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E 168 Biological Dentistry and Motherhood Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff

Learn about dentistry and Germany and the bio health conscious dentist movement and how it can be a game-changer for women dentists. Dr. Frederike Rützenhoff (University of Bonn, Private Practice 9 year, Elected Member Board of Cologne Board) discusses this health revolution. Learn a little about medical and dental university in Germany. It’s a bit…

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Episode 29: Does Clinical Yoga Belong in an Healthcare Paradigm plus Woman’s Health Issues, Dr. Lisa Holland, DPT

Dr Lisa Holland DPT discusses clinical yoga, micro practice, woman health issues besides pelvic floor, her CALM and KISS principles, role of woman at work and home, bio psycho social model, becoming a mentor guru and dealing with haters. Today we talk to a doctor of physical therapy about a few firsts: cash practice in…

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