E 168 Biological Dentistry and Motherhood Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff

a doctors perspective e 168 frederike rutzenhoff biological dentist Zahnärztin
Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff, DDS talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

Learn about dentistry and Germany and the bio health conscious dentist movement and how it can be a game-changer for women dentists. Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff (University of Bonn, Private Practice 9 year, Elected Member Board of Cologne Board) discusses this health revolution.

Learn a little about medical and dental university in Germany. It’s a bit different than America and perhaps it’s a viewpoint that we can integrate in some way.

Periodontics, endodontics, prosthesis, implants are all learned in uni not a specialty after graduation.

German Dental Insurance

What can you expect your standard health insurance to cover for dental procedures?

Does German health insurance subscribe to an ounce of prevention is worth it or do they like the only fix it when it breaks?

Are the materials (like mercury) a danger to our body as a holistic system? Do some toxic materials leak into our body and if so what type of long term health reactions may we experience?

History of Dentistry Materials used versus newer options

What were some of the trial and errors that dentists had to figure out as long term and safe materials currently being used (and the past) and this BIO healthier alternatives that are gaining traction?

Did you know if you are pregnant and a dentist you are not allowed to work because of the materials used.

Fluoride has it’s purpose but does it need to be in the water? Can something be done with the Oral Biome?

Wouldn’t you think it is a good idea to support the body (bone strength, proper mcirobes in the mouth etc) with vitamins, and other biological whole body support before doing an invasive surgery like implants?

Your body needs to be healthy enough to heal from the dental procedures.


Titanium is in lots of products including teeth whitening toothpaste. Can someone build up an unhealthy reaction to this metal? A doctor in Switzerland is teaching lots of international dentists the benefit of using ceramics.

Some would say ceramics break but this guy has been using ceramic implants and doing research on the best methods for over 20 years.

Root Canals

Most dentists are trained in the basic of a root canal procedure, but when you can have 4 or even 5 roots (not just 3) the complexity can quickly become overwhelming.
What is the big deal with a half dead tooth saying in your mouth?

A specialist could take 5 hours with a microscope to make sure the whole bad area of the tooth is removed but most dentists will not do that. After max 10 years these teeth tend to have to be extracted. Therefore, is it better to just get a ceramic from the get-go?

Employed – Motherhood Dentist Situation

Dr. Rutzenhoff is spear heading a movement of female owned dental businesses but set up in a bigger shared space to meet all the other obligations that most female dentists have to overcome ie child care, while also providing the environment to do these complicated and bio style dental procedures.

More women are dentists then men now but old men are the ones who still own the clinics and hire new doctors. Her goals is to help empower women to work together to share expenses and give optimal bio care but still be moms who don’t have to work 50 hours a week. Different Dentistry, Different Structures

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/168 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript. More info on her can be found at https://ruetzenhoff.eu/

a doctors perspective e 168 frederike rutzenhoff Zahnärztin biological dentist Zahnärztin health revolution
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Episode one hundred sixty eighth biological ministry and motherhood. I’m your host talks with justin tros claire today. Dr ferrick roots in hav perspective during twenty seventeen and eighteen podcast awards nominated host and bestselling author on amazon as we get a behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Thank you for tuning in. It’s the holiday season. are you ready. Have you made plans. If you’ve got all your shopping done yet. I mean black. Friday was a just around the corner and cyber monday and shop local saturday. Is that what it was. I hope everybody is shopping. Local especially this year sometimes. It felt like if you’re a big box corporation you’re gonna win if your mom and pop store etc or then good luck figure a way out the pay. Your bills Tough so if you’ve made it this far twenty twenty as once to say congratulations with your doctor own your own business decide to freelance or virtual visits whatever you did to survive this year and not just survive but thrive. I want to say congratulations. I guess get some velcro firdaus boots. Because it’s it’s going to be another crazy year as you aware of if you’re listening to the show been diversifying myself taking my digital skills into one sheets where dr can showcase their achievements in present their keynote topics in a one page. Pdf that is an attractive. So that the other person you’re trying to pitch it to whether it’s dr to get referrals or to another business so that you speech or presentation there you just give them this like whoa. That’s amazing and here’s a testimonial dr tony brooks about that. Dr tony brooks. I’m an author speaker. Chiropractor veterans health advocate and i was seeking marking material for my speaking and podcasts and radio and tv in justin didn’t amazing job. He asked the right questions. He pulled branding of my website. He not clarified things that weren’t necessarily clear and he didn’t amazing job. He even corrected by airs. I sent to him some bad copy with an errand and and he fixed it with no questions asked and was within hours of me recognizing what’s just pure gold is that i you know. I sent this thing out within twenty four hours of receiving it back from justin and i not only booked a podcast but also booked keynote. And that’s why. I created this thing between you know publishing a book and doing tv appearances. You have to have something really simple to hand to people so that they can you know. Get a better sense of who you are not gonna read your cv. Though justin thank. You did amazing job. I really appreciate it. And i look forward to working with you in the future thank you. Oh i’m blushing on this site. Oh thank you so much. Dr tony i appreciate you a saying those words and take the time to make a video and i don’t know if you’ve ever left the review for a podcast on amazon or a good business that you’ve countered and you wrote a review and google or yelp or whatever i’d recommend not yelp but whatever i’m biased. I don’t take a couple of minutes and your names attached to it but if you get good service it means the world you know as a doctor. It’s so important to get a referral and so important to get a good review on google new reviews every week or at least every month. It keeps everything current other people. Read it like. Wow yeah you’ve answered all my questions. We do that on amazon google. And there’s no difference for your doctor’s office so maybe maybe there’s some more reviews this year if you’ve gotten a good benefit from things including this show clued. The books aren’t that. I have on amazon or even the one sheets all right. I guess that should be enough. You find more information. A doctor’s perspective dot net slash one sheet if you like accents. This week is dr frederick. In germany next week will be a guy from the uk and then the following should be a scottish guy. This week we’re going to talk about bio dentistry environmental friendly dentistry environmental for your body as well actually and motherhood. She is empowering women to create their own businesses. Maybe joining a group of women together so that they can still be moms still do the type of injury that they want to do on their own terms and and a lot of places. That’s just not something that’s going on. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. All the show notes on this episode and the transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one six eight. let’s go hashtag behind the curtain disclaimer. I don’t have a lot of experience interviewing people in person. It’s always over the computer so when had the opportunity once or twice.

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I’m like let’s let’s try to figure this out. Well the micro and a half is kind of sensitive in my room is not the most non echo situation so the first couple of minutes. You’ll notice that there’s a little bit more eco. Earning she wasn’t holding the microphone close enough. We fixed that. How ever active listen. They’re talking okay. So sometimes you’ll hear that and it’s going to sound funny like double echo or would i tried to do was just remove my part and you still hear me. I just sound like fifty feet away. So did what. I could to remedy the situation. Most of the time is just fine. You know a couple of times you might talk over each other a little bit and you hear little funky. I don’t personally feel like it’s enough to distract from the quality of the sold to redo it or anything so maybe just enjoyed the non perfection of an interview in this setting offered way worse in like a bar people talking and trying to do some kind of interviews so definitely much better than that. Anyway i appreciate your patience and enjoy the interview with our german speaker who is english second language. So you’ll also be able to hear a Authentic german accent come back to the show. I got great news for you. All this is what is the epitome of why we do these podcast had guests. Come back to me a few days ago and say hey. Somebody in. A reporter found my podcasts. From you they listen to it and they wanted to interview me about different things so just really was excited that it’s actually panning out like we wanted to and that other guests are getting more opportunities from being on the show. So that’s awesome but let’s jump into today. We are live indicts which is cologne germany in my living room with another dentist i haven’t done virtually live live like this before one other one was with quinton. Briscoe a chiropractor out in lafayette. When i was actually math yet but today we’re gonna do it here sipping on tea and join the thunderstorms in the cooler. Temperatures outside we have university of bonn graduate over nine years ago private practice for awhile now. She is doing more coaching for bio dentistry. Nettle free holistic. We’ve had a smother dennis in the past kind of talk about this topic a little bit. But we’re going to get it from the german point of view and She’s also an elected member of the board for the cologne dentistry. They need some youth in there so we can really learn a lot about what’s going on inside so we’re gonna have a great interview so please welcome dr ferrick. Who’s in hof. Thank you so much for inviting me absolutely well. Thank you so much for for coming on the show and because most of our audience is americans and we kind of have an idea. What’s going and i mean even had this conversation with you several times. So how do you go to class. what’s university like. How long does it take here. Because in america’s undergrad and then the school and then you can specialize even further so the brief of. How does that work here. Okay just just a brief overview about the yeah. We don’t call dental school in germany. It’s more just general university and you can decide the subject but dentistry is not included in the general doctor’s examination or studying so dentistry from the beginning on is a separate am subject so we are only together with the other dentists and not so much with the other doctors general doctors but em it takes us five and a half years if you do it in the regular time and then your holy full dentists. So you’re allowed to do all every treatment in germany after that you can also do special things like analytics or paragon titus or implants or extracting wisdom tooth on these things but they are a few specialists. We call which means like a specialist And this is like authored antics are all surgery or some facial surgery but these guys have to study the whole am general dr studies and the dentistry studies so they study for low about eight or nine years. Our facial doctors that’s next level though this is next level and but as a general dentist from university you don’t have to specialist like another country’s for periodontics and prosthetics or things so we learn all this within our studies. I guess to follow ups. So you’re taking the classic math science having to take maybe like a history or social sociology class in your program or is it just like all medical the whole time.

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I mean it’s this general science like physics and physiology biochemistry chemistry these subjects. But no yeah no history. No you’re not taking like german class to know. This is only in school. After we school. We finished this subject. So then it’s only medicals shaves off so many years though. I like that. I wish america do more of that. They it’s nice to be quote. Well rounded recognize. Today is that we’re so specialists. So i started my study. The nineteen so. I’m almost fifteen years in this dental environment for me. I would have liked to have more general studies or more other topics. I think like psychology way too little or or some business tools things. We don’t learn anything about it or patient communication. This are all topics. Don’t really learn are no you really have to the floor afterwards and yeah no. It’s not include this okay. I think most of us are always complaining about. There’s not enough business classes. They expect us to just walk outside and put a shingle on the road. In patients show up. And i can convince them that they should get a root canal and a crown should be good or they just want to rip the tooth out and like there’s a lot of communication that has to go on so they picked what they need. Now you have to learn that on your own within the job but em it used to be that way that everyone owns his own dental practice. Oh back in seventeen seventy or eighty s. So there was. There were weren’t many options for employees dentists but this changed a lot in germany within the last fifteen years. I would say so that they are now around. Fifteen percent of the dentists in germany are employed dentists not owning their own practice and not running their own business. And i also only was employed never owned my own practice. But it’s it has advantages and disadvantages. I mean you can learn a lot when you’re employed and don’t have all these business things to do otherwise there are more and more women coming in the job and are a little bit yet defense. Or they don’t want to go out there like i do marketing. Do my own practice a little bit more afraid of all this stuff so they stay in this surrounding of safe employed working and i think that’s not uncommon too because a lot of women are like i want a kid. I need family than i have to cut ours or have to hire somebody and they might be like. I don’t want to actually have to deal with employees like other doctor employees that kind because that’s the whole next level situation for german. Dentists who are pregnant is very very good because we have from the. We have rules here that we are not allowed to work because there are some that the law says that. It’s too dangerous for pregnant women to work in this infectious surrounding of dentistry. And then you once you’re pregnant you can stop working and you get paid. You get paid the whole time that you’re pregnant plus the whole time that you’re breastfeeding your child. Which is like a year here yet which can be a year so i also did it a year. Is this by the state or like your employer in the end of the pays the health insurance the german health insurance pace at the end. And this makes many female and stay in this employee positions. Because it’s so much more comfortable now but it also has disadvantages. Because you can’t do your thing. You’re kind of told you to do this way. Yeah quotas and things born before we jump into more about your story. I know a lot of listeners. Like this is kind of interesting insurance. Obviously i live here and brought my kid to the doctor and we don’t pay anything. I got medicine and we don’t pay anything for americans were like but guys don’t worry we’re paying fifteen percents of your salary okay. There’s no getting around it. There’s no subsidies you make a dollar. Fifteen cents is going to go to your health. Insurance forever can get quite expensive but is insurance like a peak a major insurance carrier here cross blue shield if somebody has that they just cover like teat cleaning once or twice a year. Can you actually get cavities filled. Or how does that work. What’s cash versus ensure. Okay so the german health insurance system is quite difficult. I mean you need four. Oh five years after university to work in this setting that you understand. So i don’t know if i can explain the whole german health insurance them right now but basically basically there is the general insurance when you’re employed then it’s what you said you pay from your salary and amount and i think nowadays a problem is that the people don’t know what to pay because they only have their card.

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They go to the doctor the cart and they don’t know the value so they don’t even know does. The root canal treatment costs three hundred euros. Does it cost thirty euros. Cost three thousand euros so they don’t know it and eighty percent or no. Ninety percent of the citizens in germany are in the general health insurance. I’m not sure if eighty or ninety. Percents i’m not sure about the mo that it’s still a lot. These insurance is not bad. Even in dentistry covers lots of things like root canal treatment back not a professional cleaning but all treatments. If you have a cavity us bet you still would get a margot if you want to have accomplished side or ceramics. Oh staff you have to pay extra so it’s like a basic thing but lots of people do have now extra insurance for this extra costs or they pay by themselves for prophylaxis for things but general titus therapy general prosthetics general fillings. The easiest ones are covered from this insurance. And then there’s this amount of of people that are mostly entrepreneurs people who are owning their own business is like also lawyers or doctors themselves. All these people are not inside the general health ed system these people have private insurances and these private insurance is pay everything so if you want ceramic or just yeah yeah or you want cleanings whatever or of so i mean. It’s getting a little bit calmly more complicated now but the system was that these insurance paid everything and but the monthly payment for this was not so much more expensive so that most of the employees are not allowed to go into the private system. You have to have an amount of money to to are to be allowed to go into the private system but it it gets very expensive when you were also it also has some disadvantages me myself. I’m still because i was employed in the general have system. Because it’s for me it’s better. I just pay expert what i want. Extra servers and the good thing about it is germany and most of the other countries is separate like private clinics or general system like in the uk. It’s an for example. And then you have an edge s practice or private practice. Okay so you know when you’re making the phone call they’ll let you know and if you have the money you would not go to an age practice because the quality is bad and in germany all this is within practices so you as a person does not have a lot of money. You still have the option to go to a specialist or to a doctor who also treats private patients and so it’s everybody gets covered so everyone is covered and i think a patient. You get real good services but the germs are always complaining about the system so they don’t know that they get so much more in the general hasn’t been in any other country word but they’re always complaining when you say you have to pay extra costs they say like why do i have to pay hundred euros forest professional cleaning. They don’t get this because they think like in a decade ago the general system covers everything and they still have the mindset like the general system covers everything but it is surprising that they don’t do the basic cleaning because it’s the basic cleaning. That would catch things. Yeah but this is a political discussion about prevention in the general heff system. Yeah america too. They don’t wanna pay prevention. They’d rather spend twice as much for your root canal. Then actually one hundred euros to stop it from happening from the political questions. Also why is it still amalgam the basic filling material. It’s another question like it doesn’t make sense from a specialist. offering doctors. Point of view doesn’t make any through like this but that’s the system at the moment. All right that’s great information. I hope it satisfies people’s ideas of the great socialist medicine that everybody talks about in america. We need this. We need this not socialist for us. The people have more who have more money do also have better health here. But if you don’t have money you still have a very very good basic. And i think that’s what we need to changes getting it to where the poor still covered even if we need overhaul something in our own system.

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It’s like they should have the basic rights. But then insurance in america’s very much always a extra you know there’s always a extra policy maybe it’s covered for a cleaning but if you know you have bad teeth you’re going to have to pay extra and but people people who know who they have he do this private exchange. I recommended it to them. Yeah we got you on. You are involved with this holistic bio mercury-free free which is a pain because if they already have them and you have to restrict them it’s like has met suits and it’s a big thing to exchange those from people’s mouths from what i’ve had in past interviews. So what got you into that. Why is that a passion of yours. What’s what’s the goal. How does that affect your practice. I guess you kind of out of practice right now. You’re you’re trying to spread this message a little bit more. So could you use it in your own clinic how to use it in their clinics. What what’s what’s the backstory for that. Okay i think it’s it’s the general shift medicine that we’ve what we’ve done the past two hundred or three hundred years like we find a problem. We repair it or we do. This accord or acute medicine things or some treats them with antibiotics. I mean are injections and then we treat something. Put american medicament on it and then it’s gone so that’s what we also did dentures. There’s the whole we clean it. We put something inside no matter what it is. Maybe it’s the most toxic element. Were merkury that it lasts long so we put it inside there. I mean all these things had we had to find them out in the past two hundred years. Let that gold crowns can can hold to together or in dentistry a lot about material so it was quite difficult to find out which materials can work in the mouth that took in trial or by again and i mean it was a big problem that people lost their earlier so like thirty or forty years ago. Sixty percent of the persons over sixty had no own. Tude anymore so bad. Now it’s like it’s only five percent of the people who don’t have own to at all. Wow so they haven’t lost any to really. Yeah because of this prevention things and on this. I think it’s a general shift in the medical word between this. Okay we’re just fixing a problem because we see that more and more patients coming with so many problems everywhere in their bodies and there are so many different topics. Doctors have to bring together batch in the system at the moment still this. You have ten minutes time to check what it is. And that’s the way. Dentists also used to treat patients. Okay here’s the pain there. Okay make the pain go away and work but there are more and more people who don’t aren’t capable with all these things that are in their body and you feel then when patients come that you can’t help them so yeah they have like some flash show. Call it like the gums red or and things but it’s not you don’t know how to treat it you can put carta zone or something on it. Uh-huh what dermatologists dude with dentists. Soon the math and but this is not a real therapy or like what caused it to begin with. Let’s have a conversation about what’s creating this so you can stop this. Yeah your gums will stay healthy. Because you’re stopped eating candy all the time or drinking alcohol the time or something but i think more and more doctors are thinking in this way and that it was also my pregnancy in two thousand eighteen and virtualization in environmental dental medicine which is not many people. Do it right now. But more and more people are interested in it but the problem is that everything that is beyond our science things in the school. Medicine is always like okay. You crazy okay. How much research is backing this up. Something like this. And this plan in europe. Germany are worldwide to learn. I think it’s worldwide to learn is taught in english or no. This was especially in germany. But i think exists in english as well in english speaking countries. I’m not sure probably other programs are at least yeah city areas of this but i know there is like a guy who he’s called oldish forts. He’s like a pioneer in ceramic implants. It’s like what i learned. There is like most of the problems that dentistry we dentists put inside. Yeah i mean no one wants to.

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Yeah but no one wants to say okay what we did. The last one hundred years was a bad for the people. It’s like it was good in one. One thing was with fluoride. Yeah so if you have a lot of carries that we found out that fluoride is good against curious was good but now that we have that we know much more. Maybe it’s not necessarily like in the. Us they fluoride the drinking water. Right in germany’s not it’s not the case. So it’s your personal thing. How much fluoride you put inside. But more and more people are using toothpaste without fluoride. Okay i would not recommend this to everyone because people who really have active cavities and have carriers. I would not recommend this. That low dose every day is a good thing but it gets in this. Okay what else could we do. In goes in this direction microbiome. That’s a lot of we know about the get that is coming. Also the oral microbiome to do things and i just checked that. I’m so interested in this topics that i did this special specialization and this guy. In in switzerland he is also doing a lot for this ceramic implants and total ceramic and total biological dentistry which means there’s also nutrition facts. They get infusions with vitamin so that the bone healing on his fix so they are not implanting or doing something before the body is capable to to hear all these things and then they start to to put out on the rubbish select all the other people have in their mouth from decades but the body has to be healthy enough to heal all this big bounce and new employer staff but website when you say implants you do mean drilling it with a screw bit and putting a fake to. It’s a fake route in. The bone heals inside the bone. But it’s mostly done with tena titania which is not bad but many more people are. You can’t say it’s an allergic. But there are people who have reaction macro fabric english difficult michael fag and the zone against titanium also because we have so many tetons tatanium oxide in everywhere in pills in some scream. In wherever. tighten the oxide. Yeah which is like to make something white toothpaste so many sub if you look after you see so more and more people also even they say you can’t be allergic to titanium. It is also possible. That people don’t aren’t capable with to heal in titanium implants. Okay so this doctor. And he is teaching at least many many dentists from the us so the more international dentist coming there than dentists from germany as offer the ceramics. So they’re strong enough to yet trump. It’s more it’s his whole biological concept. He’s doing this for twenty years already and he has his own brand for the ceramic because most of the classic dentist say ceramic. implants break. Okay that’s easy. But he’s doing it for twenty years and he’s doing research now and he’s also going to universities now different qualities of ceramic in different ways to heat it and everything. I’m just fascinated with what he is doing. Because it’s away from some hocus pocus or some something because it’s all this bone healing process and nutrition things and he’s doing with an internist together and so i heard about all this and i wanted to specialization in this as well to treat patients like this but then i found out that in the practice was eat. I couldn’t do all these things because when the bus is not interested in. This doesn’t want to invest in things. You need there. You are kind of stuck in the position that you think okay one to do it but yeah i have to long but then come back to. I was pregnant and you have a small child and you don’t have so many colleagues who really see the same way. Yeah you’d have to like convince a new another doctor that you know to invest in there have another one but she has to china already. She will have her and we are always talking. How this together. But but now today i know it just takes another two years. Maybe but i have a better plan of where to go so enter teach more younger dentists that these and also general doctors because they have no idea what to do in germany. Especially they don’t know anything about dentistry.

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They always say like at dentist do this. So they don’t know basics about industry as not not all of them right right. Y’all do stuff with a kiefer’s the job md. Yes yes what i said. If you’re a general dentist. In germany you have so many specials learn about the junction. You learn because you have so much more time in school directly with science. Where like i think. There’s some dennis in america and they come out like i don’t feel comfortable with certain types of root canals. I’ll send you off to a specialist who says more training in that. And i was just weird because like it’s your teeth should be pretty much well even more. You know what i mean like. That should be a standard thing in their practice root canal difficult. That’s really what you’re learning. University is not enough in germany. Seventy or eighty percent of the dentist root canal treatments. Not the way it should be dance so the root canal treatment is a good topic because it comes back to the biological dentistry. These guy or people who really look a little bit after it. Say it’s they have to take them all out because it’s a death or death oregon or ghana or so and it can be good to leave something in the body where they’re all these processes with death material and because the root canal is complex system so it’s it’s not like just a tunnel it’s not a of it can be more like a river delta. Yeah it’s kinda crazy and everything is very any everything in dental school. You’ll learn something like okay. The app molar has three route kennels and stupid because i did the specialization and it can have an eighty percent of them have four and the others have five or six or seven or you cannot count it because it’s some it’s natural it’s more like the root of a tree or something it’s naturally and the problem is to clean this so perfectly that there’s really no nothing of debt material left so i also specialization after diversity in antics and this specialization is good because people who didn’t do this yeah so it’s good if people say go to a specialist because specialists do this with a microscope bats the deeper i get into the topic with the with the biological things and the whole buddy the more you think the bad is it really good to leave substances you have to leave things inside one of the dennis we interviewed. He’s an older guy that’s what he was talking about like. There’s no way trap this this bacteria and eventually it’s going to seep out because teeth to say from my practical work like eighty percent of the problems the pain or whatever people come with because of route going on treatments or the cutting of the of the end of the route which is a therapy that is paid by the general health insurance which doesn’t make sense. It makes more sense to make the root canal treatment done by specialist to renew it like to open it from above but essay seventy seventy years ago. One found out. Okay we just cut. We kept the end kept the end. So we we drilled with the bone so we make a big hole in the bone and then we cut the end and then maybe gets better and all of these. I saw lots of them here. It’s a it’s a death within the next five or ten years so like they have this death tooth and they will lose it. Most as i’ve never seen someone having a vs air so it’s called route top. You don’t know the word. I don’t know but i’m sure that if dennis listen to this there but like i understand what you’re saying so in germany we call it. Vs so and this is this is also a topic but it all comes together you see it belongs together because this is still paid by the general health insurance. Even though it’s a horrible treatment. So i think better is to take it out then totally instead of doing all this treatments when you don’t have money or whatever to do it by a specialist who has microscopic who has like five hours time to treat one tooth. You have to have the money to go to one. So i by myself. I’m not sure yet. I prefer to have a root canal treatment. Don beyer would go to the university or more to have a ceramic implant like this doctor. Faucets doing it. He’s putting all. The root canal treated tooth out doing his healing process and putting ceramic implant.

00:35:04 – 00:40:03

Instead of it. I guess it does come down to cash. Yeah what can you afford like. I can’t afford a ten thousand year old tooth. No but if you if you can’t afford it so if now one of my would die. I would definitely think about these two options but no options between like root kennel. No specialist or this. Vs air. so i would like this. I know what’s going to happen. Don’t want this so it’s difficult to go back to normal dentistry of the you know all these things that is might yeah okay. You’re trying to educate other younger dentists. And yes so. I’m almost trying to support other female dentists to do their own business. Because only when you do your own business or we have to do. This together is this networking topic. We’re not good in this. And we one has his own practice and doing his own things and the only thing we can survive in this whole system and established this newer. What talked about we have to be together. But most of them don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs who are really building up a company but if you have a house with like six dentists and specialists to to have all these topics together you would need more money. And it’s a big invest to have something like this but people in germany. A little bit more restrict. I think in the us different people. I’m more thinking. Yes yes yes. We can the five thousand square foot sixteen dental chairs. Yes get some hygienic. Clean teeth all but three doctors at a little bit of female thing. So they’re more men who did it that way but so. We are ninety percent female dentists now in germany. Why so this job female. And they’re all stuck in this employee motherhood situation and then they are all not happy with it because they feel i want to do different dentistry. I want to have different structures. But i don’t see how can i get this and this is what i’m doing. Nick supporting them in coaching them and bringing people together but for me it was also process to let go these practical work. Because if i would still do the practical work right now i would not have time to do all this so it was kind of. Yeah it’s all about making a decision. I think it’s definitely an uphill battle in a sense because you have to reach out all these dentists have them care about what’s going on. How even if they don’t care about bio bio dentistry is our you okay with it yes. Would you like to own practice. Maybe with ten ladies that you share expenses you come in on this day. We come in on this. You all have kids. We don’t want to work five days a week anyway so everybody. Every shift is covered. And how long are you here. Okay well then. You owe this much of the overhead and then you owe this much overhead. We could split in marketing. We can all be underneath the umbrella of and the most important thing we have cool team like in the startup world so it’s not this dusty dentist world like there’s one boston says like we go like this. In our generation we want a workplace that is also a little bit of family. And we don’t want to like older. Dentist used to throw instruments after their assistance in germany. Quite common when they didn’t do what they wanted. But we also want different team. But you could all be independent to in a sense like we all like ceramics so we have a fancy ceramic machine. But i don’t care what you do. You want to offer discounts. You can do that and you want to you. We’ll have all this assistance in dentistry. You need and then your leader for all the people and this is what they are afraid of to have so many employed assistance people. Don’t your systems doing on america. They clean teeth. That is it now in germany. They assist you with the treatment itself. Where there’s that too i mean. Yeah and they clean all the instruments aso they have hygienists. I think the america’s genus they like cleaning people’s teeth all day we have. We have the same. Yeah and then you have the people that actually you in surgeries and things like share assistant. It’s causing this but is chair systems also have to clean the prepared the treatment so they could get content. You also have people who do this business some some reception or whatever so you need lots of people around and you don’t have so many people who want to do this assistant anymore. Because they paid them so worth the last twenty or thirty years because they were like.

00:40:03 – 00:45:04

I’m the doctor. I’m the king and you have to do what i say. So no one in germany has really wants to do this assistant job anymore so we were missing. It sounds like a lot of stress for not a lot of money. And you’re like so no one is at more instead of you have a cool workplace and you say no no. It’s good to work here and not so bad paid and it’s but there are not enough. Who has who did do this Are they more qualified than hygienists and in germany. They are all set. ’em f thanh finish of under shelter. It’s a pretty. German word has german for you. That’s one word it’s one word so it means like dental specialist dental practice assistance and this is three years you you go to the euro in the practice and to go to school. Yeah it’s like a train school. Yeah it’s out spillman german. And if you’ve done this you can put on top specialization in hygienist to be someone who’s cleaning the teeth or in someone who’s doing more oldest staff with the insurance like with the general health insurance private insurance like justice their people in this practices. Who only do like this this things for did you do this. I think you did when i tell it. It sounds ridiculous but it’s totally normal and different school for us. You got the hygienist people and then you have the medical billers like that’s so they can do. Technically i guess whatever their passion is they learned the code and they just you hire them to do it. You don’t have to train your okay in germany. They do all this basic three years. Assistant chair assistant while now. Did they go to high school or do they fifteen start this so by the time. They’re nineteen used to start with fifteen this l. spindle thing bad narrowed as no one goes to school only up to fifteen most of them stay longer and most of them do. Have this official graduate from high school with eighteen percent. Some most of them start with eighteen china’s kind of like that they had the at about fourteen or fifteen. You kind of know k. What am i gonna do my life and you go to trade school finish high school and then you go to uni and yada yada can be. I’m going to be a nurse. Okay cool fifteen you can just go and become a basic basic and germany. You could also do this. No one is fifteen anymore. They most sixteen. But you can still go to uni. There’d be a nurse no it’s not a university it’s all you go to the practice or you go to the hospital and you’re three years in the hospital and beside the practical thing in the hospital you have to school and this is the same with a general dr assistances with a dental assistance or with people who are just working in the bureau in the company they also can go sixteen to accompany. And then there’d doing this three hour spill what we put them and then they work in the company and once a week or twice a week they go to their school and in this school they learn topics only for this like being in the bureau or like being a dental chair assistant or whatever i would find that. It’s so stressful. Like already knew what i always wanted to do. But if you’re like the typical fifteen sixteen year old. Who’s now after this you can do. You can also say like okay. Now i will do study. I want to study or just you know it’s kind of difficult to when you get involved. And you’re like twenty-seven you’ll have been doing the same thing for ten years. Actually i hate it. I wish i could go back and spend three years doing this again. But i think germany is set up where you can take a hiatus. Go to school and you can do these things. Now as i said this is a model that also comes from last thirty forty years ago where more people just went to the general school and we’re finished with school with sixteen and only people who wanted to go to university. Did this higher education up to nine thousand nine hundred so this thirteen school years but nowadays is like eighty percent take thirteen school years so it used to be just the elite who did this abbey tool. Let’s this high school but now it is almost everyone. Has it not anyone but more. The percentages highly that to about college graduates. They’ve been pushing go to college. Go to uni in america and now now is a master’s degree because that that first degree doesn’t matter anymore because everybody has that degree. Yeah and you’re like well okay. So when you’re working at that past practice are trying to get the females together any kind of marketing ideas or tips.

00:45:04 – 00:50:06

That seems to work. So i i’m interested in this topic’s i did some google online studying some. I’m also doing a business coaching right now. So what. I recognize this. I know already much more about marketing or online marketing. Or things all these other than. Because i i would definitely recommend to do some to do social media marketing and it’s all about facebook and instagram and some modern practices are already on instagram and they are cool day and have fun there so i think it’s necessary but it’s still more important that you have happy patients who tells her neighbor that this is a good dent is and you need both. I think but there are still many dentists. Germany who don’t have a web page or a homepage or answer. Their phone normal business. Our business day experienced so far thirty phone calls the find one doctor open crazy but you tried it on a wednesday afternoon. Which is the originally free time for doctors in germany things. I need to remember when. I make phone calls. Okay no but i would definitely recommend to do something there audrey source it out to to real good agency. Who really knows how to do it. But the dentist always wanted to do their own staff and to keep their money and so they will not pay the higher high-quality agency. And i would recommend to invest a little bit more in this. So we’re gonna switch gears. We’re going to respect everybody’s time including our own. I was like to wrap up the interviews with some personal questions. Germany said it was so much vacation. It’s just a matter of request of telling you guys. It’s so amazing we always your. They have no vacations at all. You get a job. We’ll give you one week and the next year you’ll get two weeks but don’t worry christmas. You get a week off no no. I’m not a week. You get three days off for christmas. It’s ridiculous for most places and as business owner. we typically. don’t take as much vacation. Because oh if i close the doors. I don’t make them as much money. So as a i guess i can answer the question in a sense if you know people that own their own businesses. Yeah i know. How are they able to take as much vacation as an employee when they can lose the money. What happens there. How does that look to you. So i have a good example because i have two friends of mine who are author dentists and who have their own practice and have children and i have the impression that they’re only running running running running and working too much they say okay. It’s fine for me at the moment. i mean. At least they take as much vacation ask the employed in germany because the antics author dentist they have a lot of children so when the school is closed they also closed the practice because they say that the school kids are any way gone away so most of the authenticity. I know they say neck. No i haven’t spring and autumn summer. Maybe three weeks in summer school is six weeks off and summer so they managed that way no most of the dentist. They still earn enough money to to do their holidays. I think when your employees you have your trump twenty four days at least but i like twenty nine or something so it’s quite comfortable from your point of view to these holidays but i would not change now too much to be my own boss and then have less so most of the people i know who have their own practice. Not maybe not within the first two years but all the guys know whoever longer time per they are having holiday every six weekday. Do a week off for something. Okay would prefer to tunis. Jeff yeah one. I like that. Because i’d have noticed in our own clinic with with chiropractic. Kids are off. Were like all right. Well okay it’s gonna be a slower week. Everybody’s like pugh pre corona people. They’re going every kind of traveling and okay so we have spouses or significant others. Any tricks of the trade to stay happy. I think it’s essential to find a way that fits to you. So i thought many years. Okay i did the dental school. Dentist now so i have to practice dentistry so for me there. Were this options. Okay i can also do total different things from this but not erase everything i learned about dentistry so i use it now and i’m very thankful for a good education.

00:50:06 – 00:55:03

You have on the state university here in germany. So i know that these education in the us cost a lot of money and we get these high-class because i also went to foreign countries and treated patients there so i really value my my education and that case but for me it was big shift to say okay. I don’t have to practice dentist dentistry but i also can do something that helps me and i think there are some dentists out there who also feel like this. I would recommend them to follow their hardwood. Follow your follow your heart now but to just feel what makes sense for me but also have many friends from university or dental school. Who always say no. I could never stop doing this. I love this so much. I want to continue doing this. But then you have to build your you have to see that you can build your own structures because many of them are complaining about the structures like i am. This is not good. This is not good but they don’t see that they can. They have the chance with this education to do their own business and to modify their structures or to do some specialization in the fields. They are interested in or maybe do a career at the university so my husband is a lot of contact about his job. He’s aligarh with doctors in the university like the the main bus of university clinics and prophet professor and people like this and i also want to encourage people like female dentists. You can also go this way because for them this. You know i could never do this like this is too high. Do so many scientific things or to do this. You have a female president of the whole country a yeah but she doesn’t have kids. Oh gosh turn well no. This is the woman the woman it doesn’t count for me. Angela merkel yet but she special. Nah she’s the president but or the counselor but she’s special tryst. She’s not me and it’s like there are female dentists who are leading a university but not much and they don’t see themselves. Okay i could do this type of career. Because i’m a person who is very interested in science. Maybe but they don’t see as an option. So i would recommend to see a little bit more what you can. Yeah what is possible with this or for me. I want to do some more in other countries interesting. Because i can have a bigger impact there. I think the general mouth health and germany is quite good. It’s very good compared to other countries. So i think my impact here’s has k. But there are seventy thousand inches here right now. The situation is not so bad so you kind of get. Yeah but you have to ask yourself what you want to do with the skills or people opposed to pain for business coach. Whether it’s a dentist that’s amazing and they’re like hey i’ve got a five million euro clinic of dentist. Maybe you can hire me. And i will teach you how to be a better business person. Some some dentist. Do i actually know people who do this. But it’s not it’s not various not super commenter. Okay because you went to cambodia right. I went to ecuador during my studies and to cambodia yet to treat some people there and i still want. I have something in my mind. Do this a little bit. More to empower some other females another country’s to be dentist because dentistry. They can have such a good thing to to offer to their communities so it’s a great job to run your own business. Even in china was it. Yeah try it would be as drug for so many yes especially not so well right now teeth. Who have cavities. Who need to get it and you need people to treat it and the options we have now with digital industry amazing so with digital digital dentistry. It’s so many options to treat cavities and within a day with all these skin and so many things so you can really get a full picture of what’s going on to actually treat it perfectly without having to guess innocent. Still a minority. Who’s doing this probably gonna. Money needs ten years to come that. It’s more common that people do that way. I don’t know how far it is. The us are like i was trying to say it was. Sometimes all of this stuff is is limited by money they. Do you want to invest the money necessary to have the equipment in your office. If you’re either a coast in my life is good.

00:55:03 – 01:00:02

I have a steady income or a. I’m struggling because there’s a lot of in my town so to invest in this. It doesn’t it will it. Give me better results where they give me more clients a lot of a lot of doctors. I think they get the newest technology and they think they advertise that like the public even knows that is our cares. Oh you got the most fanciest digital whatever like. I don’t tell me how that benefits me like less pain. You bet for this. These guys would need to business coach and they would take him. They didn’t even an invest in some or even business coach. They should just hire an employee who has who comes from a big company or from has not the mindset. This would also have good answers. All right sort of wrap this up. Any books or podcast. Whatever it could be german or english that you like to read or other people should okay so in dentistry mostly consumed german things. But i started to find out more international things because international dentistry also different just german but most of the germans are so like in. This’ll i’m interested in that. So i am but i don’t have so many international and recommendations so cena which means sour tooth. It’s a podcast german. So it’s very good for dentists from other dentists about some special special aches and in allah. Mundher that’s interesting about this biological dentistry. That the guy who’s always dust on this nutrition stuff. You can follow him on instagram. Because you read most things in english dominate. dr dominic. Nash fits and these doctor in switzerland with this am swiss dental solutions. Don’t worry all have her send me an email with these people’s names a website so that it will be in the show notes and the transcripts so that you can click it in and discover these things as well. Yeah but i should. I’m not in a good contact with them now. But because i like this book from dominic news route. So i really have to get in contact with them because i’m recommending them all the time and they don’t know so i definitely relationship. Yeah got an affiliate link. At least get a kickback into something. They’d be because this book is very good and Yeah but i want to contact him. I contacted him already but he’s also very busy. Well that’s wanna thank you so much for your time today and being able to share a different perspective that most of us i think audience don’t know and i think this does enrich we can. We don’t have to pay for what we have for granted and we complain but then we can see other things. So there’s so much out there the broader perspective on things. So i really appreciate your time. Thank you much interesting questions. Another great interview has ended by. You’re on your phone. Click that review but right up a nice review for me five stars if you could as everyone says an industry. It’ll help other people to find us when we have enough rankings not to mention i’ll mention you and your review on an upcoming episode if you follow me on instagram you only get one link. So i use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an s. And that’s going to give you everything you need to know the top episodes of two thousand seventeen and two eighteen podiatrist series. Dennis acupuncture series holiday. Two thousand seventeen financial series. How to write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag like t shirts. The today’s choices tomorrow’s health book. That’s the blueprints for better health. Exercise picking food correctly and financial. And then of course bundle packs. Which can get you the no needle. Acupuncture book forty common conditions including the electric acupuncture pin at a great deal. The resources page has some of the products. That i like. It’s affiliate style. So if you buy something from them. I get a piece of just like on the show notes pages if you buy book from clicking that link. I got a small piece of that as well so i really appreciate that things. Like screen castle matic pure. Vpn missing letter earned j. Labs speakers pro alone ed or hog grips once again. If you do need any coaching on how to improve your bloodwork drop weight and diet fast mimicking diet. Five day plan. Let me know as well as if you just need them. Coaching whether it’s health whether it’s marketing whether you need some practice growth etc reach out facebook. Justin tros claire. Mcc doctors perspective dot net on the top right. You got all the social media icons that you can imagine.

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