E 150 Elective Surgeries in 2020 and Telehealth with Michael Verdon DO

Should elective surgeries occur during the coronavirus pandemic and how can a neuro surgeon and you start telehealth with your patients? Dr. Michael Verdon DO FACOS explains his view on the current covid-19 doctor patient landscape. Should elective surgeries happen right now? What would be considered Elective Spine Surgery right now? Dr. Michael Verdon makes…

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M 43 Neuro Influence and Persuasion

Leveraging colors, fonts, packaging and more to neurological influence people to choose you and your products. Neuro-marketing. Where should a model be looking on ad? Who should use a heatmap? Do you know what time it is? It’s Minisode Episode 43 of a doctor’s perspective, podcast. Alright, today’s episode, The is the science of social…

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E 110 Vestibular Research and Dizziness Rehab PhD cand Dr. Carlo Rinaudo, DC

Vestibular, ocular, autonomic and dizziness issues, exam findings and rehab with Carlo Rinaudo DC PhD (cand). Managing spinal and MSK conditions with chiropractic and how vestibular rehab affects the nervous system, plus we talk about neuroConnect. I didn’t know this but in Australia the term Dr is reserved for medical doctors and all others, even…

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