M 18 Three LinkedIn Feed Commenting Etiquette

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M 18 Three LinkedIn Feed Commenting Etiquette

 When commenting on other people’s Linkedin threads, should you drop a link to your own stuff or even someone else’s? Proper use of hashtags as well as tagging other people – what are the do’s and don’ts.

A doctor’s perspective is many. So again from the Shanghai airport. This time we’re talking about LinkedIn formed Episode 206.

Before we jump in, go back to my Facebook page if you could, or LinkedIn got two new logos a variety of styles one of them has one of them is a doctor and the perspective is written backward in like a little rectangle box. And some people are liking that one seems like the doctors are kind of liking that one. And then another one has a doctor’s perspective. And then the perspective goes from a small piece to a big he had an angle and is based on the way they do the 3d shading. So it looks like a perspective coming at you. And then the doctor comes up at an angle. And we’ve had people like those doctors as well, but not doctors liking that one. Although I did hear, maybe make the doctor more straight and the same size not angling up. So here’s what your thoughts are not unheard of making a decision.

 Alright, so this episode is about kind of like LinkedIn etiquette. For instance. Now you can do GIFs you know, memes on LinkedIn, the animated ones. Pretty much you need to know your audience, the person that you’re sending it to. Do you think that appreciate it, go for it? If you think that they’re a little like, Nah, that’s not cool. They go Facebook Escobedo LinkedIn, then just be aware of that and make the appropriate decision. Another one that he had a big conversation about was competitors.

Do you have a competitor that’s got a really good thread going, you know, they’re going back and forth with different people. Yeah, man, I got something to contribute. Okay. contribute. All right. Don’t be salesy. But contribute.

The question becomes should you drop a link? His opinion if you’re dropping a link to your stuff, yourself page, that can be a problem. The other thing is maybe just dropping an informative link? Well, again, potentially, your D railing that conversation people like, Oh, that’s a link. They go to it, they forget about the conversation. And they just ignore the guys link all together that recently posted it. So you’re kind of taken away this traffic. Now you might say to yourself, Well, no, it’s contributing. It’s it’s valuable. True, it could be. But if it happened to you, you might be upset, like, Dude, this guy came in, and it’s just jacking my people. The crap. Not cool, man. So think about that.

He’s not saying do it or don’t he’s just that’s his opinion, about adding someone or hashtag. So adding, you know, if I got at least a podcast episode, I was put at that person’s name, so that they know when their followers know. And all they have to do is they don’t want to remove it. A lot of people just add you they don’t know. They just like, Oh, this dude has a lot of followers. This girl has a lot of followers. This dude, this gal has a lot of followers. Let me just add them. It’s kind of relevant to what they do. If they don’t say anything great. If they remove themselves, well, he’s that tribe.  Alright, that’s a bad idea. It’s rude. It’s not cool. That’s what he says. But it adds value

. If this person is a contributor, go for it. But respect that person’s threat. Again, don’t derail it. Also, in a hashtag, I say there’s not much going on except it allows more people to bring more people to the conversation and that’s not what you’re looking for. So you would hashtag you didn’t have I don’t think I don’t think I caught anything negative about it just can keep it relevant and bringing more attention to his or her post, which is the whole point. Just good.

 Oh, Asian Cajun update. She can now suck a sippy cup. We’ve been working on that this week. Especially when we’re out in the sun, land and the flowers. She was thirsty in detail. She’s sweating a little bit or give her a cup of tea. Just have a drink out of it like an adult. She’s never convenient for us or her for a lot of us like really small. But now after a week, or four or five days, she can now suck it. Like you’re supposed to know she’s not dead thirsty. I’m sure she’ll just play with it, which is what she does at the end, but super excited to see the development. She’s running around like crazy. It’s more balanced and stuff. So good times.

All right, Dr. Justin Trosclair. You just want to #behindthecurtain.

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