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Rose Guthrie talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Can doctors use Pinterest to find clients? Rose Guthrie thinks so. We discuss Pinterest strategy, do’s and don’ts. Also we spend time on GDPR, Facebook Custom Audience changes and ways to divide your time as a wife, mother and entrepreneur.

Rose Guthrie hails from the UK and is coscheduler and convertkit certified and is a clickfunnels user and Funnel Hacker Live attendee. She closes 50% of her business from Pinterest Leads. You can find her on Social Media: rdoesdigital and online at www.rosiedoesdigital.com

In the first segment we discuss GDPR. How serious is it, how to have a privacy policy that includes cookies, tracking, email list handling, unsubscribing, is data secure and more? GOOD NEWS! She makes it simple to understand.

The UK GDPR guidelines to be compliant are a little murky to the professions. Ask 4 lawyers and you might get 3 answers with some similarities but also some differences.

How does knowing the numbers of your Facebook Custom Audiences allow you to manipulate the system? Confused, we are too.

Rose went to Funnel Hackers Live 2018, Russell Brunson’s event and Tony Robbins spoke too, and she thought she would come away with a better clarity and strategy. Instead she had a mind shift from being self-conscious to realizing, it’s not about me – it’s about doing the best for the client so there goals are met. Also how a tur story can about yourself or client can really impact your business. Remember that you have the skillset to help clients reach their goals.

PINTEREST 101. Are you ready to learn some strategy and how a doctor’s office can use Pinterest for 2018 marketing and actually get clients and build a reputation? Pinterest is still a Blue Ocean.

Pinterest was once a digital mood board (pinning things you want or like) to now its like a visual search tool and people use it to browse what they want to purchase later on. You have to answer before pinning a picture, what would be ideal prospect be searching for. Don’t forget to put some branding information on the picture and in the subtitle, otherwise even if it goes viral, no one knows who its from originally. Pinterest people who are looking to shop and pin a picture, well 80% tend to follow through and order.

Rose also describes how to combine a blog post, picture, facebook and funnels for a well rounded marketing effort. Be impressed, she has closed 50% of her business this year from pinterest leads.

Remember you don’t have to be on all platforms. Pick the one that resonates well with , that you can put the time into and of course where ideal clients are… master one then expand.

As a mom of 2 and one on the way along with being a wife and an entrepreneur, listen to how she sets up her day so she can get work done and fulfill the other roles. She also has a powerful story about her son and what he said which was that OH NO moment that her priorities are out of sync.

Mentor she likes: Rachel Peterson

Creative Picture Software: Pic Monkey, Canva, AppSumo or Adobe Illustartor

Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/78 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the interview transcription.

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 78 Pinterest one on one for doctors. I’m your host Dr. Justin. Today, we’re heroes Guthrie’s

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2017. podcast Awards

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Nominated host Dr. Justin

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footwear, as he gets a rare to see look into the specialties of all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Justin Trosclair 0:31
Welcome back. To start, I want to thank slips, Gignac from Canada for writing a review on iTunes. Appreciate that anybody who writes a review, I get emailed, and I will give you a shout out at the nearest episode that I receive it. Because you know, I actually record these sooner than a week of today’s guest is all the way from the United Kingdom. She specializes in Pinterest, actually 50% of our business is from Pinterest leads if you can believe that. Why do I say that? Because I don’t think we think of Pinterest as a as a media, social media to gather patients. She’s also certified in CO scheduler and Convert Kit and has gone to Click Funnels the funnel hacker live so she knows a thing or two. We’re also going to discuss GDPR. What does that mean for you? Is it complicated as they try to make it seem? Or can we tolerate it? Also, Facebook custom audiences, they made some changes over the last month, we’ll talk to her to see what that means for us advertisers. And at the end. You know, she got real raw with this because there was a time. You know, when you first started out with this entrepreneurial lifestyle, it takes up all your energy and you’re excited about it. But sometimes your kids your spouse isn’t quite excited that you don’t spend much time with him. So she had a come to Jesus moment. Now she says on the podcast and I think it’ll resonate with a lot of us better workout. We got new ads at the end of the episode. Check it out. The company one on one glass is still available at a pre sale price. So check it out while it’s 75% off just websites slash coming. Alright. a doctor’s perspective.net slash seven eight is the show notes. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China and London. Today’s guest is co scheduler Convert Kit Click Funnels certified. She is doing it all over there in the UK. She is going to explain to us some amazing things that you haven’t heard of yet. I don’t even want to spoil it. Although I probably already did on the intro. But today’s guests rose Guthrie, thank you so much for being on the show.

Unknown 2:51
Thank you. It’s a pleasure.

Justin Trosclair 2:53
Oh, there’s so many topics with the GDPR coming out. Facebook’s changing the rules honest for some reason that I want us to know what our custom audiences. Like we don’t deserve to know that for some reason. And I don’t understand.

But you have a specialty also in Pinterest, and I gotta pinch a walk get some dogs and trees. It’s a podcast.

But that’s not really turning into money. So right, man. So I’m excited to have you on. Let’s Let’s we don’t mind GDPR. Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s such a hot topic right now. It just went into effect on the 25th. It’s the 29th. Today, as we record, what can you tell us about it? How does it affect this doesn’t matter?

Unknown 3:39
Yeah, you know, it’s funny, because everyone has the basic principles in mind. But the exact steps to implement it is what’s causing a lot of the talk at the moment, it’s almost like to 80,000 all over again. Everyone sit in their houses because they think the world is going to end you have no proof. And then nothing actually happens. basic, basic principles of GDPR. The rules are put in place in order to make sure that businesses like ourselves. But you know, I think was more for the bigger businesses were collecting data the right way. And they were letting users have more control over the data that they have. So simple things like if you join a mailing list, you need to have the ability of being able to unsubscribe, whenever you want, not to some of us in business, that’s common knowledge, you know, every time you sign up for email provider, you cannot send an email with unsubscribe, but then you have the two companies and I’ve been targeted by them as well as essential emails, and you can’t unsubscribe. And if you want to unsubscribe to say, hey, email as and when you email them. You don’t hear anything back. Yeah, not only that, yeah, not only that, but there’s often times where you sign up for mailing list. But there’s no link to privacy policy. So you don’t actually know how this business is handling data. And this is where this is a GDPR comes in to add some transparency. So people know who’s processing the data, how is processed, and giving users the control to say, Okay, well, I don’t want you to process my data this way. But I don’t need process in my data that way. Yeah. confusion comes. Because

Unknown 5:18
when I look at GDPR, I look at a technical perspective, because I’m not a medical professional, so I can’t give legal advice. So when I’m working with businesses, I help them do the technical implications. So a lot of the common things that my clients come to me with his money to cook policy, why don’t eat a cookie policy. Now, for me being the you have always had a cookie policy, this, this is something that we had to do years ago. So as they’re freaking out about you now, for me, there’s no difference. I wouldn’t had that, you know. So, I think I think the people that are freaked out the most are those in you know, outside of the E book was for them, they just want to give up to you know, with a because it’s too many changes in the business. But if you look at the picture, if you already know, you look after your client data, they know who user data, you have a privacy policy, you are okay. The only thing is, is that the things that a lot of the people are teaching online, it’s just half of the picture. That’s the only way she beat on the front end. So you may have heard people tell, you know, chat boxes, you can’t preach at the chat box, you need to have the cookie policy you need to the privacy policy. That’s just part of the puzzle. You know, the other part of the puzzle is what you’re doing in the back end, what process do you have in place to to show how your process and if that data, have you trained staff? How are you storing this data is a secure, or the service in Europe in Europe on? Are those those applicant at assess actually using GDP are compliant I are they taking the steps, they’re meant to be taken to make sure their European European clients are safe. So there’s all those things to take into consideration. But I know it can be confusing. But I think that small businesses like ourselves have to understand that they not going to come for us and look not going to come from us, you know, on the 25th was now the 29th of May, they’re not going to conference announced at finding us, I think the most the most important we can do is you know with the law, the best we can interpret it the way that we see fit, do the best we can to keep keep client data safe. And, you know, if we if we are falling short, the law, I’m sure we will, we will we will be made aware. And we will have the chance to rectify that. So I think that some people to take a step back, don’t panic too much. And be careful where you get the information from because I’ve had so much fun information. And even for me, I tell clients from a technical perspective, I can tell you how to implement this and that, but I can’t tell you which was the right way. Because even the way I interpret things is different. For instance, they’ve got that some people are go into the explicit consent route. That means they want to make sure that everybody that joins the list has to start to click a checkbox say yes, I want to join the newsletter, then it Some people go into the legitimate interest rate, which is which is assuming that if somebody has opted in for one thing, then they can market to them something callous. But then the funny thing is you have lawyers that argue both cases. So who’s right? Oh my gosh, I’ve been told here bake a cake here the ingredients, but you’re not actually giving me the instructions. So you don’t know which oddities and greed and sense. So you do what you think is right. It might come out okay.

Unknown 8:25
But you’re not too sure.

Justin Trosclair 8:27
How does? That’s so crazy. Like there’s so many. What are these people so scared of? Oh, no, I got the book. And you got on my email list for acupuncture. Now I’m trying to sell you on another book that I wrote, Oh, my gosh, the world’s falling down, like come on. Like it’s Yeah, it’s

Unknown 8:45
a business. It’s not as bad as I think people have taken it to see him. And I think that’s why I’ve taken a more relaxed approach to it.

Unknown 8:53
But I do think that, when taken advice, the most important thing I could tell anybody is just being careful who you’re listening to. If you’re asking your doctor friends with GDPR advice, I’d say that’s a no, no, ask a lawyer, not your friend. Because your dad, your friend is going to give you advice based on what they’ve read and you don’t have what they’ve read is is correct. You know, we should build a funnel and for $79, we can start teaching this.

Justin Trosclair 9:18
Disclaimer, I don’t know what to tell you.

I think that’s what we’re trying to do. They’re trying to make a buck here, you can sell a program that you okay, I’ve been doing this email business thing for, I don’t know, 2008 always had like 11 or something. And even back then it was you have to double opt in or at least single opt in. If you unsubscribe, if you didn’t have one subscriber, like, yeah, the government in America come get you, you know, you can get for not having an unsubscribe button. And then now I’m like, I’m like, all right, so what’s you know, like, like everything you just said, it’s like, Okay, I think, if I’m using a respectable email company, you’re going to be okay. You can do a free MailChimp, you could pay 15 to $40, depending how big your list is, from most other companies out there. So they’re going to probably keep you pretty much, you know, I mean, unless you’re doing it, like, I grabbed somebody’s email, and I just keep it on my own computer. I mean, that’s, that’s where I think it gets a bit shady. But if you’re using and paying some respectable company, you’re probably gonna be all right, I would think.

Unknown 10:23
Yeah, and I mean, yeah, you must put a bit you most probably will be okay, as long as you know that registered with the Privacy Shield, just they’re not your opinion. And, and, again, that’s just part of the puzzle, you know that there’s a whole lot with the double opt in as well. It’s kind of shady, because people have their own interpretation of what makes your email marketing practices on GDP are compliant. And I know some people think that haven’t double opt in is enough to be compliant. But it’s not. Let’s take for example, Convert Kit, Convert Kit give you the option to double opt in, but then you can do guys double opt in some if someone wants to get a free like you’re saying a free guide. On acupuncture exercises you can do at home, just making it up, I don’t know anything about medicine.

Unknown 11:13
And you can send an email to somebody, and then you can tell them okay, to download your opt in, please click this button, but that that button is also a disguised double opt in. But because they want to opt in, they will click the button know that does that double opt in. So this is where there’s that great era doesn’t double opt in and sincerely mean that you’ve got explicit consent. Whereas now I would normally say to somebody, you can that you can give them the lead magnet. But then when you deliver the lead magnet just and say to them, Hey, you know, I may, I would love to give you more information about this topic, if you join my genuine newsletter, I will send you a regular advice about this that Tom do Can I would just click here and add them to the list. Now that would most probably be more GDP are compliant, because you’ve given them the right to choose whether or not they take action to join the newsletter. So you have to be

Justin Trosclair 12:07
you want to get my free resource. And you don’t even want to subscribe to my newsletter. That’s your you got some goal,

Unknown 12:14
young lady. Exactly. And and this is why some people are using legitimate interest rather than an explicit interested add people to the newsletter. But then what you know, where is the line? Is that okay? Is that not okay? And again, this is where if you asked to complete different lawyers, they’ll give you two different answers. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I asked for lawyers and I’ve got three different answers.

Unknown 12:38
So who do you follow that they’re they’re both on that also that they’re, you know, they’re trained in GDPR. They all think they’re specialists in this area. Is there such thing as a GDPR specialist made there should be a certified GDS, but just we don’t know. So this is this is where we have to take the law, we have to take the arm. If you you want to read the whole GDP or regulation, and then you know, we, the only thing that we can do at the moment is interpreted the best we can. And I think that’s it. That’s all we can do at the moment until forever the land has been introduced. I mean, we’ve been told we have to update all these policies great. But there’s that fine line at the beginning. And I think that’s where a lot of businesses are getting confused because the panic and didn’t know what to do. I’ve had businesses say I’m going to shut down and you’re thinking why.

Unknown 13:28
But they’re so overwhelmed because of small businesses, these are maybe my mom Parkinson’s at home. And then they didn’t sign up all of that. So they don’t know what to do. So they just love her, not think about it, you know,

Justin Trosclair 13:39
and give up, I realized I needed a privacy policy and all that. And so I started looking online, and now I’m not gonna say who I got it from, because I’m not 100%. That’s who it was anymore. But he was like, I want you to steal it, customize it, just leave the people’s names who created this document in there. That way you have that he’s like, I’ve already spent a good jillion dollars getting this made. And I have a lot of money. So it was fine. So use it be compliant, and just credit the people that have created it. And I was like, that’s perfect because it covers so much. So anyway, I think that’s another GDPR

you can listen to 15 other podcast if you really want to go anymore. And on that one guys and girls.

All right. I want to know, what is the deal with Facebook stopping us from knowing our custom audiences number and you any idea why they stopped that

Unknown 14:35
I didn’t understand that must have I know, it was all in the Cambridge. Analytica thing, but the reasons they gave us didn’t make sense to me, because they wanted you to they don’t want you to be able to manipulate the data. But I don’t understand how no one the numbers would help someone manipulate the data unless the actual data IE names, email addresses, addresses we’re being exposed.

Unknown 14:59
So me, I’m just like, okay, I’ll go with it. Because I have no choice. But it didn’t quite as someone who does Facebook advertising, it didn’t quite make sense to me myself. And I think it’s very Marx’s lot myself and makes things harder. And I’m running campaigns for clients, because you could have this custom audience that you set up on, you don’t know whether there’s 10 people in there. 10,000 people there. Yeah. And you all that the difference between having 10 people and 10,000 people will definitely affect how well that contains going to do and costs and whatnot.

Justin Trosclair 15:35
So if you don’t know where it got passed face was like, Yeah, but we didn’t recognize 9000 of your emails, as you’re like, we submitted it, but I never knew.

Unknown 15:46
Yeah, so I mean, it’s crazy. You just don’t know. So yeah, I, I don’t have a clear answer to that. And I really wish I did, but I don’t.

Justin Trosclair 15:56
What is the top thing that you took away from Click Funnels, live, funnel hacker live, whatever it’s called Tony Robbins in that whole bit?

Unknown 16:05
Oh, man, do you know when I when I came back with a completely different perspective, versus what I thought I’d come back with someone up there, I expected to come back with more clarity on strategies and how it could help my clients. But I didn’t come back with a tool, what I came back with was really, really funny. It was more like a self development thing for me. And

Unknown 16:29
as hard as this may be for people to believe, but I really do have confidence issues. And I think for me, I realized after, you know, from going in there to live in that event on the last day was when I started business, it’s not about me, you know, I am starting this business to help other people’s at their message, you know, spread their purpose. And that’s got nothing to do with my confidence. I have the skills, I know I have the skills. And that’s what I should be focusing on. As long as I focus on that. That’s what’s going to help me make a bigger impact, Pat. And it sounds so silly. It really does sound so silly. But then that is what I took away from every speaker on that stage. I don’t know if you win as well. No, yeah. So there was a there was a few fitness coaches, I know there was one she was a fitness expert. And speciality was helping you know, pregnant women stay fit and keep fit after pregnancy. And she didn’t mean it the immediate to come to an idea anything big. And I think she had a wonderful moment where she’s doing exercise when she’s a coordinator. And she went herself because she lost control. And apparently, this is something that many women go through, I’ve had to choose, I haven’t experienced that, then God knows, I may after baby number three, but but you know, being vulnerable, and you know, getting out of her way and sharing that with the world is what blew up her business. So had nothing to do with her. It was her story impacting millions of women. And that is what growing her business. Do. You know, one of my mentors, speakers page, Rachel, Rachel Peterson, and she came from a background which which wasn’t Rosie. And you know, she had confidence issues, but she did what she needed to do to help her family. And because of that, in a short span of two years, she’s become one of the greatest social media managers in the world, because you’ve got alpha on way, another mentor of mine, and I’m so happy, these are women back and talk about

Unknown 18:22
another another mentor of mine, she, you know, she had three kids, you know, she left her husband went to get a divorce, she found out she was pregnant with baby number four. And she had no money, she had to give up her kids. And she had no choice but to use what she had and learn what she could in order to make them make them money, she needed to get our children Mac. And then that’s how she became one of the greatest funnel funnel builders out there. She’s receive bonuses right hand woman, again, in a short span of four years. And the common thing that was sort of all this because even the men and it was so amazing to see men being so vulnerable on stage, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen that all go out of the way, and it wasn’t them. And I think for the first two years of my business, I made it all about me, people not going to like me, you know, people are going to think there’s gonna be other people that know more than me. You know, I’m no expert. You know, it was crazy. I didn’t take a degree in marketing album and completely self taught. I got my certifications along the way. And all of that was was taken up too much headspace and what I should have been focusing on is how can I help you, you have this mission, I have the skill set to make sure that your message gets out to thousands and millions of people, let’s get together. Let’s do it. And that’s why should have been doing all along. So it’s funny because since since leaving that if an April, and now, I have improved so much more on my business in the short few months and a half, two years, just got out of my head. And I focused on what was really important. And what people really care about, they don’t really care about how I for they care about how it can help them. That’s it. That is it. And I think and I think that I think maybe more women are more sensitive in that respect. But I realized that this was just is true for men as well. And it is so amazing. And having the right people around you. This is why I love to join paid masterminds, you’ll find more in a paid group than you would in a free group. They hooked up loving me keep me in check. You know, when I when I have those moments that rush Shut up, get up, do you need to do do it? You know, they they know, they kept me check to make sure I kept going. And because of that I keep going and going and going and I’m growing and growing really, really well. And because of that, you know people like you reach out to me and say, Hey, can I interview and that wasn’t happening before I’m because I was you know it’s in this show as keeping myself hidden. I like to hide behind people’s businesses. But now I’m not not afraid so much to be visible. and accept the fact that sometimes I met might make mistakes. And sometimes it might be publicly, but that’s okay. As long as I’m not you know, a full about it.

Justin Trosclair 20:49
Well, I could tell you, I enjoyed building funnels and enjoying all this marketing that have been learning on these last couple years, like yourself, and I’m just like, man, could I could I transition to just that for other people. And my God, that’s another thing, I got a market. And he got his clients. Everybody’s funnel builder, everybody you know, and I’m just like, Oh, you know, just stay in your lane Justin and enjoy what you’re doing and just try to maybe you’ll get a client one day on the side and see what happens. But

Unknown 21:16
it is exciting. You know,

Justin Trosclair 21:19
not like, Who are you? Who am I to be able to say that I’m an expert at district expert at that. It’s like, well, if you know more than the last person, then you’ve got all these training. Yeah,

Unknown 21:29
yeah, absolutely. And never stop learning. What I found is, I’ve always loved reading always, ever since I as a chart that that hasn’t changed our find a book on a random topic. This is how I became a car certified. I think I was about 13 or 14. And I didn’t even have a computer, but the word sex district interesting as at all, I’ve always been inclined technically. And that’s how I learned SEO because I saw this topic. And I had a fat book this thick about SEO, and I started with and I yeah, and I kept reading is called the art of SEO and I kept reading and I kept reading. So sometimes I have a conversation with somebody about SEO and we need to do this. How do you know that? I just I just read it off. Yeah, and the topic. And they’re like, why don’t you teach us a lot because, you know,

Unknown 22:18
it was a hot, you know, and attract? Because some people say to me, how do you know so much, you know, you know, you personally surely can order this. And I think by this way, is someone going to learn a degree. But on the side, they like chess, you know, this, this, this is my main thing, you know, lead generation and funnels, and then the side, I like SEO. And I know I just learned as I can. And that’s how I know what I know, I just just don’t teach it because I know that some people that dedicated her life to it, and they will be they would be much better than someone who’s a hobbyist, and I leave it to them.

Unknown 22:51
And that’s and that’s how work I could offer as a service. And sometimes I do if I if somebody says to me, Look, I want to take these from you both ways to do this. And now I will partner with expert and now I might lead off with Russia, whatever. But I’m a big believer in focusing on a few things, become an expert. And then there’s nothing wrong with being interested in learning. But if you maybe just master a couple of things, and then once you master it, then you can move on to something goes and advance another school you have. But then working experts as well, to give your customers the best chance of success. I I find it hard to believe that before but now I’m a strong believer in that and my classes senior successes, because I’m partnering other people and it’s win win all around. Absolutely.

Justin Trosclair 23:34
First clinic website every now and then I contact him and be like, Hey, what about a ex wife I don’t even remember was He’s like, how do you know about that? Nobody’s asked me Maggie. I get it’s like, well, because I read. He’s like yeah, I me. Let me figure it out. I’ll get it for you. I was like, all right, you do that? I heard it the next big thing.

Unknown 23:53
Yeah, that will start reading never stopped reading.

Justin Trosclair 23:56
Rose. I mean, I’ve got it tree. I’ve got some animals. Because I like Basset hounds. I got some podcast. I’ve got a few Dharma tones on the body. Okay, yeah, Pinterest. I mean, I’m not baking cakes and putting on a nail polish. So how can we use this? Now if you know much about if you can relate it to doctors, whether that’s I doctors, physical therapists, dentist, that’s even better? How do I get a lead? What kind of prices? What’s Pinterest one to one?

Unknown 24:30
Pinterest? Well see, this is still very much a blue ocean and so not many people know about it. So people like yourselves, doctors still have a huge, huge opportunity to get leads. I mean, I’m in digital marketing. And I don’t have animals. I used to have two dogs, but I don’t anymore. I don’t bake my kids can tell you that.

Justin Trosclair 24:51
I like to put on there.

Unknown 24:53
Yeah, maybe Yeah, maybe. But the thing is a trick about Pinterest is when it first came out, it was seen as this social media platform. And then it changed into a digital mood board people used to like to call them because you’d go there are your pin the things that you wanted the pins that energy fantasized about things you wanted to win is the Bible and journey. But then as soon as the longer we stayed around, it became more apparent that you can’t use like a typical social media platform. can’t connect with people. Yes, you can follow people, yes, you can comment on some pins, but there wasn’t much engagement going around. So this is when it became obvious that it was more of a visual search engine than anything else. So people go on that search for things. And the craziest thing is, this is a rule set, I believe this from 2017 93%

Unknown 25:40
of people that go on to Pinterest going down or the intent to to save a pin the planet purchase for the near future. So maybe FEMA so maybe now we’re going into we’re going into June, and you might be thinking okay, I want to save a lot of money to save presents for Christmas. So let me just stop critical Christmas board and seeing what I want to save you know, why don’t want it how much you want to save on what I want to buy who will in December

Unknown 26:08
that people going there for advice, especially things like health and fitness. This is a huge

Justin Trosclair 26:12
industry be on there. Yeah, yeah. And

Unknown 26:15
not only that, that things are exercises, you know, skincare advice. So dependent on the type of to walk there is a huge, huge, huge opportunity there. For instance, um, I know I know, a lot of mom bloggers that give tips on you know, natural remedies for cheap for you know, for new children in a hearse and so your children gets sick, whatever. Now if you can imagine all these parents are gone and they’re looking for remedies and how to treat certain certain conditions of young children. Now can you imagine how powerful it would be if a doctor came and we were doing an article about the same thing but they took a medical approach rather than a non educated mom approach. Now you know, I’m not knocking the moms is great because a lot of us know from experiences and what works for one mom doesn’t always work from the other often was moms I know we like to add like we’ve got our crap together but we don’t have it is trial and error. But you know, that’s how we learn we learn from our mistakes and what other ones are doing and other and other the other mistakes that ones are doing. So when you look up interest, you’ve got to look at it as what would my ideal client prospect customer be looking for? So as a doctor, you be giving medical advice, what do you specialize in maybe a chiropractor, so a lot of your of your patients have back problems and when somebody has a back problem one of the things are going to be looking for remedies are treated exercise as a country at home the options to treat it so you could be writing these articles and then pin in an image to the article and Pinterest and take it to a blog post. Now if you use an advertising whether using Facebook advertising, you can do Pinterest promoted pins as well you could then we target those people that have read these articles. Why? Because charges after reading this article, they are close family member have an immediate need for what they’ve just read. Or if you’ve written a really educational blog post maybe you can talk to them with your funnel and say hey, if you bought today you know 50% off your first appointment so that is how any profession can use Pinterest in order to get leads you to write articles based on what people are looking for. And the thing is other night 93% I do believe 80% of people actually go into the purchase what the symptom interest so if you’re not retargeting Pinterest you are completely losing out of people tell me all the time it will not work for me It can and local businesses Tell me when away from that I’m not yes it can think about it. Food is one of the biggest health fitness food money and yeah money money saving tips and you know money generating tips but also some of the biggest I just whatever platform anyway whatever platform you want those are those are the biggest things even Russell Brunson says that you know, you want to give people health, wealth, relationships, that’s the top three things that people want to improve. If you have a way to improve prove that for somebody, you have business on Pinterest, you know just retargeting them if you know that majority of the people that are viewing with them on Facebook

Justin Trosclair 29:13

Unknown 29:15
both Pinterest retargeting, yeah you can do you can do retargeting. You can do promoted the call it Pit Boss promoted pins. Some people call them Pinterest ads, the same thing? Yeah. So if you’re not, we’re targeting them on Pinterest, you are losing out on a lot of money. And because it’s so visual, I know a lot of my Latin, I don’t really want to sit there making

Justin Trosclair 29:37
people may not realize this, and it’s on my website, you can get a Pinterest tracking code, just like a facebook pixel that needs to go on your website. Yeah. So that’s what she’s talking about. If y’all didn’t catch that, yes, you got to install a pixel. And then when you put your pictures, which is about the talk about and before you do, I’m curious, I don’t want to create, okay, cool, can you just rip off everybody else’s pins and repin them on your board, or just always goes back to that person.

Unknown 30:02
It’s always good to share third party pens, but you can so because you want to give. So for instance, if let’s say your holistic doctor, a specialized in one field in the whole holistic field, when people look at a profile, you’re trying to build a profile based on the things in life, your ideal prospect will be will be looking for.

Justin Trosclair 30:23
So remember guys, what she just said, it’s the what your client is looking for chiropractor pushing random stuff, that’s not what they want. What are the canyons looking for? A match what they’re looking for?

Unknown 30:35
Yeah, so wouldn’t make sense. If you had one board on, you know, chiropractic, chiropractic stuff. And then you have bags and dogs. I mean, it wouldn’t make sense.

Justin Trosclair 30:46
So we’re human being Yeah, so

Unknown 30:48
for instance, if you took one if you if you had one approach to medicine or one approach to life, so you know holistic, the maybe don’t eat your Buddha be made up of you know, natural remedies, you know, natural natural products you can use in your home rather than a chemical similar products use at home, you know, not sure ways, you know, natural kit, they think that to make, you know, natural paints at home, which a lot of moms are doing at the moment, which I have no time for. You want to create a big picture. So when somebody lands on your on your Pinterest profile, they see oh, OK, so the spoke about nationality is but oh, I can look at that I can look at this, I can look at this, and then they begin to follow you. Now the thing about Pinterest, remember, I said it’s not a social platform. So somebody can land in your article without ever seeing your profile, without ever seeing your profile. This is why it’s important to make sure that when you create and branded images on Pinterest, they truly reflects your brand mentions the logo in there. If you have specific colors on your website, use those colors. So when every time every time somebody sees a pin, which is the image you’ll be you’ll be pin it on Pinterest, they know it’s from your company. So if they’ve logged on one of your articles, if the see another pin with your brand in the knows from your business, and then more than likely to click through again. So Brandon is really, really important. And I think that’s something that a lot of people don’t understand on Pinterest, I have a client and she gets a million plus views on Pinterest views. But none of that traffic is going to her website. The reason being is because the image is a pretty so the women are following it. The women are women are saving it. But there’s nothing concrete pins to represent her brand. So nobody knows is from her unless they click through an Excel and there’s no call to actions. So there’s no text and images. And nobody understands what the image is meant to be representing Rosa, she said, it should optimize the pin, she’d had a call to action. within her industry, I don’t want to mention it just in case I called her up.

Unknown 32:49
She might have more people going to a website and more people taken the action she wants them to take. So this is something that doctors have to understand. So, you know, for Dr. London, I suffer from digit degenerative disc disease. You know, maybe if he had to pin that says, Are you in pain right now, click here to find out five way to remedy it in an hour or something. I will click on that in real fast in a split second. Because I know how I can stop that my back pain right now. You know, those are the things you want to do. And the great thing is when you’re writing these blog posts, so when you’re using Pinterest is very advantageous to have a blog and not just send them to a funnel so people can learn about you so they can learn to trust you before we tend to the funnel. Even if he’d written an educational blog post, and at the end of that blog posts, she said, click here to Book your free consultation and your local our book our book an appointment with you. And that’s exactly how I was getting most of my clients as rude writing these educational blog posts, I had a coach actually in the middle of the blog posts on the blog posts. And I have on my intake form, I have a compatible question. Where did you find out about me, launched a 50% of my business came from Pinterest tips, because I did not to call it was educational and they wanted to work with me. And that’s 50% that’s 50% of close deals, not just prospects. Those are Christmas, close deals came from Pinterest.

Justin Trosclair 34:12
There’s a couple things I heard from you. One, when you got the blog post, you don’t want to push them just to a funnel like maybe the download this thing. But you could also put them to the blog posts. Maybe just give it all to free. And in the middle and at the end of a call to action. Call me. Download this for more details are, hey, you don’t want it to get on my website every time just get the PDF. A lot of companies do that. Now, when we’re talking branding, I know Canvas really popular, even

snap seed, there’s a button you just add text, you can overlay your logo right on top of it real simple stuff like that on your phone doesn’t have to be fancy. you recommend those or do you have your own.

Unknown 34:54
I’m very old school. So I use Adobe Illustrator Come on.

Justin Trosclair 35:00

Unknown 35:01
But Canvas good. I’ve heard some people who love pick monkey. This is another problem could stem so which apparently is very, very similar to can bomb. And if any of you know of app Sumo, sometimes they have lifetime deal to stem cell, which is great, you pay one time, we never have to pay for it again. I think the last I think the deal for this year for students who was gone. So you just have to watch out Canvas good and it’s free. And they have really good templates, you can upload your own. So I definitely recommend you don’t need anything expensive. And you could just create two or three different types of templates and just switch out the image and the text. You need to

Justin Trosclair 35:40
upload app Sumo for a second because I’ve gotten several lifetime things. And it takes my blog one on takes my blog, it sets up nine different posts over 365 days that I can kind of customize however I want. And that’s one of them. And it’s great. 10 minutes later, I got an entire year’s worth per episode. I don’t even have to think about and I’m like, Oh, yeah, I forgot about Episode 32.

Unknown 36:05
Right. Yeah, I mean, I think for businesses now, especially as as many America businesses, um, you know, just coming out of the Woodworks, it’s really important to automate what you can in order to see to be able to focus on what you really want to focus on. And that that is something that’s a struggle that I find is one of my clients at that stage with a growing, but they’re doing it all themselves. And and that’s where I come in now, because spending so much time in, you know, and some of them do a pretty good job. But that, you know, the time to have to learn to take to learn, to learn more to take the business to the next level was limited, because they also have to balance that with practice. And what they’re actually doing is so hard. So if you can automate as much as you can wash your growing on, you know, then that’s great. So the tool that you mentioned, knowing very well that you can save you, you know, hours a month and publish content for years is pretty darn cool. Who’s got a long way?

Unknown 36:59
Yeah, I thought your Instagram.

Justin Trosclair 37:01
Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a neglected platform for you or not, but a neglected

Unknown 37:05
platform for me.

Justin Trosclair 37:07
But you’re set it up really pretty. It looks like he went off on it for a while. We’re like, you have a specific theme. It’s, it’s pretty, it’s great. And I was looking at that as like, you know, I think she hasn’t updated in a while just from the way it looked. He or she just started I wasn’t sure which was like what’s cool is you could switch it if you want it to like a rainbow. a month of pink a month of right. If you go to her her Instagram, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

But I’m impressed whenever I see those themes, like if you go to a Pinterest and you just see like everything is kind of similar you like

Unknown 37:41

Justin Trosclair 37:41
how in the world did you get to do this? Because mine is like a left hook, kick in the ribs, and then an elbow to the face. I mean, I just, I just put all kinds of crazy stuff in it. That’s I don’t know if that’s considered Brandon or not, but it’s so much work to make it always consistent and always look the same. And maybe that’s why they have huge following.

Unknown 38:01
Yeah, it takes a lot of work. I think whatever platform you want, consistency is key. And I’ll do so well on Pinterest and because that that is that was my focus my business, Facebook and Pinterest, I kind of instruction and kind of took a back burner, but I am looking to revive that eventually this year before the end of this year, hopefully course through. You know,

Justin Trosclair 38:20
people say pick what you like, right? Yeah, to be everywhere.

Unknown 38:24
And again, I’m a big believer, even if I’m managing on social media platforms for clients, I was told that focus on a couple, you know, most of them make them great. And then we would something and I think that’s that’s more or less where I was. I like the fact that people can still find me on Instagram. And sometimes I still get this is reach out to me and I’m going to have so Instagram profile. Okay, I haven’t posted for by Yeah. Okay. But you know, so it was good to good to make sure that have a presence there. But because I know what works for me, it wasn’t a focus. But as I’m building my team, and I’m also introduce mon automation systems, I would definitely put an Instagram back in the picture. But definitely consistency is key. And if you’re not a consistent person, chances are Instagrams not going to work for you. So you have to make sure that you have that plan in place. And even with the content, you said that Israel cohesive, I normally plan that a week or month in advance. So you know, I know exactly what’s going to be posted. And that is funny because you will notice that I have quotes than images course and images. And I use quotes because even though it looks at hard work, using the quote is actually make copy and paste. Yeah, yeah, it’s not a standard copy and paste by only has to produce half the content. Because what you really going to say about our quote, people read the quote, as agree to disagree ceramic or two liner to support the quote, and then that’s it. So that my images are the ones that have the you know, the in depth, you know, text to find those. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 39:55
So that’s all like with this whitish kind of background, you like to find so many widest background, it is so smooth.

Unknown 40:01
Yeah, I created those in an industry to

Justin Trosclair 40:05
look at you

Unknown 40:06
Yeah, find the course. And then I create them in is in Illustrator.

Justin Trosclair 40:12
My goodness, every time I talk, I hear somebody talking about Pinterest or like LinkedIn, I’m like, I need to revisit that is there neglected, you know, my,

Unknown 40:20
and I think the key things to have a purpose for every, every social media platform. So first sentence for me is to educate people. Instagram for me was to inspire people. So I am. So every social media platform had a purpose, I wouldn’t use every social media platform the same way. LinkedIn for me is to connect to IT professionals, you know. So it’s, um, it’s just always have to make sure that you have that purpose and you to understand how each social media platform works. So the way you engage with somebody on Instagram is not necessarily going to be the same way you engage with them on Pinterest, some of the way you engage with someone on Facebook is not going to be the same way engage with them on Snapchat. So you actually have to understand how each platform works. Create your purpose for that platform, and then you can create the content the right way. Because I know if I, if I know, if I go into Pinterest, and I put inspirational posts post there, it might get people sharing that post, but it won’t get people back to my website, and encouraged to me, you know, and that’s what’s important to me. On Instagram, I find that does that work with me adult I aspire, so does the kind of clients I prefer Instagram. So I’ll continue to do that, because that’s what works. So you go see what makes people tick on each of those platforms and then use it. The first is I have on the dentist on Instagram that are doing really well as Matic dentists. You know, they’re not before and after pictures of what gets them their clients, because people want to see if they can help people, not them. Sebastian, the before and after images. If you or someone you know that wants cosmetic surgery, and you see some of his teeth, that with a new tool that they can really help me, let me contact them, you know, so find out how your process again, engaging in that platform, you can do that by looking at people in similar businesses, you see what they’re doing. And you know, don’t copy but you know, just take inspiration, what they’re doing and make it your own.

Justin Trosclair 42:11
That’s what I was about this, I wasn’t saying I was out heard from you was, if you don’t really know, yet, I don’t know how I’m going to use Pinterest, cool, just surfer around, type in something that you’re interested in. And just start looking. And maybe just be inactive, on posting for like a month, and just really embrace what everybody else is doing and get inspired and maybe start planning it out on a piece of paper. And that way like that you have a plan as well. So when you do execute, you’ve got the next month of stuff based on some inspiration you had and you’ll get re inspire somebody else’s stuff and do some more like that. And that I mean, that’s how I got from it just yeah, I figured out

Unknown 42:50
before you start doing, such as that do research, and if somebody is not doing what you’re doing, you could take this one or two ways I hear people now say that, if you want to do something known as it’s doing, take that as a bad sign. Don’t do it at all. Then you go some people say someone’s doing what you do. And that’s great, because you know, you have, you’ve got an example to lead form. And I think if especially when you come to Pinterest, you know, as a doctor, you’re not going to find that many doctors who have a profile, but I don’t think that should be a detriment. But I know, from me being the consumer, that I look for advice about skin care, about, you know, the children’s safety and things like that. And if I not have a doctor that can give me edgy, you know, you know, solid scientific educational advice, chances almost, I’m going to listen to that opinion, versus somebody who might know what they’re talking about. But I might not, you know, so that’s why I say you got it, you got it. And remember, everything is trying to narrow it, everything is trying to narrow. I remember when I started my agency. And you know, I’ll be honest, I thought everybody had to follow the exact same strategy for it to work, but it doesn’t there’s no cookie cutter strategy. For every business, you can have five different doctors, and five different completely different strategies for all of them. Because even though the doctors that will have different personalities, that all attend different people, different ages, different backgrounds, different countries, so you got to figure out what might see you and that takes time. If somebody comes in and says I can create your strategy, if any minister lion, you know he is take the data from your business to see what’s working, what’s not working, I need to build in it. And the only way you can build in it is by trial and error.

Justin Trosclair 44:28
I mean, just think about this. You got old people, kids, pregnant people sports, you got internet based adjusting manual adjusting table adjusting your nutrition practices. That’s just off the top of my head where that all is gonna have different strategies. Yeah, thank you so much for all that information. You have a minute or two for some of the personal questions before we use thing.

Unknown 44:50
All right, let’s go.

Unknown 44:53
You sound

Justin Trosclair 44:53
busy. You got to put 2.5 kids.

Unknown 44:57

Justin Trosclair 44:58
Are you able to take off? enjoy your holiday? And if not, what can you do about that?

Unknown 45:04
But you know, I think the work life balance has been hard at getting up and working hard. And now because my third baby is dealing six weeks.

Justin Trosclair 45:13
Whoo. Right. So

Unknown 45:14

Unknown 45:16
oldest son plays before this baby comes. So at the moment I’ve been going really really fast and hard and I guess because I’m trying to get my team in place before the for the day. So they say but my body was no to come late. So let’s just say I have eight weeks

Unknown 45:33
which was thinking so I’m thinking myself too much to make sure that my teams in place and yes, I don’t take enough breaks and stuff that my husband keeps morning me about that often anymore. Because they would tell me Diego for dinner I’m looking at my and looking at at performances for clients on my phone. I’m

Unknown 45:54
looking at the Mark Zuckerberg interview when he went to

Unknown 45:59
been asked question is crazy. But no are you trying to do you think is really important to have that anytime, even if you can’t get away from business. And I am now trying to make sure that doesn’t Sundays I just to me. So I tell my clients have our own office turned on that that we hear back from me on Monday morning. Um, but next year, I have one with my husband, okay. And these 200 every year, we’re trying to polish off of it. You know,

Justin Trosclair 46:29
I heard someone guests, she goes, if that’s going to stress you out, just have like, Okay, I need 90 minutes at some point during the day. And if I get those 90 minutes done in the morning, the rest of the day, I can just kick it. Yeah. She’s like, it totally works for her. Yeah. And she’s you can just really enjoy your vacation. So

Unknown 46:47
yeah, I mean, I tried to get up to that before the children wake up. But my whole point is, he’s only but always has been this kind of difficult to match him. But try to get up to it before they wake up and try to stay for two hours after. And then I try and make the middle of the day, I put my third, you do suffer the boys because you’re always you know, you know, you do me a favor.

Unknown 47:12
somewhere in the middle of day, and then I try to stay with the wisdom for the rest of the day.

Justin Trosclair 47:17
That’s awesome. Well, that’s the one of the questions I love to ask, how do you keep the love alive and feel connected with your husband?

Unknown 47:26
Oh, it’s hot. It’s hot, I have to say. And I really admire those couple entrepreneurs that do it so well. But I just think ensuring that in your day, they have time, whereas you know, technology, Russia, Shiva, and then you can have to talk whoever was dinner was a movie, movie, but they have that time where they saw that you are the utmost priority, and nothing comes in the word matters. And I think they are times especially in the first few months of business. I’m sure many people can relate. You’re so stressed out because you’re husband was going to keep what you’re thinking. I’m just trying to chase that two months overdue invoice and you want to kick No, thank you.

Unknown 48:09
And this way we spend in that hour or two a day just to make just to remind them that you know that they’re, you know, they’re valued. And just waking up and being thankful. One thing I actually took from phone I can live on from other speakers was every day, send them a message that you know somebody thankful for just saying I love you just every single day. So that so they know that you’re in their thoughts. I think that’s, that’s one of the most important things that you can do to keep the marriage and I’ve flame alive. And just make sure that nobody’s feeling neglected. And that seems to be working.

Justin Trosclair 48:43
I can tell you that my wife was when she first started her little side hustle. Oh, man, that was like, it was

Unknown 48:52
a beast,

Justin Trosclair 48:53
don’t we? Oh, it was all day, every day all night is like, can we can we just get some food or going to play in your phone the whole time? And like, I have to catch myself because now you can get real smart. Like a real quick. Yeah, you just put your phone down?

Unknown 49:06
Yeah. So

Justin Trosclair 49:08
yeah, it was, but you learn like, you know, if you’re both love each other, and you want the best for each other, I think, all right. I’m going to give you some slack. You got to learn. I gotta learn. We got to figure this out together. It’s new for both of us. It’s new, it’s going to work. We just got to figure it out.

Unknown 49:25
Yeah, yeah. And I think we all get into that part of our business where we’ve lost because so far off track. And then we realize that, Oh, no, if I continue, I could actually use my family. So I’m doing the complete opposite of what I’m trying to do, then you have to realize that in order for you to grow successfully, you need that support of your family, family, where was your husband, your children, one or the other. So in order for you to feel happy, spiritual, emotional, you got to keep them happy in order for you to experience that grace that you want. You know, I really think there was some dark moments in our marriage where I, I was focused 24 seven and the business and I wasn’t getting any time and my oldest eight, so he’s old enough to see this. You know, it was, I think the day that got me was when he asked me for something. I said no, then before I finish my son, because, yeah, I know, you’re working. And it caught me.

Unknown 50:23
Because I can see, I can hear the devastation in his ways. I could see the sadness in his eyes. And I realized, oh, man, you know, know, this, this, I have to take a step back. So that’s when I adapted my pattern to, he loves his after school clubs, they finish their 5pm. And he goes to bed at eight. And I said it’s only three hours. So five to eight. His children. That’s it, I don’t do any client work. And then for for me, I work with us clients. So 5pm for me, is you know, around midday from you know, Muslim cousin is on his mid day. So they’re not going to miss for three hours. Right when they go to sleep. last meeting, because they’re not noticing what I’m doing. So I would rather than me, where can my children my business, my business should be were to run my children. And I got that wrong. I had met you know, I got so focused, and I had the I had the wrong incentives in my mind. And when I when I change, this doesn’t send this to, you know, I’m doing this to be my children. So that I can do that for my children. But I can’t do this. I mean, my children happy that defeat the objective. Once I started, you know, remembering those things, things got so much better. And my husband, my son gets a lot of nice for the week. Now. He knows I’m doing a call at the moment. But you know, that’s the core of all his. So he’s okay with it now. So now he’s more supportive. When I say I’ve got a podcast, Oh, don’t worry, I’ll go and set myself up and you really just can’t take some snacks. And then we need and we can do something together now and he’s happier. So now is completing the situation around and all around happy.

Justin Trosclair 51:58
Well, I appreciate the raw the real life example right there. Yeah, that’s exactly why I asked these questions and you see a lot of people they don’t figure that out.

Unknown 52:07

Justin Trosclair 52:08
they know it’s too late. Or last fun question. Do you happen to have a favorite book, a podcast or phone app that you secretly love and when they just have to share to everybody

Unknown 52:20
oh man Do you know I don’t if I would say I don’t know if I could is my favorite book but this has to be the book I’ve picked up over and over again I’d say is thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Unknown 52:33
And I think the reason why it’s my favorite book is because when many of us start business okay, you know we all have the goal of making money but then when you focus on our goal we forget the bigger picture you know a lot for me saying around that problem to funnel hacking live I still do have confidence issues, but I was making the whole business thing about me when I transitioned want attention I think into I’m doing this to help I people spread their message my business flourished and I’m thinking Grow Rich more or less you know, it helps you dive into those into those in a deep deeper stuff making it harder for you to be successful you know you need to be equal and sometimes on a golf track or you know, I have bad days and you know being a woman I must have twice as bad days as men do because it’s not

Unknown 53:25
pick up the book and the book and even if you’re reading the chapter then it makes you put them back on track and it makes me remember what I’m doing and then it looks at the overall picture about your lies about you know health has certain things can affect you how the people around you can affect you. And I think that’s why I love that book so much because let me show you go there thinking okay the third time or the because young for I’d read the book and it’s going to give me all the money making strategies and I realized that all the one making strategies but actually inside my head was actually how I act that that was determined was around me that one you’re not you know, how other people have cared about other people have cared about myself. That is what was you know, initially going to make even wanted that I wanted to make. And one on once I’m off the bat, things became so much clearer and easier. So I’d say that that is my favorite book for those reasons right there.

Justin Trosclair 54:21
Perfect. How can people get in contact with you and learn all about rose?

Unknown 54:26
You can find me on social media so I’m on all social platforms in the handle our digital or you can go to my website which is rosy dub digital.com

Justin Trosclair 54:37
Oh, you’re saying does so our does digital?

Unknown 54:41
Uh huh. Cuz was to was to lump of our platform and I wanted to be the same across all platforms. So in our advanced digital across every social media platform,

Justin Trosclair 54:52
let me tell you, I made a business card that has kind of like all mine social media and my books, you know, all the kind of stuff that can catch book business card and I said guys there we’d like make this a little bit less come out, can be cluttered. He goes, maybe you should have picked the same social name for every platform instead of having a couple of strays.

knife out my back please.

Unknown 55:17
makes it so much easier.

Justin Trosclair 55:19
So rose Guthrie, you, you brought it today. Thank you so much for enlightening us on all these topics we covered and really do appreciate your time.

Unknown 55:27
Yeah, thank you for having me was really really good. had a good time.

Justin Trosclair 55:33
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