E 173 Building Out Your Office Space Steve Anderson Dental Ease

Building out 1000 dental offices since 1997 gives you deep insight into all areas to consider plus practice management tips. Steve Anderson wrote a 300 page book on the subject Dental Ease. Should you build out a leased space or buy your own. You have blueprints drawn up for a dental office, now what is…

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E 168 Biological Dentistry and Motherhood Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff

Learn about dentistry and Germany and the bio health conscious dentist movement and how it can be a game-changer for women dentists. Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff (University of Bonn, Private Practice 9 year, Elected Member Board of Cologne Board) discusses this health revolution. Learn a little about medical and dental university in Germany. It’s a bit…

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E 141 Dental Membership and Cialdini Certified Christopher Phelps DMD

Dental membership practice details to implement, top 3 Cialdini influencer methods detailed (like me, consistency, commitment), coaching and marketing secrets by Dr. Christopher Phelps DMD. Influence is important and requires a team approach. Dr. Chris is the only dentist with the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) distinction. What’s great about this method is that he…

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