E 173 Building Out Your Office Space Steve Anderson Dental Ease

Building out 1000 dental offices since 1997 gives you deep insight into all areas to consider plus practice management tips. Steve Anderson wrote a 300 page book on the subject Dental Ease. Should you build out a leased space or buy your own. You have blueprints drawn up for a dental office, now what is…

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M 53 Investing With Profit First

Hiring your next associate or purchasing a piece of equipment is a big financial decision. Listen to a formula that could help you decide if you should do it and be profit first. Today’s episode, I was watching some futur videos again with Chris doe. And he was discussing, you know, how much you should…

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E 129 Retirement and Investments 101 Jason Rainier CFP

Doctor based Retirement and Investment options. Jason Rainier CFP will cover FSA’s, 401K, SEP IRA, 529B education funds, Trusts, Estate taxes, Wills, Index vs Managed Funds and Life Insurance. Novice or established you will learn something new. What is a Certified Financial Planner, CFP? Qualifications, job role, CE’s etc. While the CFA has a broad…

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