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M 69 Charisma Personified

4 ways to show that you have charisma and know what you are talking about in your niche topic. Hand gestures matter. In adoctor’s perspective minisode sixty nine charisma personified. Hey this is dr. JustinTrosclair. Thanks for tuning in. I got some cool news all the books from the past. One hundred seventy six episodes…

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Episode 48: A Spork in the Road Didn’t Stop Her Tenacity – MD and Baker Dr. Janelle Hadley

Medicine as a second career, first generation college grad, Caribbean Med School, residency wait listed: nothing stops Dr. Janelle Hadley, MD. Her passion for baking, desire to do family medicine in urban communities, 2017 dating advice plus more.     Undergrad at Howard University.  Masters of Public Health at UIC.  Worked as a Chemical Hygiene…

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Episode 11: Continue the Journey Dr. Paula Johns Optometrist

Our fabulous guest today is Paula Johns Doctor of Optometry.  She studied at University of Alabama at Birmingham and is currently finishing her masters of Public Health in Epidemiology at Harvard. Yes, that Harvard. The program is 3 weeks on campus in the summer with the rest being online learning.  She has a passion for…

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