M 43 Neuro Influence and Persuasion

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Minisode 43 Neuro Influence and Persuasion

Leveraging colors, fonts, packaging and more to neurological influence people to choose you and your products. Neuro-marketing. Where should a model be looking on ad? Who should use a heatmap?

Do you know what time it is? It’s Minisode Episode 43 of a doctor’s perspective, podcast.

Alright, today’s episode, The is the science of social media, neuromarketing, Episode 115. Forgo, I wanted to let you know also been listening to a side hustle podcast, so I’ll be talking about, later on, there was a great episode about like, options trading, I’m not even going to try to summarize that one. I don’t know that’s above my pay grade right there, that it was called side hustle show, that was good. And then somebody else turned me on to a podcast called choose FI, financial independence, really going?

The neurology of marketing is super important. It can conjure up certain emotions, you know, emotions are what sells more than logic. So your product designs your packaging, you got to have colors and style that can leverage your audience’s feeling. All right, I can do that with colors. You can do it with a very simple brand. And I think radio says Apple, but there’s more than just Apple, there’s a lot of brands that just they’re very basic there, Chris, there’s a lot of news, a lot of white space to convey expensively, if you will, for that matter, you could have a brand like bubbly and happy in things like fruit loops, you know, just like obviously a setup for kids and fun.

And then you can think of something like, what’s that place called White Black, they have a more fancy in the mall is got a more contemporary fancy logo and styling about it, that makes you think I’m going to spend some money to buy some clothes here, they did recommend a book called brain influence, you can check that out brain influence fonts, whether it’s online or in your packaging a little bit more online is what we’re talking about right now. and easy to read font makes you think it’s more like a common task, which could be what you’re going for. If you need more memory recall, you might have the more complex font, I was just checking out Episode 115 show notes.

Brainfluence 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing

And they have like a list of what those mean in a little more detail. But a complex font would have more swirls in it some more complicated font to read a little bit. And so it kind of stands out memory recall, already for the images, who said this before, it’s a good thing to repeat…

 if you’re gonna have a person in the ad, you make sure they’re looking at whatever it is you want the audience to look at. So they’re looking out of the ad as not helping you. You want to be looking at the product. If you have a book, have them looking at the book, and they’ll people will look directly their eyes, where their eyes going to the book, there it is a boom, or the coupon code 20% off. That’s where they are as our awesome.

Of course, I’m smiling as well. It’s a mood booster. So definitely have them smiling. And one thing they mentioned, I spent a good bit on. If you have an e-commerce site, or you’re wondering where people are going on your site, when they’re visiting, maybe not get enough phone calls. They’re not using that live chat feature as much as you expected they would. You’ve got a whole bunch of articles, and you spent a lot of time on them. And you’re like, man, are you people reading this, of course, writing articles is good for like SEO and Google. So that’s a different viewpoint.

But if you want to know where people go on your site, and a previous episode, we talked about it actually, the three things that you need to have. It’s called heat mapping. couple places like all crazy, AIG, Zoho ZOHOR, mouse flow, those are three sites, blue, they’re all paid. But you can analyze your site to see what people are doing. Are they hovering over your logo over your picture? Are they just visiting the doctor page, the location page, or even noticing that live chat on the bottom right? They’re not changing the color, you can do some things to tweak it if that’s really what you want people to start doing.

So if you that isn’t that you want somebody to look at, you want somebody to venture into, maybe you have a giveaway that nobody wants to get? Well, you can see RMB we’ve been hovering in that area, and if not changed the picture. You may find that if you change the picture, you can get more options. Change the font color, the size, and that’s when you start tweaking and see what you can do better to make it better.

Check out the dentist series going on. It’s going to be good. It is good, I should say. You go to www.adoctorsperspective.net/dentists , Look, a lot of us use dentists as an analogy for what we do. Because people kind of get it. You gotta brush your teeth all the time, you gotta floss all the time, you gotta go in twice a year to get a checkup, whether you feel like you need it or not. And as far as dentists, they have their issues, as you’ve been telling, you can tell. I don’t wanna say it’s an upsell. But when you need a crown versus just a filling, people don’t always want to do it, if you want to do an implant that costs a lot more money, and might be what the patient needs, but they can’t afford it. So what do you do, also in the series, just in general, buying and selling practices, so lots of information that you could carry over to your style of the clinic from that series? So I’m excited about that.

All right, I think that is about it for today. show notes at www.adoctorsperspective.net/m43 We just went #behindthecurtain

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