M 47 Side Hustle Ideas to Boast Income

a doctors perspective minisode 47 justin trosclair
Minisode 47 Side Hustle Ideas to Boast Income

3 in 1: how to compare food/grocery delivery services, cutting expenses from your budget and discovering  a side hustle side job to raise your income and pay down your debt and save for future endeavors. Many ideas shared for side hustle.

Welcome back to the doctor’s perspective, Episode 47 minisode. So we’re going to discuss choose Financial Independence Podcast, ones about food delivery services and calculating your savings rate. And I think they’re gonna go hand in hand. So I’m combining the two.

Alright, so this episode, again, financial independence. It’s actually like a three in one because we’re also talking about the side hustle. The first one was food delivery, they were exploring some of the big sites out there, some of them, you have to compare, you want to get a list. So you have a recipe for recipes that you want to use for the week. And let’s say you have to get a special ingredient like cumin, we want to price out all the stuff that you’re going to get carrots, potatoes, the cumin, spice, whatever the curry, curry sauce, and then look through, put it in three or four different types of food delivery services, it might be local Walmart could be local to your Kroger. There are some other ones out there and just look at them and say, okay, which ones save you the most money and you may go back and say, okay, line item, these are cheaper, but the delivery fee makes it more expensive and never wins. Okay, that’s good to know. So just go through it, you can save some money.

 The biggest thing. And the second part of this is, and this is what you know, actually, honestly, #1 best seller on Amazon- today’s choices, tomorrow’s health book www.adoctorsperspective.net/tcth , a go through all your kind of your expenses. And whereas you can cut it, there’s only so much you can cut, there are certain things you just you have. So way life is. And if you don’t have enough money, you need to get a side hustle, can you can expand your earning potential right.

Now, what does a side hustle look like? Because you have a nine to five job, which might lose it, you might get fired, you might get paid off because they’re doing downsizing. Now you got nothing. That’s scary. So it’s gonna like start now trying to find something.

You can go the Amazon route, you find these products, there are different companies that I hope you do this. We’ve talked about it before you find a product that you’re interested in, perhaps, Oh, that’s interesting. You read some reviews, these are the things they don’t like about it. You go to Alibaba, find that manufacturer, tell them, hey, I want these changes, and you find them and then you can sell it yourself. You don’t have to carry a product, you send it to the Amazon warehouse.

You can also license other products. So there’s something that you like you might find other manufacturer contact and be like do you do license? Yeah. Okay. Now you just sell the product underneath your business name. And you just pay them like a fee. He worked out well. Like really well.

 Maybe you like tacos, and you think he’d make a good taco. And you’ve heard people like, man, I paid for this. Well, you may be maybe opening for a taco truck on the weekends. One of the examples they had was a hiking tour of your city, you know, this person was thinking San Francisco, and she was already walking all the time and enjoying it. And like when everybody’s coming to town, they would do like a walking tour just like hey, you know, I started in the business. So now that’s actually what she does. She tours people around the city, walking, bicycling, and people paid to see it. And I can tell you, I’ve done that in Cambodia. We went to the carwash and we paid to be on a bicycle and local would drive us around, or you know, guide this around and show us different things. It’s quite cool.

If you got an extra bedroom, you can Airbnb it, you can build out your garage. So you always have an Airbnb ready to go. There are sites where you can actually rent your car, if you have an extra card if you don’t use or maybe you have an older car that you can use in your nicer car, you can rent that out like there’s websites and was kind of cool about that is you can see what brands go for what your area.

One thing that maybe the liabilities high, but inflatable jump castles and 100 bucks, maybe a couple of hundred bucks, you can buy one of those, then you rent out for 100 bucks a day or 60 bucks a day. Yeah, there’s a lot of work involved with that. But if you’re willing to put some elbow grease in that for a while, I mean, you could have a nice little side business. And if you ever lost a job, you can turn full time.

Now another thing is that I want to be a house cleaner or plumber. But if you already are that you’ve gone to school, you’ve been trained to work in front of man, you know, I’m gonna do this on my own. You can kind of go on Yelp or one of these things and kind of see what the one-star reviews are talking about two-star reviews. What are they complaining about? The not on time they don’t answer the phone after five? Well, guess what? You could be that person that I’m going to just answer my phone, I’m going to wear the little shoe booties, so I don’t mess up their carpets. And if you don’t want to do it yourself all the time, you start business harm your these people yourself trained correctly. And now you got a little side hustle, cleaning houses that you don’t even have to do, perhaps and you’ve already made sure that your selling point is all the negatives that you’ve seen on Yelp.

That was kind of cool when I saw that. And then the last piece was calculating your savings rate, assuming you got your expenses under control, you got yourself a side hustle now and you want to start figuring out like what am I making? Or am I saving? Right? Okay, what you make is what you take home, and in this case, is what you save for retirement. And there are a couple of different methods, you know, if you have a 401k do you add it in or not? I would think you’d add it in because that’s the savings. You want to put in all the expenses that you do have what you expect to have, you know disability so security and take those out of your salary when you figure it out.

At that point, it just kind of becomes a division. You save 10,000 you made 100,000 dividers that boom. So it’s not that hard to figure out what you saved. You just got a potentially add back your disability insurance and things like that. So maybe a little more complicated, I guess but you would like personal capital com is the prep was what they recommend they like that one. Mint. com is really good the track your expenses, the personal capital, I think there’s more of the long term, not just what your expenses but the retirement rates and all that type of stuff. So, but I’m worried too much about that last piece. I just want to throw it in there. And it needs the whole episode on it. Well, hope that’s been good. I hope you got your brains thinking of ways you can get a side hustle, even as a doctor. You can do a side hustle if you want or potentially your kids or your wife. That podcast is quite good. And there’s even another podcast I’m not doing an episode called the side hustle, podcast, side hustle show. We’ll talk about that more. So until then we just went hashtag

Before we jump in. I’ve been a little busy. I’ve been on four different podcasts. Are you ready for this podcast insider? It’s already been released talking about podcasting. And why would you do that and do it in China, it’s kind of a unique situation that you’re wearing you’re listening to this one. But if you were here to behind the scenes a little bit what’s going on from the CEO of blubrry, which is what I used to host, you can go to the resources page http://create.blubrry.com/resources/podcast-media-hosting/?code=drp , if you’d like and use them use my code affiliate. But anyway, that the CEO of that company, he interviewed me about that www.adoctorsperspective.net/podcastinsider . So it’s kind of interesting to see, you know, he’s been around a long time, he gets to experience a lot of different podcasting type of individuals. So he was intrigued, we had a lot of common that we had a lot of commonalities these, which was fun, as well. So enjoy that one,

Owning her health with Dr. Liza Holland. She was on my show www.adoctorsperspective.net/29 , I was on her previous video series https://adoctorsperspective.net/healthleaders  that she was doing. But she’s been venturing into more coaching and she was doing yoga back then. Now she’s kind of into more into like the coaching. And so she was just, you know, asking me about my book writing, you know, my number one best selling Amazon book, today’s choices tomorrow’s health www.adoctorsperspective.net/tcth . So that’s right, seven different categories. Thank you. Thank you. So you want to know, you know how I did that? What do I do with it? How do you market it? How can you use that for your coaching, mentoring credibility in your clinic, and all those types of things? So we went to that pretty deep knows fun,

Get Published Podcast www.adoctorsperspective.net/asheardon . Again, just a five-question 15 minute interview about your favorite book, favorite quote, kind of marking did it I do for the book, which I’ll go into detail with that. So that’s what was coming out on September 24, I believe.

And the last one, Cheryl’s Podcouch, it’s via video and a podcast. So that’s a little nervous. So as the owner health has no do-overs on those, you know, and we’re going to talk about family life as an expert, and cultural differences, and how you raise your kids like with grandparents versus your parents and the stresses for kids 35 hours a day, really no sports, to get into high school and to get the best college. So all those kinds of conversations. So she’s a psychologist, a doctor, and she was on the show www.adoctorsperspective.net/55  a while back under mommy burnout. Sheryl Gonzalez Zeigler. So excited for you guys to check those if you would like all the links to all of those, maybe the next episode, I’ll just drop the easy link for you. www.adoctorsperspective.net/asheardon

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