then you just like do this ridiculous. This is straight ridiculous. up with like, half a second

Unknown Speaker 12:55
sugar water. Yeah, it’s like we’re hummingbirds. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 13:00
So you’re seeing actual results like these things are filling in if you catch them early,

Unknown Speaker 13:05
yes. But I think the patients that are making a good effort at changing some little things, we are seeing good results. And you know it never, it never repairs itself fully to that perfect white, pristine enamel. It looks like like a black like a black hard version of an animal. Like it’s almost always going to be a weak spot. But it’s not a cavity. If that makes sense. That’s what it looks like when you kind of open it up

Justin Trosclair 13:29
was better to get shot in your mouth and then all those stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:33
Yeah, yeah, that’s true.

Justin Trosclair 13:35
That’s true. Because I, I typically use a stevia or xylitol or something like that, just because I’m figure I don’t need any more sugar in my diet. And they do say that there’s some dental benefits to that stuff. Do you know anything about that?

Unknown Speaker 13:51
Yeah, xylitol. I mean, stevia is a natural sweetener. So is xylitol. I’m in dentistry, I would say xylitol is in most of our products, like you know, varnish is or toothpaste or rinses and it just protects, it’s supposed to protect the bacteria from in hearing. That’s kind of its main function, or at least that’s what they tell us, you know, when you talk to the web, so it just combat so you know what I mean? I mean after haven’t done my research, but that’s what just combats it in a different way. We also use a lot of calcium phosphate, okay, to help protect the teeth to there’s calcium phosphate rinses, you know, it brings it back to more alkaline and helps remineralize the teeth. So there’s it’s not just fluoride, or it’s not just calcium phosphate. It’s not just like a tall. It’s lots of different things that work.

Justin Trosclair 14:39
That sounds great, though. You have like a little package of Hey, if you really want to fix this, here’s five steps that you can do. Some are easy. Some of them just take a little more work.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
Yeah. Okay, for sure.

Justin Trosclair 14:48
All right. I want to know, you’re married to a chiropractor. Some of us chiropractors are like, man, dentist, the dentist themselves are typically great in the hygienist. Usually they are great patients, because they’re getting Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, they’re hunched over.

But in reality, you could be a good referral source as well. Because you see all these people who probably complaining about back pain or neck pain sitting in the chair. I’m just going out on a limb there. But is there a way to build a referral relationship with your local dentist that’s more effective than not?

Unknown Speaker 15:19
I mean, I may be biased. But yes, I hundred percent agree with that. For dentists we see. I mean, dentist, I mean, even dentist ourselves. I mean, we’ve had two surgeons in Fort Worth that have had fusion, and there’s an orthodontist in Arlington that’s getting fusion of Come on dentist, we are a complete mess. We, you know, we know what we need to do to be ergonomically safe with our patients. But at the end of the day, like you just talk yourself in crazy positions just to get it done. So dentists are a great, great patients. For chiropractors, when I see Mike at least every week, if not like every other week, and all of my team sees him to play adjustments.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
chiropractors are awesome for TMD

Unknown Speaker 16:03
Mike did a lot of work with different TMD courses, you know, he certified an active release technique. So that’s awesome to help rtmp patients who have a dentist can make a splinter orthotic or Mike guard, whatever you want to call it. And then a chiropractor can help with all the muscles and you know, serve

Unknown Speaker 16:19
the server, the cervical vertebrae. Yeah, so it’s a perfect link. Or they’re

Justin Trosclair 16:25
going to be this who I mean, there’s always somebody who’s like, I don’t believe in chiropractic. Well, we’re not the tooth fairy. But still, I know they just like we know we don’t we don’t agree with what you do. You can’t help my patients. Is that is that a common thread with dentist? So there’s a high hurdle to climb or a lot of them more open to kind of what we do or at least physical therapy potentially what they what they do.

Unknown Speaker 16:46
I think there’s I think for me, I’m I tend to be biased just because Mike is a chiropractor, and I really believe in the benefit of it. But yeah, there’s lots of dentists who are scared just like patients, they’re very nervous about going to the chiropractor. They heard lots of stories, and lots and even my dad was, you know, called Kairos. My dad called chiropractors quacks. I mean, it’s just Well, that’s true. Yeah, it’s just a different way of thinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But there are many dentists, I think, that are very open to Chiropractic and go to chiropractors. I mean, just like there’s dentists that are kind of nervous about it, and they’d prefer to see a physical therapist over a chiropractor.

Justin Trosclair 17:23
Okay, for sure. Yeah. And, you know, this shows more than just chiropractors as an audience. So it’s, it’s, I’m okay with, you know, just getting the care that you need. It’s sometimes what we’re looking for.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
But I think for me, even for kids, like I tell from my pregnancy, oh, it was life altering, for my to adjust me and I always tell my Pregnant Patients, you’ve got to see a chiropractor. And then for our kids, it’s, I mean, their hips are always out of alignment. I mean, just just that SI joint just slightly, and it’s just, it’s almost like miracle working. You can just see how the leg changes the lengthen. I mean, I’m a believer. Yeah. So. But yeah, I mean, I definitely talked to my patients about the benefits of chiropractic for sure. Okay. But I feel like I’m well educated on it. Also.

Justin Trosclair 18:07
Right? You’re probably the most biased, Dennis, you can, yes. Which is great. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 18:12
yeah. And I’m also from a family of physicians. My brother’s a physician, my brother in law’s a physician, my dad’s a physician. So I see all sides, too.

Justin Trosclair 18:19
Yeah. So that’s really cool. I mean, like you said, you’re getting it all from like, you know, your brother’s an ortho. So, as well, which would probably be our biggest hurdle to convince. So anyway, so respecting your time, I think that was, that was fun for me to hear about these different things. And knowing that we can actually fight these basic starting to have a cavity, so we don’t have to, you know, go down that path. So we’re getting a little more personal sounds like you’re in a happy relationship. I’m assuming you both have your own private practice. So how are you able to take vacation?

Unknown Speaker 18:51
Well, we both own our own. And, you know, when you own your own, you kind of just set your own schedule. And you know, course when we both take off time, our offices are both closed. Right? So you know, it is what it is kind of thing. I’ve always been a dental owner. So I’m just so used to just taking time off. And we do take time off. We both only work. We both see patients only four days a week. Now that we have three kids, there’s less time for paperwork. I mean, I definitely spend my my Fridays doing admin stuff. Before kids, not necessarily right. No more kids, I’d come in early, stay late. I truly have a three day weekend. But you know, now once you have less kids, it gets kind of harder. But But Yo, yeah, we definitely take time off to see each other and spend time with the kids.

Justin Trosclair 19:36
Do you ever have that issue of Wow, both of our incomes are not really occurring right now. When we take vacation?

Unknown Speaker 19:42
Oh, yeah, for sure. Okay. Yeah, it definitely hits it definitely hits hard. Yeah. And then like for owning a business, I don’t know if you guys are affected by like, like, for instance, that computers switching to Windows 10. Like we’re both shelling out a lot of money this year, replacing all our computers like that’s every small businesses doing that. Yeah, please.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Cost of being cost of being a business owner,

Justin Trosclair 20:03
then you gotta be upgraded. Oh, well, that was you were good. But you know, you got a new computer, you got to get the new upgrade for who knows how many thousands of dollars? Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah. For sure. What do y’all do to try to keep the love alive and stay happy?

Unknown Speaker 20:20
Well, right now we’re kind of in the weeds. We’ve got a two year old, a three year old and an eight year old. So before, you know, when we just had one, we did a lot of date nights. Now we’re kind of so tired at this moment in our lives that we kind of get the kids to bed early, and we get some nice dinner going on little candlelight dinner, and we watch some Netflix shows. I mean, to be honest, that’s kind of what we do right now at this moment.

Justin Trosclair 20:46
That’s real life.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
I know. It’s just it’s our life. We’ve got some Netflix shows and kind of do that. We do a lot of stuff with the kids. But I think when they get the little ones are a little bit older will probably go back to doing more centers, babysitters and take some more time with off.

Justin Trosclair 21:00
Yeah, so that’s hard right now. I mean, but the fact is, I think, based on the things I’ve heard, y’all are doing something that each other like, I’m pretty sure he probably likes to show you just tolerate and vice versa. And as long as you think you’re doing that each other that’s a good thing.

Unknown Speaker 21:15
Yeah, for sure. We definitely can find shows where there’s a happy medium, like we’re not watching like the girlie show that we’re not watching the big action shows, but usually find something that we both can kind of sit down and enjoy. Which is nice.

Justin Trosclair 21:27
Yes. Agreed. I found for the days back when you could actually rent new releases from Netflix and get a DVD to your house. I don’t know that’s the thing anymore with them. But that’s what it looks as and now it’s like, no, but watch what we put on there Stranger Things. Mozart

Unknown Speaker 21:43
said Oh, it’s everything. Oh, yeah. It’s incredible. Everything is just right in front of us right now.

Justin Trosclair 21:48
Alright, the last final fun question was typically have a favorite book, and then a secret book or a podcast or something like that. Do you have any that you’d like to share for us that makes an impact Nickleby personal ARB for business?

Unknown Speaker 22:02
Cash all right now our oldest was just diagnosed with ASD. So right now I am. I don’t really have time to read. So I’m doing an audible book.

Justin Trosclair 22:13

Unknown Speaker 22:14
Healing without hurting. It’s a cool book. It’s for anybody has you know, kids with ASD. ADHD.

Justin Trosclair 22:21
Was that um, it’s a book. Oh, teacher, sensory,

Unknown Speaker 22:25
sensory, all of those.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Yeah. Okay. So so he’s autism spectrum. So it’s just a book on how to I mean, it’s right up any chiropractors alley? Yeah. So that’s what that’s kind of what I’m reading. I also kind of Dibble and dabble in like the five languages of love for kids to help us understand our kids better. personal reading. I don’t have a lot of time for personal reading. I read a lot of dental journals.

Justin Trosclair 22:47
Yeah, that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 22:48
So at this moment, I probably have maybe like 20 minutes a night where I can kind of sit down and either read or read something, listen to something or like do a podcast unless I’m in the carpool line.

Justin Trosclair 22:57
Understand that? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 22:59
wow. Yeah, but there’s a lot of dental podcaster they are. Yeah, the carpet. Yeah, carpet is usually my time to like listen to dental podcasts like we’ve got so many awesome ones like deeper service, dentistry, dentistry. nifty, thrifty, Dennis. There’s lots. There’s lots of them that are pretty much

Justin Trosclair 23:14
a fee for service. I’ve been trying to I’ve reached out to him a couple of times, but no reply. So what’s up with that? Oh, joy. I did a series with a bunch of cash, PT people. It is fun to other podcast host because they get all their knowledge plus all their guests. It’s really quite fun. Yeah. Where can people get in contact with you and find out more information?

Unknown Speaker 23:37
Email is probably best. Jessica bugatti@gmail.com. And then my website. Anyone can check out my website, which is Jessica forgot. EDDSP LLC, just my name. But yeah, if anyone’s ever in Fort Worth, Texas, look me up. I’d love to kind of see them.

Justin Trosclair 23:53
Thank you. graduations on getting your name as your URL.

Unknown Speaker 23:56
Yes, thank you.

Justin Trosclair 23:58
And sometimes you can not look on that one.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
I know. Yeah. It’s forgot he DDS calm. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:05
But yeah, but no, I’m on. We’re on Instagram, and

Unknown Speaker 24:07
lots of lots of fun things.

Justin Trosclair 24:09
Well, thank you so much for your time. I enjoyed this interview. And I enjoyed being able to connect and find a little bit more about what you do. So I do hope that potentially you’ll get an email or some sort of benefit from just from sharing what you shared today. I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 24:24
Yeah. Thanks for having me. It was fun.

Justin Trosclair 24:30
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Dr. Justin Trosclair, D.C., an expert in Chiropractic Care, has been focusing on back and neck pain relief for over 12 years and has delivered treatment to more than 6000 patients. With advanced training in treating disc derangement conditions, you can count on him to keep up to date with the latest research in physical medicine for spinal pain. He has 5 years of hospital experience in China, is currently working in Germany, and had a private practice in Colorado for 6 years. Dr. Trosclair hosts a doctor to doctor interview podcast called ‘A Doctor’s Perspective‘ with over 220 episodes. During his free time he wrote 3 books. Today’s Choices Tomorrow’s Health (rebooting health in 4 categories), a Do-It- Yourself acupressure book for 40 common conditions called Needle-less Acupuncture, and a step by step guide to look like a local for Chinese dinner culture called Chinese Business Dinner Culture. If you have kids, you may be interested in his 6 series tri-lingual animal coloring book series (english, spanish and chinese).