M 46 Heartstring Advertising

When you find yourself getting angry, separate yourself from the issue. When advertising and telling stories, do it through the lenses of your customer not your own. Pull on the heartstrings more often. Welcome back to Episode 46 of the minisode series of a doctor’s perspective podcast. Before we jump in, I’ve been busy It’s…

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M 32 Running Fundamentals

Running needs to have a strength conditioning component because of the added benefits to your stamina, speed and form. Also don’t increase your speed or distance to fast, avoid injury and cadence concerns. A Doctor’s Perspective, Minisode Episode 32. Art of Manliness, long distance running the MYTHS. So I’m not a runner, not a big…

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M 12 Negotiations and White Space Priority

Win-win or win-lose negotiator, you need to know who you are dealing with and adjust accordingly. Create space in your life for uninterrupted down time for yourself at work and also for your family. Don’t be so busy. Live from China listening to a doctor’s perspective, minisode this episode of the story brand number 57…

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