M 32 Running Fundamentals

a doctors perspective minisode 32 justin trosclair
Minisode 32 Running Fundamentals

Running needs to have a strength conditioning component because of the added benefits to your stamina, speed and form. Also don’t increase your speed or distance to fast, avoid injury and cadence concerns.

A Doctor’s Perspective, Minisode Episode 32. Art of Manliness, long distance running the MYTHS. So I’m not a runner, not a big fan don’t like it so this is a bike. So I want to hear about what are the myths. So this guy said, hey, look, you need a goal with running to have recovery days and running days. And if you have a program, that’s the best way to do it. So a lot of people go out there, I’m gonna start running. Cool. So they run for like 10 minutes. And the next day, they run for 20 minutes. And then they go from like, one mile, and they jump into like three miles and five miles all within like a month. That’s way too fast.
So his idea is, look, you only need to run three times a week or so start slow, you know, if you’re slow, say slow. If you only do half a mile, do half a mile for like a week or two, then you add 10 or 15% more distance. Just keep doing that until you get to that level that you want. I mean, there’s more to it.
the most important thing is like having consistency and having rest days. So remember, yes, 33 you’re not 16. Okay, and a lot of people like I used to do this and that when I was in high school. Yeah, that’s been 10 years or more, tone it down there champ. So we’re endurance sports like a marathon.
You will lose muscle mass if you don’t include strength training. So some people are worried about I’m bulky, I don’t want to run, I want to lose my bulk. Well, if you weight train while you’re doing the marathons, you won’t lose the muscle mass, you’re not going to gain because running that much as catabolic, but you will at least stay the same.
You’ll also get faster finishing better ergonomics, you recover faster if you do weight training along with your running and lift heavy, because you already got endurance, it’s a lot of runners there, say, Well, I’m going to do lighter weight, but things like 20 of them to build my nurse, I know you already got the endurance you run so much, you’re good. You need to build some heavy lifting and worked out those tendons and everything a little bit more. And keep your core strong.
That’s one of the big things he was talking about is working your core lot and let you finish without being overly fatigued. And you know those last couple of miles, you’re really tired. So you get your form gets bad, your time drops. But if you were working on your core, and you’re strong, you can finish strong to a lot of people get injured.
He couldn’t say that’s a myth. 70% will get hurt in a year. So it’s an impact sport. You know, a lot of people do too much too soon. And so they heard some are, they don’t stop when they feel something’s off, okay? the form he thought was kind of cool.
Don’t overstride as your feet should land over your hips. And then 170 cadence is a good cadence. Because you can still do a nine-minute mile. But you just take some more steps, because apparently, that’s what it was. A lot of people do longer strides to like makeup for a time and everything. But he’s saying no, just make it shorter so that your new footfalls underneath your hip, but then you just do more steps. So instead of you know 150 cadences, you want 170 and you’ll still be able to go as fast as you’re going, but you’re not going to run yourself out.
One of the reasons why you see fat marathon runners and things like that, because you can carb load Yeah, for a marathon, definitely carb load the day, go for it, a five K, you don’t need a carb load. Because you’re going to Carlo The night before, then they probably gonna have like a donut there. You may or may not eat it. But when done, you might have a donut, you might have a bagel, you drinking a Gatorade, and look, you only ran three miles. So you’re adjusting a lot of carbs that you didn’t even burn. And if you’re doing that on training as well, that’s why you never really lost the way that you thought you will lose while you’re running.
So I thought that was an interesting take on it from a guy who does lots of lots of this stuff and trains and teachers and everything. So thanks again. Reach out on any of the social media Justin Trosclair MCC media commerce chiropractic. Love you thanks for writing reviews, the www.adoctorsperspective.net/reviews  . #behindthecurtain
Thanks for tuning in. You know, a couple of weeks ago, I went to Shanghai again, the same place where if you notice on the graphics for the Minisode, it was my face and words for like the first 14 and now I’ve got like pictures. So during those pictures, that’s when I went to Shanghai to the same hospital for ankles and spondylitis. did a presentation. went back and this guy’s great. I mean, so much hospitality. I don’t think they use me as well as they could have, you know, while I was there for doing console’s and things, but um, you know, is their first time just doing it solo, but they’re so hospitable. And, you know, for like lunch, we just did it with dining. And it was my last day there and I was like, oh, man, I saw a Subway sandwich shop. You know, the other day I was telling you about subway and like pizza and everything, but I saw one again. Oh, yeah, man, I want one. You know, I don’t get to get this. But like, not once a month would be great for that once every six months. So I was like, Oh, man. Oh, one of one of their sweet soft cookies. Yes. And he’s like you sure? I was like,
He still ordered their Chinese food. He had some fried noodles with some cumin beef. It was good, too. I took a couple of bites. And I thought it was somebody else but they share food anyway. So really, when it mattered, but it wasn’t it was just me him and other guy and he ordered three those plus my subway. I like do they just throw it away? I was just like, I might I’m not eating it. I’m full like trying to tell you.
So anyway, looking forward to doing that. Again, like a very hospitable person, especially in food culture. They always are like, order more food. If they run out of food. It makes them look bad. So they’d rather waste did a fun Instagram video because they’re all the king crabs and PB shrimp running around a mantis shrimp Have you want to call it and these aquariums and you pick whatever you want? Oh, man, the mantis shrimp. By the way, pp shrimp. If you haven’t had that you get a chance. order it. Trust me. So delicious. Ok, ok. Ok, let’s get to this episode.
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