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a doctors perspective minisode 11 justin trosclair
Vertical Videos Win

Vertical videos or square videos. Facebook feed or stories and Instagram feed or stories: which gives more clicks and cheapest price.

a doctor’s perspective live at ZhuZhou train station. Yeah, just traveling around in a bunch of these at the same time, if you haven’t figured it out at a Subway sandwich and Pizza Hut and a KFC hazelnut coffee, yeah, that’s the kind of Western food that I can get when I travel can’t get a good steak so and where I live, I can get as like a fried chicken sandwich. So like, when I go out, sometimes I indulge awesome things.

This time, it’s social by buffer, does vertical video do better? I’m gonna throw out some stats, and not gonna be 100% accurate. I’m not taking that many details. I’m just saying like, you know, bigger, smaller, but square outperforms landscapes. They’ve already figured that out because it captures about 70% more real estate, you get about 35% more views and 100% more watching. That’s huge.

So they’re like, well, let’s compare vertical videos to square videos. And what they found is vertical does drive more views for less expensive by like 68% on Facebook, compared to Instagram, but Facebook stories were 50% less cost per click, but they did cost more for your generic feed. So I guess you gotta keep that in mind, depending on what your point of the advertisements for verticals, again, got more views and long interaction on the Instagram feed. But it was cheaper in the story.

So did you catch that stories was more getting more clicks for cheaper on Facebook, but it was more expensive to get views on Facebook and an Instagram the feed got more views and longer Instagram and it was cheaper and stories and they also found at the look and all of this organic produce videos like shooting it from your phone, of course in vertical now square or vertical.

But technically verticals winning produces more views at fewer costs than a highly produced, you know with intros and good transitions. But in another study, there’s no significant difference between professionally produced are the average guy’s video. So that’s good news for us who just like to do it and don’t have the ability or the desire to spend the time and money to make them super crisp.

Nowadays, you do have some good apps on your phone where if you were to go to Fiverr and get like a five-second intro, you could probably just add it to your videos real fast before you post them or at the end as like a call to action.

Okay. Dr. Justin Trosclair we just went #behindthecurtain

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