dental health

E 168 Biological Dentistry and Motherhood Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff

Learn about dentistry and Germany and the bio health conscious dentist movement and how it can be a game-changer for women dentists. Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff (University of Bonn, Private Practice 9 year, Elected Member Board of Cologne Board) discusses this health revolution. Learn a little about medical and dental university in Germany. It’s a bit…

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E 109 Sarah Hornsby Myofunctional Therapy and Ill Effects of Mouth Breathing and Sleep Apnea

Mouth breathing can lead to orthodontics, malformed palettes and sleep apnea. Discover what myofunctional therapy is and how proper tongue placement and breathing can counteract it. Sarah Hornsby discusses business and myomentor to help others succeed. As a dental hygienist she realized she could not do this for 30 years and while exploring myofunctional Therapy…

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