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E 153 News TV Doctor and Video Help Alex Vidan DC

Ever wanted to be the TV News Doctor? Alex Vidan DC will discuss how that role works as well as doing videos (and staying motivated) for your clinic. We also find out how he got involved with trips to China and a small section on coronavirus. Why should you start doing or revisit recording videos?…

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Bonus E 79 Forward KC Chiropractic Seminar 2018 Wrap UP

Key takeaways from the 1st annual Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance Conference aka Forward KC 2018. From the beautiful Cleveland Chiropractic campus, food trucks, after hour socializing and the seminar itself; take a listen to myself and 5 short interviews from attendees about the conference. Things discussed on the podcast: Howard Fidler FAKTR, Benjamin Fergus GRIP,…

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