M 69 Charisma Personified

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Minisode 69 Charisma Personified

4 ways to show that you have charisma and know what you are talking about in your niche topic. Hand gestures matter.

In adoctor’s perspective minisode sixty nine charisma personified. Hey this is dr. JustinTrosclair. Thanks for tuning in.

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And let’s get into the episode today. Charisma this just a few things that you can do kind of show that you’ve got that going on okay was using metaphors more metaphors. You used. you’ve got a grip a good grip on whatever you’re trying to teach and so by using that related to something that everybody knows why it just really shows through that you’re good use hand gestures.

They did a study where they reviewed all the top. Ted talks and those who had the most views tended use more hand motions more gestures with their hands two times more. So don’t just go out there and start shimmying unshaken with your hands and being crazy but there’s a few can incorporate more hand motions to illustrate your point. Apparently that’s a good thing but remember the movement of your hands and your voice should match. If you watch in study some of these videos you can see that. The voice goes out the hand. Go up when you talk about good things. Maybe that’s on the left talking about bad things. That’s on the right. And throughout the whole show contestant you consistently or have that kind of frame so people realize oh yeah. He’s telling us something good. he’s pointing to the lab. Just something to think about you.

Want to have a unified vision. It’s like the message to one person that can be felt by thousands. So if you’ve got susan your target client target. Patient your avatar. You know her name susan. She’s thirty six. she’s got two kids maybe. Her marriage isn’t super great. Maybe she stressed i work. Maybe home school is a bit tough for her and her family trying to balance all these things. She’s got stress. She’s got headaches. Boom that your target market you want to produce a message just talking to her and by just talking to her yes you weed out a bunch of other people. Maybe it’s dude. You must pass those out but that one susan there’s thousands of her and that’s who you target with this one speech this one video so think about that they also made an interesting point when accompanies high on profit versus.

If they’re kind of leaning growing they use a different type of leader when it’s it’s high on profit and if things are going good they want a hard messenger. What you gotta do this. You’re going to do it. But when they’re growing they’re trying to be inventive. They want more that charismatic person. That person’s going to draw other people into them like him relate to them and then they can tell their friends about it.

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I’m excited. I need to probably do a many cells. Page a landing page about this looking to write a book mall the past advice that people given from that second to last question of every interview. How do you keep your marriage live. How do you stay connected. How do you take time off of work when a book. I’m gonna pile that. Make it a little book at it. I’m in the process of kind of leila down right now. What i need to put. What do you take out So i haven’t really written a bunch on it yet. So are you interested in that leno. is that something that doctors save. Your marriage is a just a catchphrase. I’m using right now Trying to gauge interest. If she can spend my time on this. But once. I get more into it. I don’t know maybe it’s going to be a small pamphlet. Maybe it’s just thirty pages. Maybe it’s a one hundred pages but the time will tell so interested. Let me know now and we’re not create a landing page. I’ll let you know what that is Thanks for listening.

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