M 27 Gen Z Stats

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Minisode 27 Gen Z Stats

Gen Z offers a new type of client. One that is writing and expecting to read online reviews before purchasing products.  They also expect online forms, online scheduling, and text reminders.

Episode 27 Gen Z stats. I’m Dr. Justin Trosclair bringing you the Minisode series of a doctor’s perspective podcast.

Today Show, Dr. Marketing Tips podcast, Gen Z. Whoa, whoa, whoa, yes, y’all the millennials? That’s what they are nine to age 24? Do they’ve always had a cell phone? They don’t know anything different. Right? They’ve always had a smartphone to get with it, find out whatever they want. Now, there are some people like well, they don’t know as much as they did before because they don’t have to memorize anything. All right, whatever. That’s not what this podcast is about.

Now, these people, (gen z) they’re not really on Facebook, per se. That’s kind of what your parents are our age. Right. But there are other things. They didn’t discuss what those were, because I guess they’re always changing. But you can guess I would say Snapchat, but I think snapchats fading away. But it’s still there.

There’s a program called me we m e. W e. it no ads, they don’t save your information. I do have a profile on there. Yes, you guessed it Justin Trosclair. But they don’t that many followers. They only got I don’t know how many millions of people but you have to find people that are on it. And that’s the tough part is, you know, you hit 5000 people on Facebook, which is the upper limit on your page. It’s like, are they on me? We don’t know. Just saying who knows where they are, anyway.

But they’re almost always online because there are pockets when they’re doing the shopping and things. one fourth will write a review, can you believe that a fourth of them 25% will write a review about it. So if you’ve got some kind of product line, and you’re targeting them, they will be good at referral. So if you have a regular time, as well, and you’re seeing some younger people between nine and 24, you might ask them, they might give you the referral much easier than a 60-year-old.

 Gen z value their family’s opinion and family and friends, other reviewers compared to celebrities, which is an interesting thing. So they don’t care about that paid celebrity as much as their own family, friends and other people that have reviewed, okay, peer to peer reviews are obviously what I just said is the most important having word of mouth, they really like that, because if somebody tells us it means is good, okay. 68% said they would check first very often, so they don’t just buy a product, they don’t just go somewhere 68% of them want to make sure it’s cool. First, as far as what reviews, they’re listening, they’re looking at 80% will check friends and family 65% will check some kind of social media, and 790 9% will show some kind of online reviews.

Now as far as trust. So those are the people that would check but when you want to trust 58% will trust your friends and family 40% will trust social followers, but 80% will trust the online reviews. So that thought that was kind of interesting. Like Yeah, your friend likes it. Your mom liked it. Sure. But all these strangers liked it from all kinds of different cities and countries and states. So I thought that was kind of cool.

And one thing they said that you want to bring it on the home that age group Gen Z, you got to have your forms, online doctors, you need to have some text reminders, and you need to have an online schedule now. It’s not that expensive, man, you know, check out app Sumo calm.

I’ve bought a couple of things from them, into what’s called you get this life thing. So on my webpage, if you look to the bottom right, there’s like this purple thing where you can discuss you can talk right there live chat. I’m sure you’ve seen the live chat. Hey, you got a question before you purchase this. Send a message. Oh, you’re not there. Cool. Send us your email. We’ll get back to you, you know, at the call. And sometimes there’s somebody that lives right there to answer your question, which is great. You should probably have a live chat. Have your forums online as a minimum, you can get a text reminder. There are programs out there that will do that. HIPAA compliant. It’s amazing. Hey, are you appointments coming up? Sweet. Hey, you missed your appointment. Oh, man, thanks. cuz everybody looks at the text, especially like Facebook Messenger does a whole nother topic, but they kind of similar.

 And then an online scheduler, if you’re able to there was a dentist, podcast cash practice that I was listening to. And that was one of the conversations they had. And I think I talked about already but I’ll do a brief overview. Do you want to have an availability for a second on Saturday that already can schedule Monday? Does it make you look like you’re not the busy doctor? Or does it look like you know if they say anything like no, no, I always keep to emergency appointments? Otherwise, we get booked out. I know everybody that they always have their book out like six weeks. But every day there’s one spot in the morning one spot in the afternoon that they leave open for emergency cases. And that might be one way to do it. It’s kind of like psychology. You want to be with a busy doctor. They’re not busy doctors.

Okay, I hope that gives you something to think about. Tell a friend. write a review. Check us out at Justin Trosclair in CC. On Facebook. I’m always on Instagram. You have a great day. Great week, Saturdays and Thursdays many souls released. You just went #behindthecurtain.

Last week I mentioned the full-length book, if you uncertain adoctorsperspective.net/chapters, you get for free, you get the blueprint for cardio, the blueprint for weight lifting, optimal calorie calculator, and the budgeting chapter, which is quite long, there’s alone. I do like the calorie calculator because it goes through I want to see seven formulas and we make some averages and we walk you through how to do it. Because Hey, guess what, if you’re 185 pounds, or your hundred and 20 pounds, male versus a female, you’re overweight, you’re underweight, what should they eat? macros micronutrients, it kind of tells you all that. So that way you know what to do with to maintain. Right? I’m almost at the way that I want to be so I can just figure out you know, nice calor to maintain it just calculated from the start figuring it out. It’s good stuff.

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